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Lifeguard (disambiguation)
Lifeguard may refer to:*Lifeguard, an emergency service worker*Lifeguard , an X-Men character*Army regiments in some countries:**Life Guards , a British Army regiment**Life Guards , a Swedish Army regiment

Lifeguard (film)
Lifeguard is a 1976 drama movie made by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Daniel Petrie, based upon a screenplay by Ron Koslow. It stars Sam Elliott, Anne Archer, Steve Burns, Parker Stevenson, and Kathleen Quinlan.

Lifeless can mean:* Having no life or energy: see wikt:lifeless* Lifeless , the first release by Eighteen Visions* Lifeless

Lifeline or Lifelines may refer to:Non-Medical In-Home Services to the Elderly:* Lifeline utility, in New Zealand, an essential service during major emergencies* Crisis hotline:** Lifeline , Australia-based, now international

Lifeline or Lifelines may refer to:Non-Medical In-Home Services to the Elderly:* Lifeline utility, in New Zealand, an essential service during major emergencies* Crisis hotline:** Lifeline , Australia-based, now international

Lifeline (Ben Harper album)
Lifeline is an album by Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals. The album was recorded in Paris in the fall of 2006 after the lengthy European leg of the Both Sides of the Gun tour. Harper and the Innocent Criminals wrote the tracks while on tour and would rehearse the songs during sound checks while at each venue

Lifeline (Counselling service)
Lifeline is a free, 24 hour telephone counselling service in Australia. Volunteer counsellors provide suicide prevention, crisis support and mental health services via telephone. This service can be accessed by calling 13 11 14 within Australia.

Lifeline (EP)
Lifeline is the fourth EP and eighth overall release by Jesu. It was released on CD on October 4, 2007 in Japan, and October 23, 2007 in America

Lifeline (Iris DeMent album)
Lifeline is the fourth album released by singer-songwriter Iris DeMent, released in 2004, eight years since her previous recording The Way I Should.

Lifeline (Neal Morse album)
-Bonus disc :A special edition was released with a CD of bonus material, including covers of four "pretty cool songs by pretty uncool bands" as well as two original songs

Lifeline (song)
"Lifeline" is the second single by Brooke Fraser from her debut album What to Do with Daylight. It was the first single released by Fraser in Australia.-Song information:

LifeLines is a free open-source genealogy software tool to assist family history research. LifeLines primary strengths are its powerful scripting language and the ability to easily import and export information in the GEDCOM format. It was the first open-source genealogy program for Unix

Lifer is a five-piece nu metal band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The group went under various names and only released one studio album in 2001.-Career:

Lifesaving is the act involving rescue, resuscitation and first aid. It often refers to water safety and aquatic rescue however it could include ice rescue, flood and river rescue, swimming pool rescue and other emergency medical services. Lifesaving also refers to sport where lifesavers compete skills, speed and team work

LifeSize, a division of Logitech, is a video and audio communications company that provides high definition video conferencing endpoints and accessories, infrastructure products and a cloud-based video collaboration platform. LifeSize's worldwide headquarters is located in Austin, Texas

Lifestyle is a term to describe the way a person lives, which was originally coined by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in 1929. The current broader sense of the word dates from 1961. A set of behaviors, and the senses of self and belonging which these behaviors represent, are collectively used to define a given lifestyle

Lifestyle (TV channel)
Launched on 30 October 1985, Lifestyle was a British daytime television channel dedicated to women and family, and was broadcast on cable and on the transponder 5 of the Astra satellite. Lifestyle's lineup consisted on magazines, novelas and movies. The programming was linked by an in vision continuity announcer, David Hamilton

Lifetime may refer to:*Life expectancy, the length of time a person is expected to remain alive*Mean lifetime, a certain number that characterizes the rate of reduction of a particle of an assembly

Lifetime (album)
Lifetime is the fourth album by the influential New Jersey band Lifetime. The band broke up in 1997, but after reforming in 2005, began writing new material and released Lifetime in 2007, nearly a full decade after 1997's Jersey's Best Dancers

