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Manliness (disambiguation)
Manliness normally refers to positive qualities associated with men. A synonym is masculinity and antonyms are unmanliness and effeminacy.Manliness may also refer to:

Manly is an adjective corresponding to manhood or masculinity.Manly may also refer to:-Places:* Manly, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney** Manly Council, a local government area in Sydney

Mann may refer to:* Isle of Man, known as "Mann" as an alternative shorter name* Mann , a Nazi paramilitary rank* Mannaz, the Futhorc m-rune* Mann Theatres, a theatre chain corporation* Mann , a Norwegian magazine

Manna or Manna wa Salwa , sometimes or archaically spelled mana, is the name of an edible substance that God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert according to the Bible.It was said to be sweet to the taste, like honey.

Manna (actor)
SM Aslam Talukder popularly known as Manna, was one of the most well known actors in Bangladeshi film industry.-Early life:

Manna (disambiguation)
Manna is the food produced for the Israelites in the desert, as described in the Biblical book of Exodus.Manna may also refer to:* Metropolitan AIDS Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance* the Gothic word for "man", related to the *mannaz rune

Mannan (film)
Mannan is a 1992 Indian Tamil language film starring Rajinikanth, Kushboo, Manorama, Pandari Bai, Goundamani, Vijayashanti and Visu. The film is a remake of the 1986 hit Kannada film Anuraaga Aralidhu starring Rajkumar.-Cast:*Rajinikanth as Krishnan

Mannar may refer to:* Mannar, Alappuzha, a town in Alappuzha district, Kerala, India* Mannar, Kaduthuruthy,a town in Kottayam district, Kerala, India* Mannar, Sri Lanka, a town in northern Sri Lanka* Mannar District, a district in Sri Lanka

A mannequin is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, and others especially to display or fit clothing

Mannequin (1937 film)
Mannequin is 1937 film directed by Frank Borzage, and starring Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy and Alan Curtis. In the film, Crawford plays Jessie, a young working class woman who seeks to improve her life by marrying her boyfriend, only to find out that he is no better than what she left behind

Manner is a line of confectionery from the Austrian conglomerate, Josef Manner & Comp AG. The corporation, founded in 1890, produces a wide assortment of confectionery products

Männer is a 1984 song by german singer Herbert Grönemeyer.The 'Männer' single release is still one of the most successful titles of Grönemeyer. The youth magazine Bravo described the song as "catchy male harassment"

Manner (disambiguation)
Manner is a line of confectionery from the Austrian conglomerate, Josef Manner & Comp AG.Manner may also refer to:* Eeva-Liisa Manner , Finnish poet, playwright and translator.

In sociology, manners are the unenforced standards of conduct which demonstrate that a person is proper, polite, and refined. They are like laws in that they codify or set a standard for human behavior, but they are unlike laws in that there is no formal system for punishing transgressions, the main informal "punishment" being social disapproval. They are a kind of norm

Manning (disambiguation)
-Places:Australia*Manning, Western Australia*The Manning RiverAustria*Manning, Upper AustriaCanada*Manning, Alberta*Manning Drive, Edmonton, AlbertaUnited States*Manning, Iowa*Manning, Kansas*Manning, South Carolina*Manning, North Dakota

Mannosamine is a hexosamine derivative of mannose.

Manny (given name)
Manny is a given name , and may refer to:In fiction:* Manny Santos, character on DegrassiIn sports:* Manny Alexander, baseball player* Manny Fernandez , professional wrestler

Mano (Mozambican footballer)
Celso Halilo de Abdul is a professional Mozambican football player who plays for ENPPI.-External links:

Mano (Portuguese footballer)
Luís Miguel Lopes Mendes , aka Mano, is a Portuguese footballer who plays for Villarreal CF B in Spain, mainly as a right defender.-Club career:

Mano a mano (Silvio Rodríguez y Luis Eduardo Aute)
Mano a Mano is collaboration album from the singer-songwriters Luis Eduardo Aute and Silvio Rodriguez from Spain and Cuba respectively.Recorded live in Madrid on September 24, 1993.-Disc 1:#"Anda"

