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Forbidden Fruit (2000 film)
Forbidden Fruit is a 2000 German/Zimbabwean short documentary film written and directed by Sue Maluwa-Bruce. Filmed in Zimbabwe, the film depicts the romantic relationship between two women, and the aftermath of the discovery of their relationship.-Plot:

Forbidden Fruit (album)
Forbidden Fruit, released in 2000, is an album by Dutch power metal band Elegy.-Track listing:#"Icehouse" - 5:11#"Force Majeure" - 4:44#"Killing Time" - 2:52#"Behind the Tears" - 5:23#"The Great Charade" - 4:44#"'Til Eternity" - 7:44

Forbidden fruit (disambiguation)
Forbidden fruit is a metaphor that describes any object of desire whose appeal results from the knowledge that it should not be obtained

Forbidden fruit (disambiguation)
Forbidden fruit is a metaphor that describes any object of desire whose appeal results from the knowledge that it should not be obtained

In physics, a force is any influence that causes an object to undergo a change in speed, a change in direction, or a change in shape. In other words, a force is that which can cause an object with mass to change its velocity , i.e., to accelerate, or which can cause a flexible object to deform

Force (comics)
Force is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Prince Namor, the Savage Sub-Mariner #67 Force is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Prince Namor, the Savage Sub-Mariner #67 Force is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Prince Namor, the Savage Sub-Mariner #67 (Nov

Force majeure
Force majeure or vis major "superior force", also known as cas fortuit or casus fortuitus "chance occurrence, unavoidable accident", is a common clause in contracts that essentially frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the

Force Majeure (Band)
Force Majeure was an English new wave group, formed in 1983 in Bristol. The band was formed from the German based group, The Agents, and mixed post-punk, electronic dance with an original line-up of two singers and two keyboard players. The line-up consisted of Agent members Richard Snow , Dave Libby and Steve Libby

Force majeure (disambiguation)
Force majeure is a common legal clause.Force Majeure may also refer to:* Force Majeure , 1979* Force Majeure , 1989* Force Majeure Records, a Brazilian record label

Forceful (tugboat)
Forceful was an ocean-going tugboat built for the Queensland Tug Company. Forceful was built by Alexander Stephen and Sons Ltd in Govan, Scotland. She arrived at her homeport of Brisbane, Queensland on 7 March 1926

Forceps or forcipes are a handheld, hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects. Forceps are used when fingers are too large to grasp small objects or when many objects need to be held at one time while the hands are used to perform a task. The term 'forceps' is used almost exclusively within the medical field

Forcing may refer to:*Forcing , a technique for obtaining proofs in set theory*Forcing *Radiative forcing, the difference between the incoming radiation energy and the outgoing radiation energy in a given climate system

Forcing (recursion theory)
Forcing in recursion theory is a modification of Paul Cohen's original set theoretic technique of forcing to deal with the effective concerns in recursion theory. Conceptually the two techniques are quite similar, in both one attempts to build generic objects by meeting dense sets

Ford (surname)
Ford is an English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is one of the earliest topographical surnames still in existence. The name derives from the Old English pre 7th Century "ford", a shallow place in a river of water where men and animals could wade across. The term was used as a topographical name for someone who lived near a ford

Fordon may refer to:*Fordon, East Riding of Yorkshire, England*Fordon, Bydgoszcz, district in Bydgoszcz, Poland

The Fore live in the Okapa District of the Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. There are approximately 20,000 Fore who are separated by the Wanevinti Mountains into the North Fore and South Fore regions. Their main form of survival is slash and burn farming

-See also:*Forearm flexors*Forearm muscles

Forecastle refers to the upper deck of a sailing ship forward of the foremast, or the forward part of a ship with the sailors' living quarters

Foreclosure is the legal process by which a mortgage lender , or other lien holder, obtains a termination of a mortgage borrower 's equitable right of redemption, either by court order or by operation of law

Forefather are a folk metal band from Surrey, England.-History:The Forefather project was born in September 1997 in Surrey, England by founding members and brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan

Forego was an American Thoroughbred racehorse that won eight Eclipse Awards including Horse of the Year, Champion Handicap Horse and Champion Sprinter.