LIFO is an acronym that stands for last in, first out. In computer science and queueing theory this refers to the way items stored in some types of data structures are processed. By definition, in a LIFO structured linear list, elements can be added or taken off from only one end, called the "top". A LIFO structure can be illustrated with the example of a stack of trays

LIFO is an acronym that stands for "last in, first out ", also known as FILO and may refer to:*LIFO *FIFO and LIFO accounting

Lift may mean:* Lift , a mechanical force generated by an object moving through a fluid* Lift , rising air used by soaring birds and glider, hang glider and paraglider pilots for soaring flight

Lift (data mining)
In data mining, lift is a measure of the performance of a model at predicting or classifying cases, measuring against a random choice model.For example, suppose a population has a predicted response rate of 5%, but a certain model has identified a segment with a predicted response rate of 20%

Lift (mathematics)
In the branch of mathematics called category theory, given a morphism f from an object X to an object Y, and a morphism g from an object Z to Y, a lift of f to Z is a morphism h from X to Z such that gh = f.A basic example in topology is lifting a path in one space to a path in a covering space

Lift (soaring)
Gliding flight is heavier-than-air flight without the use of thrust. It is employed by gliding animals and by aircraft such as gliders. The most common human application of gliding flight is in sport and recreation using aircraft designed for this purpose

Lift (web framework)
Lift is a free web application framework that is designed for the Scala programming language. It was originally created by who was dissatisfied with certain aspects of the Ruby on Rails framework. Lift was launched as an open-source project on February 26, 2007 under the Apache 2.0 license

Lifted may refer to:* Lifted , a 2006 Pixar computer animated short film* Lifted , a film directed by Lexi Alexander* Lifted Research Group, an Orange County based clothing brandIn music:

Lifted (Lighthouse Family song)
"Lifted" is a pop song written by British duo Lighthouse Family, for their debut album Ocean Drive . The song was produced by Mike Peden

Lifted (music collective)
Lifted is a music collective formed as part of a college project in 1996 by a group of young artists and musicians from the West Midlands, UK. The Group have organised several free festivals including Sounds in the park and other parties. DJ's have gone on to perform at Glastonbury festival,and get themselves signed to a few record labels

Lifter can mean:* Ionocraft, a device that can generate thrust using ionised air with no moving parts* Tappet, part of an internal combustion engine that actuates a poppet valve through rocker arms and pushrods

Lifting may refer to:*Weightlifting*Shoplifting*Facelift*An undesirable type of movement in the sport of racewalking.*Taking an inference rule in propositional logic and adapting it for predicate logic*Lift *Lifting scheme

-Plot:Having just been promoted, it's CJ's first day as Chief of Staff. After being introduced to the Secret Service Agents assigned to protect her, it is time for her last press briefing, where she receives a huge round of applause from a stunned Press Room

Liftoff (disambiguation)
- Culture :* Lift Off , an Australian educational television series* "Liftoff" , an episode of The West Wing* "Lift Off", an electronic music instrumental for Ztar composed by Les Fradkin

In anatomy, the term ligament is used to denote any of three types of structures. Most commonly, it refers to fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones and is also known as articular ligament, articular larua, fibrous ligament, or true ligament.Ligament can also refer to:* Peritoneal ligament: a fold of peritoneum or other membranes.* Fetal remnant

In coordination chemistry, a ligand is an ion or molecule that binds to a central metal atom to form a coordination complex. The bonding between metal and ligand generally involves formal donation of one or more of the ligand's electron pairs. The nature of metal-ligand bonding can range from covalent to ionic

Ligation may refer to:* In molecular biology, the covalent linking of two ends of DNA molecules using DNA ligase* In medicine, the making of a ligature * Chemical ligation, the production of peptides from amino acids

Ligature may refer to:* Ligature * Ligature , a characteristic notation style of the Medieval and Renaissance periods of music history* Ligature , a device used to attach a reed to the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument

Light (automobile)
This article is about the car. For other uses, see Automotive lighting.The Light was an automobile built in Detroit, Michigan by the Light Motor Car Company in 1914. The Light was a conventional vehicle with a six-cylinder, 30 hp engine. It came as a touring model selling for $1,250.

