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Annunciation (Botticelli, Glasgow)
The Annunciation is a painting created by Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. It is a tempera on panel and measures 49.5 cm tall and 58.5 cm wide. It is in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, Scotland.

Annunciation (disambiguation)
The Annunciation is the revelation to Mary by the archangel Gabriel that she would conceive a child to be born the Son of God.It may also refer to other similar revelations to figures including Saint Joseph and the shepherds, or to:-Art:

Annunciation (Pontormo)
The Annunciation is a wall painting by the Italian mannerist artist Jacopo Pontormo, executed in 1527-1528 as part of his commission to decorate the Capponi Chapel in the church of Santa Felicita, Florence.

Annunciation (Titian)
The Annunciation is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Titian, executed between 1559 and 1564. It is housed in the church of San Salvador, Venice, northern Italy.

Annunciation (van Eyck, Washington)
The Annunciation is an oil painting by the Early Netherlandish master Jan van Eyck, from around 1434-1436. It is in the National Gallery of Art, in Washington D.C. It was originally on panel but has been transferred to canvas. It is thought that it was the left wing of a triptych; there has been no sighting of the other wings since before 1817

Annunziata is the Italian word for Annunciation. It is generally understood to refer to the Virgin Mary, receiving the word of the Angel Gabriel that she is to bear the Christ child; that is, the Virgin Mary after the Annunciation

Ano or ANO may refer to:* Ano, Ethiopia* Ano family, a noble family of Japan* Ano , a sport with two 12 cm balls, conducted at Tuvalu* Abu Nidal Organization, Palestinian Revolutionary Council, founded by Abu Nidal

Anoa, also known as Dwarf Buffalo and Sapiutan, are a subgenus of Bubalus comprising two species native to Indonesia: the Mountain Anoa and the Lowland Anoa . Both live in undisturbed rainforest, and are essentially miniature water buffalo

Anoche is the eighth album by Argentine rock group Babasónicos. The album was composed in Córdoba in March 2005, and then recorded and produced by Andrew Weiss, as well as by the band themselves, in May 2005.- Track listing :

Anoda is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family. There are 23 or 24 species of these herbs, most native to Mexico and South America. They are generally erect plants with a variety of leaf shapes, and many bear colorful flowers

An anode is an electrode through which electric current flows into a polarized electrical device. Mnemonic: ACID .

In medicine before the 20th century, an anodyne was a medicine that was believed to relieve or soothe pain by lessening the sensitivity of the brain or nervous system In medicine before the 20th century, an anodyne was a medicine that was believed to relieve or soothe pain by lessening the sensitivity of the brain or nervous system In medicine before the 20th century, an anodyne was a medicine that was believed to relieve or soothe pain by lessening the sensitivity of the brain or nervous system (Greek ἀνώδυνος anōdynos

Anointed is a Contemporary Christian music group from Columbus, Ohio, known for their strong vocals and harmonies, featuring siblings Steve Crawford and Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, along with former members Nee-C Walls and Mary Tiller . Their musical style includes elements of R&B, Pop, Rock, Funk, and Piano ballads

To anoint is to pour or smear with perfumed oil, milk, water, melted butter or other substances, a process employed ritually by many religions. People and things are anointed to symbolize the introduction of a sacramental or divine influence, a holy emanation, spirit, power or God

Anointing of the Sick
Anointing of the Sick, known also by other names, is distinguished from other forms of religious anointing or "unction" in that it is intended, as its name indicates, for the benefit of a sick person

Anointing of the Sick (Catholic Church)
Anointing of the Sick is a sacrament of the Catholic Church that is administered to Catholics who because of sickness or old age are in danger of death, even if the danger is not proximate

Anomaly may refer to:-Astronomy and celestial mechanics :* In astronomy, an anomaly is a quantity measured with respect to an apsis, usually the periapsis

Anomie is a term meaning "without Law" to describe a lack of social norms; "normlessness". It describes the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and their community ties, with fragmentation of social identity and rejection of self-regulatory values. It was popularized by French sociologist Émile Durkheim in his influential book Suicide

-People:* Anon Boonsukco , a professional footballer from Thailand* Anon Nanok , a football Defender from Thailand* Anon Sangsanoi , a Thai footballer

Anonymity is derived from the Greek word ἀνωνυμία, anonymia, meaning "without a name" or "namelessness". In colloquial use, anonymity typically refers to the state of an individual's personal identity, or personally identifiable information, being publicly unknown.There are many reasons why a person might choose to obscure their identity and become anonymous

