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Fara (Rotuman festivity)
Fara is a traditional Rotuman cultural and social event, occurring in the summertime festival of “av’ manea” where groups of singers and dancers traverse from house to house in a prescribed area to perform and entertain their hosts, “asking”, as the name suggests, for their hospitality and participation.-Manea’ hune’ele, the

The farad is the SI unit of capacitance. The unit is named after the English physicist Michael Faraday.- Definition :A farad is the charge in coulombs which a capacitor will accept for the potential across it to change 1 volt. A coulomb is 1 ampere second

In theatre, a farce is a comedy which aims at entertaining the audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, and improbable situations, disguise and mistaken identity, verbal humour of varying degrees of sophistication, which may include word play, and a fast-paced plot whose speed usually increases, culminating in an ending which often involves an elaborate chase scene

A fare is the fee paid by a passenger allowing him or her to make use of a public transport system: rail, bus, taxi, etc. In the case of air transport, the term airfare is often used.-Uses:

- Music :* Farewell , an American pop-punk band* Farewell Symphony, Symphony No. 45 by Haydn* Piano Sonata No. 26 , known as "Das Lebewohl" or "Les Adieux" Albums* Farewell

Farewell (band)
Farewell is an American pop punk band formed in 2004 in Greensboro, North Carolina. They were signed to Epitaph Records releasing two CDs. After fulfilling their contractural obligations with the release of their second CD, the relationship with Epitaph ended.

Farfalle are a type of pasta. Commonly known as "bow-tie pasta," the name is derived from the Italian word farfalla . The "e" at the end of the word is the Italian feminine plural ending, making the meaning of the word "butterflies."

Farina may refer to:* Farina , cereal meal* Farina, Illinois, a village in the United States* Farina, South Australia, a town in Australia* Farina gegenüber, a fragrance company in Cologne, Germany

Farm Out
Farm Out is the name of the second album by techno-country eurodance group Rednex. Although in the same vein as their debut album, this album wasn't as successful as "Sex & Violins".-Track listings:

A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, who raises living organisms for food or raw materials, generally including livestock husbandry and growing crops, such as produce and grain

FarmHouse Fraternity International, Inc. is an all-male international social fraternity founded at the University of Missouri on April 15, 1905. It became a nationally recognized fraternity in 1921. FarmHouse is one of only three fraternities not to adopt Greek letters

Farmhouse is a general term for the main house of a farm. It is a type of building or house which serves a residential purpose in a rural or agricultural setting. Most often, the surrounding environment will be a farm. Many farm houses are shaped like a T

Farmhouse (film)
Farm House is an American psychological thriller film. The film is directed by George Bessudo and written by Daniel P. Coughlin .-Plot:

Farming (disambiguation)
A farm is a section of land dedicated to agriculture. Farming, then, is the practice ofcultivating crops or livestock on a farm.Farming may also refer to:

Farmland generally refers to agricultural land, or land currently used for the purposes of farming. It may also refer to:*Arable land, land capable of cultivating crops*Farmland, Indiana, a town in the United States

A farmworker is a person hired to work in the agricultural industry. This includes work on farms of all sizes, from small, family-run businesses to large industrial agriculture operations

-Places:*Faro District, in the Algarve, southern Portugal.**Faro Municipality, in the Algarve, southern Portugal.**Faro, Portugal, main city in Faro district.**Faro Airport in Faro, Portugal .**Roman Catholic Diocese of Faro, in Faro, Portugal.

Faro (electoral district)
Faro was an electoral district that returned a member to the Legislative Assembly of the Yukon Territory in Canada between 1978 and 2002.-MLAs:*I = Independent*YNDP = Yukon New Democratic Party*YLP = Yukon Liberal Party

Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands are an island group situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Scotland and Iceland. The Faroe Islands are a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark, along with Denmark proper and Greenland

Faroese may refer to:* the Faroese people* the Faroese language* anything else pertaining to the Faroe Islands

First published on 3 April 1925, Farrago is Australia's oldest student newspaper. Farrago is published by the Melbourne University Student Union.- Name :

A farrier is a specialist in equine hoof care, including the trimming and balancing of horses' hooves and the placing of shoes on their hooves

Farrow is a surname, and may refer to* Amariah Farrow , professional football player in the Canadian Football League* Brad Farrow , Canadian judoka* Dave Farrow, Guinness World Records holder for memory

Farsa is a genre of opera, associated with Venice in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is also sometimes called farsetta.

