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AMOS or Advanced Mortar System is a 120 mm automatic twin barrelled, breech loaded mortar turret. AMOS has been fitted to a wide range of armoured vehicles such as the Sisu Pasi, Patria AMV, Combat Vehicle 90 or Combat Boat 90.

Amour is the French word for love, an intense feeling of affection. It may also refer to:* Amour , a stage musical written by Michel Legrand* Amour , a cycle of clarinet pieces by Karlheinz Stockhausen

Amour (musical)
Amour is a musical fantasy with an English book by Jeremy Sams, music by Michel Legrand, and lyrics by Didier Van Cauwelaert, who wrote the original French libretto.

Amour (Stockhausen)
Amour is a cycle of five pieces for clarinet by Karlheinz Stockhausen, composed in 1974–76. The composer thought of each piece as a gift for a close friend

Xiamen, or Amoy, is a city on the southeast coast of China.Amoy may also refer to:*Amoy dialect, a dialect of the Hokkien lects, which are part of the Southern Min group of Chinese languages

Amoy (linguistics)
Amoy , also known as Xiamenese or Xiamen dialect, is a Hokkien dialect which originally comes from Southern Fujian province , in the area centered around the city of Xiamen. It is highly similar to Taiwanese, and is widely known as Hokkien in Southeast Asia. Their relation is similar to the one between British English and American English

-Science:*Ampere, a unit of electrical current*Adenosine monophosphate, nucleotide found in RNA*Amphetamine, phenethylamine stimulant used for treatment of ADHD and certain sleep disorders*Ampicillin, common antibiotics used in bacteria culture

Amparo may refer to:*Writ of amparo, a form of constitutional relief found in the legal systems of various Latin American countries and the Philippines.*Amparo *Amparo Arrebato, Colombian dancer*Amparo Baró, Spanish actress

Amparo (law)
The writ of amparo is a remedy for the protection of constitutional rights, found in certain jurisdictions

Amped (116 Clique album)
Amped is a remix/compilation album containing remixed tracks and new tracks. It is the third compilation album and second remix album by the 116 Clique. It is the first EP by the 116 Clique. It is a combination of rap and rock

Amped (album)
Amped is a 2005 album by Seven Witches, and the first to feature vocalist Alan Tecchio, bassist Kevin Bolembach, and drummer Jeff Curenton.

The ampere , often shortened to amp, is the SI unit of electric current and is one of the seven SI base units. It is named after André-Marie Ampère , French mathematician and physicist, considered the father of electrodynamics

The ampere-turn was the MKS unit of magnetomotive force , represented by a direct current of one ampere flowing in a single-turn loop in a vacuum

An ampersand is a logogram representing the conjunction word "and". The symbol is a ligature of the letters in et, Latin for "and".-Etymology:

Amphibious means able to use either land or water. In particular it may refer to:*Amphibious warfare, warfare carried out on both land and water*Amphibians, vertebrate animals of the Class Amphibia

Amphibole is the name of an important group of generally dark-colored rock-forming inosilicate minerals, composed of double chain tetrahedra, linked at the vertices and generally containing ions of iron and/or magnesium in their structures.-Mineralogy:

Amphiregulin, also known as AREG, is a protein which in humans is encoded by the AREG gene.- Function:The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the epidermal growth factor family. It is an autocrine growth factor as well as a mitogen for astrocytes, Schwann cells, and fibroblasts

Amphitheatre (Drakensberg)
The Amphitheatre is one of the geographical features of the Northern Drakensberg, South Africa, and is widely regarded as one of the most impressive cliff faces on earth

An amphora is a type of vase-shaped, usually ceramic container with two handles and a long neck narrower than the body

In chemistry, an amphoteric species is a molecule or ion that can react as an acid as well as a base. The word is derived from the Greek word amphoteroi meaning "both"

Amplification may refer to:* The operation of an amplifier, a natural or artificial device intended to make a signal stronger.* See also Fluidic Amplifier* Amplification , a figure of speech that adds importance to increase its rhetorical effect

Amplification (psychology)
Amplification is to amplify physical symptoms based on psychological factors such as anxiety or depression: "somatosensory amplification refers to the tendency to experience somatic sensation as intense, noxious, and disturbing

Amplifico are a Scottish band comprising Donna Maciocia , Ross Kilgour and Dave Brunton . The name Amplifico was chosen from a Latin dictionary .

