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' is a letter used in the Romany alphabet, Laz language and in the Skolt Sami language, where it represents and respectively. The Unicode codepoints for this letter are U+01E8 for the capital letter, and U+01E9 for the lowercase letter.

K (2002 film)
K is a 2002 film directed by Iranian American multimedia artist Shoja Azari. The film is based on three short stories by Franz Kafka - "The Married Couple," "In the Penal Colony" and "A Fratricide." - which are all performed by the same group of actors.

K (Eighth Avenue Local)
The K Eighth Avenue Local, earlier the AA, was a New York City Subway service along the IND Eighth Avenue Line, that originally began in 1932, when the IND Subway opened.- History :

K (New York City Subway service)
K or KK was the label for the following New York City Subway services:*K , earlier KK, discontinued in 1976*K , replaced the AA in 1985 and merged into the C in 1988

K (singer)
Kang Yoon-sung , better known by his stage name K, is a J-pop singer from South Korea.Currently, the only contract in Japan. After the failure of his first album in South Korea in 2004, K crossed over to Japan

K (The Tutts single)
The Tutts are a five-piece New Zealand rock band who, on the 21 November 2006, released their first single, titled "K". The song "K" is featured on C4, a New Zealand music television station, as the C4 "theme song". Also featured on the CD single is "WhiteOut", the Tutts second single

K'o-ssu is a style of Chinese silk tapestry, admired for its lightness and clarity of pattern."K'o-ssu" means "cut silk", a name that comes from the appearance of cut threads created by the use of colour in the pictorial designs typical of the style

K-1 (airship)
The K-1 was an experimental blimp designed by the United States Navy in 1929. Due to the inability to get Congressional approval for the construction of an airship the navy used the ploy of ordering a "universal" control car which could be used on the J-type airships from the Naval Aircraft Factory. An order was placed with Goodyear for an envelope for "fuel gas experiments"

K-2 (Kansas highway)
K-2 is a state highway in the south-central portion of the U.S. state of Kansas. Its southwestern terminus is at its intersection with U.S. Highway 281 east of Hardtner. Its northeastern terminus is at its intersection with K-42 west of the unincorporated town of Suppesville

K2 (Kovac sisters duo)
K2 was a Serbian pop, R&B, funk and dance duo, formed by sisters Aleksandra and Kristina Kovač in 1990. They worked with many producers worldwide and released five albums. After eight years, the band finished its work in 1998

-Language:* Ka * Ka * Georgian language, ISO 639-1 code ka* A glyph in the Brahmic family of scripts-Media and entertainment:* Ka * Kà, a Cirque du Soleil show* Mister Mosquito, a video game, known in Japan as Ka

The Kaaba is a cuboid-shaped building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is the most sacred site in Islam. The Qur'an states that the Kaaba was constructed by Abraham, or Ibraheem, in Arabic, and his son Ishmael, or Ismaeel, as said in Arabic, after he had settled in Arabia. The building has a mosque built around it, the Masjid al-Haram

Kaal is a Bollywood Horror film, released in India on 29 April 2005. The movie is directed by Soham Shah, who also wrote its dialogue and screenplay. Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan produced the movie

Kaal (disambiguation)
*Kaal is a 2005 Bollywood film.*Kaal is a 2007 Tollywood film directed by Bappaditya BandopadhyayKaal may also refer to:* KAAL, an ABC television affiliate in Minnesota, U.S.

Kaali (film)
Kaali is a Tamil film directed I. V. Sasi in 1980. It Stars Rajinikanth in the lead role. Vijayakumar plays a prominent role. Seema and Phataphat Jayalaxmi play the respective female leads. It was simultaneously shot in Telugu as Kaali. Rajinikanth played the lead role while Chiranjeevi replaced Vijayakumar in the Telugu version

Kaalia is a 1981 Bollywood film. Written and directed by Tinnu Anand, the film was produced by Iqbal Singh. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan , Parveen Babi, Asha Parekh, Pran, Amjad Khan, K.N. Singh and Jagdeep. The music is by R.D. Burman