FARSA (gene)
Phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase alpha chain is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the FARSA gene.-Further reading:

Farse are a five-piece ska-punk band hailing from Birmingham in the West Midlands.They attended St. Thomas Aquinas school in Birmingham, where the band formed in 1996 as a four piece, Ollie Chris Dan Tom Rose

Fart is an English language vulgarism most commonly used in reference to flatulence. The word "fart" is generally considered unsuitable in a formal environment by modern English speakers, and it may be considered vulgar or offensive in some situations. Fart can be used as a noun or a verb

Farthing may refer to:*Farthing , an old British coin valued one quarter of a penny*Farthing , its counterpart among the pre-decimal Irish coins*Farthing , a defunct British science fiction magazine

Farthing (novel)
Farthing is an alternate history novel written by Jo Walton and published by Tor Books in August, 2006. A sequel, Ha'penny, was released in October 2007 by Tor Books. A third novel in the series, Half a Crown, was released in September 2008, also from Tor.-Background:The novel is set in the 1949 of an alternate history

Fartlek, which means "speed play" in Swedish, is a form of interval training which puts stress on the whole aerobic energy system due to the continuous nature of the exercise. The difference between this type of training and continuous training is that the intensity or speed of the exercise varies, meaning that aerobic and anaerobic systems can be put under stress

Fas can mean the following:* Fas receptor, an important cell surface receptor protein of the TNF receptor family known also as CD95, that induces apoptosis on binding Fas ligand.* Fes, Morocco, the third largest city in Morocco, as an alternate spelling

Fasces are a bundle of wooden sticks with an axe blade emerging from the center, which is an image that traditionally symbolizes summary power and jurisdiction, and/or "strength through unity"

A fascia is a layer of fibrous tissue that permeates the human body. A fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves, binding those structures together in much the same manner as plastic wrap can be used to hold the contents of sandwiches together

Fascia (phone)
A fascia is the name given to the removable housing of a mobile telephone. It is most often used to refer to a new housing bought as a fashion accessory to improve the appearance of a mobile phone.

Fascia (vestment)
The fascia is a sash worn by clerics and seminarians with the cassock in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church. It is also worn with the simar by those entitled to use the simar. It is not to be worn as a belt but should be placed above the waist between the navel and the breastbone

Fasciated Antshrike
The Fasciated Antshrike is a species of bird in the Thamnophilidae family.It is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela.

A fascicle is a bundle or a cluster. The Latin term fasciculus may also be used with the same meanings.Fascicle or fasciculus may refer to:In anatomy:

A fascicle is a bundle or a cluster. The Latin term fasciculus may also be used with the same meanings.Fascicle or fasciculus may refer to:In anatomy:

"Fascinated" is the title of a hit song by the dance-pop / Hi-NRG / freestyle musical girl group Company B. It was the first single released off their self-titled album in early 1987. It was written and produced by Ish Ledesma and Mixed by Ciro llerenea and Randy Miller and released by Atlantic Records.The song topped the Billboard dance chart in the U.S

Fascination may refer to:In music:*Fascination!, 1983 synth pop album by The Human League**" Fascination", a song in The Human League album Fascination!

Fascination may refer to:In music:*Fascination!, 1983 synth pop album by The Human League**" Fascination", a song in The Human League album Fascination!

Fascination (Alphabeat single)
"Fascination" was the first single released by Danish pop group Alphabeat.It was used as the music for a Coca-Cola advert. In Turkey the song was used in an advertising campaign for Coca Cola Zero, in Germany and Belgium for Coca Cola Light. The Bimbo Jones Mix of the song was played in American Eagle Stores in the United States

In ancient Roman religion and magic, the fascinus or fascinum was the embodiment of the divine phallus. The word can refer to the deity himself , to phallus effigies and amulets, and to the spells used to invoke his divine protection

Fascism is a radical authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Fascists seek to rejuvenate their nation based on commitment to the national community as an organic entity, in which individuals are bound together in national identity by suprapersonal connections of ancestry, culture, and blood

Fascista is a genus of moth in the family Gelechiidae.

