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Mela (1971 film)
Mela is a 1971 Indian Hindi movie directed by Prakash Mehra. This was Prakash Mehra's first directorial venture and the movie was a hit.The movie stars the real life brothers Sanjay Khan and Feroz Khan with Mumtaz as the female lead, Sachin and Rajindernath as the then customary comic relief.The music was given by R.D. Burman.

Mela (2000 film)
* This is the third film to feature real-life brothers Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan. Previously Faisal did cameo roles in Aamir's films Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar .

Mela (disambiguation)
Mela is a Sanskrit term for "gathering".Mela may also refer to:* Mela , the title of several Bollywood films* Mela, Corse-du-Sud, a commune on Corsica, France* Mela, an Italian language term for "apple"

Melamine resin
Melamine resin or melamine formaldehyde is a hard, thermosetting plastic material made from melamine and formaldehyde by polymerization. In its butylated form, it is dissolved in n-butanol and xylene. It is then used to cross-link with alkyd, epoxy, acrylic and polyester resins, used in surface coatings

Melancholia , also lugubriousness, from the Latin lugere, to mourn; moroseness, from the Latin morosus, self-willed, fastidious habit; wistfulness, from old English wist: intent, or saturnine, , in contemporary usage, is a mood disorder of non-specific depression,

Melancholia (disambiguation)
Melancholia a sub-type of clinical depressionMelancholic depression, a specifier for DSM-IV Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar DisorderMelancholia may also refer to:* 5708 Melancholia, a main-belt asteroid discovered in 1977

Melanesia is a subregion of Oceania extending from the western end of the Pacific Ocean to the Arafura Sea, and eastward to Fiji. The region comprises most of the islands immediately north and northeast of Australia

Melange also called the "spice" is the name of the fictional drug central to the Dune series of science fiction novels by Frank Herbert, and derivative works.

Melange may refer to:*Mélange, a geological breccia above a subduction zone environment*Wiener Melange, a Viennese specialty coffee, similar to cappuccino*Melange or spice, a fictional drug in Frank Herbert's Dune series

Melanin is a pigment that is ubiquitous in nature, being found in most organisms . In animals melanin pigments are derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine. The most common form of biological melanin is eumelanin, a brown-black polymer of dihydroxyindole carboxylic acids, and their reduced forms

Melanism is an undue development of dark-colored pigment in the skin or its appendages, and the opposite of albinism. It is also the medical term for black jaundice.The word is deduced from the , meaning black pigment.

A melanoblast is a precursor cell of a melanocyte.These cells migrate from the trunk neural crest cells dorsolaterally between the ectoderm and dorsal surface of the somites.-External links:*

-External links: - "Eye: fovea, RPE" - "Integument: pigmented skin"

Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that produce the dark pigment, melanin, which is responsible for the color of skin. They predominantly occur in skin, but are also found in other parts of the body, including the bowel and the eye

Melatonin , also known chemically as N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, is a naturally occurring compound found in animals, plants, and microbes

Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia. The Melbourne City Centre is the hub of the greater metropolitan area and the Census statistical division—of which "Melbourne" is the common name. As of June 2009, the greater geographical area had an approximate population of four million

Melbourne (disambiguation)
Melbourne is a major metropolis in Victoria, Australia.The name Melbourne may also refer to:- In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia :* Melbourne city centre, the central area of metropolitan Melbourne* City of Melbourne, local government area

Meld may refer to one of the following:* To merge or blend two things into one**Molding **Melting**Welding* Meld , a computer program for viewing the differences between files* Model for End-Stage Liver Disease score

MELD can refer to:* Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, a prognostic model.* A variant of the declarative language CycL.See also Meld .

