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Flake (song)
"Flake" is a song written and sung by Jack Johnson. It is Johnson's debut single and was released as the only single from his album Brushfire Fairytales."Flake" features Ben Harper on Weissenborn slide guitar.

Flaky pastry
In baking, a flaky pastry is a light, flaky, unleavened pastry, similar to a puff pastry. The main difference is that, in a flaky pastry, large lumps of shortening , are mixed into the dough, as opposed to a large rectangle of shortening with a puff pastry

Flam (disambiguation)
Flam may refer to:*Flam, a percussion rudiment*Flåm, a town in Norway- Surname :*Harry Flam , Swedish economics professor at Stockholm University*Herbert Flam , Jewish-American tennis player

Flamboyant is the name given to a florid style of late Gothic architecture in vogue in France from the 14th to the early 16th century, a version of which spread to Spain and Portugal during the 15th century; the equivalent stylistic period in English architecture is called the Decorated Style, and it is contemporary with the Perpendicular

Flame is a Christian hip hop recording artist with Clear Sight Music. He has released five albums including: Flame, Rewind, Our World: Fallen, Our World: Redeemed, and Captured. Our World: Redeemed was nominated for a Grammy Award

Flame (Bell X1 song)
"Flame" is a single by the Irish pop rock quintet, Bell X1, and the second to be taken from the band's third album Flock. It was released on 10 March 2006

Flame (comics)
The Flame was a fictional superhero that appeared in comic books published by Fox Feature Syndicate. The Flame first appeared in Wonderworld Comics #3 . He was created by writer Will Eisner and artist Lou Fine.-Publication history:

Flame (Japanese Group)
Flame was a Japanese boy band. Their sound was originally pop with a hip-hop influence until late 2003, when they attempted a more urban sound. Their latest single, Hanashitaku wa Nai, is a mix of rock and pop, and is representative of the new musical direction. Hanashitaku wa Nai was used as the opening theme to the anime Marginal Prince. On March 1, 2010, the band officially disbanded

Flame (robot)
Flame is the name of a roughly human-shaped robot, developed in the Netherlands by Daan Hobbelen of the Mechanical Engineering department of Delft University. Robot motion is more easily done with wheels, but this robot was designed specifically to study human walking

In ancient Roman religion, a flamen was a priest assigned to one of fifteen deities with official cults during the Roman Republic. The most important three were the flamines maiores , who served the three chief Roman gods of the Archaic Triad. The remaining twelve were the flamines minores

Flamenco is a genre of music and dance which has its foundation in Andalusian music and dance and in whose evolution Andalusian Gypsies played an important part.

Flames (film)
Flames is a 1926 drama film directed by Lewis H. Moomaw and featuring Boris Karloff.-Cast:* Eugene O’Brien - Herbert Landis* Virginia Valli - Anne Travers* Jean Hersholt - Ole Bergson* Bryant Washburn - Hilary Fenton* Cissy Fitzgerald - Mrs. Edgerton

Flaming, also known as bashing, is hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. Flaming usually occurs in the social context of an Internet forum, Internet Relay Chat , Usenet, by e-mail, game servers such as Xbox Live or Playstation Network, and on video-sharing websites

Flamingos or flamingoes are gregarious wading birds in the genus Phoenicopterus , the only genus in the family Phoenicopteridae

Flamingo (sculpture)
Flamingo, created by noted American artist Alexander Calder, is a 53 foot tall stabile located in the Federal Plaza in front of the Kluczynski Federal Building in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Flammability is defined as how easily something will burn or ignite, causing fire or combustion. The degree of difficulty required to cause the combustion of a substance is quantified through fire testing. Internationally, a variety of test protocols exist to quantify flammability

A flan is a tart, a type of pie, with a base of shortcrust pastry. An example is a quiche. In both savoury and sweet flans the filling tends to be based on a thick custard. However there are flans not based on custard, such as the bakewell tart

