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Konkani language
KonkaniKonkani is a name given to a group of several cognate dialects spoken along the narrow strip of land called Konkan, on the west coast of India. This is, however, somewhat an over-generalisation. Geographically, Konkan is defined roughly as the area between the river Damanganga to the north and river Kali to the south; the north-south length being approx. 650 km

Kono may refer to:*Kōno, Fukui, a village located in Nanjō District, Fukui, Japan*Kono, Nigeria, a village in Rivers State, Nigeria*Kono District, a district in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone**Kono people, a major ethnic group in Sierra Leone

KONO may refer to:* KONO , a radio station in San Antonio, Texas, United States* KONO-FM, a radio station in Helotes, Texas, United States* The ICAO identifier for Ontario Municipal Airport in Ontario, Oregon, United States

Kontakt (film)
Kontakt is a 2005 Macedonian film directed by Sergej Stanojkovski. It was Macedonia's submission to the 79th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.-See also:

Kontinent (band)
Kontinent was a Luxembourgian band who has represented Luxembourg in Eurovision Song Contest 1992, with Marion Welter, who has performed the song Sou fräi . Members of the band were also songwriters Ab van Goor and Jang Linster.

KOOI is a radio station broadcasting an Adult Contemporary format. Licensed to Jacksonville, Texas, USA, the station serves the Lufkin-Nacogdoches area. The station is currently owned by Access.1 Texas License Company LLC and features programing from Fox News Radio.-History:The station went on the air as KOOI-FM on 1983-04-12

Kook is a Yiddish surname meaning "look". Kook or KOOK may refer to:People:* Abraham Isaac Kook , Chief Rabbi in the British Mandate of Palestine, considered to be Israel's first Chief Rabbi

Kook is a Yiddish surname meaning "look". Kook or KOOK may refer to:People:* Abraham Isaac Kook , Chief Rabbi in the British Mandate of Palestine, considered to be Israel's first Chief Rabbi

Kookaburras are terrestrial kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea. They are large to very large, with a total length of . The name is a loanword from Wiradjuri guuguubarra, and is onomatopoeic of its call

Kookaburra (song)
"Kookaburra" is a popular Australian nursery rhyme and round about the Kookaburra , written by Marion Sinclair .-Composition:

The Kooma are an Indigenous Australian tribe living in the border region of Queensland and New South Wales. Category:Aboriginal tribes of New South Wales

KOP may refer to:* Border Protection Corps , a Polish military unit.* The Knights of Prosperity, a TV series and the fictional title group of protagonists.

KOP (album)
KOP is the fifth album released in 2002 of the Turkish pop singer Mustafa Sandal.-Track listing:* Kop, 2002#"Pazara Kadar" - – 3:27#"Geçmiş Olsun" - – 4:08#"Gururumdan" - – 3:58#"Kopmam Lazım" - – 3:44

Koper (film)
Koper is a 2006 Indonesian film directed by Richard Oh, and starring Anjasmara, Maya Hasan, and Djenar Maesa Ayu.-Plot:Yahya , a working-class clerk employed in a government-run archives office, found a suitcase on a roadside that is purported to contain stolen cash from a bank

Kopi may refer to*The Indonesian and Malay word for coffee*Kopi Luwak, a specially processed coffee*Kopi tiam, a restaurant style typical of Southeast Asia*Kopi compiler, free-license Java compiler written in Java*An alternate name for Karaka

KOPB is a radio station licensed to serve Eugene, Oregon, USA. The station is owned by Oregon Public Broadcasting. It airs a News/Talk format

KOR may stand for:* kappa Opioid receptor* Kimagure Orange Road, an anime series* "King of the Ring" tournament of World Wrestling Entertainment* Kor , a character in Star Trek

Kor refers to:*Kor River, an important river in the Fars province of Iran that may have been named after Cyrus the Great .*Kor , a Klingon character in the fictional Star Trek universe

Kora (album)
Kora is an album by New Zealand band, Kora released in 2007. A fusion of bass-heavy electronic style reggae metal.-Track listing:#"Intro"#"Burning"#"Requiem Of A Dream"#"Skankenstein"#"Time"#"On My Mind"#"Down The Road"#"The Delivery Man"