Meld (horse)
When Meld completed the British Fillies Triple Crown by defeating Nucleus in the 1955 St. Leger, she was only the fourth filly to do so in the 20th century

Meld (Star Trek: Voyager)
"Meld" is the 32nd episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the 16th episode of the second season. It has an average fan rating of 4.5/5 on the official Star Trek website as of September, 2009.-Synopsis:

Mele (disambiguation)
Mele is a comune in the Province of Genoa in the Italian region of Liguria.Mele may also refer to:* Alfred Mele , American philosopher* Alphonse van Mele , Belgian gymnast

Mele (island)
Mele Island also known as Hideaway Island is a Polynesian outlier and islet in Vanuatu.The island is owned by the local Mele villagers, but is leased to the owners of Hideaway Island

Melee (album)
Melee was the first full length album by Gizmachi. Released independently in 2003, it would help land them a recording contract with Big Orange Clown Records, a subsidiary of Sanctuary Records.- Track listing :#Burn #Quiet Time #Club

Melee (comics)
Melee is the code name of a fictional comic book character within Marvel Comics' shared universe the Marvel Universe. She first appeared in Avengers: The Initiative #8 and was created by Dan Slott, Christos N

Melee (game)
Melee is a simple man-to-man combat boardgame released in 1977 by Metagaming.- History :Melee was originally released as Pocket Microgame #3 by Metagaming, which released a number of small games in ziplocked bags. The game came with a small empty hex map, counter sheet of men and monsters, and a 17-page rulebook

Melek (Candan Erçetin album)
Melek is Candan Erçetin's sixth studio album. In this album she made a duet with rapper Ceza.-Track listing:

Melibiose is a reducing disaccharide formed by an alpha-1,6 linkage between galactose and glucose . It can be formed by invertase mediated hydrolysis of raffinose, which produces melibiose and fructose. Melibiose can be broken down into its component saccharides, glucose and galactose, by the enzyme Alpha-galactosidase.

Melilla (Spanish Congress Electoral District)
Melilla is one of the 52 electoral districts used for the Spanish Congress of Deputies - the lower chamber of the Spanish Parliament, the Cortes Generales

- People :* Jules Méline, French statesman and prime minister.*Jaime Meline or El-Producto, an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur* Meline Daluzyan, an Armenian weightlifter- Mythology :

A MELISA test is a blood test that detects Type-IV allergy to metals, chemicals, environmental toxins and molds from one single blood sample. It can also identify active Lyme disease . The test does not measure toxicity-that is to say, it will not measure the amounts of a harmful substance in the patient's blood

Melissa is a given name for a female child. The name comes from the Greek word μέλισσα , "honey bee" and from μέλι , "honey". Compare Hittite melit, "honey".

The acronym MELiSSA means 'Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative' and is a development program of a microbiological and horticultural plant based ecosystem

Melissa (Melissa Manchester album)
Melissa is a 1975 album by Melissa Manchester and was released on the Arista Records label. In 2001 the album was re-released.-Track listing:# "We've Got Time" # "Party Music"

Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the MELK gene.-Further reading:

Mell is a female Japanese singer from Sapporo, Japan. She is a senior vocalist of I've Sound, and one of the main vocalists. She has released six singles and one solo album

Mella can refer to:* Mella, a river in North Italy* Edoardo Arborio Mella , an Italian architect* Julio Antonio Mella, one of the founders of the "internationalized" Cuban Communist Party

Mello (Death Note)
, universally referred to by the mononym , is one of the main antagonists in the manga and anime series Death Note.-Character:Mello is the older of L's two potential successors raised in Wammy's House, Watari's orphanage for gifted children, in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

Mello (disambiguation)
Mello can refer to:Places* Mello, an Italian commune* Mello, Oise, French commune* Mello, California, American community* Mello, Ethiopia, small townPeople* Anna Vania Mello, Italian volleyball player* Big Mello, American rapper

Mellow may refer to:*Mellow , 2004*Mellow , 1997*Mellow

Melo (genus)
Melo is a genus of extremely large sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Volutidae, the volutes. Because of their huge ovate shells, these snails are often known as "balers" or "melons" .Species in this genus sometimes produce large pearls