Kaamos (Finnish band)
Kaamos was a Finnish progressive rock band formed in 1973.They released one album, Deeds and Talks in 1977 . Album mixed classical and medieval music with folk, blues and funk

Kaamos (Thomas Köner album)
Kaamos is the sixth solo album from German ambient music producer, Thomas Köner. It is also the first album Köner released on the label Mille Plateaux."Tabula Smaragdina" was recorded live in Auditorium du Louvre, Paris, France in October 1997

KAAN may refer to:* KAAN , a radio station licensed to Bethany, Missouri, United States* KAAN-FM, a radio station licensed to Bethany, Missouri, United States

KAAN is a commercial radio station located in Bethany, Missouri serving northwest Missouri and southern Iowa, simulcasting KAAN-FM. The station broadcasts a farm format. KAAN is licensed to Cameron/Bethany License Co, LLC and has a daytime-only license

----KAAP is a radio station broadcasting an Adult Contemporary format. Licensed to Rock Island, Washington, USA, the station serves the Wenatchee area. The station is currently owned by Cherry Creek Radio and licensed to CCR-Wenatchee IV, LLC and features programing from Premiere Radio Networks.-History:The station went on the air as KXAA on 1988-06-24

KAAR is a commercial radio station in Butte, Montana. KAAR airs the syndicated "U.S. Country" country music format from Jones Radio Networks.

Kababayan is a Tagalog word that means fellow Filipino, countryman, or townmate. It is used throughout the Philippines and throughout the various Philippine languages.

Kabala can refer to:*Kabbalah, system of Jewish mysticism*Kabala, Sierra Leone, town in Sierra Leone*Kabala, Estonia, village in Türi Parish, Järva County, Estonia*Kabala, Mardin a town in Mardin Province of Turkey*Ka-Bala, 1967 fortune telling board game

Kabar (grape)
Kabar, also known as Tarcal 10, is a crossing of Hárslevelű and Bouvier and was authorised for production in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region of Hungary in 2006. With a relatively low yield, it ripens early, produces high sugar and is prone to botrytis. Due to its thick skin, it is fairly resistant to late autumn rains.

Kabbala may refer to:*Kabbalah, is a religious philosophical system claiming an insight into divine nature*Sefer ha-Qabbalah by Abraham ibn Daud*Kabbala Denudata , a book from Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, a Christian Hebraist

Kabbala (village)
Kabbala is a small village in Karnataka state of India located in the southern part of Karnataka.

Kabel may refer to:* Kabel , a hamlet in the Netherlands* Kabel , a hamlet in the Netherlands* Kabel

KABI is a radio station broadcasting a Adult Standards/MOR format. Licensed to Abilene, Kansas, USA, the station is currently owned by Salina Media Group.

Kabillion is an interactive, multi-platform kids' entertainment channel, owned in part by The MoonScoop Group, REMIX Entertainment Ventures, and Belgium-based Studio 100

Kabu may refer to:*Turnip, it being the term used by the Japanese*Kabu a 13th-18th Century empire in what is today Senegal.

KABU is a radio station licensed to serve Fort Totten, North Dakota. The station is owned by Dakota Circle Tipi, Inc. It airs a Variety format

Kabul (disambiguation)
Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan. The name Kabul may also refer to:* Kabul Province, the province of Afghanistan where the city of Kabul is situated

Kabul (Muslimgauze 12\" Vinyl)
Kabul is the second release, and first full-length album, by Muslimgauze.-Track listing:Side A:#"Kaaba" - 2:06#"Icon Screen" - 4:57#"Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer" - 6:14#"Turkish-Koln" - 5:29#"Melee" - 3:14Side B:#"Kabul" - 13:40

KADA may refer to:* KADA , a radio station licensed to Ada, Oklahoma, United States* KADA-FM, a radio station licensed to Ada, Oklahoma, United States

Kade is village and a former municipality in the Jerichower Land district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Since 1 January 2010, it is part of the town Jerichow.

Kaden is an Ortsgemeinde – a community belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde – in the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.- Location :

Kado may refer to:*Kadu people‎*Ikebana*Kado, Kalewa, Burma*Kado, Togo*KADO-LP, a low-power television station licensed to Shreveport, Louisiana, United StatesSee also: Caddo, people of southeast US.