The Flanaess is the eastern part of the continent of Oerik, one of the four continents of the fictional world of Oerth in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. The Flanaess has been the setting of dozens of adventures published between the 1970s and 2000s and continues to be the central focus of the campaign world

Flanco is a Romanian retail store chain selling consumer electronics with over 100 stores in Romania. It is owned by Romanian company Flamingo International SA.-External links:**

Flanders is the community of the Flemings but also one of the institutions in Belgium, and a geographical region located in parts of present-day Belgium, France and the Netherlands. "Flanders" can also refer to the northern part of Belgium that contains Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp

Flanders (film)
Flanders is a 2006 French film written and directed by Bruno Dumont. It tells the story of Demester, a man whose girlfriend cheats on him out of frustration with his lack of emotion

Flanders (group)
Flanders is a Dance/Electronica/House/Alternative quartet based out of Italy. The act also records under the name Deflect and Suite 117. The group consists of DJs Francesco Abbate and Alessandro Bunetto, bassist Marco Giudice, and female singer Giuliana Fraglica.In 2005 the group recorded a track called "By My Side," which has taken on a life of its own

Flange (disambiguation)
A flange is a ridge, a rib or rim.Flange may also refer to:* Flanging, an audio effect* Flanging, part of the process of blocking a felt hat

Flank may refer to:* Flank, the side of either a horse or a military unit*Flanking maneuver in military tactics* Flank , the waveform edge formed when a signal goes high or low

Flanker (rugby union)
A flanker is a position in the sport of rugby union. Flankers play in the forwards, and are generally classified as either blindside, or openside flankers; numbers six and seven respectively. The name comes from their position in a scrum in which they flank each set of forwards

Flannel is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness. Flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now often made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre. Flannel may be brushed to create extra softness or remain unbrushed. The brushing process is a mechanical process where a fine metal brush rubs the fabric to create fine fibers from the loosely spun yarns

Flannel (disambiguation)
Flannel is a woollen cloth.Flannel may also refer to:-Textiles:*Flannels, cricket attire originally made of flannel*In the UK, flannel generally refers to a washcloth*Flannel vest

Flap may refer to:* Flap , a hinged surface on the trailing edge of an airplane wing* Roof flap, an aerodynamic feature of race cars* Flapping, one of the basic mechanics of flight in birds

Flapper (disambiguation)
Flapper may refer to:* Flapper, a young, trendy woman in the 1920s* Flapper, an unlicensed, unregulated working class greyhound racing practitioner in England, Scotland and Ireland* The Flapper, a movie about flappers from 1920

-In culture and the arts:*Flare , an acrobatic move employed in b-boying, commonly known as breakdance, and gymnastics*Flare , a female hero who is a member of the League of Champions

Flare (album)
Flare is the Japanese pop singer Hitomi Shimatani's seventh studio album. It is available in both CD and CD+DVD format.-CD track listing:# Heavenly# Start

Flare (countermeasure)
A flare is an aerial infrared countermeasure to counter an infrared homing surface-to-air missile or air-to-air missile. Flares are commonly composed of a pyrotechnic composition based on magnesium or another hot-burning metal, with burning temperature equal to or hotter than engine exhaust

Flare (scratch)
Flare is a type of scratch used by turntablists. It is made from a combination of moving the record on the turntable by hand and quick movement of the crossfader.The flare was invented by its namesake, DJ Flare, in 1991, but was further developed by DJ Q-Bert.

-Book:* Flash fiction, fiction of extreme brevity* The Flash , ongoing comic book featuring the titular DC Comics hero* Flash , a 2004 science fiction novel by L. E

FLASH, acronym of Free Electron LASer in Hamburg, a particle accelerator-based soft x-ray laser located at the DESY accelerator facilities in Hamburg, Germany. It can generate very powerful, ultrashort pulses of coherent radiation in the energy range 10 eV to 200 eV

Flash (2007 film)
Flash is a Malayalam film released in December 2007 directed by Sibi Malayil starring Mohanlal. The film is a suspense thriller dealing with some harrowing experiences of the female central character.- Plot :

Flash (band)
-Flash:Flash was an English progressive rock group, formed by former Yes guitarist Peter Banks and vocalist Colin Carter in August 1971. Bassist Ray Bennett and drummer Mike Hough completed the line-up.

