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Grotto (National Speleological Society)
A Grotto is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society . They generally function as the local NSS chapter/club. Many Grottos however, operate in areas outside of their local area, with many operating in several states. Most Grottos also participate in Regions which are loose associations of Grottos

Grouchy is a French surname.* Jean de Grouchy , knight at the time of the Hundred Years War* Johannes de Grocheio , a French musical theorist

Ground may refer to:* Earth's surface* Soil, a mixture of clay, sand and organic matter present on the surface of the Earth and serving as substrate for plant growth and micro-organisms development

Ground (album)
Ground is the second album by the Nels Cline Trio. Initially it was to be a 7", but reviewing the demos Krown Pocket director Brian Rosser suggested an album.-Track listing:# "Cropped"# "A Sudden Interest"# "Beer Bottle Collection"# "Tent City"

Ground (area)
A ground is a unit of area used in India approximately equal to 203 square metres . After metrication in the mid-20th century, the unit is being phased out. However, it is still popular in Real Estate parlance.-References:

Ground beef
Beef mince, ground beef, hamburger meat , hamburg or minced meat is a minced meat food, made of beef finely chopped by a mincer. It is used in many recipes including hamburgers and cottage pie

Ground effect
Ground effect may refer to:* Ground effect in aircraft, mostly related to aerodynamic lift* Ground effect in cars, an effect that creates downforce, primarily in racing cars

Ground Forces
The Hungarian Ground Forces are one of the branches of the Hungarian armed forces. It is the army which handles Ground activities and troops including artillery, tanks, APC's, IFV's and ground support

Ground out
Ground out may refer to:*In baseball rules, when a batted ball hits the ground in fair territory, but a defensive player is able to gain possession of the ball and touch first base before the batter-runner arrives.

Ground zero
The term ground zero describes the point on the Earth's surface closest to a detonation

Ground Zero (1987 film)
Ground Zero is an Australian drama-thriller about a cinematographer who, prompted by curiosity about some old film footage taken by his father, embarks on a quest to find out the truth about British nuclear tests at Maralinga

Ground Zero (Deathlands novel)
Ground Zero is the twenty-seventh book in the series of Deathlands. It was written by Laurence James under the house name James Axler.-External links:*

Groundbreaking, also known as cutting, sod-cutting, turning the first sod or a sod-turning ceremony, is a traditional ceremony in many cultures that celebrates the first day of construction for a building or other project. Such ceremonies are often attended by dignitaries such as politicians and businessmen

Grounded, may refer to:*Grounding , restrictions placed on movement or privileges*Grounded, a song by My Vitriol*Unaccompanied Minors, a film*Grounded , a comic book by Mark Sable for Image Comics

Grounded (comics)
Grounded is a coming-of-age story by Mark Sable and Paul Azaceta about a boy without super-powers who is sent to a high-school for super-powered teens. It was originally published as a six-issue limited series by Image Comics and was later collected in a trade paperback edition.-Interviews:**

A groundling was a person that frequented the Globe Theatre in the early 17th century who was too poor to pay to be able to sit on one of the three levels of the theatre. By paying one penny, they could stand in "the Pit", also called "the Yard", just below the stage to watch the play. Standing in the pit was uncomfortable, and people were usually packed in tightly

Groundnut can mean:* Seeds that ripen underground, of the following plants, all in the Faboideae subfamily of the legumes:** Arachis villosulicarpa** Bambara groundnut** Hausa groundnut** Peanut* Roots and tubers:** Apios americana

Groundsel can refer to:*various flowering plants in genus Senecio**especially the species Senecio vulgaris, also known as Common groundsel**Welsh groundsel, Senecio cambrensis**York radiate groundsel, Senecio eboracensis

Groundskeeping is the activity of tending an area of land for aesthetic or functional purposes; typically in an institutional setting. It includes mowing grass, trimming hedges, pulling weeds, planting flowers, etc. The U.S. Department of Labor estimated that more than 900,000 workers are employed in the landscape and groundskeeping services industry in the United States in 2006

