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Forget may refer to:* Forgetting* Forget , the debut album by Twin Shadow- People :* Amédée E. Forget , Canadian lawyer and politician* Claude Forget , Canadian politician

Forgiven (Los Lonely Boys album)
Forgiven was released on July 1, 2008. It is the Los Lonely Boys' fifth album and their third studio set.The album sticks to their fuller sound, which was showcased in their previous album, Sacred, and is primarily blues based.-Track listing:

Forgiven (song)
"Forgiven" is the first Christian radio single off Relient K's fifth album, Five Score and Seven Years Ago and it was released just days before the lead single. The song was officially released to Christian radio somewhere around December 1, 2006, but could be heard on radio as early as November 24. This song can be heard on Gotee Records website as of November 28

Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as 'to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt'

Forgiveness (disambiguation)
Forgiveness, forgiven, and forgive may refer to:*Forgive , a 2002 album by Rebecca Lynn Howard*"Forgive" , this album's title track*Forgiven , a 2008 album by Los Lonely Boys

As a piece of cutlery or kitchenware, a fork is a tool consisting of a handle with several narrow tines on one end. The fork, as an eating utensil, has been a feature primarily of the West, whereas in East Asia chopsticks have been more prevalent

Form (exercise)
Form is a specific way of performing a movement, often a strength training exercise, to avoid injury, prevent cheating and increase strength.-'Proper form':Exercises or drills in sport have a recognized way of performing the movements that have two purposes:

Form classification
Form classification is the classification of organisms based on their morphology, which does not necessarily reflect their biological relationships

Form letter
A form letter is a letter written from a template, rather than being specially composed for a specific recipient. The most general kind of form letter consists of one or more regions of boilerplate text interspersed with one or more substitution placeholders.Although form letters are generally intended for a wide audience, many form letters include stylistic elements or features

Form taxon
Form classification is the classification of organisms based on their morphology, which does not necessarily reflect their biological relationships

Formal, relating to an established procedure or set of specific behaviors.For other uses of form see Form For other uses of formalism see Formalism Formal may also refer to:

Formal (university)
Formal Hall or Formal Meal is the meal held at some of the oldest , universities in the United Kingdom at which students dress in formal attire and often gowns to dine

Formal grammar
A formal grammar is a set of formation rules for strings in a formal language. The rules describe how to form strings from the language's alphabet that are valid according to the language's syntax

The term formalism describes an emphasis on form over content or meaning in the arts, literature, or philosophy. A practitioner of formalism is called a formalist. A formalist, with respect to some discipline, holds that there is no transcendent meaning to that discipline other than the literal content created by a practitioner

Formalism may refer to:* Form * Formal * Legal formalism, legal positivist view that the substantive justice of a law is a question for the legislature rather than the judiciary

Formalism (music)
In music theory and especially in the branch of study called the aesthetics of music, formalism is the concept that a composition's meaning is entirely determined by its form.-Aesthetic theory:Leonard B

A formality is an established procedure or set of specific behaviors and utterances, conceptually similar to a ritual although typically secular and less involved

Formation may refer to:* Formation flying, aerobatics performed with several aircraft* Formation , a high-level military organization* Tactical formation, the physical deployment of military forces-Sports:

Formation (association football)
In association football, the formation describes how the players in a team are positioned on the pitch. Different formations can be used depending on whether a team wishes to play more attacking or defensive football.

thumb|right|150px|Interior of an F-16B with the engine removed showing frames or formers.A former is a structural member of an aircraft fuselage, of which a typical fuselage has a series from the nose to the empennage, typically perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft

* Formic is an adjective describing ants.* Formic acid is a type of chemical secreted by ants.* The Formics, most commonly known as the buggers, are an alien species in Orson Scott Card's science fiction Ender's Game series.