KADR is a radio station licensed to serve the community of Elkader, Iowa as well as Prairie du Chien, WI. The station primarily broadcasts a mix of current hits and Oldies, along with local news, weather and sports. KADR is owned by and licensed to Design Homes, Inc. The transmitter and tower are located just southwest of the town.

Kadu (software)
Kadu is a Polish instant messenger using the Gadu-Gadu and Xmpp protocol. Kadu is a free software, open-source software and does not contain advertisements . Since 0.6.5 version there is a Windows port available

KAFE is a 60 kW radio station located and licensed in Bellingham, Washington, USA, transmitting from Mount Constitution on Orcas Island

Kaffir and similar may refer to:*Kafir, an Arabic term used by Muslims to describe non-Muslims.*Sunbeam Kaffir, an engine built by the Sunbeam car company*Kefir or Kephir, a fermented milk drink from the Caucasus region

Kafir is an Arabic term used in a Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as "unbeliever" or "disbeliever"

A kaftan is a man's coat usually reaching to the ankles with long sleeves, and which buttons down the front. It can be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton. It is often worn with a sash.

KAGE may refer to:* KAGE , a radio station licensed to Winona, Minnesota, United States* KAGE-FM, a radio station licensed to Winona, Minnesota, United States* KAGE: Alternative Game Engine, a free and open source game engine

KAGE is a radio station broadcasting a Country music format. Licensed to Winona, Minnesota, USA. The station features programing from AP Radio.It is owned by Kage, Inc, and is located at 752 Bluffview Circle, with its other sister stations.

Kahal is a moshav in the Galilee near Highway 85 in northern Israel. The moshav is a combined agricultural community. It lies at the border of the Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee, north of Lake Kinneret and just northwest of Tabgha. It belongs to the Mevo'ot HaHermon Regional Council and was established in 1980.-External links:*

Kahi is a village and union council in Hangu District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is located at 33°28'28N 70°51'37E and has an altitude of 982 metres .-References:

KAHL and is a radio station broadcasting an Adult Standards format. Licensed to San Antonio, Texas, USA, the station serves the San Antonio area. The station is currently owned by Pearsall Radio Works, Ltd..-History:

Kahlua may refer to:* Kahlúa, a Mexican coffee-flavored liqueur* Kahlua , an implementation of the Lua programming language for Java ME

Kahn is a German surname. Kahn is the German word for a small boat. It is also a Germanized form of the Jewish surname Cohen, another variant of which is Cahn.- People with the surname Kahn :

Kahn (disambiguation)
Kahn is a German derived surname, from the word for "small boat".Kahn may also refer to:*Kahn , enabling online multiplayer of IPX compatible games over a TCP/IP network

Kahn (game browser)
Kahn was a game server browser for MS-DOS, Windows 95 and Windows 98 enabling multiplayer of IPX compatible games over a TCP/IP network. It had a very large community of Descent players originally

Kai (conjunction)
Kai is a conjunction in Greek , Coptic and, under the form kaj, Esperanto.Kai is the most frequent word in any Greek text and thus used by statisticians to assess authorship of ancient manuscripts .-Kai ligature:Because of its frequent occurrence, kai is sometimes abbreviated in Greek manuscripts, by a ligature

Kai (name)
The name Kai has various origins and meanings in different cultures:*In Basque, Kai is a common word meaning "pier of a harbour" and a variant of the first name Kaio *In Burmese, Kai means "strong", or "unbreakable"

Kaidan (2007 film)
is a 2007 Japanese horror film directed by Hideo Nakata. The title means 'ghost story'. The screenplay for this film was written by Satoko Okudera, based on the kaidan-banashi "Shinkei Kasanegafuchi" by Enchou Sanyutei.

