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Hush may refer to:In geography:*Hush, Lorestan, a village in Lorestan Province, IranIn modern culture:*Hush , starring Gwyneth Paltrow*Hush! *Hush , starring Tori Spelling*Hush

Hush (LL Cool J song)
"Hush" was the second single from LL Cool J's eleventh album, The DEFinition. It was released on February 15, 2005 for Def Jam Recordings, produced by Timbaland, LL Cool J and Eric "NY Nicks, featuring vocals by 7 Aurelius, and was the follow-up to "Headsprung"

Hush (Monk album)
Hush is the second album by Monk, released in 1998.-Track listing:All songs written by Ric Hordinski.#"Cascades" #"Bitte" #"Ring Out " #"Tattoo" #"Breathe" #"Coal Train"

Hush (Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin album)
Hush is an album by Bobby McFerrin and cellist Yo-Yo Ma.- Track listing :# "Grace" – 3:54# "Double Mandolin Concerto in G, RV 532" Andante – 4:03# "The Flight of the Bumblebee" – 1:08

Hush money
Hush money is an informal term for financial incentives or rewards offered in exchange for not divulging information.Hush Money may also refer to:* Hush Money , a 1921 silent film directed by Charles Maigne

Hush Money
Hush Money is a 1931 American comedy-drama film featuring Joan Bennett, Hardie Albright, Owen Moore, Myrna Loy, and George Raft. The movie was directed by Sidney Lanfield.-Cast:*Joan Bennett as Joan Gordon*Hardie Albright as Stuart Elliot

Hush money
Hush money is a slang term for a form of bribery, in which one person or party offers another an attractive sum of money or other enticement, in exchange for remaining silent about some illegal, stigmatic, or shameful behavior, action, or other fact about the person or party who has made the offer.The person or party who presents the hush money may be attempting to avoid criminal

Hushing is an ancient and historic mining method using a flood or torrent of water to reveal mineral veins. The method was applied in several ways, both in prospecting for ores, and for their exploitation. Mineral veins are often hidden below soil and sub-soil, which must be stripped away to discover the ore veins

Husk in botany is the outer shell or coating of a seed. It often refers to the leafy outer covering of an ear of maize as it grows on the plant. Literally, a husk or hull includes the protective outer covering of a seed, fruit or vegetable

Husky is a general name for a type of dog originally used to pull sleds in northern regions, differentiated from other sled dog types by their fast hard pulling style

Husky (album)
Husky is a studio album by Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet released 2006. It was recorded at the Sound Factory in Los Angeles, California March 2004. Much of the recording is first takes. Skerik talks about recording the album:

Husky (computer)
The DVW Husky was a rugged handheld British microcomputer issued in 1981 by DVW Electronics. It was designed to be used in harsh conditions, such as wet and cold weather, by users such as the military

Huso is a genus of large sturgeons. It contains two species:*Huso dauricus *Huso huso

Hussar refers to a number of types of light cavalry which originated in Hungary in the 14th century, tracing its roots from Serbian medieval cavalry tradition, brought to Hungary in the course of the Serb migrations, which began in the late 14th century.

Hussar (comics)
Hussar is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Fictional character biography:Hussar is a warrior serving in the Royal Elite of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Hustle commonly refers to:* A confidence trick, deceptions performed by hustlers or grifters* The tradecraft of a hustler who deceives others by hustling, usually in sports* A slang word in America, meaning to get money, with no concern as to the legallity

is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion managed by Nobuhiko Takada. Hustle can be described as an industry experiment to market the sports entertainment style of professional wrestling in Japan.-History:

Hustle (1975 film)
Hustle is a 1975 American neo-noir crime film directed by Robert Aldrich and starring Burt Reynolds, Catherine Deneuve, Ben Johnson, Paul Winfield, Eileen Brennan, Eddie Albert and Ernest Borgnine, which was released in 1975.-Cast:

Hustle (film)
Hustle in film, may refer to:*Hustle , a neo-noir movie starring Burt Reynolds as a private investigator*Hustle , an ESPN made-for-TV movie about Pete Rose-See also:*Hustle

Hustler is a monthly pornographic magazine aimed at men and published in the United States. It was first published in 1974 by Larry Flynt. It was a step forward from the Hustler Newsletter which was cheap advertising for his strip club businesses at the time. The magazine grew from a shaky start to a peak circulation of around 3 million

Hustler (car)
The Hustler was a Mini-based project designed in 1978 by Aston Martin Lagonda designer William Towns and later developed into a kit car by his Interstyl design studio.

