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Loop (novel)
is the third in the series of Ring novels by Koji Suzuki.The story revolves around a simulated reality, exactly the same as our own, known as the Loop: created to simulate the emergence and evolution of life

Loop (song)

Loop (topology)
In mathematics, a loop in a topological space X is a path f from the unit interval I = [0,1] to X such that f = f

Looper are a Scottish indie-pop band, fronted by Stuart David, former Belle and Sebastian bassist.The band formed in 1998 for a show at the Glasgow School of Art and released their first single "Impossible Things" on the Subpop label a few months later.

Looper can represent many things:* a tool for looping, in music** a person who uses such a tool, a "loopist"* Looper , a Scottish indie-pop band* Looper , an upcoming American science fiction film

A loophole is a weakness that allows a system to be circumvented.Loophole may also refer to:*Arrowslit, a slit in a castle wall*Loophole , a short science fiction story by Arthur C

A loophole is an ambiguity in a system, such as a law or security, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the intent, implied or explicitly stated, of the system

Loophole (Wild Cards)
Loophole is a character from the Wild Cards series of books, first appearing in volume III, "Jokers Wild." Senior partner in one of New York's most successful law firms, St. John Latham represented a family of companies with their headquarters in the Bahamas and subsidiaries including CariBank and Shrike Music

Loopy may refer to:*Casio Loopy, game console*Dizziness, medical condition*Insanity, medical condition*Jester, medieval court figure.*Loopy , 2004 movie*Loopy De Loop, 1960s cartoon*Slitherlink, logic puzzle.*Loopy Gal, Laura Morton

Loopy (film)
The film Loopy was written and directed by Seth Michael Donsky and released in 2004. It is an adaptation of a short story by Ruth Rendell. Loopy screened at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, the Cinequest Film Festival and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Loopy currently airs in rotation on the Independent Film Channel

Loos (surname)
Loos is a surname, and may refer to:In television and film:* Anita Loos , American screen writer and author* Mary Loos , American actress* Theodor Loos , German actorIn sports:

Loose may refer to:in music*Loose , a 2006 album by Nelly Furtado**Loose Mini DVD, a 2007 DVD by Nelly Furtado**Get Loose Tour, a concert tour by Nelly Furtado**Loose: The Concert, a 2007 live DVD by Nelly Furtado

Loose (B'z album)
Loose is the eighth studio album by Japanese rock band B'z. The album sold 1,336,150 in its first week becoming the band's highest debut for a studio album and sold over 3,003,210 copies in total, becoming the band's highest selling studio album.

Loose (Stooges song)
"Loose" is the second song on rock group The Stooges' second album, Fun House. It features a simple guitar line using the common E to G to A progression, used in countless other rock songs. Iggy Pop repeats a vocal, "I'll stick it, deep inside"

Loose Cannon (comics)
Loose Cannon is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Action Comics Annual #5 during the Bloodlines crossover event, and was created by Jeph Loeb and Lee Moder.-Fictional character biography:

Loose Ends
In common conversation, the phrase loose ends usually refers to unresolved issues.Loose Ends may also refer to the following:In music:* Loose Ends * Loose Ends

Loose Ends (Jimi Hendrix album)
-Personnel:*Jimi Hendrix – guitars, lead vocals*Billy Cox – bass, backing vocals on track 6*Mitch Mitchell – drums on tracks 1, 3, 4 and 5*Buddy Miles – drums on tracks 2, 6, 7 and 8 , backing vocals on tracks 6 and 7

Loose Ends (Rachael Yamagata EP)
Loose Ends is a 2008 digitally released EP by Rachael Yamagata that was made available for download from her official website. The album contains three songs, running for almost twelve minutes, and served as a taster for fans in advance of her delayed second full-length album, which was originally scheduled for release in summer 2007, but did not hit stores until late 2008.She

Loosestrife is the common name of a number of different flowering plants. The species belong to two taxonomic genera, Lythrum, within the family Lythraceae, and Lysimachia, within the family Primulaceae.Lythrum species known as loosestrife include:

Loot usually refers to treasure or wealth that is found or stolen; see looting.Loot may refer to:*Looting , a concept used in video games*Loot , a classified ads magazine owned by Daily Mail and General Trust