Kaiken (dagger)
A is a dagger formerly carried by men and women of the samurai class in Japan. It was useful for self-defense indoors where the long katana and intermediate wakizashi were inconvenient. Women carried them in the obi for self-defense and rarely for jigai . A woman received a kaiken as part of her wedding gifts

Kaila may refer to:People with the surname Kaila:* Eino Kaila , Finnish philosopher, critic and teacherPeople with the given name Kaila:* Kaila Holtz , Canadian softball pitcherOther:

Kaima is a small rural town in Kono District in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. The town lies about 15 miles to Yengema and 40 miles to Koidu Town. The population of Kaima is estimated at 2,217 .

Kaira (genus)
Kaira is a mostly neotropical genus of orb-weaving spider with 16 described species. They occur from South America up to the southern and eastern USA.

Kaira (Lok Sabha constituency)
Kheda Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in Gujarat state in western India.-Assembly segments:

Kairo may refer to:* Kairo , aka Pulse, a 2001 Japanese film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa* Kairo , Green Lantern's sidekick in the 1967 cartoon* Kairo-kō, a 1905 novel by Japanese author Natsume Sōseki

Kaisei may refer to:*Kaisei , the STS Kaisei*Kaisei, Kanagawa, a town in Japan*Kaisei Academy, a Japanese boys' school*Kaisei Ichirō, a Brazilian professional sumo wrestler

Kaiser is the German title meaning "Emperor", with Kaiserin being the female equivalent, "Empress". Like the Russian Czar it is directly derived from the Latin Emperors' title of Caesar, which in turn is derived from the personal name of a branch of the gens Julia, to which Gaius Julius Caesar, the forebear of the first imperial family, belonged

Power Tower
Power Tower are two similar vertical ascending and descending thrill rides operating at two Cedar Fair-owned amusement parks.The attractions are powered by air in large cylinders in which an aircraft steel cable, connected to the internal piston, travels and is also connected to the external rider car

Power window
Power windows or electric windows as well as electric or power window lifts are automobile windows which can be raised and lowered by depressing a button or switch, as opposed to using a hand-turned crank handle.- History :Packard introduced the first power windows in the 1940 Packard

The POWER5 is a microprocessor developed and fabricated by IBM. It is an improved version of the highly successful POWER4. The principal improvements are support for simultaneous multithreading and an on-die memory controller

Powerade is a sports drink manufactured and marketed by The Coca-Cola Company. First introduced in 1988, its primary competitor is PepsiCo's Gatorade

Powerball is an American lottery game sold in 44 jurisdictions as a shared jackpot game. It is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association , a non-profit organization formed by an agreement with lotteries. Powerball is a game whose advertised jackpot starts at $20 million and can roll into the hundreds of millions over many drawings

PowerBook 3400c
The PowerBook 3400c was a laptop computer in the PowerBook line manufactured by Apple Computer from February to November 1997. It was, briefly, the swiftest laptop in the world. Using the PowerPC 603e processor running at speeds of up to 240 MHz, this PowerBook was the first to feature a PCI architecture, EDO memory, and a 64-bit wide, 40MHz internal bus

PowerBook Duo
The PowerBook Duo was a line of small subnotebooks manufactured and sold by Apple Computer from 1992 until 1997 as a more compact companion to the PowerBook line. Improving upon the PowerBook 100's portability , the Duo came in seven different models

Powered Hang Glider
A foot-launched powered hang glider , also called powered harness, nanolight, or hangmotor, is a powered hang glider harness with a motor and propeller in pusher configuration

Powered parachute
A powered parachute is a parachute with motor and wheels. The aircraft's airspeed is typically about 25–35 mph . PPCs operate safely at heights ranging from a few feet off the ground to altitudes as high as 18,000+ feet

PowerPC is a RISC architecture created by the 1991 Apple–IBM–Motorola alliance, known as AIM

Powers (whiskey)
Powers Gold Label is a brand of Irish whiskey. Originally a pure pot still whiskey, it is now produced from a blend of pot still and grain whiskey. It is the most popular Irish whiskey sold in Ireland, selling over 6 million measures per annum. - History :

The Powhatan is the name of a Virginia Indian confederation of tribes. It is estimated that there were about 14,000–21,000 of these native Powhatan people in eastern Virginia when the English settled Jamestown in 1607

Poynting may refer to:* John Henry Poynting , a British physicist** Poynting vector, a representation of the energy flux of an electromagnetic field** Poynting's theorem on conservation of energy in electromagnetic field

