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Manual labour
Manual labour , manual or manual work is physical work done by people, most especially in contrast to that done by machines, and also to that done by working animals

Manuel dos Reis Machado
Manuel dos Reis Machado, commonly called Mestre Bimba , was a mestre of the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira.-Early life:Machado is said to have had two birth certificates, dated 1899 and 1900, respectively

Manuka (waka)
In Māori tradition, Mānuka was one of the great ocean-going, voyaging canoes that was used in the migrations that settled New Zealand.

Manumission is the act of a slave owner freeing his or her slaves. In the United States before the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which abolished most slavery, this often happened upon the death of the owner, under conditions in his will.-Motivations:The motivations of slave owners in manumitting slaves were complex and varied.Firstly,

Manus, a masculine first name derived from the Latin meaning "hand" or "fist," and, less commonly, a "band of men," may refer to:*Manus Province, in Papua New Guinea**Manus Island, part of Manus Province

Manus (zoology)
The manus is the zoological term for the distal portion of the fore limb of an animal. In tetrapods, it is the part of the pentadactyl limb that includes the metacarpals and digits . During evolution, it has taken many forms and served a variety of functions

Manush can refer to:*Heinie Manush , an American left fielder in Major League Baseball*Manush Georgiev , a Bulgarian revolutionary*Mati O Manush, a pioneering television programme in Bangladesh Television

Manx is an adjective describing things or people related to the Isle of Man:* Manx people**Manx surnames* Isle of ManIt may also refer to:-Languages:

Many may refer to:* plural*A quantifier that can be used with count nouns - often preceded by "as" or "too" or "so" or "that"; amounting to a large but indefinite number; "many temptations"; "a good many"; "many directions"; more than a few, more than severalPlace names* Many, Moselle, a commune of the Moselle department, in France* Mány, a village in Hungary* Many, Louisiana, a

Many Happy Returns (TV series)
Many Happy Returns is a situation comedy television series that ran on CBS for twenty-six episodes, from September 21, 1964 to April 12, 1965, under the sponsorship of General Foods.-Cast:The show starred character actor John McGiver

Manzana is a Spanish word meaning apple. It may also refer to:* Manzana verde, an alcoholic beverage* A music album; see Los Prisioneros* Manzana , a unit of area* Georges Manzana Pissarro, a French Artist

Manzana (unit)
A manzana is a Central American unit of area:* 1 Manzana = 1.68 acres* 1 Manzana = 10,000 sq. Varas-External links:**

Manzano is a Spanish word used for apple trees, Malus domestica, and is also used as a patronymic name. Manzano can refer to any of the following:- Places :* El Manzano, a village in Spain* Manzano, Italy, a municipality in Italy

Mao (bird)
The Mao is a passerine bird belonging to the genus Gymnomyza in the honeyeater family Meliphagidae. It is an endangered species and is endemic to the Samoan Islands. Little is known about its feeding and breeding habits.

Maoism, also known as the Mao Zedong Thought , is claimed by Maoists as an anti-Revisionist form of Marxist communist theory, derived from the teachings of the Chinese political leader Mao Zedong . Developed during the 1950s and 1960s, it was widely applied as the political and military guiding ideology of the Communist Party of China

Maori (disambiguation)
Māori or Maori can mean:* Māori people of New Zealand, or members of that group* Māori language which they speak* Māori culture of the Māori of New Zealand* Cook Islanders * Cook Islands Māori language which they speak

A map is a visual representation of an area—a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of that space such as objects, regions, and themes.

Map projection
A map projection is any method of representing the surface of a sphere or other three-dimensional body on a plane. Map projections are necessary for creating maps. All map projections distort the surface in some fashion

Map Room
Map Room may refer to:* a room for storing a large map collection* Map Room , a ground floor sitting room that once served as a situation room during World War II

Mapmaker (album)
Mapmaker is the third full-length release from Parts & Labor, released in 2007 on Jagjaguwar Records.-Track listing:#"Fractured Skies"#"Brighter Days"#"Vision of Repair"#"The Gold We're Digging"#"New Crimes"#"Long Way Down"#"Ghosts Will Burn"

