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Honing (metalworking)
Honing is an abrasive machining process that produces a precision surface on a metal workpiece by scrubbing an abrasive stone against it along a controlled path

Honk may refer to:* Honk * Honk * Honk!, a musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story The Ugly Duckling* HONK!, a marching band festival* Honk, the Moose, a children's book by Phil Stong

Honk (band)
Honk is an American band, based in Laguna Beach, California. The band's first album, the soundtrack to the surfing movie Five Summer Stories, brought them national recognition. In the early 1970s they toured with The Beach Boys, Chicago, Jackson Browne and Dave Mason before splitting up in 1975

Honker or Honkers can refer to:* Tarpan Honker, a Polish all-terrain vehicle* Honkers, characters in Sesame Street* Canada Goose, sometimes referred to by the slang term "honker"* Rochester Honkers, an amateur baseball team in Minnesota, US

Honky is a racial slur for white people, predominantly heard in the United States

Honky Château
Honky Château is the fifth studio album by British singer/songwriter Elton John, released in 1972. In 2003, the album was ranked number 357 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. It was certified Gold on 7/24/1972 and Platinum on 10/11/1995 by the R.I.A.A

Honky Tonk (1941 film)
Honky Tonk is a 1941 black-and-white western film starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner.-Plot:Con man "Candy" Johnson and his friend "Sniper" flee town using quick wits and magic tricks. They catch a train to Yellow Creek, Nevada, where a gold rush is in progress. Aboard, he meets Elizabeth Cotton ; she takes an instant dislike to him

Honky Tonk (disambiguation)
A honky-tonk is a type of bar. The phrase may also refer to:In music:*Honky tonk music, a subgenre of country music*Honky Tonk , by Dude Mowrey

Honolulu (disambiguation)
Honolulu is the capital and the most populous community of the State of Hawaii in the United States.Honolulu may also refer to:* City and County of Honolulu, encompasses the entire island of Oahu, the name of a number of steam ships

Honolulu (pool)
Honolulu, also known as banks, kisses and combinations, and as indirect, is a pocket billiards game in which players must all shots in an indirect fashion to reach a set number of points

Honor (disambiguation)
Honour is the quality of being honorable.Honor or honour may also refer to:*His Honour, a pre-nominal honorific*Honour *Honour , a 1995 play by Joanna Murray-Smith*Honor , a Polish band

Honor (given name)
Honor is a primarily feminine given name derived from the word "honor", taken from a Latin root word honos, honoris. It was a virtue name in use by the Puritans

Honorable Mention
The Honorable Mention was an important Military awards and decorations of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for those who distinguished themselves by acts of high bravery, but weren't eligible yet for the highest accolade of the Military William Order

An honorarium is an ex gratia payment made to a person for their services in a volunteer capacity or for services for which fees are not traditionally required. This is used by groups such as schools or sporting clubs to pay coaches for their costs

An honorary position is an unpaid position. Other uses include:* honorary title — awarded as a mark of distinction** honorary citizenship — awarded to aliens who have rendered service to the state

An honorific is a word or expression with connotations conveying esteem or respect when used in addressing or referring to a person. Sometimes, the term is used not quite correctly to refer to an honorary title

Honour (land)
In medieval England, an honour could consist of a great lordship, comprising dozens or hundreds of manors. Holders of honours often attempted to preserve the integrity of an honour over time, administering its properties as a unit, maintaining inheritances together, etc.The typical honour had properties scattered over several shires,

Honour (play)
Honour is a 1995 play by the Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith.It tells the familiar tale of a middle aged man, George, who leaves his wife, Honour, and their 24-year-old daughter, Sophie, for a relationship with a much younger woman by the name of Claudia.It was first performed in Melbourne on 14 November 1995 and has since been performed in more than three dozen

is the largest island of Japan. The nation's main island, it is south of Hokkaido across the Tsugaru Strait, north of Shikoku across the Inland Sea, and northeast of Kyushu across the Kanmon Strait

Hooch may refer to:* Moonshine, illicit liquor* Hoosh, a stew made from water, biscuits, and pemmican* Chattahoochee River, United States watercourse* Turner & Hooch, a 1989 comedy film** Beasley , dog who played Hooch

-Apparel:* Hood , type of head covering** Article of Academic dress** Animal hood, something used in costume play or part of an animal transformation fantasy** Bondage hood, sex toy-Anatomy:* Hood , flap of skin behind the head of a cobra

Hood (novel)
Hood is a novel written by Irish author Emma Donoghue in 1995. The book was the recipient of the 1997 Stonewall Book Award and is heavily influenced by James Joyce's Ulysses.

