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House (game)
House, also referred to as "playing house", is a traditional game where children or adults take on the roles of a nuclear family, which typically consists of a father, mother, a child/children, a baby, and a cat/dog.

House (operating system)
House is an acronym for the Haskell User's Operating System and Environment. It is an experimental operating system written in Haskell. It was written to explore system programming in a functional programming language.

House Arrest (M\*A\*S\*H)
"House Arrest" is the 18th episode in the third season of M*A*S*H. It originally broadcast on February 4, 1975.- Plot overview:In the OR Margaret is not performing up to par and is continuously chided by Hawkeye

House Arrest (song)
"House Arrest" is a hit single by British group Krush who hailed from Nottingham. It was believed that the vocalist Ruth Joy was Ann Saunderson however this has been proven to be incorrect

House cricket
Acheta domesticus, commonly called the house cricket, is a cricket most likely native to Southwestern Asia, but has spread worldwide

House of Cards
House of Cards is a 1990 political thriller television drama serial by the BBC in four parts, set after the end of Margaret Thatcher's tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It was televised from 18 November to 9 December 1990, to critical and popular acclaim

House of cards
A house of cards is a structure created by stacking playing cards on top of each other. House of cards is also an expression which dates back to 1645 meaning; a structure or argument built on a shaky foundation or one that will collapse if a necessary element is removed

House of Cards (1993 film)
House of Cards is a 1993 drama film directed by Michael Lessac and starring Kathleen Turner and Tommy Lee Jones. It follows the struggle of a mother to reconnect with her daughter who has been traumatized by the death of her father. The film premiered at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival before being acquired by Twentieth Century Fox for distribution in June of the same year

House of cards (disambiguation)
A house of cards is a structure formed of playing cards, as a pastime.House of cards may also refer to:- Film and television :* House of Cards, a 1990 BBC political thriller television drama

House of Cards (Madina Lake song)
"House of Cards" is a song by Chicago-based rock band Madina Lake and is the fourth track on their debut album From Them, Through Us, To You, released in March 2007. It was also featured on the bands EP, The Disappearance of Adalia

House of Cards (song)
"House of Cards" is a song by English rock band Radiohead and is the eighth track on their 2007 album In Rainbows. The song was released alongside "Bodysnatchers" as a promotional single and video from In Rainbows in late June 2008.-Music video:

House of Lords
The House of Lords is the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Like the House of Commons, it meets in the Palace of Westminster.

House of Lords (album)
House of Lords is the fourth album by Lords of the Underground, their first album in eight years. The album was released on August 21, 2007 for Affluent Records and was produced by Marley Marl, K-Def and DJ Lord Jazz

House of Lords (band)
House of Lords is a hard rock/AOR band from Los Angeles, California.-History:House of Lords was formed in 1987 by former Angel member and keyboardist Gregg Giuffria from his solo project Giuffria

House of Lords (disambiguation)
The House of Lords is the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. See also House of Peers.House of Lords may also refer to:

House of Lords (House of Lords album)
House of Lords is the eponymous debut album by House of Lords, a Giuffria spin-off band, featuring keyboardist Gregg Giuffria. It was released in 1988 on Kiss bassist Gene Simmons' own label and distributed by RCA Records. The album reached position No

Houseguest (band)
Houseguest is a five-piece rock band from Akron, Ohio. The band was praised by San Francisco-based literary magazine McSweeney's in 2005 as "the best pop band in America."

The household is "the basic residential unit in which economic production, consumption, inheritance, child rearing, and shelter are organized and carried out"; [the household] "may or may not be synonymous with family".