Mapmaker (disambiguation)
Mapmaker may refer to:* A person who practises mapmaking, the study and practice of making representations of the Earth on a flat surface* Mapmaker , the album by Parts & Labor* MapMaker , a level editor for TimeSplitters

Mapo may refer to:*Mapo-gu , a district of Seoul*Mapo Station on the Seoul Metropolitan Subway*MiG MAPO, a major Russian state-owned military aircraft manufacturer*Mapo doufu or tofu, a popular Chinese dish from Sichuan province

In geomatics or geospatial science and technology:Mapping usually refers to map-making and often used instead of cartography.Mapping term is also sometimes used for geospatial data collection but in fact it is not mapping because a map is created from some cartographic works In geomatics or geospatial science and technology:Mapping usually refers to map-making and often used instead of cartography.Mapping term is also sometimes used for geospatial data collection (e.g. LIDAR mapping) but in fact it is not mapping because a map is created from some cartographic works In geomatics or geospatial science and technology:Mapping usually refers to map-making and often used instead of cartography.Mapping term is also sometimes used for geospatial data collection (e.g. LIDAR mapping) but in fact it is not mapping because a map is created from some cartographic works (i.e

Mappings (poetry)
Mappings is a first book of poems by Vikram Seth originally published by the Writers Workshop, Calcutta , as a hand-set, hand-printed and hand-bound volume in 1980 or 1981

The Latter Day of the Law, is one of the Three Ages of Buddhism. Mappō or Mofa , which is also translated as the Age of Dharma Decline, is the "degenerate" Third Age of Buddhism.- Tradition :

Maps (anime)
is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hasegawa Yuichi. It was serialized in the Gakken magazine Monthly Comic Nora from 1985 to 1994. The series was adapted into two anime original video animations : the 1987 original, fully titled in Japan, and the 1994 remake, simply titled Maps.-Plot:Maps follows a normal Earth boy named Gen

Maps (band)
-Start Something:In 2006, he recorded his Start Something EP by himself on his 16-track recorder. He released it on his own record label, Last Space Recordings, and it was met with some critical acclaim. The single "Lost My Soul" polled at No. 26 in NMEs top 50 singles of 2006.-We Can Create:On 19 May 2007, his first full album We Can Create was released on Mute Records

A maquiladora or maquila is a concept often referred to as an operation that involves manufacturing in a country that is not the client's and as such has an interesting duty or tariff treatment

Maquis or macchia is a type of high ground in Corsica covered in thick vegetation, where privateers used to hide. The name has been adopted by a variety of guerilla movements in francophone countries.Maquis may also refer to:-Geography:

Mar, mar or MAR may refer to:* Earl of Mar, an earldom in Scotland* Mar, an area of Scotland now known as Marr* MÄR, a manga and anime series-MAR as an abbreviation:* The Marathi language's ISO 639 code

-Social groups:*Mara people, in northeastern India and western Myanmar* Mara language, a language spoken by Mara people*Mara Salvatrucha, a violent criminal gang in Mexico, Central America, Canada, and the United States

Māra is the highest-ranking goddess in Latvian mythology, a feminine Dievs . She may be thought as the alternate side of Dievs . Other Latvian goddesses, sometimes all of them, are considered her alternate aspects

Mara (album)
Mara is the ninth album by Scottish Celtic rock group Runrig, released in 1995. The title means 'of the sea' in Scots Gaelic.-Track listing:# "Day in a Boat" - 2:56# "Nothing but the Sun" - 7:15# "The Mighty Atlantic" / "Mara Theme" - 6:43

Mara (supermarket)
Mara is a Romanian supermarket chain operating 2 supermarkets in Focşani.

Mara (Tagin)
Mara refers to a tribe in Arunachal Pradesh. The Mara are ethnically Tagin although they claim to be a separate group, just like the Nga to the north, but they acknowledge a common ancestry. Like the Nga, the Mara also engage in barter trade with the Tibetans in the north prior to the closure of the Indo-Tibetan border in view of the 1962 Sino-Indian War

Mara (torrent)
The Mara is an 8 km Italian stream of Insubria, which runs through the Italian Province of Como and the Swiss Canton Ticino. It rises on the slopes of Monte Sighignola and enters Lake Lugano at Maroggia.

