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Kessel (North Brabant)
Kessel is a village in the southern Netherlands. It is located in Lith, North Brabant about 12 km northeast of 's-Hertogenbosch on the river Maas.Kessel was a separate municipality until 1821, when it became a part of Alem, Maren en Kessel.-References:

Kester is the Scottish form of ChristopherKester may refer to:People with the given name Kester:* Kester Berwick , Australian actor and writer* King Kester Emeneya , Congolese musician

Kestrel (comics)
Kestrel, in comics, may refer to:* Kestrel , a test subject of the Weapon X Project* Kestrel , the supervillain archenemy of Hawk and Dove* Kestrel , a member of Gene Dogs

KLPW-FM is an American radio station serving the city of Cuba, Missouri.In February 2007, the license holder applied to change the city of license to Steelville, Missouri, which is the location of KNSX, the other station owned by Twenty-One Sound Communications.The FCC revoked the station's STA authority on April 10, 2007

Keť is a village and municipality in the Levice District in the Nitra Region of Slovakia.-Geography:The village lies at an altitude of 150 metres and covers an area of 19.65 km². It has a population of about 680 people.-Ethnicity:

A ketch is a sailing craft with two masts: a main mast, and a shorter mizzen mast abaft of the main mast, but forward of the rudder post. Both masts are rigged mainly fore-and-aft. From one to three jibs may be carried forward of the main mast when going to windward

Ketch (disambiguation)
A ketch is a sailing craft with two masts.Ketch may also refer to:People* Daniel Ketch, a Marvel Comics character* Jack Ketch , English executionerPlaces*Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia

Ketchup (disambiguation)
Ketchup is a condiment. Related pages:*Banana ketchup, a prepared condiment made from mashed banana, sugar, vinegar, and spices*Heinz Tomato Ketchup, a brand of ketchup by H. J

Ketoacidosis is a metabolic state associated with high concentrations of ketone bodies, formed by the breakdown of fatty acids and the deamination of amino acids. The two common ketones produced in humans are acetoacetic acid and β-hydroxybutyrate.

In organic chemistry, a ketone is an organic compound with the structure RCR', where R and R' can be a variety of atoms and groups of atoms. It features a carbonyl group bonded to two other carbon atoms. Many ketones are known and many are of great importance in industry and in biology

A ketose is a sugar containing one ketone group per molecule.With 3 carbon atoms, dihydroxyacetone is the simplest of all ketoses and is the only one having no optical activity. Ketoses can isomerize into an aldose when the carbonyl group is located at the end of the molecule

Kettle (birds)
A kettle is a term that birdwatchers use to describe a group of birds wheeling and circling in the air. The kettle may be composed of several different species at the same time. Nature photographer M

Kettle of Fish
Kettle of Fish is the title of a compilation album by Fish released in 1998, providing a retrospective on his solo career plus two new songs. Unlike the previous best-of Yin and Yang , this is a single disc and does not include any Marillion material

Ketty is a surname or given name, and may refer to:*Rina Ketty*Ketty LesterKetty is also a fashion trademarkSee also*Katie

KEWL-FM is a radio station broadcasting a Classic Hits format. Licensed to New Boston, Texas, USA, it serves the Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas area. The station is currently owned by AMI Radio Group.The station used to simulcast on KGAP 98.5 FM in Clarksville, with a 50,000 watts signal

Key may refer to:* Key , device used to open a lock or door* Key , a piece of information that controls the operation of a cryptography algorithm

The KeY tool is used in formal verification of Java programs.It accepts both specifications written in JML or OCL to Java source files. These are transformed into theorems of dynamic logic and then compared against program semantics which are likewise defined in terms of dynamic logic. KeY is significantly powerful in that it supports both interactive The KeY tool is used in formal verification of Java programs.It accepts both specifications written in JML or OCL to Java source files. These are transformed into theorems of dynamic logic and then compared against program semantics which are likewise defined in terms of dynamic logic. KeY is significantly powerful in that it supports both interactive The KeY tool is used in formal verification of Java programs.It accepts both specifications written in JML or OCL to Java source files. These are transformed into theorems of dynamic logic and then compared against program semantics which are likewise defined in terms of dynamic logic. KeY is significantly powerful in that it supports both interactive (i.e

