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LIV or Liv may refer to:* 54 in Roman numerals* Liv , a given name* The Law Institute of Victoria* The Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben * Line-item veto

Liv is singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor's second album, released in 1971. Its eleven tracks include ten of Taylor's own compositions, and a cover version of "On Broadway".-Track listing:A#"Get Out of Bed" — 2:49

Live may refer to:*Alive*Living*Life*Live birth*Live vaccine*Live wire -Arts:*Live Art *Live coding*Live music *Live album*List of albums titled Live*Live , an alternative rock band

Live (13th Floor Elevators album)
Live is a 1968 studio album by the psychedelic rock band 13th Floor Elevators. In an interview the band cited that the live album was essentially made up of studio outtakes that were overdubbed with phony cheering and applause

Live (1994 album)
Live is a 1994 album by Michael Nyman and the Michael Nyman Band. It is Nyman's 24th release and the fifteenth with the Band. It is the first commercial live album by the band, which had previously performed live on the magazine release, The Masterwork' Award Winning Fish-Knife

Live (America album)
Live is the first official live album by American folk rock duo America, released by Warner Bros. Records in October 1977. The album was recorded in July 1977 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California. It was the first to feature America as a duo, as Dan Peek had left the group for a solo career two months prior to the recording of this album

Live (Black Crowes album)
Live is a live album by The Black Crowes, released on August 20, 2002. It was produced by Rich Robinson and recorded at the Orpheum in Boston, MA on October 30 & 31, 2001 .-Track listing:

Live (Candlemass album)
Live is the first live album by Swedish doom metal band Candlemass released in 1990.- Track listing :# "The Well of Souls"# "Dark are the Veils of Death"# "Bewitched"# "Solitude"# "Dark Reflections"# "Under the Oak"# "Demons Gate"

Live (Champion album)
Live is a live recording by Champion et ses G-Strings , released in 2007 on Saboteur Records. The package contains two discs, one in CD format and one in NTSC DVD format with no region coding

Live (City and Colour)
Live is a live CD/DVD set from City and Colour, side project of Dallas Green, one of the vocalists and guitarists of the band Alexisonfire. It was released on March 6, 2007. A limited edition has also been released at the same time

Live (Crvena jabuka album)
Live is the title of the second live album recorded and released by the Sarajevo-based pop band Crvena jabuka. It was recorded during a 1997 concert at Dom Sportova in Zagreb, not to be confused with the Uzmi me , album recorded at the Zagreb Sports Arena in 1989.The album contains two new tracks from U tvojim očima, "Bijeli Božić" and "Sad je srce stijena"

Live (Deftones album)
Live is an EP recorded by American alternative metal band Deftones. It features all of the live tracks that were released on the two part single for "My Own Summer ".-Track listing:# "My Own Summer " - 3:34# "Root" - 4:35

Live (Donny Hathaway album)
Live is a 1972 live album by American Soul artist Donny Hathaway. It was recorded at two concerts: side one at The Troubadour in Hollywood, and side two at the The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Live (Eurythmics video)
Eurythmics Live is a live video by the British pop/rock duo Eurythmics, filmed during their Revenge Tour in Sydney, Australia, on 14 February 1987.- Track list :

Live (Face to Face album)
Live is an album released by the punk band Face to Face in 1998, recorded live in Los Angeles in September 1997.- Track listing :#Walk The Walk#I Want#Blind#I'm Not Afraid#It's Not Over#I Won't Lie Down#You Lied#Ordinary#I'm Trying

Live (Five.Bolt.Main album)
Live is the second release by the post-grunge/hard rock music group Five.Bolt.Main. The live album was released on October 10, 2006 via Rock Ridge Music. The album features one unreleased song and a cover version of the Flaw track "Only the Strong"

Live (Fleetwood Mac album)
Live is a double live album released by Fleetwood Mac in 1980. It was the first live album from the then-current line-up of the band, and the next would be The Dance from 1997

Live (for the One I Love)
"Live " is the second single from Céline Dion's greatest hits album All the Way... A Decade of Song. It was released on February 14, 2000 in Canada and selected European countries.