Hut may refer to:*Hut , a small and crude shelter*Hans Hut , Anabaptist leader*Hut Records, an English audio records company*Sunglass Hut International, largest American retailer of sunglasses

-People:* Ken Hutcherson, former National Football League linebacker, pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington* Leslie Hutchinson, a popular singer of the 1930s known as 'Hutch'* Jesse Hutch, actor

Hutch (furniture)
A hutch is an American English word for a type of furniture.Now usually used to describe a set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a lower unit with a counter and either drawers or cabinets. Hutches are often seen in the form of desks, dining room or kitchen furniture

Hutch (sound engineer)
Patrick Hutchinson , better known as Hutch, is a sound engineer and member of the band Queens of the Stone Age, specifically its live incarnation

Huya (Noble)
Huya was an Egyptian noble living around 1350 BC. He was the "Superintendent of the Royal Harem", "Superintendent of the Treasury" and "Superintendent of the House", all titles that are associated with Queen Tiye, mother of Akhenaten.

HWA can stand for many things including:*Hemlock woolly adelgid*Heartland Wrestling Association*Horror Writers Association*Hardware acceleration*H.W.A. , an early '90s all-female rap group*Hwa, a type of traditional Korean boots

HWY may refer to:* High Wycombe railway station, England; National Rail station code HWY* Highway

HY (Japanese band)
HY is a Japanese rock band formed in 2000 by five high school friends from Okinawa. Their name comes from the initials of their hometown, Higashi Yakena. The band's popularity rose rapidly after a series of street performances; their debut album, Departure, released on 22 September 2001 , sold out immediately

Hyacinth may refer to:* Hyacinth Macaw, a species of parrot* "Hyacinth" , a 2004 song by the J-pop artist Aya Matsuura* Hyacinth, alternative name for yellow zircon, the mineral* Confection of hyacinth, ancient medical treatment

Scilloideae is a subfamily of the monocot family Asparagaceae in the order Asparagales. The Scilloideae are bulbous flowering plants, which have sometimes been placed in a separate family, the Hyacinthaceae. The subfamily name is derived from the generic name of the type genus, Scilla

Hyades may refer to:*Hyades *Hyades , an open star cluster in the constellation Taurus

For the Siouxsie and the Banshees album, see Hyæna.For the group of animals commonly known as "hyaena", see Hyena.Hyaena is a genus comprising two of the living species of hyenas: the striped hyena from western Asia and northern Africa and the brown hyena from southern Africa

Hyalin is a protein released from the cortical granules of a fertilized animal egg. The released hyalin modifies the extracellular matrix of the fertilized egg to block other sperm from binding to the egg, and is known as the slow-block to polyspermy. All animals have this slow-block mechanism.-External links:*

The term hyaline denotes a substance with a glass-like appearance.-Histopathology:In histopathological medical usage, a hyaline substance appears glassy and pink after being stained with haematoxylin and eosin — usually it is an acellular, proteinaceous material

In biology and specifically, genetics, the term hybrid has several meanings, all referring to the offspring of sexual reproduction.#In general usage, hybrid is synonymous with heterozygous: any offspring resulting from the mating of two distinctly homozygous individuals#a genetic hybrid carries two different alleles of the same gene#a structural hybrid results from the

Hybrid may refer to:-Electrical Power Generation:* Hybrid power, the combination of a power producer and the means to store that power in an energy storage medium** Hybrid power source

Hybrid (album)
Hybrid is an album by Michael Brook with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. A specialist in timbre and texture, Brook pioneered the infinite guitar - a guitar outfitted with a feedback transducer to produce non-decaying sustain of any note - which makes its first notable appearance on this album-Track listing:# Hybrid - 6:18# Distant Village - 4:03# Mimosa - 6:20# Pond Life - 3:40#