Melodia (album)
Initial critical response to Melodia was average. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has received an average score of 43, based on 9 reviews.-Track listing:-B-Sides and Bonus Tracks:

Melodia (disambiguation)
Melodia may refer to:*Melody*Melodia Records, Goa trance music label*Melodia , Soviet music label

Melodies (song)
is the second single of the Hello! Project duo .The single was released on the hachama label on October 18, 2006 with a catalogue number of HKCN-50042 for the CD version and HKCN-50040 for the CD+DVD version

A melody , also tune, voice, or line, is a linear succession of musical tones which is perceived as a single entity

Melody (Belgian singer)
Nathalie Lefebvre , known under the name of Melody, was a Belgian singer. She sang in French-language.-Biography:

Melody (Sharleen Spiteri album)
Melody is the debut solo album from Scottish Texas lead singer, Sharleen Spiteri. It was released on July 14. 2008 and went straight to #3 in the United Kingdom album charts. The first single from the album was All The Times I Cried.-Background:

Melody (soundtrack)
Melody is the album soundtrack of the film Melody. or S.W.A.L.K. as it was named in the U.K. It was released in 1971 and is performed by the Bee Gees, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Barry Howard of Desmond Dekker's backing group, the Aces

Melody (wrestler)
Melody Dawn Medeiros is an American professional wrestler and actress. She is best known for her time in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she is a one time Women's Champion.-Independent circuit :

Melpomene , initially the Muse of Singing, she then became the Muse of Tragedy, for which she is best known now. Her name was derived from the Greek verb melpô or melpomai meaning "to celebrate with dance and song." She is often represented with a tragic mask and wearing the cothurnus, boots traditionally worn by tragic actors

Melpomene (disambiguation)
Melpomene was one of the Nine Muses in Greek mythology and a Greek female given name .Melpomene may also refer to:* 18 Melpomene, a main belt asteroid

Meltdown (8-bit video game)
Meltdown is a 1986 isometric computer game developed by Alligata Software for the Amstrad CPC. There are two English language versions, a 64k version with a little basic speech synthesis and a 128k version featuring much more speech synthesis

Meltdown (comics)
Meltdown, in comics, may refer to:* Tabitha Smith, a Marvel character also known as Boom Boom and Boomer* Meltdown , a series from Image Comics* Meltdown , a series from Marvel Comics featuring Wolverine and Havok

Meltdown (Cootie Brown album)
Meltdown is the debut studio recording, by American fusion band Cootie Brown, released in 2007 on Breeze Records.- Track listing :# Focus # Cootiechasm # Universe # Brutus, Part II # Gravy Groove # Modulator

Meltdown (Icehouse album)
Meltdown is a remix album by Australian rock synthpop band, Icehouse with tracks remixed by Australian electronic musicians and bands including Infusion, sonicanimation and beXta. It was released in October 2002 within Australia by dIVA Records under Warner Music Australia. The single "Lay Your Hands on Me" Meltdown is a remix album by Australian rock synthpop band, Icehouse with tracks remixed by Australian electronic musicians and bands including Infusion, sonicanimation and beXta. It was released in October 2002 within Australia by dIVA Records (Icehouse founder Iva Davies' own label) under Warner Music Australia. The single "Lay Your Hands on Me" Meltdown is a remix album by Australian rock synthpop band, Icehouse with tracks remixed by Australian electronic musicians and bands including Infusion, sonicanimation and beXta. It was released in October 2002 within Australia by dIVA Records (Icehouse founder Iva Davies' own label) under Warner Music Australia. The single "Lay Your Hands on Me" (Icehouse Vs

Meltdown (Image Comics)
Meltdown is a two-part comic book mini-series published in December 2006 and January 2007 by Image Comics. Written by David Schwartz and illustrated by Sean Wang.-Plot:

Meltdown (John Taylor album)
Meltdown is a rock album released by John Taylor in 1999.-Track listing:# "21st Century Teenager" - 5:25# "Dis-Order" - 3:53# "We've No Time " - 3:48# "Soul Fire" - 4:00# "Meltdown" - 3:44# "Mister J" - "4:02