Live (Ian McLagan album)
Live is the name of former Small Faces and Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan's first live album, recorded live with his backing group, The Bump Band, at the KUT Studios in Austin, Texas.-Track listing:

Live (Kix album)
Live is the title of a live album released on Atlantic Records in 1993 by the glam metal band Kix.-Track listing:# "Hot Wire" - 6:05# "Same Jane" - 4:54# "Rock and Roll Overdose" - 4:27

Live (Meat Loaf video)
Live is a live video of Meat Loaf, recorded at the Wembley Arena in London, on April 29, 1982.According to a misprint on some versions, the songs "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and "Read 'Em and Weep" were also performed, but neither song was ever released.-Track listing:#"Bat out of Hell" - 10:37#"You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth" - 5:59#"Dead Ringer for Love" -

Live (Metal Church album)
Live is the first live album of heavy metal band Metal Church. Only the track "Start the Fire" was previously released in the late 1980s, albeit with a different mix and possible studio treatment, on a compilation album called Time to Rock.

Live (Mott the Hoople album)
Mott The Hoople Live is a 1974 album by British band Mott the Hoople. A remastered and expanded 30th Anniversary Edition was released by Sony BMG on the Columbia label . The release of the album in its original form in 1974 coincided with the announcement of the band's demise and it was, therefore, their final release

Live (Northern Pikes album)
Live is the second live album by The Northern Pikes released in 2000. The album was released independently.In 1999, Virgin Records asked the band members for their input on a "greatest hits" package

Live (Poco album)
Poco Live is the tenth album, and second live album, by the country rock band Poco. The material for this album had been recorded for Epic Records shortly after the Cantamos album, but it was not released until over a year later, after Poco's success with the Head Over Heels album

Live (SAHB album)
Live was the first live album by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and was originally released in 1975. The album was released separately on CD, but it can be hard to find. However, the album is widely available on a 2 in 1 album. The other album being The Penthouse Tapes

Live (Saint Vitus album)
Live is a live album by Saint Vitus recorded on November 10, 1989 at Germany's Circus Gammelsdorf. The album was released in 1990 on Hellhound Records. It was re-released by Southern Lord Records in 2005. This is the final release to feature singer Scott "Wino" Weinrich

Live (Shania Twain DVD)
Live is a DVD released by singer Shania Twain. It is a home video of a TV concert special, showing an entire concert from her Come on Over Tour. The show was filmed on September 12, 1998 in Dallas, Texas and aired live on DirecTV free of charge. The video for "Come on Over" was taken from this special

Live (Simon Webbe album)
Live is the third album released by Blue band-member Simon Webbe, in May 2007. The album was recorded live at the Birmingham NIA. The album was made available to download straight after the concert ended, and was released physically on May 28, 2007

Live (Soft Cell album)
Live is a live album by Soft Cell. The album was released on October 7, 2003 and was recorded throughout Spring 2003 in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, London and Brussels during the group's tour in support of the album Cruelty Without Beauty.

Live (Terri Hendrix album)
-Band Information:* Terri hendrix: vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, papoose* Lloyd Maines: guitar, steel, dobro* Glenn Fukunaga: bass* Paul Pearcy: drumsThis was Terri's first live album-Track listing:# The Know How# Two Dollar Shoes# La Mazet

Live (The Dubliners album)
Live is an album by The Dubliners recorded live in Sheffield and released on the Polydor label in 1974. This was to be Ronnie Drew's last recording with The Dubliners for five years as he left to pursue a solo career. Also following this album, Ciaran Bourke ceased to be a full-time member of the group when he suffered a brain hemorrhage. He sings "All for Me Grog" here

