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Androsterone is a steroid hormone with weak androgenic activity. It is made in the liver from the metabolism of testosterone. Its beta-isomer is Epiandrosterone.-History:

Andy (given name)
Andy is predominantly a diminutive version of the male given name Andrew, and variants of it such as Andreas and Andrei. The form of the variation is based on the Scottish "-ie" diminutive ending. Andrew is derived from the Greek name Andreas, meaning "man"

Ane or ANE may refer to:* Āne, a village near the city Jelgava, Latvia* Ane, Netherlands, a village in Overijssel, Netherlands, also** Battle of Ane , a battle fought near the village* -ane, a suffix in organic chemistry, or specifically

An anecdote is a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. It may be as brief as the setting and provocation of a bon mot. An anecdote is always presented as based on a real incident involving actual persons, whether famous or not, usually in an identifiable place

Anecdote (1989 film)
The Anecdote is a full-length Azerbaijani film shot in Baku in 1989. Made in the tragic comedy genre, this film is about the dysfunctional Soviet management system in Azerbaijan SSR at the end of 1980s and about the decadence and corruption of the Soviet bureaucracy.-Cast:* Rasim Balayev - Rahimov* Jeyhun Mirzayev - Mammadov* Yashar Nuri - Mammad* Mukhtar Maniyev

Aneli is a village in Ancuabe District in Cabo Delgado Province in northeastern Mozambique.-External links:*

Anemia is a decrease in number of red blood cells or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. However, it can include decreased oxygen-binding ability of each hemoglobin molecule due to deformity or lack in numerical development as in some other types of hemoglobin deficiency.Because hemoglobin normally carries oxygen from the lungs to the

An anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed, and is a common weather station instrument. The term is derived from the Greek word anemos, meaning wind, and is used to describe any airspeed measurement instrument used in meteorology or aerodynamics

Anemone , is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae in the north and south temperate zones

Anesthesia (album)
-Track listing:#"Ánimo"#"Estoy "#"Submerge your senses into the black"#"Marionetas"#"Runaway"#"Hunt"#"1978 "#"Dear"#"Anabelle"#"FMI"#"Boicot antinatural"#"Mantiene tu espíritu con humor"#"Bad influence"#"Break your obsessions"

Anesthesia (disambiguation)
Anesthesia has traditionally meant the condition of having the perception of pain and other sensations blocked. See Veterinary anesthesia for anesthesia in non-human animals.Anesthesia may also refer to:in music:

An anesthesiologist or anaesthetist is a physician trained in anesthesia and peri-operative medicine.

"Anesthetize" is a Porcupine Tree song. It is the third track on the 2007 album Fear of a Blank Planet. It is the longest song on this album, clocking in at 17:42, making Fear of a Blank Planet the studio album containing the longest composition since 1995's The Sky Moves Sideways "Anesthetize" is a Porcupine Tree song. It is the third track on the 2007 album Fear of a Blank Planet. It is the longest song on this album, clocking in at 17:42, making Fear of a Blank Planet the studio album containing the longest composition since 1995's The Sky Moves Sideways "Anesthetize" is a Porcupine Tree song. It is the third track on the 2007 album Fear of a Blank Planet. It is the longest song on this album, clocking in at 17:42, making Fear of a Blank Planet the studio album containing the longest composition since 1995's The Sky Moves Sideways (not counting Voyage 34 (Phase III) in Voyage 34: The Complete Trip since it is a

Aneta (album)
Aneta is an album by popular Greek singer Irini Merkouri that was released in Greece in 2005 by Sony BMG Greece. It includes 7 new tracks along with Merkouri's greatest hits to date.-Track listing:# "Aneta"

Anfora is the largest Mexican manufacturer of vitrified ceramics. It is based in the silver mining city of Pachuca, in the state of Hidalgo, in Mexico.- History :

ANG is the ISO 639-3 code for Old English. It may also refer to:* Air National Guard, part of the United States National Guard* Anga, Ang Desh or Ang Mahajanapada, one of the 16 Mahajanapada of Ancient India

Ange (disambiguation)
Ange is a French progressive rock band.Ange may also refer to:* Ange , a gold coin first used in France* Francesco Ange , Italian painter* Ange Ushiromiya, a character from the 07th Expansion Sound Novel Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Angels are mythical beings often depicted as messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles along with the Quran. The English word angel is derived from the Greek ἄγγελος, a translation of in the Hebrew Bible ; a similar term, ملائكة , is used in the Qur'an

Angel (1937 film)
Angel is a 1937 American comedy-drama film made by Paramount Pictures. It was produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch from a screenplay by Samson Raphaelson and Frederick Lonsdale, adapted by Guy Bolton and Russell Medcraft from the play Angyal by Melchior Lengyel. The music score was by Frederick Hollander, Werner R

Angel (1960 TV series)
Angel is an American sitcom that aired for one season on CBS during the 1960–1961 season. The series was created and executive produced by Jess Oppenheimer, and stars Annie Fargé as the title character.-Synopsis:

Angel (1982 film)
Angel is a 1982 film directed by Neil Jordan and starring Stephen Rea. The film was Neil Jordan's directorial debut, and the executive producer was John Boorman.-Plot summary:

Angel (1984 film)
Angel is a 1984 film directed by Robert Vincent O'Neill, and written by O'Neill with Joseph Michael Cala. It was released by New World Pictures.-Plot:

Angel (1987 film)
Angel is a 1987 Hong Kong action film inspired by Charlie's Angels which stars Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima. It is regarded as defining the Girls with Guns sub-genre

Angel (2007 film)
Angel, also known as the Real Life of Angel Deverell, is a 2007 British film based on novel of the same name by Elizabeth Taylor, about the life of a fiery and passionate young writer. The protagonist was portrayed by Romola Garai, director François Ozon's first and only choice for the role

Angel (2007 Puerto Rican film)
Ángel is a 2007 Puerto Rican film written and directed by Jacobo Morales. Morales also performs one of the lead roles in the film. The film was released on August 16, 2007 in Puerto Rico. It was produced by Cinesí Productions.-Plot:

Angel (a-ha song)
"Angel in the Snow" is a song by A-ha, the third single from the album Memorial Beach. The single version of the song is only named "Angel".

Angel (Aerosmith song)
"Angel" is a song performed by American hard rock band Aerosmith. It was written by lead singer Steven Tyler and professional songwriting collaborator Desmond Child

Angel (Aretha Franklin song)
"Angel" is a soul ballad recorded by American singer Aretha Franklin. The song was co-written by Aretha's sister, Carolyn, and Sonny Saunders. Aretha co-produced the song with Quincy Jones and it originally appeared on Aretha's 1973 album "Hey Now Hey "

Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode)
"Angel" is the seventh episode of season 1 of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was written by co-executive producer David Greenwalt and directed by Scott Brazil. The narrative follows Buffy Summers , vampire slayer, coming to terms with her feelings for Angel , who is revealed to be a vampire cursed with a soul

Angel (Chiara song)
"Angel" was the Maltese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, performed in English by Chiara.In contrast to the up-tempo styles dominating the Contest, the song is a solo love ballad. Chiara sings to her lover that, no matter what, she will be "your angel"

Angel (comics)
Angel, in comics, may refer to:* Angel comics, comics featuring the Buffyverse character Angel* Warren Worthington III, a Marvel Comics character and member of the X-Men who has used the names Angel and Archangel

Angel (Fleetwood Mac song)
"Angel" is a song written and performed by Stevie Nicks on the Fleetwood Mac album Tusk. Nicks attributed the song to the story of Rhiannon in the Mabinogion and in particular Arawn, who is the great lord of darkness.

Angel (given name)
Angel is a given name meaning "angel", or "messenger". Ángel is a common masculine name in Spanish-speaking countries. In the English-speaking world Angel is also used for girls.-Variations:*Asturian: Ánxel*Bulgarian: Ангел

Angel (Meg series)
Angel is a fictional megalodon shark that appears in the Meg series of novels, written by Steve Alten.-Description:Arguably the primary "antagonist" of the series, a female Megalodon shark, Angel is first introduced in the ending lines of Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, the only surviving pup of a brood of three, her two siblings having died, one mauled by his own mother, the other

Angel (Ohio Players album)
-Track listing:# "Angel" # "Merry-Go-Round" # "Glad to Know You're Mine" # "Don't Fight My Love" # "Body Vibes" # "Can't You Still Love me?" # "O-H-I-O" # "Faith" -Personnel:

Angel (The Corrs song)
"Angel" is a song by Celtic folk rock band The Corrs, the second single from their fourth studio album Borrowed Heaven. It was released on 13 September 2004 in the UK where it peaked at number sixteen on the UK Singles Chart.-Tracklisting:

Angel Dust (Indo G album)
Angel Dust is an album by Indo G released in 1998.-Track listing:# "Da Calendar"# "Ain't No Bitch in My Blood"# "Throw Them Thangs" Note: Song sampled from Goldeneye 007 video game pause menu.

Angel of Death (novel)
Angel of Death is a novel by Jack Higgins written in 1995. It tells the story of a famous actress who joins a bloody terrorist movement named after Bloody Sunday's date, 30 January

Angel of Death (Robin Hood)
The Angel of Death is fourth episode of series two of Robin Hood and originally aired on 27 October 2007.-Plot:The Sheriff and his sinister scientist, Joseph , are testing a chemical weapon on a street in Nottingham Town and blaming the ill effects on the pestilence, but Dan Scarlett, who is in town to visit his son, Will, knows it is not the pestilence at all.Dan

Angela (given name)
Angela is a female given name. It is derived from the Greek word ángelos , meaning "messenger of God".In the United States, the name "Angela" was at its most popular between 1965 and 1979, when it was ranked among the top 10 names for girls, but it has been ranked among the 300 most popular names for American girls since 1900

Angelfish may refer to:*Several groups of fish:**Freshwater angelfish, tropical cichlids of the genus Pterophyllum**Marine angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae**Angel shark of the family Squatinidae

Angelfish (album)
Angelfish is the 1994 self-titled debut and single studio album released by Scottish alternative rock group Angelfish, fronted by Shirley Manson. The Angelfish album was born out of necessity when Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie's record distributor MCA expressed interest in recording an album with Manson on lead vocals rather than furthering its commitment to the Mackenzies

Angeli may refer to:*Angeli, Finland, a village in Finnish Lapland*Angeli di Varano, a village near Ancona in central Italy*Angelica vestis, the monastic garment*The Italian word for "angels"*The Angeli-Rimini reaction*Angeli -People:

Angelic acid
Angelic acid is a monocarboxylic unsaturated organic acid. It is mostly found in the plants of the family Apiaceae. German pharmacist Ludwig Andreas Buchner isolated angelic acid in 1842 from the roots of garden angelica which gave the acid its name. Angelic acid is a volatile solid with a biting taste and pungent sour odor

Angelica is a genus of about 60 species of tall biennial and perennial herbs in the family Apiaceae, native to temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, reaching as far North as Iceland and Lapland

Angelica (singer)
Angelica is a former Latin pop singer. Her uncle is Eusebio Garcia, director of Mariachi Toluca. She won the "Best New Artist" award at the Mexican national contest, Juguemos a Cantar, and spent two years acting on the variety program La Hora Feliz

Angelina is a diminutive form of the name Angela, a name derived from the Greek angelos or "messenger." Thus, it means "angel."Angelina can refer to:-People:

Angelo (Shakespeare)
Angelo is a character in Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.-Role in the play:Angelo is the deputy to Vincentio, the Duke of Vienna, who begins the play by departing the city under mysterious circumstances and leaves the straight-laced Angelo in power

Angelo (song)
"Angelo" is a song by British pop group Brotherhood of Man. Released as a single in June 1977, it became the group's second UK number one hit.- Background :

Angels (Amy Grant song)
"Angels" is a 1984 song by Christian singer Amy Grant, from her album Straight Ahead. It won the 1985 Grammy Award for Best Gospel Vocal Performance, Female.

Angels (Marvel Comics)
An angel is a fictional entity within the Marvel Comics universe, based on the angels of the Abrahamic faiths. Their first Marvel Comics appearance was Marvel Tales #133. In the religious text of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Zoroastriansim, angels are believed to be guardians of mankind and messengers of God; indeed, "angels" originates from the Greek word for messenger

Angels (Within Temptation song)
"Angels" is the third single of Dutch symphonic metal/rock band Within Temptation from their album The Silent Force. It peaked at #1 in Finland and #1 in the Netherlands. It is also one of their most successful singles in the U.S

The Angelus is a Christian devotion in memory of the Incarnation. The name Angelus is derived from the opening words: Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariæ The Angelus (Latin for "angel") is a Christian devotion in memory of the Incarnation. The name Angelus is derived from the opening words: Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariæ The Angelus (Latin for "angel") is a Christian devotion in memory of the Incarnation. The name Angelus is derived from the opening words: Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariæ ("..

"Angelus" is the sixteenth single from Japanese singer Hitomi Shimatani, and features the b-side Z! Z! Z! . Both songs are featured on her 2004 album, Tsuioku+Love Letter. This was the third and final single released to promote the album

Angelus (comics)
The Angelus is an American comic book antagonist published by Top Cow Productions which first appeared in The Darkness comic in 1997. The Angelus has been featured in comics with her enemies The Darkness and the Witchblade.

Anger (album)
Anger is the second album by Sandy Lam, released under CBS Records in 1986. This album performed poorly in terms of album sales and chart performance. Despite this, Sandy attracted a group of male teenager audiences.-Track listing:1. Anger

Anger (disambiguation)
Anger is an emotion.Anger may also refer to:*Anger as one of the Seven deadly sins in Christian doctrine-People:*Saint Eluned, alternative spelling for the name of Welsh saint*Darol Anger , American violinist

Anger (song)
"Anger" is a 1979 single released by singer Marvin Gaye recorded in 1978 for the album, Here, My Dear. The song was issued in 1979 as a single in Canada but failed to chart there. The song discussed mental anguish and pain over bitterness and talks specifically of angry confrontation, in Marvin's case, not only with his wife but with various other friends and family members

Anges (Miyamoto Shunichi album)
"Anges" is the first mini-album of the Japanese Singer Shunichi Miyamoto under Victor Entertainment. It was released on December 12, 2003

Angina pectoris, commonly known as angina, is chest pain due to ischemia of the heart muscle, generally due to obstruction or spasm of the coronary arteries . Coronary artery disease, the main cause of angina, is due to atherosclerosis of the cardiac arteries

Angina is a medical term derived from the classical Greek word ankhon meaning to strangle, throttle, or choke. It may refer to a constriction in the airway or, by extension, a restriction in blood flow

Angiology is the medical specialty which studies the diseases of circulatory system and of the lymphatic system, i.e., arteries, veins and lymphatic vases, and its diseases

Angle (rib)
The angle of a rib may both refer to the bending part of it, and a prominent line in this area, a little in front of the tubercle.This line is directed downward and laterally; this gives attachment to a tendon of the Iliocostalis.

Arrow Air Flight 1285
Arrow Air Flight 1285 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63CF jetliner, registered N950JW, which operated as an international charter flight carrying U.S. troops from Cairo, Egypt, to their home base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, via Cologne, Germany and Gander, Newfoundland

An arrowhead is a tip, usually sharpened, added to an arrow to make it more deadly or to fulfill some special purpose. Historically arrowheads were made of stone and of organic materials; as human civilization progressed other materials were used

Arsenal of Democracy
"The Arsenal of Democracy" was a propaganda slogan coined by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in a radio broadcast delivered on December 29, 1940. Roosevelt promised to help the United Kingdom fight Nazi Germany by giving them military supplies while the United States stayed out of the actual fighting

Arsenic is a chemical element with the symbol As, atomic number 33 and relative atomic mass 74.92. Arsenic occurs in many minerals, usually in conjunction with sulfur and metals, and also as a pure elemental crystal. It was first documented by Albertus Magnus in 1250.Arsenic is a metalloid

Arsenic trisulfide
Arsenic trisulfide is the inorganic compound with the formula As2S3. This bright yellow solid is a well known mineral orpiment , has been used as a pigment, and has played a role in the analysis of arsenic compounds. This chalcogenide material is a group V/VI, intrinsic p-type semiconductor and exhibits photo-induced phase-change properties

Arsenie Todiras
Arsenie Todiraş is a Moldovan singer who was the youngest member of the former boyband O-Zone

Arsinoitherium is an extinct genus of paenungulate mammal related to elephants, sirenians, hyraxes and the extinct desmostylians, as well as to other extinct embrithopods

Arson is the crime of intentionally or maliciously setting fire to structures or wildland areas. It may be distinguished from other causes such as spontaneous combustion and natural wildfires

Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect.

Art & Language
Art & Language is a shifting collaboration among conceptual artists that has undergone many changes since its inception in the late 1960s. Their early work, as well as their journal Art-Language, first published in 1969, is regarded as an important influence on much conceptual art both in the United Kingdom and in the United States.-Early years:The Art & Language group was

Art and architecture of Assyria
The architecture of Mesopotamia is the ancient architecture of the region of the Tigris–Euphrates river system , encompassing several distinct cultures and spanning a period from the 10th millennium BC, when the first permanent structures were built, to the 6th century BC

Art as Experience
Art as Experience is John Dewey's major writing on aesthetics, originally delivered as the first William James Lecturer at Harvard . Dewey's aesthetics have been found useful in a number of disciplines, including the new media.

Art Attack
Art Attack is a British children's television series revolving around art. The original series was one of ITV's longest running programmes, running from 1990 to 2007, and was presented throughout by Neil Buchanan. The brand new series launched on Disney Junior on June 6 2011 and is presented by Jassa Ahluwalia

Art Center College of Design
Art Center College of Design is a private college located in Pasadena, California, and was cited by BusinessWeek as one of the 60 best design schools in the world. The college’s industrial design program is consistently ranked number one by both DesignIntelligence and U.S

Art conservation and restoration
Conservation-restoration, also referred to as conservation, is a profession devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage for the future. Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment, and preventive care

Art Deco
Art deco , or deco, is an eclectic artistic and design style that began in Paris in the 1920s and flourished internationally throughout the 1930s, into the World War II era. The style influenced all areas of design, including architecture and interior design, industrial design, fashion and jewelry, as well as the visual arts such as painting, graphic arts and film

Art education
Art education is the area of learning that is based upon the visual, tangible arts—drawing, painting, sculpture, and design in jewelry, pottery, weaving, fabrics, etc. and design applied to more practical fields such as commercial graphics and home furnishings

Art gallery
An art gallery or art museum is a building or space for the exhibition of art, usually visual art.Museums can be public or private, but what distinguishes a museum is the ownership of a collection

Art Gallery of South Australia
The Art Gallery of South Australia , located on the cultural boulevard of North Terrace in Adelaide, is the premier visual arts museum in the Australian state of South Australia. It has a collection of over 35,000 works of art, making it, after the National Gallery of Victoria, the largest state art collection in Australia

Art history
Art history has historically been understood as the academic study of objects of art in their historical development and stylistic contexts, i.e. genre, design, format, and style

Art in Ancient Greece
The arts of ancient Greece have exercised an enormous influence on the culture of many countries all over the world, particularly in the areas of sculpture and architecture. In the West, the art of the Roman Empire was largely derived from Greek models

Art Institute of Chicago
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is one of America's largest accredited independent schools of art and design, located in the Loop in Chicago, Illinois. It is associated with the museum of the same name, and "The Art Institute of Chicago" or "Chicago Art Institute" often refers to either entity

Art Institute of Chicago Building
The Art Institute of Chicago Building houses the Art Institute of Chicago, and is located in the Chicago Landmark Historic Michigan Boulevard District in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois. The building is also located in Grant Park on the east side of Michigan Avenue, and marks the third address for the Art Institute

Art Institute of Pittsburgh
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is a private, for-profit, higher education institute located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that emphasizes design education and career preparation for the creative job market. It was founded in 1921.-History:

Art intervention
Art intervention is an interaction with a previously existing artwork, audience or venue/space. It has the auspice of conceptual art and is commonly a form of performance art. It is associated with the Viennese Actionists, the Dada movement and Neo-Dadaists

Art Laboe
Art Laboe is an American pioneering disc jockey, songwriter, record producer, and radio station owner who is generally credited with coining the term "Oldies But Goodies.".

Art Larsen
Arthur David Larsen was an American male tennis player best remembered for his victory at the U.S. Championships in 1950 and for his eccentricities

Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau is an international philosophy and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that were most popular during 1890–1910. The name "Art Nouveau" is French for "new art"

Art of Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian art is the painting, sculpture, architecture and other arts produced by the civilization in the lower Nile Valley from 5000 BC to 300 AD. Ancient Egyptian art reached a high level in painting and sculpture, and was both highly stylized and symbolic

Art Rooney
Arthur Joseph "Art" Rooney, Sr. , often referred to as "The Chief", was the founding owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers American football franchise in the National Football League.-Family history:

Art Tatum
Arthur "Art" Tatum, Jr. was an American jazz pianist and virtuoso who played with phenomenal facility despite being nearly blind.Tatum is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time

Artemis was one of the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. Her Roman equivalent is Diana. Some scholars believe that the name and indeed the goddess herself was originally pre-Greek. Homer refers to her as Artemis Agrotera, Potnia Theron: "Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals"

Artemis Entreri
Artemis Entreri is a fictional character in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Entreri is depicted as a ruthless assassin and the arch-enemy of Drizzt Do'Urden, the protagonistic dark elf. He is the creation of author R. A

Artemisia maritima
Artemisia maritima is a species of wormwood known as sea wormwood and old woman.In its many variations of form it has an extremely wide distribution in the northern hemisphere of the Old World, occurring mostly in saltish soils

Artemisinin , also known as Qinghaosu , and its derivatives are a group of drugs that possess the most rapid action of all current drugs against falciparum malaria. Treatments containing an artemisinin derivative are now standard treatment worldwide for falciparum malaria

Arthralgia literally means joint pain; it is a symptom of injury, infection, illnesses or an allergic reaction to medication.

Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints.

An arthropod is an invertebrate animal having an exoskeleton , a segmented body, and jointed appendages. Arthropods are members of the phylum Arthropoda , and include the insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and others

Arthur Andrew Cipriani
Captain Arthur Andrew Cipriani was a [Trinidad and Tobago] labour leader and politician. He served as mayor of Port of Spain, elected member of the Legislative Council, leader of the Trinidad Workingmen's Association and founder of the Trinidad Labour Party.Cipriani served with the West Indies Regiment during World War I and was impressed by how the West Indians adapted to

Arthur Ashe Stadium
Arthur Ashe Stadium, a part of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center located within Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in the New York City borough of Queens, is the main tennis stadium of the US Open, the last of each year's four Grand Slam tournaments, and also where the annual Arthur Ashe Kids' Day takes place

Arthur Askey
Arthur Bowden Askey CBE was a prominent English comedian.- Life and career :Askey was born at 29 Moses Street, Liverpool, the eldest child and only son of Samuel Askey , secretary of the firm Sugar Products of Liverpool, and his wife, Betsy Bowden , of Knutsford, Cheshire

Arthur Beetson
Arthur Henry "Artie" Beetson, OAM , was an Australian rugby league footballer and coach. He represented Australia and Queensland from 1964 to 1981. His position was at prop. Beetson became the first Indigenous Australian to captain his country in any sport. and is frequently cited as the best post-war forward in Australian rugby league history

Arthur Boyd
Arthur Merric Bloomfield Boyd, AC, OBE was one of the leading Australian painters of the late 20th Century. A member of the prominent Boyd artistic dynasty in Australia, his relatives included painters, sculptors, architects or other arts professionals. His sister Mary Boyd married John Perceval, and then Sidney Nolan, both artists

Arthur Cecil Pigou
Arthur Cecil Pigou was an English economist. As a teacher and builder of the school of economics at the University of Cambridge he trained and influenced many Cambridge economists who went on to fill chairs of economics around the world

Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
Arthur Charles Fox-Davies was a British author on heraldry. By profession, he was a barrister but he also worked as a journalist and novelist.Born in Bristol, he was the second son of T

Arthur Coningham (RAF officer)
Air Marshal Sir Arthur "Mary" Coningham KCB, KBE, DSO, MC, DFC, AFC, RAF was a senior officer in the Royal Air Force. During the First World War, he was at Gallipoli with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, where he became a flying ace

Arthur Cox
Arthur Cox , is a British actor of television and film.His most regular role was as George, the driver of Jim Hacker in the comedy Yes Minister. His other television credits include The Avengers, Terry and June, and Harbour Lights

Arthur Cravan
Arthur Cravan was known as a pugilist, a poet, a larger-than-life character, and an idol of the Dada and Surrealism movements. He was the second son of Otho Holland Lloyd and Hélène Clara St. Clair of Armenian desent. His brother, Otho, was born in 1885

Arthur Henderson
Arthur Henderson was a British iron moulder and Labour politician. He was the 1934 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and he served three short terms as the Leader of the Labour Party from 1908–1910, 1914–1917 and 1931-1932.

Arthur Honegger
Arthur Honegger was a Swiss composer, who was born in France and lived a large part of his life in Paris. He was a member of Les six. His most frequently performed work is probably the orchestral work Pacific 231, which is interpreted as imitating the sound of a steam locomotive.-Biography:Born Oscar-Arthur Honegger in Le Havre, France, he

Arthur Johnston
Arthur Johnston was a Scottish poet and physician. He was born in Caskieben near Inverurie in Aberdeenshire

Arthur Laffer
Arthur Betz Laffer is an American economist who first gained prominence during the Reagan administration as a member of Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board . Laffer is best known for the Laffer curve, an illustration of the theory that there exists some tax rate between 0% and 100% that will result in maximum tax revenue for governments

Arthur Middleton
Arthur Middleton , of Charleston, South Carolina, was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Arthur Murray
Arthur Murray was a dance instructor and businessman, whose name is most often associated with the dance studio chain that bears his name.

Arthur Porges
Arthur Porges [pórdžIs], was an American author of numerous short stories, most notably in the 1950s and 1960s, though he continued to write and publish stories until his death.-Life:

Arthur Rimbaud
Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud was a French poet. Born in Charleville, Ardennes, he produced his best known works while still in his late teens—Victor Hugo described him at the time as "an infant Shakespeare"—and he gave up creative writing altogether before the age of 21. As part of the decadent movement, Rimbaud influenced modern literature, music and art

Arthur Schopenhauer
Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher known for his pessimism and philosophical clarity. At age 25, he published his doctoral dissertation, On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, which examined the four separate manifestations of reason in the phenomenal world.Schopenhauer's most influential work, The

Arthur Streeton
Sir Arthur Ernest Streeton was an Australian landscape painter.-Early life:Streeton was born in Mount Duneed, near Geelong, and his family moved to Richmond in 1874. In 1882, Streeton commenced art studies with G. F. Folingsby at the National Gallery School.Streeton was influenced by French Impressionism and the works of Turner

Arthur W. Radford
Arthur William Radford was a United States Navy Admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the United States Pacific Command and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.Arthur Radford was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1896

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, KG, GCB, GCH, PC, FRS , was an Irish-born British soldier and statesman, and one of the leading military and political figures of the 19th century

Arthur Whitten Brown
Sir Arthur Whitten Brown KBE was the navigator of the first successful non-stop transatlantic flight.-Life and work:

Article One of the United States Constitution
Article One of the United States Constitution describes the powers of Congress, the legislative branch of the federal government. The Article establishes the powers of and limitations on the Congress, consisting of a House of Representatives composed of Representatives, with each state gaining or losing representation in proportion to its population, and a Senate, composed of two Senators

Article Two of the United States Constitution
Article Two of the United States Constitution creates the executive branch of the government, consisting of the President and other executive officers.-Clause 1: Executive power:

Articled clerk
An articled clerk, also known as an articling student, is an apprentice in a professional firm in Commonwealth countries. Generally the term arises in the accountancy profession and in the legal profession. The articled clerk signs a contract, known as "articles of clerkship", committing to a fixed period of employment

Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation, formally the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was an agreement among the 13 founding states that legally established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution

Articulated bus
An articulated bus is an articulated vehicle used in public transportation. It is usually a single-deck design, and comprises two rigid sections linked by a pivoting joint

Artie Shaw
Arthur Jacob Arshawsky , better known as Artie Shaw, was an American jazz clarinetist, composer, and bandleader. He was also the author of both fiction and non-fiction writings.

Artificial brain
Artificial brain is a term commonly used in the media to describe research that aims to develop software and hardware with cognitive abilities similar to the animal or human brain

Artificial flower
Artificial flowers are imitations of natural flowering plants, used for commercial or residential decoration. They are sometimes made for scientific purposes .Materials used in their manufacture have included painted linen and shavings of stained horn in Egypt, gold and

Artificial gravity
Artificial gravity is the varying of apparent gravity via artificial means, particularly in space, but also on the Earth