The forehand in tennis and other racket sports such as table tennis, squash and badminton is a shot made by swinging the racquet across one's body in the direction of where the player wants to place the shot

Forehand (horse)
- Balance :A horse's "motor" is located in his hindquarters, and a horse that is heavy on the forehand is not able to properly move forward with impulsion

For the Arsenal striker see GervinhoIn human anatomy, the forehead is the fore part of the head. It is, formally, an area of the head bounded by three features, two of the skull and one of the scalp. The top of the forehead is marked by the hairline, the edge of the area where hair on the scalp grows

Foreign may refer to:*Foreign corporation, a corporation that can do business outside its jurisdiction*Foreign key, a constraint in a relational database*Foreign language, a language not spoken by the people of a certain place

Foreign Exchange (TV series)
Foreign Exchange is an Australian fantastic's television programme broadcast by Southern Star during 2004. It starred Lynn Styles as Hannah O'Flaherty, a feisty Irish girl, and Zachary Garred as Brett Miller, a sun-drenched Australian boy. The pair are brought together from opposite sides of the world, due to a transfer portal

Foreign policy
A country's foreign policy, also called the foreign relations policy, consists of self-interest strategies chosen by the state to safeguard its national interests and to achieve its goals within international relations milieu. The approaches are strategically employed to interact with other countries

Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy is a bimonthly American magazine founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel.Originally, the magazine was a quarterly

Foreigner may refer to:*Alien , a person in a country who is not a citizen of that country- Music :*Foreigner , a British-American rock band*Foreigner , 1977*Foreigner , 1973- Literature :

Foreigner (Robert J. Sawyer)
Foreigner is a novel written by acclaimed Canadian science fiction author, Robert J. Sawyer. It is the sequel to Fossil Hunter and is the third and final book of the Quintaglio Ascension Trilogy

The forelock or foretop is a part of a horse's mane, that grows from the animal's poll and falls between the ears and onto the forehead

Foreman may refer to:* Construction foreman, the worker or tradesman who is in charge of the construction crew* Foreman of Signals, the most highly qualified non-commissioned signal equipment managers and Incorporated Engineers in the Royal Corps of Signals

Forensics (disambiguation)
Forensics is a broad range of subspecialties which use techniques adapted from the natural sciences to obtain criminal or other legal evidence.Forensics may also refer to:

In human sexual behavior, foreplay is a set of intimate psychological and physically intimate acts between two or more people meant to create desire for sexual activity and sexual arousal. Either or any of the sexual partners may initiate the foreplay, and they may not be the active partner during the sexual activity

-Religious:*Forerunner, title of St. John the Baptist, forerunner of Jesus*Jesus in Islam, forerunner of Muhammad *Shaykh Ahmad, forerunner of Bábism *Sayyid Kazim Rashti, forerunner of Bábism

Forerunner (comics)
Forerunner is a fictional character published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Countdown #46 , and was created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Jesus Saiz.-Fictional character biography:

Forerunners (The History of the Galaxy)
Forerunners is a name given by human scientists to an ancient semi-intelligent race of space-borne creatures in The History of the Galaxy series of novels by Russian science fiction writer Andrey Livadny.

A foresail is one of a few different types of sail set on the foremost mast of a sailing vessel:* A fore and aft sail set on the foremast of a schooner or similar vessel.

Foreshadow is a Polish record label.The label formarly included such artists as As All Die, Moss, Niko Skorpio, Oktor, Quercus, The River, Transcendent Device, Váli. Current artists include Dream System, Nadja, and Newbreed.

Foresight or forethought may refer to:* Foresight , ability to predict or plan for the future* Foresight , management planning principle* Foresight , European planning mechanism for public policy

A forest, also referred to as a wood or the woods, is an area with a high density of trees. As with cities, depending where you are in the world, what is considered a forest may vary significantly in size and have various classification according to how and what of the forest is composed

FOREST is a United Kingdom political pressure group that campaigns from a pro-smoking perspective, opposing measures to reduce tobacco consumption on the grounds of defending a perceived right to smoke tobacco

Forest (album)
Forest is the seventh album of pianist George Winston and his sixth solo piano album, released in 1994. It was reissued on Dancing Cat Records in 2008. The album won the 1996 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. "Japanese Music Box " is a traditional Japanese lullaby that means Lullaby of Itsuki, a region in southern Japan.- Track listing :

Forest (novel)
Forest is a novel written by the award-winning Australian novelist, Sonya Hartnett. It was first published in 2001 in Australia by Viking.-Epigraph:"'Cats, no less liquid than their shadows, Offer no angles to the wind." - A. S

Foreste is a commune in the Aisne department in Picardy in northern France.