Flash (G.I. Joe)
Flash is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series. He is the G.I. Joe Team's original laser rifle trooper and debuted in 1982.-Profile:

Flash (Jeff Beck album)
Flash is a 1985 album by rock guitarist Jeff Beck. It was produced by Nile Rodgers and hit #42 in the US, while winning the 1986 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental performance for Escape song

Flash (Stéphanie song)
"Flash" is a 1986 song recorded by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. It was the second single of her first album, Besoin, and was also recorded in English-language version under the title "One Love to Give"

Flash Gordon (2007 TV series)
Flash Gordon is an American science fiction television series that debuted on Sci Fi in the United States on August 10, 2007 and continued airing new episodes through February 8, 2008. It has also appeared on the United Kingdom Sci Fi Channel and SPACE in Canada

Flash Gordon (computer game)
Flash Gordon was a video game based on a comic book character of the same name. The game was published in 1986 by Mastertronic for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum personal computers.

Flash Gordon (pinball)
Flash Gordon is a pinball machine produced by Bally. It was the first split-level pinball machine from Bally, as well as the first game to use the "Squawk and Talk" sound board. It was also the second production Bally game with speech

Flash Point (film)
Flash Point is a 2007 Hong Kong film directed by Wilson Yip, featuring fight choreography by the film's producer and star Donnie Yen. Yen portrays Ma Jun, a police sergeant who plants his friend and partner, Wilson, as a mole in a pursuit against a triad led by three Vietnamese brothers .Flash Point was repeatedly hailed as a

Flashback is an interjected scene that takes the narrative back in time from the current point the story has reached. Flashbacks are often used to recount events that happened before the story’s primary sequence of events or to fill in crucial backstory

Flashback (album)
Flashback is a compilation album of outtakes and rare songs released by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The album was initially released in late 1993 and was reissued in 1998 with a slightly different track listing

Flashback (Ivy Queen album)
The album was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in the Best Urban Album category. The album was certified gold in the USA for sales of more than 100,000 copies.-Track listing:#Cuéntale#Marronero#Si Una Vez#Libertad#La Mala#Te He Querido Te He Llorado

Flashback (radio program)
Flashback is an American radio show syndicated by Cumulus Media Networks . It is hosted by the "irreverent" Bill St. James , and is programmed by Tom Powell. The show is produced by Powell, Rob Frankel and Frank Guida. Guida also writes the show

Flashback (song)
"Flashback" is a song by the industrial band Ministry from their 1988 album, The Land of Rape and Honey. Although it was never released as a single, a music video was made for the song

Flashbulb may refer to:*Flash photography*The Flashbulb, one of the pseudonyms of electronica musician Benn Jordan*"Flashbulb", a bonus track by Nirvana

Flasher has multiple meanings:*A person who displays his or her body in a form of indecent exposure *Another name for a vehicle's turn signal, see automotive lighting#Turn signals

Flashforward (novel)
Flashforward is a science fiction novel by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer first published in 1999. The novel is set in 2009. At CERN, the Large Hadron Collider accelerator is performing a run to search for the Higgs boson. The experiment has a unique side effect: the entire human race loses consciousness for about two minutes

Flashing may refer to:*Exhibitionism, briefly exposing one's body in a usually sexual way, acceptable or not depending on context*Flashing , construction material used to prevent the passage of water around objects

A flashlight is a hand-held electric-powered light source. Usually the light source is a small incandescent lightbulb or light-emitting diode

A flashlight is a hand-held electric-powered light source. Usually the light source is a small incandescent lightbulb or light-emitting diode

Flashlight (disambiguation)
A flashlight is a portable self-contained electric spotlight.The term flashlight may also refer to:*"Flash Light ", a song by the band Parliament*the Yakovlev Yak-25, a Soviet military jet which NATO designates as "Flashlight"*Flashlight fish

Flashover (disambiguation)
Flashover may refer to:* Flashover, a near simultaneous ignition of all combustible material in an enclosed area.* Flashover , a 2007 documentary film concerning John Deacon's release from prison.* Flashover Recordings, a trance music record label.