Anonymity is derived from the Greek word ἀνωνυμία, anonymia, meaning "without a name" or "namelessness". In colloquial use, anonymity typically refers to the state of an individual's personal identity, or personally identifiable information, being publicly unknown.There are many reasons why a person might choose to obscure their identity and become anonymous

- People :* Anonymous work, a work of art or literature that has an anonymous, undisclosed, or unknown creator or author* Anonymous IV, a 13th century English student of medieval music theory whose works are a major source for modern scholars of that era

- People :* Anonymous work, a work of art or literature that has an anonymous, undisclosed, or unknown creator or author* Anonymous IV, a 13th century English student of medieval music theory whose works are a major source for modern scholars of that era

Anonymous (album)
Anonymous is the third studio album by Tomahawk. It was released on June 19, 2007 via Ipecac Recordings. The album features Native American songs that guitarist Duane Denison researched after working with Hank Williams III. The name of the album comes from the many uncredited people that contributed to the ancestral Native American music that Denison uncovered in his research

Anonymous (band)
Anonymous is a band from Andorra that in 2007 represented the country with the song "Salvem el món" in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 after winning the national selection. The song, however, failed to make it through past the semi-final stage.

Anonymous (Bobby Valentino song)
"Anonymous" is the second single from Bobby Valentino's second album, Special Occasion The song features and was produced by Timbaland.-Background information:

Anonymous (group)
Anonymous is an international hacking group, spread through the Internet, initiating active civil disobedience, while attempting to maintain anonymity. Originating in 2003 on the imageboard 4chan, the term refers to the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, chaotic, global brain

An anorak or parka is a type of heavy jacket with a hood, often lined with fur or fake fur, so as to protect the face from a combination of freezing temperatures and wind

- Eating conditions :* Anorexia , the symptom of poor appetite whatever the cause* Anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder of excessive weight loss and usually undue concern about body shape

Anorexia (album)
Anorexia is an album by the band Showbread. It was released on May 13, 2008 simultaneously with its companion album Nervosa . Anorexia is the first of a two-CD collection entitled Anorexia Nervosa, which is an accompaniment to the short story Anorexia Nervosa which comes pacakged with the records

Anorexia nervosa
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight. Although commonly called "anorexia", that term on its own denotes any symptomatic loss of appetite and is not strictly accurate

Anorthite is the calcium endmember of plagioclase feldspar. Plagioclase is an abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. The formula of pure anorthite is CaAl2Si2O8.-Mineralogy :

Anos is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in south-western France.-References:*

Ans is a Belgian municipality in the province of Liège.As an acronym ANS may refer to:Music:* ANS , a box set from the British band Coil* ANS , a single by the British band Coil

Ans is a small Belgian municipality located in the Walloon province of Liège. On January 1, 2006 Ans had a total population of 27,322. The total area is 23.35 km² which gives a population density of 1,170 inhabitants per km²

ANS (DNS server)
The Authoritative Name Server is high-end commercial authority-only DNS server software product from Nominum, a company founded by Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the DNS. ANS was designed to meet the needs of top level domain servers.-External links:

ANSA (news agency)
ANSA , is the leading wire service in Italy, and one of the leaders among world news agencies. ANSA is a not-for-profit cooperative, whose members and owners are 36 leading news organizations in Italy. Its mission is the distribution of fair and objective news reporting.-History:ANSA was founded on 15 January 1945, and it is based in Rome

Ansa (queen)
Ansa or Ansia was the wife of Desiderius, King of the Lombards. She was probably a Lombard, the daughter of Verissimo and sister of King Hildeprand, Arechis, and Donnolo, and niece of King Liutprand.

The word anser comes from Latin, meaning goose, and can refer to:* Anser , the genus of grey geese* The star Alpha Vulpeculae, or Anser, in the constellation Vulpecula* ACME Anser, an amphibious jet fighter project of the 1950s

Anser (genus)
The waterfowl genus Anser includes all grey geese and sometimes the white geese. It belongs to the true geese and swan subfamily . The genus has a Holarctic distribution, with at least one species breeding in any open, wet habitats in the subarctic and cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere in summer

Anshan may refer to :*Anshan , an ancient Persian capital*Izeh, a city in Iran*Anshan, Liaoning, a major city in Liaoning Province in Northeastern China*Anshan, Changli County, town in Hebei Province, China*Anshan , a Chinese ship

ANSI (disambiguation)
ANSI or may refer to:*American National Standards Institute, a private nonprofit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards

Generally, an answer is a reply to a question or is a solution, a retaliation, or a response that is relevant to the said question.In law, an answer was originally a solemn assertion in opposition to some one or something, and thus generally any counter-statement or defense, a reply to a question or response, or objection, or a correct solution of a problem.In the common law,

Answer (comics)
The Answer is the name of two fictional comic book characters, owned by Marvel Comics and appearing in that company's Marvel Universe. Aaron Nicholson first appeared in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #92. After his "death", S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, David Ferrari took the name of Answer in Captain America vol

Answer print
Answer print refers to the first version of a given motion picture that is printed to film after color correction on an interpositive. It is also the first version of the movie printed to film with the sound properly synced to the picture.

Answering machine
The answering machine or message machine, also known as the telephone answering machine in the UK and some Commonwealth countries) and previously known as an ansaphone, ansafone, or telephone answering device is a device for answering telephones and recording callers' messages.Unlike voicemail, which can be a centralized or

Answers may refer to:* The plural of Answer, a civil procedure*, a reference website* Answers , a 1994 album by the band Casiopea* The Answers , an album by Blue October

Answers (Casiopea album)
- Personnel :CASIOPEA are* Executive Producer: Yoshiaki Mizutani* Recording & Mixing Engineer - Ross Cockle* Mastering Engineer - Tohru Kotetsu* Assistant Engineer - Porter Miller* Instruments Technician - Yasushi Horiuchi, Eisuke Sasaki

ANT (network)
ANT is a proprietary wireless sensor network technology featuring a wireless communications protocol stack that enables semiconductor radios operating in the 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical allocation of the RF spectrum to communicate by establishing standard rules for co-existence, data representation, signalling, authentication and error detection.The ANT

Ant (newspaper)
Ant was a weekly leftwing publication in Turkey, which first appeared in 1967. Ant supported the Workers Party of Turkey , and sought to resolve the differences betweenthe TİP and other sectors of the left

-Peru:* Anta, Ancash * Anta Province * Anta District , several districts in Peru-Portugal:* Anta , a civil parish of the municipality of Espinho

Antagonism is hostility that results in active resistance, opposition, or contentiousness.Additionally, it may refer to:*Antagonism , where the involvement of multiple agents reduces their overall effect

Antagonism (chemistry)
In chemistry, antagonism is a phenomenon wherein two or more agents in combination have an overall effect that is less than the sum of their individual effects.

An antagonist is a character, group of characters, or institution, that represents the opposition against which the protagonist must contend

Antagonist (band)
-Formation and S/T Demo' :Antagonist A.D started in 2005 by vocalist Sam Crocker and bassist Joshua Moffitt. The intention was to create a fast heavy metallic hardcore band - in the vein of unrelenting American acts such as Martyr A.D

Antal (surname)
Antal is a surname, and may refer to:* Emese Antal, a Romanian speedskater* Frederick Antal, a Hungarian art historian* Károly Antal, a Hungarian sculptor* László Antal, a Hungarian linguist* Milan Antal, a Slovak astronomer

Antarctic Circle
The Antarctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. For 2011, it is the parallel of latitude that runs south of the Equator.-Description:

Antarctic Peninsula
The Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost part of the mainland of Antarctica. It extends from a line between Cape Adams and a point on the mainland south of Eklund Islands.

Antarctica (album)
Antarctica is The Secret Handshake's first full-length album. It was released in 2004. Besides the Summer of '98 EP, it is the only The Secret Handshake release not available on iTunes

Antarctica (Vangelis album)
- Personnel :* Vangelis – arrangements, all instruments and producer* Raine Shine – engineer

Antares is a red supergiant star in the Milky Way galaxy and the sixteenth brightest star in the nighttime sky . Along with Aldebaran, Spica, and Regulus it is one of the four brightest stars near the ecliptic

Antares (album)
Antares is the second studio album by Sybreed, released across Europe on October 1, 2007 through Listenable Records. The album was released to the US on August 15, 2008 through Koch Entertainment.-Track listing:# "Emma-0" – 4:27

Antares (band)
Antares was a Eurodance act that became known in the spring of 1995 with the release of their first song entitled "Ride on a Meteorite". The group, also notable by how little information was known at the time about its composition, produced a couple of other hits before disappearing in 1997.-Discography:* "Ride on a Meteorite" 1995 Antares was a Eurodance act that became known in the spring of 1995 with the release of their first song entitled "Ride on a Meteorite". The group, also notable by how little information was known at the time about its composition, produced a couple of other hits before disappearing in 1997.-Discography:* "Ride on a Meteorite" 1995 Antares was a Eurodance act that became known in the spring of 1995 with the release of their first song entitled "Ride on a Meteorite". The group, also notable by how little information was known at the time about its composition, produced a couple of other hits before disappearing in 1997.-Discography:* "Ride on a Meteorite" 1995 (Radio Mix/ Alternative Mix/ Extended Mix/ Acca