250px|thumb|right|Foresters of [[Southern University of Chile|UACh]] in the [[Valdivian forest]]s of San Pablo de Tregua, ChileA forester is a person who practices forestry, the science, art, and profession of managing forests. Foresters engage in a broad range of activities including timber harvesting, ecological restoration and management of protected areas

Forestiera is a genus of about 20 species of flowering plants in the olive family, Oleaceae. Members of the genus are often called swampprivets. Most are shrubs.-Selected species:

Forethought (company)
Forethought, Inc. was a computer software company, best known as developers of what is now Microsoft PowerPoint.-History:In late 1983, Rob Campbell and Taylor Pohlman founded Forethought, Inc in order to develop object oriented bit-mapped application software. In 1984, they hired Bob Gaskins, a former Ph.D

Forever or 4ever may refer to:*Eternity, a limitless amount of time-Albums:*Forever , or the title song*Forever , or the title song*Forever , or the title song

Forever (Bobby Brown album)
Forever is the fourth studio album by American singer Bobby Brown. The album's only single, "Feelin' Inside", failed to impact the charts. The album was recorded after Brown left New Edition's Home Again tour in 1997

Forever (Chris Brown song)
"Forever" is a song by American R&B singer Chris Brown. It is produced by Polow da Don. It is the first single from the repackaged Exclusive: Forever Edition, and is the fifth overall single by Brown from his second studio album, Exclusive with uncredited backing vocals from Keri Hilson

Forever (Damage album)
Forever is the debut album by British pop group Damage. The album was released on July 15, 1997. The highest-charting single was an Eric Clapton cover called "Wonderful Tonight".-Tracklisting:#"Reminder"#"Love II Love"#"Love Guaranteed"

Forever (GusGus album)
* "Mallflowers", "Need in Me", "Lust", "Porn", and "Demo 54", are reworked, and, in some cases , virtually rewritten versions of songs that have appeared on previous EPs.

Forever (House)
"Forever" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of House, which premiered on the Fox network on May 9, 2006.-Plot:The episode starts with a man heading out the door to work. As he progresses down the stairs, the stairwell begins to sway, and he vomits

Forever (Kid Rock song)
"Forever" was the first single released from Kid Rock's 2001 album Cocky. The song was a message to critics who had panned his music. Kid Rock stated his formula of hip hop,southern rock and heavy metal would last forever despite what they thought.

Forever (Number One Gun EP)
Forever is Christian indie rock band Number One Gun's self-released debut EP, released August 15, 2002.

Forever (Papa Roach song)
"Forever" is the second single from Californian rock band Papa Roach's fifth album, The Paramour Sessions, and ninth released single in total. "Forever" peaked at #2 on the Modern Rock Tracks and #2 on the Mainstream Rock Chart

Forever (Sandra song)
"Forever" is a pop song by German singer Sandra. It was released in October 2001 as the lead single from her seventh studio album The Wheel of Time. The song reached #47 on the official German Charts. "Forever" was written by Peter Reis and Wolfgang Filz and it was produced by Michael Cretu and Jens Gad. The photograph on the sleeve of "Forever" was shot by Dieter Eikelpoth

Forever (Strawbs song)
"Forever" is a song by English band Strawbs written by Dave Cousins and Tony Hooper. It did not feature on any of their studio albums at the time but was included as a bonus track on the CD re-release of the album Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios.

Forever (Sturm und Drang song)
"Forever" is the second single by the band Sturm und Drang. It was only released as a radio promo, and there was no music video for it. The band recorded another version of it, featuring Udo Dirkschneider on backing vocals. This version is able to downnload at It charted at number 9 in Finland.