Key (basketball)
The key, officially referred to as the free throw lane by the National Basketball Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association , the restricted area by the international governing body FIBA, and colloquially as the shaded lane and the paint, is an area in a basketball court underneath the basket bounded by the endlines, the foul lanes

Key (Son, Ambulance)
Key is the second full-length from Omaha, NE's Son, Ambulance.It is the 71st release from Saddle Creek Records.-Track listing:#"Entropy"#"Paper Snowflakes"#"Billy Budd"#"Chlorophyll"#"Sex in C Minor"#"House Guest"#"Taxi-Cab Driver"

Key signature
In musical notation, a key signature is a series of sharp or flat symbols placed on the staff, designating notes that are to be consistently played one semitone higher or lower than the equivalent natural notes unless otherwise altered with an accidental

Keyboard may refer to:* Typewriter keyboard, used to enter text onto paper* Computer keyboard, a set of keys used to input information to a computer** IBM PC keyboard** Apple Keyboard

A keyboardist is a musician who plays keyboard instruments. Until the early 1960s musicians who played keyboards were generally classified as either pianists or organists. Since the mid-1960s, a plethora of new musical instruments with keyboards have come into common usage, requiring a more general term for a person who plays them

Keyed Up
Keyed Up is the Fifthteenth studio album by country music star Ronnie Milsap, released in 1983 under the RCA Records Label.It featured the #5 country chart hit "Stranger In my House", plus the #1 country hits "Don't You Know How Much I Love You" and "Show Her."-Track listing:#"Stranger In My House" #"Show Her" #"Don't Your Mem'ry Ever sleep At Night"#"Watch Out

A keyhole is where a key is inserted to open a lock. It is more properly known as a keyway.Keyhole has the following meanings:* Gravitational keyhole is a region of an orbit where a small gravitational input could cause a small body to collide with the large body it is orbiting.* Keyhole surgery is another name for Laparoscopic surgery* Keyhole, Inc

Keyhole limpet hemocyanin
Keyhole limpet hemocyanin is a large, multisubunit, oxygen-carrying, metalloprotein found in the hemolymph of the giant keyhole limpet, Megathura crenulata, that lives off the coast of California from Monterey Bay to Isla Asuncion off Baja California.-Protein properties:Keyhole limpet hemocyanin is an extremely large, heterogeneous glycosylated protein consisting of subunits

Keying (telecommunications)
Keying is a family of modulation forms where the modulating signal takes one of two values at all times. The goal of keying is to transmit a digital signal over an analogue channel. The name derives from the Morse code key used for telegraph signaling.

A keynote in literature, music, or public speaking establishes the principal underlying theme. In corporate or commercial settings, greater importance is attached to the delivery of a keynote speech or keynote address

A keypad is a set of buttons arranged in a block or "pad" which usually bear digits, symbols and usually a complete set of alphabetical letters. If it mostly contains numbers then it can also be called a numeric keypad

Keys (surname)
Keys is a surname, and may refer to:*Alicia Keys, an American soul/jazz/pop musician*David Keys , stage name of David Nicholas Robert Johnson*David Keys , a British archaeological journalist*Anetta Keys, a nude model and pornstar

Keystone (gasoline automobile)
The Keystone was an American automobile manufactured from 1914 until 1915. Designed by Chas C. Snodgrass and built in Pittsburgh, it ran using a Rutenber 55 hp six engine.

Keystone (limestone)
Keystone refers to a type of limestone, or coral rag, quarried in the Florida Keys, in particular from Windley Key fossil quarry, which is now a State Park of Florida

Keystone (steam automobile)
The Keystone Steamer was an American automobile manufactured from 1899 until 1900 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania .Manufacturer was the Keystone Match & Machine Company, founded in 1894 and offering bicycles from 1896 . In 1899 the company offered an interesting but complicated steam car

Kezia is the debut full-length release by the Canadian progressive metal band Protest the Hero. It is considered a concept album.-Overview:

Kezia (disambiguation)
Kezia may refer to:*Kezia or Keziah, a Hebrew name*Kezia of Buganda , member of the Ugandan royalty*Kezia Walker, a fictional character in the British television series The Bill*Kezia , a 2005 album by Protest the Hero

Keziah or Kezziah is a Hebrew name used in the Old Testament. A number of etymologies have been suggested, among them the Hebrew for Cassia, from the name for the spice tree.