Formica is a genus of ants of the family Formicidae, commonly known as wood ants, mound ants, or field ants. Formica is the type genus of the Formicidae, and of the subfamily Formicinae

Formication is the medical term for a sensation that resembles that of insects crawling on the skin. It is one specific form of a set of sensations known as paresthesia, which also include the more common prickling, tingling sensation of "pins and needles"

Formidable is the soundtrack to the show performed at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France by American singer La Toya Jackson. Only 3,000 copies were created and it has become one of the most sought-after albums by La Toya's fans.

Forming may refer to:*"Forming" , a song by the Germs-See also:*Cold forming or work hardening*Roll forming*Vacuum forming*Thermoforming*Form *Formation

Formless is the 2nd album from progressive metal band Aghora, released in December, 2006.-Track listing:# Lotus – 1:14# Atmas Heave – 5:10# Moksha – 5:29# Open Close the Book – 4:58# Garuda – 2:53# Dual Alchemy – 5:36# Dime – 7:00# 1316 – 5:30

Formosa or Ilha Formosa is a Portuguese historical name for Taiwan , literally meaning, "Beautiful Island". The term may also refer to:-Places:* Formosa Strait, another name for the Taiwan Strait

Formosa (Guinea-Bissau)
Formosa is an island in the Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau. Its area is 140 km². It is located right off the West coast of the northern half of Africa.- References :

Formoso (disambiguation)
Formoso may refer to several places:*Formoso, a municipality in the state of Goiás, Brazil*Formoso, Minas Gerais, a municipality in Brazil*Formoso, Kansas, a village in the United States

In mathematics, a formula is an entity constructed using the symbols and formation rules of a given logical language.

Formulation may refer to:* Clinical formulation* Formulations * Formulation science* Pharmaceutical formulation:** Galenic formulation* Pesticide formulation

Fornax is a constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for furnace. It was created in the 18th century and is now one of the 88 modern constellations.-History:Fornax was formed by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in 1756

Fornax (mythology)
In Roman mythology, Fornax was the goddess of hearth and baking. Her festival, the Fornacalia, was celebrated on February 17, and announced by curio maximus.-External links:**

Foro is a town in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea.-Overview:A small city located near the coast, it was built at the confluence of the Haddas, Aligide and Comaile rivers. In the 1960s, there was significant agricultural development on its alluvial plains.The Aksumite ruins of Adulis are situated about to the east.

Foro (bird)
Foro is a mysterious genus of bird that lived during the early to mid-Eocene around the Ypresian-Lutetian boundary, some 48 million years ago. It is known from fossils found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming. Only a single species, Foro panarium, is known.Its relationships are unknown. It is sometimes placed in a distinct family Foratidae

Forrest (singer)
Forrest is an American singer, based out of the Netherlands.He was born in Galveston, Texas, where he sang as a boy in church. He moved to Los Angeles, California as a teen and won several contests there as a singer

Forrest Gump (disambiguation)
Forrest Gump is a 1994 feature film starring Tom Hanks.Forrest Gump may also refer to:* Forrest Gump , 1986 novel by Winston Groom* Forrest Gump , main character created by Winston Groom

Forrest Gump (novel)
Forrest Gump is a 1986 novel by Winston Groom. The title character experiences adventures ranging from shrimp boating and ping pong championships to thinking about his childhood love. The Vietnam War and college football are all part of the story. Throughout his life, Gump views the world simply and truthfully

Forse Castle is a ruined building dating from 1200 in the hamlet of Forse in the Caithness region in the Scottish council area of Highland.The castle stands on a peninsula about 50 metres above sea level

Forst (Eifel)
Forst is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Treis-Karden, whose seat is in the like-named municipality. It is not to be confused with Forst , which lies in the same district

Forst (Hunsrück)
Forst is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Zell, whose seat is in the municipality of Zell an der Mosel. It is not to be confused with Forst , which lies in the same district

Forster (surname)
Forster may refer people with that exact name.It can also be an anglicization of Förster , a Germanic surname which can also be transliterated Foerster and there are some persons whose surname is spelt in each of these ways.

