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Grand National (disambiguation)
-Sports:*Grand National, an English horse race* Scottish Grand National, a Scottish horse race*The second name of NASCAR's Sprint Cup series, which was known as the Grand National from 1950 to 1971.

Grand Prix
- Competitions :* Grand Prix , a former name of the World Open* Six-red World Grand Prix, a former name of the Sangsom Six-red World Championship* IAAF Grand Prix Final, an athletics competitions replaced by the IAAF World Athletics Final

Grand Prix (Cannes Film Festival)
The Grand Prix is an award of the Cannes Film Festival bestowed by the jury of the festival on one of the competing feature films. It is the second-most prestigious prize of the festival after the Palme d'Or

Grand Slam
Grand Slam may refer to:-Card games:* In the game of contract bridge a bid to win all the tricks of that hand. By extension, the taking of all the important elements in an endeavour.-Equestrianism:

Grand Slam (band)
Grand Slam or Phil Lynott's Grand Slam were a rock band, formed in 1984 as the brainchild of ex-Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott.The name 'Grand Slam' was invented after a plethora of other band names had been considered, including 'Reactor Factor', 'Catastrophe', 'Hell Bent On Havoc', 'Slam Anthem' and 'Slam' , before

Grand Slam (Fly-Fishing Caribbean)
In Caribbean fly-fishing, a Grand Slam is when an angler is able to catch a bonefish, tarpon and permit during one day of fishing. The International Game Fish Association defines an Inshore Grand Slam as catching any three of the following species on the same day: bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook.The surrounding seas of Cuba are one of the best espectacular places to accomplish

Grand Slam (horse)
Grand Slam is an American thoroughbred Stallion racehorse. Trained by D. Wayne Lukas, the dark bay son of Gone West was purchased at the September 1996 Keeneland Sales as a yearling for $300,000 by Robert & Christina Baker, William Mack and David Cornstein.Sired by Gone West and out of Bright Candles, Grand Slam was foaled in 1995.David Cornstein's wife

Grand Slam (Magic Slim)
Grand Slam Grand Slam Grand Slam (Rooster Blues (2618) is a studio album by Magic Slim and his band, the Teardrops, reissued in 1983 by Rooster Blues. This studio album is unusual in its spontaneity and energy. Magic Slim performs both early soul and blues songs with his fine vocals and vigorous electric guitar playing

Grand Slam (TV Series)
Grand Slam is a television quiz show first created for Britain's Channel 4 in 2003. In its first and only series in the UK, the main host was Carol Vorderman. She was joined in the studio by analyst James Richardson

Grand Slam (U.S. TV series)
-First Round:-Quarterfinals:-Semifinals:-Finals:A fifth round, Contemporary Knowledge, similar to the first round of the British series, was used in the Finals only.

Granda (Gijón)
Granda is a district of the municipality of Gijón / Xixón, in Asturias, Spain.Its population was 622 in 2003.Granda is a residential and rural area, bordering with the city district in the north and with Vega in the south.

Grandee is the word used to render in English the Iberic high aristocratic title Grande , used by the Spanish nobility; Portuguese nobility, and Brazilian nobility.

Grandes may refer to:*Agustín Muñoz Grandes, Spanish general and politician*Banksia ser. Grandes, a series of plant species native to Australia*Grandes , a group of three small islands in the Aegean Sea off the east coast of Crete

Grandes (Import)
Grandes is compilation album released by Latin American Mexican rock band Maná. They released this greatest hits album for distribution in Italy.-Track listing:

Grandeur may refer to:* 70 mm Grandeur film* Hyundai Grandeur, a car introduced in 1986* Grandeur of the Seas, a cruise ship placed in service in 1996* Delusions of grandeur

Grandfather (solitaire)
Grandfather is a solitaire card game within KPatience. According to the KPatience documentation, there is no other known software implementing this game. While there are other solitaire games with names including Grandfather, including Grandfather's Clock and Grandfather Solitaire , these games do not have comparable rules