Generally, an amplifier or simply amp, is a device for increasing the power of a signal.In popular use, the term usually describes an electronic amplifier, in which the input "signal" is usually a voltage or a current. In audio applications, amplifiers drive the loudspeakers used in PA systems to make the human voice louder or play recorded music

Amplitude is the magnitude of change in the oscillating variable with each oscillation within an oscillating system. For example, sound waves in air are oscillations in atmospheric pressure and their amplitudes are proportional to the change in pressure during one oscillation

An ampoule is a small sealed vial which is used to contain and preserve a sample, usually a solid or liquid. Ampoules are commonly made of glass, although plastic ampoules do exist.

AMPS or amps can mean any of the following:* 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid, an acrylic monomer* Abbreviation of the plural for Ampere, a unit of electrical current

Amputation is the removal of a body extremity by trauma, prolonged constriction, or surgery. As a surgical measure, it is used to control pain or a disease process in the affected limb, such as malignancy or gangrene. In some cases, it is carried out on individuals as a preventative surgery for such problems

Amsterdam (Eurovision song)
"Amsterdam" was the Dutch entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980, performed in Dutch by Maggie MacNeal. This was MacNeal's second participation in the Contest; in 1974 she had finished 3rd with "I See a Star" as one half of the duo Mouth & MacNeal.

Amsterdam (Guster song)
"Amsterdam" is Guster's first single released off the 2003 album Keep It Together. It is also on the live CD and DVD Guster on Ice.-Pop culture references:

Amsterdam (Van Halen song)
"Amsterdam" is a rock song written by the group Van Halen for their 1995 album Balance. It was released as single to mainstream rock radio and peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart during the summer of 1995 .

Amu (film)
Amu is a critically acclaimed 2005 film directed by Shonali Bose, based on her own novel by the same name. It stars Konkona Sen Sharma, Brinda Karat, and Ankur Khanna

Amulet (album)
Amulet is the first album released by Amulet.-Track listing:#"Mystified"#"Fragments of Inspiration"#"Lesson"#"Founder"#"Give"#"Within These Walls"#"Shelves"

Amulet (band)
Amulet was a hardcore punk band based in Oslo, Norway, formed in 1993 by Torgny Amdam. During the 14 years they were active, they released four albums, three EPs and four 7" records

Amulet (fursaxa album)
-Track listing:#"Rheine" – 9:39#"Rodeo in the Sky" – 3:56#"Crimson" – 13:39#"Song to the Cicada" – 13:03#"Tyranny" – 7:27#"Trobairitz" – 8:09#"Renounuos" – 11:39

Amulet (song)
"Amulet" is an electronic–world music song performed by Belgian singer Natacha Atlas and Moroccan-French band Sawt el Atlas. The song was written by Natacha Atlas, Count Dubulah, Hamid ManTu and Alex Kasiek and produced by Transglobal Underground for Atlas' second album Halim .-Formats and track listings:These are the formats and track listings of major single releases

The Associate of Music, Australia is a diploma awarded to outstanding candidates in the field of practical musical performance, musicianship, and music theory by the Australian Music Examinations Board. The AMusA, also called AMus, is considered a prestigious award, ranking above the eight grades available

AMuse (software)
AMuse is a freeware music collection manager for AmigaOS4 that includes client functionality . AMuse supports submissions of locally played music, listening to similar artists and user library, scrobbling of tracks

Amusement is the state of experiencing humorous and entertaining events or situations, and is associated with enjoyment, happiness, laughter and pleasure

Amusement (film)
Amusement is an American 2009 horror film directed by John Simpson and starring Katheryn Winnick, Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas. The film went direct-to-video in January 2009

Amusement Park (song)
"Amusement Park" was the second single by rapper 50 Cent from the album Curtis. The music video premiered on Yahoo!'s website May 16. The single is a smooth song that uses different amusement park rides as metaphors for sex.-Background:

Amusia (album)
Amusia is the first album by Punk rock band Katastrophy Wife, released in 2001.-Track listing:All songs by Katastrophy Wife#Gone Away#Boomerang Doll#Git Go#Rosacea#Pretty Car#Anathema#Knife Fight#Haunted#Window#Widdershins

Amy (film)
Amy is a 1981 live-action Disney film released by Buena Vista Distribution Company, written by Noreen Stone and directed by Vincent McEveety, and starring Jenny Agutter.- Plot :

Amygdalin , C20H27NO11, is a glycoside initially isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis, also known as bitter almonds, by Pierre-Jean Robiquet