Forte/Forté may refer to:*Forte, but often ;. A person's strong point e.g. Preparing gourmet cuisine is his forte. The term is derived from the French fort meaning strength, which does not include an acute accent. The latter pronunciation is likely due to a confusion as a false cognate with the musical term below which comes from Italian

Fortean refers to:*Charles Fort's ideas and philosophy and the people and things inspired by it*Fortean Society, formed by New York's literati led by Theodore Dreiser, Booth Tarkington, Ben Hecht

Fortepiano (musical dynamic)
The expression fortepiano is used in a musical score, usually with the abbreviation fp, to designate a section of music in which the music should be played loudly , then immediately softly . It is often followed by a crescendo. The word is of Italian etymology.

Forth is a structured, imperative, reflective, concatenative, extensible, stack-based computer programming language and programming environment

Forth (The Verve album)
Forth is the fourth and final studio album by the English rock band The Verve. It was released internationally on 25 August 2008 on EMI, and a day later in North America on the On Your Own label. The band reformed in 2007, having broken up in 1999

Fortifications are military constructions and buildings designed for defence in warfare and military bases. Humans have constructed defensive works for many thousands of years, in a variety of increasingly complex designs

Fortifications are military constructions and buildings designed for defence in warfare and military bases. Humans have constructed defensive works for many thousands of years, in a variety of increasingly complex designs

Fortification (disambiguation)
A fortification is a military construction or building designed for defense in warfare.Fortification may also refer to:* Food fortification, the public health policy of adding Micronutrients to foodstuffs* Fortification, New Zealand

Fortify may refer to:* the verb to fortify, meaning to build a fortification* Fortify Software's software code analysis product* Fortify , a software hack for the Netscape Navigator

Fortissimo (disambiguation)
Fortissimo is a term in music dynamics meaning "to be played very loud."It may also refer to:* Fortissimo Records, a records label* Fortissimo Films, a distribution and production company that focuses on independent and Asian cinema.

Fortitude (disambiguation)
Fortitude may refer to:* Fortitude, one of the Four Cardinal Virtues of the Catholic Church* Fortitude , a sailing ship that carried free immigrants to Australia in 1849** Fortitude Valley, a section of Brisbane named for that ship

The fortnight is a unit of time equal to fourteen days, or two weeks. The word derives from the Old English fēowertyne niht, meaning "fourteen nights".

Fortress (1986 film)
Fortress is a 1986 film directed by Arch Nicholson and written by Everett De Roche. It is based on Gabrielle Lord's novel of the same name, which was loosely based on the 1972 Faraday School Kidnapping.

Fortress (disambiguation)
A fortress is a fortification, a defensive military construction.Fortress or The Fortress may also refer to:- Computing and games :* Fortress , an endgame drawing technique* Fortress , a Sun Microsystems language

Fortress (Protest the Hero album)
Fortress debuted at #95 on the US Billboard Top 200 chart with first week sales of 7,600 copies, also managing #10 spot on the Billboard Top Independent Album chart. In Canada, the album achieved #1 status the first week of its release

Fortresses (Mazinger)
Throughout the Mazinger saga, the evil enemy forces used several large flying and submarine ships called Fortresses in addition to their monsters to attack Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, and Mazinkaiser. They were armed with powerful weapons and their primary goal besides direct aggression was to carry the monsters and infantries of both Dr

Forts (album)
Forts is the third and most recent studio album by New York band The Boggs.- Track listing :# "Forts" – 2:57# "Remember the Orphans" – 2:59# "Little Windows" – 3:45# "One Year On" – 2:50# "Arm In Arm" – 3:46# "Bookends" – 3:54

Fortuna can mean:*Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck -Geographical:*19 Fortuna, asteroid*Fortuna, California, town located on the north coast of California*Fortuna, United States Virgin Islands