Household names
Household Names is a 4-piece American alternative rock band based in Austin, Texas.-The Trouble With Being Nice :Household Names formed in Austin, Texas in 2000 when songwriter/guitarist Jason Garcia released the debut LP The Trouble With Being Nice, co-produced with Lars Goransson , playing most of the instruments himself or with the help of his

A householder is a person who is the head of a household; see House.Householder is also a family name:*Alston Scott Householder, American mathematicianMathematical topics named after A.S

Housekeeper may refer to:* Housekeeper , a woman heading up domestic maintenance* Maid, a female with various domestic duties* Janitor, a person responsible for institutional maintenance* A person engaged in housekeeping

Housekeeping is the act of cleaning the rooms and furnishings of a home. It is one of the many chores included in the term housework. Housecleaning includes activities such as disposing of rubbish, cleaning dirty surfaces, dusting and vacuuming. It may also involve some outdoor chores, such as removing leaves from rain gutters, washing windows and sweeping doormats

Housekeeping is the act of cleaning the rooms and furnishings of a home. It is one of the many chores included in the term housework. Housecleaning includes activities such as disposing of rubbish, cleaning dirty surfaces, dusting and vacuuming. It may also involve some outdoor chores, such as removing leaves from rain gutters, washing windows and sweeping doormats

Housing may refer to:* A House* Social or public housing* Enclosure containing some equipment or mechanism*House dance

Houston (Amtrak station)
The Houston Amtrak station is a train station in Houston, Texas, United States served by Amtrak, the U.S. national railroad passenger system.Of the 19 Texas stations served by Amtrak, Houston was the sixth-busiest in FY2010, boarding or detraining an average of approximately 50 passengers daily.The present station, which opened to passengers on October 26, 1959, was built by the

Hover may refer to:*Hovering , the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contactIn transport* Hover , nearly stationary flight in a helicopter

Hovercraft (band)
Hovercraft was an instrumental experimental rock group that formed in Seattle, Washington in 1993. It was co-founded by its core duo of guitarist/samplist/tape looper Ryan Shinn, and bassist Beth Liebling. Liebling and Shinn would use the pseudonyms "Sadie 7" and "Campbell 2000", respectively, throughout the duration of the band's history

Hovercraft (game)
Hovercraft was a color vector arcade game by Cinematronics in 1983. The game was basically a futuristic 3D tank game but never reached the full production stage, and is often thought of as being a prototype only. The game possibly never reached full production because of the video game crash of 1983.

How (greeting)
The word "How" is used frequently as a greeting in representations of Native American speech. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word was originally used by missionary Jean de Brébeuf to indicate an interjection of approval used by the Wyandot ; the OED gives the transcription haau. It later became common in popular culture, used

How Come (Ronnie Lane)
How Come is the title of a song co-written by Ronnie Lane and Clive Westlake, and recorded by Lane as his first single in 1973 after he left The Faces. Featuring a band of constantly changing personnel called Slim Chance, including Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle, who later had considerable success as a performing and songwriting duo in their own right, it reached No. 11 in the UK.

How Do You Do
How Do You Do may refer to:*How Do You Do , an album by Miyuki Nakajima*How Do You Do an album by Mayer Hawthorne*"How Do You Do!", a song by Roxette*"How Do You Do?" *"How Do You Do"

How do you like them apples
How do you like them apples?, also shortened to, How you like them apples? or how bout that., sometimes spelled dem apples or those apples, is a phrase used to gloat or to express bemusement or vexation. In all senses, the phrase acts as a rhetorical question.-Film:The first known use in a film was Howard Hawks' The Big Sky starring Kirk Douglas in 1952

How Long (album)
How long is the second album from the West Coast artist L.V..- Track listing :# "Intro"# "How Long" # "One Chance"# "Forgive Me Girl"# "Hustlers 4 Life" # "Everyday Hustler" # "Come Home With Me"

How Long (Betcha Got a Chick on the Side)
"How Long " is a funk classic by American family girl group the Pointer Sisters, released as the first single from their Steppin album in 1975. The song's mixture of funky R&B with the sisters' soulful harmonies and melodies helped make this song a standout early song in the group's catalog

How Long (J. D. Souther song)
"How Long" is the title of a song, recorded and written in 1972, by rock music artist J. D. Souther. The song was included on his 1972 album John David Souther but not released as a single.