Groundswell is the first LP album by Parts & Labor, released in 2003 on JMZ Records. The album is entirely instrumental. The enhanced content features a video for the song "Intervention".-Track listing:#"It's Not the End of the World" – 0:34

A group is a number of things or persons being in some relation to one another.- Mathematics :* Group , a set together with a binary operation satisfying certain algebraic conditions** Group theory, the study of groups

Group (database)
group is a name service database used to store group information on Unix-like operating systems.The sources for the group database are configured, like other name service databases, in nsswitch.conf.

Group (stratigraphy)
A group in stratigraphy is a lithostratigraphic unit, a part of the geologic record or rock column that consists of defined rock strata. Groups are divided into formations and are sometimes themselves grouped into "supergroups".

Group theory
In mathematics and abstract algebra, group theory studies the algebraic structures known as groups.The concept of a group is central to abstract algebra: other well-known algebraic structures, such as rings, fields, and vector spaces can all be seen as groups endowed with additional operations and axioms

Grouper (disambiguation)
Grouper can mean:*A grouper is a type of fish*In Australia, 'Groupers' was an informal term for members of the Industrial Groups.* Grouper is the moniker of Liz Harris, a musician from Portland, Oregon.

A groupie is a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity. "Groupie" is derived from group in reference to a musical group, but the word is also used in a more general sense, especially in casual conversation.

Grouping is a form of hierarchical knowledge representation, similar to mind mapping, concept mapping and argument mapping, all of which need to observe at least some of the principles of grouping.

Grouping (disambiguation)
Grouping is a form of hierarchical knowledge representation.Grouping may also refer to:* The Grouping Act, also known as the Railways Act 1921, an enactment by the British government intended to move the railways away from internal competition

Grout is a construction material used to embed rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids, and seal joints . Grout is generally composed of a mixture of water, cement, sand, often color tint, and sometimes fine gravel

Grout (disambiguation)
Grout is a construction material.* Grout curtain is a specific construction applicationGrout may also refer to:* Grout , early automobiles manufactured by the Grout Brothers in Orange, Massachusetts* Grout Township, Michigan

People, places, and things commonly known as grove include:* Grove , a small group of trees* Sacred grove, a small group of trees used as a place of worship- People :* Amanda Grove, Court TV personality

-Places:* Groves, Texas, a city in Texas in the United States* The Groves, an area of York, England* See :Category:Sacred groves for various places considered sacred groves* Pleasant Groves, Alabama, a town in Alabama in the United States

Groves (surname)
Groves is a surname, and may refer to:* Andrew Groves, British Fashion Designer* Anthony Norris Groves, British missionary* Charles Groves, British conductor* Colin Groves, Australian primatologist* Eddy Groves, Australian businessman

Grow may refer to:* Growth, an increase in some quantity over time or a measure of some principal* GROW, a non-profit peer support and mutual aid organization for recovery from, and prevention of, serious mental illness

GROW is a peer support and mutual-aid organization for recovery from, and prevention of, serious mental illness. GROW was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1957 by Father Cornelius B. "Con" Keogh, a Roman Catholic priest, and psychiatric patients who sought help with their mental illness in Alcoholics Anonymous . Consequently, GROW adapted many of AA's principles and practices

Grow (Kubb song)
"Grow" is the third single from alternative rock band Kubb's debut album, Mother. The album was released in late 2005 and the single was released on February 6, 2006. It became the group's first Top 20 hit, peaking at #18 in the UK Singles Chart

Grow Up (book)
Grow Up is a book by British comedian and actor, Keith Allen.