Meltdown (Red Dwarf episode)
"Meltdown" is the sixth, and final, episode of science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf Series IV and the twenty-fourth episode in the series run. It was first broadcast on the British television channel BBC2 on 21 March 1991. Written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, and directed by Ed Bye

Meltdown (TV film)
Meltdown: Days of Destruction is a 2006 TV film. It primarily concerns social breakdown, combat, and personal relationships during a heat wave of 110-140 degrees Fahrenheit.-Plot:

Melting Pot (Booker T album)
Melting Pot is a 1971 studio album recorded by Booker T. & the MG's for Stax Records. It is the last album to feature the group's classic lineup of Jones, Cropper, Dunn, and Jackson, and featured longer jam-oriented songs for the first time on an MG's album.-Background:By 1970, band leader Booker T

Melting pot (disambiguation)
The melting pot is an analogy for the way in which heterogeneous societies become more homogeneous.Melting pot may also refer to:* Crucible, a container in which materials can be heated to very high temperatures

Melting Pot (film)
Race redirects here. For the animated movie see Race Melting Pot, also known as Race, is a 1998 feature film directed by Tom Musca .-Cast:

Melton (UK Parliament constituency)
Melton was a county constituency centred on the town of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. It returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

St. Johns River
The St. Johns River is the longest river in the U.S. state of Florida and its most significant for commercial and recreational use. At long, it winds through or borders twelve counties, three of which are the state's largest. The drop in elevation from the headwaters to the mouth is less than ; like most Florida waterways, the St

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Detroit
Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, founded in 1855, is a historic German Catholic parish with a landmark church located at 1828 Jay Street in the Eastern Market - Lafayette Park neighborhood area just outside of downtown Detroit on the city's central east side

St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan)
The St. Joseph River is a river, approximately long, in southern Michigan and northern Indiana in the United States. It drains a primarily rural farming area in the watershed of Lake Michigan

St. Louis Cardinals
The St. Louis Cardinals are a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri. They are members of the Central Division in the National League of Major League Baseball. The Cardinals have won eleven World Series championships, the most of any National League team, and second overall only to the New York Yankees, who have won twenty-seven

St. Louis Globe-Democrat
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat was originally a daily print newspaper based in St. Louis, Missouri from 1852 until 1986

St. Louis Metrolink
MetroLink is the light rail transit system in the Greater St. Louis area of Missouri and the Metro East area of Illinois. The entire system currently consists of two lines connecting Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and Shrewsbury, MO with Scott Air Force Base near Shiloh, Illinois through downtown St. Louis

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is the major city-wide newspaper in St. Louis, Missouri. Although written to serve Greater St. Louis, the Post-Dispatch is one of the largest newspapers in the Midwestern United States, and is available and read as far west as Kansas City, Missouri, as far south as Memphis, Tennessee, and as far north as Springfield, Illinois

St. Louis Public Schools
St. Louis Public Schools is the school district that operates public schools in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, United States. With a 2005 enrollment of approximately 33,000 students it is the largest public school district in the state of Missouri. Its headquarters is in Downtown St

St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia
St. Margarets Bay is a Canadian bay located on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia on the border of the Halifax Regional Municipality and Lunenburg County .-Description:

St. Martinville, Louisiana
St. Martinville is a city in and the parish seat of St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, United States. It lies on Bayou Teche, sixteen miles south of Breaux Bridge, eighteen miles southeast of Lafayette, and nine miles north of New Iberia. The population was 6,989 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Lafayette Metropolitan Statistical Area.-Geography:St

St. Paul's Institution, Seremban
St Paul's Institution is a secondary school for boys and one of the oldest schools in Seremban

St. Pete Times Forum
The St. Pete Times Forum is an arena in Tampa, Florida, that has been used for ice hockey, basketball, and arena football games, as well as concerts.