PPG Place
PPG Place is a complex in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consisting of six buildings within three city blocks and five and a half acres. Named for its anchor tenant, PPG Industries, who initiated the project for its headquarters, the buildings are all of matching glass design consisting of 19,750 pieces of glass. The complex centers around One PPG Place, a 40-story office building

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati
Prabhas Raju Uppalapati , popularly known as Prabhas, is an Indian film actor in Telugu cinema.-Personal life:Prabhas was born to Suryanarayana Raju and Siva Kumari. His family is from Moghalthur. Born October 23, 1979. He is the second of three children. Born October 23, 1979. He has one brother, Prabodh, and a sister, Pragathi

Prabhu Ganesan
Prabhu Ganesan is a Tamil film actor and producer. He is the son of veteran actor Sivaji Ganesan.-Personal life:A native of Tamil Nadu, Prabhu was born to Sivaji and Kamala Ganesan. He has an elder brother Ramkumar Ganesan who is a film producer, and two sisters, Shanthi and Thenmozhi. He did his schooling at Bishop Cotton Boys' School in Bangalore

Prabir Ghosh
Prabir Ghosh is the head of the Science and Rationalists’ Association of India, and president of the Humanists' Association based in Kolkata. He was once referred to in the media as being from the "Rationalist Association of India"

A practitioner is someone who engages in an occupation, profession, religion, or way of life.Practitioner may refer to:* Medical practitioner* Justice practitioner* Solitary practitioner, in Wicca and Paganism

Prada S.p.A. is an Italian fashion label specializing in luxury goods for men and women , founded by Mario Prada.-Foundations:

Prafulla Chandra Roy
Prafulla Chandra Ray was a Indian academician, a chemist and entrepreneur. He was the founder of Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, India's first pharmaceutical company

Pragmatism is a philosophical tradition centered on the linking of practice and theory. It describes a process where theory is extracted from practice, and applied back to practice to form what is called intelligent practice

Prahova River
The Prahova River is a river of Southern Romania, which rises from the Bucegi Mountains, in the Southern Carpathians and flows into the Ialomiţa

Prairie dog
Prairie dogs are burrowing rodents native to the grasslands of North America. There are five different species of prairie dogs: black-tailed, white-tailed, Gunnison's, Utah and Mexican prairie dogs. They are a type of ground squirrel, found in the United States, Canada and Mexico

Prakasam district
Prakasam District is an administrative district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in India. The district headquarters is located at Ongole City

Praktica is a brand of camera manufactured by Pentacon in Dresden in eastern Germany, formerly within the GDR prior to reunification. Pentacon is the modern-day successor to Dresden camera firms such as Zeiss Ikon, and for many years Dresden was the world's largest producer of cameras

Pramana is an epistemological term in Hindu and Buddhist dialectic, debate and discourse.Pramāṇavāda and Hetuvidya can be glossed in English as Indian and Buddhist Epistemology and Logic, respectively.-In Hinduism:

Pramipexole is a non-ergoline dopamine agonist indicated for treating early-stage Parkinson's disease and restless legs syndrome

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning "extension of the prana or breath" or more accurately, "extension of the life force". The word is composed of two Sanskrit words, Prāna, life force, or vital energy, particularly, the breath, and "āyāma", to extend, draw out, restrain, or control.-Etymology:Pranayama is a Sanskrit compound.V. S

The Gurjara Pratihara , often simply called Pratihara Empire, was an imperial Indian dynasty that ruled much of Northern India from the 6th to the 11th centuries. At its peak of prosperity and power , the Gurajara-Pratihara Empire rivaled or even exceeded the Gupta Empire in the extent of its territory.Kannauj was the capital of imperial Gurjara Pratiharas

Pratt is a surname, which may refer to any of the people listed below. There is also a page listing people named John Pratt.- Literature and the arts :

Pratt & Whitney JT9D
-Bibliography:* Gunston, Bill. World Encyclopedia of Aero Engines. Cambridge, England. Patrick Stephens Limited, 1989. ISBN 1-85260-163-9-External links:*