The word or root amyl has two meanings, in organic chemistry and biochemistry.-Biochemistry:In biochemistry, "amyl" means "pertaining to starch", "amylum" being another word for starch

Amylase is an enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugars. Amylase is present in human saliva, where it begins the chemical process of digestion. Food that contains much starch but little sugar, such as rice and potato, taste slightly sweet as they are chewed because amylase turns some of their starch into sugar in the mouth

Amyloids are insoluble fibrous protein aggregates sharing specific structural traits. Abnormal accumulation of amyloid in organs may lead to amyloidosis, and may play a role in various neurodegenerative diseases.-Definition:

Amyloid (disambiguation)
An Amyloid is any of certain insoluble fibrous protein aggregates.Amyloid also may refer to:* Amyloid , chemical reaction used in characterization of fungi- See also :* AMOLED, display technology a.k.a. active-matrix OLED

Amyloid (mycology)
In mycology the term amyloid refers to a crude chemical test using iodine in either Melzer's reagent or Lugol's solution, to produce a black to blue-black positive reaction. It is called amyloid because starch gives a similar reaction, and that reaction for starch is also called an amyloid reaction

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , also referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a form of motor neuron disease caused by the degeneration of upper and lower neurons, located in the ventral horn of the spinal cord and the cortical neurons that provide their efferent input

An (goddess)
An in Sumerian mythology is a goddess, possibly a female principle of the creator god An. Early iconography suggests a celestial sky goddess in the form of a cow whose udders produce rain and who becomes Antu in the Akkadian pantheon.

An (Shinto)
The is a small table or platform used during Shinto ceremonies to bear offerings. It may have four, eight or sixteen legs; the eight-legged variety, called , is the most common.- See also :

An Eye for an Eye (1966 film)
An Eye for an Eye is a 1966 Western film directed by Michael D. Moore. The film is about two bounty hunters who team up to track and take down another man.

An Eye for an Eye (album)
An Eye for an Eye is the third album by the RBL Posse. It was released on September 30, 1997 for Big Beat Records, distributed by Atlantic Records and featured production from Rick Rock, Black C, Mike Caren, Cellski, The Enhancer, Stan Keith, Michael Mosley, Femi Ojetunde, TC, Maurice Thompson and Jay Williams

An Eye for an Eye (film)
An Eye for an Eye is a 1981 American detective action martial arts film starring Chuck Norris as Sean Kane, Christopher Lee as Morgan Canfield, and Mako Iwamatsu as James Chan

-Abbreviations:* AB Nyköpings Automobilfabrik* Administration for Native Americans, a program in the Administration for Children and Families* Afghan National Army* Agency for New Americans, a refugee organization in Boise, Idaho

Anabaptists are Protestant Christians of the Radical Reformation of 16th-century Europe, and their direct descendants, particularly the Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites.

Anabolic steroid
Anabolic steroids, technically known as anabolic-androgen steroids or colloquially simply as "steroids", are drugs that mimic the effects of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in the body. They increase protein synthesis within cells, which results in the buildup of cellular tissue , especially in muscles

Anabolism is the set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller units. These reactions require energy. One way of categorizing metabolic processes, whether at the cellular, organ or organism level is as 'anabolic' or as 'catabolic', which is the opposite

Anacardiaceae are a family of flowering plants bearing fruits that are drupes and in some cases producing urushiol, an irritant. Anacardiaceae include numerous genera with several of economic importance. Notable plants in this family include cashew , mango, poison ivy, sumac, smoke tree, and marula

Araucaria columnaris
Araucaria columnaris, the Coral reef araucaria, is a unique species of conifer in the Araucariaceae family. It is endemic to New Caledonia in the southwestern Pacific.

Araucaria cunninghamii
Araucaria cunninghamii is a species of Araucaria known as Moreton Bay Pine, or Hoop Pine. Other less commonly used names include Colonial Pine, Richmond River Pine, Queensland Pine, Alloa, Ningwik, or Pien, the wood is sometimes called Arakaria)

Aravinda de Silva
Pinnaduwage Aravinda de Silva is a former Sri Lankan cricketer, who is considered one of the finest batsmen produced by the country.He is also regarded as one of the most elegant batsman in his generation, and to date is the only player to make a hundred and take 3 or more wickets in a world cup final

Arbitration award
An arbitration award is a determination on the merits by an arbitration tribunal in an arbitration, and is analogous to a judgment in a court of law

The practice of training living trees and other woody plants into artistic shapes and useful structures is variously known as Pooktre, arborsculpture, tree training, tree shaping and by several alternative names

Arbroath F.C.
Arbroath F.C. are a Scottish football club currently playing in the Scottish Second Division. They were founded in 1878 and currently play their home matches at Gayfield, Arbroath, Angus. They play in maroon strips, and are nicknamed "The Red Lichties" due to the red light that used to guide fishing boats back from the North Sea to the burgh's harbour

Arc de Triomphe
-The design:The astylar design is by Jean Chalgrin , in the Neoclassical version of ancient Roman architecture . Major academic sculptors of France are represented in the sculpture of the Arc de Triomphe: Jean-Pierre Cortot; François Rude; Antoine Étex; James Pradier and Philippe Joseph Henri Lemaire

Arcade (architecture)
An arcade is a succession of arches, each counterthrusting the next, supported by columns or piers or a covered walk enclosed by a line of such arches on one or both sides. In warmer or wet climates, exterior arcades provide shelter for pedestrians.

ArcelorMittal S.A. is a global steel company headquartered in Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. It is the largest steel producing company in the world and is the market leader in steel for use in automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. It holds sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and operates extensive distribution networks

ArcGIS is a suite consisting of a group of geographic information system software products produced by Esri.ArcGIS is a system for working with maps and geographic information

Arch and Tomb of Galerius
The Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda are neighboring early 4th-century monuments in the city of Thessaloniki, in the region of Central Macedonia in northern Greece. The Rotunda is also known as the Church of Agios Georgios or the Rotunda of St

Arch bridge
An arch bridge is a bridge with abutments at each end shaped as a curved arch. Arch bridges work by transferring the weight of the bridge and its loads partially into a horizontal thrust restrained by the abutments at either side

Arch Deluxe
The Arch Deluxe was a signature hamburger sold by McDonald's in 1996 and marketed specifically to adults. It was soon discontinued after failing to become popular despite a massive marketing campaign and now is considered one of the most expensive flops of all time.- Product description :The Arch Deluxe was a quarter pound of beef, on a split-top potato flour sesame seed bun topped

Arch of Constantine
The Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arch in Rome, situated between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. It was erected to commemorate Constantine I's victory over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312

Arch of Titus
The Arch of Titus is a 1st-century honorific arch located on the Via Sacra, Rome, just to the south-east of the Roman Forum. It was constructed in c.82 AD by the Roman Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother Titus to commemorate Titus' victories, including the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD.The Arch of Titus has provided the general model for many of the triumphal

The Archaea are a group of single-celled microorganisms. A single individual or species from this domain is called an archaeon

Archaeoastronomy is the study of how people in the past "have understood the phenomena in the sky how they used phenomena in the sky and what role the sky played in their cultures." Clive Ruggles argues it is misleading to consider archaeoastronomy to be the study of ancient astronomy, as modern astronomy is a scientific discipline, while

Archaeological site
An archaeological site is a place in which evidence of past activity is preserved , and which has been, or may be, investigated using the discipline of archaeology and represents a part of the archaeological record.Beyond this, the definition and geographical extent of a 'site' can vary widely, depending on the

Archaeological Survey of India
The Archaeological Survey of India is a department of the Government of India, attached to the Ministry of Culture . The ASI is responsible for archaeological studies and the preservation of archaeological heritage of the country in accordance with the various acts of the Indian Parliament

Archaeology, or archeology , is the study of human society, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data that they have left behind, which includes artifacts, architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes

The Archaeplastida are a major group of eukaryotes, comprising the red and green algae and the land plants, together with a small group called the glaucophytes. The plastids of all of these organisms are surrounded by two membranes, suggesting they developed directly from endosymbiotic cyanobacteria

An archangel is an angel of high rank. Archangels are found in a number of religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Michael and Gabriel are recognized as archangels in Judaism and by most Christians. Michael is the only archangel specifically named in the Protestant Bible

Archbishop Prendergast High School
Archbishop Prendergast High School is an all-girl Catholic High School in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It is located in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. The school is often referred to by its nickname, "Prendie". The school operates in a landmark building that formerly served as St. Vincent Orphanage

Archbishopric of Cologne
The Electorate of Cologne was an ecclesiastical principality of the Holy Roman Empire and existed from the 10th to the early 19th century. It consisted of the temporal possessions of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne . It was ruled by the Archbishop in his function as prince-elector of the empire. The capitals of the electorate were Cologne and then Bonn

Archbishopric of Salzburg
The Archbishopric of Salzburg was an ecclesiastical State of the Holy Roman Empire, its territory roughly congruent with the present-day Austrian state of Salzburg.

Archdiocese of Melbourne
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne is a Latin rite metropolitan archdiocese, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.Erected initially in 1847 as the Diocese of Melbourne, a suffragan diocese of Archdiocese of Sydney, the diocese was elevated in 1874 as an archdiocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of Melbourne and is responsible for the suffragan dioceses of Sale,

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Franz Ferdinand was an Archduke of Austria-Este, Austro-Hungarian and Royal Prince of Hungary and of Bohemia, and from 1889 until his death, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne. His assassination in Sarajevo precipitated Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia

Archduke Johann of Austria
Archduke John of Austria was a member of the Habsburg dynasty, an Austrian field marshal and German Imperial regent .-Biography:

Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow, from Latin arcus. Archery has historically been used for hunting and combat; in modern times, however, its main use is that of a recreational activity

An archetype is a universally understood symbol or term or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated

Archibald Leitch
Archibald "Offside Archie" Leitch was a Scottish architect, most famous for his work designing football stadia throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.-Early work:

Archibald MacLeish
Archibald MacLeish was an American poet, writer, and the Librarian of Congress. He is associated with the Modernist school of poetry. He received three Pulitzer Prizes for his work.-Early years:

Archibald Mathies
Archibald Mathies posthumously received the Medal of Honor as an enlisted member of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II.-Childhood:

Archibald Nye
Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Edward Nye, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, KCB, KBE, MC was a British Army officer who served in both World War I and World War II

Archie at Riverdale High
Archie at Riverdale High was a comic book title published by Archie Comics from August 1972 to February 1987, focusing on the Archie gang's day to day exploits at Riverdale High School.-See also:* List of Archie Comics Publications

Archie Bunker
Archibald "Archie" Bunker is a fictional New Yorker in the 1970s top-rated American television sitcom All in the Family and its spin-off Archie Bunker's Place, played to acclaim by Carroll O'Connor. Bunker is a veteran of World War II, reactionary, bigoted, conservative, blue-collar worker, and family man

Archie Campbell
Archie Campbell was an American writer and star of Hee Haw, a popular long-running country-flavored network television variety show

Archie Comics
Archie Comics is an American comic book publisher headquartered in the Village of Mamaroneck, Town of Mamaroneck, New York, known for its many series featuring the fictional teenagers Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Jughead Jones. The characters were created by publisher/editor John L. Goldwater, written by Vic Bloom and drawn by Bob Montana

Archie Griffin
Archie Mason Griffin is a former American football running back. Griffin played seven seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals. He is college football's only two-time Heisman Trophy winner

Archimedes of Syracuse was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Although few details of his life are known, he is regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity. Among his advances in physics are the foundations of hydrostatics, statics and an explanation of the principle of the lever

An archipelago , sometimes called an island group, is a chain or cluster of islands. The word archipelago is derived from the Greek ἄρχι- – arkhi- and πέλαγος – pélagos through the Italian arcipelago

An architect is a person trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings. To practice architecture means to offer or render services in connection with the design and construction of a building, or group of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings, that have as their principal purpose human occupancy or use.Etymologically,

Architectural Association School of Architecture
The Architectural Association School of Architecture, more usually known as the AA, is an architectural school in London, United Kingdom

Architectural drawing
An architectural drawing or architect's drawing is a technical drawing of a building that falls within the definition of architecture

Architectural style
Architectural styles classify architecture in terms of the use of form, techniques, materials, time period, region and other stylistic influences. It overlaps with, and emerges from the study of the evolution and history of architecture

Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural and political symbols and as works of art

Architecture of Ancient Greece
The architecture of Ancient Greece is the architecture produced by the Greek-speaking people whose culture flourished on the Greek mainland and Peloponnesus, the Aegean Islands, and in colonies in Asia Minor and Italy for a period from about 900 BC until the 1st century AD, with the earliest remaining architectural works dating from around 600 BC.Ancient Greek

Architecture of Ireland
The architecture of Ireland is one of the most visible features in the Irish countryside – with remains from all eras since the Stone Age abounding. Ireland is famous for its ruined and intact Norman and Anglo-Irish castles, small whitewashed thatched cottages and Georgian urban buildings

Archos is a French consumer electronics company that was established in 1988 by Henri Crohas. Archos manufactures portable media players and portable data storage devices. The name is an anagram of Crohas' last name, and it is also Greek for 'master'