Kora (pilgrimage)
Kora is both a type of pilgrimage and a type of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Kora is performed by making a walking circumambulation around a temple, stupa, or other sacred site. Some traditional kora important to the Tibetan tradition include circumambulating Namtso Lake and Mount Kailash, both sacred sites in Tibet

Korak may refer to:*Korak - the son of Tarzan.*Korak, Nepal*korak - patchwork curtain used in a yurt*Korak language, language from Papua New Guinea

Kordel is a municipality in the Trier-Saarburg district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Kore is an energy drink distributed by GNC in 250 mL cans.-Ingredients:Water, Sugar, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Taurine, Sodium Citrate, Glucuronolactone, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Caffeine, Sodium Benzoate, Inositol, Caramel Color, Potassium Sorbate, Niacin, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Cyanocobalamin-External links:*

Kore may refer to:*the Greek goddess Persephone*Kore , a natural satellite of Jupiter named after her*KORE, an AM radio station in Springfield, Oregon, USA*Kore , a comic-book series by Josh Blaylock and Tim Seeley

KORE is a radio station broadcasting a Christian radio format. Licensed to Springfield-Eugene, Oregon, USA. The station is currently owned by Support Christian Broadcasting.

Kore (comics)
Kore is a comic-book series created in 2003 by Josh Blaylock and Tim Seeley , and published by Image Comics.-References:*

Kore (sculpture)
Kore is the name given to a type of ancient Greek sculpture of the Archaic period.There are multiple theories on who they represent, and as to whether they represent mortals or deities - one theory is that they represent Persephone the daughter in the triad of the Mother Goddess cults or votary figures to attend the maiden goddess.Kouroi are the

Korea ) is an East Asian geographic region that is currently divided into two separate sovereign states — North Korea and South Korea. Located on the Korean Peninsula, Korea is bordered by the People's Republic of China to the northwest, Russia to the northeast, and is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan , and separated from the Republic

Korea (Otwock County)
Korea is part of Sobienie Szlacheckie village, Gmina Sobienie-Jeziory. From 1975 to 1998 this place was in Siedlce Voivodeship.

Korean typically refers to the Korean language or a Korean person.Other uses include:* any or all of the cultures of Korea: traditional culture or North or South Korean contemporary cultures

Korek Telecom is a Kurdish mobile phone operator company in Pirmam, Erbil, in the north of Iraq. It is a shared limited company registered in Iraq to operate and provide GSM service in the capital of Kurdistan, Erbil and province of Duhok

Kores may refer to:* Kores * Korea Resources Corporation* Goris, Armenia* KORES: Korea Resources Corp

Kori may refer to:* Kori, Central African Republic* Kōri, Fukushima, a town in Japan* Kori one of the scheduled castes of India* Kori or kouri, the Hausa language term for a wadi* Kōri, a possible Japanese reading of Goryeo, a dynasty in Korea

Koriander can be:* Princess Koriander , also known as Starfire: A female character from comics, created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez in 1980. The pronunciation is 'kor-e-an-door'.

KORN is a radio station licensed to serve Mitchell, South Dakota. The station is owned by Riverfront Broadcasting LLC. It airs a News/Sports/Talk radio format

Korn (liquor)
Korn is a German colorless spirit that is usually made from fermented rye but may also be made from corn, barley, or wheat. Korn differs from vodka in that it is less rigorously filtered, which leaves more of the cereal taste in the finished spirit.Korn is the cheapest kind of spirit available in Germany, which has given it a somewhat dubious reputation

Koro (band)
Koro were a short-lived hardcore punk band from Knoxville, Tennessee. They released one self-titled 7" EP in 1983 and recorded a demo for an unreleased LP entitled Speed Kills.

KORR is a radio station broadcasting a hot adult contemporary format. Licensed to American Falls, Idaho, USA, the station serves the Pocatello area. The station is currently owned by Idaho Wireless Corporation.-History:

Korrek is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Publication history:Korrek first appeared in Fear #19 , and was created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik.