Flashover (film)
Flashover is a 2006 documentary film concerning the release of John Deacon from prison after he was wrongfully convicted of arson in 2005.-Production:

Flashpoint (soundtrack)
-Personnel:* Edgar Froese– keyboards, electronic equipment, guitar* Christopher Franke– synthesizers, electronic equipment, electronic percussion* Johannes Schmoelling– keyboards, electronic equipment* The Gems "Flashpoint"

Flashpoint (TV series)
Flashpoint is a Canadian police drama television series that debuted on July 11, 2008, on CTV in Canada and ran on CBS in the United States for its first three and a half seasons. In 2011, Ion Television began airing new episodes of the series in the United States

The Flux Advanced Security Kernel is an operating system security architecture that provides flexible support for security policies.

Flask may refer to:* Laboratory flask, laboratory glassware for holding larger volumes than simple test tubes* Vacuum flask a container designed to keep warm drinks warm and refrigerated drinks cold

Flask (foundry)
A flask is a type of tooling used to contain a mold in metal casting. A flask has only sides, and no top or bottom, and forms a frame around the mold, which is typically made of molding sand. The shape of a flask may be square, rectangular, round or any convenient shape. A flask can be any size so long as it is larger than the pattern being used to make the sand mold

Kunoichi (TV series)
was a women's obstacle course competition held in Japan and broadcast on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. It is a spin-off of Sasuke, another obstacle course series. Kunoichi is different from Sasuke in that the competitors are exclusively female.-Participants:Participants compete for a prize of 2 million Yen (also known as Women of Ninja Warrior in G4) was a women's obstacle course competition held in Japan and broadcast on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. It is a spin-off of Sasuke, another obstacle course series. Kunoichi is different from Sasuke in that the competitors are exclusively female.-Participants:Participants compete for a prize of 2 million Yen (also known as Women of Ninja Warrior in G4) was a women's obstacle course competition held in Japan and broadcast on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. It is a spin-off of Sasuke, another obstacle course series. Kunoichi is different from Sasuke in that the competitors are exclusively female.-Participants:Participants compete for a prize of 2 million Yen($18,618 U.S

Kunta Kinte
Kunta Kinte is the central character of the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family by American author Alex Haley, and of the television miniseries Roots, based on the book. Haley described his book as faction - a mixture of fact and fiction

Kupa River (Croatia)
The Kupa or Kolpa river forms a natural border between north-west Croatia and southeast Slovenia.The Kupa originates in Croatia in the mountainous region of Gorski kotar, northeast of Rijeka, in the area of Risnjak National Park

KUPS is a non-commercial college radio station in Tacoma, Washington located at 90.1 MHz FM. KUPS began operations in 1968 as an experiment in closed-circuit AM broadcasting. At that time, the station was available only in buildings on the campus of the University of Puget Sound.Today, KUPS broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and serves the greater Tacoma area

Kura River
Kura is a river, also known from the Greek as the Cyrus in the Caucasus Mountains. Starting in north-eastern Turkey, it flows through Turkey to Georgia, then to Azerbaijan, where it receives the Aras River as a right tributary, and enters the Caspian Sea

Kurdish language
Kurdish is a dialect continuum spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. It is part of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian group of Indo-European languages.