Grandfather clause
Grandfather clause is a legal term used to describe a situation in which an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations, while a new rule will apply to all future situations. It is often used as a verb: to grandfather means to grant such an exemption

-People:*Alessandro Grandi , Italian composer*Bruno Grandi , Italian gymnast*Dino Grandi , Italian politician*Ercole Grandi , Italian painter* Guido Grandi , Italian priest and mathematician

Grandis may refer to:* Grandis , a company producing Magnetoresistive random access memory* Grandis * Mitsubishi Grandis, a large multi-purpose vehicle* Pizza Grandis, the most popular frozen pizza in Norwaysubspecies and hybrids

Grandma is a female grandparent.Grandma may also refer to:*Grandma , a comic strip from 1948 to 1969*Khonnor or Grandma, an electronic musician-See also:*Grandmama *Granma

Grandmaster (DC Comics)
The Grandmaster is a fictional character, a type of Manhunter agent in DC Comics publications that first appeared in Millennium #1.-Fictional character biography:

Grandpa (disambiguation)
Grandpa is a male grandparent.Grandpa, grampa, or granpa may also refer to:* Granpa, an animated film starring Peter Ustinov and Sarah Brightman* Grandpa , a character on The Munsters

Grandparents are the parents of a person's own parent, whether that be a father or a mother. Every sexually-reproducing creature who is not a genetic chimera has a maximum of four genetic grandparents, eight genetic great-grandparents, sixteen genetic great-great-grandparents, etc

Grandsire is one of the standard change ringing methods, which are methods of ringing church bells or handbells using a series of mathematical permutations rather than using a melody

Grandson has multiple meanings:*Grandson *Grandson, Switzerland, a municipality in Switzerland*Grandson , a district in Switzerland

A grandstand is a large and normally permanent structure for seating spectators, most often at a racetrack. This includes both auto racing and horse racing. The grandstand is in essence like a single section of a stadium, but differs from a stadium in that it does not wrap all or most of the way around

-Buildings:* Grange House , Bo'ness, Scotland, built in 1564, and demolished in 1906* Hamilton Grange National Memorial, a historic house in New York City

Grange (Middlesex cricketer)
Grange was an English professional cricketer who made 9 known appearances in major cricket matches from 1789 to 1792.-External sources:*

Granger (Middlesex cricketer)
Granger was an English professional cricketer who made 3 known appearances in major cricket matches from 1789 to 1792.-External sources:*

Granger (name)
Granger is a surname of English and French origin. It is an occupational name for a farm bailiff. The farm bailiff oversaw the collection of rent and taxes from the barns and storehouses of the lord of the manor

Granger (Tourtechot)
Granger , was a French physician and traveller, with a major interest in natural history.According to the preface of the only work attributed to him, his real name was Tourtechot, and for reasons not explained he changed it to Granger. Granger or Tourtechot is presumably his surname

- Poland :* Granica, Lower Silesian Voivodeship * Granica, Subcarpathian Voivodeship * Granica, Warsaw West County in Masovian Voivodeship * Granica, Opole Voivodeship

Granita (restaurant)
Granita was a restaurant in Islington, London, England. In late May 1994 it was the alleged setting for the "Blair-Brown deal" between the then shadow Home Secretary Tony Blair and the then shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown.

Granite (Northern Rock vehicle)
Granite is a securitisation vehicle created by the British bank Northern Rock, based in Guernsey.The purpose of Granite is to parcel up the mortgages provided by the bank and sell the value to investors

Granite (song)
"Granite" is the first single from Australian drum and bass band Pendulum's second studio album In Silico. It was released through Warner Music UK, and through the band's new Ear Storm imprint with Warner Music Group. The song entered the UK Singles Chart on 11 November 2007, peaking at number 29 on 2 December

Grannies may refer to:* Grannies , the mother of a person's own father or mother* Raging Grannies, activist organizations

Granny is a word for a female grandparent.Granny may also refer to:Fictional characters*Granny , a Looney Tunes character

Granny (song)
"Granny" is a song by Virginia-based jam band Dave Matthews Band. Though never released on an official studio album, "Granny" was dropped from the Under the Table and Dreaming sessions

Granola is a breakfast food and snack food, popular in North America, consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey, and sometimes rice, that is usually baked until crisp. During the baking process the mixture is stirred to maintain a loose, breakfast cereal-type consistency

Granpa (film)
Granpa is a 1989 English family-oriented animated film, based on a 1984 children's illustrated story book by John Burningham. The film initially appeared on Channel 4 Television and was later released on VHS by Universal Studios.