Kors is a surname shared by several notable people:* Michael Kors , American fashion designer* Alan Charles Kors , American intellectual historian

Korsakoff's syndrome
Korsakoff's syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by the lack of thiamine in the brain. Its onset is linked to chronic alcohol abuse and/or severe malnutrition

KORT may refer to:* Kort nozzle, a ducted propeller assembly for marine propulsion* KORT , a radio station licensed to Grangeville, Idaho, United States* KORT-FM, a radio station licensed to Grangeville, Idaho, United States

KORT is a radio station broadcasting a Country music format. Licensed to Grangeville, Idaho, USA. The station is currently owned by 4-K Radio, Inc. and features programing from ABC Radio.

-Currencies:*Czech koruna or Czech crown, the only modern currency with the name*Austro-Hungarian krone, localized as koruna in Czech/Slovak*Bohemian and Moravian koruna*Czechoslovak koruna*Hungarian korona, localized as koruna in Slovak*Slovak koruna

KOS may refer to:* K-os, aka Kevin Brereton , Canadian musician* KOS Media, providing county wide and local regional publications in Kent* Kill on sight* Kingdom of Sorrow a Sludgecore band from New Orleans

Kos (measure)
The kos is an ancient mathematical unit of distance that has been in use in the Indian subcontinent for over three thousand years; evidence exists from Vedic times to the Mughal period, and even now elderly people in rural areas refer to distances from nearby areas in kos

Kosher (disambiguation)
Kosher most commonly refers to Kashrut . Related articles include:*Kosher foods**Kosher wine**Kosher salt, a form of coarse salt used for kashering**Kosher locust, an insect considered kosher under Jewish dietary laws

Kosovo is a region in southeastern Europe. Part of the Ottoman Empire for more than five centuries, later the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia

Kosowo may refer to the following places:*Kosowo, Nakło County in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship *Kosowo, Świecie County in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship

Koss can refer to:* Koss Corporation, United States-based company that designs and manufactures headphones.* Johann Olav Koss, a Norwegian Olympic speed-skater and official.* Koss, an album by Paul Kossoff.

Kosten may refer to:*Kościan, in Poland*Kosten, Bulgaria, a village in Sungurlare municipality, Burgas Province*Kosteno, Greece

Kot is the surname of a Polish szlachta family.Although its literal meaning is cat, the surname origin is probably Polish mediaeval name of a person who starts settling people in a village or in a town

Kot (District Fatehpur, U.P. India)
Kot is a village in the southeast corner of Fatehpur district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The village was founded by Malik Bahbal , a general in the army of ShahabUddin Ghori in the 12th century

Kot (valley)
Kot is an alpine valley in the Julian Alps in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.Kot is one of three glacial alpine valleys near Mojstrana, the others being Vrata and Krma. It is the starting point for many routes through Triglav National Park area and one of the easier and faster routes up Mount Triglav. It leads into the Radovna Valley.

Kota or KOTA may refer to:* Kota brahmin, a sub-caste of Brahmins in Karnataka*The Kota tribe whose members live in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu, South India*The Kota language, a Dravidian language spoken in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu

KOTA is a radio station licensed to serve Rapid City, South Dakota. The station is owned by the Duhamel family of Rapid City

Kotlina may refer to:the following places in Poland:*Kotlina in Gmina Mirsk, Lwówek Śląski County in Lower Silesian Voivodeship *Other places called Kotlina place in Croatia:

Koto may refer to:*Koto , a Japanese musical instrument*Koto , a traditional dress made by Creole women in Suriname*Koto , Italian/Dutch synth pop group*Kōtō, Tokyo, a ward in Tokyo, Japan

KOTO is a not-for-profit restaurant and vocational training program based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its staff consists primarily of former street children who have received training in catering through KOTO itself or other similar charities.