Light (disambiguation)
Light is an electromagnetic radiation, part of which stimulates the sense of vision.Light may also refer to:* Light, a device that produces light, such as:** Lamp ** Light fixture, an architectural device

Light (novel)
Light is a science fiction novel written by M. John Harrison and published in 2002. It received the James Tiptree, Jr. Award and a BSFA nomination in 2002, and was shortlisted for the Arthur C

Light air
A light air is a wind of force 1 on the Beaufort Scale, ranging in strength from 1 to 3 knots. Wind of this strength may not be felt on the skin, and leaves vegetation essentially undisturbed. It induces a drift in columns of smoke. At sea, a light air will raise small ripples on the surface of the water.

Light echo
thumb|right|250px|Reflected light following path B arrives shortly after the direct flash following path A but before light following path C. B and C have the same apparent distance from the star as seen from [[Earth]].

A light-year, also light year or lightyear is a unit of length, equal to just under 10 trillion kilometres

Lightbox (JavaScript)
Lightbox, and the newer Lightbox 2, is a JavaScript application used to display large images using modal dialogs. The script has gained widespread popularity due to its simple yet elegant style and easy implementation

Lighthouse (film)
Lighthouse is a 2000 British horror film directed by . The film follows survivors of a shipwreck being preyed on by an escaped psychotic convict who beheads his victims

Lighthouse (Kim Carnes album)
Light House is a studio album by Kim Carnes, released in 1986 .The album spawned one hit single, "Divided Hearts", featuring James Ingram on vocals, which peaked at #79 on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100. The follow-up "I'd Lie to You for Your Love " failed to chart. Light House came to be Carnes' last album with EMI America

Lightness is a philosophical concept most closely associated with continental philosophy and existentialism, which is used in ontology. The term "lightness" varies in usage but is differentiated from physical weight, such as "the lightness of balsa wood"

Lightness (color)
Lightness is a property of a color, or a dimension of a color space, that is defined in a way to reflect the subjective brightness perception of a color for humans along a lightness–darkness axis. A color's lightness also corresponds to its amplitude.Various color models have an explicit term for this property

Lightning is an atmospheric electrostatic discharge accompanied by thunder, which typically occurs during thunderstorms, and sometimes during volcanic eruptions or dust storms

Lightning (roller coaster)
Lightning is a steel inverted roller coaster located at Entertainment City in Kuwait. The ride opened in 2004 and was built by Swiss manufacturers Bolliger & Mabillard. Lightnings layout is identical to that of the Batman: The Ride clone that appears in many Six Flags parks in the United States.

Lightning (software)
The Lightning project, announced on December 22, 2004, and in development by the Mozilla Foundation, produces an extension that adds calendar and scheduling functionality to the Mozilla Thunderbird mail and newsgroup client and SeaMonkey internet suite

Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug can refer to:* A firefly, particularly North American Photinus, Photuris and Pyractomena* Lightning Bug , a 2004 horror film by writer/director Robert Hall* Ryan Model 147 Lightning Bug, an unmanned aerial vehicle

Lightning Bug (film)
Lightning Bug is a 2004 horror film. It is the debut film by writer/director Robert Green Hall, an SFX makeup artist known primarily for his work on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the films, Laid to Rest and its sequel, ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2.It is a fictionalized account of Hall's own childhood and entry into special effects makeup for film and

Lights (Archive album)
Lights is the fifth album by British trip-hop progressive and alternative group Archive, released in 2006.-Track listing: # "Sane" - 4:26# "Sit Back Down" - 6:36# "Veins" - 4:01# "System" - 4:01# "Fold" - 4:37# "Lights" - 18:28

Lights (Brigade album)
Lights is the debut studio album by English alternative rock band Brigade, released May 29, 2006 on Mighty Atom Records.-Track listing:All lyrics written by Will Simpson; all music composed by Brigade.#"Magneto" - 4:09#"Meet Me At My Funeral" - 4:20

Lights (cigarette type)
Cigarettes labeled as “Lights,” “Milds,” or “Low-tar,” are considered to have a “lighter,” less pronounced flavor than regular cigarettes. These cigarette brands may also contain lower levels of tar, nicotine, or other chemicals inhaled by the smoker .