Loot (magazine)
Loot is one of the United Kingdom's leading free classified advertising publishers, distributing its products via print, internet, interactive television and Wireless Application Protocol

Looter (comics)
The Looter is a fictional character, a supervillain who appears in the Spider-Man comic books published by Marvel Comics.-Publication history:

Looting —also referred to as sacking, plundering, despoiling, despoliation, and pillaging—is the indiscriminate taking of goods by force as part of a military or political victory, or during a catastrophe, such as during war, natural disaster, or rioting

Lop may refer to:* Ferdinand Lop , French politician* Lop County, county in Xinjiang, China* Lop language, a language spoken in Lop County, China* Lop Desert, a desert in China* Lop Nur, a group of small, now seasonal salt lake sand marshes

LOP is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:* Language oriented programming* Lean of peak fuel to air ratio in an internal combustion engine* Levels-of-processing theory, in cognitive psychology* Live Online Portal, see: C2.LOP* Low Oil Pressure

Lopapeysa or Icelandic sweater is an Icelandic style of sweater originating around or before the 50´s. At a time when foreign imports had displaced older and more traditional Icelandic clothing and people began to search for new ways to utilize the plentiful native wool

Lopata is a settlement in the Celje municipality in eastern Slovenia. It lies on the northwestern outskirts of Celje. The area was traditionally part of the Lower Styria region. It is now included with the rest of the municipality into the Savinja statistical region.-External links:*

Lope is an old Spanish given name, derived from Latin lupus, meaning "wolf". Lope may refer to:*Félix Lope de Vega , Spanish poet;*Lope de Aguirre

-See also:*List of towns and villages in Tibet

The loquat , Eriobotrya japonica, is a fruit tree in the family Rosaceae, indigenous to southeastern China. It was formerly thought to be closely related to the genus Mespilus, and is still sometimes known as the Japanese medlar

Loquat (band)
Loquat is an electronic/pop band based in San Francisco, California. The group is currently composed of Kylee Swenson Gordon , Christopher Cooper , Anthony Gordon , and Chip Cosby .-History:

LOR (gene)
Loricrin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the LOR gene.- Function :Loricrin is a major protein component of the cornified cell envelope found in terminally differentiated epidermal cells.- Clinical significance :

Lord (disambiguation)
Lord is a title for a male of authority, religious or political.Lord or LORD may also refer to: *Lord , list of people with this surname*Lord , an Australian heavy metal band

Lord (Kamen Rider Agito)
The are the fictional major antagonists in the 2001 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Agito.-Fictional history:The Lords are a group of powerful disciples serving under the OverLord, who created them from his body. Referred by the police department as , to differ them from the Unidentified Lifeforms that attacked humanity two years ago

Lord of Misrule
In England, the Lord of Misrule — known in Scotland as the Abbot of Unreason and in France as the Prince des Sots — was an officer appointed by lot at Christmas to preside over the Feast of Fools

Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer is a central prayer in Christianity. In the New Testament of the Christian Bible, it appears in two forms: in the Gospel of Matthew as part of the discourse on ostentation in the Sermon on the Mount, and in the Gospel of Luke, which records Jesus being approached by "one of his disciples" with a request to teach

Lord's Prayer (disambiguation)
Lord's Prayer may refer to:*Lord's Prayer, a prayer that Jesus of Nazareth taught his disciples*The Lord's Prayer , a 1935 song by Albert Hay Malotte*The Lord's Prayer , a 1973 song and album recorded by Sister Janet Mead

Lord's Supper
The Lord's Supper may refer to:*Eucharist, Mass or Communion, a rite in Christianity*The Last Supper, the last meal Jesus of Nazareth shared with his disciples in the collection of Christian Scriptures called The Holy Bible.