Fortuna (steamboat)
The steamboat Fortuna was a vessel that operated on Lake Washington in the first part of the 20th Century.-Construction:Fortuna was built in 1904 at a shipyard on the west side of Lake Washington two blocks south of Leschi Park. She was 106.9 feet in length overall, and rated at 81 tons

"Fortunate" is a neo soul song from the 1999 motion picture Life and was released on the film's soundtrack. The song was composed by R. Kelly and recorded by Maxwell. "Fortunate" was awarded Best R&B Single of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards and Best R&B/Soul Single at Soul Train Awards

Fortunatus (disambiguation)
Fortunatus is a Latin word meaning "happy, lucky, rich, blessed" and can refer to:* Fortunatus, a German proto-novel or chapbook about a legendary hero popular in 15th and 16th century Europe* Publius Aelius Fortunatus* Venantius Fortunatus

Léger-Félicité Sonthonax
Léger-Félicité Sonthonax was a French Girondist and abolitionist during the French Revolution who controlled 7,000 French troops in Saint-Domingue during part of the Haitian Revolution. His official title was Civil Commissioner. From September 1792 - December 1795 he was the de facto ruler of Saint-Domingue's non-slave populace

Legio IV Flavia Felix
Legio quarta Flavia Felix , was a Roman legion levied by Vespasian in 70, from the ashes of the Legio IV Macedonica. The legion was active in Moesia Superior in the first half of the 4th century

Legio X Fretensis
Legio X Fretensis was a Roman legion levied by Augustus Caesar in 41/40 BC to fight during the period of civil war that started the dissolution of the Roman Republic

Legion of Doom (hacking)
The Legion of Doom was a hacker group active from the 1980s to the late 1990s and early 2000. Their name appears to be a reference to the antagonists of Challenge of the Superfriends

Legion of Super-Heroes
The Legion of Super-Heroes is a fictional superhero team in the 30th and 31st centuries of the . The team first appears in Adventure Comics #247 , and was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

Legionella is a pathogenic Gram negative bacterium, including species that cause legionellosis or Legionnaires' disease, most notably L. pneumophila. It may be readily visualized with a silver stain.

Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico
The Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico is the territorial legislature of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The structure and responsibilities of the Legislative Assembly are defined in Article III of the Constitution of Puerto Rico.

A legislature is a kind of deliberative assembly with the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws. The law created by a legislature is called legislation or statutory law. In addition to enacting laws, legislatures usually have exclusive authority to raise or lower taxes and adopt the budget and other money bills

Lego Mindstorms
The LEGO Mindstorm series of kits contain software and hardware to create small, customizable and programmable robots. They include a programmable 'Brick' computer that controls the system, a set of modular sensors and motors, and LEGO parts from the Technics line to create the mechanical systems.The hardware and software roots of the Mindstorms Robotics Invention System kit go back to the

Lego train
Lego Trains is a product range and theme of the construction toy Lego, which incorporates buildable train sets. Products in the range have included locomotives, tracks, rolling stock, train stations, signal houses, and other track-side buildings. The theme is popular among adult fans, as well as children, and has spawned international associations and conventions

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
-Climate:Most of the county's climate is considered to fall in the humid continental climate zone. Summers are typically hot and muggy, fall and spring are generally mild, and winter is cold. Precipitation is almost uniformly distributed throughout the year.

Lehman Brothers
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was a global financial services firm. Before declaring bankruptcy in 2008, Lehman was the fourth largest investment bank in the USA , doing business in investment banking, equity and fixed-income sales and trading Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (former NYSE ticker symbol LEH) was a global financial services firm. Before declaring bankruptcy in 2008, Lehman was the fourth largest investment bank in the USA (behind Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch), doing business in investment banking, equity and fixed-income sales and trading Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (former NYSE ticker symbol LEH) was a global financial services firm. Before declaring bankruptcy in 2008, Lehman was the fourth largest investment bank in the USA (behind Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch), doing business in investment banking, equity and fixed-income sales and trading (especially U.S