Lightship may refer to:* Lightvessel, a permanently moored ship that has light beacons mounted as navigational aids* Light displacement, a displacement figure that measures a ship complete in all respects, but without consumables, stores, cargo, crew, and effects*Lightship, a type of blimp operated by The Lightship Group* The Lightship, a 1985 American drama film directed by Jerzy

Lightspeed (film)
Lightspeed, is a 2006 superhero film directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy, starring Jason Connery as the title role Lightspeed. It also stars Nicole Eggert, Daniel Goddard, and Lee Majors

Light-weight is a class of athletes in a particular sport, based on their weight.-Professional boxing:The lightweight division is over 130 pounds and up to 135 pounds weight class in the sport of boxing.

is a developer of video games with samurai themes, such as the Bushido Blade series and the Kengo series.-History:The company was founded on November 22, 1995 in Meguroku, Tokyo under managing director Tetsuo Mizuno. The developer Square Co., Ltd. initially had a 40% stake in LightWeight

Lightweight (disambiguation)
Lightweight may refer to:*Lightweight, a boxing weight class*Lightweight , a mixed martial arts division*a thread *Land Rover 1/2 ton Lightweight, a British military vehicle supplied by Land Rover.

-History:The mouth of the Don River has been of great commercial and cultural importance since the ancient times. It was the site of the Greek colony Tanais, of the Genoese fort Tana, and of the Turkish fortress Azak

Rostovian take-off model
The Rostow's Stages of Growth model is one of the major historical models of economic growth. It was developed by W. W. Rostow

Roswell UFO incident
The Roswell UFO Incident was the recovery of an object that crashed in the general vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947, allegedly an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense controversy and of conspiracy theories as to the true nature of the object that crashed

Rosy boa
The Rosy Boa is a snake of the Boidae family, one of only two members of that family native to the United States. The other is the Rubber Boa

Rosy Starling
The Rosy Starling or Rose-coloured Starling is a passerine bird in the starling family Sturnidae. It is sometimes given its own, monotypic genus Pastor

Rosyth Dockyard
Rosyth Dockyard is a large naval dockyard on the Firth of Forth at Rosyth, Fife, Scotland, owned by Babcock Marine, which primarily undertakes refitting of Royal Navy surface vessels.-History:

ROT13 is a simple substitution cipher used in online forums as a means of hiding spoilers, punchlines, puzzle solutions, and offensive materials from the casual glance. ROT13 has been described as the "Usenet equivalent of a magazine printing the answer to a quiz upside down"

Rota (island)
Rota also known as the "peaceful island", is the southernmost island of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the second southernmost of the Marianas Archipelago. It lies approximately 40 miles north-northeast of the United States territory of Guam

Rotan Independent School District
Rotan Independent School District is a public school district based in Rotan, Texas .Located in Fisher County, small portions of the district extend into Kent and Stonewall counties.

Rotary engine
The rotary engine was an early type of internal-combustion engine, usually designed with an odd number of cylinders per row in a radial configuration, in which the crankshaft remained stationary and the entire cylinder block rotated around it

Rotary Watches
Rotary Watches Ltd was established at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Moise Dreyfuss in 1895. By the 1920s family members Georges and Sylvain Dreyfuss began importing Rotary watches to Britain, which was to become the company's most successful market

Rotating bolt
Rotating bolt is a method of locking originally developed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher and found in his Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 straight-pull bolt-action rifle designed for and issued to the Austro-Hungarian Army

Rotating line camera
A rotating line camera, is a digital camera that uses a linear CCD array to assemble a digital image as the camera rotates. The CCD array may consist of three sensor lines, one for each RGB color channel