Antares (film)
Antares is a 2004 Austrian film directed by Götz Spielmann. It was Austria's submission to the 77th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.-See also:*Cinema of Austria

Association of Tennis Professionals
The Association of Tennis Professionals or ATP was formed in 1972 by Donald Dell, Jack Kramer, and Cliff Drysdale to protect the interests of male professional tennis players. Since 1990, the association has organized the worldwide tennis tour for men and linked the title of the tour with the organization's name

Association of Zoos and Aquariums
The Association of Zoos and Aquariums was founded in 1924 and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and public aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation.The AZA headquarters is located in Silver

Assumption College of Davao
The Assumption College of Davao is a private Catholic academic institution in Davao City, Philippines. It was established in 1958 by the Daughters of Mary of the Assumption or FMA. It is currently owned and managed by the Missionaries of the Assumption

Assumption of Mary
According to the belief of Christians of the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, and parts of the Anglican Communion and Continuing Anglicanism, the Assumption of Mary was the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven at the end of her life

Assyrian Siege of Jerusalem
In approximately 701 BCE, Sennacherib, king of Assyria, attacked the fortified cities of Judah, laying siege on Jerusalem. The historical outcome of the siege is unclear.-Background:

Assyriology is the archaeological, historical, and linguistic study of ancient Mesopotamia and the related cultures that used cuneiform writing. The field covers the Akkadian sister-cultures of Assyria and Babylonia, together with their cultural predecessor; Sumer

The family Astacidae comprises the freshwater crayfish native to Europe and western North America. It is made up of three genera. Pacifastacus is found on the Pacific coast of the United States and British Columbia and includes the signal crayfish and the Shasta crayfish

Astatine is a radioactive chemical element with the symbol At and atomic number 85. It occurs on the Earth only as the result of decay of heavier elements, and decays away rapidly, so much less is known about this element than its upper neighbors in the periodic table

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid. It belongs to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenes. It is classified as a xanthophyll, which means "yellow leaves". Like many carotenoids, it is a colorful, lipid-soluble pigment. Astaxanthin is found in microalgae, yeast, salmon, trout, krill, shrimp, crayfish, crustaceans, and the feathers of some birds

Asterix at the Olympic Games
Asterix at the Olympic Games is the 12th comic book album in the Asterix series. Serialized in Pilote issues 434-455 in 1968 , it was translated into English in 1972

Asterix in Spain
Asterix in Spain is the fourteenth volume of the Asterix comic book series, by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo . It was originally serialized in the megazine Pilote, issues 498-519, in 1969, and translated into English in 1971

Asteroids are a class of small Solar System bodies in orbit around the Sun. They have also been called planetoids, especially the larger ones

Asteroid belt
The asteroid belt is the region of the Solar System located roughly between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter. It is occupied by numerous irregularly shaped bodies called asteroids or minor planets

Asteroid deflection strategies
Asteroid mitigation strategies are "planetary defense" methods by which near-Earth objects could be diverted, preventing potentially catastrophic impact events. A sufficiently large impact would cause massive tsunamis or an impact winter, or both

The asthenosphere is the highly viscous, mechanically weak and ductilely-deforming region of the upper mantle of the Earth

Astley Cooper
Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1st Baronet was an English surgeon and anatomist, who made historical contributions to otology, vascular surgery, the anatomy and pathology of the mammary glands and testicles, and the pathology and surgery of hernia.-Life:Cooper was born at Brooke Hall in Brooke, Norfolk on 23 August 1768 and baptised at the parish church

ASTM International
ASTM International, known until 2001 as the American Society for Testing and Materials , is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services

Aston Martin Virage
The Virage was Aston Martin's replacement for the decades-old V8 models. Introduced at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1988, it was joined by the high-performance Vantage in 1993, and the name of the standard car was changed to V8 in 1996.