Fashion, a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person

Fashion (disambiguation)
Fashion is the style and custom prevalent at a given time, and it commonly refers to current clothing styles.Fashion may also refer to:* Fashion , a 2008 Bollywood film* Fashion , an American racing mare

Fashion (film)
Fashion is a 2008 Indian film co-produced, co-written, and directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. The film has a massive star cast which includes Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and newcomers Mugdha Godse and Arjan Bajwa. Based on the dark side of the world of fashion, the movie depicts it through the protagonist's eye

Fashion (horse)
Fashion , was a famous Thoroughbred four-mile racemare that defeated Boston and set a record of 7:32½, for that distance, before the American Civil War

Fashion (magazine)
Fashion is a Canadian fashion magazine published by St. Joseph Media. Established in 1977, it is currently based in Toronto , publishes 10 issues a year and has a total readership of 1.85 million .The magazine covers international, national and local fashion and beauty trends and news

Fashion plate
A fashion plate is an illustration demonstrating the highlights of fashionable styles of clothing. Fashion plates are not depictions of specific people, but are instead generalized portraits, meant only to dictate the style of clothes that a tailor, dressmaker, or store could make or sell, or to show how different materials could be made up into clothes.Used figuratively, as

Fashion victim
Fashion victim is a term claimed to have been coined by Oscar de la Renta that is used to identify a person who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style.

-Primary meanings:Fast may refer to:* Fast as in high speed or velocity, may be used with anything that has a speed.* Fasting, abstaining from foodSlang:* Fast, a slang term for someone who is sexually promiscuous-Sports:

Fast break (disambiguation)
Fast break may refer to:*Fast break, an offensive strategy in basketball.*Fast Break , a candy bar produced by The Hershey Company.*Fast Break , released by Accolade in 1989.

Fast Break (film)
Fast Break is a 1979 American comedy film. Fast Break stars Gabe Kaplan as David Greene, Harold Sylvester as D.C. and Bernard King as Hustler. It was directed by Jack Smight and produced by Stephen Friedman

Fast Break (video game)
Fast Break is a 1989 video game developed and published by Accolade. It was released for the Amiga, Apple IIgs, Commodore 64, Macintosh and DOS.-Description:

Fast Company (1918 film)
Fast Company is a 1918 silent comedy film directed by Lynn Reynolds and starring Lon Chaney, Sr.-Cast:* Franklyn Farnum - Lawrence Percival Van Huyler* Katherine Griffith - Mrs. Van Huyler* Lon Chaney, Sr. - Dan McCarty

Fast Food (video game)
Fast Food is a video game for the Atari 2600 developed by Telesys and released in 1982.In the game, the player controls a pair of disembodied lips, similar to a Chattery Teeth toy. The game's manual gives the name of the lips as Mighty Mouth. Various fast food menu items fly across the screen and the teeth earns points by catching them

Fast Forward (1985 film)
Fast Forward is a 1985 dance film directed by Sidney Poitier. In the film, a dance troup from Ohio comes to New York to compete in a national talent competition.-Plot synopsis:

Fast Track (company)
Fast Track is a device management company in the United States. It was acquired by Symantec on March 5, 1996 for US$7.2 million.

Fasta (Frisian)
Fasta was the first folk-mother, or head of the order of priestesses, of the Frisians according to the Oera Linda Book, which is generally considered to be a hoax

The fastball is the most common type of pitch in baseball. Some "power pitchers," such as Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens, have thrown it at speeds of 95–106 mph and up to 108.1 mph , relying purely on speed to prevent the ball from being hit

Faster may refer to:*"Faster" , a song by George Harrison*Faster , a 2003 documentary film about MotoGP*Faster , a 2010 feature film*"Faster"/"P.C.P.", a double A-side single by Manic Street Preachers

Faster (film)
Faster is a 2003 documentary film about the motorcycle road racing world championship, MotoGP. Filmed between 2001 and 2002 by director Mark Neale, it features cinematography by music video director Grant Gee and is narrated by Ewan McGregor

Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. An absolute fast is normally defined as abstinence from all food and liquid for a defined period, usually a single day , or several days. Other fasts may be only partially restrictive, limiting particular foods or substance

Fastnacht:* Swabian-Alemannic-Fastnacht, the pre-Lenten carnival in Alemannic folklore** Fasnacht , a fatty doughnut treat served traditionally on Fastnacht Day* Fasnacht Day

K is the eleventh letter of the English and basic modern Latin alphabet.-History and usage:In English, the letter K usually represents the voiceless velar plosive; this sound is also transcribed by in the International Phonetic Alphabet and X-SAMPA.