Hybrid (Gary Numan album)
Hybrid is a remix album, consisting of songs by Gary Numan remixed by other artists, plus three new tracks created specifically for the album. Hybrid was recorded in autumn of 2002 and released in March 2003 with a collaboration from various industrial rock/heavy rock musicians such as Rico, Sulpher and Alan Moulder

Hybrid (golf)
A hybrid is a type of club used in the sport of golf with a design which differs from that of irons and woods. The name "hybrid" comes from genetics to denote a mixture of two different species with desirable characteristics of both, and the term here has been generalized, combining the advantages of an iron with the more forgiving nature of a wood.For many players, long irons A hybrid is a type of club used in the sport of golf with a design which differs from that of irons and woods. The name "hybrid" comes from genetics to denote a mixture of two different species with desirable characteristics of both, and the term here has been generalized, combining the advantages of an iron with the more forgiving nature of a wood.For many players, long irons A hybrid is a type of club used in the sport of golf with a design which differs from that of irons and woods. The name "hybrid" comes from genetics to denote a mixture of two different species with desirable characteristics of both, and the term here has been generalized, combining the advantages of an iron with the more forgiving nature of a wood.For many players, long irons (numbers

Hybrid (metal band)
Hybrid is an extreme metal band formed in 2004 by musicians from other Madrid acts.-Biography:Hybrid was born in march 2004 when Chus Maestro recruited members from Human Mincer and Wormed to set up an extreme music project that would break down the walls of mainstream music

Hybrid (producers)
Hybrid are a British electronic music group based in Swansea, comprising Mike Truman and Chris Healings, with the addition of Charlotte James completing their 2010 lineup. They are primarily known as a progressive breaks act, although they overlap considerably with progressive house and trance

Hybrid (producers)
Hybrid are a British electronic music group based in Swansea, comprising Mike Truman and Chris Healings, with the addition of Charlotte James completing their 2010 lineup. They are primarily known as a progressive breaks act, although they overlap considerably with progressive house and trance

Hybrid (producers)
Hybrid are a British electronic music group based in Swansea, comprising Mike Truman and Chris Healings, with the addition of Charlotte James completing their 2010 lineup. They are primarily known as a progressive breaks act, although they overlap considerably with progressive house and trance

Hybrid (split album)
Hybrid is a split EP by the Italian and American pop punk bands Melody Fall and Better Luck Next Time. It was released on May 17, 2008, in Japan only by InYa Face Records

Hybrid vehicle (disambiguation)
A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle which uses a mixture of power or fuel sources.Hybrid vehicle may also refer to:* Hybrid electric vehicle, increasingly common automobiles which employ both a traditional internal combustion engine and an electric battery motor/generator to provide motive force and energy recovery.** Plug-in hybrid, an electric hybrid vehicle that can be plugged into a

Hybridisation or hybridization may refer to:*The process of combining different varieties or species of organisms to create a hybrid *Nucleic acid hybridisation, the process of joining two complementary strands of DNA

Hyd or HYD can refer to:* Hyderabad, the city in Pakistan* Hyderabad, the city in India* Hyderabad International Airport, the IATA code for the airport in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hyde (surname)
Hyde is a surname, and may refer to:* Anne Hyde , English noblewoman, mother of two British queens, Mary II and Anne* Arthur M. Hyde , American politician, Governor of Missouri, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture* DeWitt S

-India:* Hyderabad, India, the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh* Hyderabad District, India, a district in the state of Andhra Pradesh* Hyderabad State, the pre-1956 state* Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh, a village in Uttar Pradesh

Hyderabad (Lok Sabha constituency)
Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 42 Lok Sabha constituencies in Andhra Pradesh state in southern India.-Assembly segments:

Hydra is the name of the Lernaean Hydra, a many-headed serpent in Greek mythology."Hydra" may also refer to:- Astronomy :* Hydra , the largest of the modern star constellations* Hydra , a satellite of Pluto