Grans is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in southern France.-Population:-References:*

-United States:*Grant, Alabama*Grant, Inyo County, California*Grant, Sonoma County, California*Grant, Colorado*Grant-Valkaria, Florida*Grant, Iowa*Grant, Michigan*Grant, Minnesota*Grant, Nebraska*Grant, Wisconsin

Grant (automobile)
The Grant Motor Co was a United States automobile manufacturing company which produced automobiles from 1913 to 1922. The company was based in Findlay, Ohio. The company produced several thousand four and six cylinder automobiles and even exported cars to England as the Whiting-Grant. In 1916, the five passenger Touring car sold for US$795.

Grant (name)
Grant can be both a surname and a given name. The name is of Scottish origin , and there are several possible origins for the name.

A grant-in-aid is money coming from central government for a specific project. This kind of funding is usually used when the government and parliament have decided that the recipient should be publicly funded but operate with reasonable independence from the state.In the United Kingdom, most bodies in receipt of grants-in-aid are non-departmental public bodies.A grant-in-aid is funds

Granularity is the extent to which a system is broken down into small parts, either the system itself or its description or observation. It is the "extent to which a larger entity is subdivided

Granulation can refer to:*Granulation is the act or process of forming or crystallizing into grains*Granulation tissue, a product of healing in major wounds;*Granular synthesis, a sound synthesis method;

Granule is a generic term used for a small particle or grain. The generic term is employed in a variety of specific contexts.* Granule , visible structures in the photosphere of the Sun arising from activity in the Sun's convective zone

Granule (Oracle DBMS)
In computing, a granule is a unit of contiguous virtual memory allocated to a process.In the Oracle DBMS, the Oracle server allocates the system global area in granule units at the time of instance startup. During the startup, each component acquires as many granules as it requires

Granulocytes are a category of white blood cells characterized by the presence of granules in their cytoplasm. They are also called polymorphonuclear leukocytes because of the varying shapes of the nucleus, which is usually lobed into three segments

Granville (horse)
Granville was an American Hall of Fame Thoroughbred racehorse. Owned and bred by prominent horseman William Woodward, Sr. at his Belair Stud in Bowie, Maryland, Granville was sired by U.S

GRB2-related adapter protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the GRAP gene.This gene encodes a member of the GRB2/Sem5 /Drk family. This member functions as a cytoplasmic signaling protein which contains an SH2 domain flanked by two SH3 domains

GRAPE , or GRAphics Programming Environment is a software development environment for mathematical visualization, especially differential geometry and continuum mechanics.

Grapefruit (book)
Grapefruit is an artist's book written by Yoko Ono, originally published in 1964. It has become famous as an early example of conceptual art, containing a series of "event scores" that replace the physical work of art – the traditional stock-in-trade of artists – with instructions that an individual may, or may not, wish to enact.-Origins of the event score:Event scores were

In artillery, a grapeshot is a type of shot that is not a one solid element, but a mass of small metal balls or slugs packed tightly into a canvas bag. It was used both in land and naval warfare. When assembled, the balls resembled a cluster of grapes, hence the name

Grapevine is the common name for plants of the genus Vitis. Other meanings include:*Grapevine , a term often used to describe a form of communication by means of gossip or rumor, as in "heard it through the grapevine"

Graph may refer to:* A graphic depicting the relationship between two or more variables used, for instance, in visualising scientific data.In mathematics:* Graph , is a set of vertices and edges.