Manoeuvres is the second solo album of singer Greg Lake, released in 1983. It features ex-Thin Lizzy member Gary Moore on guitar again. It is Lake's last original studio album on his own to date.-Songs:#"Manoeuvres" - 4:02

Manon (disambiguation)
Manon may refer to:* Manon * Manon , an animated character from children's books, magazines and television* Manon Lescaut, also known as Manon, main character from the novel Manon Lescaut

Manon (film)
Manon is a 1949 French film directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. It is an adaptation of the 1731 novel Manon Lescaut by Abbé Prévost. Clouzot updates the setting to World War II, making the story about a French Resistance fighter who rescues a woman from villagers convinced she is a Nazi collaborator.The film won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.-Cast:*Serge

-Land tenure:*Manor, an estate in land of the mediaeval era in England*Manorialism, a system of land tenure and organization of the rural economy and society in parts of medieval Europe based on the manor*Manor house, the principal house of a manor

A manor in English law is an estate in land to which is incident the right to hold a court termed court baron, that is to say a manorial court. The proper unit of tenure under the feudal system is the fee, on which the manor became established through the process of time, akin to the modern establishment of a "business" upon a freehold site

Manque (disambiguation)
* Manqué is the past participle of the French verb, manquer, to miss** Manqué , used in English, means unfulfilled or potential, generally with reference to a profession .** Mathematician manqué is a would-be mathematician, particularly a philosopher.* Lack , a concept in

Mansard roof
A mansard or mansard roof is a four-sided gambrel-style hip roof characterized by two slopes on each of its sides with the lower slope at a steeper angle than the upper that is punctured by dormer windows. The roof creates an additional floor of habitable space, such as a garret

Mansard Roof (song)
"Mansard Roof" is the debut single by indie rock band, Vampire Weekend, released on October 23, 2007.-Music video:"Mansard Roof" was the first song from Vampire Weekend's album to have a video. The video was filmed in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The main scene in the video, directed by Alexis Boling, is set on a yacht and uses still frames

A manse is a house inhabited by, or formerly inhabited by, a minister, usually used in the context of a Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist or United Church

Manses is a commune in the Ariège department in southwestern France.-Population:

Mansfield (MBTA station)
Mansfield is a commuter rail station on the MBTA's Providence/Stoughton Line located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. The station was rebuilt in 2004, and is the second replacement station for Mansfield. It is also the south end of a former Old Colony Railroad line that runs north through Walpole and Medfield Junction into Framingham

Mansi are an endangered indigenous people living in Khantia-Mansia, an autonomous okrug within Tyumen Oblast in Russia. In Khantia-Mansia, the Khanty and Mansi languages have co-official status with Russian.

A mansion is a very large dwelling house. U.S. real estate brokers define a mansion as a dwelling of over . A traditional European mansion was defined as a house which contained a ballroom and tens of bedrooms

Manslaughter is a legal term for the killing of a human being, in a manner considered by law as less culpable than murder. The distinction between murder and manslaughter is said to have first been made by the Ancient Athenian lawmaker Dracon in the 7th century BC.The law generally differentiates between levels of criminal culpability based on the mens rea, or state of mind

Manslaughter (1922 film)
Manslaughter is a 1922 silent drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Thomas Meighan, Leatrice Joy and Lois Wilson.-Plot summary:

Manslaughter (1930 film)
Manslaughter is a 1930 film directed by George Abbott, and starring Claudette Colbert and Fredric March. An original print of the film is saved in the UCLA Film and Television Archive.-Cast:*Claudette Colbert as Lydia Thorne

Manslaughter (disambiguation)
-Law:* Manslaughter, a legal term in various jurisdictions for the killing of a human being but different from murder* Manslaughter in English law, a homicide offence in English Law which does not amount to Murder in English law

Manta is a mid-sized city in Manabí Province, Ecuador. It is the second most populous city in the province, the fifth most populous in the country and, economically, the third most important city of Ecuador. Manta has existed since Pre-Columbian times. It was a trading post for the Mantas. According to the 2001 census, the city had 192,322 inhabitants

Manta (comics)
Manta is a fictional character in Marvel Comics.-Publication history:Manta first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #137 , and was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

Manta (roller coaster)
Manta is a roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. Designed by Bolliger and Mabillard, Manta allows guests to encounter numerous species of rays before boarding a manta-shaped train that takes them on a soaring, gliding journey above the park.