A foreword is a piece of writing sometimes placed at the beginning of a book or other piece of literature. Written by someone other than the primary author of the work, it often tells of some interaction between the writer of the foreword and the book's primary author or the story the book tells

- In sport :* Forfeit * Forfeit , defeat in a chess game by a player being absent or out of time* Declaration and forfeiture, in cricket, two possible ends of an innings- In law :

A forge is a hearth used for forging. The term "forge" can also refer to the workplace of a smith or a blacksmith, although the term smithy is then more commonly used.The basic smithy contains a forge, also known as a hearth, for heating metals

Forge (software)
A software forge is a collaboration platform allowing collaborative software development over the Internet. A forge platform aggregates a set of applications with integrated Web interfaces, and generally hosts multiple independent projects

Forgery is the process of making, adapting, or imitating objects, statistics, or documents with the intent to deceive. Copies, studio replicas, and reproductions are not considered forgeries, though they may later become forgeries through knowing and willful misrepresentations. Forging money or currency is more often called counterfeiting

Forgery (MAC)
In a cryptographic digital signature or MAC system, digital signature forgery is the ability to create a pair consisting of a message m and a signature \sigma that is valid for m, where m has not been signed in the past by the legitimate signer

Least Weasel
The least weasel is the smallest member of the Mustelidae , native to Eurasia, North America and North Africa, though it has been introduced elsewhere. It is classed as Least Concern by the IUCN, due to its wide distribution and presumably large population

Leather jacket
A leather jacket is a type of clothing—a jacket-length coat—usually worn on top of other apparel, and made from the tanned hide of various animals. The leather material is typically dyed black, or various shades of brown, but a wide range of colors is possible

Leave to enter
Leave to Enter is the technical term for someone granted entry to the United Kingdom by British immigration officers.According to the United Kingdom Border Agency, a person who is neither a British citizen nor a Commonwealth citizen with the right of abode nor a person who is entitled to enter or remain in the United Kingdom by virtue of the provisions of the 2006 EEA Regulations

Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation , widely known as LBC, is the first private television station in Lebanon. It went global in 1996 when it launched its satellite channel LBC Al-Fadha'iya Al-Lubnaniya covering the Arab World. It now has several channels covering Europe, America, Australia, and Sub Saharian Africa region

Lebanese cuisine
Lebanese cuisine includes an abundance of starches, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and seafood; animal fats are consumed sparingly. Poultry is eaten more often than red meat, and when red meat is eaten it is usually lamb on the coast and goat meat in the mountain regions

Lebanese International University
The Lebanese International University is a private university established by the philanthropist and former Lebanese defense and education minister Abdul Rahim Mourad

Lebanon Cedar
Cedrus libani is a species of cedar native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region.There are two distinct types that are considered to be different subspecies or varieties. Lebanon cedar or Cedar of Lebanon Cedrus libani is a species of cedar native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region.There are two distinct types that are considered to be different subspecies or varieties. Lebanon cedar or Cedar of Lebanon Cedrus libani is a species of cedar native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region.There are two distinct types that are considered to be different subspecies or varieties. Lebanon cedar or Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani subsp. libani or var

Lebanon crisis of 1958
The 1958 Lebanon crisis was a Lebanese political crisis caused by political and religious tensions in the country. It included a U.S. military intervention.-Background:

Lebanon, Illinois
Lebanon is a city in St. Clair County, Illinois, United States. The population was 3,523 at the 2000 census. Like many other places in "Little Egypt" or Southern Illinois, Lebanon was named after the Middle Eastern country of the same name. It is a part of the Metro-East region of the Greater St

Lebel Model 1886 rifle
The Lebel Model 1886 rifle is also known as the "Fusil Mle 1886 M93", after a bolt modification was added in 1893. It is an 8mm bolt action infantry rifle which entered service in the French Army in April 1887

Lebombo Mountains
The Lebombo Mountains, also called Lubombo Mountains, are an 800km long, narrow range of mountains in Southern Africa stretching from Hluhluwe in KwaZulu-Natal in the south to Punda Maria in the Limpopo Province in South Africa in the north. Part of the mountains are found in South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland

Lebreton Flats
LeBreton Flats is a neighbourhood in Ottawa, Canada. It lies to the west of Centretown neighbourhood, and to the north of Centretown West with "Nanny Goat Hill" as the dividing line

Lecco is a town of c. 47,760 inhabitants in Lombardy, northern Italy, north of Milan, the capital of the province of Lecco. It lies at the end of the south-eastern branch of Lake Como

Lechlade, or Lechlade-on-Thames, is a town at the southern edge of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, England. It is the highest point at which the River Thames is navigable. The town is named after the River Leach that joins the Thames near here.

The AMX-56 Leclerc, commonly known as the Leclerc, is a main battle tank built by Nexter of France. It was named in honour of General Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque who led the French element of the drive towards Paris while in command of the Free French 2nd Armoured Division in World War II.The Leclerc is in service with the French Army and the

Lectins are sugar-binding proteins that are highly specific for their sugar moieties. They play a role in biological recognition phenomena involving cells and proteins. For example, some viruses use lectins to attach themselves to the cells of the host organism during infection

LED lamp
An LED lamp is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes as the source of light. The LEDs involved may be conventional semiconductor light-emitting diodes, organic LEDs , or polymer light-emitting diodes devices, although PLED technologies are not currently commercially available.Since the light output of individual light-emitting

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin were an English rock band, active in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. Formed in 1968, they consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham

Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin III is the third studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was recorded between January and July 1970 and released on 5 October 1970 by Atlantic Records. Composed largely at a remote cottage in Wales known as Bron-Yr-Aur, this work represented a maturing of the band's music towards a greater emphasis on folk and acoustic sounds

Lederhosen are breeches made of leather; they may be either short or knee-length. The longer ones are generally called Bundhosen.

Lee (Jeans)
Lee is a brand of denim jeans, first produced in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. The company is owned by VF Corporation, the largest apparel company in the world. Its headquarters is currently in Merriam, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City, Missouri

Lee Altus
Lee Altus is an American heavy metal guitarist. Altus first came to public attention in the mid-80s with his original band, Heathen, where Altus displayed his highly technical neoclassical guitar playing style

Lee Byung-Hun
Lee Byung-hun is a South Korean actor, singer and model. He has starred in popular television dramas such as Iris , All In and Beautiful Days

Lee Chong Wei
Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a professional badminton player from Malaysia who resides in Bukit Mertajam. Lee won the silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games, thus becoming the first Malaysian to reach the final of the men's singles event and ending Malaysia's Olympic medal drought since the 1996 Games

Lee Dong-gun
Lee Dong-gun is a South Korean actor.-Career:Lee made his debut in 1998 as an actor and singer. However, he has long since given up his singing career

Lee Evans (comedian)
Lee Evans is an English comedian, writer, actor and musician.-Personal life:Lee Evans was born in Avonmouth, Bristol, England to an Irish mother and a Welsh father, Dave Evans, a nightclub performer. He left Bristol at the age of 13 and then went to The Billericay School in Billericay, Essex

Lee Falk
Lee Falk, born Leon Harrison Gross , was an American writer, theater director, and producer, best known as the creator of the popular comic strip superheroes The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician, who at the height of their popularity attracted over a hundred million readers every day

Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald was, according to four government investigations,These were investigations by: the Federal Bureau of Investigation , the Warren Commission , the House Select Committee on Assassinations , and the Dallas Police Department. the sniper who assassinated John F

Lee Horsley
Lee Arthur Horsley is an American film, television, and theater actor known for starring roles in the television series, Nero Wolfe , Matt Houston , and Paradise . He starred in the 1982 cult film, The Sword and the Sorcerer, and recorded the audiobook edition of Lonesome Dove

Lee Hsien Loong
Lee Hsien Loong is the third and current Prime Minister of Singapore. He is married to Ho Ching, who is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings. He is the eldest son of Singapore's first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee Iacocca
Lido Anthony "Lee" Iacocca is an American businessman known for engineering the Mustang, the unsuccessful Ford Pinto, being fired from Ford Motor Company, and his revival of the Chrysler Corporation in the 1980s

Lee Mazzilli
Lee Louis Mazzilli, , is a former Major League Baseball player, coach, and manager. On December 11, 2006, he was hired as the lead studio analyst for SportsNet New York, the New York Mets' cable television network

Lee Myung-bak
Lee Myung-bak is the President of South Korea. Prior to his presidency, he was the CEO of Hyundai Engineering and Construction and the mayor of Seoul. He is married to Kim Yoon-ok and has three daughters and one son. His older brother is Lee Sang-deuk, a South Korean politician. He attends the Somang Presbyterian Church

Lee Smolin
Lee Smolin is an American theoretical physicist, a researcher at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, and an adjunct professor of physics at the University of Waterloo. He is married to Dina Graser, a communications lawyer in Toronto. His brother is David M

Lee Thompson Young
Lee Thompson Young is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his teenage role as the title character on the Disney Channel television series The Famous Jett Jackson

Lee Trevino
Lee Buck Trevino is an American professional golfer. He is an icon for Mexican Americans, and is often referred to as "The Merry Mex" and "Supermex". He won six major championships over the course of his career.-Early life:

Lee v. Weisman
Lee v. Weisman, 505 U.S. 577 , was a United States Supreme Court decision regarding school prayer. It was the first major school prayer case decided by the Rehnquist Court. It involved prayers led by religious authority figures at public school graduation ceremonies

Lee Van Cleef
Lee Van Cleef was an American film actor who appeared mostly in Western and action pictures. His sharp features and piercing eyes led to his being cast as a villain in scores of films such as High Noon, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and The Good The Bad and the Ugly.-Early life:Van Cleef was born Clarence LeRoy Van Cleef,

Lee's Ferry
Lee's Ferry is a site on the Colorado River in Coconino County, Arizona, United States, about 7.5 miles southwest of the town of Page, Arizona and the Glen Canyon Dam, and about 9 mi south of the Utah-Arizona border. It is the former location of a ferry established by John D. Lee, a Mormon settler

The Lee-Enfield bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle was the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century

Leeches are segmented worms that belong to the phylum Annelida and comprise the subclass Hirudinea. Like other oligochaetes such as earthworms, leeches share a clitellum and are hermaphrodites. Nevertheless, they differ from other oligochaetes in significant ways

Leech Lake Indian Reservation
The Leech Lake Indian Reservation or Gaa-zagaskwaajimekaag in the Ojibwe language, is an Native American reservation located in the north-central Minnesota counties of Cass, Itasca, Beltrami, and Hubbard. It is the land-base for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

Leeds is a city and metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, England. In 2001 Leeds' main urban subdivision had a population of 443,247, while the entire city has a population of 798,800 , making it the 30th-most populous city in the European Union.Leeds is the cultural, financial and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire Urban Area, which at the 2001 census had a

Leeds Rhinos
Leeds Rhinos is an English professional rugby league football club based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The club won the 2011 Super League and became the most successful club in the Super League era, beating St Helens 32-16 on 8th October 2011. Formed in 1890, Leeds competes in Europe's Super League competition

Leeds School of Medicine
Leeds School of Medicine is the medical school of the University of Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The School of Medicine was founded in 1831, before the Yorkshire College which became the university, and now forms part of the university's Faculty of Medicine and Health

Leesburg, Florida
Leesburg is a city in Lake County, Florida, United States. The population was 15,956 at the 2000 census. As of 2005, the population recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau is 19,086.. Leesburg is located in central Florida, between Lake Harris and Lake Griffin, at the head of the Oklawaha River system. It is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee Metropolitan Statistical Area

Leesville, Louisiana
Leesville is a city in and the parish seat of Vernon Parish, Louisiana, United States. The population was 6,753 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Fort Polk South Micropolitan Statistical Area. The city is home to the Fort Polk U.S. Army installation

Leeuwin Current
The Leeuwin Current is a warm ocean current which flows southwards near the western coast of Australia. It rounds Cape Leeuwin to enter the waters south of Australia where its influence extends as far as Tasmania

Left Bank (Biscay)
The left bank of the Estuary of Bilbao is a part of the Greater Bilbao region, its main towns are Barakaldo, Sestao, Santurtzi and Portugalete and in addition to the iron mines , was the heart of the intense industrialisation of Biscay

Left Behind (series)
Left Behind is a series of 16 best-selling novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, dealing with Christian dispensationalist End Times: pretribulation, premillennial, Christian eschatological viewpoint of the end of the world. The primary conflict of the series is the members of the Tribulation Force against the Global Community and its leader Nicolae Carpathia—the Antichrist

Left bundle branch block
Left bundle branch block is a cardiac conduction abnormality seen on the electrocardiogram . In this condition, activation of the left ventricle is delayed, which results in the left ventricle contracting later than the right ventricle.