Marabou can refer to:* Marabou Stork, a large bird in the stork family Ciconiidae* Marabou , a Swedish chocolate brand* Marabou , a historical term for a multiracial person in Haiti

Marabou (ethnicity)
Marabou is a term of Haitian origin denoting multiracial admixture. The term describes the offspring of a person of mixed race: black African/European and East Indian ancestry, born in Haiti. The East Indians arrived in Haiti from other Caribbean islands

Marad was an ancient Sumerian city. Marad was situated on the west bank of the then western branch of the Upper Euphrates River west of Nippur in modern day Iraq and roughly 50 km southeast of Kish, on the Arahtu River.The city's ziggurat E-igi-kalama was dedicated to Ninurta the god of

Marad (disambiguation)
Marad may refer to:*Marad an ancient Sumerian city in modern day Iraq.*Marad, Kerala a town in Kerala, India.*Marad massacre, a 2003 religious charged killing of eight people in Kerala, India.* MARAD an acronym for United States Maritime Administration.

Marans (disambiguation)
Marans may refer to:*Marans, a breed of chicken*places in France:**Marans, Charente-Maritime, a commune in the department of Charente-Maritime**Marans, Maine-et-Loire, a commune in the department of Maine-et-Loire

Marasmus is a form of severe protein-energy malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency.A child with marasmus looks emaciated. Body weight may be reduced to less than 80% of the average weight that corresponds to the height . Marasmus occurrence increases prior to age 1, whereas kwashiorkor occurrence increases after 18 months

Marasmus (album)
Marasmus is Leng Tch'e's fourth full length album and their second on Relapse Records. A video was made for the song .-Track listing:*All Songs Written By Sven

Marat may refer to:People*Jean-Paul Marat , Swiss-born scientist and physician and noted character of the French Revolution*Allan Marat, Papua New Guinean politician*Marat for discussion of the given nameArt and culture

Marathon (2005 film)
Marathon is a South Korean movie based on the true story of Bae Hyeong-jin, a runner who happens to have autism.

Marathon (automobile)
The Marathon was an automobile built by the Marathon Motor Works company in Nashville, Tennessee. It was manufactured from 1911 to 1914 when financial difficulties forced the company to sell its machinery to another automaker in Indianapolis. Only eight examples of the car are known to still exist.

Marathon (film)
Marathon in film, may refer to:*Marathon *Marathon , a Spanish film about the Barcelona Olympics*Marathon , a neurotic New York women solves crosswords

MARAUDER is, or was, a United States Government research project. It is an acronym of Magnetically Accelerated Ring to Achieve Ultra-high Directed Energy and Radiation. It was first reported on August 1, 1993.

A marauder is a bandit, outlaw, raider or such like who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder.Other uses of marauder, usually derived from the above include:in " Football"

Marauder (album)
Marauder is the fifth studio album of Southern rock band Blackfoot, released in 1981.The album continued in the same vein as their previous successes, "Strikes" and "Tomcattin`". Opening up with the heavy "Good Morning", and including the excellent ballad "Diary Of A Workingman", "Marauder" showcases a range of depth and variety allied to their tried and trusted Southern rock

Marauder (Live)
Marauder is a live album by British melodic rock band Magnum. It was released in 1980 on Jet Records.Magnum recorded Marauder over one night at London's Marquee Club on 15 December 1979. It was an attempt by Jet Records to revive the success of the debut album Kingdom of Madness following the failure of Magnum II

- Entertainment :* Marauders , henchmen in the Marvel Comics universe* Marauders , antagonists in the role-playing game Mage: The Ascension* Midnight Marauders, a 1993 album by rap group A Tribe Called Quest

Marble (band)
marble is a Japanese musical duo, originally named The Student's and formed in 1999. The members, Micco and Tatsuya Kikuchi, met and became friends while they were both enrolled in music school. Kikuchi was the main musical support for Micco at that time, who was acting as a solo artist

Marble (disambiguation)
Marble is a type of rock resulting from the metamorphism of limestone.Marble or Marbles may also refer to:*Marble , a small spherical toy usually made from glass, clay, steel, or agate

-Name:*Marc *Franz Marc , painter*Marc, pseudonym of cartoonist Mark Boxer-Acronym:*MARC FAUVET Fly Casting Virtuoso*MARC standards, data format used for library cataloging,

Marc (given name)
Marc is a western European forename , a variation on the Roman name Marcus . This version, originally the Latin form, is spelled in the Latin manner, using a 'c'.