HYDRA is a fictional terrorist organization in the Marvel Universe.Despite the name's capitalization per Marvel's official spelling, the name is not an acronym but rather a reference to the mythical Lernaean Hydra

Hydra (band)
Hydra is an American Southern rock band founded in the late 1960s by Spencer Kirkpatrick , Wayne Bruce , and Steve Pace . Pace and Kirkpatrick first played together in 1968 in the band Strange Brew. Wayne Bruce was playing with the band Nickelodian and accepted the offer to join Pace and Kirkpatrick in the short-lived Noah Mayflower

Hydra (operating system)
HYDRA was an early capability-based, object-oriented, microkernel designed to support a wide range of possible operating systems to run on top of it

Hydra (Satariel album)
Hydra is the third studio album by the melodic death metal band Satariel. Pär Johansson's clean vocals are used more frequently than in their previous CDs.-Track listing:# The Freedom Fall# Be you Angel, Be you Beast# Claw the Clouds

Hydra (ship)
The Hydra is a 22 person hydrogen ship, power-assisted by an electric motor that gets its electricity from a fuel cell. The debut was in June 2000 on the Rhine near Bonn, Germany.

Hydra (Transformers)
Hydra is the name given to two fictional characters in the various Transformers universes. Both are villainous flyers and are Japanese exclusives.- Transformers: Generation 1 :

Hydrangea is a genus of about 70 to 75 species of flowering plants native to southern and eastern Asia and North and South America. By far the greatest species diversity is in eastern Asia, notably China, Japan, and Korea

A hydrant is an outlet from a fluid main often consisting of an upright pipe with a valve attached from which fluid can be tapped. Depending on the fluid involved, the term may refer to:*Fire hydrant*Oil depot*Yard hydrant

Hydrate is a term used in inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry to indicate that a substance contains water. The chemical state of the water varies widely between hydrates, some of which were so labeled before their chemical structure was understood.

Hydration may refer to:* Hydration reaction, a chemical addition reaction where a hydroxyl group and proton are added to a compound* Mineral hydration, an inorganic chemical reaction where water is added to the crystal structure of a mineral

In chemistry, a hydride is the anion of hydrogen, H−, or, more commonly, a compound in which one or more hydrogen centres have nucleophilic, reducing, or basic properties. In compounds that are regarded as hydrides, hydrogen is bonded to a more electropositive element or group

Hydro (fuel station)
Hydro was a chain of fuel stations throughout Sweden owned by Statoil. The chain had more than 500 stations, as well as some unmanned Uno-X stations

Hydrocephalus , also known as "water in the brain," is a medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles, or cavities, of the brain. This may cause increased intracranial pressure inside the skull and progressive enlargement of the head, convulsion, tunnel vision, and mental disability. Hydrocephalus can also cause death

Ó Dálaigh
The Ó Dálaigh were a learned Irish bardic family who first came to prominence early in the 12th century, when Cú Connacht Ó Dálaigh was described as "The first Ollamh of poetry in all Ireland" .-Name derivation:The name Ó Dálaigh means 'descendant of Dálach'

O. Henry
O. Henry was the pen name of the American writer William Sydney Porter . O. Henry's short stories are well known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization and clever twist endings.-Early life:

O. J. Simpson murder case
The O. J. Simpson murder case was a criminal trial held in Los Angeles County, California Superior Court from January 29 to October 3, 1995. Former American football star and actor O. J

Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge located along the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona located between the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona. The canyon is often described as a smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon because of its scenic beauty

Oak Harbor, Ohio
Oak Harbor is a village in Ottawa County, Ohio, United States. Oak Harbor is 30 miles east of Toledo. The population was 2,841 at the 2000 census

Oakdale, Iowa
Oakdale was an unincorporated rural residential village established in 1908 by the State of Iowa as a state-wide treatment center for tuberculosis in rural Johnson County, located about five miles northwest of central Iowa City and now a part of Coralville, adjacent to the community of North Liberty

Oakfield Tornado
The 1996 Oakfield Tornado is the name of an F5 tornado which destroyed Oakfield, Wisconsin on July 18, 1996. In addition, strong thunderstorms brought heavy rains, lightning, and gusty winds to that region of Fond du Lac County. All of these elements resulted from the passage of a cold front

Oakland Athletics
The Oakland Athletics are a Major League Baseball team based in Oakland, California. The Athletics are a member of the Western Division of Major League Baseball's American League. From to the present, the Athletics have played in the Coliseum.