Kurdish people
The Kurdish people, or Kurds , are an Iranian people native to the Middle East, mostly inhabiting a region known as Kurdistan, which includes adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey

Kuril Islands
The Kuril Islands , in Russia's Sakhalin Oblast region, form a volcanic archipelago that stretches approximately northeast from Hokkaidō, Japan, to Kamchatka, Russia, separating the Sea of Okhotsk from the North Pacific Ocean. There are 56 islands and many more minor rocks. It consists of Greater Kuril Ridge and Lesser Kuril Ridge

Kuril Islands dispute
The Kuril Islands dispute , also known as the , is a dispute between Japan and Russia over sovereignty over the South Kuril Islands. The disputed islands, which were occupied by Soviet forces during the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation at the end of World War II, are under Russian administration as South Kuril District of the Sakhalin Oblast The Kuril Islands dispute , also known as the , is a dispute between Japan and Russia over sovereignty over the South Kuril Islands. The disputed islands, which were occupied by Soviet forces during the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation at the end of World War II, are under Russian administration as South Kuril District of the Sakhalin Oblast The Kuril Islands dispute , also known as the , is a dispute between Japan and Russia over sovereignty over the South Kuril Islands. The disputed islands, which were occupied by Soviet forces during the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation at the end of World War II, are under Russian administration as South Kuril District of the Sakhalin Oblast (Сахалинская область, Sakhalinskaya

Kurow is a town in the Waitaki Valley in the South Island of New Zealand, 55 kilometres inland from OamaruThe name of the town is an Anglicised form of the name of the nearby mountain Te Kohurau.

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Donald Cobain was an American singer-songwriter, musician and artist, best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana

Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. was a 20th century American writer. His works such as Cat's Cradle , Slaughterhouse-Five and Breakfast of Champions blend satire, gallows humor and science fiction. He was known for his humanist beliefs and was honorary president of the American Humanist Association.-Early years:Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

A kurta is a traditional item of clothing worn in Afghanistan, Pakistan , Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It is a loose shirt falling either just above or somewhere below the knees of the wearer, and is worn by both men and women

Kurtis Blow
Kurt Walker , better known by his stage name Kurtis Blow, is an American rapper and record producer. He is one of the first commercially successful rappers and the first to sign with a major record label

Kurtlar Vadisi
Valley of the Wolves is a Turkish prime time TV series created by Osman Sınav, which followed a Turkish agent working under the assumed identity of Polat Alemdar attempting to infiltrate the Turkish mafia

Kuruba / Kuruba Gowda or Kuruma is a caste of Hindus who mainly were shepherds in the past. The community is present in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. They are known as Dhangars in Maharashtra, Kurumba / Kurumans / Kurumbar in Tamil Nadu, Kuruba Gowda or Halumatha Gowda in Karnataka and Kurma in Andhra Pradesh

Kurukshetra war
According to the Indian epic poem Mahābhārata, a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins of an Indo-Aryan kingdom called Kuru, the Kauravas and Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapura resulted in the Kurukshetra War in which a number of ancient kingdoms participated as allies of the rival groups

Kurumbar or Kurumans or Kurubaru caste are shepherds of South India. They are indigenous people of India. Even though they are called in different names like 'Kurumans', 'Kurumbar' or 'Kuruba' and these names are synonyms and one and the same. They speak Kuruman tribal Kannada language. Their God is Veerabadra . They celebrate the God by breaking coconuts on their heads

Kurunegala , is the capital of the North Western Province, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka and the Kurunegala District. Kurunegala was also an ancient royal capital for 50 years, from the end of the 13th century to the start of the 13th century. The town itself is a busy commercial and a transport hub

is a legendary Japanese sword and one of three Imperial Regalia of Japan. It was originally called but its name was later changed to the more popular Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi .-Legends:

Kushtia District
Kushtia, Kushtia district or Kushtia Zila is a district in the Khulna administrative division of western Bangladesh. Kushtia has existed as a separate district since the partition of India. Prior to that, Kushtia was a part of Nadia District under Bengal Province of British India. Kushtia was home of many famous people, especially authors and poets

Kutama College
Kutama College , is an all-boys high school located near the town of Norton in the Zvimba area, 80 kilometres southwest of the Zimbabwean capital Harare