Left-arm orthodox spin
Left-arm orthodox spin is a type of bowling in the sport of cricket.Left-arm orthodox spin is bowled by a left arm bowler using the fingers to spin the ball from right to left of the cricket pitch

Left-Green Movement
The Left-Green Movement is a left-wing political party in Iceland.It was founded in 1999 by a few members of Alþingi who did not approve of the planned merger of the left parties in Iceland that resulted in the founding of the Social Democratic Alliance

Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path
The terms Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path are a dichotomy between two opposing philosophies found in the Western Esoteric Tradition, which itself covers various groups involved in the occult and ceremonial magic. In some definitions, the Left-Hand Path is equated with malicious Black Magic and the Right-Hand Path with beneficial White Magic

Left-handedness is the preference for the left hand over the right for everyday activities such as writing. In ancient times it was seen as a sign of the devil, and was abhorred in many cultures

Leg spin
Leg spin is a type of spin bowling in the sport of cricket. A leg spinner bowls right-arm with a wrist spin action, causing the ball to spin from right to left in the cricket pitch, at the point of delivery. When the ball bounces, the spin causes the ball to deviate sharply from right to left, that is, away from the leg side of a right-handed batsman

Legacy (TV series)
Legacy is an American western drama series starring Brett Cullen which aired on UPN for eighteen episodes from 1998-1999. The series is set on a Kentucky horse farm soon after the American Civil War. Cullen's character of Ned Logan is the 42-year-old widowed patriarch of the family

Legacy of the Jedi
Legacy of the Jedi is a book and part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. It takes place during the Rise of the Empire story era from about fifty years before the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace to the Clone Wars, and follows the characters Lorian Nod and Count Dooku.-Summary:Lorian Nod is a promising Padawan and the best friend of Count Dooku

Legacy of the Roman Empire
The legacy of the Roman Empire refers to the set of cultural values, religious beliefs, as well as technological and other achievements of Ancient Rome which were passed on after the demise of the empire itself and continued to shape other civilizations, a process which continues to this day.- Language :Latin was the lingua franca of the Roman Empire, while particularly in the

Legaia 2: Duel Saga
Legaia 2: Duel Saga, known as in Japan, is a 2001 role-playing video game developed by Contrail and published by Sony in Japan and Eidos Interactive in North America and Europe

Legal and medical status of cannabis
Cannabis is in Schedule IV of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, making it subject to special restrictions. Article 2 provides for the following, in reference to Schedule IV drugs:

Legal drinking age
Laws about the legal drinking age cover a wide range of issues and behaviours, addressing when and where alcohol can be consumed. The minimum age alcohol can be legally consumed can be different to the age when it can be purchased. These laws vary among different countries and many laws have exemptions or special circumstances

Legal positivism
Legal positivism is a school of thought of philosophy of law and jurisprudence, largely developed by nineteenth-century legal thinkers such as Jeremy Bentham and John Austin. However, the most prominent figure in the history of legal positivism is H.L.A

Legal psychology
Legal psychology involves empirical, psychological research of the law, legal institutions, and people who come into contact with the law. Legal psychologists typically take basic social and cognitive principles and apply them to issues in the legal system such as eyewitness memory, jury decision-making, investigations, and interviewing

Legal writing
Legal writing is a type of technical writing used by lawyers, judges, legislators, and others in law to express legal analysis and legal rights and duties.- Authority :

Legally Blonde (musical)
Legally Blonde is a musical with music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin and book by Heather Hach. The story is based on the novel Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown and the 2001 film of the same name. It tells the story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl who enrolls at Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner

Legea is a sportswear company founded in 1990, in Pompei, Italy. It is one of the most popular brands among Italian amateur football teams, now heavily expanding also among top division professional clubs.

Legends of the Fall
Legends of the Fall is a 1994 epic drama film based on the 1979 novella of the same title by Jim Harrison. It was directed by Edward Zwick and stars Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn. The film was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction , and Best Sound Legends of the Fall is a 1994 epic drama film based on the 1979 novella of the same title by Jim Harrison. It was directed by Edward Zwick and stars Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn. The film was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction (Lilly Kilvert, Dorree Cooper), and Best Sound Legends of the Fall is a 1994 epic drama film based on the 1979 novella of the same title by Jim Harrison. It was directed by Edward Zwick and stars Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn. The film was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction (Lilly Kilvert, Dorree Cooper), and Best Sound (Paul Massey, David E