The KGB was the commonly used acronym for the . It was the national security agency of the Soviet Union from 1954 until 1991, and was the premier internal security, intelligence, and secret police organization during that time.The State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus currently uses the

KGB (bar)
KGB is a Soviet-era themed bar located in the East Village of New York City at 85 E. 4th Street, New York, NY 10003.-History:Before its present incarnation, the second-floor venue was a speakeasy for Ukrainian Socialists who met behind its double-locked doors to hide their political affiliations from the rampant McCarthyism of the era

This article is about the fabric. For the color, see Khaki . Kaki, another name for the persimmon, is often misspelled "Khaki".Khaki is a type of fabric or the color of such fabric

Khaki drill
Khaki drill or KD was the term for a type of fabric and the British military uniforms made from them. Khaki Drill was worn as a combat uniform from 1900 to 1949 but is a variant, still referred to a Khaki Drill or KD's is worn by the UK Armed Forces, in non combatatant warm weather countries where the british are activly serving e.g. personnel stationed at R.A.F

Khalifa (disambiguation)
-Concept:* Khalifa of a Sufi shaikh* Khilafah or Caliphate* Khalif or Caliph* Khalifatul Masih, Successor of the Messiah* In Sufism, a Khalifah is a spiritual successor of a saint, in the Sufi order-Living people:

KHAM is a commercial radio station that is licensed to serve the Britt, Iowa area. KHAM is licensed to Coloff Media, LLC. KHAM was first licensed on October 18, 2002.

Khamsin, khamseen, chamsin or hamsin , also known as khamaseen refers to a dry, hot and dusty local wind blowing in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Similar winds in the area are sirocco and simoom

Khan is an originally Altaic and subsequently Central Asian title for a sovereign or military ruler, widely used by medieval nomadic Turko-Mongol tribes living to the north of China. 'Khan' is also seen as a title in the Xianbei confederation for their chief between 283 and 289

Khan (band)
Khan were an English progressive rock band of the Canterbury Scene during 1971-1972.Formed by Steve Hillage from Uriel, the initial line-up was Steve Hillage , Nick Greenwood , Dick Heninghem and Pip Pyle

Khan (Droon)
Khan is a fictional character in the children book series The Secrets of Droon written by Tony Abbott .Khan is a purple pillow-like creature called a Lumpy, an inhabitant of the magical realm of Droon, and the king of the Lumpies of Lumpland.

Khanate, or Chanat, is a Turco-Mongol-originated word used to describe a political entity ruled by a Khan. In modern Turkish, the word used is kağanlık, and in modern Azeri of the republic of Azerbaijan, xanlıq. In Mongolian the word khanlig is used, as in "Khereidiin Khanlig" meaning the Khanate of the Kerait

Khartoum (disambiguation)
Khartoum is the capital city of Sudan. The term may also refer to:* Khartoum State, Sudan* Khartoum North , a city close to, but distinct from, Khartoum in central Sudan

KHAT is a radio station broadcasting a Sports format. Licensed to Laramie, Wyoming, USA. The station is currently owned by Appaloosa Broadcasting Company, Inc. and features programing from ESPN Radio.-History:

The khene is a mouth organ of Lao origin whose pipes, which are usually made of bamboo, are connected with a small, hollowed-out hardwood reservoir into which air is blown, creating a sound similar to that of the violin

KHI (disambiguation)
KHI may refer to:* IATA code for Jinnah International Airport at Karachi, Pakistan* Abbreviation for Karachi City* Kevin Harvick Incorporated, a NASCAR team* Kawasaki Heavy Industries an international corporation based in Japan

Khmer may refer to:*Srok Khmer, the modern Kingdom of Cambodia*Khmer people, the ethnic group to which the great majority of Cambodians belong**Khmer Krom, Khmer people living in the Delta and the Lower Mekong area

Khmer Rouge
The Khmer Rouge literally translated as Red Cambodians was the name given to the followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, who were the ruling party in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, led by Pol Pot, Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary, Son Sen and Khieu Samphan

Kho is a cooking technique in Vietnamese cuisine in which a protein source such as fish, shrimp, poultry, pork, beef, or fried tofu is braised on low heat in a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, and water or a water substitute such as young coconut juice