Kutless is a Christian rock band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1999. Since their formation, they have released six studio albums including their latest, It Is Well. The band has also released a live album, Live from Portland. Currently, they have sold almost 2 million records.-Biography:Formed in Portland, Oregon as a Campus Worship band named Call Box

Kuttam Pokuna
One of the best specimen of bathing tanks or pools in ancient Sri Lanka is the pair of pools known as Kuttam Pokuna . The said pair of pools were built by the Sinhalese in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura

Kuwait Airways
Kuwait Airways is the national airline of Kuwait, with its head office on the grounds of Kuwait International Airport, Al Farwaniyah Governorate. It operates scheduled international services throughout the Middle East, to the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America, from its main base at Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait City
-Suburbs:Although the districts below are not usually recognized as suburbs, the following is a list of a few areas surrounding Kuwait city:Al-Salam ""السلام"" -Economy:

Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
The Wisam Al-Tahrir was issued by the government of Kuwait for service during the Liberation of Kuwait campaign.-Description:The Kuwait Liberation Medal was approved by the Kuwait Council of Ministers for award in five classes, generally according to the rank of the recipient

Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)
The Naut Tahrir al-Kuwait was instituted by King Fahd ibn Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia for service during the Liberation of Kuwait campaign.- Background :

Kuwaiti oil fires
The Kuwaiti oil fires were caused by Iraqi military forces setting fire to 700 oil wells as part of a scorched earth policy while retreating from Kuwait in 1991 after invading the country but being driven out by Coalition military forces

KVAL-TV, channel 13, is a television station in Eugene, Oregon, USA. It is an affiliate of the CBS network. The station began broadcasting on April 15, 1954

KVAT Food City
Food City is a U.S. supermarket chain with stores located in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. It offers the house labels "Food Club," "Top Crest," "ValuTime," "Food City Fresh!," "Food City Premium," "Full Circle," "Domestix," "Electrix," "Academix," "Pet Club," and "World Classics" many of which are part of the Topco corporate brand program

KVI is a commercial radio station located in Seattle, Washington , broadcasting to the Seattle area on 570 AM. KVI currently airs Christmas music

KVUE, virtual channel 24 , is the local Austin, Texas-based ABC affiliate, owned by Belo Corporation. Its transmitter is located in West Lake Hills, just west of Downtown

Kwame Kilpatrick
Kwame Malik Kilpatrick is a former mayor of Detroit, Michigan. Kilpatrick's mayorship was plagued by numerous scandals and rampant accusations of corruption, with the mayor eventually resigning after being charged with ten felony counts, including perjury and obstruction of justice

Kwame Nkrumah
Kwame Nkrumah was the leader of Ghana and its predecessor state, the Gold Coast, from 1952 to 1966. Overseeing the nation's independence from British colonial rule in 1957, Nkrumah was the first President of Ghana and the first Prime Minister of Ghana

Kwara State
Kwara State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. Its capital is Ilorin. The primary ethnic group of Kwara State is Yoruba, with significant Nupe, Bariba and Fulani minorities.- History :

Kwashiorkor is an acute form of childhood protein-energy malnutrition characterized by edema, irritability, anorexia, ulcerating dermatoses, and an enlarged liver with fatty infiltrates. The presence of edema caused by poor nutrition defines kwashiorkor

Kwekwe or Kwe Kwe , formerly spelt Que Que, is a city in central Zimbabwe. It is located in the centre of the country —roughly equidistant from Harare to the northeast and Bulawayo to the southwest. Its population stood at 47,607 in 1982, 75,425 in 1992 and the preliminary result of the 2002 census suggests a current population of 88,000

Kwesi Botchwey
Kwesi Botchwey is a Ghanaian former government official and Professor of Practice in Development Economics at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University.