Growing may refer to:* Growth* Growing , a noise band currently based in Brooklyn, New York* Growing , a 2007 album by the instrumental rock band Sleeping People

Growing (Sleeping People album)
Growing is the second studio album by Sleeping People, released on October 9, 2007. The final track, "People Staying Awake", is the only Sleeping People track to feature vocals, which are provided by Rob Crow from Pinback.-Track listing:

Growing Pains (album)
Growing Pains is the eighth studio album by American R&B recording artist Mary J. Blige. The album was released on December 18, 2007 by Geffen Records. It debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 selling 629,000 copies in its first week

Growl is a global notification system for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Applications can use Growl to display small notifications about events which the user deems important, in a consistent manner

Growl (video game)
Growl, known in Japan as , is a belt-scrolling beat-'em-up originally released for the arcades by Taito in . Set in the early 20th century, the player controls a forest ranger who must protect the local wildlife from a group of evil poachers who are driving the animals to extinction. A home version was released for the Sega Genesis on November 1991

Growler may refer to:* Growler , for testing electric motors* Growler , pseudonym of singer Errol Duke* Growler , an internally transportable vehicle, or a horse-drawn carriage known as a Clarence

Grownup may refer to:* Adult* Grown-Ups, a 1980 British BBC television film* Grown Ups , a British sitcom* Grown Ups , an American sitcom* Grownups , a British sitcom

Growth refers to an increase in some quantity over time.The quantity can be:*Physical *Abstract .

A groyne is a rigid hydraulic structure built from an ocean shore or from a bank that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment. In the ocean, groynes create beaches, or avoid having them washed away by longshore drift. In a river, groynes prevent erosion and ice-jamming, which in turn aids navigation

Grub Street
Until the early 19th century, Grub Street was a street close to London's impoverished Moorfields district that ran from Fore Street east of St Giles-without-Cripplegate north to Chiswell Street

Grub Street (disambiguation)
Grub Street may refer to:*Grub Street, a street in London's Moorfields district, and one-time home to impoverished "hack writers"*Grub Street , a magazine from Towson University, Maryland, USA

Grub Street (literary magazine)
Grub Street is Towson University's arts and literary magazine. Published yearly, the magazine features the writings and artwork of Towson students and others in the community. The magazine is nationally recognized and has won many awards given by the Columbia Press Association

A grudge is something that is held against someone for something or an issue they haven't resolved peacefully or discussed.Grudge may refer to:*The Grudge, a horror film**The Grudge *The Grudge , an album by Mortiis

Grudge Match
Grudge Match may refer to:*Grudge Match , a website that staged fictitious fights and contests between pop culture figures*Grudge Match , an episode of the TV series "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Grudge Match (website)
Grudge Match, also known as the WWWF , is a website that stages fictitious fights and contests between pop culture characters and icons

Gruel is a food preparation consisting of some type of cereal—oat, wheat or rye flour, or rice—boiled in water or milk. It is a thinner version of porridge that may be more often drunk than eaten and need not even be cooked

Gruff may refer to:*Gruff, a tone of voice or nature*Gruff's, Servants of The Summer Faire Court in Jim Butchers The Dresden Files series*The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Norwegian folk-tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Gruiformes are an order containing a considerable number of living and extinct bird families, with a widespread geographical diversity. Gruiform means "crane-like".

Grumpy may refer to:* Grumpy Old Men * Grumpier Old Men* Grumpy Old Men * Grumpy Old Women* The Grumpy Old Bookman* Mr. Grumpy* Grumpy, a character from the 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Grundy (horse)
Grundy was an Irish-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred Champion racehorse. He was a leading two-year-old in 1974 and went on to win the Epsom Derby in 1975

Grunt (G.I. Joe)
Grunt is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series. He is an infantryman with the G.I. Joe Team and debuted in 1982.-Profile:

Grunts (film)
Grunts is an award winning gay pornographic film directed by Chris Ward and Ben Leon, produced by Raging Stallion Studios. Featuring a military theme with high budget sets and props the films shooting cost in the vicinity of US$250,000 with 40 scenes and 12 hours of footage

Grus can refer to* Grus , a genus of birds in the crane family.* Grus , the constellation "Crane"* Grus or grit , a clastic sediment composed of hard, often abrasive granules of a size range between sand and pebbles, typically from exfoliation of bedrock * Grus, the historical sword of Boleslaw Krzywousty Grus can refer to* Grus (genus), a genus of birds in the crane family.* Grus (constellation), the constellation "Crane"* Grus (geology) or grit (geology), a clastic sediment composed of hard, often abrasive granules of a size range between sand and pebbles, typically from exfoliation of bedrock (typically granite)* Grus, the historical sword of Boleslaw Krzywousty Grus can refer to* Grus (genus), a genus of birds in the crane family.* Grus (constellation), the constellation "Crane"* Grus (geology) or grit (geology), a clastic sediment composed of hard, often abrasive granules of a size range between sand and pebbles, typically from exfoliation of bedrock (typically granite)* Grus, the historical sword of Boleslaw Krzywousty (Boleslaus

Grus (genus)
Grus is a genus of large birds in the crane family.-Species:* Common Crane, Grus grus* Sandhill Crane, Grus canadensis** Lesser Sandhill Crane or Little Brown Crane, Grus canadensis

Gruyère may refer to:*Gruyère , a district of the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland,*Gruyère , a hard yellow cheese made from cow's milk, named after the town of Gruyères

Gryphon (album)
Gryphon is the debut album by the progressive rock band Gryphon. It was originally released in 1973 by Transatlantic, catalogue number TRA 262.

Gryphon (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
The Gryphon is a fictional character devised by Lewis Carroll in the popular book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. True to the conventional view of a gryphon, he has the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.-Role and personality:

Gryphon (film)
Gryphon also known as Attack of the Gryphon is a 2007 film directed by Andrew Prowse, starring Amber Benson, Jonathan LaPaglia, and Larry Drake

The acronyms Gtg, GTG, or gtg can refer to:Slang* 'Got To Go', Internet slang* 'Good To Go', Good To Go meaning 'everything is okay' in Military slangEngineering, science and technology

Michael Hutchence
Michael Kelland John Hutchence was an Australian musician and actor. He was the founding lead singer-songwriter of rock band :INXS from 1977 to his death in 1997, a period of twenty years. Hutchence was a member of short-lived pop rock group Max Q and recorded solo material which was released posthumously

Michael Ignatieff
Michael Grant Ignatieff is a Canadian author, academic and former politician. He was the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition from 2008 until 2011

Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside is a Canadian-born actor. He has also worked as a voice actor, producer, film director, and screenwriter in movie and television series in various Canadian and American productions. He is best known for playing villains and "tough guy" heroes, though he has also portrayed sympathetic characters

Michael Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson was an American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman. Referred to as the King of Pop, or by his initials MJ, Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records

Michael Jackson (writer)
Michael Jackson was an English writer and journalist. He was the author of several influential books about beer and whisky.-Life:

Michael Jordan
Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a former American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats

Michael Kamen
Michael Arnold Kamen was an American composer , orchestral arranger, orchestral conductor, song writer, and session musician.-Background:

Michael Kors
Michael Kors is an American fashion designer. He is best known for designing classic American sportswear for women.-Personal life:

Michael Landon
Michael Landon was an American actor, writer, director, and producer. He is widely known for his roles as Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza , Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie , and Jonathan Smith in Highway to Heaven

Michael Llewelyn-Davies
Michael Llewelyn Davies was – along with his four brothers – the inspiration for J. M. Barrie's characters Peter Pan, the Darling brothers, and the Lost Boys

Michael Manley
Michael Norman Manley ON OCC was the fourth Prime Minister of Jamaica . Manley was a democratic socialist.

Michael Mansfield
Michael Mansfield QC is an English barrister. A republican, vegetarian, socialist, and self-described "radical lawyer", he has participated in prominent and controversial court cases and inquests involving accused IRA bombers, the Bloody Sunday incident, and the deaths of Jean Charles de Menezes and Diana, Princess of Wales.- Personal life :He grew up in

Michael McDonald (actor)
Michael James McDonald is an American actor, writer, comedian, and director, best known for starring in the sketch comedy show MADtv. McDonald joined the show during the fourth season and remained in the cast until the end of the thirteenth and penultimate season, having become the longest-tenured cast member

Michael Melchior
A renowned Jewish leader, thinker and activist, Rabbi Michael Melchior is a leading advocate for social justice in Israel, quality education for all, Jewish-Arab reconciliation and co-existence, protection of the environment, Israel-Diaspora relations and the strengthening of Civic Society as a catalyst for social change.-Biography:A descendant of seven generations of Rabbis in

Michael Morpurgo
Michael Morpurgo, OBE FKC AKC is an English author, poet, playwright and librettist, best known for his work in children's literature. He was the third Children's Laureate.-Early life:

Michael Muhney
Michael Muhney is an American actor, known for his role as Sheriff Don Lamb on Veronica Mars, as well as his role as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless

Michael Mullen
Michael Glenn "Mike" Mullen is a retired United States Navy four-star admiral, who served as the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 1, 2007 to September 30, 2011. Mullen previously served as the Navy's 28th Chief of Naval Operations from July 22, 2005 to September 29, 2007

Michael Newdow
Michael Arthur Newdow is an American attorney and emergency medicine physician. He is best known for his efforts to have recitations of the current version of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools in the United States declared unconstitutional because of its inclusion of the phrase "under God"

Michael Nunn
Michael Nunn is a former American boxer. Nicknamed "Second to Nunn," he was a 6' 2" southpaw with great speed. Nunn was the IBF middleweight champion and the WBA super middleweight champion

Michael Ontkean
Michael Leonard Ontkean is a Canadian actor. He is best known for the 1970s crime drama The Rookies, the film Slap Shot , and the cult-favorite TV series Twin Peaks .-Life and career:

Michael Parenti
Michael Parenti is an award-winning, internationally known American political scientist, historian, and culture critic who has been writing on a wide range of both scholarly and popular subjects for over forty years. He has taught at several universities and colleges and has been a frequent guest lecturer before campus and community audiences

Michael Pataki
Michael Pataki was an American character actor.-Early life:Pataki born in Youngstown, Ohio. He attended the University of Southern California with a double major in Political Science and Drama

Michael Phelps
Michael Fred Phelps is an American swimmer who has, overall, won 16 Olympic medals—six gold and two bronze at Athens in 2004, and eight gold at Beijing in 2008, becoming the most successful athlete at both of these Olympic Games editions

Michael Pollan
Michael Pollan is an American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. A 2006 New York Times book review describes him as a "liberal foodie intellectual."

Michael Power/St. Joseph High School
Michael Power/St. Joseph High School is a Toronto Catholic District School Board secondary school in the Etobicoke district of the city of Toronto, Canada.

Michael reaction
The Michael reaction or Michael addition is the nucleophilic addition of a carbanion or another nucleophile to an alpha, beta unsaturated carbonyl compound. It belongs to the larger class of conjugate additions. This is one of the most useful methods for the mild formation of C-C bonds

Michael Redd
Michael Wesley Redd is an American professional basketball player who currently is a free agent. He has most recently played for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, where he attended West High School. He also was a member of the U.S

Michael Smith (chef)
Michael Dixon Smith is a Canadian chef and writer, host of The Inn Chef, Chef at Home, Chef at Large and Chef Abroad .-Life and career:

Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and disc jockey. Both as a solo artist and with the Michael Stanley Band, his brand of heartland rock was popular in Cleveland and around the American Midwest in the 1970s and 1980s.-Biography:Michael Stanley Gee graduated from Rocky River High School in 1966

Michael Strahan
Michael Anthony Strahan is a former National Football League defensive end who played his entire career for the New York Giants; a career where he set the record for the most sacks in a single season and won a Super Bowl in his final year. He is currently a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday, and also a host for Pros vs