Marcano family name originated in Spain. It was a military family that came to the New World with Christopher Columbus. The Family later grew and spread throughout the Caribbean and South America, where the surname became rooted in the countries of Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.-The Marcano Brothers :Marcano is the last name of four brothers that fought in

Marcel may refer to:* Marcel , a novel by Erwin Mortier* Marcel , people with the given name Marcel* Marcel, California, in Kern County* Marcel , a German entry for Eurovision 1963People with surname Marcel:

Marcel (given name)
Marcel is a male given name, the French and Catalan form of Marcellus and may refer to:-The arts:* Marcel Marcel is a male given name, the French and Catalan form of Marcellus and may refer to:-The arts:* Marcel (singer) (Marcel Francois Chagnon) Marcel is a male given name, the French and Catalan form of Marcellus and may refer to:-The arts:* Marcel (singer) (Marcel Francois Chagnon) (c

SLWH Pegasus
The Singapore Light Weight Howitzer Pegasus is a helicopter-transportable, towed artillery piece. Developed jointly by the Singapore Armed Forces , Defence Science and Technology Agency and ST Kinetics, it was commissioned on 28 October 2005

Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper is a series of platform stealth video games for the Sony PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. The series was developed by Sucker Punch Productions for the first three games, and then it was passed on to Sanzaru Games while Sucker Punch continued work on the Infamous series

SM City Clark
SM City Clark is a shopping mall located along M.A. Roxas Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Philippines. It is the second SM supermall in the province of Pampanga after SM City Pampanga in City of San Fernando, Pampanga. It is owned by SM Prime Holdings founded by Filipino-Chinese businessman, Henry Sy, Sr.

SM City Masinag
SM City Masinag is a shopping mall located along Marcos Highway, Antipolo City, Philippines. This is the 1st SM Supermall to be opened by the company in 2011 and the second SM Supermall to be opened in the Province of Rizal after SM City Taytay. It was designed by Architectonica and Point Design Inc

SM City North EDSA
SM City North EDSA is the largest mall in the Philippines, and the world’s third biggest in terms of leasable area . It is operated by SM Prime Holdings, a local holding company in the Philippines, the biggest retail and mall operator in Southeast Asia

SM Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia is a shopping mall owned and developed by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall developer and owner in the Philippines. SM Mall of Asia is the 2nd largest mall in the Philippines after SM City North EDSA, 3rd largest shopping mall in Asia and the 4th largest shopping mall in the world

SM Megamall
SM Megamall is a huge shopping mall located in the Ortigas business district of Metro Manila, Philippines. It is the 3rd SM Supermall developed and operated by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall operator in the Philippines owned by Henry Sy Sr. The mall has two buildings interconnected with a bridge

SM Prime Holdings
SM Prime Holdings, Inc. or SM Prime is the parent company of the SM Group's shopping malls. It is the largest shopping mall and retail operator in the Philippines

SM-62 Snark
-External links:** Air Force Magazine article about a Snark that was test-fired and rumored to have been found in Brazil** detailed article on Snark and the USAF school to train personnel for it

Small appliance
Small appliance refers to a class of home appliances that are portable or semi-portable or which are used on tabletops, countertops, or other platforms in the United States of America

Small craft advisory
A small craft advisory is a type of warning issued by the National Weather Service in the United States, most frequently in coastal areas. It is issued when winds have reached, or are expected to reach within 12 hours, a speed marginally less than gale force.