K-1 visa
A K-1 visa is a dual intent visa issued to the fiancé or fiancée of a United States citizen to enter the United States. A K-1 visa requires a foreigner to marry his or her U.S. citizen petitioner within 90 days of entry. Once the couple marries, the foreign citizen can adjust status to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States

K-25 is a former uranium enrichment facility of the Manhattan Project which used the gaseous diffusion method. The plant is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on the southwestern end of the Oak Ridge Reservation.-History:

K-Lite Codec Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of audio and video components for Microsoft Windows that enables the operating system and its software to play back various audio and video formats generally not supported by the operating system itself

K-nearest neighbor algorithm
In pattern recognition, the k-nearest neighbor algorithm is a method for classifying objects based on closest training examples in the feature space. k-NN is a type of instance-based learning, or lazy learning where the function is only approximated locally and all computation is deferred until classification

Kevin Brereton , better known by his stage name k-os , is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer

K-PAX is the name of the first novel in the K-PAX series by Gene Brewer and a film based on the series:*K-PAX **K-PAX – film*K-PAX II: On a Beam of Light *K-PAX III: Worlds of Prot

K-Y Jelly
K-Y Jelly is a water-based, water-soluble personal lubricant produced by Johnson & Johnson. According to the company, "The origins of the brand name 'K-Y' are unknown

K. Barry Sharpless
Karl Barry Sharpless is an American chemist known for his work on stereoselective reactions.-Early years:Sharpless was born in Philadelphia. He graduated from Friends' Central School in 1959. He continued his studies at Dartmouth College and earned his Ph.D from Stanford University in 1968

K. Chandrashekar Rao
Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao , abbreviated KCR, is a member of the 15th Lok Sabha of India. He is a Member of Parliament from the Mahaboobnagar constituency of Andhra Pradesh and is the president of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. He was the cabinet minister for Labour and Employment.-Early life:Rao was born in Medak District

K. J. Yesudas
Kattassery Joseph Yesudas is an Indian classical musician and playback singer.Yesudas sings Indian classical, devotional, and popular music. He has recorded more than 50,000 songs in many languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, Marathi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tulu, Malay, Russian, Arabic, Latin and English during a career spanning five

K. K. Downing
Kenneth "K.K." Downing, Jr. is a Grammy Award winning guitarist, songwriter and a founding member of the British heavy metal band Judas Priest

K. Kamaraj
Kumarasami Kamaraj better known as K. Kamaraj was an Indian politician from Tamil Nadu widely acknowledged as the "Kingmaker" in Indian politics during the 1960s. He was the chief minister of Tamil Nadu during 1954-1963 and a Member of Parliament during 1952-1954 and 1969-1975

K. S. Chithra
K. S. Chithra often credited as Chithra , is an Indian playback singer who has made her mark in the Indian music playback industry. Popularly known as Chinna Kuyil of South India, she has lent her voice to Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Badaga and Punjabi films

K. V. Simon
Kunnampurathu Varghese Simon was a notable Malayalam Christian poet. He was also a musician, a teacher, a reformer, a writer, a profound Bible scholar and apologist. Simon was the author of around 300 devotional songs or poems. He has also written about 30 books. K. V

K. V. Subbanna
Kuntagodu Vibhuthi Subbanna was an acclaimed dramatist and writer in Kannada. He was the founder of the world famous NINASAM drama institute. Founded in 1949 in Heggodu, Shimoga, Ninasam, under the guidance of K.V. Subbanna, made significant contribution to Kannada theatre and other performing arts

K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest

K2 Sports
K-2, Corporation. was founded in 1961 by brothers Bill and Don Kirschner on Vashon Island, near Seattle, Washington. K2 is known for pioneering fiberglass ski technology, which made skis significantly lighter and more lively than their wood and metal contemporaries

KA-BAR is the contemporary popular name for the combat knife first adopted by the United States Marine Corps in November 1942 as the 1219C2 Combat Knife , and subsequently adopted by the United States Navy as the U.S. Navy Utility Knife, Mark 2

Kaari Utrio
Kaari Marjatta Utrio is a Finnish writer. She has written tens of historical novels and many non-fiction books on historical topics

Kabacan, Cotabato
Kabacan is a first class municipality in the province of Cotabato, Philippines. According to LGPMS , it has a population of 78,465 people in 15,646 households.