Lei Gong
In Chinese mythology, Lei Gong , also called Lei Kung, or Lei Shen , is the Chinese Taoist deity who, when so ordered by heaven, punishes both earthly mortals guilty of secret crimes and evil spirits who have used their knowledge of Taoism to harm human beings

Leibniz University of Hannover
The University of Hanover, officially the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover or LUH, is a university located in Hanover, Germany. It was founded in 1831 and is one of the oldest universities focussing on science and technology in Germany

Leica R9
The Leica R9 is a manual focus 35 mm single-lens reflex camera produced by the German firm of Leica as part of their R series of cameras. It was released in 2002, replacing the very similar Leica R8, upon which it improved in several aspects

Leicester is a city and unitary authority in the East Midlands of England, and the county town of Leicestershire. The city lies on the River Soar and at the edge of the National Forest

Leicester and Swannington Railway
The Leicester and Swannington Railway was one of England's first railways, being opened on 17 July 1832 to bring coal from collieries in west Leicestershire to Leicester.-Overview:

Leicester railway station
Leicester railway station serves the City of Leicester in Leicestershire, England.As of late 2009 Leicester is a Penalty fare station, a valid ticket or Permit to travel must be shown when requested.-Background:

Leicester Sound
Leicester Sound was an Independent Local Radio station which broadcast to Leicestershire. The station merged with two other East Midlands stations, Trent FM and Ram FM to form Capital FM East Midlands on Monday 3 January 2011.-Background:Leicester Sound was launched by the owners of Radio Trent on 7 September 1984, eleven months after

Leicestershire is a landlocked county in the English Midlands. It takes its name from the heavily populated City of Leicester, traditionally its administrative centre, although the City of Leicester unitary authority is today administered separately from the rest of Leicestershire

Leiden scale
The Leiden scale was used to calibrate low-temperature indirect measurements in the early twentieth century, by providing conventional values of helium vapour pressure

Leidenfrost effect
The Leidenfrost effect is a phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer which keeps that liquid from boiling rapidly

Leif Erickson
Leif Erickson was an American film and television actor.-Background:Leif Erickson was born William Wycliffe Anderson in Alameda, California. His father was commander of a fleet of ships and his mother was a noted newspaperwoman and writer

Leif Ericson
Leif Ericson was a Norse explorer who is regarded as the first European to land in North America , nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus

Leif Ove Andsnes
Leif Ove Andsnes is a Norwegian pianist and an ardent champion of the works of Edvard Grieg.-Biography:He studied with Jiří Hlinka at the Bergen Music Conservatory and made his debut in Oslo in 1987, in Britain at the Edinburgh Festival with the Oslo Philharmonic in 1989, and in the United States with the Cleveland Orchestra conducted by Neeme Järvi in

Leif Segerstam
Leif Segerstam is a Finnish conductor and composer.He studied violin, piano and conducting at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and conducting at the Juilliard School in New York with Jean Morel.

Leigh Park
Leigh Park is a large suburb of Havant, in Hampshire, England. It has four electoral wards: Battins, Bondfields, Barncroft and Warren Park .

Leighton Buzzard
-Lower schools:*Beaudesert Lower School - Apennine Way*Clipstone Brook Lower School - Brooklands Drive*Greenleas Lower School - Derwent Road*Dovery Down Lower School - Heath Road*Heathwood Lower School - Heath Road*Leedon Lower School - Highfield Road

Leilehua High School
Leilehua High School is a public, co-educational, college preparatory high school in Wahiawa, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It is part of the Hawaii State Department of Education, nationally recognized as a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education, and fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Leipzig Leipzig has always been a trade city, situated during the time of the Holy Roman Empire at the intersection of the Via Regia and Via Imperii, two important trade routes. At one time, Leipzig was one of the major European centres of learning and culture in fields such as music and publishing

Leisure, or free time, is time spent away from business, work, and domestic chores. It is also the periods of time before or after necessary activities such as eating, sleeping and, where it is compulsory, education.