Khoisan is a unifying name for two ethnic groups of Southern Africa, who share physical and putative linguistic characteristics distinct from the Bantu majority of the region. Culturally, the Khoisan are divided into the foraging San and the pastoral Khoi

Khronos (game)
Khronos is a game for two to five players designed by Ludovic Vialla and Arnaud Urbon. In the game, players build domains by laying tiles representing buildings on three game boards, each representing the same area in three different ages. By paying one coin, players can travel between the different ages

Khrushchev (surname)
Khrushchev is a Russian surname.*Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964*Nikita Khrushchev , journalist and grandson of Nikita Khrushchev the Soviet Premier*Sergei Khrushchev, engineer and son of Nikita Khrushchev

Ki or KI may refer to:* .ki, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code top level domain for Kiribati*Ki., an abbreviation for the Book of Kings in Judaeo-Christian religious texts* Ki * Ki , a Japanese syllabic character

Ki (goddess)
Cuneiform KI is the sign for "earth". It is also read as GI5, GUNNI "hearth", KARAŠ "encampment, army", KISLAḪ "threshing floor" or steath, and SUR7

KUCB is a non-commercial radio station in Unalaska, Alaska, broadcasting on 89.7 FM. It signed on in October 2008 to replace KIAL 1450 AM. KUCB generally broadcasts local programming, plus programming from National Public Radio and Alaska Public Radio

Puerto Rican Boa
The Puerto Rican Boa is a slender, terrestrial, viviparous boa with a dark brown coloration. It grows up to be about six to nine feet long. It feeds on small mammals, birds and lizards. As a member of the rainbow boas , it belongs to the family of the true boas

Puerto Ricans in the United States
Stateside Puerto Ricans are American citizens of Puerto Rican origin, including those who migrated from Puerto Rico to the United States and those who were born outside of Puerto Rico in the United States

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico , officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico , is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.Puerto Rico comprises an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican balneario resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas.The 2010 census reported Puerto Vallarta's population as 255,725 making it the sixth-largest city in the state of Jalisco

Puerto Williams
Puerto Williams is a Chilean port, located on Isla Navarino facing the Beagle Channel. It is the capital of the Chilean Antarctic Province, one of four provinces located in the Magellan and Chilean Antartica Region

A puffball is a member of any of several groups of fungus in the division Basidiomycota. The puffballs were previously treated as a taxonomic group called the Gasteromycetes or Gasteromycetidae, but they are now known to be a polyphyletic assemblage. The distinguishing feature of all puffballs is that they do not have an open cap with spore-bearing gills

Tetraodontidae is a family of primarily marine and estuarine fish of the Tetraodontiformes order. The family includes many familiar species which are variously called pufferfish, balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, toadfish, toadies, honey toads, sugar toads, and sea squab

Puffins are any of three small species of auk in the bird genus Fratercula with a brightly coloured beak during the breeding season. These are pelagic seabirds that feed primarily by diving in the water. They breed in large colonies on coastal cliffs or offshore islands, nesting in crevices among rocks or in burrows in the soil

Puget Sound
Puget Sound is a sound in the U.S. state of Washington. It is a complex estuarine system of interconnected marine waterways and basins, with one major and one minor connection to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean — Admiralty Inlet being the major connection and Deception Pass being the minor

Pūjā or alternative transliteration Pooja, is a religious ritual performed by Hindus as an offering to various deities, distinguished persons, or special guests

The Puli is a medium-big breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog known for its long, corded coat. The tight curls of the coat, similar to dreadlocks, make it virtually waterproof. A similar looking, but much larger Hungarian dog breed is called Komondor.- Appearance :The Puli is a multi-colored dog that is usually black

Pulitzer Prize
The Pulitzer Prize is a U.S. award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature and musical composition. It was established by American publisher Joseph Pulitzer and is administered by Columbia University in New York City

Pullback (category theory)
In category theory, a branch of mathematics, a pullback is the limit of a diagram consisting of two morphisms f : X → Z and g : Y → Z with a common codomain; it is the limit of the cospan X \rightarrow Z \leftarrow Y

Pullman (car or coach)
In the United States, Pullman was used to refer to railroad sleeping cars which were built and operated on most U.S. railroads by the Pullman Company from 1867 to December 31, 1968.