The Kabardino-Balkar Republic , or Kabardino-Balkaria , is a federal subject of Russia located in the North Caucasus. Population: -Geography:The republic is situated in the North Caucasus mountains, with plains in the northern part.

Kabbalah/Kabala is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the esoteric aspect of Rabbinic Judaism. It was systematized in 11th-13th century Hachmei Provence and Spain, and again after the Expulsion from Spain, in 16th century Ottoman Palestine

KABC-TV, channel 7, is an owned-and-operated television station of the Walt Disney Company-owned American Broadcasting Company, licensed to Los Angeles, California. KABC-TV's studios are located in Glendale, California

The Kabir Panth "Path of Kabir") is a Philosophy and religious community ofIndia encompassing a wide spectrum of beliefs, traditions and practices based on the teachings of Shri Sadguru Satyapurush Kabir Bhagwan. It's adherents are of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Sikh ancestry

Kabul , spelt Caubul in some classic literatures, is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. It is also the capital of the Kabul Province, located in the eastern section of Afghanistan

A kachina is a spirit being in western Pueblo cosmology and religious practices. The western Pueblo, Native American cultures located in the southwestern United States, include Hopi, Zuni, Tewa Village , Acoma Pueblo, and Laguna Pueblo. The kachina cult has spread to more eastern Pueblos, e.g. from Laguna to Isleta

The Kadazans are an ethnic group indigenous to the state of Sabah in Malaysia. They are found mainly on the west coast of Sabah, the surrounding locales, and various locations in the interior. Due to similarities in culture and language with the Dusun ethnic group, and also because of other political initiatives, a new unified term called "Kadazan-dusun" was created

Kadena Air Base
, is a United States Air Force base in the towns of Kadena and Chatan and the city of Okinawa, in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Kadena Air Base is the hub of U.S. airpower in the Pacific, and home to the USAF's 18th Wing and a variety of associate units.-Units:The 18th Wing is the host unit at Kadena AB

Kader Khan
Kader Khan is an Indian film actor, comedian, script and dialogue writer. He graduated from Ismail Yusuf College affiliated to Mumbai University .-Early life:

Kafue River
The Kafue River sustains one of the world's great wildlife environments. It is a major tributary of the Zambezi, and of Zambia's principal rivers, it is the most central and the most urban, and the longest and largest lying wholly within Zambia.

Kahin Aar Kahin Paar
Kahin Aar Kahin Paar is a 1971 Bollywood romance film. The film stars Joy Mukherjee and Nadira.

Kahoolawe is the smallest of the eight main volcanic islands in the Hawaiian Islands. Kahoolawe is located about seven miles southwest of Maui and also southeast of Lanai, and it is long by wide, with a total land area of . The highest point on Kahoolawe is the crater of Lua Makika at the summit of Puu Moaulanui, which is about above sea level

Kaia Wilson
Kaia Wilson is a musician from Portland, Oregon, best known as a founding member of both Team Dresch, a revered 1990s queercore punk band, and The Butchies, a pop-rock spin-off from her solo work. In addition to singing, songwriting and guitar, Wilson co-established and operated Mr

Kaifeng Jews
The Kaifeng Jews are members of a small Jewish community that has existed in Kaifeng, in the Henan province of China, for hundreds of years. Jews in modern China have traditionally called themselves Youtai in Mandarin Chinese which is also the predominant contemporary Chinese language term for Jews in general

Kaiping : Hoi3 Pen6) or Hoi Ping is a county-level city in Guangdong Province, southern China. It has a population of 680,000 as of 2003 and an area of 1,659 km². The locals speak a variation of the Taishan dialect.-Administration:

Kairouan , also known as Kirwan or al-Qayrawan , is the capital of the Kairouan Governorate in Tunisia. Referred to as the Islamic Cultural Capital, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city was founded by the Arabs around 670

Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium, based in Oakland, California, United States, founded in 1945 by industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and physician Sidney Garfield