Oakland automobile
The Oakland was a brand of automobile manufactured between 1907–1909 by the Oakland Motor Car Company of Pontiac, Michigan, and between 1909 and 1931 by the Oakland Motors Division of General Motors Corporation. Oakland's principal founder was Edward M

Oakum is a preparation of tarred fiber used in shipbuilding, for caulking or packing the joints of timbers in wooden vessels and the deck planking of iron and steel ships, as well as cast iron plumbing applications

Oakville, Ontario
Oakville is a town in Halton Region, on Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario, Canada, and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. As of the 2006 census the population was 165,613.-History:In 1793, Dundas Street was surveyed for a military road

Oamaru stone
Oamaru stone is a hard, compact limestone, quarried at Weston, near Oamaru in Otago, New Zealand.The stone is used for building purposes, especially where ornate moulding is required. The finished stonework has a creamy, sandy colour

An oar is an implement used for water-borne propulsion. Oars have a flat blade at one end. Oarsmen grasp the oar at the other end. The difference between oars and paddles are that paddles are held by the paddler, and are not connected with the vessel. Oars generally are connected to the vessel by means of rowlocks or tholes which transmit the applied force to the boat

Oarfish are large, greatly elongated, pelagic Lampriform fishes comprising the small family Regalecidae. Found in all temperate to tropical oceans yet rarely seen, the oarfish family contains four species in two genera

Oas, Albay
Oas is now reclassified as First Class municipality in the province of Albay, Philippines . According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 63,888 people in 11,715 households.-Economy:The town's economy is generally agricultural

In geography, an oasis or cienega is an isolated area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or similar water source

Oasis Shopping Centre
The Oasis Shopping Centre is located on the Broadbeach Mall in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland.The Oasis Monorail connects the beach, shopping, Sofitel Gold Coast resort and Conrad Jupiters Casino. It has two stations on level 2 of The Oasis and a station at Conrad Jupiters Casino

Oast house
An oast, oast house or hop kiln is a building designed for kilning hops as part of the brewing process. They can be found in most hop-growing areas and are often good examples of vernacular architecture

The common oat is a species of cereal grain grown for its seed, which is known by the same name . While oats are suitable for human consumption as oatmeal and rolled oats, one of the most common uses is as livestock feed

Ob River
The Ob River , also Obi, is a major river in western Siberia, Russia and is the world's seventh longest river. It is the westernmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean .The Gulf of Ob is the world's longest estuary.-Names:The Ob is known to the Khanty people as the As, Yag,

Oba Otudeko
Ayoola Oba Otudeko is an officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Going by the name of Oba, he is a highly successful Nigerian entrepreneur

Obeah is a term used in the West Indies to refer to folk magic, sorcery, and religious practices derived from West African, and specifically Igbo origin. Obeah is similar to other African derived religions including Palo, Voodoo, Santería, rootwork, and most of all hoodoo

Obedience (human behavior)
In human behavior, obedience is the quality of being obedient, which describes the act of carrying-out commands or being actuated. Obedience differs from compliance, which is behavior influenced by peers, and from conformity, which is behavior intended to match that of the majority. Obedience can be seen as both a sin and a virtue

Obelix is a fictional character from the French comic book series Asterix. He works as a menhir sculptor and deliveryman, and is Asterix's best friend. Obelix is noted for his fatness, the menhirs he carries around on his back and his superhuman strength

Oberon (moon)
Oberon , also designated ', is the outermost major moon of the planet Uranus. It is the second largest and second most massive of the Uranian moons, and the ninth most massive moon in the Solar System. Discovered by William Herschel in 1787, Oberon is named after the mythical king of the fairies who appears as a character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Oberon class submarine
The Oberon class was a 27-boat class of British-built diesel-electric submarines based on the successful British Porpoise-class submarine.

Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems

Obiaruku is a town in Ukwuani Local Government Area , Delta State, Nigeria. The Okpalauku of Obiaruku is the oldest male in the town.In 2005, youths from Obiaruku and neighboring Abraka, in Ethiope East LGA, got into a fight at a funeral for an Obiaruku elder, leading to the razing of 37 houses.-Etymology:In the Igbo language, obi means "the heart; the center; the point;

An obituary is a news article that reports the recent death of a person, typically along with an account of the person's life and information about the upcoming funeral. In large cities and larger newspapers, obituaries are written only for people considered significant

Objective (optics)
In an optical instrument, the objective is the optical element that gathers light from the object being observed and focuses the light rays to produce a real image. Objectives can be single lenses or mirrors, or combinations of several optical elements. They are used in microscopes, telescopes, cameras, slide projectors, CD players and many other optical instruments

Oblique projection
Oblique projection is a simple type of graphical projection used for producing pictorial, two-dimensional images of three-dimensional objects.- Overview :Oblique projection is a type of parallel projection:

Oblique wing
An oblique wing is a variable geometry wing concept. On an aircraft so equipped, the wing is designed to rotate on center pivot, so that one tip is swept forward while the opposite tip is swept aft

The oboe is a double reed musical instrument of the woodwind family. In English, prior to 1770, the instrument was called "hautbois" , "hoboy", or "French hoboy". The spelling "oboe" was adopted into English ca

Obosi is a town in Anambra State, southeastern Nigeria. A hotly-contested site during the Nigerian Civil War, the town of about 140,000 people is one of the most densely-populated in West Africa.-Obosi and her related towns:

Observational learning
Observational learning is a type of learning that occurs as a function of observing, retaining and replicating novel behavior executed by others

Observational techniques
In marketing and the social sciences, observational research is a social research technique that involves the direct observation of phenomena in their natural setting

An observatory is a location used for observing terrestrial or celestial events. Astronomy, climatology/meteorology, geology, oceanography and volcanology are examples of disciplines for which observatories have been constructed

Observer Badge
The Observer Badge is a military badge of the United States military which dates to the First World War. The badge was issued to co-pilots, navigators, and flight support personnel who had received a variation on the training necessary for the standard Pilot's Badge

Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Obsessive–compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry, by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety, or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock.It is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimum crystal growth

Obstetric ultrasonography
Obstetric sonography is the application of medical ultrasonography to obstetrics, in which sonography is used to visualize the embryo or foetus in its mother's uterus

Obuasi Municipal District
The Obuasi Municipality District is one of the 26 districts of Ghana located in the Ashanti Region which was created as part of the government’s effort to further decentralize governance. It was carved out of the erstwhile Adansi West District Assembly on the strength of executive instruments 15 of December, 2003 and Legislative Instrument L. I. 1795 of 17th March, 2007

Ocala National Forest
The Ocala National Forest is the second largest National Forest in the U.S. state of Florida and covers approximately of Central Florida. It is located three miles east of Ocala and southeast of Gainesville

The ocarina is an ancient flute-like wind instrument. Variations do exist, but a typical ocarina is an enclosed space with four to twelve finger holes and a mouthpiece that projects from the body

Occidental Petroleum
Occidental Petroleum Corporation is a California-based oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, and South America

Occludin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the OCLN gene.Occludin is a 65-kDa integral plasma-membrane protein located at the tight junctions, described for the first time in 1993 by Shoichiro Tsukita

Occlusion (dentistry)
Occlusion, in a dental context, means simply the contact between teeth. More technically, it is the relationship between the maxillary and mandibular teeth when they approach each other, as occurs during chewing or at rest.