Kotzen is a municipality in the Havelland district, in Brandenburg, Germany.-Translation:Since one English translation of the German verb "kotzen" is "to vomit" therefore the town was jokingly incorrectly referred to in Ripley's Believe-It-or-Not under the title "Barfburg"

Koulé is a town and sub-prefecture in the Nzérékoré Prefecture in the Nzérékoré Region of Guinea.- Transport :It lies near or on the route of the proposed standard gauge Transguinean Railways.- External links :*

Kouri is a village in the Saponé Department of Bazèga Province in central Burkina Faso. The village has a population of 925.-External links:*

Kovan is a suburb and part of Hougang, in the North-East Region of Singapore. It is part of Aljunied GRC. A relatively small and almost-unknown suburb, it houses many bungalows and condominiums

Kovilakam is a term that denotes to the principal manor/estate/palace of a princely lineages of Kerala, India. This is the residence, where all who have not succeeded to get Rajaship remain under the management of the eldest resident male or female member of that particular branch of the family

KOVO is a radio station broadcasting a sports format. Licensed to Provo, Utah, USA, the station serves the Provo/Salt Lake City area. The station is currently owned by Simmons-Slc, Ls, LLC.-History:

Kowalski (song)
"Kowalski" is a song by the band Primal Scream. It was released as a single on May 5, 1997, and is the first to be released from the band's fifth album Vanishing Point. The single went to number 8 on the UK charts.

Kowhai are small, woody legume trees in the genus Sophora native to New Zealand. There are eight species, S. microphylla being the most common. Kowhai trees grow throughout the country and are a common feature in New Zealand gardens. Outside of New Zealand, Kowhai tend to be restricted to mild temperate maritime climates. Species in this group include S. chathamica, S

Kowtow is the act of deep respect shown by kneeling and bowing so low as to have one's head touching the ground. An alternative Chinese term is ketou, however the meaning is somewhat altered: kòu originally meant "knock with reverence", whereas kē has the general meaning of "touch upon ".In Han Chinese culture, the kowtow is the highest sign of reverence

RAF Waddington
RAF Waddington is a Royal Air Force station in Lincolnshire, England.-Formation:Waddington opened as a Royal Flying Corps flying training station in 1916 until 1920, when the station went into care and maintenance.

RAF Welford
RAF Welford is an active Royal Air Force station in Berkshire, England. The airfield is located approximately northwest of Newbury; about west-southwest of London

Rafael Correa
Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado born is the President of the Republic of Ecuador and was the president pro tempore of the Union of South American Nations. An economist educated in Ecuador, Belgium and the United States, he was elected President in late 2006 and took office in January 2007

Rafael Diaz-Balart
Rafael Lincoln Díaz-Balart y Gutiérrez was a Cuban politician. Díaz-Balart served as Majority Leader of the Cuban House of Representatives and Minister of the Interior during the presidency of Fulgencio Batista.

Rafael Furcal
Rafael Antonio Furcal , is a Major League Baseball shortstop who is currently a free agent.-Early career:

Rafael Kubelík
Rafael Jeroným Kubelík was a Czech conductor and composer.-Early life:Kubelík was born in Býchory, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary, today's Czech Republic. He was the sixth child of the Bohemian violinist Jan Kubelík, whom the younger Kubelík described as "a kind of god to me." His mother was a Hungarian countess, Anna Julie Marie Széll von Bessenyö

Raffles Place MRT Station
Raffles Place MRT Station ' is a Mass Rapid Transit interchange station on the North South Line and the East West Line in Singapore. It is directly beneath the centre of the financial district of Raffles Place, located in the Downtown Core area, south of the Singapore River

Rafflesia is a genus of parasitic flowering plants. It contains approximately 28 species , all found in southeastern Asia, on the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Thailand and the Philippines.Rafflesia was found in the Indonesian rain forest by an Indonesian guide working for Dr

Rafflesia arnoldii
Rafflesia arnoldii is a member of the genus Rafflesia. It is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth, and a strong odor of decaying flesh - the latter point earning it the nickname of "corpse flower". It is an endemic plant that occurs only in the rainforest of Bengkulu and Sumatra Island Indonesia

A raft is any flat structure for support or transportation over water. It is the most basic of boat design, characterized by the absence of a hull

A raga is one of the melodic modes used in Indian classical music.It is a series of five or more musical notes upon which a melody is made

Raga (film)
Raga is a documentary about the life and music of sitarist Ravi Shankar. It is directed by Howard Worth.