Michael Tait
Michael DeWayne Tait is a Contemporary Christian Music artist. Michael Tait met Toby McKeehan and Kevin Max while attending Liberty University in the late 1980s, and formed four-time grammy winning band DC Talk, with whom he released 5 acclaimed studio albums

Michael Whelan
Michael Whelan is an American artist of imaginative realism. For more than 30 years he worked as an illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy cover art

Michael White (journalist)
Michael White is an associate editor and former political editor of The Guardian.-Early life:White was raised in Wadebridge, Cornwall

Michael Wittmann
Michael Wittmann was a German Waffen-SS tank commander during the Second World War. Wittmann would rise to the rank of SS-Hauptsturmführer and was a Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross holder.

Michael Wood
Michael David Wood is an English historian and broadcaster. He has presented numerous television documentary series, has made over 80 documentary films, most notably, Great Railway Journeys , Art of the Western World, Legacy: A Search for the Origins of Civilization, In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great, Conquistadors, In Search of Myths

Michal Elwiro Andriolli
Michał Elwiro Andriolli was a Polish painter and architect. He is notable for his illustrations to Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz, as well as a distinctive style of villas built outside Warsaw.

Michal Korybut Wisniowiecki
Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki , son of Jarema Wiśniowiecki and his wife Gryzelda Konstancja Zamoyska, was King of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from September 29, 1669, to his death in 1673.

Michel de Montaigne
Lord Michel Eyquem de Montaigne , February 28, 1533 – September 13, 1592, was one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance, known for popularising the essay as a literary genre and is popularly thought of as the father of Modern Skepticism

Michel Foucault
Michel Foucault , born Paul-Michel Foucault , was a French philosopher, social theorist and historian of ideas

Michel Petit
Michel Petit is a retired professional ice hockey player who played in the National Hockey League from the 1982–83 NHL season to the 1997–98 NHL season. Upon his retirement Petit had played for a then-NHL record 10 different teams. This mark has since been surpassed by Mike Sillinger

Michel Tournier
Michel Tournier is a French writer.His works are highly considered and have won important awards such as the Grand Prix du roman de l'Académie française in 1967 for Friday, or, The Other Island and the Prix Goncourt for The Erl-King in 1970

Michel Trudeau
Michel Trudeau was the youngest son of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau.Born in Ottawa, Ontario, he studied at Dalhousie University to become a microbiologist.

Michelada is a Mexican cerveza preparada made with beer, lime juice, tomato juice , and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers can be added for a Chelada . It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. There are numerous variations of this beverage throughout Mexico and Latin America.In Mexico, Micheladas are considered a good remedy for hangovers

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni , commonly known as Michelangelo, was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art

Michelangelo (crater)
Michelangelo is a 216 km diameter impact basin in the Michelangelo quadrangle of Mercury, which is named after this crater. The crater itself is named after the artist Michelangelo. It is located at 45.0°S, 109.1°W.-External links:

Michele Norris
Michele L. Norris is an American radio journalist and current host of the National Public Radio evening news program All Things Considered since December 9, 2002. She is the first African American female host for NPR.-Early years:

Micheline Lanctôt
Micheline Lanctôt is an actress, film director, screenwriter, and musician.-Biography:Lanctôt's post-secondary education was in music, fine arts and theatre at Collège Jésus-Marie in Outremont, and in art history before switching to film animation, which she

Michelle Akers
Michelle Akers is a former leading American association football player, who starred in the historic 1991 and 1999 Women's World Cup victory by the U.S.. She won the Golden Boot as the top scorer in the 1991 tournament

Michelle Ang
Michelle Ang is a New Zealand film and television actress.-Life and career:Ang was born in Christchurch of maylandn descent. She got her start in television at a young age through the hit family series McDonald's Young Entertainers. Here she got to show her skills at singing and dancing, much like the Mickey Mouse Club show on US television