The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus , referring to "knowledge of the hidden". In the medical sense it is used to refer to a structure or process that is hidden, e.g

Occupational Safety and Health Act
The Occupational Safety and Health Act is the primary federal law which governs occupational health and safety in the private sector and federal government in the United States. It was enacted by Congress in 1970 and was signed by President Richard Nixon on December 29, 1970

Occupied Japan
At the end of World War II, Japan was occupied by the Allied Powers, led by the United States with contributions also from Australia, India, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This foreign presence marked the first time in its history that the island nation had been occupied by a foreign power

Océ N.V. is a Netherlands-based company that develops, manufactures and sells printing and copying hardware and related software. The offering includes office printing and copying systems; production printers and wide format printing systems for both technical documentation and color display graphics.The company was founded in 1877

An ocean is a major body of saline water, and a principal component of the hydrosphere. Approximately 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean, a continuous body of water that is customarily divided into several principal oceans and smaller seas.More than half of this area is over 3,000 metres deep

Ocean acidification
Ocean acidification is the name given to the ongoing decrease in the pH and increase in acidity of the Earth's oceans, caused by the uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Ocean Beach, San Diego, California
Ocean Beach is a beachfront neighborhood of San Diego, California.-Geography:Ocean Beach is located in San Diego on the Southern California coast. It lies on the Pacific Ocean at the estuary of the San Diego River, at the western terminus of Interstate 8. It is approximately from Downtown San Diego. O.B

Ocean County Mall
The Ocean County Mall is a super-regional mall, opened in 1976 by Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation, located in Toms River, New Jersey on Hooper Avenue. The mall is accessible off of Exit 82 of the Garden State Parkway via Route 37 East. The mall is owned by Simon Property Group. The mall has a gross leasable area of .The mall is anchored by Boscov's, JCPenney, Macy's and Sears

Ocean engineering
Ocean engineering is an ambiguously defined term that may refer to:*Oceanographic engineering, also called marine electronics engineering, concerned with the design of electronic devices for use in the marine environment, such as the remote sensing systems used by oceanographers*Offshore construction, also called offshore engineering or maritime engineering, concerned with the

Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Ocean Grove is an unincorporated community and a census-designated place in Neptune Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey. It had a population of 3,342 at the 2010 census. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean Jersey Shore, between Asbury Park to the north and Bradley Beach to the south

Ocean sunfish
The ocean sunfish, Mola mola, or common mola, is the heaviest known bony fish in the world. It has an average adult weight of . The species is native to tropical and temperate waters around the globe. It resembles a fish head with a tail, and its main body is flattened laterally

Oceanic trench
The oceanic trenches are hemispheric-scale long but narrow topographic depressions of the sea floor. They are also the deepest parts of the ocean floor.

Oceanography , also called oceanology or marine science, is the branch of Earth science that studies the ocean

Oceanus ; , Ōkeanós, ) was a pseudo-geographical feature in classical antiquity, believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans to be the world-ocean, an enormous river encircling the world.

The ocelot , pronounced /ˈɒsəˌlɒt/, also known as the dwarf leopard or McKenney's wildcat is a wild cat distributed over South and Central America and Mexico, but has been reported as far north as Texas and in Trinidad, in the Caribbean

Ocey Snead
Oceana Wardlaw Martin Snead aka Ocey Snead, was drugged and drowned in East Orange, New Jersey by her own family to collect $32,000 in insurance money.-Birth and family:

Oclemena E.L.Greene, is a small genus of flowering plants from the sunflower family .It is native to northeastern North America, found in wet or dry woodlands, and sometimes in clearings in the woods, or in acid bogs and peat.

Oconaluftee Indian Village
The Oconaluftee Indian Village is a replica of an 18th century eastern Cherokee community located in Cherokee, North Carolina, USA.This "living museum" is operated by the Cherokee Historical Association

OCR may refer to:* Optical character recognition, conversion of images of text into characters** The OCR-A font, designed to simplify character recognition** The similar OCR-B font* Transvaginal oocyte retrieval, a technique used in in vitro fertilization

OCR (examination board)
OCR is an examination board that sets examinations and awards qualifications . It is one of England, Wales and Northern Ireland's five main examination boards.

In geometry, an octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces. A regular octahedron is a Platonic solid composed of eight equilateral triangles, four of which meet at each vertex.