Praxidike (moon)
Praxidike , also known as ', is a retrograde irregular satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by a team of astronomers from the University of Hawaii led by Scott S

Prayer beads
Prayer beads are used by members of various religious traditions such as Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Anglicanism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Bahá'í Faith to count the repetitions of prayers, chants or devotions, such as the rosary of Virgin Mary in Christianity and dhikr in Islam.-Structure:The number of beads also vary depending on the

Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact
Theories of Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact are those theories that propose interaction between indigenous peoples of the Americas who settled the Americas before 10,000 BC, and peoples of other continents , which occurred before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean in 1492.Many such contacts have been proposed, based on historical

Pre-existence , beforelife, or pre-mortal existence refers to the belief that each individual human soul existed before conception, and at conception one of these pre-existent souls enters, or is placed by God, in the body

Pre-historic art
In the history of art, prehistoric art is all art produced in preliterate, prehistorical cultures beginning somewhere in very late geological history, and generally continuing until that culture either develops writing or other methods of record-keeping, or it makes significant contact with another culture that has.The very earliest human artifacts showing evidence of workmanship

Old Europe is a term coined by archaeologist Marija Gimbutas to describe what she perceives as a relatively homogeneous and widespread pre-Indo-European Neolithic culture in Europe, particularly in Malta and the Balkans.

Pre-industrial society
Pre-industrial society refers to specific social attributes and forms of political and cultural organization that were prevalent before the advent of the Industrial Revolution. It is followed by the industrial society.

Pre-Roman Iron Age
The Pre-Roman Iron Age of Northern Europe designates the earliest part of the Iron Age in Scandinavia, northern Germany, and the Netherlands north of the Rhine River. These regions feature many extensive archaeological excavation sites, which have yielded a wealth of artifacts

Pre-school playgroup
A pre-school playgroup, or in everyday usage just a playgroup, is an organised group providing care and socialisation for children under five. The term is widely used in the United Kingdom. Playgroups are less formal than the pre-school education of nursery schools

Preacher is a term for someone who preaches sermons or gives homilies. A preacher is distinct from a theologian by focusing on the communication rather than the development of doctrine. Others see preaching and theology as being intertwined

Preakness Stakes
The Preakness Stakes is an American flat Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-olds held on the third Saturday in May each year at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a Grade I race run over a distance of 9.5 furlongs on dirt. Colts and geldings carry 126 pounds ; fillies 121 lb

The Precambrian is the name which describes the large span of time in Earth's history before the current Phanerozoic Eon, and is a Supereon divided into several eons of the geologic time scale

Precast concrete
By producing precast concrete in a controlled environment , the precast concrete is afforded the opportunity to properly cure and be closely monitored by plant employees. Utilizing a Precast Concrete system offers many potential advantages over site casting of concrete

Precession is a change in the orientation of the rotation axis of a rotating body. It can be defined as a change in direction of the rotation axis in which the second Euler angle is constant

Precession of the equinoxes
In astronomy, axial precession is a gravity-induced, slow and continuous change in the orientation of an astronomical body's rotational axis. In particular, it refers to the gradual shift in the orientation of Earth's axis of rotation, which, like a wobbling top, traces out a pair of cones joined at their apices in a cycle of approximately 26,000 years In astronomy, axial precession is a gravity-induced, slow and continuous change in the orientation of an astronomical body's rotational axis. In particular, it refers to the gradual shift in the orientation of Earth's axis of rotation, which, like a wobbling top, traces out a pair of cones joined at their apices in a cycle of approximately 26,000 years In astronomy, axial precession is a gravity-induced, slow and continuous change in the orientation of an astronomical body's rotational axis. In particular, it refers to the gradual shift in the orientation of Earth's axis of rotation, which, like a wobbling top, traces out a pair of cones joined at their apices in a cycle of approximately 26,000 years (called a Great or Platonic Year in

- Music :* Precious , a British female pop group* Precious , 1992* Precious , 1996* Precious , 2002* Precious , 2000* "Precious" , 1992

Precious metal
A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value.Chemically, the precious metals are less reactive than most elements, have high lustre, are softer or more ductile, and have higher melting points than other metals