Archway Cookies
Archway Cookies was an American cookie manufacturer, founded in 1936 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Since December 2008, it has been a subsidiary of Lance Inc., a snack-food company

Arco, Idaho
Arco is a city in Butte County, Idaho, United States. The population was 995 at the 2010 census. The city is the county seat of Butte County.Craters of the Moon National Monument is located along U.S. Route 20, southwest of the city. The Idaho National Laboratory is located east of Arco

The Arctic is a region located at the northern-most part of the Earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean and parts of Canada, Russia, Greenland, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The Arctic region consists of a vast, ice-covered ocean, surrounded by treeless permafrost

Arctic char
Arctic char or Arctic charr is both a freshwater and saltwater fish in the Salmonidae family, native to Arctic, sub-Arctic and alpine lakes and coastal waters. No other freshwater fish is found as far north. It is the only species of fish in Lake Hazen, on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic

Arctic Circle
The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. For Epoch 2011, it is the parallel of latitude that runs north of the Equator.

Arctic fox
The arctic fox , also known as the white fox, polar fox or snow fox, is a small fox native to Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and is common throughout the Arctic tundra biome. The Greek word alopex, means a fox and Vulpes is the Latin version

Arctic Ground Squirrel
The Arctic ground squirrel is a species of ground squirrel native to the Arctic.-Subspecies:Listed alphabetically.*S. p. ablusus Osgood, 1903

Arctic Hare
The arctic hare , or polar rabbit is a species of hare which is adapted largely to polar and mountainous habitats. The arctic hare survives with a thick coat of fur and usually digs holes under the ground or snow to keep warm and sleep

Arctic Ocean
The Arctic Ocean, located in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Arctic north polar region, is the smallest and shallowest of the world's five major oceanic divisions

Arctic Wolf
The Arctic Wolf , also called Polar Wolf or White Wolf, is a subspecies of the Gray Wolf, a mammal of the family Canidae. Arctic Wolves inhabit the Canadian Arctic, Alaska and the northern parts of Greenland.

Arctodus — known as the short-faced bear or bulldog bear — is an extinct genus of bear endemic to North America during the Pleistocene ~3.0 Ma.—11,000 years ago, existing for approximately three million years. Arctodus simus may have once been Earth's largest mammalian, terrestrial carnivore

Ardabil is a historical city in north-western Iran. The name Ardabil probably comes from the Zoroastrian name of "Artavil" which means a holy place. Ardabil is the center of Ardabil Province. At the 2006 census, its population was 412,669, in 102,818 families

Ardashir I
Ardashir I was the founder of the Sassanid Empire, was ruler of Istakhr , subsequently Fars Province , and finally "King of Kings of Sassanid Empire " with the overthrow of the Parthian Empire

Ardencaple Castle
Ardencaple Castle, also known as Ardincaple Castle, and sometimes referred to as Ardencaple Castle Light, is a listed building, situated about from Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Today, all that remains of the castle is a tower, perched on the edge of a plateau, looking down on a flat tract of land between it and the shore of the Firth of Clyde

Ardipithecus is a very early hominin genus. Two species are described in the literature: A. ramidus, which lived about 4.4 million years ago during the early Pliocene, and A. kadabba, dated to approximately 5.6 million years ago .

Ardmore (SEPTA station)
Ardmore Station is an above-ground commuter rail station located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia at Anderson and Coulter Avenues in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Area is a quantity that expresses the extent of a two-dimensional surface or shape in the plane. Area can be understood as the amount of material with a given thickness that would be necessary to fashion a model of the shape, or the amount of paint necessary to cover the surface with a single coat

Area (architecture)
Area is the name given in architecture to an excavated, subterranean space around the walls of a building, designed to admit light into a basement, often providing access to the house for tradesmen and deliveries and access to vaults beneath the pavement for storage of coal and ash.-Function:The term is most commonly applied to urban houses of the Georgian period in England, where it

Area 51
Area 51 is a military base, and a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It is located in the southern portion of Nevada in the western United States, 83 miles north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas. Situated at its center, on the southern shore of Groom Lake, is a large military airfield

Area 51 novels
The Area 51 novels are a series of science fiction novels by American author Robert Mayer, under the pseudonym Robert Doherty.-Plot:In the opening book of the series, it is revealed that in the late 1940s, two flying saucers and a mile long spacecraft with an interstellar drive were discovered in the remote Nevada desert, with information that leads to the

Area code 212
Area code 212 is a New York City telephone area code for the borough of Manhattan. By area, it is one of the smallest area codes in North America.