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Loft (film)
is a 2005 Japanese horror film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa.-Plot:Reiko Hatuna, a prize-winning writer, moves to a quiet suburban house to finish up her new novel. One night she sees a man in a storage room transporting an object wrapped in cloth. She finds out that he is Makoto Yoshioka, an archaeologist researching ancient mummies, and that object was a recently discovered mummy

Lofting is a Drafting technique whereby curved lines are drawn on wood and the wood then cut for advanced woodworking

Lofty may refer to:* A lofty ideal* A nickname for a person of above average height. Also used ironically for persons of below average height.

Log, LOG, or LoG may refer to:*Wooden log, also known as timber, wood from trees used for construction, fuel, or wood pulp for paper production

Log (journal)
Log is a magazine of architecture and urbanism that has been published by the Anyone Corporation since 2003, and is edited by Cynthia Davidson

Logan was a Native American leader.Logan may also refer to:- Australia :* Logan City, a local government area in Queensland* Electoral district of Logan, an electoral district in the Queensland Legislative Assembly

Logan (given name)
Logan is a given name derived from a Scottish place name meaning "Small, round hill" in Scottish Gaelic. It is also a fairly common surname. The name was the 17th most popular name for baby boys born in the United States in 2007 and was the 455th most popular name for baby girls born there in 2007

Logan (Grey Griffins character)
Logan is a character from the Grey Griffins series written by Derek Benz and J. S. Lewis. Logan is Max's bodyguard, martial arts trainer and driver. Revealed in The Revenge of the Shadow King to be a Templar, this rugged Scotsman is all business when it comes to his fists and can drive a car in a high speed chase like Mozart can compose.Logan is tough, quiet, and deadly

Logan (SEPTA station)
Logan is a subway stop on the Broad Street Subway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is a local station, and thus has four track, with only the outer two being served. There are separate fare control areas for the north and southbound platform, and no crossover exists. This Station is currently under renovation.-External links:** *

Logarithmic can refer to:* Logarithm, a transcendental function in mathematics* Logarithmic scale, the use of the logarithmic function to describe measurements* Logarithmic growth* Logarithmic distribution, a discrete probability distribution

A logbook was originally a book for recording readings from the chip log, and is used to determine the distance a ship traveled within a certain amount of time

Loge may refer to:Geography*Loge-Fougereuse, a village and commune in the Vendée department of France*La Loge, a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department of France*La Loge-Pomblin, a commune in the Aube department of France

Logger may refer to:* Lumberjack, a woodcutter, a person who harvests lumber* Data logging, recording sequential data to a log file* Keystroke logging, recording the keys struck on a keyboard

-Locations:* Loggerhead Key, the largest islet in the Dry Tortugas, Florida* Loggerheads, Denbighshire, a village in Denbighshire, Wales* Loggerheads, Staffordshire, a small village in north Staffordshire, England

Loggia is the name given to an architectural feature, originally of Minoan design. They are often a gallery or corridor at ground level, sometimes higher, on the facade of a building and open to the air on one side, where it is supported by columns or pierced openings in the wall

Loggia (surname)
Loggia is an Italian surname.In Italy, it occurs over the North and Sicily, with higher concentrations in the areas surrounding Turin, and in the areas between Agrigento and Butera, suggesting Sicilian origins.

Logging (computer security)
In computer security, a login or logon is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identifying and authentifying the user referring to credentials presented by the user.A user can log in to a system to obtain access and can then log out or log off In computer security, a login or logon (also called logging in or on and signing in or on) is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identifying and authentifying the user referring to credentials presented by the user.A user can log in to a system to obtain access and can then log out or log off In computer security, a login or logon (also called logging in or on and signing in or on) is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identifying and authentifying the user referring to credentials presented by the user.A user can log in to a system to obtain access and can then log out or log off (perform

In philosophy, Logic is the formal systematic study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning. Logic is used in most intellectual activities, but is studied primarily in the disciplines of philosophy, mathematics, semantics, and computer science

Logic bomb
A logic bomb is a piece of code intentionally inserted into a software system that will set off a malicious function when specified conditions are met

Logistic may refer to:* Logistics, the management of resources and their distributions** Logistic engineering, the scientific study of logistics** Military logistics, the study of logistics at the service of military units and operations