Live (The Fabulous Thunderbirds album)
Live is a 2001 live album by Texas based Blues Rock band The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Recorded on the evening of February 16th, 2000, the concert made history somewhat for becoming the first ever to be broadcast over the internet using high-definition cameras. It was also released on DVD titled "Invitation Only"

Live (Thunder album)
Live is the first full-length live album from British hard rock band Thunder, edited from four performances at Shepherds Bush Empire in London and the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton in November 1997. The accompanying CD booklet has photos of the performances by Ross Halfin

Live (Vanessa Paradis album)
Live is the fourth album by Vanessa Paradis and her first live album. It was also her last album until Bliss. The album was recorded on her Natural High Tour and is unique for featuring a large number of English songs when compared to her other live albums and tours.-Track listing:# "Natural High" 4:59 # "Les Cactus"

Live (Weir/Wasserman album)
Live is an album by Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman. It was recorded in the fall of 1988, except for one track, "Eternity", which was recorded in the summer of 1992. The album was released in 1998.-Track listing:# "Festival"

Live and Let Live (album)
Live And Let Live is a live album released by UK neo-progressive band Twelfth Night in 1984.-Details:The album was recorded on 4-5 November 1983 at Geoff Mann's last dates as a member of the band

Live and let live (World War I)
Live and let live is the spontaneous rise of non-aggressive co-operative behaviour that developed during the First World War particularly during prolonged periods of Trench Warfare on the Western Front. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this is the Christmas Truce of 1914.It is a process that can be characterised as the deliberate abstaining from the use of violence during war

Live for You (album)
Live for You is the debut album of Christian pop singer Rachael Lampa, released in 2000 on Word Records. It debuted at #2 on Billboard Magazine's "Top Heatseeker's Album" chart and #6 on SoundScan's Top Current Contemporary Christian album chart.

Live Free or Die (disambiguation)
Live Free or Die is the state motto of the U.S. state of New Hampshire.Live Free or Die may also refer to:-Film:*Live Free or Die , a 2000 documentary about abortion*Live Free or Die , a 2006 movie.

Live Free or Die (documentary)
Live Free or Die is a 2000 documentary film that follows Dr. Wayne Goldner, a New Hampshire OBGYN fighting on the latest front of the "abortion wars." The feature originally aired as part of PBS' P.O.V. series

Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough
Diamonds in the Rough -Personnel:Avenged Sevenfold* M. Shadows – lead vocals* Synyster Gates – lead guitar, backing vocals* Zacky Vengeance – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Lived (album)
Lived is the first compilation of the trilogy released by Babes in Toyland. It was produced by Tim Mac, and released May 2000 by Almafame.-Track listing:All songs by Babes in Toyland #Introduction: Dr

Lively may refer to:People* Adam Lively , British novelist* David Lively, American pianist* Blake Lively , American actress* Edward Lively , English linguist and biblical scholar* Eric Lively , American actor

Lively (album)
Lively is the fifth album by the North Carolina band Arrogance, released in 1981 . It was recorded live in March 1981 around various clubs in North Carolina. Most of these songs were unreleased at the time of its release, although a few existed as singles or B-Sides. Some also existed as unreleased demos

Liver and onions
Liver and onions is a traditional dish. Its main ingredients are slices of liver and onions. The liver and the onions are usually fried or cooked together, but sometimes they may be fried separated and mixed together afterwards

Liverpool (European Parliament constituency)
Prior to its uniform adoption of proportional representation in 1999, the United Kingdom used first-past-the-post for the European elections in England, Scotland and Wales

Liverpool (video game)
Liverpool is a football video game released in for the Amstrad CPC. In versions were released for the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and DOS platforms and a Commodore 64 version was released in . The game was developed by Arc Developments and published by GrandSlam Entertainment. Liverpool is based on the Liverpool F.C

Liverwort may refer to either*Marchantiophyta, a division of non-vascular plants*Hepatica, a genus of spring flowersliverworts are part of the bryophytes group and the bryophytes of the PlantaeIn the bryophytres group their are mosses too.