Hood (people)
Hood is a surname, and may refer to:* Alan Hood, professor at the University of St Andrews* Adam Hood, musician* Admiral Hood, any of several officers of the Royal Navy* Alan Hood, a professor at St

Hooded Tinamou
The Hooded Tinamou Nothocercus nigrocapillus is a type of ground bird found in forests of Bolivia and Peru.-Taxonomy:Tinamou are from the family Tinamidae, and in the larger scheme are also Ratites. Unlike other Ratites, Tinamous can fly, although in general, they are not strong fliers

Hoodie (disambiguation)
Hoodie or similar can mean:*A hoodie is a type of jacket with a hood.*In the UK, the word "hoodie" can refer to a young person wearing a hooded sweatshirt, often synonymous with the word chav.*"Hoodie", a single by Lady Sovereign

Hoodlum is a 1997 crime film that gives a fictionalized account of the gang war between the Italian/Jewish mafia alliance and the black gangsters of Harlem that took place in the late 1920s and early 1930s

Hoodlum refers to a young thug, ruffian, or misanthrope. It may also refer to:*The Hoodlum, an American 1951 film directed by Max Nosseck*Hoodlum , a 1997 film starring Laurence Fishburne*"Hoodlum" , a 1997 song by Mobb Deep

Hoodlum (song)
"Hoodlum" was a 1997 single by Mobb Deep. The song also features Big Noyd and Rakim. It was featured on the Hoodlum soundtrack.-Track listing:Side A#"Hoodlum" #"Hoodlum" Side B#"Hoodlum" #"Hoodlum" -Charts:

Hoodoo may refer to:In culture:*Hoodoo , African-American traditional folk magic*Hoodoo Gurus, an Australian rock music group*Hoodoo *Hoodoo *Hoodoo

Hoods (band)
Hoods is a hardcore punk band from Sacramento, California. Formed in 1994 by Mike Mraz who later added Logan Murray, Tony Goodloe and Billy Gaffney. With influences such as Madball, Sick of it All, Minor Threat and Cro Mags. The Hoods were known as one of the hardest working bands

Hoods (film)
-Plot:Angelo, together with a group of five other people, is ordered by his father, an Italian mobster, to kill the son of an enemy of his, who has destroyed one of his buildings with a bomb. The problems grow bigger when they discover that the person they have to kill is really a nine-year-old.

Hooey was a humour magazine published by Popular Magazines in the 1930s. It presented spoof ads and articles much in the manner popularised by the 50s magazine Mad.-External links:**

A hoof , plural hooves or hoofs , is the tip of a toe of an ungulate mammal, strengthened by a thick horny covering. The hoof consists of a hard or rubbery sole, and a hard wall formed by a thick nail rolled around the tip of the toe. The weight of the animal is normally borne by both the sole and the edge of the hoof wall

- Technology :* Hooking, a computer programming technique* Hook echo, a feature visible on radar indicative of tornadic rotation in a thunderstorm* Tailhook, a device on an aircraft- Language :* Hook , a rhetorical device that "hooks" the listener

Hook (company)
Hooksoft is a Japanese visual novel studio known for creating adult-oriented bishōjo games. Hooksoft is partnered with two sister brands, The Jolly Roger , and Smee

Hook (song)
"Hook" is a song by jam band Blues Traveler, from their 1994 album Four. The song peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100.The song's title refers to a hook in music terminology: the catchy element or phrase of a song which makes it distinctive and memorable

Hook Up
"Hook Up" is a collaborative single by the artists signed under New Zealand record label Dawn Raid Entertainment under the name Dawn Raid All-Stars released in 2004.