Mantel is a municipality in the district of Neustadt in Bavaria in Germany.

Mantel (disambiguation)
Mantel is a town in Bavaria, Germany.Mantel may also refer to:*Fireplace mantel, a framework around a fireplace*Mantel Corporation, a fictional organization in the video game Haze.*Mantel-Cox test, statistical test

The manticore is a legendary creature similar to the Egyptian sphinx. It has the body of a red lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth , and a trumpet-like voice. Other aspects of the creature vary from story to story. It may be horned, winged, or both

Manticore (comics)
Manticore, in comics, may refer to:* Manticore , a character from the comic based on the video game City of Heroes* Manticore , a supervillain in the DC Comics universe

Manticore (film)
Manticore is a Sci Fi original movie that aired on the Sci Fi Channel on November 26, 2005. It was directed by Tripp Reed and featured Heather Donahue, Chase Masterson and Robert Beltran

A mantilla is a lace or silk veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb, popular with women in Spain. It is particularly associated with traditional devotional practices among women in Catholicism.-History:

Mantis is the common name of any insect in the order Mantodea, also commonly known as praying mantises. The word itself means "prophet" in Latin and Greek

Mantodea is an order of insects that contains approximately 2,200 species in 15 families worldwide in temperate and tropical habitats. Most of the species are in the family Mantidae

Mantis (comics)
Mantis, in comics, may refer to:* Mantis , a supervillain in Jack Kirby's Fourth World* Mantis , a former member of the Avengers and current member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.-See also:*Mantis

Mantis (genus)
Mantis is a small genus of mantises, which includes 15 species::* Mantis beieri Roy, 1999* Mantis callifera Wood-Mason, 1882* Mantis carinata Cosmovici, 1888* Mantis dilaticollis Gistel, 1856* Mantis emortualis Saussure, 1869

* The mantissa is the significand in a common logarithm or floating-point number.* Metaphorically, it is the part of the self that eludes conscious awareness or self-understanding.* An addition of little importance.Mantissa may also refer to:

A mantle is an ecclesiastical garment in the form of a very full cape which extends to the floor, joined at the neck, that is worn over the outer garments.

A mantlet was a large shield or portable shelter used for stopping arrows or bullets, in medieval warfare. A mantlet could be mounted on a wheeled carriage, and protected one or several soldiers.

Manto (butterfly)
Manto is a genus of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.

Manto (mythology)
There are several distinct figures in Greek mythology named Manto, the most prominent being the daughter of Tiresias. The name Manto derives from Ancient Greek Mantis, "seer, prophet" .-Daughter of Tiresias:

Mantovani (disambiguation)
Mantovani is an Italian surname that can refer to:*Annunzio Paolo Mantovani - popular 20th century conductor and recording artist in the "light orchestra" style.*Bruno Mantovani - French composer.

Mantovano is an Italian surname, and may refer to:* Battista Mantovano , Italian Carmelite reformer, humanist, and poet* Rossino Mantovano , Italian composer

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation"

Mantra (actress)
Mantra, also credited as Rassi, is a South Indian actress who has acted in a number of Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada movies.Her first movie was Grafthar in Hindi

Mantra (film)
Mantra is a 2007 Telugu thriller film starring Sivaji , Charmy Kaur and Kausha. This film was directed by Tulasi Ram and produced by Ravi Prakash and Kalyan Ram.-Plot:

Mantra (Shelter album)
In 1995 Shelter released their critically acclaimed album Mantra. With this album the band moved away from the more punk pop style and created a melodic hardcore style. The song “Here We Go” even became a hardcore anthem

Mantua is a city and comune in Lombardy, Italy and capital of the province of the same name. Mantua's historic power and influence under the Gonzaga family, made it one of the main artistic, cultural and notably musical hubs of Northern Italy and the country as a whole

Manu (genus)
Manu is a genus of prehistoric seabird. It lived during the Early Oligocene, and is known from a few fossil bones found in New Zealand. Its name derives from the Māori language, and is the common Polynesian term for "bird".