Graph (software)
Graph is an open source program that can generate two dimensional plots of mathematical functions and data sets.-Features:Graph supports entering functions on regular cartesian as well as parametric and polar form. Functions can be traced and at a given coordinate the function value and the two first derivatives is displayed. Graph is available in 23 different languages

Graphesthesia is the ability to recognize writing on the skin purely by the sensation of touch. Its name derives from Greek graphē and aisthēsis

Graphical user interface
In computing, a graphical user interface is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices with images rather than text commands. GUIs can be used in computers, hand-held devices such as MP3 players, portable media players or gaming devices, household appliances and office equipment

Graphics are visual presentations on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, computer screen, paper, or stone to brand, inform, illustrate, or entertain. Examples are photographs, drawings, Line Art, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings,or other images

Mega Man X2
Mega Man X2, known as in Japan, is a video game developed by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System . The game was released in Japan on December 16, 1994 and in North America and PAL regions in 1995. It is the second game in the Mega Man X sub-franchise after the first installment, released one year previous

Megabats constitute the suborder Megachiroptera, family Pteropodidae of the order Chiroptera . They are also called fruit bats, old world fruit bats, or flying foxes.-Description:

In terrestrial zoology, megafauna are "giant", "very large" or "large" animals. The most common thresholds used are or

The megalodon and ὀδούς ) is an extinct species of shark that lived roughly from 28 to 1.5 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era .The taxonomic assignment of C

Megalosaurus is a genus of large meat-eating theropod dinosaurs of the Middle Jurassic period of Europe

Megalyn Echikunwoke
Megalyn Ann Echikunwoke is an American actress and model.-Early life:Echikunwoke was born on May 28, 1983, in Spokane, Washington, but she was raised on a Navajo Native American Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. She is the daughter of a Nigerian-Igbo father and a German/Scots-Irish American mother

Megamouth shark
The megamouth shark, Megachasma pelagios, is an extremely rare species of deepwater shark. Since its discovery in 1976, only a few megamouth sharks have been seen, with 53 specimens known to have been caught or sighted as of 2011, including three recordings on film

Meganeura is a genus of extinct insects from the Carboniferous period approximately 300 million years ago, which resembled and are related to the present-day dragonflies. With wingspans of more than 75 cm , M. monyi is one of the largest known flying insect species; the Permian Meganeuropsis permiana is another

Megara is an ancient city in Attica, Greece. It lies in the northern section of the Isthmus of Corinth opposite the island of Salamis, which belonged to Megara in archaic times, before being taken by Athens. Megara was one of the four districts of Attica, embodied in the four mythic sons of King Pandion II, of whom Nisos was the ruler of Megara

Megatherium was a genus of elephant-sized ground sloths endemic to Central America and South America that lived from the Pliocene through Pleistocene existing approximately

Megatron is a character from the Transformers franchise, created by toy companies Hasbro and Takara. He is the primary antagonist and leader of the "evil" faction in most of the various Transformers universes.-Design:

Megawati Sukarnoputri
In this Indonesian name, the name "Sukarnoputri" is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name "Megawati".

Megillat Antiochus
Megillat Antiochus is a work recounting the story of Hanukkah and the history of the victory of the Maccabees over the Seleucid Empire.

Megistotherium is an extinct genus of creodonts, the only known species of which is Megistotherium osteothlastes.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple
The Mehandipur Balaji Mandir located in the Indian state of Rajasthan is a mandir dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman. The name Balaji is applied to Sri Hanuman in several parts of India because the childhood form of the Lord is especially celebrated in those parts

Mehano is a Slovenian toy company, founded in 1952 as Mehanotehnika, produces a large range of both traditional and electronic toys, as well as model railroad equipment. The company had borne its current name of Mehano since 1990 . Mehano applied for bankruptcy/closure in November of 2008, following reported economic difficulties during the preceding ten years

Mehmed I
Mehmed I Çelebi was a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1413 to 1421. He was one of the sons of Bayezid I and Valide Sultan Devlet Hatun Mehmed I Çelebi (Ottoman: چلبی محمد, Mehmed I or Mehmed Çelebi) (1382, Bursa – May 26, 1421, Edirne, Ottoman Empire) was a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (Rûm) from 1413 to 1421. He was one of the sons of Bayezid I and Valide Sultan (1403) Devlet Hatun Mehmed I Çelebi (Ottoman: چلبی محمد, Mehmed I or Mehmed Çelebi) (1382, Bursa – May 26, 1421, Edirne, Ottoman Empire) was a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (Rûm) from 1413 to 1421. He was one of the sons of Bayezid I and Valide Sultan (1403) Devlet Hatun (who was the daughter of Yakub Shah of Germiyanids

Mehmed V
Mehmed V Reshad was the 35th Ottoman Sultan. He was the son of Sultan Abdülmecid I. He was succeeded by his half-brother Mehmed VI.-Birth:

Mehmet Shehu
Mehmet Ismail Shehu was an Albanian communist politician who served as premier of Albania from 1954 to 1981

Mehndi or menhdi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in India, as well as by expatriate communities from the country. The word mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhikā. The use of mehndi and turmeric is described in the earliest Vedic ritual books

Mehran Modiri
Mehran Modiri in Tehran, Iran) is a prolific Iranian actor, television director and musician. His artistic career began in his teenage years as he was acting in local plays

Meijer, Inc. is a regional American hypermarket chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 1934 as a supermarket chain, Meijer is credited with pioneering the modern supercenter concept in 1962. About half of the company's 196 stores are located in Michigan, with additional locations in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The chain was ranked No

Meinl Percussion
Roland Meinl Percussion is a leading manufacturer of cymbals and other percussion instruments, based in Gutenstetten, Germany. Their main brand is Meinl.Founded in 1951 by Roland Meinl

Meiosis is a special type of cell division necessary for sexual reproduction. The cells produced by meiosis are gametes or spores. The animals' gametes are called sperm and egg cells.

Meir Vilner
Meir Vilner was an Israeli communist politician and Jewish leader of the Communist Party of Israel , which consisted primarily of Israeli Arabs

Meissen is a town of approximately 30,000 about northwest of Dresden on both banks of the Elbe river in the Free State of Saxony, in eastern Germany. Meissen is the home of Meissen porcelain, the Albrechtsburg castle, the Gothic Meissen Cathedral and the Meissen Frauenkirche

Meissen porcelain
Meissen porcelain or Meissen china is the first European hard-paste porcelain that was developed from 1708 by Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus. After his death that October, Johann Friedrich Böttger, continued his work and brought porcelain to the market

The Mekong is a river that runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is the world's 10th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia. Its estimated length is , and it drains an area of , discharging of water annually.

Mekong giant catfish
The Mekong giant catfish, Pangasianodon gigas, is a species of catfish in the shark catfish family , native to the Mekong basin in Southeast Asia.-Species characteristics:

Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks is an American film director, screenwriter, composer, lyricist, comedian, actor and producer. He is best known as a creator of broad film farces and comic parodies. He began his career as a stand-up comic and as a writer for the early TV variety show Your Show of Shows

Mel Fisher
Mel Fisher was an American treasure hunter best known for finding the 1622 wreck of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha named after a shrine in Madrid for protection. He discovered the wreck July 20, 1985

Mel Stottlemyre
Melvin Leon Stottlemyre, Sr. is a former Major League Baseball pitcher and pitching coach. He played 11 years in the Major Leagues, all of them with the New York Yankees

Mel Tiangco
Carmela Tiangco-Cornejo popularly known as Mel Tiangco is a popular television newscaster and television host in the Philippines.

Melamine is an organic base and a trimer of cyanamide, with a 1,3,5-triazine skeleton. Like cyanamide, it contains 66% nitrogen by mass and, if mixed with resins, has fire retardant properties due to its release of nitrogen gas when burned or charred, and has several other industrial uses. Melamine is also a metabolite of cyromazine, a pesticide

Melanie Appleby
Melanie Susan Appleby was one half of the 1980s English pop duo Mel and Kim.Appleby was born in Hackney, London of mixed-race to a Jamaican father and a British mother

Melarsoprol is a medicinal drug used in the treatment of human African trypanosomiasis. It is also sold under the trade names “Mel B” and “Melarsen Oxide-BAL.”