How Many
"How Many" was the leading single from the motion picture soundtrack for the film Circuit. It was released on December 3rd, 2002 and was Taylor Dayne's last single for five years, until the 2007 release of "Beautiful"

Howard is a popular English language occupational given name of Old English origin, meaning "noble watchman". A diminutive is "Howie" and its shortened form is "Ward" . Between 1900-1960, Howard ranked in the U.S. Top 200; between 1960–1990, it ranked in the U.S. Top 400; between 1990–2004, it ranked in the U.S. Top 600

Howard (disambiguation)
Howard is a common name amongst people:* Howard, given name* Howard Howard may also refer to:-Fictional characters:* Howard, a character in the fictional television series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing* Howard Huge, comic strip dog

Howard (surname)
Howard is a common English language surname. Its origins are unclear. One theory is that it derived from the Norman-French personal name "Huard" or "Heward" adapting after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Another theory is that its origin may be pre 7th century Germanic from the personal name "Hughard"

A howdah, or houdah, also known as hathi howdah, is a carriage which is positioned on the back of an elephant, or occasionally some other animal, used most often in the past to carry wealthy people or for use in hunting or warfare

Howe (surname)
Howe is a surname from the meaning hill, knoll, or mound and may refer to:*Andrew Howe, Italian athlete.*Albion P. Howe, American Union Army general during the American Civil War.*Clarence Decatur Howe prominent Canadian politician.

Howie is a Scottish locational surname derived from a medieval estate in Scotland's southwest county of Ayrshire. While its ancient name is known as "The lands of How", its exact location is lost to time. The word "How", predating written history, appears to originate from the ancient Kingdom of Strathclyde as a locational description of a "hollow"

Howie (disambiguation)
Howie is a common name for people:* Howie * Howie, surnameHowie may also refer to:In other uses:* Hungry Howie's Pizza, American pizza franchise* The Howie Carr Show, American radio talk-show

howies is a clothing company originally based in Cardigan Bay, Wales.The company was founded by Clare and David Hieatt in 1995 and produces eco-friendly T-shirts, jeans and sportswear, and aims to have ethically correct practices. howies sometimes use natural fabrics as alternatives to petrochemical-derived modern fabrics

Howl (film)
First Howl is an upcoming horror film directed by David Flores and written by Clint Morris and stars Parisse Boothe, Eric Stoltz and Kristina Anapau

Howler may refer to:*Howler , a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota*The Howler, a roller coaster at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana*Howler , a fictional alien species from the Animorphs setting

Howling can refer to* Howling, vocalisations of the wolf** Howling, similar vocalisations of dogs* The Howling, a 1977 horror novel by Gary Brandner* The Howling , a 1981 film loosely based on the novel, and various sequels

Howling (album)
Howling is the ninth studio album released by The Saints. The album was their first release after an eight year recording hiatus. This time Bailey choose to lose the big-production of the 1980s records to make an album that was more akin to the early Saints punk sound

Howling (EP)
Howling is Hitomi Yaida's debut single under the name of Hitomi Yaida. It was released independently by Aozora Records on May 3, 2000.Although only available in the Kansai region of Japan, the single reached number 50 on the Oricon charts

Howzat (album)
Howzat was an album by Australian band Sherbet released in 1976. It spent two weeks at number one on the Australian album charts in 1976. The title cut was also a number one hit and remains the group's biggest hit, especially outside of Australia, reaching the top 5 of the UK charts and also charting on the US Hot 100.It is often used as a cricket anthem and is sometimes loudly

Howzat (greeting)
In South African English, "howzit" is often used as a form of greeting. The term is an abbreviated form of 'how is it going?' and the appropriate response is 'sharp', often doubled and spoken with the r silent.

Hoy is an island in Orkney, Scotland. With an area of it is the second largest in the archipelago after the Mainland. It is connected by a causeway called The Ayre to South Walls

Hoys or HOYS may refer to:* Horse of the Year Show* Hoys Roadlines

Hoz is the name of several towns in Spain:* Hoz y Costean, in the province of Huesca, Aragón* Hoz de Jaca, in the province of Huesca, Aragón* La Hoz de la Vieja, in the province of Teruel, Aragón

HQ may refer to:* HQ, an abbreviation for headquarters* HQ, an abbreviation for high quality* HQ , a 1975 album by Roy Harper* Hagströmer & Qviberg, a Swedish investment bank* Harley Quinn, a DC Comics character and enemy of Batman

-Arts and entertainment:* H. R. Pufnstuf, a children's television series* Haibane Renmei, an anime series* Halo Reach, a 2010 video game from Bungie Studios* Hannibal Rising , a 2007 thriller featuring the Hannibal Lecter character

HR (gene)
Protein hairless is a protein that in humans is encoded by the HR gene.