Small intestine
The small intestine is the part of the gastrointestinal tract following the stomach and followed by the large intestine, and is where much of the digestion and absorption of food takes place. In invertebrates such as worms, the terms "gastrointestinal tract" and "large intestine" are often used to describe the entire intestine

Small solar system body
A small Solar System body is an object in the Solar System that is neither a planet nor a dwarf planet, nor a satellite of a planet or dwarf planet:

Small-Outline Integrated Circuit
A small-outline integrated circuit is a surface-mounted integrated circuit package which occupies an area about 30–50% less than an equivalent DIP, with a typical thickness that is 70% less. They are generally available in the same pinouts as their counterpart DIP ICs

Smallmouth bass
The smallmouth bass is a species of freshwater fish in the sunfish family of the order Perciformes. It is the type species of its genus

Smart Communications
Smart Communications is a wholly owned mobile phone and Internet service subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company .On June 30, 2010 the company reported that it had over 45 million cellular subscribers.-Brands:

Smart Forfour
The Smart Forfour was a supermini produced by Smart between April 2004 and June 2006. Unlike the other models of the marque, the Forfour was a more conventional five-door hatchback with a relatively roomy interior, available as a four-/five-seater.

Smart Money
Smart Money is a 1931 film starring Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney, the only time Robinson and Cagney made a movie together, despite being the two leading gangster actors at Warner Brothers studios all through the 1930s

Smart Tag
Smart Tag is the former name of a transponder-based electronic toll collection system implemented by the Virginia Department of Transportation . It was launched as Fastoll on April 15, 1996

SmarterChild was a chatterbot available on AOL Instant Messenger and Windows Live Messenger networks.-History:SmarterChild was an interactive agent or bot developed by ActiveBuddy. It was distributed across instant messaging and SMS networks

In computing, the System Management BIOS specification defines data structures in a BIOS which allows a user or application to store and retrieve information specifically about the computer in question. Circa 1999, it became part of the domain of the Distributed Management Task Force

Smelting is a form of extractive metallurgy; its main use is to produce a metal from its ore. This includes iron extraction from iron ore, and copper extraction and other base metals from their ores

Smestad, Oslo
Smestad is an area in the borough Vestre Aker in Oslo, Norway. It is named after Smestad mansion, which was parcelled out for residences after the tram line was built in 1912. It is served by Smestad station.

Smile (Jayhawks album)
Smile is an album by the American alternative country and rock band The Jayhawks, released in 2000. It reached #129 on the Billboard 200 and #14 on Billboard's Top Internet Albums chart.

A smiley, smiley face, or happy face, is a stylized representation of a smiling human face, commonly occurring in popular culture. It is commonly represented as a yellow circle with two black dots representing eyes and a black arc representing the mouth

Smilodon , often called a saber-toothed cat or saber-toothed tiger, is an extinct genus of machairodonts. This saber-toothed cat was endemic to North America and South America, living from near the beginning through the very end of the Pleistocene epoch .-Etymology:The nickname "saber-tooth" refers to the extreme length of their maxillary

Smirnoff is a brand of vodka owned and produced by the British company Diageo. The Smirnoff brand began with a vodka distillery founded in Moscow by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov , the son of illiterate Russian peasants. It is now distributed in 130 countries.Smirnoff products include vodka, flavored vodka, and malt beverages

Smith Act
The Alien Registration Act or Smith Act of 1940 is a United States federal statute that set criminal penalties for advocating the overthrow of the U.S

Smith Corona
Smith Corona or the SCM Corporation is a US typewriter and calculator company. Once a large U.S. manufacturer, the company experienced sales declines in typewriters in the mid-1980s due to the introduction of PC-based word processing

Smith Haven Mall
Smith Haven Mall is a shopping mall located in Lake Grove, New York and is the main mall for the "Mid Island" area of Long Island. It is also the eastern most enclosed mall on Long Island, and thus draws shoppers from the towns that make up

Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth , was a British evangelist who was important in the early history of Pentecostalism.- Early life :

Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian Institution is an educational and research institute and associated museum complex, administered and funded by the government of the United States and by funds from its endowment, contributions, and profits from its retail operations, concessions, licensing activities, and magazines

Smithsonian National Zoological Park
The Smithsonian National Zoological Park, commonly known as the National Zoo, is one of the oldest zoos in the United States, and as part of the Smithsonian Institution, does not charge admission. Founded in 1889, its mission is to provide leadership in animal care, science, education, sustainability, and visitor experience. The National Zoo has two campuses

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, the only bureau of the Smithsonian Institution based outside of the United States, is dedicated to understanding biological diversity. What began in 1923 as small field station on Barro Colorado Island in the Panama Canal Zone has developed into one of the world's leading research institutions