Rotating magnetic field
A rotating magnetic field is a magnetic field which changes direction at a constant angular rate. This is a key principle in the operation of the alternating-current motor. Nikola Tesla claimed in his autobiography that he identified the concept of the rotating magnetic field in 1882. In 1885, Galileo Ferraris independently researched the concept

A rotation is a circular movement of an object around a center of rotation. A three-dimensional object rotates always around an imaginary line called a rotation axis. If the axis is within the body, and passes through its center of mass the body is said to rotate upon itself, or spin. A rotation about an external point, e.g

Rotational energy
The rotational energy or angular kinetic energy is the kinetic energy due to the rotation of an object and is part of its total kinetic energy

Rotational symmetry
Generally speaking, an object with rotational symmetry is an object that looks the same after a certain amount of rotation. An object may have more than one rotational symmetry; for instance, if reflections or turning it over are not counted, the triskelion appearing on the Isle of Man's flag has three rotational symmetries

Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhoea among infants and young children, and is one of several viruses that cause infections often called stomach flu, despite having no relation to influenza. It is a genus of double-stranded RNA virus in the family Reoviridae. By the age of five, nearly every child in the world has been infected with rotavirus at least once

Rothera Research Station
Rothera research station is a British Antarctic Survey base on the Antarctic Peninsula, located at Rothera Point, Adelaide Island. Rothera also serves as the capital of the British Overseas Territory, the British Antarctic Territory.

Rotherham is a town in South Yorkshire, England. It lies on the River Don, at its confluence with the River Rother, between Sheffield and Doncaster. Rotherham, at from Sheffield City Centre, is surrounded by several smaller settlements, which together form the wider Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham

Roto Hydramatic
Roto Hydramatic was an automatic transmission built by General Motors and used on Buick and on some Oldsmobile and Pontiac models from 1961-1964

Rotordynamics is a specialized branch of applied mechanics concerned with the behavior and diagnosis of rotating structures. It is commonly used to analyze the behavior of structures ranging from jet engines and steam turbines to auto engines and computer disk storage

Rotork plc is a British-based manufacturing company. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.-History:

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. Starting as a dam on the Rotte river, Rotterdam has grown into a major international commercial centre

Rotterdam Centraal railway station
Rotterdam Centraal is the main railway station of the city Rotterdam in the Netherlands.-History:The station opened June 3, 1847 as the Delftsche Poort railway station. The station building designed by Sybold van Ravesteyn opened in 1957 and closed on September 2, 2007

Rottweil is a town in the south west of Germany and is the oldest town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.Located between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb hills, Rottweil has about 25,000 inhabitants

The Rottweiler is a medium to large size breed of domestic dog that originated in Rottweil, Germany. The dogs were known as "Rottweil butchers' dogs" because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat and other products to market

Rotuma is a Fijian dependency, consisting of Rotuma Island and nearby islets. The island group is home to a small but unique indigenous ethnic group which constitutes a recognizable minority within the population of Fiji, known as "Rotumans"

Rotunda of Mosta
The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, commonly known as the Rotunda of Mosta or Rotunda of St Marija Assunta is a Roman Catholic church in Mosta, Malta

Rouen Cathedral
Rouen Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Gothic cathedral in Rouen, in northwestern France. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Rouen and Normandy.-History:

Rough Riders
The Rough Riders is the name bestowed on the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, one of three such regiments raised in 1898 for the Spanish-American War and the only one of the three to see action. The United States Army was weakened and left with little manpower after the American Civil War roughly thirty years prior

Rough-skinned Newt
The rough-skinned newt is a North American newt known for its strong poison.- Toxicity :Many newts produce toxins to avoid predation, but the toxins of the genus Taricha are particularly potent

Roughneck is a slang term for a person whose occupation is hard-manual labour, typically in a dangerous working environment. The term applies across a number of industries, but is most commonly associated with oil rigs