Melbourne Girls Grammar School
Melbourne Girls Grammar School , is an independent, Anglican, day and boarding school for girls, located in South Yarra, an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne Victory
Melbourne Victory Football Club is an Australian professional football club based in Melbourne, Victoria, that plays in the A-League.

Meles Zenawi
Meles Zenawi Asres is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Since 1985, he has been chairman of the Tigrayan Peoples' Liberation Front , and is currently head of the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front .Meles was born in Adwa, Tigray in Northern Ethiopia, to an Ethiopian father from Adwa,

The Meliaceae, or the Mahogany family, is a flowering plant family of mostly trees and shrubs in the order Sapindales.

Melinda Doolittle
Melinda Marie Doolittle is an American singer who finished as the third place finalist on the sixth season of American Idol

Melissa Sue Anderson
Melissa Sue Anderson is an American-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mary Ingalls on the NBC television series Little House on the Prairie. She starred on the show from 1974 until 1981, leaving after Season 7, but later appeared in 2 episodes of Season 8 in late 1981. She won an Emmy Award for her performance in Which Mother Is Mine?

Mello Yello
Mello Yello is a caffeinated, citrus-flavored soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. It was introduced on March 1, 1979 to compete with PepsiCo's Mountain Dew. There have been three flavored variants of Mello Yello. Mello Yello Cherry was released in response to Mountain Dew Code Red

Mells, Somerset
Mells is a village and civil parish in Somerset, England, near the town of Frome.The parish includes the village of Vobster which had a coal mine of the same name on the Somerset coalfield and quarry, both of which are now disused. The old quarry is now used as a diving centre

Melodi Grand Prix
Melodi Grand Prix is an annual music competition organised by Norwegian public broadcaster Norsk Rikskringkasting . It determines the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, and has been staged almost every year since 1960.The festival has produced three Eurovision winners and nine top-five placings for Norway at the contest

The term melodrama refers to a dramatic work that exaggerates plot and characters in order to appeal to the emotions. It may also refer to the genre which includes such works, or to language, behavior, or events which resemble them

Melody of Love
"Melody of Love" is a popular song. The music was originally written by Hans Engelmann in 1903. The lyrics were added by Tom Glazer in 1954.An instrumental version recorded by Billy Vaughn was the highest-charting version on the Billboard charts in 1955

thumb|200px|Various types of melonsThis list of melons includes members of the plant family Cucurbitaceae with edible, fleshy fruit e.g. gourds or cucurbits. The word "melon" can refer to either the plant or specifically to the fruit

Melpignano is a small town and comune in the province of Lecce in Apulia, Italy. It is one of the nine towns of Grecìa Salentina. Melpignano has a population of 2,209 inhabitants and an area of thus showing a population density of 202,1 inhabitants per square kilometer

Melrose, New Mexico
Melrose is a village in Curry County, New Mexico, United States. The population was 736 at the 2000 census. The town is losing population due to rural exodus

Melrose, Scotland
Melrose is a small town and civil parish in the Scottish Borders, historically in Roxburghshire. It is in the Eildon committee area.-Etymology:

Melt can refer to:* Melting, in physics, the process of heating a solid substance to a liquid*Melt , the semi-liquid material used in steelmaking and glassblowing*Melt inclusions, a feature of igneous rock

Melting, or fusion, is a physical process that results in the phase change of a substance from a solid to a liquid. The internal energy of a substance is increased, typically by the application of heat or pressure, resulting in a rise of its temperature to the melting point, at which the rigid ordering of molecular entities in the solid breaks down to a less-ordered state and the

Melting point
The melting point of a solid is the temperature at which it changes state from solid to liquid. At the melting point the solid and liquid phase exist in equilibrium. The melting point of a substance depends on pressure and is usually specified at standard atmospheric pressure

Melton Mowbray
Melton Mowbray is a town in the Melton borough of Leicestershire, England. It is to the northeast of Leicester, and southeast of Nottingham

Melusine is a figure of European legends and folklore, a feminine spirit of fresh waters in sacred springs and rivers.She is usually depicted as a woman who is a serpent or fish from the waist down

Melvil Dewey
Melville Louis Kossuth Dewey was an American librarian and educator, inventor of the Dewey Decimal system of library classification, and a founder of the Lake Placid Club.

Melvin B. Tolson
Melvin Beaunorus Tolson was an American Modernist poet, educator, columnist, and politician. His work concentrated on the experience of African Americans and includes several long historical poems. His work was influenced by his study of the Harlem Renaissance, although he spent nearly all of his career in Texas and Oklahoma

Melvin Burgess
Melvin Burgess is a British author of children's fiction. His first book, The Cry of the Wolf, was published in 1990. He gained a certain amount of notoriety in 1996 with the publication of Junk, which was published in the shadow of the film of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting, and dealt with the trendy and controversial idea of heroin-addicted teenagers

Melvin Purvis
Melvin Horace Purvis, Jr. was an American law enforcement official and Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. He was given the nickname "Little Mel" because of his short stature

Membership of the New York City Council
The list of New York City Council members below is current as of the 2006-2010 term. Eight new members joined the city council in the 2005 election. For notable past members of the Council, see :Category:New York City Council members.-Membership:

Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons
MRCS is a professional qualification for surgeons in the UK and IrelandIt means Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. In the United Kingdom, doctors who gain this qualification traditionally no longer use the title 'Dr' but start to use the title 'Mr', 'Mrs', 'Miss' or 'Ms'.There are 4 surgical colleges in the UK & Ireland:* The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh* The Royal

Membrane keyboard
A membrane keyboard is a computer keyboard whose "keys" are not separate, moving parts, as with the majority of other keyboards, but rather are pressure pads that have only outlines and symbols printed on a flat, flexible surface

Membrane protein
A membrane protein is a protein molecule that is attached to, or associated with the membrane of a cell or an organelle. More than half of all proteins interact with membranes.-Function:

Memnoch the Devil
Memnoch the Devil is the fifth novel in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series, following The Tale of the Body Thief. Some of the themes of this novel and in large part the title are re-borrowed from the old Irish gothic novel Melmoth the Wanderer.In this story, Lestat is approached by the Devil and offered a job at his side.-Plot:After stalking and killing Roger, a

Memoirs of a Geisha
Memoirs of a Geisha is a novel by American author Arthur Golden, published in 1997. The novel, told in first person perspective, tells the fictional story of a geisha working in Kyoto, Japan, before and after World War II

Memons are an ethnic group who trace their roots largely to Sindh, Kutch and Kathiawar in South Asia, and are sometimes seen as transitional between the three regions. Memons predominantly adhere to Sunni Islam

Memorex began as a computer tape producer and expanded to become a major IBM plug compatible peripheral supplier. It is now a consumer electronics brand of Imation specializing in disk recordable media for CD and DVD drives, flash memory, computer accessories and other electronics.Established in 1961 in Silicon Valley, Memorex started by selling computer tapes, then added other media

Memorial Hermann Hospital
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is the largest not-for-profit hospital system in Houston, Texas, and consists of 11 hospitals, 7 Cancer Centers, 3 Heart & Vascular Institutes, and 27 sports medicine and rehabilitation centers, in addition to other outpatient and rehabilitation centers. It was formed in the late 1990s when the Memorial and Hermann systems joined

Memorial Stadium (Champaign)
thumb|right|300px|Original plan for Memorial Stadium circa 1921. Caption from [[Popular Mechanics]] Magazine, 1921Memorial Stadium is a football stadium located in Champaign, Illinois, in the United States, on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The stadium is dedicated as a memorial to the Illinois men who died in World War I and World War II