Michelle Marciniak
Michelle Marciniak is a former All American collegiate and professional basketball player, who played point guard in the Women's National Basketball Association . As a floor general, Marciniak competed for two National Championships during her three year career at the University of Tennessee

Michelle McLean
Michelle McLean was crowned Miss Universe in 1992. She was19 years old when she represented Namibia and became the first and only woman from Namibia to win the crown.-Miss World:

Michelle Rodriguez
Mayte Michelle Rodríguez , known professionally as Michelle Rodriguez, is an American actress. Following on from her breakthrough role in 2000's Girlfight, she is best known for playing tough-girl roles and starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil, S.W.A.T., Avatar, Machete and Battle: Los

Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng is a Hong Kong-based Malaysian Chinese actress, well known for performing her own stunts in the action films that brought her to fame in the early 1990s.

Michelson interferometer
The Michelson interferometer is the most common configuration for optical interferometry and was invented by Albert Abraham Michelson. An interference pattern is produced by splitting a beam of light into two paths, bouncing the beams back and recombining them

Michelson-Morley experiment
The Michelson–Morley experiment was performed in 1887 by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley at what is now Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Its results are generally considered to be the first strong evidence against the theory of a luminiferous ether and in favor of special relativity

Michigan is a U.S. state located in the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. The name Michigan is the French form of the Ojibwa word mishigamaa, meaning "large water" or "large lake".

Michigan Central Railroad
The Michigan Central Railroad was originally incorporated in 1846 to establish rail service between Detroit, Michigan and St. Joseph, Michigan. The railroad later operated in the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois in the United States, and the province of Ontario in Canada

Michigan Central Station
Michigan Central Station , built in mid-1912 through 1913 for the Michigan Central Railroad, was Detroit, Michigan's passenger rail depot from its opening in 1913 after the previous Michigan Central Station burned, until the cessation of Amtrak service on January 6, 1988

Michigan High School Athletic Association
-About:The Michigan High School Athletic Association is a service organization for high school sports in Michigan and is headquartered in East Lansing

Michigan State Police
The Michigan State Police is the state police agency for the state of Michigan. The MSP is a full service law enforcement agency with its sworn members having full police powers statewide.

Michio Kaku
is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics in the City College of New York of City University of New York, the co-founder of string field theory, and a "communicator" and "popularizer" of science

Mick Aston
Professor Michael Antony 'Mick' Aston is a prominent English archaeologist. As an academic, he has taught at a number of universities across the United Kingdom, and has helped popularise the discipline amongst the British public by appearing as the resident academic on the Channel 4 television series Time Team, which has been airing since 1994

Mick Gould
Michael "Mick" Gould served for the British Special Forces and Government and is now working in the movie industry as a technical advisor and trainer/coach in martial arts, close combat, firearms and their tactical applications.

Mick Jagger
Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger is an English musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and a founding member of The Rolling Stones.

Mickey Cohen
Meyer Harris "Mickey" Cohen was a gangster based in Los Angeles and part of the Jewish Mafia, and also had strong ties to the American Mafia from the 1930s through 1960s.-Early life:

Mickey Featherstone
Francis T. "Mickey" Featherstone is a former Irish American mobster and member of the Westies, an organized crime syndicate from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan in New York City, led by Jimmy Coonan. Featherstone committed several mob killings before he was convicted in 1986 of a murder he had not committed

Mickey Gilley
Mickey Leroy Gilley is an American country music singer and musician. Although he started out singing straight-up country and western material in the 1970s, he moved towards a more pop-friendly sound in the 1980s, bringing him further success on not just the country charts, but the pop charts as well

Mickey Mantle
Mickey Charles Mantle was an American professional baseball player. Mantle is regarded by many to be the greatest switch hitter of all time, and one of the greatest players in baseball history. Mantle was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.Mantle was noted for his hitting ability, both for average and for power