Precision and recall
In pattern recognition and information retrieval, precision is the fraction of retrieved instances that are relevant, while recall is the fraction of relevant instances that are retrieved. Both precision and recall are therefore based on an understanding and measure of relevance

Precision Approach Radar
Precision approach radar is a type of radar guidance system designed to provide lateral and vertical guidance to an aircraft pilot for landing, until the landing threshold is reached. After the aircraft reaches the decision height or decision altitude , guidance is advisory only

Precision Drill Squad
Precision Drill Squad is a form of Exhibition drill practised by the Singapore National Cadet Corps which involves the execution of rifle drills in complex series of movements with great co-ordination and precision

In ecology, predation describes a biological interaction where a predator feeds on its prey . Predators may or may not kill their prey prior to feeding on them, but the act of predation always results in the death of its prey and the eventual absorption of the prey's tissue through consumption

Predator (film)
Predator is a 1987 American science fiction action film directed by John McTiernan, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, and Kevin Peter Hall. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Predestination, in theology is the doctrine that all events have been willed by God. John Calvin interpreted biblical predestination to mean that God willed eternal damnation for some people and salvation for others

Predictive text
Predictive text is an input technology used where one key or button represents many letters, such as on mobile phones and in accessibility technologies. Each key press results in a prediction rather than repeatedly sequencing through the same group of "letters" it represents, in the same, invariable order

Prednisone is a synthetic corticosteroid drug that is particularly effective as an immunosuppressant drug. It is used to treat certain inflammatory diseases and some types of cancer, but has significant adverse effects

Prees, Shropshire
Prees is a village and civil parish in north Shropshire, near the border between England and Wales. Its name is Celtic and means "brushwood".

Preeti Jhangiani
Preeti Jhangiani is an Indian actress and model. She is fluent in Kannada, Sindhi, Hindi, English. She studied in Jai Hind College, Mumbai where her older sister Deepa studied as well

Prefabrication is the practice of assembling components of a structure in a factory or other manufacturing site, and transporting complete assemblies or sub-assemblies to the construction site where the structure is to be located

A prefecture is an administrative jurisdiction or subdivision in any of various countries and within some international church structures, and in antiquity a Roman district governed by an appointed prefect.-Antiquity:

Prefectures of Japan
The prefectures of Japan are the country's 47 subnational jurisdictions: one "metropolis" , Tokyo; one "circuit" , Hokkaidō; two urban prefectures , Osaka and Kyoto; and 43 other prefectures . In Japanese, they are commonly referred to as

Preference utilitarianism
Preference utilitarianism is one of the most popular forms of utilitarianism in contemporary philosophy. Unlike classical utilitarianism, which defines right actions as those that maximize pleasure and minimize pain, preference utilitarianism promotes actions that fulfill the interests of those beings involved

Preferred stock
Preferred stock, also called preferred shares, preference shares, or simply preferreds, is a special equity security that has properties of both an equity and a debt instrument and is generally considered a hybrid instrument

Pregabalin is an anticonvulsant drug used for neuropathic pain and as an adjunct therapy for partial seizures with or without secondary generalization in adults. It has also been found effective for generalized anxiety disorder and is approved for this use in the European Union. It was designed as a more potent successor to gabapentin

Pregnancy refers to the fertilization and development of one or more offspring, known as a fetus or embryo, in a woman's uterus. In a pregnancy, there can be multiple gestations, as in the case of twins or triplets

Pregnancy discrimination
Pregnancy discrimination occurs when expectant women are fired, not hired, or otherwise discriminated against due to their pregnancy or intention to become pregnant

Prehensile tail
A prehensile tail is the tail of an animal that has adapted to be able to grasp and/or hold objects. Fully prehensile tails can be used to hold and manipulate objects, and in particular to aid arboreal creatures in finding and eating food in the trees

Prejudice is making a judgment or assumption about someone or something before having enough knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy, or "judging a book by its cover"

Premier is a title for the head of government in some countries and states.-Examples by country:In many nations, "premier" is used interchangeably with "prime minister"

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