The German , that translates literally as "liver sausage," is the typical sausage served in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Romania . Liverwurst normally contains pigs' livers, rather than calves' livers and also contains veal

A livery is a uniform, insignia or symbol adorning, in a non-military context, a person, an object or a vehicle that denotes a relationship between the wearer of the livery and an individual or corporate body. Often, elements of the heraldry relating to the individual or corporate body feature in the livery

Livery Company
The Livery Companies are 108 trade associations in the City of London, almost all of which are known as the "Worshipful Company of" the relevant trade, craft or profession. The medieval Companies originally developed as guilds and were responsible for the regulation of their trades, controlling, for instance, wages and labour conditions

Live scan fingerprinting refers to both the technique and the technology used by law enforcement agencies and private facilities to capture fingerprints and palm prints electronically, without the need for the more traditional method of ink and paper.

Livestock refers to one or more domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, fiber and labor. The term "livestock" as used in this article does not include poultry or farmed fish; however the inclusion of these, especially poultry, within the meaning of "livestock" is common.Livestock generally are raised for subsistence or for profit

Livet is a commune in the Mayenne department in north-western France.Livet is also:* Eugène Livet, founder of the institution Livet, now lycée Eugène-Livet .* Several former towns in France were named Livet.-See also:

Livid was an Australian alternative rock music festival held annually from 1989 to 2003. Masterminded by Peter Walsh and Natalie Jeremijenko, the original idea of showcasing both the arts and music in the one event was standardised as late as October/early November from 1991 until 2003

LiViD, short for Linux Video and DVD, was a collection of projects that aim to create program tools and software libraries related to DVD for Linux operating system.The projects included:* OMS* GATOS* mpeg2dec* ac3dec

Livid (Live)
Livid a.k.a. Live is the title of a live album by the band Blondie released in 2000. The album was recorded after their successful 1999 comeback album No Exit and includes all their best-known songs, including "Atomic", "The Tide Is High", "Call Me" and "Heart of Glass", as well as the 1999 UK #1 "Maria"

Livid (Nightmare album)
-Single Information:* VarunaRelease Date: April 21, 2004* 東京傷年Release Date: July 22, 2004* シアン Release Date: October 21, 2004-Name Confusion:

Living (Judy Collins album)
Living is a 1971 live Judy Collins album, taken from the singer's 1970 concert tour. It peaked at No 64 on the Billboard Pop Albums charts.

Living (novel)
Living is a 1929 novel by Henry Green. It is a work of sharp social satire, documenting the lives of Birmingham factory workers in the interwar boom years. It is considered a modern classic by scholars, and appears on many University syllabi. The language is notable for its deliberate lack of conjunctives to reflect a Birmingham accent

Living (TV series)
Living is a group of regional lifestyle television programs that aired on CBC Television stations in Canada. The initial broadcast was on January 15, 2007. Most of the CBC stations which aired Living produced their own locally oriented programs

Living Hell
Living Hell is a 2008 horror movie written and directed by Richard Jefferies, which stars Johnathon Schaech and Erica Leerhsen

Living Language (publisher)
Living Language, an imprint of Random House, Inc., is a foreign language self-study publisher. Living Language publishes a number of courses in languages such as French, German, Italian, Persian, Arabic, etc.- History :

Living room
A living room, also known as sitting room, lounge room or lounge , is a room for entertaining adult guests, reading, or other activities

Living will
An advance health care directive, also known as living will, personal directive, advance directive, or advance decision, are instructions given by individuals specifying what actions should be taken for their health in the event that they are no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacity, and appoints a person to make such decisions on their behalf

Livonia is a historic region along the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. It was once the land of the Finnic Livonians inhabiting the principal ancient Livonian County Metsepole with its center at Turaida