Pullman Company
The Pullman Palace Car Company, founded by George Pullman, manufactured railroad cars in the mid-to-late 19th century through the early decades of the 20th century, during the boom of railroads in the United States. Pullman developed the sleeping car which carried his name into the 1980s

Pulmonary circulation
Pulmonary circulation is the half portion of the cardiovascular system which carries Oxygen-depleted Blood away from the heart, to the Lungs, and returns oxygenated blood back to the heart. Encyclopedic description and discovery of the pulmonary circulation is widely attributed to Doctor Ibn al-Nafis

Pulmonary contusion
A pulmonary contusion is a contusion of the lung, caused by chest trauma. As a result of damage to capillaries, blood and other fluids accumulate in the lung tissue. The excess fluid interferes with gas exchange, potentially leading to inadequate oxygen levels

Pulmonary valve stenosis
Pulmonary valve stenosis is a heart valve disorder in which outflow of blood from the right ventricle of the heart is obstructed at the level of the pulmonic valve. This results in the reduction of flow of blood to the lungs. Valvular pulmonic stenosis accounts for 80% of right ventricular outflow tract obstruction

Pulp (novel)
Pulp is the last completed novel by Los Angeles poet and writer Charles Bukowski. It was published in 1994, shortly before Bukowski's death. He began writing it in 1991 and encountered several problems during its creation

Pulp (tooth)
The dental pulp is the part in the center of a tooth made up of living connective tissue and cells called odontoblasts.- Anatomy :Each person can have a total of up to 52 pulp organs, 32 in the permanent and 20 in the primary teeth.

Pulp and Paper
Pulp and Paper is the name of the largest United States-based trade magazine for the pulp and paper industry. See also: Paper engineering, Pulp and Paper Merit Badge

Pulp and paper industry
The global pulp and paper industry is dominated by North American , northern European and East Asian countries

Pulp and paper industry in Japan
- Leading companies :According to the 2003 PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Forest & Paper Industry Survey, the top 10 forest and paper products companies in Japan were:-2002:-External links:* Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry

In medicine, one's pulse represents the tactile arterial palpation of the heartbeat by trained fingertips. The pulse may be palpated in any place that allows an artery to be compressed against a bone, such as at the neck , at the wrist , behind the knee , on the inside of the elbow , and near the ankle joint In medicine, one's pulse represents the tactile arterial palpation of the heartbeat by trained fingertips. The pulse may be palpated in any place that allows an artery to be compressed against a bone, such as at the neck (carotid artery), at the wrist (radial artery), behind the knee (popliteal artery), on the inside of the elbow (brachial artery), and near the ankle joint In medicine, one's pulse represents the tactile arterial palpation of the heartbeat by trained fingertips. The pulse may be palpated in any place that allows an artery to be compressed against a bone, such as at the neck (carotid artery), at the wrist (radial artery), behind the knee (popliteal artery), on the inside of the elbow (brachial artery), and near the ankle joint (posterior

Pulse generator
A pulse generator is either an electronic circuit or a piece of electronic test equipment used to generate rectangular pulses. This article describes the test equipment.-Bench pulse generators:

Pulse jet engine
A pulse jet engine is a type of jet engine in which combustion occurs in pulses. Pulsejet engines can be made with few or no moving parts, and are capable of running statically.

Pulse oximeter
A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly monitors the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood and changes in blood volume in the skin, producing a photoplethysmograph. It is often attached to a medical monitor so staff can see a patient's oxygenation at all times

Pulse-code modulation
Pulse-code modulation is a method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals. It is the standard form for digital audio in computers and various Blu-ray, Compact Disc and DVD formats, as well as other uses such as digital telephone systems

Pulse-width modulation
Pulse-width modulation , or pulse-duration modulation , is a commonly used technique for controlling power to inertial electrical devices, made practical by modern electronic power switches.

PulseAudio is a cross-platform, networked sound server commonly used on the Linux-based and FreeBSD operating systems.PulseAudio runs under Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and POSIX-compliant platforms, such as Linux and FreeBSD

Pulte Homes
Pulte Homes, Inc is a Bloomfield Hills, MI based company founded by Bill Pulte. Announced April 8, 2009, Pulte Homes has agreed to acquire Centex - creating the nation's largest homebuilding company in a stock transaction worth $3.1 billion, including $1.8 billion of debt

A pump is a device used to move fluids, such as liquids, gases or slurries.A pump displaces a volume by physical or mechanical action. Pumps fall into three major groups: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps

A pumpjack is the overground drive for a reciprocating piston pump in an oil well.