The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat. It is a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat. Developed by American breeder Ann Baker, it is best known for its docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature

Ragged school
Ragged Schools were charitable schools dedicated to the free education of destitute children in 19th century England. The schools were developed in working class districts of the rapidly expanding industrial towns

Ragging is a practice in educational institutions in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka that involves existing students baiting or bullying new students. It is similar to the American phenomenon of hazing. It often takes a malignant form wherein the newcomers may be subjected to psychological or physical torture

Raghad Hussein
Raghad Saddam Hussein is the eldest daughter of former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein and Sajida Talfah.-Biography:

Raghavendra Swami
Raghavendra Theertha was a Hindu saint and philosopher who served as the head of the Sri Mutt in Kumbakonam from 1624 to 1636. He wrote a commentary Sudha Parimala on the Nyaya Sudha, an exposition of Dvaita philosophy

Ragtime (novel)
Ragtime is a 1975 novel by E. L. Doctorow. This work of historical fiction is primarily set in the New York City area from about 1900 until the United States entry into World War I in 1917

Rahab, was, according to the Book of Joshua, a woman who lived in Jericho in the Promised Land and assisted the Israelites in capturing the city

Rahimuddin Khan
Rahimuddin Khan Afridi is a retired four-star general of the Pakistan Army who was the fourth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee from 1984 to 1987. He was also the longest-serving Governor and martial law administrator of Balochistan, from 1978 to when he resigned in 1984

RahMoc Enterprises
RahMoc Enterprises is a former NASCAR Winston Cup team. The team was owned by long-time engine builder Bob Rahilly and Butch Mock, as well as Darwin Oordt in the team's later years. RahMoc Enterprises continues to operate as an engine supplier for several NASCAR teams.- Beginnings :RahMoc's debut in NASCAR came in 1978, at the NAPA National 500

Rahul Easwar
Periyamana illathu Rahul Easwaran Namboothiri better known as Rahul Easwar is an author, activist and researcher in Philosophy from Kerala, India. Easwar is an educationist, takes sessions on philosophy, psycholgy, lifology and is an orator.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi is an Indian politician and member of the parliament of India, representing the Amethi constituency. His political party is the Indian National Congress.-Early life and career:

Rāhula was the only son of Siddhartha Gautama , later known as the Buddha, and his wife Princess Yasodharā.Accounts of his life differ in certain points. The following is that given in the Pāli Canon.- Life :

Rahway (NJT station)
Rahway Station is a New Jersey Transit train station in Rahway, New Jersey with service on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast lines. It is in the downtown part of the city on an embankment completed in 1913 and trestles over Milton Avenue and Irving and Cherry Streets. The present station was built by New Jersey Transit at a cost of $16 million and opened in early 1999

Rai (ethnic group)
The Rai are one of Nepal's most ancient indigenous ethnolinguistic groups. They were Raya meaning king. Once someone was recognized as a ruler then Hindus awarded the title Raja, Rai, Raya, Malla etc. When the king Pritivi Narayan Shah couldn't defeat Kirant king , he somehow took them in cofidence that the land is theirs forever and gave them the title Rai in around B.S

Raich Carter
Horatio Stratton "Raich" Carter was one of the greatest English footballers of the pre-war era

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Raiders of the Lost Ark is a 1981 American action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by George Lucas, and starring Harrison Ford. It is the first film in the Indiana Jones franchise

Rail adhesion
The term adhesion railway or adhesion traction describes the most common type of railway, where power is applied by driving some or all of the wheels of the locomotive. Thus, it relies on the friction between a steel wheel and a steel rail. Note that steam locomotives of old were driven only by 'drivers' that were connected to the 'side rods' of the locomotive

Rail tracks
The track on a railway or railroad, also known as the permanent way, is the structure consisting of the rails, fasteners, sleepers and ballast , plus the underlying subgrade

Rail transport in Germany
, Germany had a railway network of 41,315 km. 19,857 km are electrified. The total track length was 76,473 km. Germany is a member of the International Union of Railways . The UIC Country Code for Germany is 80.-Overview:

Rail transport in India
Rail transport is a commonly used mode of long-distance transportation in India. Almost all rail operations in India are handled by a state-owned organisation, Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways. The rail network traverses the length and breadth of the country, covering a total length of

A railgun is an entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails using the same principles as the homopolar motor. Railguns use two sliding or rolling contacts that permit a large electric current to pass through the projectile. This current interacts with the strong magnetic fields generated by the rails and this accelerates the projectile

Railroad (disambiguation)
A railway is a type of transport using wheeled vehicles on rail tracks.Railway may also refer to:* The Railroad, a film* Railways, a 2010 Japanese film* Sid Meier's Railroads!, a business simulation computer game

Railroad car
A railroad car or railway vehicle , also known as a bogie in Indian English, is a vehicle on a rail transport system that is used for the carrying of cargo or passengers. Cars can be coupled together into a train and hauled by one or more locomotives

Railroad Retirement Board
The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board is an independent agency in the executive branch of the United States government created in 1935 to administer a social insurance program providing retirement benefits to the country's railroad workers.

Railroad switch
A railroad switch, turnout or [set of] points is a mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another at a railway junction.

Railway Express Agency
The Railway Express Agency was a the national monopoly set up by the Untied States federal government in 1917. Rail express services provided small package and parcel transportation using the extant railroad infrastructure much as UPS functions today using the road system

Railway Operating Division
The Railway Operating Division was a division of the Royal Engineers formed in 1915 to operate railways in the many theatres of the First World War

Railway platform
A railway platform is a section of pathway, alongside rail tracks at a train station, metro station or tram stop, at which passengers may board or alight from trains or trams. Almost all stations for rail transport have some form of platforms, with larger stations having multiple platforms

Railway signal
A signal is a mechanical or electrical device erected beside a railway line to pass information relating to the state of the line ahead to train/engine drivers. The driver interprets the signal's indication and acts accordingly

Rain is liquid precipitation, as opposed to non-liquid kinds of precipitation such as snow, hail and sleet. Rain requires the presence of a thick layer of the atmosphere to have temperatures above the melting point of water near and above the Earth's surface

Rain Bird
Rain Bird Corporation is a large privately held manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services, based in Azusa, California.-History:

Rain Man
Rain Man is a 1988 drama film written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass and directed by Barry Levinson. It tells the story of an abrasive and selfish yuppie, Charlie Babbitt, who discovers that his estranged father has died and bequeathed all of his multimillion-dollar estate to his other son, Raymond, an autistic savant of whose existence Charlie was unaware.The film stars Dustin

Rainbow Bridge (Niagara Falls)
The Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls is an international steel arch bridge across the Niagara River gorge, and is a world-famous tourist site. It connects the cities of Niagara Falls, New York, United States , and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada .-Construction:The Rainbow Bridge was built near the site of the earlier Honeymoon Bridge, which had collapsed on January 27,

Rainbow trout
The rainbow trout is a species of salmonid native to tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America. The steelhead is a sea run rainbow trout usually returning to freshwater to spawn after 2 to 3 years at sea. In other words, rainbow trout and steelhead trout are the same species. The fish are often called salmon trout

Rainbows End
Rainbows End is a 2006 science fiction novel by Vernor Vinge. It was awarded the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Novel. The book is set in San Diego, California, in 2025, in a variation of the fictional world Vinge explored in his 2002 Hugo-winning novella "Fast Times at Fairmont High" and 2004's "Synthetic Serendipity"

Rainer Maria Rilke
René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke , better known as Rainer Maria Rilke, was a Bohemian–Austrian poet. He is considered one of the most significant poets in the German language

Rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with definitions based on a minimum normal annual rainfall of 1750-2000 mm

Rainie Yang
Rainie Yang , born June 4th, 1984, is a Taiwanese singer, Golden Bell Awards actress and talk show host.-Career:Yang began her career in 2000, as a member of Taiwanese quartet girl group 4 in Love, where she was given the stage name of Rainie, matching the weather theme of each member. The group's popularity in the music industry was mediocre and they achieved limited success

Rainwater harvesting
Rainwater harvesting is the accumulating and storing of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer. It has been used to provide drinking water, water for livestock, water for irrigation, as well as other typical uses. Rainwater collected from the roofs of houses and local institutions can make an important contribution to the availability of drinking water

Rais Amrohvi
Syed Muhammad Mehdi, known as Rais Amrohvi was a noted scholar, Urdu poet and psychoanalyst of Pakistan, however he can not be classified as a psychoanalyst in a traditional sense, as he looked at psychology through a spiritual perspective rather than scientific.He was born on September 12, 1914 in Amroha, India, in a notable

Raised pavement marker
A raised pavement marker is a safety device used on roads. These devices are usually made with plastic, ceramic, or occasionally metal, and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Many varieties include a lens or sheeting that enhance their visibility by reflecting automotive headlights

Raj Comics
Raj Comics is an Indian comic book line published by a division of Raja Pocket Books.Raj Comics' best-known characters include Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Doga, Parmanu, Shakti, Bhokal and Super Indian.-History:

Raj Thackeray
Raj Shrikant Thackeray is the founder and president of the right-wing Marathi ethnocentric regional political party, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena in the state of Maharashtra, India

Raja is an Indian term for a monarch, or princely ruler of the Kshatriya varna

Rajah Tupas
Rajah Tupas was the Rajah of Cebu in the Philippines. He was the son of Sri Parang the Limp, and the nephew of Rajah Humabon. He is known to have been baptized on 21 March 1568 at age 70,He had also been baptized during Magellan's day together with his wife, her parents, his brother, two sisters in-law and ten nieces. placing his birthdate at about 1497

Rajamangala University of Technology
Rajamangala University of Technology , RMUT, is a system of nine universities in Thailand providing undergraduate and graduate level of education. It was elevated to university level in 2005

Rajapalayam (dog)
The Rajapalayam is an Indian Sighthound. It was the companion of the royalty and aristocracy in Southern India, particularly in the town Rajapalayam from where it gets its name.-Appearance:

Rajarajeshwara Temple
The Rajarajeswara temple is a Shiva temple located at Taliparamba in the Kannur district of Kerala, South India.The temple is regarded as one of the existing 108 ancient Shiva Temples of Kerala. It also has a prominent place amongst the numerous Shiva temples in South India.It had the tallest shikhara amongst the temples of its time

Rājasthān the land of Rajasthanis, , is the largest state of the Republic of India by area. It is located in the northwest of India. It encompasses most of the area of the large, inhospitable Great Indian Desert , which has an edge paralleling the Sutlej-Indus river valley along its border with Pakistan

Rajendra Chola III
Rajendra Chola III was the son of Rajaraja Chola III who came to the Chola throne in 1246 CE. Although his father Rajaraja III was still alive, Rajendra began to take effective control over the administration

Rajesh Khanna
Rajesh Khanna is an Indian actor of from Hindi films, and has been Hindi film producer and an Indian politician.

Rajkumar , born as Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju was a popular actor and singer in the Kannada film industry

Rajouri District
Rajouri is a district of Jammu province in the Indian-administered Kashmir. It is close to the control line and borders with Ponch to the north and Mirpur to the southwest, both of which are in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

A Rajput is a member of one of the patrilineal clans of western, central, northern India and in some parts of Pakistan. Rajputs are descendants of one of the major ruling warrior classes in the Indian subcontinent, particularly North India

Rajput clans
The Rajputs are a martial race and caste of the Indian subcontinent. They are a Hindu caste whose members generally consider themselves to belong to the Kshatriya varna ; however, Encyclopædia Britannica notes that their members have come from a variety of lineages, including from foreign invaders.Rajputs rose to prominence during the 6th to 12th

Rajput painting
Rajput painting, also known as Rajasthani Painting, is a style of Indian painting, evolved and flourished during the 18th century in the royal courts of Rajputana, India, flowing from the style of Mughal painting, itself derived from the Persian miniature. Each Rajput kingdom evolved a distinct style, but with certain common features

Rajshree is an Indian actress. She was known for her classic beauty, acting and dancing capabilities.-Personal life:Rajshree is the daughter of acclaimed Indian film maker V. Shantaram and actress Jayshree, second wife of V. Shantaram

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