Livonia (His Name Is Alive album)
Livonia is the debut LP by His Name Is Alive. It was originally released on 4AD in the UK in 1990 and in 1992 on 4AD/Rykodisc in the USA.-History:

Saeed Jaffrey
Saeed Jaffrey OBE is an Indian-born British actor, who has done numerous British movies. He was born in Malerkotla, Punjab

Safari (web browser)
Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. and included with the Mac OS X and iOS operating systems. First released as a public beta on January 7, 2003 on the company's Mac OS X operating system, it became Apple's default browser beginning with Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther". Safari is also the native browser for iOS

Safari Rally
The Safari Rally is considered by many to be the world's toughest rally. It was first held from 27 May to 1 June 1953 as the East African Coronation Safari in Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika, as a celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Safari Sevens
The Safari Sevens, known as the Safaricom Sevens after main sponsors Safaricom is an annual rugby sevens tournament held in Kenya. The tournament is run by the Kenya Rugby Football Union

Safaricom, Ltd is a leading mobile network operator in Kenya. It was formed in 1997 as a fully owned subsidiary of Telkom Kenya. In May 2000, Vodafone group Plc of the United Kingdom, the world's largest telecommunication company, acquired a 40% stake and management responsibility for the company.As of January 17, 2011, Robert Collymore is the CEO; he succeeded Michael Joseph on

Safavid dynasty
The Safavid dynasty was one of the most significant ruling dynasties of Iran. They ruled one of the greatest Persian empires since the Muslim conquest of Persia and established the Twelver school of Shi'a Islam as the official religion of their empire, marking one of the most important turning points in Muslim history

Safety curtain
A safety curtain is a fire safety precaution used in large proscenium theatres. It is usually a heavy fibreglass or iron curtain located immediately behind the proscenium arch. Asbestos-based materials were originally used to manufacture the curtain, before the dangers of asbestos were discovered

Safety engineering
Safety engineering is an applied science strongly related to systems engineering / industrial engineering and the subset System Safety Engineering

Safety valve
A safety valve is a valve mechanism for the automatic release of a substance from a boiler, pressure vessel, or other system when the pressure or temperature exceeds preset limits.

Safeway (UK)
Safeway was a chain of supermarkets and convenience stores in the United Kingdom. It started as a subsidiary of the American Safeway Inc., before being sold off in 1987.

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the saffron crocus. Crocus is a genus in the family Iridaceae. Each saffron crocus grows to and bears up to four flowers, each with three vivid crimson stigmas, which are each the distal end of a carpel

Saffron Finch
The Saffron Finch is a tanager from South America and is common in both open and semi-open areas in lowlands outside the Amazon Basin. They have a wide distribution in Colombia, Venezuela , Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Argentina

Saga (singer)
Saga is a Swedish white nationalist singer-songwriter. She started as the vocalist for Symphony of Sorrow, but has since become known for her tribute CDs to the white power skinhead band Skrewdriver, and for her softer physical representation of the white power message

Sagamore Bridge
The Sagamore Bridge in Sagamore, Massachusetts carries U.S. Route 6 across the Cape Cod Canal, connecting Cape Cod with the rest of Massachusetts, USA.

Sagittarius (astrology)
Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the zodiac between the 240th and 269th degree of celestial longitude

Sagittarius (constellation)
Sagittarius is a constellation of the zodiac, the one containing the galactic center. Its name is Latin for the archer, and its symbol is , a stylized arrow. Sagittarius is commonly represented as a centaur drawing a bow

Sagittarius Arm
The Carina–Sagittarius Arm is generally thought to be a minor spiral arm of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Each spiral arm is a long, diffuse curving streamer of stars that radiates out from the galactic center

Sagnac effect
The Sagnac effect , named after French physicist Georges Sagnac, is a phenomenon encountered in interferometry that is elicited by rotation. The Sagnac effect manifests itself in a setup called ring interferometry. A beam of light is split and the two beams are made to follow a trajectory in opposite directions