Lejweleputswa District Municipality
Lejweleputswa is one of the 5 districts of Free State province of South Africa. The seat of Lejweleputswa is Welkom. The majority of its 657 019 people speak Sotho

Leland Chapman
Leland Blaine Chapman is an American bail bondsman and bounty hunter, boxer, kick boxer, extreme boxing and mixed martial arts fighter most noted for his role on A&E TV's Dog the Bounty Hunter, in which he, along with his father Duane "Dog" Chapman and various friends and family track down and capture wanted fugitives.-Personal life and

Leland Stanford
Amasa Leland Stanford was an American tycoon, industrialist, robber baron, politician and founder of Stanford University.-Early years:

LeMat Revolver
The LeMat revolver was a .42 or .36 caliber cap & ball black powder revolver invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans, which featured a rather unusual secondary 16 gauge smoothbore barrel capable of firing buckshot, and saw service with the armed forces of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War of 1861–65.-History and design:The mid-19th century was a

Lembit Öpik
Lembit Öpik is a British Liberal Democrat politician. He was the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Montgomeryshire in Wales from 1997 until he lost his seat in the 2010 General Election

Lemkos , one of several quantitatively and territorially small ethnic groups who also call themselves Rusyns , are one of the ethnic groups inhabiting the Carpathian Mountains

Lemnian language
The Lemnian language is a language of the 6th century BC spoken on the island of Lemnos. It is mainly attested by an inscription found on a funerary stele, termed the Lemnos stele, discovered in 1885 near Kaminia. However, fragments of inscriptions on local pottery show that it was spoken there by a community. In 2009, a newly discovered inscription from Efestia was reported

Lemnos is an island of Greece in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Administratively the island forms a separate municipality within the Lemnos peripheral unit, which is part of the North Aegean Periphery. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Myrina

The lemon is both a small evergreen tree native to Asia, and the tree's ellipsoidal yellow fruit. The fruit is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world – primarily for its juice, though the pulp and rind are also used, mainly in cooking and baking

Lemon battery
A lemon battery is a device used in experiments proposed in many science textbooks around the world. It is made by inserting two different metallic objects, for example a galvanized nail and a copper coin, into a lemon. The copper coin serves as the positive electrode or cathode and the galvanized nail as the electron-producing negative electrode or anode

Lemon juice
The lemon fruit, from a citrus plant, provides a useful liquid when squeezed. Lemon juice, either in natural strength or concentrated, is sold as a bottled product, usually with the addition of preservatives and a small amount of lemon oil.-Uses:

Lemon myrtle
Backhousia citriodora is a flowering plant in the family Myrtaceae, genus Backhousia. It is endemic to subtropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland, Australia, with a natural distribution from Mackay to Brisbane

Lemonade is a lemon-flavored drink, typically made from lemons, water and sugar.The term can refer to three different types of beverage:

Lemony Snicket
Lemony Snicket is the pen name of American novelist Daniel Handler . Snicket is the author of several children's books, serving as the narrator of A Series of Unfortunate Events and appearing as a character within the series. Because of this, the name Lemony Snicket may refer to both a fictional character and a real person

Lemuel Haynes
Lemuel Haynes was an influential African American religious leader who argued against slavery.-Early life and education:Little is known of his early life. He was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, to a reportedly Caucasian mother of some status and a man named Haynes, who was said to be "of some form of African extraction"

Lena River
The Lena is the easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean . It is the 11th longest river in the world and has the 9th largest watershed

The Lenape are an Algonquian group of Native Americans of the Northeastern Woodlands. They are also called Delaware Indians. As a result of the American Revolutionary War and later Indian removals from the eastern United States, today the main groups live in Canada, where they are enrolled in the Munsee-Delaware Nation 1, Moravian of the Thames First Nation, and the