Hook, Line and Sinker (TV program)
Hook, Line and Sinker is an Australian fishing television program, produced by HLS Productions in Hobart, Tasmania and is hosted by Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart. The program premiered in 2001 and is broadcast nationally on the Southern Cross Television network

A hookah A hookah(Gujarati હૂકાહ) A hookah(Gujarati હૂકાહ) (Hindustani: हुक़्क़ा (Devanagari, (Nastaleeq) huqqah) also known as a waterpipe or narghile, is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled by water. The tobacco smoked is referred to as shisha (sheesha) in the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and Canada

Hooked is the ninth collection of movie reviews by the critic Pauline Kael, covering the period from July 1985 to June 1988.All articles in the book originally appeared in The New Yorker.

Hooked (album)
Hooked is the fifth full length studio album the American hard rock band Great White, released in 1991. Though lacking a recognizable hit single and not commercially as successful as ...Twice Shy, it still managed to peak at No. 18 on the Billboard 200 album chart and it was critically well received. The album was certified Gold in April 1991

Hooked (disambiguation)
-Music:* Hooked , 1991* Hooked , 2010* Hooked, an album by Vanilla Ice* Hooked, an album by Voice Male* "Hooked", a song by Mary J

-People:* Brad Hooker, English philosopher, rule-consequentialist* Earl Hooker , American blues musician* Evelyn Hooker , American psychologist* James Hooker , NY politician* John Lee Hooker , American blues musician

Hooker (Kent cricketer)
Hooker was an English professional cricketer who played first-class cricket in 1795 for Kent. He was a member of the Rochester Cricket Club and played invitation matches until 1807. He made 3 known appearances in first-class matches.Hooker is first recorded playing for Kent against All-England at Penenden Heath from 31 August to 2 September 1795

Hookey (disambiguation)
Hookey may refer to:* Truancy, any intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling* Hookey Leonard , Scottish professional footballerPeople with the surname Hookey:* Gordon Hookey , Australian aboriginal artist

Hooks may refer to:Surnames* Bell Hooks, American author, feminist, and social activist* Benjamin Hooks, American civil rights leader* Brian Hooks, American actor, writer, and director

Hoon (ab-Guthatsa-ul-Rousit)
The Hoon are a fictional extraterrestrial race from David Brin's Uplift Universe.Hoon are bipedal omnivores with pale scaly skin and woolly white leg fur. Their spines are massive, hollow structures that form part of their circulatory system

Hoon (disambiguation)
Hoon is an Australian and New Zealand colloquial term.Hoon may also refer to:* Jhun Hoon, a fictional character in the King of Fighters video game series

Hoop may refer to:*Hoop is one apparatus in Rhythmic Gymnastics*Hoop , an American basketball magazine*"Hoops" , a song by Ruby*Hoops , a basketball video game

Hoop (magazine)
HOOP is an official NBA publication, produced bi-monthly. It features in-depth interviews with top NBA players, and also highlights the players' lives off the court.Other popular sections include celebrity interviews and Dance Life

Hooper (coachbuilder)
Hooper was a British coachbuilding company based in London.-Founding:The company was founded as Adams and Hooper in 1805 and held a royal warrant from 1830, building elegant horse drawn carriages, supplying them to King William IV, Queen Victoria and King Edward VII. The first royal car, a Hooper body on a Daimler chassis, was delivered to Sandringham on 28 March 1900

Hooper (surname)
Hooper is a surname originating in England. It is derived from the archaic term for a person who aided in the building of barrels by creating the hoop for the barrel. Most Hoopers are English or of English descent. Some notable individuals named Hooper:

Hooping generally refers to artistic movement and dancing with a hoop used as a prop or dance partner. Hoops can be made of metal, wood or plastic. Hooping combines technical moves and tricks with freestyle or technical dancing, and is typically accompanied by music

Hoopla may refer to:*Hoopla , fairground game*Hoop-La, a 1933 film* HOOPLA!, a publication devoted to Object-Oriented Programming techniques*Hoopla, a 1999 album by Speech

The Hoopoe is a colourful bird that is found across Afro-Eurasia, notable for its distinctive 'crown' of feathers. It is the only extant species in the family Upupidae. One insular species, the Giant Hoopoe of Saint Helena, is extinct, and the Madagascar subspecies of the Hoopoe is sometimes elevated to a full species

Hoops (song)
"Hoops" is the third and final single from the debut album Salt Peter by the trip hop/industrial band Ruby. It was released in the United States on January 1, 1996 by the WORK/Creation labels