Smithsonite, or zinc spar, is zinc carbonate , a mineral ore of zinc. Historically, smithsonite was identified with hemimorphite before it was realised that they were two distinct minerals. The two minerals are very similar in appearance and the term calamine has been used for both, leading to some confusion

Smithtown (CDP), New York
Smithtown is a hamlet in Suffolk County, New York, USA. The population was 26,901 at the 2000 census.The community of Smithtown is in the Town of Smithtown.-Geography:

SMK Convent Bukit Nanas
Convent Bukit Nanas is an all-girls secondary school located at Bukit Nanas in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established in 1899 a few years after rivals BBGS and MGSKL , it is one of the oldest schools in Kuala Lumpur and is widely known as CBN

A smock-frock or smock is an outer garment traditionally worn by rural workers, especially shepherds and waggoners, in parts of England and Wales from the early eighteenth century

Smog is a type of air pollution; the word "smog" is a portmanteau of smoke and fog. Modern smog is a type of air pollution derived from vehicular emission from internal combustion engines and industrial fumes that react in the atmosphere with sunlight to form secondary pollutants that also combine with the primary emissions to form photochemical smog

Smoke bomb
A smoke bomb is a firework designed to produce smoke upon ignition. Smoke bombs are useful to military units, airsoft games, paintball games, self defense and pranks

Smoke detector
A smoke detector is a device that detects smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. Commercial, industrial, and mass residential devices issue a signal to a fire alarm system, while household detectors, known as smoke alarms, generally issue a local audible and/or visual alarm from the detector itself.Smoke detectors are typically housed in a disk-shaped plastic enclosure about in

Smokey Yunick
Henry "Smokey" Yunick was an American mechanic and car designer associated with motorsports. Yunick was deeply involved in the early years of NASCAR, and he is probably most associated with that racing genre

Smoking cessation
Smoking cessation is the process of discontinuing the practice of inhaling a smoked substance. This article focuses exclusively on cessation of tobacco smoking; however, the methods described may apply to cessation of smoking other substances that can be difficult to stop using due to the development of strong physical substance dependence or

Smoking pipe
A smoking pipe for tobacco smoking typically consists of a chamber for the combustion of tobacco and a thin stem ending in a mouthpiece

Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
The Tariff Act of 1930, otherwise known as the Smoot–Hawley Tariff was an act, sponsored by United States Senator Reed Smoot and Representative Willis C. Hawley, and signed into law on June 17, 1930, that raised U.S. tariffs on over 20,000 imported goods to record levels.The overall level tariffs under the Tariff were the second-highest in U.S

Smooth jazz
Smooth jazz is a genre of music that grew out of jazz fusion and is influenced by R&B, funk, rock, and pop music styles .

Smooth-coated Otter
The Smooth-coated Otter is a species of otter, the only extant representative of the genus Lutrogale. The species is found from southern Pakistan and parts of the India east to Southeast Asia, and there is a disjunct population in Iraq

The smooth-hounds are a genus, Mustelus, of sharks in the family Triakidae. The name of the genus comes from the Latin mustela meaning weasel.A smooth-hound can grow up to 5 ft. 3 in

Smoothwall is a Linux distribution designed to be used as an open source firewall. Designed for ease of use, Smoothwall is configured via a web-based GUI, and requires little or no knowledge of Linux to install or use.

SMS Kaiser (1911)
SMS Kaiser "SMS" stands for "Seiner Majestät Schiff" was the lead ship of the of battleships of the German Imperial Navy. Kaiser was built by the Imperial Dockyard at Kiel, launched on 22 March 1911 and commissioned on 1 August 1912. The ship was equipped with ten guns in five twin turrets, and had a top speed of

SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth
SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth was a Kaiser Franz Joseph I class protected cruiser of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Named in honor of the Empress Elisabeth, consort of Emperor Franz Josef, the cruiser was designed for overseas service and in fact was stationed in China at the outbreak of World War I in 1914.-Specifications:Launched at the seearsenal at Pola on 25 September

SMS Prinz Eugen
SMS Prinz Eugen was an Austro-Hungarian dreadnought battleship of the . Prinz Eugen was built at the Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino yard, Trieste