A pumpkin is a gourd-like squash of the genus Cucurbita and the family Cucurbitaceae . It commonly refers to cultivars of any one of the species Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita mixta, Cucurbita maxima, and Cucurbita moschata, and is native to North America

Punakaiki is a small community on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, between Westport and Greymouth. The community lies on the edge of the Paparoa National Park.

Punch card
A punched card, punch card, IBM card, or Hollerith card is a piece of stiff paper that contains digital information represented by the presence or absence of holes in predefined positions

Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time. "Punctual" is often used synonymously with "on time."

Pune District
Pune District is situated in Maharashtra state of India. Pune city is the district headquarters. In the last census on 2001, the total population of the district was 7,232,555, making it the fourth most populous district in India . Urban population comprises 58.08% of the total population

Punjab (British India)
Punjab was a province of British India, it was one of the last areas of the Indian subcontinent to fall under British rule. With the end of British rule in 1947 the province was split between West Punjab, which went to Pakistan, and East Punjab, which went to India

Punjab (Pakistan)
Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan, with approximately 45% of the country's total population. Forming most of the Punjab region, the province is bordered by Kashmir to the north-east, the Indian states of Punjab and Rajasthan to the east, the Pakistani province of Sindh to the south, the province of

Punjab cricket team
The Punjab cricket team is the official first-class cricket team that represents the Indian state of Punjab. They have qualified for three Ranji Trophy semi-finals in the last five seasons, and made it to the final in 2004–05 tournament, where they lost to Railways on first innings. They also play in other domestic cricket tournaments in India

Punjab National Bank
Punjab National Bank , was founded in 1894 and is currently the second largest state-owned commercial bank in India ahead of Bank of Baroda with about 5000 branches across 764 cities. It serves over 37 million customers. The bank has been ranked 248th biggest bank in the world by the Bankers Almanac, London

Punjab Technical University
Punjab Technical University is a state university located at Jalandhar, India. It was established by an act of State Legislature on 16 January 1997, to promote technical, management and pharmaceutical education in the Punjab state at the degree level and above

Punjabi Culture
Punjabi Culture is the culture of the Punjab region. It is one of the oldest in world history, dating from ancient antiquity to the modern era. The Punjabi culture is the culture of the Punjabi people who are now distributed throughout the world. The scope, history, sophistication and complexity of the culture are vast

Punjabi language
Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by inhabitants of the historical Punjab region . For Sikhs, the Punjabi language stands as the official language in which all ceremonies take place. In Pakistan, Punjabi is the most widely spoken language

Punjabi people
The Punjabi people , ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ), also Panjabi people, are an Indo-Aryan group from South Asia. They are the second largest of the many ethnic groups in South Asia. They originate in the Punjab region, which has been been the location of some of the oldest civilizations in the world including, the the Indus Valley Civilization

Punjabi wedding traditions
Punjabi wedding traditions and ceremonies are traditionally conducted in Punjabi and are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture.The actual religious marriage ceremony - among Sikhs, the weddings are conducted in Punjabi; among Muslims, in Urdu; and among Hindus, in Sanskrit. There are commonalities in ritual, song, dance, food, and dress

Punnett square
The Punnett square is a diagram that is used to predict an outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment. It is named after Reginald C. Punnett, who devised the approach, and is used by biologists to determine the probability of an offspring's having a particular genotype

Punta Arenas, Chile
Punta Arenas is a commune and the capital city of Chile's southernmost region, Magallanes and Antartica Chilena. The city was officially renamed Magallanes in 1927, but in 1938 it was changed back to Punta Arenas

Punta Gorda, Belize
Punta Gorda, known locally as PG, is the town of the Toledo District in southern Belize. Punta Gorda is the southernmost sizable town in the nation, with a population of about 6,000 people

Puntland , officially the Puntland State of Somalia , is a region in northeastern Somalia, centered on Garowe in the Nugaal province. Its leaders declared the territory an autonomous state in 1998.