Surface roughness, often shortened to roughness, is a measure of the texture of a surface. It is quantified by the vertical deviations of a real surface from its ideal form. If these deviations are large, the surface is rough; if they are small the surface is smooth

Round Table
The Round Table is King Arthur's famed table in the Arthurian legend, around which he and his Knights congregate. As its name suggests, it has no head, implying that everyone who sits there has equal status. The table was first described in 1155 by Wace, who relied on previous depictions of Arthur's fabulous retinue

Round Table Pizza
Round Table Pizza is a large chain of pizza parlors in the western United States. The company's headquarters are located in Concord, California.The company slogan for many years has been "The Last Honest Pizza".- History :

A roundabout is the name for a road junction in which traffic moves in one direction around a central island. The word dates from the early 20th century. Roundabouts are common in many countries around the world

Roundhouse (dwelling)
The roundhouse is a type of house with a circular plan, originally built in western Europe before the Roman occupation using walls made either of stone or of wooden posts joined by wattle-and-daub panels and a conical thatched roof. Roundhouses ranged in size from less than 5m in diameter to over 15m

Roundhouse kick
A roundhouse kick is a kick in which the attacker swings his leg around in a semicircular motion, striking with the front of the leg or foot. This type of kick is utilized in many different martial arts and is popular in both non-contact and full-contact martial arts competitions

Rourkela is located in the northwestern tip of the Indian state of Orissa at the heart of a rich mineral belt. It is situated about north of state capital Bhubaneswar.It is surrounded by a range of hills and encircled by rivers. One of the largest steel plants of the Steel Authority of India Limited is situated here

Roush Racing
Roush Fenway Racing is a racing team competing in NASCAR racing. As one of NASCAR's largest premier racing teams, Roush runs teams in the Sprint and Nationwide Series, and formerly in the Camping World Truck Series and ARCA RE/MAX Series.Roush first entered NASCAR competition in 1988, but had competed and won championships in various drag racing and sports

Route 17 (New Jersey)
Route 17 is a state highway in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States, that provides a major route from the George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel and other northeast New Jersey points to the New York State Thruway at Suffern, New York

Route 66 (TV series)
Route 66 is an American TV series in which two young men traveled across America. The show ran weekly on CBS from 1960 to 1964. It starred Martin Milner as Tod Stiles and, for two and a half seasons, George Maharis as Buz Murdock. Maharis was ill for much of the third season, during which time Tod was shown traveling on his own

Rove beetle
The rove beetles are a large family of beetles, primarily distinguished by their short elytra that leave more than half of their abdomens exposed. With over 46,000 species in thousands of genera, the group is the second largest family of beetles after the Curculionidae

Rove McManus
John Henry Michael "Rove" McManus is an Australian comedian, television presenter, producer and media personality. He was the host of the self-titled variety show Rove, and is the owner of the production company Roving Enterprises

Rover 75
The Rover 75 is an executive car produced initially by the Rover Group at Cowley, Oxfordshire, UK, and later by MG Rover at their Longbridge site in Birmingham, UK

Rover K engine
The K-Series engine is a series of engines built by Powertrain Ltd, a sister company of MG Rover. The engine was built in two forms: a straight-four cylinder, available with SOHC and DOHC, ranging from 1.1 L to 1.8 L; and the KV6 V6 variation.

Rover P4
The Rover P4 series was a group of saloon automobiles produced from 1949 through to 1964 designed by Gordon Bashford. The P4 designation is factory terminology for the group of cars and was not in day-to-day use by ordinary owners, who would have said simply that they had a "Rover 90" and so on.The P4 was also the basis of the short lived Marauder car.-Engineering:The cars used a

Rover SD1
Rover SD1 is both the code name and eventual production name given to a series of large executive cars made by British Leyland or BL through its Specialist, Rover Triumph and Austin Rover divisions from 1976 until 1986.

Rover Streetwise
The Rover Streetwise was a small car made by MG Rover. It was based on the Rover 25, but had an increased ride height and chunkier bumpers. The car was marketed by Rover as an 'urban on-roader'.Production ended in April 2005 due to the bankruptcy of MG Rover.