Hooray (Delays song)
Hooray is the first single to be released from Delays' third studio album, Everything's the Rush. It was released on 28 April 2008.-Music video:

Hoort is a municipality in the Ludwigslust-Parchim district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

Hoosier is the official demonym for a resident of the U.S. state of Indiana. Although residents of most U.S. states typically adopt a derivative of the state name, e.g., "Indianan" or "Indianian", natives of Indiana rarely use these. Indiana adopted the nickname "Hoosier State" more than 150 years ago. "Hoosiers" is also the nickname for the Indiana University athletic teams

Hoot generally refers to the call of an owl. It could also refer to:* Hoot * Hoot * Hoot , a novel by Carl Hiaasen** Hoot , a 2006 film based on the novel* The Hoot, a student newspaper at Brandeis University

Hooters is the trade name of two privately held American restaurant chains: Hooters of America, Incorporated, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hooters, Incorporated, based in Clearwater, Florida

Hoover is a surname: Hoover is a variant spelling of the German Huber, a status name for a landowner or a prosperous small farmer.Hoover may refer to:- People :* Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States

Hoover (singer)
Willis Hoover was born in Jackson County, Missouri and raised in Lamoni, Iowa and Shenandoah, Iowa. After starting out as a coffee house folk singer as a teenager, Hoover moved to Nashville in the 1960s and became a songwriter. His songs were recorded by Tina Turner, Eddy Arnold and country music outlaws Tompall Glaser and Waylon Jennings

Hop or hops may refer to:* Hop, a kind of small jump, usually using only one leg* Hop , a genus of climbing flowering plants* Hops, the female flower clusters of one species of hop, used primarily as a flavouring and stability agent in beer

HOP (disambiguation)
HOP may refer to:* Croatian Liberation Movement * Heritage of Pride, organizer of the annual gay pride march in New York City* High Octet Preset, a control character in the C1 control code set: see C0 and C1 control codes

Hop (software)
Hop is a Lisp-like programming language by Manuel Serrano for web 2.0 and also the name of the web broker that implements this language. It is written in Bigloo Scheme. A web broker is a program that can act as a web server and a web proxy.

Nigerian naira
The naira is the currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into 100 kobo.The Central Bank of Nigeria is the sole issuer of legal tender money throughout the Federation. It controls the volume of money supply in the economy in order to ensure monetary and price stability

Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Katsina
The Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Katsina comprises three Senators representing Katsina South, Katsina Central, and Katsina North, and fifteen Representatives representing Kaita/Jibia, Malum Fashi/Kafur, Daura/Sandamu/Mai'Adua, Funtua/Dandume, Dutsin-ma/Kurfi, Mashi/Dvisi, Mani/Bindawa, Bakori/Danja, Kankia/Ingawa/Kusada, Safana/Batsari/Dan-Musa, Musawa/Matazu,

Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Plateau
The Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Plateau comprises three Senators representing Plateau South, Plateau Central, and Plateau North, and eight Representatives representing Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam, Bassa/Jos North, Mikang/Quan.Pan/Shendam, Jos South/West, Langtang North/South, Barkin Ladi/Riyom, Wase, Mangu/Bokkos- The 4th Parliament :-References:**

Night or nighttime is the period of time when the sun is below the horizon. This occurs after dusk. The opposite of night is day

Night monkey
The night monkeys, also known as the owl monkeys or douroucoulis, are the members of the genus Aotus of New World monkeys . They are widely distributed in the forests of Central and South America, from Panama south to Paraguay and northern Argentina

Night of January 16th
Night of January 16th is a play written by Ayn Rand, inspired by the death of the "Match King", Ivar Kreuger. First produced under a different name in 1934, it takes place entirely in a court room and is centered on a murder trial. It was a hit of the 1935-36 Broadway season

Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 American independent black-and-white zombie film and cult film directed by George A. Romero, starring Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea and Karl Hardman. It premiered on October 1, 1968, and was completed on a USD$114,000 budget. After decades of cinematic re-releases, it grossed $12 million domestically and $18 million internationally

Night sky
The term night sky refers to the sky as seen at night. The term is usually associated with astronomy, with reference to views of celestial bodies such as stars, the Moon, and planets that become visible on a clear night after the Sun has set. Natural light sources in a night sky include moonlight, starlight, and airglow, depending on location and timing

Night vision
Night vision is the ability to see in low light conditions. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range

Night Watch (painting)
Night Watch or The Night Watch or The Shooting Company of Frans Banning Cocq is the common name of one of the most famous works by Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn.