There were several models of body armor in the Red Army, called SN-38, SN-39, SN-40, SN-40A, and SN-42. The number denotes the design year. All were combat tested, but only the SN-42 was put in production

SN2 reaction
The SN2 reaction is a type of nucleophilic substitution, where a lone pair from a nucleophile attacks an electron deficient electrophilic center and bonds to it, expelling another group called a leaving group. Thus the incoming group replaces the leaving group in one step

Snack food
A snack is a portion of food oftentimes smaller than that of a regular meal, that is generally eaten between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms including packaged and processed foods and items made from fresh ingredients at home.

In forest ecology, a snag refers to a standing, partly or completely dead tree, often missing a top or most of the smaller branches. In freshwater ecology it refers to trees, branches, and other pieces of naturally occurring wood found sunken in rivers and streams; it is also known as coarse woody debris.- Forest snags :Standing snags provide critical habitat for many species, e.g.,

Snail is a common name applied to most of the members of the molluscan class Gastropoda that have coiled shells in the adult stage. When the word is used in its most general sense, it includes sea snails, land snails and freshwater snails. The word snail without any qualifier is however more often applied to land snails than to those from the sea or freshwater

Snail (disambiguation)
Snail is one of almost all members of the molluscan class Gastropoda which have coiled shells.Snail may also refer to:- Gastropoda :*Cone snail or cone shell , one of the predatory marine snails found in coral reefs

Snail Kite
The Snail Kite is a bird of prey within the family Accipitridae, which also includes the eagles, hawks, and Old World vultures. Its relative, the Slender-billed Kite, is now again placed in Helicolestes, making the genus Rostrhamus monotypic

Snakes are elongate, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears. Like all squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales

Snake Hill
Snake Hill is an igneous rock intrusion jutting some 150 feet up from the floor of the Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA. It was largely obliterated by quarrying in the 1960s that reduced its height by one-quarter and its base area by four fifths

Snake scales
Snakes, like other reptiles, have a skin covered in scales. Snakes are entirely covered with scales or scutes of various shapes and sizes. Scales protect the body of the snake, aid it in locomotion, allow moisture to be retained within, alter the surface characteristics such as roughness to aid in camouflage, and in some cases even aid in prey capture

Snake worship
The worship of serpent deities is present in several old cultures, particularly in religion and mythology, where snakes were seen as entities of strength and renewal.-Hindu mythology:

Snakeflies are a group of insects in the order Raphidioptera, consisting of about 210 extant species. Together with the Megaloptera they were formerly placed within the Neuroptera, but now these two are generally regarded as separate orders.

Snakehead (gang)
Snakeheads are Chinese gangs that smuggle people to other countries. They are found in the Fujian region of China and smuggle their customers into wealthier Western countries such as those in Western Europe, North America, Australia, and some nearby wealthier countries such as Taiwan and Japan.Snakeheads use various methods to get their customers to the West

Snakehead (novel)
Snakehead is the seventh novel in the Alex Rider series written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book was released in Australia on 28 September 2008, in the United Kingdom on 31 October 2007, and in the U.S. on 13 November 2007. The title comes from the name given to Asian gangs involved in people smuggling illegal passports, visas, weapons, and more

Snakes and ladders
Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. It is played between two or more players on a game board having numbered, gridded squares. A number of "ladders" and "snakes" are pictured on the board, each connecting two specific board squares

Snap, Crackle and Pop
Snap, Crackle, and Pop! are the cartoon mascots of Kellogg's breakfast cereal Rice Krispies -History:The elf characters were originally designed by illustrator Vernon Grant in the early 1930s

Snapping turtle
The common snapping turtle is a large freshwater turtle of the family Chelydridae. Its natural range extends from southeastern Canada, southwest to the edge of the Rocky Mountains, as far east as Nova Scotia and Florida and as far southwest as northeastern Mexico

Snatch theft
In Malaysia and Southeast Asia in general, snatch theft is a criminal act of forcefully stealing from a pedestrian's person while employing rob-and-run tactics. It is typical for two thieves to work together and ride a moped to make theft and escape easier. A person steers the vehicle while another does the act of theft itself