-Places:*Hagerstown Regional Airport, Maryland, USA*Hungarian Regional Autonomy, proposed autonomous area of Serbia-Health and medicine:*Health risk assessment*Hereditary Renal Adysplasia*Bronchial hyperresponsiveness, or hyperreactive airways

The word hrad is the Czech and Slovak word for castle and is commonly used as a part of castle name, e.g. Pražský hrad , Spišský hrad , or Bratislavský hrad .*List of castles in Slovakia

Hranice (Cheb District)
Hranice is a border town in Cheb District in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic. In 2005 the village had a population of 2,272.-Geography:

HRB is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, including:* HRB * H&R Block, a U.S. tax preparation and personal finance management company* HRB Systems, a defense contractor

North African campaign
During the Second World War, the North African Campaign took place in North Africa from 10 June 1940 to 13 May 1943. It included campaigns fought in the Libyan and Egyptian deserts and in Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia .The campaign was fought between the Allies and Axis powers, many of whom had

North America
North America is a continent wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere. It is also considered a northern subcontinent of the Americas

North American blizzard of 1996
The Blizzard of 1996 was a severe nor'easter that paralyzed the U.S. East Coast with up to of wind-driven snow from January 6 to January 8, 1996. It was followed by another storm on January 12th, then unusually warm weather and torrential rain which caused rapid melting and river flooding.-Washington D.C. and Baltimore:Snow began falling on Washington, D.C

North American blizzard of 2003
The Blizzard of 2003, also known as the Presidents' Day Storm II or simply PDII, was a historical and record-breaking snowstorm on the East Coast of the United States and Canada, which lasted from February 14 to February 19, 2003. It spread heavy snow across the major cities of the Northeastern US, making it the defining snowstorm of the very snowy winter of 2002-2003

North American Cordillera
The North American Cordillera is the North American portion of the American Cordillera which is a cordillera extending up and down the western side of the Americas. The North American Cordillera covers an extensive area of mountain ranges, intermontane basins, and plateaus in western North America, including much of the territory west of the Great Plains

North American Free Trade Agreement
The North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA is an agreement signed by the governments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, creating a trilateral trade bloc in North America. The agreement came into force on January 1, 1994. It superseded the Canada – United States Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Canada

North American Grappling Association
North American Grappling Association is an organization started in 1995 that holds Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments in North America and Europe. NAGA is the largest submission grappling association in North America with over 46,600 participants world-wide. Including some of the top jiu-jitsu fighters in the world

North American Porcupine
The North American Porcupine , also known as Canadian Porcupine or Common Porcupine, is a large rodent in the New World porcupine family. The Beaver is the only rodent larger than the North American Porcupine found in North America

North American smallpox epidemic
The 1775–1782 North American smallpox epidemic was a smallpox epidemic that spread across most of the continent of North America. The epidemic coincided with the years of the American Revolutionary War , which was gripping much of the continent from the colonies, western frontiers, and southern Canada

North American Van Lines
North American Van Lines, or NAVL, is a large, United States based trucking company originally formed in Cleveland, Ohio and later based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which specializes in home and office relocations.-History:

North American X-15
The North American X-15 rocket-powered aircraft/spaceplane was part of the X-series of experimental aircraft, initiated with the Bell X-1, that were made for the USAAF/USAF, NACA/NASA, and the USN. The X-15 set speed and altitude records in the early 1960s, reaching the edge of outer space and returning with valuable data used in aircraft and spacecraft design

North Arcot
The Indian District of North Arcot was split on 30-09-1989 into Tiruvannamalai-Sambuvarayar and North Arcot Ambedkar .- History :

North Atlantic Tracks
North Atlantic Tracks are trans-Atlantic routes that stretch from the northeast of North America to western Europe across the Atlantic Ocean. They ensure aircraft are separated over the ocean, where there is little radar coverage

North Bend Rail Trail
The North Bend Rail Trail is a rail trail in north-central and western West Virginia in the United States. It is operated by West Virginia State Parks and is part of the American Discovery Trail.

North Carolina
North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States. The state borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west and Virginia to the north. North Carolina contains 100 counties. Its capital is Raleigh, and its largest city is Charlotte

North Carolina Ferry System
The North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division is a branch of NCDOT that is responsible for the operation of over two dozen ferry services that transport passengers and vehicles to several islands along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools , also known as the North Central Association, is a membership organization, consisting of colleges, universities, and schools in 19 U.S. states, that is engaged in educational accreditation

North Central Correctional Institution
North Central Correctional Institution is a medium/minimum security prison located in Gardner, Massachusetts.-External links:*

North China
thumb|250px|Northern [[People's Republic of China]] region.Northern China or North China is a geographical region of China. The heartland of North China is the North China Plain.

North Country (film)
North Country is a 2005 American drama film directed by Niki Caro. The screenplay by Michael Seitzman was inspired by the 2002 book Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law by Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler, which chronicled the case of Jenson v

North Dakota
North Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States of America, along the Canadian border. The state is bordered by Canada to the north, Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south and Montana to the west. North Dakota is the 19th-largest state by area in the U.S. It is also the third least populous, with 672,591 residents according to the 2010 census

North Dakota State Bison football
The North Dakota State Bison football program represents North Dakota State University in college football at the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision level and competes in the Missouri Valley Football Conference. From 2004 to 2007, the Bison were members of the Great West Football Conference, before which they were a NCAA Division II program in the North Central Conference

North Dallas
North Dallas is an expensive area of numerous communities and neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas . The phrase "North Dallas" is also sometimes used to include any suburb or exurb north of Dallas proper within the metropolitan area. The majority of North Dallas is located in Dallas County while a small portion is located in Collin and Denton County

North East Tonight
North East Tonight is a regional television news and current affairs programme, also including local sports news and local features of interest, produced by ITV Tyne Tees & Border at its studios in Gateshead, and serving the "Tyne Tees" part of the region .The remainder of the ITV Tyne Tees & Border

North Eastern Province (Kenya)
North Eastern Province is the third largest province in Kenya and has thirteen constituencies represented in the Kenya National Assembly.The region is home to a rare type of antelope called the Hirola, which is classified as an endangered species. The NFD's pastoralists also possess livestock in excess of 2-3 millions.The climate of the North Eastern Province is semi-arid and hot

North Garland High School
North Garland High School is a public secondary school located in Garland, Texas . North Garland High School enrolls students in grades 9-12 and is a part of the Garland Independent School District

North Gower Township, Ontario
North Gower Township is a historical township in eastern Ontario, Canada.North Gower was located in the southern part of Carleton County, bordered to the northwest by Goulbourn Township, to the north by Nepean, to the east by Osgoode and to the south by South Gower Township

North Korea
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea , , is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Its capital and largest city is Pyongyang. The Korean Demilitarized Zone serves as the buffer zone between North Korea and South Korea

North Korean famine
'The North Korean famine was a famine in North Korea which began in the early 1990s

North Lanarkshire
North Lanarkshire is one of 32 council areas in Scotland. It borders onto the northeast of the City of Glasgow and contains much of Glasgow's suburbs and commuter towns and villages. It also borders Stirling, Falkirk, East Dunbartonshire, West Lothian and South Lanarkshire

North Liberty, Iowa
North Liberty is a city in Johnson County, Iowa, United States. It is a suburb of Iowa City and part of the Iowa City Metropolitan Statistical Area.

North Long Beach, Long Beach, California
North Long Beach is a predominantly working class area of Long Beach, California. The neighborhood is bounded to the west, north and east by the Long Beach city limits , and to the south by Del Amo Blvd and the Bixby Knolls neighborhood

North Manitou Island
North Manitou Island is located in Lake Michigan, approximately west-northwest of Leland, Michigan. It is nearly eight miles long and over four miles wide, with of shoreline. It has a land area of 57.876 km² and has no population

North Middlesex Hospital
The North Middlesex University Hospital, known locally as North Mid, is a District General Hospital in Edmonton, in the London Borough of Enfield, within the area served by the Enfield Primary Care NHS Trust.- History :

North Paravur
North Paravur formerly known as Parur is a town, municipality in Ernakulam district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is an old and growing municipality. Paravur is the capital of Paravur Taluk in Ernakulam district

North Pole
The North Pole, also known as the Geographic North Pole or Terrestrial North Pole, is, subject to the caveats explained below, defined as the point in the northern hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface

North Queensland Cowboys
The North Queensland Cowboys are an Australian professional rugby league football club based in Townsville, Queensland. They compete in Australasia's elite rugby league competition, the National Rugby League premiership

North Rhine-Westphalia
North Rhine-Westphalia is the most populous state of Germany, with four of the country's ten largest cities. The state was formed in 1946 as a merger of the northern Rhineland and Westphalia, both formerly part of Prussia. Its capital is Düsseldorf. The state is currently run by a coalition of the Social Democrats and Greens.-History:-Westphalia:Around 1 A.D

North Russia Campaign
The North Russia Intervention, also known as the Northern Russian Expedition, was part of the Allied Intervention in Russia after the October Revolution. The intervention brought about the involvement of foreign troops in the Russian Civil War on the side of the White movement

North Sea
In the southwest, beyond the Straits of Dover, the North Sea becomes the English Channel connecting to the Atlantic Ocean. In the east, it connects to the Baltic Sea via the Skagerrak and Kattegat, narrow straits that separate Denmark from Norway and Sweden respectively

North Sea Canal
The North Sea Canal is a Dutch ship canal from Amsterdam to the North Sea at IJmuiden, constructed between 1865 and 1876 to enable seafaring vessels to reach the port of Amsterdam

North Sea flood of 1962
The North Sea flood of 1962 was a natural disaster affecting mainly the coastal regions of Germany and in particular the city of Hamburg in the night from 16 February to 17 February 1962

North Shore Towers
The North Shore Towers and Country Club is a three building residential complex located mostly in Glen Oaks, Queens along the Grand Central Parkway. It is on the border of Queens and Nassau County. A small part of the complex crosses the border and is in the Village of Lake Success

North South University
North South University or NSU is the first government-approved private university of Bangladesh. The university, where the language of instruction is English, offers a number of undergraduate and masters degrees in the fields of Business Administration, Computer Science, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Life Sciences, Pharmacy,

North Staffordshire Railway
The North Staffordshire Railway was a British railway company formed in 1845 to promote a number of lines in the Staffordshire Potteries and surrounding areas in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire.

North Station (Boston)
North Station is a major transportation hub located at Causeway and Nashua Streets in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the city's two terminals for Amtrak and MBTA commuter trains, the other being South Station

North Tyneside
The Metropolitan Borough of North Tyneside is a metropolitan borough of Tyne and Wear, in North East England and is part of the Tyneside conurbation. Its seat is Wallsend Town Hall.

North Wales Coast Line
The North Wales Coast Line is the railway line from Crewe to Holyhead. Virgin Trains consider their services along it to be a spur of the West Coast Main Line. The first section from Crewe to Chester was built by the Chester and Crewe Railway and absorbed by the Grand Junction Railway shortly before opening in 1840

North West Coastal Highway
North West Coastal Highway in Western Australia is a generally north-south Western Australian highway which links the fishing town of Geraldton with the iron ore port of Port Hedland. It is long, and constructed as a sealed 2-lane single carriageway with overtaking lanes in some parts. It was completely sealed by 1974

North West Water
North West Water was a water supply company serving north west England. It was originally the North West Water Authority, one of ten regional authorities created by the Water Act 1973. In 1989 it became North West Water plc, and was privatised

North Western Province, Sri Lanka
North Western Province is a province of Sri Lanka. The districts of Kurunegala and Puttalam formulate Wayamba. Its capital is Kurunegala, which has a population of 28,571. The province is known mainly for its numerous coconut plantations. Other main towns in this province are Chilaw and Puttalam , which are both small fishing towns

North-East India
Northeast India refers to the easternmost region of India consisting of the contiguous Seven Sister States, Sikkim, and parts of North Bengal

North-South divide
The north–south divide is a socio-economic and political division that exists between the wealthy developed countries, known collectively as "the north", and the poorer developing countries , or "the south." Although most nations comprising the "North" are in fact located in the Northern Hemisphere ,

North-West Rebellion
The North-West Rebellion of 1885 was a brief and unsuccessful uprising by the Métis people of the District of Saskatchewan under Louis Riel against the Dominion of Canada

North-West University
The North-West University is a newly merged institution from 1 January 2004 onwards with four campuses at Potchefstroom, Mafikeng, Vanderbijlpark and Mankwe. The Potchefstroom Campus is the largest, and the head office of the University is situated at this location

Northeast Corridor Line
The Northeast Corridor Line is a commuter rail operation run by New Jersey Transit along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. It is the successor to commuter services provided by the Pennsylvania Railroad along the section between Trenton, New Jersey and New York Penn Station

Northeastern United States
The Northeastern United States is a region of the United States as defined by the United States Census Bureau.-Composition:The region comprises nine states: the New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont; and the Mid-Atlantic states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

Northern Arizona University
Northern Arizona University is a public university located in Flagstaff, Arizona, United States. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and has 39 satellite campuses in the state of Arizona. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.As of fall 2010, 25,204 students were enrolled, 17,529 at the Flagstaff campus

Northern blot
The northern blot is a technique used in molecular biology research to study gene expression by detection of RNA in a sample. With northern blotting it is possible to observe cellular control over structure and function by determining the particular gene expression levels during differentiation, morphogenesis, as well as abnormal or diseased conditions

Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation
The Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, formerly named the Tongue River Indian Reservation, is an Indian reservation that is home to the Northern Cheyenne tribe of the Native Americans. It is located around the small towns of Lame Deer and Ashland, Montana, in parts of Rosebud and Big Horn counties

Northern Division, Fiji
The Northern Division is one of four Divisions into which Fiji's fourteen Provinces are grouped for local government purposes. The administrative centre of the Division, where main governmental departments are located, is Labasa.

Northern Europe
Northern Europe is the northern part or region of Europe. Northern Europe typically refers to the seven countries in the northern part of the European subcontinent which includes Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland and Sweden

Northern Flicker
The Northern Flicker is a medium-sized member of the woodpecker family. It is native to most of North America, parts of Central America, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, and is one of the few woodpecker species that migrate. There are over 100 common names for the Northern Flicker

Northern Flying Squirrel
The Northern flying squirrel is one of two species of the genus Glaucomys, the only flying squirrels found in North America . Unlike most members of their family, flying squirrels are strictly nocturnal

Northern Fur Seal
The Northern fur seal is an eared seal found along the north Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. It is the largest member of the fur seal subfamily and the only species in the genus Callorhinus.-Physical description:Northern fur seals have extreme sexual dimorphism, with males being 30–40% longer and more than

Northern Hemisphere
The Northern Hemisphere is the half of a planet that is north of its equator—the word hemisphere literally means “half sphere”. It is also that half of the celestial sphere north of the celestial equator

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom. Situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland, it shares a border with the Republic of Ireland to the south and west

Northern Ireland national football team
The Northern Ireland national football team represents Northern Ireland in international association football. Before 1921 all of Ireland was represented by a single side, the Ireland national football team, organised by the Irish Football Association

Northern Kentucky
Northern Kentucky is the name often given to the northernmost counties in Kentucky

Northern League (baseball, 1902-71)
This article refers to the original incarnations of the Northern League, which operated between 1902 and 1971. For the more recent league, see Northern League