Lend-Lease was the program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, Free France, and other Allied nations with materiel between 1941 and 1945. It was signed into law on March 11, 1941, a year and a half after the outbreak of war in Europe in September 1939 but nine months before the U.S

In geometric measurements, length most commonly refers to the longest dimension of an object.In certain contexts, the term "length" is reserved for a certain dimension of an object along which the length is measured. For example it is possible to cut a length of a wire which is shorter than wire thickness

Length contraction
In physics, length contraction – according to Hendrik Lorentz – is the physical phenomenon of a decrease in length detected by an observer of objects that travel at any non-zero velocity relative to that observer

Leningrad Codex
The Leningrad Codex is the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew, using the masoretic text and Tiberian vocalization. It is dated AD 1008 according to its colophon

Lennard-Jones potential
The Lennard-Jones potential is a mathematically simple model that approximates the interaction between a pair of neutral atoms or molecules. A form of the potential was first proposed in 1924 by John Lennard-Jones

Lennart Hyland
Lennart Hyland , was a Swedish TV-show host and journalist and one of the most popular and renowned TV personalities in the history of Swedish television

Lennie Hayton
Leonard George "Lennie" Hayton was an American Jewish composer, conductor and arranger. His trademark was the wearing of a captain’s hat, which he always wore at a rakish angle.

Lennox Lewis
Lennox Claudius Lewis, CM, CBE is a retired boxer and the most recent British undisputed world heavyweight champion. He holds dual British and Canadian citizenship

Lenny and Carl
Lenford "Lenny" Leonard and Carlton "Carl" Carlson are supporting characters in the Fox animated series The Simpsons, and are voiced by Harry Shearer and Hank Azaria. They have a close relationship with each other with hints of homosexuality

Lenox Hill Hospital
Lenox Hill Hospital, on Manhattan's Upper East Side in New York City, is a 652-bed, acute care hospital and a major teaching affiliate of New York University Medical Center. Founded in 1857 as the German Dispensary, today's 10-building Lenox Hill Hospital complex has occupied its present site since 1905, when it was known as the German Hospital

Lenox, Massachusetts
Lenox is a town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States. Set in Western Massachusetts, it is part of the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 5,077 at the 2000 census. Where the town has a border with Stockbridge is the site of Tanglewood, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Lentic system ecology
A lentic ecosystem is the ecosystem of a lake, pond or swamp. Included in the environment are the biotic interactions and the abiotic interactions .

Lenticular cloud
Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, normally aligned perpendicular to the wind direction. Lenticular clouds can be separated into altocumulus standing lenticularis , stratocumulus standing lenticular , and cirrocumulus standing lenticular

Lenticular printing
Lenticular printing is a technology in which a lenticular lens is used to produce images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles

Leo (astrology)
Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Leo. In astrology, Leo is considered to be a "masculine", positive sign. It is also considered a fire sign and is one of four fixed signs ruled by the Sun.Individuals born when the Sun is in this sign are considered Leo individuals

Leo Carrillo
Leopoldo Antonio Carrillo , was an American actor, vaudevillian, political cartoonist, and conservationist.-Family roots:

Leo Chiozza Money
Sir Leo George Chiozza Money , born Leone Giorgio Chiozza, was an Italian-born economic theorist who moved to Britain in the 1890s, where he made his name as a politician, journalist and author. In the early years of the 20th century his views attracted the interest of two future Prime Ministers, David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill

Leo Fender
Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender was an American inventor who founded Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, or "Fender" for short

Leo Frank
Leo Max Frank was a Jewish-American factory superintendent whose hanging in 1915 by a lynch mob of prominent citizens in Marietta, Georgia drew attention to antisemitism in the United States.

Leo I (emperor)
Leo I was Byzantine Emperor from 457 to 474. A native of Dacia Aureliana near historic Thrace, he was known as Leo the Thracian .