Sago is a starch extracted in the spongy center or pith, of various tropical palm stems, Metroxylon sagu. It is a major staple food for the lowland peoples of New Guinea and the Moluccas, where it is called saksak and sagu. A type of flour, called sago flour, is made from sago. The largest supply of sago comes from the East Indies

Sago Mine disaster
The Sago Mine disaster was a coal mine explosion on January 2, 2006, in the Sago Mine in Sago, in Upshur County, West Virginia, USA, near the county seat of Buckhannon. The blast and collapse trapped 13 miners for nearly two days; one miner survived

Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park, located in southern Arizona, is part of the United States National Park System.-Overview:The park is divided into two sections, called districts, lying approximately east and west of the center of the city of Tucson, Arizona. The total area in 2010 was of which is designated wilderness. There is a visitor center in each of the two districts

Saguenay River
The Saguenay River is a major river of Quebec, Canada.It drains Lac Saint-Jean in the Laurentian Highlands, leaving at Alma and running east, and passes the city of Saguenay. It drains into the Saint Lawrence River at Tadoussac.

Saguenay, Quebec
Saguenay is a city in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec, Canada, on the Saguenay River, about north of Quebec City.

In Islam, the ' were the companions, disciples, scribes and family of the Islamic prophet

Sahadeva was one of the five Pandava brothers according to the epic Mahābhārata. He was one of the twin sons of Madri, who invoked Ashvins using a mantra shared by Kunti for a son. His twin brother was named Nakula

Sahaja Yoga
Sahaja Yoga is a new religious movement founded by Nirmala Srivastava, more widely known as 'Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi' and affectionately as 'Mother' by her followers . According to the movement, Sahaja Yoga is the state of self realization produced by kundalini awakening and is accompanied by the experience of thoughtless awareness or mental silence

Saham Toney
Saham Toney is a village and a civil parish in the English county of Norfolk. The village is North of Thetford, west of Norwich and north-east of London. The village lies west of the town of Attleborough.The nearest railway station is at Attleborough for the Breckland Line which runs between Cambridge and Norwich

Sahelanthropus tchadensis
Sahelanthropus tchadensis is an extinct hominid species that is dated to about . Whether it can be regarded as part of the Hominina tree is unclear; there are arguments both supporting and rejecting it

Sahir Ludhianvi
Sahir Ludhianvi was a popular Urdu poet and Hindi lyricist and songwriter. Sahir Ludhianvi is his pseudonym

Said bin Taimur
Said bin Taimur was the sultan of Muscat and Oman from 10 February 1932 until his overthrow on 23 July 1970. His second wife was Mazoon al-Mashani

Saidapet is an important neighbourhood in Chennai , India. The Saidapet Court, the only other court of judicature in Chennai city apart from the Madras High Court and the Saidapet bus depot are located here

Saifullah Paracha
Saifullah Paracha is a citizen of Pakistan currently held in the United States Guantanamo Bay detainment camps, in Cuba.The Department of Defense reports that Paracha was born on August 17, 1947,in Mongwal, Pakistan.

Saiki, Oita
is a city located in Ōita Prefecture, Japan.As of 2003, the former city had an estimated population of 49,183 and the density of 249.19 persons per km²

A sail-plan is a set of drawings, usually prepared by a naval architect. It shows the various combinations of sail proposed for a sailing ship.The combinations shown in a sail-plan almost always include three configurations:

A sailboat or sailing boat is a boat propelled partly or entirely by sails. The term covers a variety of boats, larger than small vessels such as sailboards and smaller than sailing ships, but distinctions in the size are not strictly defined and what constitutes a sailing ship, sailboat, or a smaller vessel varies by region and culture.-Parts of a

'Sailfish' are two species of fish in the genus Istiophorus, living in warmer sections of all the oceans of the world. They are predominately blue to gray in color and have a characteristic erectile dorsal fin known as a sail, which often stretches the entire length of the back

Sailing is the propulsion of a vehicle and the control of its movement with large foils called sails. By changing the rigging, rudder, and sometimes the keel or centre board, a sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails in order to move the boat relative to its surrounding medium and change its direction and speed

Sailing hydrofoil
A sailing hydrofoil, hydrofoil sailboat, or hydrosail is a sailboat with wing-like foils mounted under the hull. As the craft increases its speed the hydrofoils lift the hull up and out of the water, greatly reducing wetted area, resulting in decreased drag and increased speed

Sailing ship
The term sailing ship is now used to refer to any large wind-powered vessel. In technical terms, a ship was a sailing vessel with a specific rig of at least three masts, square rigged on all of them, making the sailing adjective redundant. In popular usage "ship" became associated with all large sailing vessels and when steam power came along the adjective became necessary

A sailor, mariner, or seaman is a person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in their operation, maintenance, or service. The term can apply to professional mariners, military personnel, and recreational sailors as well as a plethora of other uses

Sailor Stars
The following list of episodes of the Sailor Moon anime series covers , the fifth season of the series. Children's TV Asahi, Toei Agency and Toei Animation co-produced the episodes; Takuya Igarashi directed. The series originally aired on Children's TV Asahi between March 9, 1996 and February 8, 1997

Saini is a Rajput descent caste of India. Sainis, also known as Shoorsaini in Puranic literature, are now found by their original name only in Punjab and in the neighboring states of Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh

Sainik School
The Sainik Schools are a system of schools in India established and managed by the Sainik Schools Society. They were conceived in 1961 by V. K. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister of India, to rectify the regional and class imbalance amongst the Officer cadre of the Indian Military, and to prepare students for entry into the National Defence Academy , Khadakwasla, Pune and

A saint is a holy person. In various religions, saints are people who are believed to have exceptional holiness.In Christian usage, "saint" refers to any believer who is "in Christ", and in whom Christ dwells, whether in heaven or in earth

Saint Aaron
Saint Aaron of Aleth was a mid-sixth century hermit, monk and abbot at a monastery on Cézembre, a small island near Aleth, opposite Saint-Malo in Brittany, France. Some sources say that he was born of British stock in Armorican Domnonia.Aaron was a Welshman who lived in solitude near Lamballe and Pleumeur-Gautier, before finally settling in Aleth

Saint Amand
Saint Amand or Amandus was a French Christian saint, one of the great Christian Saints of Flanders.-Biography:

Saint Basil's Cathedral
The Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat , popularly known as Saint Basil's Cathedral , is a Russian Orthodox church erected on the Red Square in Moscow in 1555–61. Built on the order of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan, it marks the geometric centre of the city and the hub of its growth since the 14th century

Saint Blaise
Saint Blaise was a physician, and bishop of Sebastea . According to his Acta Sanctorum, he was martyred by being beaten, attacked with iron carding combs, and beheaded

Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai
Saint Catherine's Monastery lies on the Sinai Peninsula, at the mouth of a gorge at the foot of Mount Sinai in the city of Saint Catherine in Egypt's South Sinai Governorate. The monastery is Orthodox and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Saint Cecilia
Saint Cecilia is the patroness of musicians and Church music because as she was dying she sang to God. It is also written that as the musicians played at her wedding she "sang in her heart to the Lord". St. Cecilia was an only child. Her feast day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic Churches on November 22

Saint Charles, Missouri
St. Charles is a city in, and the county seat of, St. Charles County, Missouri. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 65,794, making St. Charles the 2nd largest city in St. Charles County. It lies just to the northwest of St. Louis, Missouri on the Missouri River, and, for a time, played a significant role in the United States' westward expansion

Saint Christopher
.Saint Christopher is a saint venerated by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, listed as a martyr killed in the reign of the 3rd century Roman Emperor Decius or alternatively under the Roman Emperor Maximinus II Dacian

Saint Clare School
Saint Clare School is a Roman Catholic elementary school operated by Saint Clare Parish in Santa Clara, California, in the United States. It serves families of the Diocese of San Jose, from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Saint Dismas
The Penitent thief, also known as the Thief on the Cross or the Good Thief, is an unnamed character mentioned in the Gospel of Luke who was crucified alongside Jesus and asked Jesus to remember him in his kingdom.