Manu (TV series)
Manu was a French animated TV series, based on comic books by cartoonist Frank Margerin. It premiered in 1991 and was about a teenager 'Manu' and situations in his own life, with the rest of his family and his friend Robert

Manu Militari
Manu Militari is a francophone rapper from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. His stage name is taken from the Latin phrase meaning "With a military hand".

Manual may mean:* Instructions** User guide** Owner's manual** Instruction manual ** Online help** Unix manual - known as "man pages"* Manual - a keyboard, as for an organ* Manual * A manual is a special kind of wheelie.

Sky Pacific
Sky Pacific is a Fijian pay tv owned by Fiji Television which is a direct-to-home satellite delivered service which carries 16 pay channels to subscribers in Fiji and across the Pacific.-Channels available:

Sky Sports News
Sky Sports News is a 24-hour sports news channel in the United Kingdom. It is run by BSkyB whose sports channels include Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as Sky Sports HD1, HD2, HD3 and HD4.

SkyBox International
SkyBox International Inc. was an American trading card manufacturing company based in Durham, North Carolina. A subsidiary of Vector Group, it was originally formed as Impel Marketing in 1989. In 1990, the company was renamed SkyBox International

SkyCable is a direct-to-home cable TV subscription service and the largest cable company in the Philippines. It is established by the Lopez and Central CATV group of companies, and one of ABS-CBN Corporation subsidiaries. In January 1990, SkyCable was founded and started its CATV operation on January 26, 1992 and rolled out 8,500 miles of fiber optic cables

Skydiver (ride)
The Skydiver is a carnival ride produced from 1965 to 1987 by Chance Rides Manufacturing, Inc., an American manufacturer of amusement rides based in Wichita, Kansas.

Skylab was a space station launched and operated by NASA, the space agency of the United States. Skylab orbited the Earth from 1973 to 1979, and included a workshop, a solar observatory, and other systems. It was launched unmanned by a modified Saturn V rocket, with a mass of

Skynet (satellites)
Skynet is a family of military satellites, now operated by Paradigm Secure Communications on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence, which provide strategic communication services to the three branches of the British Armed Forces and to NATO forces engaged on coalition tasks.-Skynet 1:There were two Skynet 1 satellites; the first, launched in November 1969, failed after less than a year

SkyOS was a prototype commercial, proprietary, graphical desktop operating system written for the x86 computer architecture. As of January 30, 2009 development has halted and no plans to resume its development have been announced.- History :

Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice and video calls and chat over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, while calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made for a fee using a debit-based user account system

A skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building of many stories, often designed for office and commercial use. There is no official definition or height above which a building may be classified as a skyscraper

Skysweeper was an anti-aircraft gun deployed in the early 1950s by both the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force

Skytel (Mongolia)
Skytel LLC is one of Mongolia’s leading mobile phone operators that currently holds a quarter of the mobile market. With over 500,000 active subscribers and 400 employees of which 90% have Bachelor’s degrees and higher educations the company functions on CDMA2000 1x & EVDO Rev.A technology nationwide.The company consists of 43 branches and over 4000 retail shops across the country

SkyTrain (Vancouver)
SkyTrain is a light rapid transit system in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. SkyTrain has of track and uses fully automated trains on grade-separated tracks, running mostly on elevated guideways, which helps SkyTrain to hold consistently high on-time reliability