KWGN-TV, virtual channel 2 , is a television station in Denver, Colorado, owned by the Tribune Company and affiliated with the CW Television Network

Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip/Kwik Star is a chain of convenience stores founded in 1965 with locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota under the name Kwik Trip, and in northeast Iowa under the name Kwik Star . The company also operates stores under the name Hearty Platter and Tobacco Outlet Plus. Kwik Trip, Inc

KWTV-DT, virtual channel 9 , is the CBS-affiliated television station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; it is owned by Griffin Communications of Oklahoma City

KWTX-TV, channel 10, is a full-power television station in Waco, Texas, serving Central Texas as a CBS affiliate. Owned by Gray Television, it airs a digital signal on VHF channel 10

KXAS-TV, virtual channel 5 , is the NBC television station for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The station was Texas' first television station when the station made its debut on September 28, 1948. Its transmitter is located in Cedar Hill

KXII, channel 12, is the CBS-affiliated television station for the Texoma region of Texas and Oklahoma. It is licensed to Sherman, Texas. Its transmitter is located southwest of Madill, Oklahoma

KXTV, channel 10, is an ABC affiliate television station in Sacramento, California. It is owned and operated by the Gannett Company. Its transmitter tower is located in Walnut Grove, California, and studios are located on Broadway, just south of Business Loop 80 at the south edge of downtown Sacramento.-History:The station went on the air on March 19, 1955 as KBET,

Ky-Mani Marley
Ky-mani is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist whose east African name means Adventurous Traveler. The only child of table tennis champion Anita Belnavis and reggae icon Bob Marley, Ky-mani Marley was born in Falmouth, Jamaica

Kyffin Williams
Sir John "Kyffin" Williams, KBE, RA was a Welsh landscape painter who lived at Pwllfanogl, Llanfairpwll on the Island of Anglesey

Kyle Field
Kyle Field is the football stadium located on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. It has been the home to the Texas A&M Aggie football team in rudimentary form since 1904, and as a complete stadium since 1927. It is known as The Home of the 12th Man

Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Dalton Sandilands is an Australian radio and TV personality. He is currently the host with Jacqueline Henderson, better known as Jackie O, on the weekday morning radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Sydney radio station 2Day FM, The Kyle and Jackie O Hour of Power which airs on selected Today Network stations across Australia and also on Take40

Kyle XY
Kyle XY is an American television series with a science fiction premise and mystery-drama style. The central character is a teenage boy who awakens naked in a forest outside Seattle, Washington, with no more knowledge or abilities than a newborn. He is taken in by a family and given the name Kyle

Kyllo v. United States
Kyllo v. United States, , held that the use of a thermal imaging device from a public vantage point to monitor the radiation of heat from a person's home was a "search" within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment, and thus required a warrant

is a multinational manufacturer based in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded as in 1959 by Kazuo Inamori and renamed in 1982. The company has diversified its founding technology in ceramic materials through internal development as well as strategic mergers and acquisitions

is a city in the central part of the island of Honshū, Japan. It has a population close to 1.5 million. Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, it is now the capital of Kyoto Prefecture, as well as a major part of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto metropolitan area.-History:

Kyoto Protocol
The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change , aimed at fighting global warming

Kyoya Hibari
is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Reborn! created by Akira Amano. For the most part of the series, Hibari is portrayed as an anti-hero, taking little to no interest in the events that surround the main protagonist, Tsuna Sawada. He is introduced as the leader of the Disciplinary Committee at Tsuna's school, Namimori Middle

Kyrgyz language
Kyrgyz or Kirgiz, also Kirghiz, Kyrghiz, Qyrghiz is a Turkic language and, together with Russian, an official language of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan , officially the Kyrgyz Republic is one of the world's six independent Turkic states . Located in Central Asia, landlocked and mountainous, Kyrgyzstan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east

Kyu Sakamoto Memorial Best
Kyu Sakamoto Memorial Best is an album by Kyu Sakamoto released in 2005 by EMI in the UK. The songs are the best known of Sakamoto's career.-Track listing:# Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo# Sukiyaki# Ashita Ga Arusa# Kanashiki 60sai# Good Timing