Saint Dominic
Saint Dominic , also known as Dominic of Osma, often called Dominic de Guzmán and Domingo Félix de Guzmán was the founder of the Friars Preachers, popularly called the Dominicans or Order of Preachers , a Catholic religious order

Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica
St. Elizabeth, one of Jamaica's largest parishes, is located in the southwest of the island, in the county of Cornwall. Its capital, Black River, is located at the mouth of the Black River, the longest on the island.-History:

Saint Eulalia
Saint Eulàlia , co-patron saint of Barcelona, was a thirteen-year-old Roman Christian virgin who suffered martyrdom in Barcelona during the persecution of Christians in the reign of emperor Diocletian

Saint Eustace
Saint Eustace, also known as Eustachius or Eustathius, was a legendary Christian martyr who lived in the 2nd century AD. A martyr of that name is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, which, however, judges that the legend recounted about him is "completely fabulous." For that reason Eustace was removed from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints to be commemorated

Saint Fermin
Saint Fermin of Amiens is one of many locally venerated Catholic saints. Fermin is the co-patron of Navarra, where his feast, the 'San Fermín' in the capital Pamplona, is forever associated with the Encierro or 'Running of the Bulls' made famous by Ernest Hemingway

Saint Hermes
Saint Hermes, born in Greece, died in Rome as a martyr in 120, is venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. His name appears in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum as well as entries in the Depositio Martyrum . There was a large basilica over his tomb that was built around 600 by Pope Pelagius I. It was restored by Pope Adrian I

Saint James the Great
James, son of Zebedee was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He was a son of Zebedee and Salome, and brother of John the Apostle

Saint Joanna
Saint Joanna was one of the women associated with the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, often considered to be one of the disciples who later became an apostle . In the Bible, she is one of the women recorded in the Gospel of Luke as accompanying Jesus and the twelve: "Mary, called Magdalene, ..

Saint John, New Brunswick
City of Saint John , or commonly Saint John, is the largest city in the province of New Brunswick, and the first incorporated city in Canada. The city is situated along the north shore of the Bay of Fundy at the mouth of the Saint John River. In 2006 the city proper had a population of 74,043

Saint Jude
Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is generally identified with Thaddeus, and is also variously called Jude of James, Jude Thaddaeus, Judas Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus

Saint Kitts
Saint Kitts Saint Kitts Saint Kitts (also known more formally as Saint Christopher Island (Saint-Christophe in French) is an island in the West Indies. The west side of the island borders the Caribbean Sea, and the eastern coast faces the Atlantic Ocean

Saint Leticia
Saint Leticia , whose feast day is October 21, is venerated as a virgin martyr. A saint with the same name had a feast day occurring on March 13. Her cult was diffused in Corsica and can be found in medieval England

Saint Louis University, Baguio City
Saint Louis University is a private educational institution in Baguio City, approximately two hundred fifty kilometers north of Manila. The school was established in 1911 by the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae missionaries, to further Christianize the northern Philippines

Saint Lucy
Saint Lucy , also known as Saint Lucia, was a wealthy young Christian martyr who is venerated as a saint by Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Christians. Her feast day in the West is 13 December; with a name derived from lux, lucis "light", she is the patron saint of those who are blind

Saint Mabena
Mabyn, also known as Mabena, Mabon, etc., was a medieval Cornish saint. According to local Cornish tradition she was one of the many children of Brychan, king of Brycheiniog in Wales in the 5th century