Skywave is the propagation of electromagnetic waves bent back to the Earth's surface by the ionosphere. As a result of skywave propagation, a broadcast signal from a distant AM broadcasting station at night, or from a shortwave radio station can sometimes be heard as clearly as local stations.Skywave is the propagation of electromagnetic waves bent (refracted) back to the Earth's surface by the ionosphere. As a result of skywave propagation, a broadcast signal from a distant AM broadcasting station at night, or from a shortwave radio station (or during sporadic E season, a low band TV station) can sometimes be heard as clearly as local stations.Skywave is the propagation of electromagnetic waves bent (refracted) back to the Earth's surface by the ionosphere. As a result of skywave propagation, a broadcast signal from a distant AM broadcasting station at night, or from a shortwave radio station (or during sporadic E season, a low band TV station) can sometimes be heard as clearly as local stations.(This is distinct from

Skywest Airlines
Skywest Airlines Pty Ltd is a regional airline company based in Perth, Western Australia, Australia; servicing key towns in the state of Western Australia, Darwin, Northern Territory and Melbourne, Victoria; as well as charter flights to Bali, Indonesia.

Slackware is a free and open source Linux-based operating system. It was one of the earliest operating systems to be built on top of the Linux kernel and is the oldest currently being maintained. Slackware was created by Patrick Volkerding of Slackware Linux, Inc. in 1993

Slag is a partially vitreous by-product of smelting ore to separate the metal fraction from the unwanted fraction. It can usually be considered to be a mixture of metal oxides and silicon dioxide. However, slags can contain metal sulfides and metal atoms in the elemental form

Slash and burn
Slash-and-burn is an agricultural technique which involves cutting and burning of forests or woodlands to create fields. It is subsistence agriculture that typically uses little technology or other tools. It is typically part of shifting cultivation agriculture, and of transhumance livestock herding. There are an estimated 250 million slash-and-burn farmers across the world

Slash Pine
Pinus elliottii, commonly known as the Slash Pine, is a pine native to the southeastern United States, from southern South Carolina west to southeastern Louisiana, and south to the Florida Keys.

Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. The result is a foliated rock in which the foliation may not correspond to the original sedimentary layering

Slate industry
The slate industry is the industry related to the extraction and processing of slate. Slate is either quarried from a slate quarry or reached by tunneling in a slate mine. Common uses for slate include as a roofing material, a flooring material, gravestones and memorial tablets, and for electrical insulation

Slate Islands (Ontario)
The Slate Islands archipelago is formed of two main islands, five minor islands and numerous islets located in northern Lake Superior, 10 km south of the town of Terrace Bay. The islands were created by a meteorite impact which formed a crater about wide. In 1985, the Ontario government established the Slate Islands as a natural environment provincial park

Slaugenhopia is an extinct genus of dvinosaurian temnospondyl within the family Tupilakosauridae. Fossils have been found from the Early Permian San Angelo Formation in Texas. The type and only species, S. texensis, was named in 1962. It may be closely related to the dvinosaur Kourerpeton

A slaughterhouse or abattoir is a facility where animals are killed for consumption as food products.Approximately 45-50% of the animal can be turned into edible products

Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death is a satirical novel by Kurt Vonnegut about World War II experiences and journeys through time of a soldier called Billy Pilgrim

Slave dynasty
The Slave Dynasty or Mamluk Dynasty or Ghulam Dynasty , was directed into India by Qutb-ud-din Aybak, a Turkic general of Central Asian birth. It was the first of five unrelated dynasties to rule India's Delhi Sultanate from 1206 to 1290

Slave ship
Slave ships were large cargo ships specially converted for the purpose of transporting slaves, especially newly purchased African slaves to Americas.

Slave Trade Act
The Slave Trade Act was an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed on 25 March 1807, with the long title "An Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade". The original act is in the Parliamentary Archives

Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation

Slavery in Colonial America
The origins of slavery in the colonial United States are complex and there are several theories that have been proposed to explain the trade.In 1607, English settlers established Jamestown as the first permanent English colony in the New World. Tobacco became the chief crop of the colony, due to the efforts of John Rolfe in 1611

Slavery in the British and French Caribbean
Slavery in the British and French Caribbean refers to slavery in the parts of the Caribbean dominated by France or the British Empire.-Conditions:The Lesser Antilles islands of Barbados, St

Slavic mythology
Slavic mythology is the mythological aspect of the polytheistic religion that was practised by the Slavs before Christianisation.The religion possesses many common traits with other religions descended from the Proto-Indo-European religion.