St. Peter Island
St Peter Island is an island on the south coast of South Australia near Ceduna to the south of Denial Bay. It is the second largest island in South Australia and about 13km long

St. Petri, Hamburg
The St. Peter's Church ] in Hamburg was built on top of many churches. It was built by order of Pope Leo the Tenth.-History:

St. Stanislaus High School
St. Stanislaus High School is an all-boys school located in the Mumbai, India, suburb of Bandra run by the Society of Jesus.The school, founded in 1863 by the Society of Jesus, started as an orphanage and later grew to be a full-fledged educational institution for day-scholars as well as boarders

St. Stephen, New Brunswick
St. Stephen is a Canadian town in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, situated on the east bank of the St. Croix River at .-Climate:

St. Thomas, Ontario
St. Thomas is a city in southern , Ontario, Canada. It is the seat for Elgin County and gained its city charter on March 4, 1881.-History:

St. Vincent class battleship
The St. Vincent class battleships consisted of three ships of the Royal Navy laid down in 1908, and completed between May 1909 and April 1910. They were St. Vincent, Collingwood, and Vanguard. Vanguard was destroyed in an ammunition explosion, probably due to bagged cordite.Visually, they were very difficult to distinguish from the Bellerophons

Sta. Lucia Realtors
The Sta. Lucia Realtors was a professional basketball team in the Philippine Basketball Association.The Universal Robina Corporation team is one of the founding members of the PBA. Formerly known as Great Taste and Presto-Tivoli Ice Cream, they have won a total of 6 championships. Sta

Stabilizer (aircraft)
In aviation, a stabilizer provides stability when the aircraft is flying straight, and the airfoil of the horizontal stabilizer balances the forces acting on the aircraft.

Stable belt
A stable belt is an item of uniform used in the armed forces of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. Stable belts or similar derivatives are also worn by the armed forced of other nations such as Denmark.

The Stabyhoun or Stabij is a rare dog breed that just like the Wetterhoun originates from Friesland, a province in the North of the Netherlands. The first part of the name is probably from the Dutch: "sta me bij" . The last part is simply Frisian, meaning dog, which is pronounced "hoon"

Staccato is a form of musical articulation. In modern notation it signifies a note of shortened duration and separated from the note that may follow by silence

Stacey Slater
Stacey Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Lacey Turner. She made her first appearance on 1 November 2004. The character was introduced as a feisty and troublesome teenager, an extension of the already established Slater clan

Stack-oriented programming language
A stack-oriented programming language is one that relies on a stack machine model for passing parameters. Several programming languages fit this description, notably Forth, RPL, PostScript, and also many Assembly languages .

Stackable switch
A stackable switch is a network switch that is fully functional operating standalone but which can also be set up to operate together with one or more other network switches, with this group of switches showing the characteristics of a single switch but having the port capacity of the sum of the combined switchesThe term “stack” refers to the group of switches that have been set up in

Stackpole Estate
Stackpole Estate is located between the villages of Stackpole and Bosherston near Pembroke, Pembrokeshire. It lies within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and is owned and maintained by the National Trust. The property consists of of farmland, lakes, woodland, beaches, and cliffs.The estate has no visible boundary and is freely accessible to visitors all year round

Stacy Harris
Stacy Harris was an American actor with hundreds of film and television appearances.Harris was best known for his role as agent Jim Taylor on ABC Radio's This is Your FBI and, later, for playing varied characters, often villains, on shows produced by Jack Webb's Mark VII Limited, such as Dragnet, Noah's Ark, Adam-12 and O'Hara, U.S

Stacy Lattisaw
Stacy Lattisaw is an American R&B, dance, and gospel singer. Since the 1990s, she has exclusively sung gospel music, as a callback to her Christian roots.-Career:

Stadium of Light
The Stadium of Light is an all-seater football stadium in Sunderland, England. With space for 49,000 spectators, the Stadium of Light has the fifth-largest capacity of any English football stadium. The stadium primarily hosts Sunderland A.F.C. matches