- Places :*Lord's Cricket Ground, English Cricket Ground and home of Marylebone County Cricket Club.- Politics :*House of Lords, upper house of the British parliament*Lords Spiritual, clergymen of the House of Lords

Lordship (neighborhood)
Lordship is a small, waterfront neighborhood in Stratford, Connecticut. The neighborhood extends onto a peninsula on Long Island Sound and is bounded from the rest of Stratford by Sikorsky Memorial Airport to the north and Short Beach to the north east

Lore may refer to:* Loré , a city and subdistrict in Lautém District* Lore , the region on each side of a birds face between eye and bill* Lore , a fictional android* Lore Sjöberg, an internet humourist

Lore (album)
Lore is a studio album by the Irish group Clannad. It was re-issued in 2005 with the Cantoma mix bonus track of "Croí Cróga". Lore was greeted with great acclaim by music critics worldwide, often stating that this was one of Clannad's greatest recordings

The Lorelei is a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen, Germany, which soars some 120 metres above the waterline. It marks the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea. A very strong current and rocks below the waterline have caused many boat accidents there

Lorelei (Asgardian)
Lorelei is a fictional character who appears in the .-Publication history:Lorelei first appeared inThor vol. 1 #337 , and was created by Walt Simonson. She made subsequent appearances in the title, in issues #338-346 .The character subsequently appears in Marvel Age Annual #1 , Thor vol

Lorelei (comics)
In the Marvel universe, Lorelei may refer to:*Lorelei , a supporting character appearing mostly in The Mighty Thor*Lorelei , a mutant supervillain

Lorelei (musical)
Lorelei is a musical with a book by Kenny Solms and Gail Parent, lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, and music by Jule Styne. It is a revision of the Joseph Fields-Anita Loos book for the 1949 production Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and includes many of the Jule Styne-Leo Robin songs written for the original.The 1974 Broadway production of Lorelei, directed by Robert Moore

Lorelei (song)
"Lorelei" is a song composed by George Gershwin, with lyrics by Ira Gershwin; it was written for their musical Pardon My English .It is about the Loreley legend.-Notable Recordings:

Lorelei (Styx song)
"Lorelei" was the 1976 single released from rock band Styx's album Equinox. The song peaked at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the band's second top 40 hit single.

Lorena may refer to:* Lorena, a given name, see Lorena * Lorena, São Paulo, a municipality in Brazil* Lorena, California, alternate name of Masonic, California* Lorena, Texas, a city in McLennan County, Texas

Lorena (album)
__FORCETOC__Lorena is the debut album of the Spanish singer Lorena. It was released on March 27, 2007 in Spain, two months after winning Operación Triunfo 2006. It is an album of personal covers of greatest hits of international artists that also includes two new songs.The album entered and peaked at number 4 of the Spanish Top 100 Albums

Lorena (name)
Lorena is a feminine given name with different origins. It can be used as an Italian, Portuguese and Spanish version of Lorraine or, alternately, as a Latin version of Lauren. As used in the United States, it may have come from the song title of a popular 1856 song by Rev. Henry D.L

Lorentz is a name derived from the Roman surname, Laurentius, which mean "from Laurentum". It is the German form of Laurence.Lorentz may refer to:- Literature :* Friedrich Lorentz, author of works on the Pomeranian language

Lorentz force
In physics, the Lorentz force is the force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields. It is given by the following equation in terms of the electric and magnetic fields:

Lorenz is an originally German name derived from the Roman surname, Laurentius, which mean "from Laurentum".Lorenz may refer to:-Music:* Christian "Flake" Lorenz, a German musician

A lorgnette is a pair of spectacles with a handle, used to hold them in place, rather than fitting over the ears. It is derived from the French lorgner, to take a sidelong look at, and Middle French, from lorgne, squinting. They were invented by an Englishman named George Adams. The lorgnette was usually used as a piece of jewelry, rather than to enhance vision

Lorica (genus)
Lorica is a genus of chitons in the family Schizochitonidae.- Extinct representatives :Extinct representatives of the genus are known from the Cretaceous of America and the Eocene & Miocene of Oceania.

Lories and lorikeets are small to medium-sized arboreal parrots characterized by their specialized brush-tipped tongues for feeding on nectar of various blossoms and soft fruits, preferably berries. The species form a monophyletic group within the parrot family Psittacidae

Lorisidae is a family of strepsirrhine primates. The lorisids are all slim arboreal animals and include the lorises, pottos and angwantibos. Lorisids live in tropical, central Africa as well as in south and southeast Asia.