The pupil is a hole located in the center of the iris of the eye that allows light to enter the retina. It appears black because most of the light entering the pupil is absorbed by the tissues inside the eye. In humans the pupil is round, but other species, such as some cats, have slit pupils. In optical terms, the anatomical pupil is the eye's aperture and the iris is the aperture stop

Pupillary reflex
The pupillary light reflex is a reflex that controls the diameter of the pupil, in response to the intensity of light that falls on the retina of the eye, thereby assisting in adaptation to various levels of darkness and light, in addition to retinal sensitivity

Puppetry is a form of theatre or performance which involves the manipulation of puppets. It is very ancient, and is believed to have originated 30,000 years BC. Puppetry takes many forms but they all share the process of animating inanimate performing objects

A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of thick, hand-made corn tortilla that is usually filled with a blend of the following: cheese , cooked pork meat ground to a paste consistency

Puran Poli
Puran Poli is a traditional type of sweet flatbread made in India in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Goa.-Ingredients:*300 gm - Channa dal or split yellow gram*300 gm - Jaggery

Purananuru is a Tamil poetic work in the Pathinenmaelkanakku anthology of Tamil literature, belonging to the Sangam period corresponding to between 200 BCE – 100 CE. Purananuru is part of the Ettuthokai anthology which is the oldest available collection of poems of Sangam literature in Tamil. Purananuru contains 400 poems of varying lengths in the Akaval meter

The Puranas are a genre of important Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religious texts, notably consisting of narratives of the history of the universe from creation to destruction, genealogies of kings, heroes, sages, and demigods, and descriptions of Hindu cosmology, philosophy, and geography.Puranas usually give prominence to a particular deity, employing

Purandar may refer to:* Purandar tehsil - for a tehsil in Pune, Maharashtra* Purandar fort - for a fort in Pune, Maharashtra

Purandara Dasa
Purandara Dāsa is one of the most prominent composers of Carnatic music and is widely regarded as the "father of Carnatic Music". Purandara Dasa addressed social issues in addition to worship in his compositions, a practice emulated by his younger contemporary, Kanaka Dasa

Purcell Marian High School
Purcell Marian High School is a parochial high school in the East Walnut Hills neighborhood Cincinnati, Ohio, United States based in the Marianist Tradition

Purcell School
The Purcell School is a specialist music school for children, located in the town of Bushey, south Hertfordshire, England, and is the oldest specialist music school in the UK. The school was awarded the UNESCO Mozart Medal in 2003, which was received on behalf of the school by Prince Charles, who is a patron of the school. Sir Simon Rattle is honorary president of the school

Purdah or pardeh is the practice of concealing women from men. According to one definition:This takes two forms: physical segregation of the sexes, and the requirement for women to cover their bodies and conceal their form.

Purdue University
Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S., is the flagship university of the six-campus Purdue University system. Purdue was founded on May 6, 1869, as a land-grant university when the Indiana General Assembly, taking advantage of the Morrill Act, accepted a donation of land and money from Lafayette businessman John Purdue to establish a college of science, technology,

Pure Land Buddhism
Pure Land Buddhism , also referred to as Amidism in English, is a broad branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism and currently one of the most popular traditions of Buddhism in East Asia. Pure Land is a branch of Buddhism focused on Amitābha Buddha

Purfling is a narrow binding inlaid into the edges of the top and often bottom plates of stringed instruments. Purfling serves to reinforce the plates and prevent cracking along their edges.

Purgatory is the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment in which, it is believed, the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven

Purkinje images
Purkinje images are reflections of objects from structure of the eye. They are also known as Purkinje reflexes and as Purkinje-Sanson images. There are at least four Purkinje images that are visible on looking at an eye. The first Purkinje image is the reflection from the outer surface of the cornea

Puromycin is an antibiotic that is a protein synthesis inhibitor by inhibiting translation.-Inhibition of translation:Puromycin is an aminonucleoside antibiotic, derived from the Streptomyces alboniger bacterium, that causes premature chain termination during translation taking place in the ribosome. Part of the molecule resembles the 3' end of the aminoacylated tRNA

Purple Heart
The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration awarded in the name of the President to those who have been wounded or killed while serving on or after April 5, 1917 with the U.S. military. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is located in New Windsor, New York

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