Astoria, Oregon
Astoria is the county seat of Clatsop County, Oregon, United States. Situated near the mouth of the Columbia River, the city was named after the American investor John Jacob Astor. His American Fur Company founded Fort Astoria at the site in 1811

Astra-Unceta y Cia SA
Astra Unceta y Cía. was a Spanish weapons manufacturer founded on July 17, 1908 under the name of Esperanza y Unceta by Juan Esperanza and Pedro Unceta

Astrakhan is a major city in southern European Russia and the administrative center of Astrakhan Oblast. The city lies on the left bank of the Volga River, close to where it discharges into the Caspian Sea at an altitude of below the sea level. Population:

Astrakhan State University
Astrakhan State University is a university located in Astrakhan, Russian Federation. It was founded in 1932.

-Concepts of the non-physical:* Astral body, a subtle body posited by many religious philosophers* Astral journey , the same as having an out-of-body experience

Astral projection
Astral projection is an interpretation of out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it

An astrarium, also called a planetarium, is the mechanical representation of the cyclic nature of astronomical objects in one timepiece. It is an astronomical clock.-Greek and Roman World:

AstraZeneca plc is a global pharmaceutical and biologics company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the world's seventh-largest pharmaceutical company measured by revenues and has operations in over 100 countries

Astro All Asia Networks plc
Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia investment holding media and entertainment company that began in the form of a pay digital direct broadcast satellite radio and television service, Astro.- Corporate Information :

Astrocytomas are a type of neoplasm of the brain. They originate in a particular kind of glial-cells, star-shaped brain cells in the cerebrum called astrocytes. This type of tumor does not usually spread outside the brain and spinal cord and it does not usually affect other organs

Orbital mechanics or astrodynamics is the application of ballistics and celestial mechanics to the practical problems concerning the motion of rockets and other spacecraft. The motion of these objects is usually calculated from Newton's laws of motion and Newton's law of universal gravitation. It is a core discipline within space mission design and control

An astrolabe is an elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. Its many uses include locating and predicting the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, determining local time given local latitude and longitude, surveying, triangulation, and to cast horoscopes

Astrological symbols
Astrological symbols are images used in various astrological systems to denote relevant objects. A number of such images are shown below.-History and origin:

Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world

Astrology and the classical elements
Astrology has used the concept of classical elements from antiquity up until the present. In Western astrology and Indian astrology four elements are used, namely Fire, Earth, Air and Water.-Western astrology:

An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft.

Astronomical interferometer
An astronomical interferometer is an array of telescopes or mirror segments acting together to probe structures with higher resolution by means of interferometry.

Astronomical surveys
An astronomical survey is a general map or image of a region of the sky which lacks a specific observational target. Alternatively, an astronomical survey may comprise a set of many images of objects which share a common type or feature

Astronomy is a natural science that deals with the study of celestial objects and phenomena that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth

Asuncion Island
Asuncion is the third northernmost independent island in the Northern Mariana Islands chain at .It is located in the far northern part of the Mariana arc of volcanic islands, situated northwest of Agrihan and southeast of the Maug Islands; the island of Pagan lies to the southwest

Aswan , formerly spelled Assuan, is a city in the south of Egypt, the capital of the Aswan Governorate.It stands on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract and is a busy market and tourist centre

An Aswang is a mythical creature in Philippine folklore. The aswang is an inherently evil vampire-like creature and is the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories, the details of which vary greatly

Asylum Records
Asylum Records is an American record label founded in 1971 by David Geffen, and partner Elliot Roberts, who had previously worked as agents at the William Morris Agency. Founded specifically to provide a record contract for Jackson Browne, the label signed Tom Waits, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan for two albums

In analytic geometry, an asymptote of a curve is a line such that the distance between the curve and the line approaches zero as they tend to infinity. Some sources include the requirement that the curve may not cross the line infinitely often, but this is unusual for modern authors

Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Asynchronous Transfer Mode is a standard switching technique designed to unify telecommunication and computer networks. It uses asynchronous time-division multiplexing, and it encodes data into small, fixed-sized cells. This differs from approaches such as the Internet Protocol or Ethernet that use variable sized packets or frames. ATM provides data link layer services

AT-3 Sagger
The 9K11 Malyutka is a Manual Command to Line-of-Sight wire-guided anti-tank guided missile developed in the Soviet Union. It was the first man-portable anti-tank guided missile of the Soviet Union and is probably the most widely produced ATGM of all time—with Soviet production peaking at 25,000 missiles a year during the 1960s and 1970s

Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert is a plateau in South America, covering a strip of land on the Pacific coast, west of the Andes mountains. It is, according to NASA, National Geographic and many other publications, the driest desert in the world