Stadium seating
Stadium seating or theater seating is a characteristic seating arrangement that is most commonly associated with performing-arts venues, and derives its name from stadiums, which typically use this arrangement

Staff college
Staff colleges train military officers in the administrative, staff and policy aspects of their profession. It is usual for such training to occur at several levels in a career

Stafford County, Virginia
Stafford County is a county located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a U.S. state, and just across the Rappahannock River from the City of Fredericksburg. As of the 2000 census, the population was 92,446, increasing to 128,961 in 2010.. Its county seat is Stafford. In 2006, and again in 2009, Stafford was ranked as the 11th highest income county in America by Forbes Magazine. U.S

Stafford Cripps
Sir Richard Stafford Cripps was a British Labour politician of the first half of the 20th century. During World War II he served in a number of positions in the wartime coalition, including Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Minister of Aircraft Production

Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal
The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal is a narrow navigable canal in the English Midlands, passing through the counties of Staffordshire and Worcestershire.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a medium-sized, short-coated, old-time breed of dog. It is an English dog, where it is the 5th most popular breed, and related to the bull terrier

Stag beetle
Stag beetles are a group of about 1,200 species of beetle in the family Lucanidae, presently classified in four subfamilies Some species grow up to over 12 cm , but most are about 5 cm .-Overview:

Stage (theatre)
In theatre or performance arts, the stage is a designated space for the performance productions. The stage serves as a space for actors or performers and a focal point for the members of the audience

Stage lighting
Modern stage lighting is a flexible tool in the production of theatre, dance, opera and other performance arts. Several different types of stage lighting instruments are used in the pursuit of the various principles or goals of lighting. Stage lighting has grown considerably in recent years partially due to improved technical equipment and a higher interest from young people

A stagecoach is a type of covered wagon for passengers and goods, strongly sprung and drawn by four horses, usually four-in-hand. Widely used before the introduction of railway transport, it made regular trips between stages or stations, which were places of rest provided for stagecoach travelers

Staged combustion cycle (rocket)
The staged combustion cycle, also called topping cycle or pre-burner cycle, is a thermodynamic cycle of bipropellant rocket engines. Some of the propellant is burned in a pre-burner and the resulting hot gas is used to power the engine's turbines and pumps

Staghorn coral
The Staghorn coral is a branching coral with cylindrical branches ranging from a few centimetres to over two metres in length and height. It occurs in back reef and fore reef environments from 0 to 30 m depth. The upper limit is defined by wave forces, and the lower limit is controlled by suspended sediments and light availability

Stained glass
The term stained glass can refer to coloured glass as a material or to works produced from it. Throughout its thousand-year history, the term has been applied almost exclusively to the windows of churches and other significant buildings

Staining (biology)
Staining is an auxiliary technique used in microscopy to enhance contrast in the microscopic image. Stains and dyes are frequently used in biology and medicine to highlight structures in biological tissues for viewing, often with the aid of different microscopes

Stainless steel
In metallurgy, stainless steel, also known as inox steel or inox from French "inoxydable", is defined as a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5 or 11% chromium content by mass.

A stairlift is a mechanical device for lifting people and wheelchairs up and down stairs. For sufficiently wide stairs, a rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs. A chair or lifting platform is attached to the rail

Stalag XI-A
Stalag XI-A was a German Army World War II prisoner-of-war camp near Altengrabow, about 35 km east of Magdeburg in eastern Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Stalking Pete Doherty
Stalking Pete Doherty is a rockumentary assembled from footage shot by Max Carlish, a BAFTA Award–winning film director. As the title suggests, it is about both attempts by Carlish to interview Pete Doherty.