Slavoljub Eduard Penkala
Slavoljub Eduard Penkala was a naturalized Croatian engineer and inventor of Polish-Jewish ethnicity.Eduard Penkala was born in Liptovský Mikuláš , to Franjo Penkala, who was of Polish Jew heritage, and Maria Penkala , who was of Dutch heritage

Slavonia is a geographical and historical region in eastern Croatia

SLC Punk!
# "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" - The Suicide Machines # "Sex and Violence" - The Exploited# "I Love Livin' in the City" - Fear# "1969" - The Stooges# "Too Hot" - The Specials# "Cretin Hop" - Ramones

Sled dog
Sled dogs, known also as sleigh man dogs, sledge dogs, or sleddogs, are highly trained types of dogs that are used to pull a dog sled, a wheel-less vehicle on runners also called a sled or sleigh, over snow or ice, by means of harnesses and lines.Sled dogs have become a popular winter recreation and sport in North America and Europe; sled dogs are now found even in

Sledding , sledging , sleding or tobogganing is a common activity in wintry areas, similar to sliding, but in a prone or seated position requiring a device or vehicle generically known in the US as a sled or in other countries as a sledge or toboggan

Sledge hockey
Sledge hockey is a sport that was designed to allow participants who have a physical disability to play the game of ice hockey. Ice sledge hockey was invented in the early 1960s in Stockholm, Sweden at a rehabilitation center

Sleep apnea
Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing or instances of abnormally low breathing, during sleep. Each pause in breathing, called an apnea, can last from a few seconds to minutes, and may occur 5 to 30 times or more an hour. Similarly, each abnormally low breathing event is called a hypopnea

Sleep deprivation
Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep; it can be either chronic or acute. A chronic sleep-restricted state can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and weight loss or weight gain. It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function. Few studies have compared the effects of acute total sleep deprivation and chronic partial sleep restriction

Sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in healthy persons or may be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. The pathophysiology of this condition is closely related to the normal hypotonia that occurs during REM sleep. When considered to be a disease, isolated sleep paralysis is classified as MeSH D020188

Sleepers (film)
Sleepers is a 1996 legal drama film written, produced, and directed by Barry Levinson, and based on Lorenzo Carcaterra's 1995 novel of the same name.-Plot:

Sleeping car
The sleeping car or sleeper is a railway/railroad passenger car that can accommodate all its passengers in beds of one kind or another, primarily for the purpose of making nighttime travel more restful. The first such cars saw sporadic use on American railroads in the 1830s and could be configured for coach seating during the day

Sleeve is that part of a garment which covers the arm, or through which the arm passes or slips. The pattern of the sleeve is one of the characteristics of fashion in dress, varying in every country and period

Slim Fast
Slim•Fast is a brand of shakes, bars, snacks, packaged meals, and other dietary supplement foods sold in the U.S., UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland and Latin America by Unilever. Slim Fast promotes diets and weight loss plans featuring its food products. Its U.S

Slim Whitman
Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr. , known professionally as Slim Whitman, is an American country music singer and songwriter, known for his yodelling abilities. He has sold in excess of 120 million albums in unit sales and has had numerous successful recordings

Slime mould
Slime mold or mould is a broad term describing protists that use spores to reproduce. Slime molds were formerly classified as fungi, but are no longer considered part of this kingdom.

Sling (furniture)
Sling furniture is usually a suspended, free-swinging chair, bed, or hammock that is made of a framework connected to hanging straps or rope. When attached to poles or a frame for carrying, a sling becomes a stretcher, a simple form of litter.

Sling (weapon)
A sling is a projectile weapon typically used to throw a blunt projectile such as a stone or lead "sling-bullet". It is also known as the shepherd's sling.

Sling Blade
Sling Blade is a 1996 American drama film set in rural Arkansas, written and directed by Billy Bob Thornton, who also stars in the lead role. It tells the story of a mentally impaired man named Karl Childers who is released from a psychiatric hospital, where he has lived since killing his mother and her lover when he was 12 years old, and the friendship he develops with a young boy

Sling Media
Sling Media Inc. specializes in audio and video placeshifting technology. The company is a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation and is based in San Mateo, California

Slinger (disambiguation)
Slinger or Slingers may refer to:* An ancient or medieval soldier armed with a sling * The Slingers, a group of fictional superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe

Slingshot (ISP)
Slingshot is a New Zealand owned telecommunications company. Founded in 2001, it is one of the major internet service providers in New Zealand. Slingshot is a subsidiary of CallPlus Services Ltd, the majority of which is owned by Annette Presley and her ex-husband Malcolm Dick, with ex-CEO Martin Wylie holding a ten percent stake and a few others making up the rest.

Slip angle
In vehicle dynamics, slip angle or sideslip angle is the angle between a rolling wheel's actual direction of travel and the direction towards which it is pointing

Slippery Elm
Ulmus rubra, the Slippery Elm, is a species of elm native to eastern North America

A slipway, boat slip or just a slip, is a ramp on the shore by which ships or boats can be moved to and from the water. They are used for building and repairing ships and boats. They are also used for launching and retrieving small boats on trailers and flying boats on their undercarriage. The nautical term ways is an alternative name for slipway

Slobodan Milošević
Slobodan Milošević was President of Serbia and Yugoslavia. He served as the President of Socialist Republic of Serbia and Republic of Serbia from 1989 until 1997 in three terms and as President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000

Sloss Furnaces
Sloss Furnaces is a National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. It operated as a pig iron-producing blast furnace from 1882 to 1971. After closing it became one of the first industrial sites in the U.S. to be preserved for public use

Slot machine
A slot machine , informally fruit machine , the slots , poker machine or "pokies" or simply slot is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed

Sloths are the six species of medium-sized mammals belonging to the families Megalonychidae and Bradypodidae , part of the order Pilosa and therefore related to armadillos and anteaters, which sport a similar set of specialized claws.They are arboreal residents of the jungles of Central and South America.-Taxonomy and names:The

The Slovak Republic is a landlocked state in Central Europe. It has a population of over five million and an area of about . Slovakia is bordered by the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south

Slovenian language
Slovene or Slovenian is a South Slavic language spoken by approximately 2.5 million speakers worldwide, the majority of whom live in Slovenia. It is the first language of about 1.85 million people and is one of the 23 official and working languages of the European Union

Slow loris
Slow lorises are a group of five species of strepsirrhine primates which make up the genus Nycticebus. Found in South and Southeast Asia, they range from Northeast India in the west to the Philippines in the east, and from the Yunnan province in China in the north to the island of Java in the south

Slow motion
Slow motion is an effect in film-making whereby time appears to be slowed down. It was invented by the Austrian priest August Musger.

Slow sand filter
Slow sand filters are used in water purification for treating raw water to produce a potable product. They are typically 1 to 2 metres deep, can be rectangular or cylindrical in cross section and are used primarily to treat surface water

Slug is a common name that is normally applied to any gastropod mollusc that lacks a shell, has a very reduced shell, or has a small internal shell

A slum, as defined by United Nations agency UN-HABITAT, is a run-down area of a city characterized by substandard housing and squalor and lacking in tenure security. According to the United Nations, the percentage of urban dwellers living in slums decreased from 47 percent to 37 percent in the developing world between 1990 and 2005

A Slump is a form of mass wasting that occurs when a coherent mass of loosely consolidated materials or rock layers moves a short distance down a slope. Movement is characterized by sliding along a concave-upward or planar surface

Słupsk is a city in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the northern part of Poland. Before 1 January 1999, it was the capital of the separate Słupsk Voivodeship. It is also a part of the historic region of Pomerania.