The Atakapan people are a Southeastern culture of Native American tribes who spoke Atakapa and historically lived along the Gulf of Mexico. They called themselves the Ishak, pronounced "ee-SHAK", which translates as "The People". Although the people were decimated by infectious disease after European contact, descendants still live in Louisiana and Texas

Atari Bigby
Atari David Bigby is an American football safety for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He was signed by the Miami Dolphins as an undrafted free agent in 2005

Atarot Airport
Atarot Airport , is a small airport located between Jerusalem and Ramallah. It was the first airport in Mandate Palestine. It has been closed since the Second Intifada.-History:

Ataulf was king of the Visigoths from 410 to 415

Atchafalaya Basin
The Atchafalaya Basin, or Atchafalaya Swamp, is the largest swamp in the United States. Located in south central Louisiana, it is a combination of wetlands and river delta area where the Atchafalaya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge. The river stretches from near Simmesport in the north through parts of eight parishes to the Morgan City area in the south

Atchafalaya River
The Atchafalaya River is a distributary of the Mississippi River and Red River in south central Louisiana in the United States. It flows south, just west of the Mississippi River.

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway , often abbreviated as Santa Fe, was one of the larger railroads in the United States. The company was first chartered in February 1859

Aten is the disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology, and originally an aspect of Ra. The deified Aten is the focus of the monolatristic, henotheistic, or monotheistic religion of Atenism established by Amenhotep IV, who later took the name Akhenaten in worship in recognition of Aten

Ateneo de Davao University
The Ateneo de Davao University is a private and research Catholic university administered by the Society of Jesus in Southern Mindanao in the Philippines. It was established in 1948

Ateneo de Iloilo
The Ateneo de Iloilo – Santa Maria Catholic School is a private, Catholic preparatory school run by the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus

Ateneo de Manila University
The Ateneo de Manila University is a private teaching and research university run by the Society of Jesus in the Philippines. It began in 1859 when the City of Manila handed control of the Escuela Municipal de Manila in Intramuros, Manila, to the Jesuits

Athabaskan languages
Athabaskan or Athabascan is a large group of indigenous peoples of North America, located in two main Southern and Northern groups in western North America, and of their language family

Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities

In Greek mythology, Athena, Athenê, or Athene , also referred to as Pallas Athena/Athene , is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, warfare, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, justice, and skill. Minerva, Athena's Roman incarnation, embodies similar attributes. Athena is also a shrewd companion of heroes and is the goddess of heroic endeavour

Athenian democracy
Athenian democracy developed in the Greek city-state of Athens, comprising the central city-state of Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica, around 508 BC. Athens is one of the first known democracies. Other Greek cities set up democracies, and even though most followed an Athenian model, none were as powerful, stable, nor as well-documented as that of Athens

Athens , is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, as its recorded history spans around 3,400 years. Classical Athens was a powerful city-state

Athens High School (Troy, Michigan)
Troy Athens High School is a public high school located in Troy, Michigan. It is attended by more than 1,600 students, serving grades 9-12. Athens is one of four high schools in the Troy School District, along with Troy High School, Niles Community High School, and International Academy East

Athens Lunatic Asylum
The Athens Lunatic Asylum was a mental hospital operated in Athens, Ohio from 1874 until 1993. During its operation, the hospital provided services to a variety of patients including Civil War veterans, children, and violent criminals suffering from various mental disabilities

Athens Mass Transit System
The Athens Mass Transit System is the largest mass transit system of Greece. The system serves all areas in Athens Metropolitan Area and other parts of Attica Region.-Companies:

Atherton Tableland
The Atherton Tableland is a fertile plateau which is part of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia. It is located west to south-south-west inland from Cairns, well into the tropics, but its elevated position provides a climate suitable for dairy farming. It has an area of around 32,000 km² with an altitude ranging between

Athletic scholarship
An athletic scholarship is a form of scholarship to attend a college or university awarded to an individual based predominantly on his or her ability to play in a sport

Athletic shoe
Athletic shoe is a generic name for the footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise but in recent years has come to be used for casual everyday activities.

Athletics (track and field)
Athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and race walking

Athletics at the 1908 Summer Olympics
At the 1908 Summer Olympics held in London, England, 26 athletics events were contested, all for men only.Each nation was allowed to enter up to 12 competitors in most of the events. In the team races , each nation entered one team. The medley relay was run by four athletes, with four alternates allowed

Athletics at the 1968 Summer Olympics
At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, 36 athletics events were contested, 24 for men and 12 for women. There were a total number of 1031 participating athletes from 93 countries.