Lorn may refer to:* John Lorn McDougall , Ontario businessman and political figure* John Lorn McDougall, Sr. , businessman and political figure in Canada West* Lorn, New South Wales, Australia

"Loro" is a single released by indie rock band Pinback, on their self-titled debut album. The single was released as a CD in 1999 and on 7" vinyl in 2000. The song was also part of the Elizabethtown movie soundtrack.

-Places:* Lotharingia or Lorraine, a short-lived Kingdom in western Europe. Later an independent duchy from around 910 to its partition in 959 into:** Lower Lorraine, Duchy of Lower Lorraine, which is today roughly Belgium,

Lorraine (automobile)
The Lorraine was an automobile built in both Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan by the Lorraine Motors Corporation from 1920-22. The Lorraine was an assembled car that succeeded the Hackett. The vehicle was powered by a four-cylinder Herchell-Spillman engine and was available in both open and closed models. Only a few hundred models were sold.

Lorraine (given name)
Lorraine is used as a feminine name, meaning "From Lorraine, France". The name is of French origin, and is above all in the United States and Canada, after World War I, during which events brought Lorraine, France to the North American public imagination. Variations include: Lori, Lorri, Lorrie, Lorena

-Transport:* Lorry or truck, a large motor vehicle* Lorry, or a Mine car in USA: an open gondola with a tipping trough* Lorry , a horse-drawn low-loading trolley-In fiction:

Lory may refer to:*Lory, one of a number parrot species belonging the Loriinae subfamily comprising lories and lorikeets*Lory , a parrot character in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll-See also:

Lory (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
The Lory is a character appearing in Chapter 2 and 3 of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, a reference to Lorina Charlotte Liddell, Alice's older sister

Los Angeles (Flying Lotus album)
Los Angeles is an album by Flying Lotus, released on June 10, 2008, on Warp Records. The cover was designed by Timothy Saccenti.-Track listing:#"Brainfeeder" - 1:31#"Breathe

Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt is an Indian Hindi film actor and politician. Dutt, son of Hindi film actors Sunil and Nargis Dutt, made his acting debut in 1981.-Personal life:

Sanjay Gandhi
Sanjay Gandhi was an Indian politician. The younger son of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi, he was a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park , previously Borivali National Park, is a large protected area in the northern part of suburban Mumbai city in Maharashtra State in India

Sannomiya Station
is located in the heart of Kobe, Japan. This station is the main railway terminal of Kobe.- Lines :*Hanshin Electric Railway *Hankyu Railway *Kobe Municipal Subway

Sanpaku gan or Sanpaku is a Japanese term that means “three whites” and is generally referred to in English as "Sanpaku eyes"

is a Japanese company that designs, licenses and produces products focusing on the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. Their products include stationery, school supplies, gifts and accessories that are sold worldwide and at specialty brand retail stores in Japan

Sanskrit , is a historical Indo-Aryan language and the primary liturgical language of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.Buddhism: besides Pali, see Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Today, it is listed as one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is an official language of the state of Uttarakhand

Sanskrit literature
Literature in Sanskrit begins with the Vedas, and continues with the Sanskrit Epics of Iron Age India; the golden age of Classical Sanskrit literature dates to late Antiquity . Literary production saw a late bloom in the 11th century before declining after 1100 AD

Sant Thakar Singh
Sant Thakar Singh was a spiritual teacher in the Sant Mat lineage of contemporary saints.Initiated by Sant Kirpal Singh in 1965, he began work as a Satguru himself in 1976, following the passing of his beloved Master

Santa Ana Star Center
Santa Ana Star Center is an 7,000-seat multi-purpose arena in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, a suburb of Albuquerque. The arena is located near the intersection of Unser Boulevard and Paseo del Volcan

Santa Ana Volcano
The Santa Ana Volcano or Ilamatepec is a large stratovolcano located in the Santa Ana department of El Salvador. At 2,381 metres above sea level, it is the highest volcano in the country. It is located immediately west of Coatepeque Caldera.

Santa Ana, Pampanga
Santa Ana is a 1st class municipality in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 49,756 people in 7,402 households.-Barangays:Santa Ana is politically subdivided into 14 barangays

Santa Anita Handicap
The Santa Anita Handicap is an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually in early March at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California. It is a Grade I race for horses four years old and up , and is considered the most important race for older horses in North America during the winter racing season

Santa Barbara Channel
The Santa Barbara Channel is a portion of the Pacific Ocean which separates the mainland of California from the northern Channel Islands. It is generally south of the city of Santa Barbara, and west of the city of Ventura.

Santa Bibiana
Santa Bibiana is a small church in Rome, devoted to St Bibiana. It was initially built by Pope Simplicius, and consecrated in 467. The church was restored by Pope Honorius III in 1224.

Santa Catalina Mountains
The Santa Catalina Mountains, commonly referred to as the Catalina Mountains, are located north, and northeast of Tucson, Arizona, United States, on Tucson's north perimeter. The mountain range is the most prominent in the Tucson area, with the highest average elevation

Santa Clara, Cuba
Santa Clara is the capital city of the Cuban province of Villa Clara. It is located in the most central region of the province and almost in the most central region of the country.- History :Santa Clara was founded by 175 people on July 15th, 1689

Santa Claus
Santa Claus is a folklore figure in various cultures who distributes gifts to children, normally on Christmas Eve. Each name is a variation of Saint Nicholas, but refers to Santa Claus

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is a Christmas song. It was written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie, and was first sung on Eddie Cantor's radio show in November 1934.

Santa Claus, Arizona
Santa Claus is an uninhabited desert town in Mohave County, Arizona, United States. Originating in 1937, Santa Claus lies approximately northwest of Kingman, Arizona, along U.S

Santa Cristina Gela
Santa Cristina Gela is an Arbëreshë village in the province of Palermo in Sicily.The country, along with Contessa Entellina and Piana degli Albanesi, is one of three ethnic Albanian community in Sicily, where the old Albanian language is still spoken

Santa Cruz Islands
The Santa Cruz Islands are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, part of Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands. They lie approximately 250 miles to the southeast of the Solomon Islands Chain

Santa Cruz, Occidental Mindoro
Santa Cruz is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Occidental Mindoro region 4, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it had a population of 26,887 people in 5,407 households.-Barangays:Santa Cruz is politically subdivided into 11 barangays.

Santa Fe (Mexico City)
thumb|400px|Panoramic view of Santa Fethumb|200px|Carlos Lazo AveSanta Fe or City Santa Fe is one of Mexico City's major business districts, located in the west part of the city in the delegaciones of Cuajimalpa and Álvaro Obregón. Paseo de la Reforma and Constituyentes are the primary means of access to the district from the central part of the city

Santa Fe Trail
The Santa Fe Trail was a 19th-century transportation route through central North America that connected Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pioneered in 1822 by William Becknell, it served as a vital commercial and military highway until the introduction of the railroad to Santa Fe in 1880

Santa Fe, Cebu
Santa Fe is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 26,826 people. The municipality's territory includes the eastern portion of Bantayan Island , as well as Guintacan and Hilantagaan Islands.Bantayan Airport, serving Bantayan Island, is located in Santa Fe

Santa Maria del Fiore
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is the cathedral church of Florence, Italy. The Duomo, as it is ordinarily called, was begun in 1296 in the Gothic style to the design of Arnolfo di Cambio and completed structurally in 1436 with the dome engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi

Santa Muerte
Santa Muerte is a sacred figure venerated in Mexico, probably a syncretism between Mesoamerican and Catholic beliefs. The name literally translates to "Holy Death" or "Saint Death." Mexican culture since the pre-Columbian era has maintained a certain reverence towards death, which can be seen in the widespread Mexican celebration of the syncretic Day of the Dead

Santa Rosa, California
Santa Rosa is the county seat of Sonoma County, California, United States. The 2010 census reported a population of 167,815. Santa Rosa is the largest city in California's Wine Country and fifth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, after San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Fremont and 26th largest city in California.-History, growth and development:The first known permanent

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Santa Rosa is a city in and the county seat of Guadalupe County, New Mexico, United States. The population was 2,744 at the 2000 census. It lies between Albuquerque and Tucumcari, situated on the Pecos River at the intersection of Interstate 40, U.S. Route 54, and U.S. Route 84

Santa Rosalia
Saint Rosalia , also called La Santuzza or "The Little Saint", is the patron saint of Palermo, Italy, El Hatillo, Venezuela, and Zuata, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.-Legend:

Santa Susana Mountains
The Santa Susana Mountains are a transverse range of mountains in southern California, north of the city of Los Angeles, in the United States. The range runs east-west separating the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley on its south, from Santa Clara River Valley to the north, and Santa Clarita Valley to the northeast

The Santhal , are the largest tribal community in India, who live mainly in the states of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, and Assam. There is also a significant Santal minority in neighboring Bangladesh, and a small population in Nepal.

Santalum is a genus of woody flowering plants, the best known and commercially valuable of which is the Indian Sandalwood tree, S. album. Members of the genus are trees or shrubs. Most are root parasites which photosynthesize their own food but tap the roots of other species for water and inorganic nutrients

Santana Row
Santana Row is an upscale shopping, residential, dining and entertainment complex in San Jose, California. Westfield Valley Fair is located just to its north, on the other side of Stevens Creek Boulevard, and the Winchester Mystery House just to the west, across Winchester Boulevard.- Stores :Retailers including Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, BCBG Max Azria, Tourneau, Ted Baker,

Santiago Bernabéu Yeste
Santiago Bernabéu Yeste was a Spanish sportsman, one of the single most important men in Real Madrid's history. He is generally considered the one to whom much of the credit can be given for transforming Real Madrid C.F. from the second most successful club in Madrid into the most successful in Spain, and one of the most successful in Europe

Santiago City
The City of Santiago is a city in the province of Isabela, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 126,244 people in 22,401 households. Santiago is situated 79 kilometers south of Ilagan, the provincial capital, and about 326 kilometers North of Metro Manila

Santiago de los Caballeros
Santiago de los Caballeros is a city in the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1495 during the first wave of European colonization of the New World, today Santiago is the second largest metropolis in the Dominican Republic, located in the north-central region of the Republic known as Cibao valley

Santiago de Querétaro
Santiago de Querétaro is the capital and largest city of the state of Querétaro, located in central Mexico. It is located 213 km northwest of Mexico City, 96 km southeast of San Miguel de Allende and 200 km south of San Luis Potosí

Santiago, Cape Verde
Santiago , or Santiagu in Cape Verdean Creole, is the largest island of Cape Verde, its most important agricultural centre and home to half the nation’s population. At the time of Darwin's voyage it was called St. Jago.

Santiago, Chile
Santiago , also known as Santiago de Chile, is the capital and largest city of Chile, and the center of its largest conurbation . It is located in the country's central valley, at an elevation of above mean sea level

Santiniketan is a small town near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, India, approximately 180 kilometres north of Kolkata . It was made famous by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, whose vision became what is now a university town that attracts thousands of visitors each year

Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo, known officially as Santo Domingo de Guzmán, is the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic. Its metropolitan population was 2,084,852 in 2003, and estimated at 3,294,385 in 2010. The city is located on the Caribbean Sea, at the mouth of the Ozama River

Santo Domingo, Nueva Ecija
Santo Domingo is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 47,960 people in 9,532 households.

Santo Tomas, Batangas
Santo Tomas is a 1st class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 113,105 people. The town is a gateway to the province from Laguna

Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte
Santo Tomas is a 1st class municipality in the province of Davao del Norte, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 84,367 people in 16,810 households.-Barangays:Santo Tomas is politically subdivided into 19 barangays.

Santo Trafficante, Jr.
Santo Trafficante, Jr. was one of the last of the old-time Mafia bosses in the United States. He allegedly controlled organized criminal operations in Florida and Cuba, which had previously been consolidated from several rival gangs by his father, Santo Trafficante, Sr

Santolan LRT Station
Santolan LRT Station, or M. A. Roxas LRT Station, is a station on the Manila LRT Purple Line . Santolan Station is one of the many elevated stations that can be found on the line. The station is located on the stretch of the Marcos Highway and is named after the barangay that it is in, Barangay Santolan of Pasig

The santoor is an ancient stringed musical instrument, native to Kashmir and Iran. It is a trapezoid-shaped hammered dulcimer often made of walnut, with seventy two strings. The special-shaped mallets are lightweight and are held between the index and middle fingers

Santorini , officially Thira , is an island located in the southern Aegean Sea, about southeast from Greece's mainland. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera

Sanya Richards
Sanya Richards-Ross is a track and field athlete who competes internationally for the United States. She won an Olympic gold medal in the 4×400 meters relay at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, an individual bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics for the 400 m, and a gold medal in the 2009 World Championships in Berlin in the 400 meters race.-Career:Richards

The fire service in France is known as Sapeurs-pompiers, except in Marseille, where naval "sailor-firefighters", marins-pompiers, provide fire and rescue services.There are two categories:

Saponification is a process that produces soap, usually from fats and lye. In technical terms, saponification involves base hydrolysis of triglycerides, which are esters of fatty acids, to form the sodium salt of a carboxylate. In addition to soap, such traditional saponification processes produces glycerol

Sapotaceae is a family of flowering plants, belonging to order Ericales. The family includes approximately 800 species of evergreen trees and shrubs in approximately 65 genera . Distribution is pantropical.

Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide , when it is a color other than red or dark pink; in which case the gem would instead be called a ruby, considered to be a different gemstone. Trace amounts of other elements such as iron, titanium, or chromium can give corundum blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or greenish color

Sapphire (author)
Sapphire is an American author and performance poet.- Early life :Ramona Lofton was born in Fort Ord, California, one of four children of an Army couple who relocated within the United States and abroad. After a disagreement concerning where the family would settle, her parents separated, with Lofton's mother "kind of abandoning them"

Sara Dylan
Sara Dylan , born Shirley Marlin Noznisky and later known as Sara Lownds, was the first wife of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and mother of singer Jakob Dylan. She was married to Bob Dylan from November 1965 until June 1977.-Early life:Little is known about Sara Dylan's early life or family

Sara Montiel
Sara Montiel is a Spanish singer, and actress. She is still a much-loved and internationally known name in the Spanish-speaking movie and music industries.

Sara Watkins
Sara Ullrika Watkins is an American singer-songwriter and fiddler. Watkins debuted in 1989 as the fiddler of the progressive bluegrass group Nickel Creek, which consisted of herself, her elder brother Sean, and mandolinist Chris Thile. As a band, they are notable for three wide-released albums: Nickel Creek, This Side, and Why Should the Fire Die?

Sarafina! is a South African musical by Mbongeni Ngema depicting students involved in the Soweto Riots, in opposition to apartheid. It was also adapted into a 1992 film starring Whoopi Goldberg and Leleti Khumalo.

Sarah or Sara was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac as described in the Hebrew Bible and the Quran. Her name was originally Sarai

Sarah Harding
Sarah Nicole Harding is an English singer-songwriter, actress and model best known for being a member of the pop group Girls Aloud, formed through ITV's reality television programme Popstars: The Rivals

Sarah Helen Whitman
Sarah Helen Power Whitman was a poet, essayist, transcendentalist, Spiritualist and a romantic interest of Edgar Allan Poe.-Early life:

Sarah Hughes
Sarah Elizabeth Hughes is an American figure skater. She is the 2002 Olympic gold medalist and 2001 World bronze medalist in ladies singles.-Personal life:

Sarah Miles
-Early life and career:Sarah Miles was born in the small town of Ingatestone, Essex, in South East England.She first attended Roedean but at the age of 15 she enrolled at RADA, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Sarah Ruhl
Sarah Ruhl is an American playwright. She is the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship.-Biography:Ruhl was born in Wilmette, Illinois. Originally, she intended to be a poet. However, after she studied under Paula Vogel at Brown University , she was convinced to switch to playwrighting

Sarah Vaughan
Sarah Lois Vaughan was an American jazz singer, described by Scott Yanow as having "one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century."

Sarah Vowell
Sarah Jane Vowell is an American author, journalist, essayist and social commentator. Often referred to as a "social observer," Vowell has written five nonfiction books on American history and culture, and was a contributing editor for the radio program This American Life on Public Radio International from 1996–2008, where she produced numerous commentaries

Sarah Weddington
Sarah Ragle Weddington is an American attorney and lecturer from Texas who gained worldwide fame when she and Linda Coffee represented "Jane Roe" in the landmark Roe v. Wade case in the United States Supreme Court.-Family and education:She is the daughter of Lena Catherine and Rev