Logistics (artist)
Logistics is the stage name of Matt Gresham, a drum and bass music producer and DJ from Cambridge, England. He is signed to Hospital Records and has been releasing music since 2004, which he creates using the Reason 3 and Cubase sequencers

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition

A logogram, or logograph, is a grapheme which represents a word or a morpheme . This stands in contrast to phonograms, which represent phonemes or combinations of phonemes, and determinatives, which mark semantic categories.Logograms are often commonly known also as "ideograms"

' is an important term in philosophy, psychology, rhetoric and religion. Originally a word meaning "a ground", "a plea", "an opinion", "an expectation", "word," "speech," "account," "reason," it became a technical term in philosophy, beginning with Heraclitus ' is an important term in philosophy, psychology, rhetoric and religion. Originally a word meaning "a ground", "a plea", "an opinion", "an expectation", "word," "speech," "account," "reason," it became a technical term in philosophy, beginning with Heraclitus ' is an important term in philosophy, psychology, rhetoric and religion. Originally a word meaning "a ground", "a plea", "an opinion", "an expectation", "word," "speech," "account," "reason," it became a technical term in philosophy, beginning with Heraclitus (ca

Logrolling is the trading of favors, or quid pro quo, such as vote trading by legislative members to obtain passage of actions of interest to each legislative member

Loha (1997 film)
- Star cast :*Dharmendra as Shankar*Mithun Chakraborty as Arjun*Ramya Krishnan as Karishma*Govinda as Himself*Manisha Koirala as Herself*Rami Narayan as Takla*Mohan Joshi as Lukka Bhai*Shakti Kapoor as Mustafa*Deepak Shirke as Tandiya

Lohe may refer to:* Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe , Lutheran leader* Frederic Löhe , German football player* Lohe-Föhrden, Rendsburg-Eckernförde, Germany* Lohe-Rickelshof, Dithmarschen, Germany* Lohe, a district in Barßel, Germany

LOI, Loi, or LoI can refer to:* Letter of intent* Limit of Indemnity* Loi, a word in India's Meitei language for the term "scheduled caste".* Lê Lợi, an emperor of Vietnam* League of Ireland

The loins are the sides between the lower ribs and pelvis, and the lower part of the back. It is often used when describing the anatomy of humans and quadrupeds . The anatomical reference also carries over into the description of cuts of meat from some such animals, eg

Loin (film)
Loin is a 2001 French-Spanish drama film directed by André Téchiné, starring Stephane Rideau, Lubna Azabal and Mohamed Hamaidi. The film, set in Tangier in a three day period, tells the story of three young friends taking critical decisions about their uncertain future.-Plot:For the past few years, Serge, a young French man, has been working as a long distance truck driver,

A loincloth is a one-piece male garment, sometimes kept in place by a belt, which covers the genitals and, at least partially, the buttocks.-History and types:Loincloths are being and have been worn:*in societies where no other clothing is needed or wanted

-History:Natives of Leeds are known as Loiners and there are several theories as to the origin of the term but nobody can be certain where the word comes from.There are three competing theories.

The Loir is a river in western France. It is a left tributary of the Sarthe River. Its source is in the Eure-et-Loir département, north of Illiers-Combray

Loit is a municipality in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

In aeronautics and aviation, loiter is a phase of flight. The phase consists of cruising for a certain amount of time over a small region. The loiter phase occurs, for general aviation, generally at the end of the flight plan, normally when the plane is waiting for clearance to land

Loiter may refer to:* Loitering, in law, the act of remaining in a particular public place for a protracted time* Loiter , in aviation, cruising for a certain amount of time over a small region-See also:* Idle

Loja (canton)
The canton of Loja is located in the southeast of the Province of Loja bordering the Podocarpus National Park and the Province of Zamora-Chinchipe in the east, Peru in the south, and the cantons of Saraguro, Catamayo, Gonzanama, and Quilanga in the north and west. The principal city is Loja which is also the provincial capital

In Norse mythology, Loki or Loke is a god or jötunn . Loki is the son of Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. By the jötunn Angrboða, Loki is the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr. By his wife Sigyn, Loki is the father of Nari or Narfi

In cryptography, LOKI89 and LOKI91 are block ciphers designed as possible replacements for the Data Encryption Standard . The ciphers were developed based on a body of work analysing DES, and are very similar to DES in structure

Loki (computer game)
Loki: Heroes of Mythology is a non-linear action RPG that combines Aztec, Egyptian, Greek and Norse mythologies. Released in the summer of 2007 by Cyanide on the Windows PC, the game allows the player to take on the role of a hero, each drawn from one of the four different mythologies.The hero is plunged into the chaos brought about by Seth, the Egyptian god of chaos and the desert

LOL (Californication episode)
"LOL" is the fifth episode of the Showtime original series Californication. It was written by Susan McMartin, directed by Bart Freundlich and originally aired on Sunday September 10, 2007.- Plot :

LOL (video game)
LOL, known in Europe as Bakushow and in Japan as , is a Nintendo DS video game. The game was published by Skip in Japan, Agetec in North America, and Rising Star Games in Europe.

LOL (^^,)
LOL is the third album by the Swedish dance producer Basshunter. The album was released on September 1, 2006, through Warner Music and Ultra Records

Lola (given name)
Lola is a feminine given name, a short form of the Spanish name Dolores, meaning "sorrows", a name taken from a title of the Virgin Mary: Virgen Maria de los Dolores, or Our Lady of Sorrows. Lola may also be used as a short form of the unrelated German name Aloisia.The name Lola is also common in Africa, in Nigeria, the Yoruba tribe has many feminine names that are shortened to

Lola (porn star)
Lola is a pornographic actress born to Cuban parents.Lola entered pornographic films in 1998, with Randy West in his series Up and Cummers. She expanded from acting to directing pornographic films in October 2004, founding her own production company which she called Twisted Pink

LOLITA is a natural language processing system developed by Durham University between 1986 and 2000. The name is an acronym for "Large-scale, Object-based, Linguistic Interactor, Translator and Analyzer".

Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, first written in English and published in 1955 in Paris and 1958 in New York, and later translated by the author into Russian

Lolita (name)
Lolita is a female given name of Spanish origin. It is the diminutive form of Lola, a form of the given name Dolores.-Popularity:According to the United States Social Security Administration, the popularity of the name Lolita peaked in the United States in 1963, when it was the 467th most popular female name

Loll may refer to:* Renate Loll, physicist* Sven Loll , German judoka Olympic medalist* Angle of loll, a specific hydrostatic stability condition experienced by unstable vessels at sea

A lollipop, pop, lolly, sucker, or sticky-pop is a type of confectionery consisting mainly of hardened, flavored sucrose with corn syrup mounted on a stick and intended for sucking or licking. They are available in many flavors and shapes.- Types :Lollipops are available in a number of colors and flavors, particularly fruit flavors

Lollipop (1950s pop song)
"Lollipop" is a pop song written by Julius Dixson and Beverly Ross in 1958 for the duo Ronald & Ruby, which was covered most successfully by The Chordettes. Dixson's name is sometimes spelled Dixon.

Lollipop (Lil Wayne song)
"Lollipop" is the first single from Lil Wayne's sixth studio album, Tha Carter III. The track features the late R&B artist Static Major and is produced by Deezle and Jim Jonsin. The song was released digitally on March 13, 2008. The song is Lil Wayne's & Static Major's most successful to date, spending 5 non-consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart

Lollipop (Mika song)
"Lollipop" is a song by Mika from his 2007 debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion. When the album was released, "Lollipop" had high numbers of downloads, even before it had been released as a single, charting in the Top 75 UK Singles Charts. In April 2007, it was released to radio in the UK, Norway, Switzerland, and Australia

Lollipop F
Lollipop F is a Taiwanese Mandopop boy band gaining popularity throughout Asia. Its group members were all chosen from Channel [V] Taiwan's show 模范棒棒堂 , a show which sought to create new male artists in the entertainment business of Taiwan

Lolly is a British pop star, TV presenter and actress.-Career:Anna Kumble worked as a model before going into a pop career. Lolly arrived on the British pop music scene in 1999 with the release of her first single, "Viva La Radio". She released five singles and two albums over her two-year career in music

Lolo can refer to:These places:* Ogooué-Lolo province in Gabon* Lolo River, tributary of Ogooué River in Gabon* Lolo, Montana* Lolo Pass , on U.S

Lom (Most District)
Lom is a town in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. According to the 2006 census, its population is 3,764.-External links:*

Loma (ethnic group)
The Loma are a Manden ethnic group living primarily in the mountainous, sparsely populated border region between Guinea and Liberia. In 1991, their population was estimated in 250,000 Loma between both countries.

Loma (microsporidian)
Loma is a genus of microsporidian parasites, infecting fish. The taxomomic position of Loma in the family Glugeidae has been questioned by DNA sequencing results.Species include* Loma acerinae - formerly placed in Glugea

The term Lombard refers to members of or things related, directly or indirectly, to the Lombards , a Germanic tribe that dominated northern Italy and adjoining areas from the 6th to 8th centuries

Lombard (band)
-Band line-up:* Grzegorz Stróżniak: Keyboards, vocals, lead * Marta Cugier: Vocals * Daniel Patalas: Guitar * Michał Kwapisz: Bass guitar * Mirosław Kamiński: Drums -Discography:

Lombard (Metra)
Lombard is a station on Metra's Union Pacific/West Line, located in Lombard, Illinois. The station is located at 9 South Main St. in Lombard. Lombard is located away from Ogilvie Transportation Center, the eastern terminus of the West Line. In Metra's zone-based fare system, Lombard is in zone D.Lombard station is located above ground level and consists of two side platforms

Lombard Street
There are several famous Lombard Streets:* Lombard Street , famed for its twists and turns* Lombard Street, London, leading from the Bank of England to Gracechurch Street

Lombard Street (Philadelphia)
Lombard Street is an east-west street in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It runs from Front Street, near the Delaware River, on the east, to 27th St., near the Schuylkill River, on the west.

Samoan language
Samoan Samoan Samoan (Gagana Sāmoa, is the language of the Samoan Islands, comprising the independent country of Samoa and the United States territory of American Samoa. It is an official language—alongside English—in both jurisdictions. Samoan, a Polynesian language, is the first language for most of the Samoa Islands' population of about 246,000

The Samoan people are a Polynesian ethnic group of the Samoan Islands, sharing genetics, language, history and culture. Due to colonialism, the home islands are politically and geographically divided between the country of Samoa, official name Independent State of Samoa ; and American Samoa, an unincorporated territory of

Samory Toure was the founder of the Wassoulou Empire, an Islamic state that resisted French rule in West Africa from 1882 until his capture in 1898.-Early life and career:

Samos Island
Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese, and off the coast of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by the -wide Mycale Strait. It is also a separate regional unit of the North Aegean region, and the only municipality of the regional unit.In ancient times Samos was a particularly rich and powerful city-state

A samovar is a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in and around Russia, as well as in other Central, South-Eastern, Eastern European countries,Kashmir and in the Middle-East

Samoyed (dog)
The Samoyed dog takes its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. An alternate name for the breed, especially in Europe, is Bjelkier

Sampaloc, Manila
Sampaloc is a district of Manila which is primarily a residential and educational center. Part of the Malacañang Palace is located in Sampaloc. The University of Santo Tomas, University of the East Manila are part of the University Belt to name a few, the famous Dangwa flower market at Dimasalang Road, and the former colonial mansion, now called Windsor Inn, which is popular with

Sampoong Department Store collapse
The Sampoong Department Store collapse was a structural failure that occurred on June 29, 1995 in the Seocho-gu district of Seoul, South Korea

Samson Ceramics
Edmé Samson , founder of the ceramics firm Samson, Edmé et Cie , was a famous copyist of porcelain and pottery.-Edme Samson's ceramics:

The Samsonite Corporation makes luggage with its products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases. It was started in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1910 byJesse Shwayder, as the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company. Shwayder named one of his initial cases "Samson", after the Biblical strongman, and began using the trademark Samsonite in 1941

Samsung C&T Corporation
Samsung C&T Corporation , established in 1938, is the origin of Samsung Group and currently consists of Engineering & Construction Group and Trading & Investment Group

Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics and information technology company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul

Samsung Sens
Samsung Sens is the notebook computer series made by Samsung Electronics. Samsung notebooks are designed similarly to the Dell Latitude series. While they were available in many countries, the Sens notebook line were for some years not sold in the US and Canada

Samtse District
Samtse District is one of the 20 dzongkhags comprising Bhutan.-History and culture:

Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams was an American statesman, political philosopher, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. As a politician in colonial Massachusetts, Adams was a leader of the movement that became the American Revolution, and was one of the architects of the principles of American republicanism that shaped the political culture of the United States

Samuel Bak
-Childhood:Born on August 12, 1933 in Vilna, which is now Vilnius, Lithuania, Bak was recognized from an early age as possessing extraordinary artistic talent. He describes his family as "secular, but proud of their Jewish identity." Immediately following the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, Vilna and the whole East of Poland was attacked by the USSR

Samuel Beckett
Samuel Barclay Beckett was an Irish avant-garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet. He wrote both in English and French. His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.Beckett is widely regarded as among the most influential writers of the 20th century

Samuel Bowles (economist)
Samuel Bowles is an American economist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught courses on microeconomics and the theory of institutions.- Biography :

Samuel C. C. Ting
Samuel Chao Chung Ting is an American physicist who received the Nobel Prize in 1976, with Burton Richter, for discovering the subatomic J/ψ particle

Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli
Father Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli, O.P. was a pioneer Italian Catholic missionary who helped bring the church to the Iowa-Illinois-Wisconsin tri-state area. He founded a number of parishes in the area, and was the architect for a number of parish buildings.-Background:Father Mazzuchelli was born in Milan, Italy on November 4, 1806

Samuel Colt
Samuel Colt was an American inventor and industrialist. He was the founder of Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company , and is widely credited with popularizing the revolver. Colt's innovative contributions to the weapons industry have been described by arms historian James E

Samuel D. Sturgis
Samuel Davis Sturgis was an American military officer who served in the Mexican-American War, as a Union general in the American Civil War, and later in the Indian Wars.-Early life:

Samuel Dalembert
Samuel Davis Dalembert is a Haitian Canadian professional basketball player who most recently played center for the NBA's Sacramento Kings. Dalembert began playing in Montreal, Quebec and played college basketball at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, United States

Samuel de Champlain
Samuel de Champlain , "The Father of New France", was a French navigator, cartographer, draughtsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler. He founded New France and Quebec City on July 3, 1608.

Samuel Greig
Samuel Greig, or Samuil Karlovich Greig , as he was known in Russia - Scottish-born Russian admiral who distinguished himself in the Battle of Chesma and the Battle of Hogland

Samuel H. Huntington
Samuel H. Huntington was an American jurist who was the third Governor of Ohio from 1808 to 1810.He was the nephew and adopted son of Samuel Huntington, the fourth President of the Continental Congress and First President of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation. A 1785 graduate of Yale College

Samuel Haughton
Samuel Haughton was an Irish scientific writer.-Biography:He was born in Carlow, the son of James Haughton .

Samuel Holden Parsons
Samuel Holden Parsons was an American lawyer, jurist, and military leader.Parsons was born in Lyme, Connecticut, the son of Jonathan Parsons and Phoebe Parsons

Samuel Hopkins Adams
Samuel Hopkins Adams was an American writer, best known for his investigative journalism.-Biography:Adams was born in Dunkirk, New York

Samuel Insull
Samuel Insull was an Anglo-American innovator and investor based in Chicago who greatly contributed to creating an integrated electrical infrastructure in the United States. Insull was notable for purchasing utilities and railroads using holding companies, as well as the abuse of them

Samuel J. Loomis
Dr. Samuel James Loomis is a fictional character in the Halloween film series. He is a protagonist in Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Donald Pleasence plays the character of Dr. Loomis in all five films

Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson , often referred to as Dr. Johnson, was an English author who made lasting contributions to English literature as a poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel Leroy Jackson is an American film and television actor and film producer. After becoming involved with the Civil Rights Movement, he moved on to acting in theater at Morehouse College, and then films. He had several small roles such as in the film Goodfellas before meeting his mentor, Morgan Freeman, and the director Spike Lee

Samuel Leonard Tilley
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, PC, KCMG was a Canadian politician and one of the Fathers of Confederation. Tilley was descended from United Empire Loyalists on both sides of his family

Samuel Marsden
Samuel Marsden was an English born Anglican cleric and a prominent member of the Church Missionary Society, believed to have introduced Christianity to New Zealand

Samuel McLaughlin
Colonel Robert Samuel McLaughlin, CC, ED, CD was an influential Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He started the McLaughlin Motor Car Co

Samuel Meredith
Samuel Meredith was an American merchant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a delegate for Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress from 1786 to 1788

Samuel Merrill (Indiana)
Samuel Merrill was an early leading citizen of the U.S. state of Indiana.-Biography:Samuel was born in 1792 in Peacham, Vermont, the second son of Jesse and Priscilla Merrill. He attended Dartmouth College for one year before moving to Pennsylvania to study law with his older brother James. In 1816 he moved to Vevay, Indiana

Samuel Osgood
Samuel Osgood was an American merchant and statesman born in North Andover Massachusetts, parent town of the Andovers. His family home still stands at 440 Osgood Street in North Andover

Samuel P. Huntington
Samuel Phillips Huntington was an influential American political scientist who wrote highly-regarded books in a half-dozen sub-fields of political science, starting in 1957

Samuel Parris
Samuel Parris was the Puritan minister in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials; he was also the father of one of the afflicted girls, and the uncle of another.-Life:

Samuel Polyakov
Samuel Polyakov was a Russian businessman, informally known as the "most famous railroad king" of the Russian Empire, the senior member of the Polyakov business family, a philanthropist and a Jewish civil rights activist, co-founder of World ORT. Polyakov's business interests concentrated in southern Russia and Ukraine

Samuel Prescott
Samuel Prescott was a Massachusetts Patriot during the American Revolutionary War. He is best remembered for his role in the "midnight ride" to warn the townspeople of Concord of the impending British army move to capture military stores kept there at the beginning of the American Revolution

Samuel Sebastian Wesley
Samuel Sebastian Wesley was an English organist and composer.-Biography:Born in London, he was the eldest child in the composer Samuel Wesley's second family, which he formed with Sarah Suter having separated from his wife Charlotte. Samuel Sebastian was the grandson of Charles Wesley

Samuel Slater
Samuel Slater was an early English-American industrialist known as the "Father of the American Industrial Revolution", or the "Father of the American Factory System" because he brought British textile technology to America. He learned textile machinery as an apprentice to a pioneer in the British industry

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge was an English poet, Romantic, literary critic and philosopher who, with his friend William Wordsworth, was a founder of the Romantic Movement in England and a member of the Lake Poets. He is probably best known for his poems The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan, as well as for his major prose work Biographia Literaria

Samuel Ullman
Samuel Ullman was an American businessman, poet, humanitarian. He is best known today for his poem Youth which was a favorite of General Douglas MacArthur. The poem was on the wall of his office in Tokyo when he became Supreme Allied Commander in Japan

Samuel Wallis
Samuel Wallis was a Cornish navigator who circumnavigated the world.Wallis was born near Camelford, Cornwall. In 1766 he was given the command of HMS Dolphin to circumnavigate the world, accompanied by the Swallow under the command of Philip Carteret

Samuel White
Samuel White was an American lawyer and politician from Wilmington, in New Castle County, Delaware. He was a member of the Federalist Party, who served as U.S. Senator from Delaware.-Early life and family:

is the term for the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan. According to translator William Scott Wilson: "In Chinese, the character 侍 was originally a verb meaning to wait upon or accompany a person in the upper ranks of society, and this is also true of the original term in Japanese, saburau

Samut Songkhram Province
Samut Songkhram ) is one of the central provinces of Thailand.Neighboring provinces are Phetchaburi, Ratchaburi and Samut Sakhon. Local people call Samut Songkhram Mae Klong. The province is the smallest of all Thai provinces areawise

Samy Naceri
Samy Naceri is a French actor known for his work in the four Taxi movies and The Code .-Childhood and Career:

Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti Maharashtra Samiti , roughly translated as United Maharashtra Committee, was an organisation that spearheaded the demand in the 1950s for the creation of a separate Marathi-speaking state out of the State of Bombay in western India, with the city of Bombay Maharashtra Samiti , roughly translated as United Maharashtra Committee, was an organisation that spearheaded the demand in the 1950s for the creation of a separate Marathi-speaking state out of the (then bilingual) State of Bombay in western India, with the city of Bombay Maharashtra Samiti , roughly translated as United Maharashtra Committee, was an organisation that spearheaded the demand in the 1950s for the creation of a separate Marathi-speaking state out of the (then bilingual) State of Bombay in western India, with the city of Bombay (now known as

San Andreas Fault
The San Andreas Fault is a continental strike-slip fault that runs a length of roughly through California in the United States. The fault's motion is right-lateral strike-slip

San Antonio Missions
The San Antonio Missions are a minor league baseball team based in San Antonio, Texas. The team, which plays in the Texas League, is the Double-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres major-league club. The Missions play in Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium, located in San Antonio

San Antonio River Walk
The San Antonio River Walk is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath downtown San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio is the seventh-largest city in the United States of America and the second-largest city within the state of Texas, with a population of 1.33 million. Located in the American Southwest and the south–central part of Texas, the city serves as the seat of Bexar County. In 2011, it was estimated to be the 24th largest metropolitan area in the U.S

San Bernardino County, California
San Bernardino County is a county in the U.S. state of California. As of the 2010 census, the population was 2,035,210, up from 1,709,434 as of the 2000 census

San Bernardino Mountains
The San Bernardino Mountains are a short transverse mountain range north and east of San Bernardino in Southern California in the United States. The mountains run for approximately 60 miles east-west on the southern edge of the Mojave Desert in southwestern San Bernardino County, north of the city of San Bernardino

San Blas Islands
The San Blas Islands of Panama is an archipelago comprising approximately 378 islands and cays, of which only 49 are inhabited. They lay off the north coast of the Isthmus, east of the Panama Canal

San Bruno elfin butterfly
The San Bruno elfin butterfly is a U.S. Federally listed endangered subspecies which inhabits rocky outcrops and cliffs in coastal scrub on the San Francisco peninsula, endemic to this habitat in California

San Diego, California
San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California. The city is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, immediately adjacent to the Mexican border. The birthplace of California, San Diego is known for its mild year-round climate, its natural deep-water harbor, and its long association with the U.S. Navy

San Diego-Coronado Bridge
The San Diego-Coronado Bridge, locally referred to as the Coronado Bridge, is a "prestressed concrete/steel" girder bridge, crossing over San Diego Bay in the United States, linking San Diego with Coronado, California

San Dieguito Academy
San Dieguito AcademyPrincipalTim HornigSchool typePublicFounded1936LocationEncinitas, California, United StatesEnrollment1,528Faculty115Campus surroundingsSuburbanMascotMustangNewspaperThe MustangYearbook

San Felipe de Puerto Plata
San Felipe de Puerto Plata, often referred to as simply Puerto Plata, is the capital of the Dominican province Puerto Plata.The city is famous for resorts such as Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada, located east of San Felipe de Puerto Plata. There are a total of 100,000 hotel beds in the city.The only aerial tramway in the Caribbean is located in Puerto Plata

San Fernando City, Pampanga
The City of San Fernando, is a first class, component city in the Philippine province of Pampanga. It is the capital city of Pampanga and the regional center of Central Luzon

San Fernando Valley
The San Fernando Valley is an urbanized valley located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area of southern California, United States, defined by the dramatic mountains of the Transverse Ranges circling it

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
The City of San Fernando with a population of 55,419 according to the 2000 census, is the larger of Trinidad and Tobago's two cities and the second largest municipality after Chaguanas. It occupies 18 km² and is located in the southwestern part of the island of Trinidad

San Francisco Bay
San Francisco Bay is a shallow, productive estuary through which water draining from approximately forty percent of California, flowing in the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers from the Sierra Nevada mountains, enters the Pacific Ocean

San Francisco cable car system
The San Francisco cable car system is the world's last permanently operational manually operated cable car system, in the US sense of a tramway whose cars are pulled along by cables embedded in the street. It is an icon of San Francisco, California