Night watchman state
A night watchman state, or a minimal state, has been variously defined by sources. In the strictest sense, it is a form of government in political philosophy where the state's only legitimate function is the protection of individuals from aggression, theft, breach of contract, and fraud, and the only legitimate governmental institutions are the military, police, and courts

Nightjohn is a young adult novel by Gary Paulsen, first published in 1993. It is about slavery in the American South shortly before the time of the American Civil War. It was later made into a movie of the same name.-Plot summary:

Nightlife is the collective term for any entertainment that is available and more popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning

A nightlight is a small light fixture, often electrical, placed for comfort or convenience in dark areas or areas that become dark at certain times, such as in an emergency

Nightwood is a 1936 novel by Djuna Barnes first published in London by Faber and Faber. An edition published in the United States in 1937 by Harcourt, Brace included an introduction by T. S. Eliot..

Niigata, Niigata
is the capital and the most populous city of Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It lies on the northwest coast of Honshu, the largest island of Japan, and faces the Sea of Japan and Sado Island.

Nik Aziz Nik Mat
Dato' Bentara Setia Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat is a Malaysian politician, a Muslim ulama and currently the Menteri Besar of the state of Kelantan

Nika riots
The Nika riots , or Nika revolt, took place over the course of a week in Constantinople in AD 532. It was the most violent riot that Constantinople had ever seen to that point, with nearly half the city being burned or destroyed and tens of thousands of people killed.-Background:The ancient Roman and Byzantine empires had well-developed associations, known as demes, which

Marriage in Islam is an Islamic prenuptial contract between a man and woman to live as husband and wife. It is a formal, binding contract considered integral to a religiously valid Islamic marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and bride involved in marriage proceedings

Nikah Misyar
Nikah Misyar is a Muslim Nikah carried out via the normal contractual procedure, with the specificity that the husband and wife give up several rights by their own free will, such as living together, equal division of nights between wives in cases of polygamy, the wife's rights to housing, and maintenance money , and the husband's right of homekeeping, and

Nike Air Max
Nike Air Max is a line of shoes first released by Nike, Inc. in 1987. Since its introduction, Nike has frequently introduced new and updated models in the same product line.-Overview:

Nikita Khrushchev
Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War. He served as First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, and as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, or Premier, from 1958 to 1964

Nikken Abe
Nikken Abe was the 67th high priest of Nichiren Shoshu, a major school of Nichiren Buddhism, and chief priest of its head temple Taisekiji in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan

Nikki Yanofsky
Nicole "Nikki" Yanofsky is a Canadian jazz-pop singer from Hampstead, Quebec. She is involved in charitable causes, and released her first studio album on her own label, A440 Entertainment, and on Decca Records outside of Canada. Yanofsky sang Canada's national anthem at the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Niklas Kronwall
Niklas Kronwall is a Swedish professional ice hockey defenceman, an alternate captain for the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer

Nikolai Budarin
Nikolai Mikhailovich Budarin is a Russian cosmonaut, a veteran of three extended space missions aboard the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov was a Russian composer, and a member of the group of composers known as The Five.The Five, also known as The Mighty Handful or The Mighty Coterie, refers to a circle of composers who met in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in the years 1856–1870: Mily Balakirev , César Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and Alexander Borodin

Nikolaus Groß
Nikolaus Gross was a German resistance fighter in the time of the Third Reich who was later beatified by Pope John Paul II at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City on 7 October 2001.-Life:

Nikon Coolpix 950
The Nikon Coolpix 950 was a digital camera released by Nikon in early 1999. The 950 model superseded the Coolpix 900 in the Nikon Coolpix series. The Coolpix 950 was a durable camera with swivel lens, magnesium body, a maximum resolution of 1600×1200 , 3× optical zoom and a minimum focusing distance of 2 cm

Nikon D200
The Nikon D200 is a 10.2 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera that falls between entry-level/midrange DSLR cameras such as the Nikon D40, Nikon D40x, and D80 and high-end models such as the Nikon D2Hs and D2Xs. It was released by the Nikon Corporation in November 2005

Nikon FM10
The Nikon FM10 is a manual focus 35 mm film camera sold by Nikon Corporation. It is of SLR design and was first available in 1995. It is normally sold in a kit that includes a Zoom Nikkor 35–70 mm f/3.5-4.8 zoom lens, although a Zoom Nikkor 70–210 mm f/4.5-5.6 zoom lens is also available

The Nile is a major north-flowing river in North Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world. It is long. It runs through the ten countries of Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Egypt.The Nile has two major tributaries, the White Nile and Blue Nile

Nile crocodile
The Nile crocodile or Common crocodile is an African crocodile which is common in Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Gabon, South Africa, Malawi, Sudan, Botswana, and Cameroon

Nile Delta
The Nile Delta is the delta formed in Northern Egypt where the Nile River spreads out and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the world's largest river deltas—from Alexandria in the west to Port Said in the east, it covers some 240 km of Mediterranean coastline—and is a rich agricultural region

Nile monitor
The Nile Monitor, Water Leguaan, or River Leguaan is a large member of the monitor lizard family .

Nile perch
The Nile perch is a species of freshwaterfish in family Latidae of order Perciformes. It is widespread throughout muchof the Afrotropic ecozone, being native to the Congo, Nile, Senegal, Niger, and Lake Chad, Volta, Lake Turkana and other river basins. It also occurs in the brackish waters of Lake Maryut in Egypt

Niles Canyon Railway
The Niles Canyon Railway is a heritage railway running through Niles Canyon, between Sunol and the Niles district of Fremont in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, USA. The railway is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Niles Canyon Transcontinental Railroad Historic District

Niles, Michigan
Niles is a city in Berrien and Cass counties in the U.S. state of Michigan, near South Bend, Indiana. The population was 11,600 at the 2010 census. It is the greater populated of two principal cities of and included in the Niles-Benton Harbor, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of 156,813.Located in Berrien County, Niles lies on the banks of the St

Niles, New York
Niles is a town in Cayuga County, New York, United States. The population was 1,194 at the 2010 census. The Town of Niles lies in the eastern part of the county southeast of Auburn, New York.- History :

Nilgiri Langur
The Nilgiri langur is a lutung found in the Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats in South India. Its range also includes Kodagu in Karnataka,Kodayar Hills in Tamil Nadu and many other hilly areas in Kerala and Tamil nadu. This primate has glossy black fur on its body and golden brown fur on its head

Nimbostratus cloud
A Nimbostratus cloud is characterized by a formless cloud layer that is almost uniformly dark gray. "Nimbo" is from the Latin word "nimbus", which denotes precipitation. It is generally a stratiform cloud of moderate vertical development that produces precipitation, developing cloud bases between the surface and about 10000 ft

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences is located in Bangalore, and is the premier neuroscience institute of India. It is recognised by the Government of India as a 'medical institute of national importance'

The Nimravidae, sometimes known as false saber-toothed cats, are an extinct family of mammalian carnivores belonging to the suborder Feliformia and endemic to North America, Europe, and Asia living from the Eocene through the Miocene epochs , existing for approximately .-Morphology:Although some nimravids physically resembled the sabre-toothed cats of genus

Nina Myers
Nina Myers is a fictional character on the television series, 24, played by Sarah Clarke. Nina was second-in-command of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit during the first season of the show.-Characterization:

Nina Sky
Nina Sky is an American musical duo composed of identical twins Nicole and Natalie Albino .-Early life and career:Albino's parents moved to New York from Puerto Rico and were divorced when the girls were younger

Nineteen Eighty-Four
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is a dystopian novel about Oceania, a society ruled by the oligarchical dictatorship of the Party

Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt
The Nineteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt was one of the periods of the Egyptian New Kingdom. Founded by Vizier Ramesses I, whom Pharaoh Horemheb chose as his successor to the throne, this dynasty is best known for its military conquests in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria.The warrior kings of the early 18th Dynasty had encountered only little resistance from

Ninhydrin is a chemical used to detect ammonia or primary and secondary amines. When reacting with these free amines, a deep blue or purple color known as Ruhemann's purple is produced

A or was a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations

Ninja Resurrection
Ninja Resurrection, known in Japan as is a two-part original video animation directed by Yasunori Urata.The OVA series is based on Futaro Yamada's novel Makai Tenshō

Ninoy Aquino International Airport
The Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA , also known as Manila International Airport , is the airport serving the general area of Manila and its surrounding metropolitan area

Nintendo Entertainment System
The Nintendo Entertainment System is an 8-bit video game console that was released by Nintendo in North America during 1985, in Europe during 1986 and Australia in 1987

Ninth Air Force
The Ninth Air Force is a numbered air force of the United States Air Force's Air Combat Command . It is headquartered at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.

Ninth Ward of New Orleans
The Ninth Ward or 9th Ward is a distinctive region of New Orleans, Louisiana that is located in the easternmost downriver portion of the city. It is geographically the largest of the 17 Wards of New Orleans.

Niobium or columbium , is a chemical element with the symbol Nb and atomic number 41. It's a soft, grey, ductile transition metal, which is often found in the pyrochlore mineral, the main commercial source for niobium, and columbite

Niobrara River
The Niobrara River is a tributary of the Missouri River, approximately long, running through the U.S. states of Wyoming and Nebraska. The river drains one of the most arid sections of the Great Plains, and has a low flow for a river of its length

Niokolo-Koba National Park
The Niokolo-Koba National Park is a World Heritage Site and natural protected area in south eastern Senegal near the Guinea-Bissau border.-National Park:

The Nipmuc are a group of Algonquian Indians native to Worcester County, Massachusetts, some parts of Northeastern CT, and NW RI, and the Northwestern and Western parts of Middlesex County, Massachusetts.-Name:

Nippon Foundation
is a private, non-profit grant-making organization. It was established in 1962 by Ryoichi Sasakawa, the late statesman and businessman who, following World War II, was accused, albeit not convicted, of class A war crimes

The Sant Nirankari Mission , abbreviated as, SNM, and also known as Universal Brotherhood Mission, is a spiritual organization.The Sant Nirankari Mission is neither a new religion nor a sect of an existing religion, but an all-embracing spiritual movement dedicated to human welfare

Nisargadatta Maharaj
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj , born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli, was an Indian spiritual teacher and philosopher of Advaita , and a Guru, belonging to the Inchgiri branch of the Navnath Sampradaya.

Nisin is a polycyclic antibacterial peptide with 34 amino acid residues used as a food preservative. It contains the uncommon amino acids lanthionine , methyllanthionine , didehydroalanine and didehydroaminobutyric acid . These unusual amino acids are introduced by posttranslational modification of the precursor peptide

Nissan 240Z
The Nissan S30 was the first generation of Z GT two-seat coupe, and later also 2+2 hatchbacks produced by Nissan Motors, Ltd. of Japan from 1970 to 1978. It was designed by a team led by Mr

Nissan 280ZX
The Nissan 280ZX was a sports coupe produced from 1978 to 1983. It was the second generation Z-car, replacing the Datsun 280Z in late 1978. The 280ZX was the first time where the "By Nissan" subscript was badged alongside the Datsun logo, along with the Nissan trucks. The 280ZX was Motor Trends Import Car of the Year for 1979

Nissan 300ZX
The Z31 chassis designation was first introduced in 1983 as a 1984 Nissan/Datsun 300ZX in the US only. The 300ZX, as its predecessors, was known as a Nissan in other parts of the world. This continued in the US until 1985 model year when Nissan standardized their brand name worldwide and dropped the Datsun badge

Nissan Almera
The Nissan Almera is a medium-sized family car built by Nissan from 1995 to 2006

Nissan Almera Tino
The Nissan Almera Tino was a compact MPV produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan in its Spanish factory in both petrol and diesel versions. It was based on floorpan of the Almera small family car, which had been launched in early 2000, and launched in Europe in the autumn of that year and sold until late 2006, ceasing production in the November of that year - the same time that the

Nissan Altima
The Nissan Altima is a mid-size automobile manufactured by Nissan, and is arguably a continuation of the Nissan Bluebird line, which began in 1957. It has historically been larger, more powerful, and more luxurious than the Nissan Sentra but less so than the Nissan Maxima. The Altima is available in North America as well as other markets

Nissan Bluebird
Although Nissan's own materials indicate that the Bluebird name emerged in 1959, some records show that the name first adorned a 988 cc, four-door sedan in 1957, which was part of the company's 210 series