Rover V8 engine
The Rover V8 engine is a compact V8 internal combustion engine with aluminium cylinder heads and cylinder block, originally designed by General Motors and later re-designed and produced by Rover in the United Kingdom

The rowans or mountain-ashes are shrubs or small trees in genus Sorbus of family Rosaceae. They are native throughout the cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with the highest species diversity in the mountains of western China and the Himalaya, where numerous apomictic microspecies occur

Rowing at the 1924 Summer Olympics
The rowing competition at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris featured seven events, all for men only. The competitions were held from Sunday, July 13, 1924 to Thursday, July 17, 1924.-Medal summary:-Medal table:-References:*

Rowland Rivron
Rowland J. Rivron is a British comedian, musician, writer and television presenter.-Early life: Rivron was brought up in Hillingdon, West London and attended Abbotsfield Secondary School

Rowlett, Texas
-External links:*

Roxas City
Roxas City is a medium-sized city in the province of Capiz, Philippines. It is the provincial capital and a component city. , the city mayor is former city vice mayor Angel Alan Celino who was elected during the 2010 election.

Roxas, Isabela
Roxas is a first class municipality in the province of Isabela, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 53,461 people in 9,896 households.

Roxbury, Massachusetts
Roxbury is a dissolved municipality and current neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It was one of the first towns founded in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630, and became a city in 1846 until annexed to Boston on January 5, 1868

Roy Acuff
Roy Claxton Acuff was an American country music singer, fiddler, and promoter. Known as the King of Country Music, Acuff is often credited with moving the genre from its early string band and "hoedown" format to the star singer-based format that helped make it internationally successful.Acuff began his music career in the 1930s, and gained

Roy Bailey (folk singer)
Roy Bailey MBE , is a British socialist folk singer. Roy began his singing career in a skiffle group in 1958.Colin Irwin from the music magazine Mojo said Bailey represents "the very soul of folk's working class ideals..

Roy Benavidez
Raul Perez Benavidez was a member of the Studies and Observations Group of the United States Army. He received the Medal of Honor for his actions in combat near Lộc Ninh, South Vietnam on May 2, 1968.

Roy Clark
Roy Linwood Clark is an American country music musician and performer. He is best known for hosting Hee Haw, a nationally televised country variety show, from 1969–1992. Clark has been an important and influential figure in country music, both as a performer and helping to popularize the genre

Roy DeMeo
Roy Albert DeMeo was a soldier in the Gambino crime family. He is infamous for heading the DeMeo crew, a gang suspected by the FBI of murdering at least 70 people between 1973 and 1983. The vast majority were disposed of so thoroughly that they were never found

Roy Hay
Roy Hay is the guitarist/keyboardist with Culture Club, one of the more popular bands of the 1980s, fronted by Boy George. Hay, a trained pianist since the age of five under the tutelage of Ms Eileen Chick, replaced founding member Johnny Suede in 1981

Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein was a prominent American pop artist. During the 1960s his paintings were exhibited at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York City and along with Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist and others he became a leading figure in the new art movement

Roy of the Rovers
Roy of the Rovers is a British comic strip about the life and times of a fictional footballer named Roy Race, who played for Melchester Rovers

Roy Shaw
Royston Henry Shaw , also known as Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw, Roy "Mean Machine" Shaw and Roy West, is an English millionaire, real estate investor, author and businessman from the East End of London who was formerly a notorious criminal and Category A prisoner

Roy Yamaguchi
-Biography:Yamaguchi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan but now lives in the U.S. State of Hawaii.After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, he spent time in Los Angeles in apprenticeships at L'Escoffier and L'Ermitage under the late master chef Jean Bertanou. He was soon elevated to executive chef status with stints at Le Serene and Le Gourmet

Royal Academy
The Royal Academy of Arts is an art institution based in Burlington House on Piccadilly, London. The Royal Academy of Arts has a unique position in being an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists and architects whose purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education and debate.-History:The Royal