Stallion (horse)
A stallion is a male horse that has not been gelded .Stallions will follow the conformation and phenotype of their breed, but within that standard, the presence of hormones such as testosterone may give stallions a thicker, "cresty" neck, as well as a somewhat more muscular physique as compared to female horses, known as mares, and castrated males, called

Stamford Bridge (stadium)
Stamford Bridge is a football stadium in Fulham, in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, West London, and is the home of Chelsea Football Club. The stadium is located within the Moore Park Estate also known as Walham Green and is often referred to as simply The Bridge

Stamford, Lincolnshire
Stamford is a town and civil parish within the South Kesteven district of the county of Lincolnshire, England. It is approximately to the north of London, on the east side of the A1 road to York and Edinburgh and on the River Welland

A stamp is a distinctive mark or impression made upon an object, a device used to make it, or a distinctive sticker applied to an object. It may also include other vouchers or records with similar purposes

Stamp collecting
Stamp collecting is the collecting of postage stamps and related objects. It is one of the world's most popular hobbies, with the number of collectors in the United States alone estimated to be over 20 million.- Collecting :

Stampede Wrestling
Stampede Wrestling is a Canadian professional wrestling promotion based in Calgary, Alberta and was for nearly 50 years one of the main promotions in western Canada and the Canadian Prairies

Stamping (metalworking)
Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. This could be a single stage operation where every stroke of the press produce the desired form on the sheet metal part, or could occur through a series of stages

Stan Laurel
Arthur Stanley "Stan" Jefferson , better known as Stan Laurel, was an English comic actor, writer and film director, famous as the first half of the comedy team Laurel and Hardy. His film acting career stretched between 1917 and 1951 and included a starring role in the Academy Award winning film The Music Box

Stan Lynch
Stanley Joseph "Stan" Lynch is an American songwriter and record producer. He was the original drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for 18 years until his departure in 1994.- Early years :

STANAG is the NATO abbreviation for Standardization Agreement, which sets up processes, procedures, terms, and conditions for common military or technical procedures or equipment between the member countries of the alliance. Each NATO state ratifies a STANAG and implements it within their own military

Stand by Me (film)
Stand by Me is a 1986 American drama film directed by Rob Reiner. Based on the novella The Body by Stephen King, the film takes its title from the Ben E. King song of the same name, which plays over the end credits.-Plot:

Stand by Me (song)
"Stand by Me" is the title of a song originally performed by Ben E. King and written by King, Jerry Leiber, and Mike Stoller, based on the spiritual "Lord Stand by Me,", plus two lines rooted in Psalms 46:2-3

Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered PLC is a multinational financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom with operations in more than seventy countries

Standard conditions for temperature and pressure
Standard condition for temperature and pressure are standard sets of conditions for experimental measurements established to allow comparisons to be made between different sets of data

Standard enthalpy change of formation
The standard enthalpy of formation or standard heat of formation of a compound is the change of enthalpy that accompanies the formation of 1 mole of a substance in its standard state from its constituent elements in their standard states

Standard hydrogen electrode
The standard hydrogen electrode , is a redox electrode which forms the basis of the thermodynamic scale of oxidation-reduction potentials

Standard Linear Solid model
The standard linear solid model, also known as the Zener model, is a method of modeling the behavior of a viscoelastic material using a linear combination of springs and dashpots to represent elastic and viscous components, respectively. Often more similar Maxwell model and the Kelvin–Voigt model are used

Standard ML
Standard ML is a general-purpose, modular, functional programming language with compile-time type checking and type inference. It is popular among compiler writers and programming language researchers, as well as in the development of theorem provers.SML is a modern descendant of the ML programming language used in the Logic for Computable Functions theorem-proving

Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States
Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States, 221 U.S. 1 , was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States found Standard Oil guilty of monopolizing the petroleum industry through a series of abusive and anticompetitive actions

Standard Schnauzer
The Standard Schnauzer is the original breed of the three breeds of Schnauzer, and despite its wiry coat and general appearance, is not related to the British terriers. Rather, its origins are in old herding and guard breeds of Europe. Generally classified as a working or utility dog, this versatile breed is a robust, squarely built, medium-sized dog with aristocratic bearing

Standard SJ
|-See also: