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Localization or localisation, and represented as a numeronym as L10n, may refer to:* Language localization, the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region

Locate, locating, or locator may refer to:* Location * Locate Varesino, an Italian commune* Locator software, in computing* Locate , Linux command to find files* Real-time locating, in radio frequency identification

Locate (finance)
In finance, a locate refers to an approval from a broker that needs to be obtained prior to effecting a short sale in any equity security, i.e. to "locate" securities available for borrowing.

Location may refer to:* Location , one of the five geographic themes and a specific position or point in physical space. * Absolute location* Content-location in HTTP headers: a Uniform Resource Identifier

Locator may refer to:* a locator outer marker, a radio navigation aid for use with an aircraft instrument landing system* a non-directional beacon, a radio navigation aid for use by pilots of aircraft

Loch is the Irish and Scottish Gaelic word for a lake or a sea inlet. It has been anglicised as lough, although this is pronounced the same way as loch. Some lochs could also be called a firth, fjord, estuary, strait or bay

Loch Lomond (band)
Loch Lomond is a band based in Portland, Oregon, United States that was started as a solo recording project of Ritchie Young in 2003. With help of engineer/producer Rob Oberdorder, Young crafted the first Loch Lomond album, When We Were Mountains, which was released on In Music We Trust Records

Loch Ness
Loch Ness is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands extending for approximately southwest of Inverness. Its surface is above sea level. Loch Ness is best known for the alleged sightings of the cryptozoological Loch Ness Monster, also known affectionately as "Nessie"

Loch Ness (disambiguation)
Loch Ness may refer to:* Loch Ness, a large freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands* Loch Ness * Loch Ness Monster ** Loch Ness Monster in popular culture* Lochness , a song by Judas Priest

Lochen is a municipality in the district Braunau am Inn in Upper Austria, Austria.

Lochlann is a geographical region in Classical Gaelic literature and in the history of Early Medieval Ireland. In the modern Gaelic and Welsh languages it signifies Scandinavia, and more specifically Norway

Loci (band)
Loci are an alt-rock band from Bristol, United Kingdom. Their line-up consists of Ben Rosser , Janet Jauregui and Tim Thorne

Lock may refer to:-Mechanical devices:* Lock , a mechanical device used to secure possessions* Lock , the ignition mechanism of small arms* Lock , an enclosure in a navigable canal or river

Lock up
Lock up may refer to:* Lock Up , an American rock band, featuring guitarist Tom Morello during his pre-Rage Against the Machine career* Lock Up , a UK grindcore band* Lock Up , a 1989 movie featuring Sylvester Stallone

Lockdown (2005)
Lockdown was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion, which took place on April 24, 2005 at the TNA Impact! Zone in Orlando, Florida. It was the first event under the Lockdown chronology and the fourth event in the 2005 TNA PPV schedule

Lockdown (2006)
Lockdown was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling , which took place on April 23, 2006 from the TNA Impact! Zone in Orlando, Florida. It was the second annual event under the Lockdown chronology. Eight professional wrestling matches were featured on the event's card

Lockdown (2007)
Lockdown was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which took place on April 15, 2007 at the Family Arena in Saint Charles, Missouri. This was the second monthly pay-per-view, after Bound for Glory , to be held outside Orlando, Florida. It was the third annual event under the Lockdown chronology

Lockdown (2008)
Lockdown was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling , which took place on April 13, 2008 at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts. It was the fourth annual event under the Lockdown chronology. Eight professional wrestling matches were featured on the event's card

Lockdown (Transformers)
Lockdown is the name of multiple fictional characters in the various Transformers universes; all of which are Decepticons who transform into muscle cars.-Transformers Animated:

Lockdown (TV series)
Lockdown is a television series appearing on the National Geographic Channel. The series is an educational look into prisons and jails in the United States, presented in a documentary format

-People:*Locke , information about the surname and list of people*Locke *John Locke , English philosopher*Matthew Locke , baroque composer*Edwin A

Locke (surname)
Locke is a common Western surname of English origin.The Chinese surname Luo is sometimes romanized as Locke, because of the Cantonese pronunciation of / as 'Lok'.-People with this surname:

Locker may refer to:* Locker , various kinds of storage compartment or container* Footlocker , a storage box* In nautical usage, a "locker" may be a storage place that in other environments would not be referred to as a locker, such as cupboards on board ships for keeping stores, anchor lockers, etc.* Locker , a 2009 Australian short film* Locking

Locker (cabinet)
A locker is a small, usually narrow storage compartment. They are commonly found in dedicated cabinets, very often in large numbers, in various public places such as locker rooms, work places, schools, transport centres, and the like

A locket is a pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a photograph or other small item such as a curl of hair. Lockets are usually given to loved ones on holidays such as Valentine's Day and occasions such as Christenings, weddings and, most noticeably during the Victorian Age, funerals.Lockets are generally worn on chains around the neck and often hold a photo of the

-Medical conditions and diseases:* trismus, a pathological condition in which the mouth is held shut by sustained spasm of the masseter muscle, often observed in cases of tetanus.* tetanus, an infectious disease of the central nervous system.-In music:

Lockout may refer to:* Lockout , a type of work stoppage* Lockout * Lockout chip, a computer chip in a video game system to prevent use of unauthorized software* Lock-out device, part of a signaling system used on game shows

A lock ring is a threaded washer used to prevent components from becoming loose during rotation. They are found on an adjustable bottom bracket and a track hub of a bicycle. Lokring is another form of fastener used in the automotive and air condition industries. These fittings are often confused with lockrings.

Locksmith (comics)
Locksmith is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Publication history:The Locksmith appeared in Spider-Woman #50 , and was created by Ann Nocenti and Brian Postman.-Fictional character biography:

Lockstep systems are redundant computing systems that run the same set of operations at the same time in parallel. The output from lockstep operations can be compared to determine if there has been a fault.

Lockstep marching or simply lockstep refers to marching, in the USA, in a very close single file in such a way that the leg of each person in the file moves in the same way and at the same time as the corresponding leg of the person immediately in front of him, so that their legs stay very close all the time.Originally it was used in drilling soldiers

A lockstitch is the most common mechanical stitch made by a sewing machine. The term "single needle stitching", often found on dress shirt labels, refers to lockstitch.-Structure:

Lockup (TV show)
Lockup is a prison documentary series, produced by 44 Blue Productions, which airs on MSNBC. The Lockup franchise also includes Lockup Raw and Lockup Extended Stay.

-Computers:* LocoRoco, a 2006 game for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3* LOCO-1, a near-lossless image compression algorithm used in JPEG* Loco Linux, Linux distribution* Loco team, a group of Linux and open source advocates

Loco (album)
- Track listing :# "Where The Bums Go" - 2:57# "Loco" - 3:53# "The Biz" - 3:01# "Run Daddy Run" - 3:45# "Half A Block" - 4:19# "Swashbucklin' In Brooklyn" - 3:45# "Bump" - 3:42# "Microphone Fiend" - 5:32# "My Sin" - 3:36# "Underground" - 4:46

Loco (song)
"Loco" is a single by the band Coal Chamber. It is one of the band's best known songs. It mixes a nu metal style drum and bass line with an industrial sounding guitar and the 'darker' lyrics and singing style that the band were known for.-Music video:

The term locomotion means movement or travel. It may refer to:* Motion * Animal locomotion** Terrestrial locomotion* TravelLocomotion may refer to specific types of motion:* Gait analysis* walking* running, including trotting

Locomotion (arcade game)
Loco-Motion is an arcade game developed by Konami in 1982 and licensed to Centuri. It is considered an early example of a puzzle video game.-Overview:

Locomotion (OMD song)
"Locomotion" is a hit single recorded and released by British band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and is also the first single taken from their 1984 album, Junk Culture

A locomotive is a railway vehicle that provides the motive power for a train. The word originates from the Latin loco – "from a place", ablative of locus, "place" + Medieval Latin motivus, "causing motion", and is a shortened form of the term locomotive engine, first used in the early 19th century to distinguish between mobile and stationary steam engines.A

LOCOS, short for LOCal Oxidation of Silicon, is a microfabrication process where silicon dioxide is formed in selected areas on a silicon wafer having the Si-SiO2 interface at a lower point than the rest of the silicon surface.

Locrian may refer to:*Locrians, an ancient Greek ethnic group**Locrian Greek, ancient Greek dialect spoken by the Locrians**Locris, the territory of the LocriansIn music:*Locrian mode, a musical mode or diatonic scale

Loculus may refer to:*Loculus *Loculus , a burial niche*Loculus of Archimedes or Ostomachion, a mathematical puzzle similar to tangrams

Locum, short for the Latin phrase locum tenens , is a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another. For example, a locum doctor is a doctor who works in the place of the regular doctor when that doctor is absent, or when a hospital/practice is short-staffed

The word locus is Latin for "place". It can mean:-Positions:*Locus of control, in industrial psychology, having an internal or external locus of control

Locust (EP)
The Locust is the third release by The Locust. It was released on Gold Standard Laboratories in March 1997.It is The Locust's first recording of the band that relies heavily on keyboards and synthesizers, combined with their power violence style, influenced mainly by Crossed Out

Locust (private equity)
Locust is a pejorative term derived from the German "Heuschrecke", which German politician Franz Müntefering created in the context of describing private investors, private equity funds and investment banks

Locust bean gum
Locust bean gum is a galactomannan vegetable gum extracted from the seeds of the carob tree, mostly found in the Mediterranean region. The long pods that grow on the tree are used to make this gum. The pods are kibbled to separate the seed from the pulp

Lodano is a village and former municipality in the district of Vallemaggia in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland.It was first recorded in 1224 as Lodino.

In geology, a lode is a deposit of metalliferous ore that fills or is embedded in a fissure in a rock formation or a vein of ore that is deposited or embedded between layers of rock.

Lode (disambiguation)
In geology, lode refers to an economic mineral deposit.Lode may also refer to:*Lode is an old English word meaning rich source of supply*The Cambridgeshire Lodes are a series of artificial water channels used to drain the Fenland in East Anglia, England

Lodes is a commune in the Haute-Garonne department in southwestern France.-Population:-References:*

A lodestar or guiding star may be:*Polaris*any star used in celestial navigation*metaphorically, any guiding principle*Guiding Star

Lodestar (Anderson)
"Lodestar" is a short story by Poul Anderson. The idea was proposed to the author in a letter from editor John W Campbell in 1970, but not developed into a story until the publication of Astounding: The John W Campbell Memorial Anthology.-Plot introduction:

Lodestar (disambiguation)
Lodestar may refer to:* Lodestar, a star that is used to find direction* CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist, used in manufacturing industries* Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar, an aircraft from the World War II era

A lodestone or loadstone is a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite. They are naturally occurring magnets, that attract pieces of iron. Ancient people first discovered the property of magnetism in lodestone

Lodestone (comics)
Lodestone is a Marvel Comics supervillain, who first appears in Darkhawk #7.-Fictional character biography:Her last name wasn't revealed, but Andrea was hired by crime lord Phillipe Bazin to participate in Project: Lodestone. Phillipe used scientific experiments on Andrea turning her into his superpowered agent called Lodestone

- Organizations :* Masonic Lodge, the basic organization of Freemasonry* Orange Lodge, the basic organisation of the Orange Institution* Odd Fellows Lodge, the basic organisation of the Order of Odd Fellows* A local union in some trade unions

Lodger may refer to:* Lodger , a 1979 art rock album by David Bowie* Lodger , a Finnish indie rock band* Lodger , a short-lived supergroup comprising members of Powder, Supergrass, and Delicatessen

Lodging is a type of residential accommodation. People who travel and stay away from home for more than a day need lodging for sleep, rest, safety, shelter from cold temperatures or rain, storage of luggage and access to common household functions.Lodgings may be self catering in which case no food is laid on but cooking facilities are

Lodi (Amtrak station)
Lodi is an unstaffed Amtrak station on the San Joaquins line at 24 South Sacramento Street in Lodi, California. It has one platform next to the single track; a station house with a ticket vending machine is next to the platform

Loe or LOE may refer to:People:*King Loe, semi-legendary king of Maui*Erlend Loe, Norwegian novelist*Kameron Loe, American baseball pitcherPlaces:*Loe, Estonia, a village in Estonia*The Loe, also known as Loe Pool, Cornwall, UK

LOF may refer to:In acronyms and codes:* Libbey–Owens–Ford, an automotive and building glass manufacturer* Lloyd's Open Form: a type of salvage agreement offered by Lloyd's of London* Local Outlier Factor, an anomaly detection algorithm

Lof or caví ; formed the basic social organization of the Mapuche, Huilliche and the extinct Picunche peoples, consisting of a familial clan or lineage that recognizes the authority of a lonco

Lofentanil is one of the most potent opioid analgesics known and is an analogue of fentanyl, which was developed in 1960. It is most similar to the highly potent opioid carfentanil , only slightly more potent. Lofentanil can be described as 3-methylcarfentanil, or 3-methyl-4-carbomethoxyfentanyl

A loft can be an upper story or attic in a building, directly under the roof. Alternatively, a loft apartment refers to large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use from some other use, often light industrial

Loft (3D)
Loft is a variant of a wireframe of the 3D object, a technique used in 3D modeling packages such as 3D Studio Max, SolidWorks, and NX. It's derivable from flat section by doubling it along the path given.

Rubus spectabilis is a species of Rubus native to the west coast of North America from west central Alaska to California.

Salmonella enterica
Salmonella enterica is a rod-shaped flagellated, facultative anaerobic, Gram-negative bacterium, and a member of the genus Salmonella.- Epidemiology :

Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute
The Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute of German-Jewish Studies is a research institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen whose research focuses on the cultural and religious history as well as the history of literature and events of the Jewish community in German-speaking areas

The Salpa Line , or its official name, Suomen Salpa , is a bunker line on the eastern border of Finland. It was built during the Interim Peace between the Winter War and the Continuation War to defend Finland against a possible Soviet invasion. The line is 1200 km long, stretching from the Gulf of Finland to Petsamo in northern Finland

Salsa music
Salsa music is a genre of music, generally defined as a modern style of playing Cuban Son, Son Montuno, and Guaracha with touches from other genres of music

Tragopogon, also known as salsify or goatsbeard, is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family Asteraceae that has over 140 species, including the vegetable known as salsify, as well as a number of common wild flowers, some of which are usually regarded as weeds.Salsifies are forbs growing as biennial or perennial plants

In chemistry, salts are ionic compounds that result from the neutralization reaction of an acid and a base. They are composed of cations and anions so that the product is electrically neutral

Salt bridge
A salt bridge, in chemistry, is a laboratory device used to connect the oxidation and reduction half-cells of a galvanic cell , a type of electrochemical cell

Salt Creek tiger beetle
The Salt Creek tiger beetle, Cicindela nevadica lincolniana, is a critically endangered subspecies of tiger beetle endemic to the saline wetlands of northern Lancaster County, Nebraska, adjacent to and immediately to the north of the city of Lincoln. It is a predatory insect, using its mandibles to catch other insects

Salt dome
A salt dome is a type of structural dome formed when a thick bed of evaporite minerals found at depth intrudes vertically into surrounding rock strata, forming a diapir.

Salt mine
A salt mine is a mining operation involved in the extraction of rock salt or halite from evaporite deposits.-Occurrence:Areas known for their salt mines include Kilroot near Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland ; Khewra and Warcha in Pakistan; Tuzla in Bosnia; Wieliczka and Bochnia in Poland A salt mine is a mining operation involved in the extraction of rock salt or halite from evaporite deposits.-Occurrence:Areas known for their salt mines include Kilroot near Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland (over 100 years old with more than 25 km of passages); Khewra and Warcha in Pakistan; Tuzla in Bosnia; Wieliczka and Bochnia in Poland A salt mine is a mining operation involved in the extraction of rock salt or halite from evaporite deposits.-Occurrence:Areas known for their salt mines include Kilroot near Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland (over 100 years old with more than 25 km of passages); Khewra and Warcha in Pakistan; Tuzla in Bosnia; Wieliczka and Bochnia in Poland (both established in the mid-13th century

Salt spray test
The salt spray test is a standardized test method used to check corrosion resistance of coated samples. Coatings provide corrosion resistance to metallic parts made of steel, zamak or brass. Since coatings can provide a high corrosion resistance through the intended life of the part in use, it is necessary to check corrosion resistance by other means

Salt, Jordan
Salt is an ancient agricultural town and administrative centre in west-central Jordan. It is on the old main highway leading from Amman to Jerusalem. Situated in the Balqa highland, about 790–1100 metres above sea level, the town is built in the crook of three hills, close to the Jordan River valley. One of the three hills is the site of a 13th century ruined fortress

Salt-N-Pepa is an American hip hop trio from Queens and Brooklyn, New York, that was formed in 1985. The group, consisting of Cheryl "Salt" Renee James, Sandra "Pepa" Denton, and Deidra "DJ Spinderella" Roper, was one of the first all-female rap crews.

Salta is a city in northwestern Argentina and the capital city of the Salta Province. Along with its metropolitan area, it has a population of 464,678 inhabitants as of the , making it Argentina's eighth largest city.-Overview:

Salta Province
Salta is a province of Argentina, located in the northwest of the country. Neighboring provinces are from the east clockwise Formosa, Chaco, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán and Catamarca. It also surrounds Jujuy

Saltasaurus is a genus of titanosaurid sauropod dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous Period. Relatively small among sauropods, though still massive by the standards of modern creatures, Saltasaurus was characterized by a diplodocid-like head

Salting the earth
Salting the earth, or sowing with salt, is the ritual of spreading salt on conquered cities to symbolize a curse on its re-inhabitation. It originated as a practice in the ancient Near East and became a well-established folkloric motif in the Middle Ages.-Destroying cities:The custom of purifying or consecrating a destroyed city with salt and cursing anyone who dared to rebuild

Saltwater Crocodile
The saltwater crocodile, also known as estuarine or Indo-Pacific crocodile, is the largest of all living reptiles

Saltwater intrusion
Saltwater intrusion is the movement of saline water into freshwater aquifers. Most often, it is caused by ground-water pumping from coastal wells, or from construction of navigation channels or oil field canals. The channels and canals provide conduits for salt water to be brought into fresh water marshes

Salvador Agron
Salvador Agron The correct spelling of his surname in Spanish is Agrón. But the biography by Jacoby, his personal friend, uses the americanized spelling Agron exclusively throughout

Salvador Allende
Salvador Allende Gossens was a Chilean physician and politician who is generally considered the first democratically elected Marxist to become president of a country in Latin America.

Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental
Salvador Benedicto is a 4th class municipality in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 17,259 people in 3,456 households.

Salvador Dalí
Salvador Domènec Felip Jacint Dalí i Domènech, Marquis de Púbol , commonly known as Salvador Dalí , was a prominent Spanish Catalan surrealist painter born in Figueres,Spain.

Salvador Pineda
Salvador Pineda Popoca is a Mexican actor. He has participated in several telenovelas and Mexican movies, as well as two Hollywood low budget movies.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army is a Protestant Christian church known for its thrift stores and charity work. It is an international movement that currently works in over a hundred countries.

Salvatore Ferragamo Italia S.p.A.
Salvatore Ferragamo Italia S.p.A. is an Italian luxury goods company, with headquarters in Florence, specializing in shoes, leather goods, and ready-to-wear for men and women. It is the parent company of the Ferragamo Group

Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, with approximately 700-900 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. It is one of several genera commonly referred to as sage. When used without modifiers, sage generally refers to Salvia officinalis ; however, it is used with modifiers to refer to any member of the genus

Salvia columbariae
Salvia columbariae is an annual plant of the Lamiaceae family. It is commonly called chia, golden chia and desert chia because its seeds are used in the same manner as Salvia hispanica . It grows in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Sonora, and Baja California and was formerly an important food for Native Americans

Salvia divinorum
Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive plant which can induce dissociative effects and is a potent producer of "visions" and other hallucinatory experiences

Salvia hispanica
Salvia hispanica, commonly known as chia, is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. The 16th century Codex Mendoza provides evidence that it was cultivated by the Aztec in pre-Columbian times; it has been said that it was an important crop

Salzburger Dom
The Salzburg Cathedral is a 17th century baroque cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg in the city of Salzburg, dedicated to Saint Rupert of Salzburg.It is the site of Mozart's baptism

-People:*Samuel , includes a list of people known as "Sam"*Samantha*Sām, a Persian folk hero, whose name means 'very dark'*Sam , the third son of Lehi and elder brother to the prophet Nephi-Animals:

Sam Bowie
Samuel Paul "Sam" Bowie is a retired American basketball player. A national sensation in high school and outstanding collegian, Bowie's professional promise was undermined by repeated injury

Sam Brownback
Samuel Dale "Sam" Brownback is the 46th and current Governor of Kansas. A member of the Republican Party, he served as a U.S. Senator from Kansas from 1996 to 2011, and as a U.S. Representative for Kansas's 2nd congressional district from 1995 to 1996

SAM Coupé
The SAM Coupé is an 8-bit British home computer that was first released in late 1989. It is commonly considered a clone of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, since it features a compatible screen mode and emulated compatibility, and it was marketed as a logical upgrade from the Spectrum

Sam Elliott
Samuel Pack "Sam" Elliott is an American actor. His rangy physique, thick horseshoe moustache, and deep, resonant voice match the iconic image of a cowboy or rancher, and he has often been cast in such roles.-Early life:Sam Elliott was born in Sacramento, California, to a physical training instructor mother and a father who worked

Sam Houston
Samuel Houston, known as Sam Houston , was a 19th-century American statesman, politician, and soldier. He was born in Timber Ridge in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, of Scots-Irish descent. Houston became a key figure in the history of Texas and was elected as the first and third President of the Republic of Texas, U.S

Sam Houston Coliseum
Sam Houston Coliseum was an indoor arena, located in Houston, Texas. It was located at 801 Bagby Street near downtown. The arena was opened in November 1937 and had a capacity of 9,200. It was built in conjunction with the Houston Music Hall, which was adjacent to the Coliseum

Sam Jethroe
Samuel Jethroe, nicknamed "The Jet" , was an American center fielder in Negro League and Major League Baseball. With the Cincinnati & Cleveland Buckeyes he won a pair of batting titles, hit .340 over seven seasons from 1942 to 1948, and helped the team to two pennants and the Negro League World Series title

Sam Kutesa
Sam Kahamba Kutesa is a Ugandan lawyer and politician. He is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Ugandan Cabinet, a position he has held since 13 January 2005. He is also the elected Member of Parliament for "Mawogola County", Sembabule District

Sam Moore
Samuel David Moore is an American Southern Soul and Rhythm & Blues singer who was the tenor vocalist for the soul vocal duo Sam & Dave from 1961 through 1981

Sam Rayburn Reservoir
Sam Rayburn Reservoir is a reservoir in the United States located in Southeast Texas, north of Beaumont. The reservoir is fed by the Angelina River, the major tributary of the Neches River. The capacity of the reservoir is , and is the largest lake wholly located within the state of Texas

Sam Steele
Major General Sir Samuel Benfield Steele, CB, KCMG, MVO was a distinguished Canadian soldier and police official

Sam Taylor-Wood
Samantha "Sam" Taylor-Wood OBE , born Samantha Taylor, is an English filmmaker, photographer, and visual artist. Her directorial feature film debut came in 2009 with Nowhere Boy, a film based on the childhood experiences of The Beatles songwriter and singer John Lennon

Sam Walton
Samuel Moore "Sam" Wallballs was a businessman, entrepreneur, and Eagle Scout born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma best known for founding the retailers Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.-Early life:

Samael Aun Weor
Samael Aun Weor , born Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, Colombian citizen and later Mexican, was an author, lecturer and founder of the 'Universal Christian Gnostic Movement' with his teaching of 'The Doctrine of Synthesis' of all religions in both their esoteric and exoteric aspects

Samanea saman
Albizia samanalso known as samanea saman, is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, that is native to the Neotropics. Its range extends from Mexico south to Peru and Brazil, but it has been widely introduced to South and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. Common names include saman, rain tree and monkeypod

Samantha Fox
Samantha Karen "Sam" Fox is an English dance-pop singer, actress, and former glamour model. In 1983, at the age of 16, she began her topless modeling career on Page Three of The Sun, and went on to become a popular pin-up girl

Samantha Morton
Samantha Jane Morton is an English actress and film director. She began her performing career with guest roles in television shows such as Soldier Soldier and Boon before making her film debut in the 1997 drama film This Is the Sea, playing the character of Hazel Stokes

Samar Island
Samar is an island in the Visayas, within the central Philippines. The island is divided into three provinces: Samar province, Northern Samar, and Eastern Samar. These three provinces, along with the provinces on the nearby islands of Leyte and Biliran are part of the Eastern Visayas region

Samara (fruit)
A samara is a type of fruit in which a flattened wing of fibrous, papery tissue develops from the ovary wall. A samara is a simple dry fruit and indehiscent . It is a winged achene

Samata Das
Samata Das is a Bengali movie and television actor. She earned fame for her role as Lati in Buddhadev Dasgupta's film Mondo Meyer Upakhyan.-Movies:* Mondo Meyer Upakhyan * Desh* Lal Ronger Duniya* Nagordola* Ek Mutho Chhobi-External links:* *

Samatha , śamatha "calm abiding," comprises a suite, type or style of Buddhist meditation or concentration practices designed to enhance sustained voluntary attention, and culminates in an attention that can be sustained effortlessly for hours on end

Sambhaji Raje Bhosle was the eldest son and successor to Emporer Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha empire.- Early life :

Sambhaji Brigade
Sambhaji Brigade is a bahujan organization in the state of Maharashtra, India. The organization is named after Sambhaji, son of the first Maratha king Shivaji.-History:

The Sambre is a river in northern France and Wallonia, southern Belgium, left tributary of the Meuse River. The ancient Romans called the river Sabis.-Course:

Sambucus nigra
Sambucus nigra is a species complex of elder native to most of Europe.It is most commonly called Elder, Elderberry, Black Elder, European Elder, European Elderberry, European Black Elderberry, Common Elder, or Elder Bush when distinction from other species of Sambucus is needed

Sambyeolcho Rebellion
The Sambyeolcho Rebellion was a Korean rebellion against the Goryeo Dynasty that happened at the last stage of the Mongol invasions of Korea.-Background:

Same Deutz-Fahr
SAME Deutz-Fahr is an Italian-based manufacturer of tractors, combine harvesters, other agricultural machines, engines and equipment. It builds tractors under the SAME , Lamborghini, Hürlimann and Deutz-Fahr brands, and combines under the Deutz-Fahr and Đuro Đaković brands.SDF builds some tractors for AGCO, of

Same Girl, New Songs
Notes*Then [former] member Jesse Tabish provided the lead guitar and some vocals on the demo. The only song that features only Tabish's vocals and none of Ritter's is "I'm on the Football Team".

Same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage is marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or social gender. Supporters of legal recognition for same-sex marriage typically refer to such recognition as marriage equality.

Same-sex marriage in California
The status of same-sex marriage in California is unique among the 50 U.S. states, in that the state formerly granted marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but has discontinued doing so

Samford, Queensland
Samford is a valley community located in South East Queensland, Australia. It is roughly 21 km north west of Brisbane. The hilly area was first settled in the mid 1850s. The community is well catered for, with a number of sporting facilities, parks and museums.-Location:Samford is one of the closest semi-rural acreage townships to Brisbane

Sami may refer to:*Sami cuisine* Sami people of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Kola Peninsula, Karelia and Finland* Sami languages of the Sami people* Sami shamanism, a faith of the Sami people

Sami people
The Sami people, also spelled Sámi, or Saami, are the arctic indigenous people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia, and the border area between south and middle Sweden and Norway. The Sámi are Europe’s northernmost and the Nordic countries’ only officially indigenous people

Samira Makhmalbaf
Samira Makhmalbaf is an internationally acclaimed Iranian filmmaker and script writer. She is the daughter of Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the film director and writer. Samira Makhmalbaf belongs to the New Wave movement within Iranian cinema

Samisoni Tikoinasau
Samisoni Tikoinasau Speight is a Fijian politician, who held Cabinet office as Minister of State for Public Utilities and Reforms, to which he was appointed after parliametary election of May 2006. Previously, he was Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources from 2005 to 2006

Sammi Hanratty
Samantha "Sammi" Hanratty professionally known as Sammi Hanratty is an American actress and singer. In 2007, she began her acting career portraying young Charlotte "Chuck" Charles on the ABC series Pushing Daisies

Sammy Cahn
Sammy Cahn was an American lyricist, songwriter and musician. He is best known for his romantic lyrics to films and Broadway songs, as well as stand-alone songs premiered by recording companies in the Greater Los Angeles Area