Kaiserliche Marine
The Imperial German Navy was the German Navy created at the time of the formation of the German Empire. It existed between 1871 and 1919, growing out of the small Prussian Navy and Norddeutsche Bundesmarine, which primarily had the mission of coastal defense. Kaiser Wilhelm II greatly expanded the Navy, and enlarged its mission

Kaithal is a city and a municipal council in Kaithal district in the Indian state of Haryana. Kaithal was previously a part of Karnal District and later, Kurukshetra District until 1 November 1989, when it became the headquarters of the Kaithal District of Haryana. Kaithal shares common boundary with Patiala , Kurukshetra, Jind and Karnal.-Geography:Kaithal is located at

Kaity Tong
Kaity Tong is a Chinese-born American broadcast journalist who has been a television news anchor in New York City since 1981.Born in Qingdao in the Peoples Republic of China to George and Anita Tong, Tong came to the United States with her family at age four. Growing up in Washington D.C., Tong was inspired to become a journalist by her great-uncle Hollington K

Kajiado District
Kajiado District is an administrative district in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It has a population of 406,054 and an area of 21,903 km². The district borders Nairobi city and extends to the Kenya-Tanzania border further south. The district capital is Kajiado.The district is divided into seven administrative divisions

The Kakwa are an ethnic group in northwestern Uganda, South Sudan, and northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, from Nilotic origin. They are part of Karo people which also includes Bari, Pojulu Mundari, Kuku and Nyangwara. Their language is also called Kutuk na Kakwa , itself an Eastern Nilotic language

Kala (Tarzan)
Kala is a fictional ape character in Edgar Rice Burroughs's original Tarzan novel, Tarzan of the Apes, and in the Walt Disney-produced animated movie Tarzan based on it.

Kalabhavan Mani
Kalabhavan Mani is a South Indian actor and singer. He began his career in Malayalam film industry, later he became a busy artist in tamil and telungu industry, especially in villain roles. Although he began his carrier as a comedian , he proved his versatility in various roles such as serious actor, heroic and villain

Kalahari Desert
The Kalahari Desert is a large semi-arid sandy savannah in Southern Africa extending , covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa, as semi-desert, with huge tracts of excellent grazing after good rains. The Kalahari supports more animals and plants than a true desert

Kalākaua, born David Laamea Kamanakapuu Mahinulani Nalaiaehuokalani Lumialani Kalākaua and sometimes called The Merrie Monarch , was the last reigning king of the Kingdom of Hawaii

Kalamata is the second-largest city of the Peloponnese in southern Greece. The capital and chief port of the Messenia prefecture, it lies along the Nedon River at the head of the Messenian Gulf

Kalamazoo River
The Kalamazoo River is a river in the U.S. state of Michigan. The river is long from the junction of its North and South branches to its mouth at Lake Michigan, with a total length extending to when one includes the South Branch

Kalanchoe beharensis
Kalanchoe beharensis is a plant species in the succulent genus Kalanchoe, and the family Crassulaceae, a morphologically diverse and systematically complex angiosperm family […] with characteristics such as leaf-succulent, usually herbaceous, and often [with] five-parted, radially symmetrical flowers with two whorls of five stamens each

Kalanchoe pinnata
Kalanchoe pinnata is a succulent plant native to Madagascar

Kalaninuiamamao was a Prince of the Big Island of Hawaii, or 1st Alii Nui of Kau, an ancestor of the Queen Liliuokalani. He is probably the Hawaiian chief with the most varied spelling of his name.- Biography :

Kalbe Jawad
Hujjat al-Islam Imam-e-Juma Maulana Syed Kalbe Jawad Naqvi is a Shi'a scholar from Lucknow, India.-Family background:

Kale (Welsh Romanies)
The Kale are a group of Romani people who reside in Wales. Many claim to be descendant of Abram Wood, who was the first Romani to reside permanently and exclusively in Wales in the early 18th century, though Romanies have appeared in Wales since the 15th century

A kalesa or calesa is a horse drawn calash used in the Philippines. The word, also spelled calesa, predates the

Kali River goonch attacks
The Kali River goonch attacks were a series of fatal attacks on humans believed to be perpetrated by man-eating goonch catfish in three villages on the banks of the Kali River in India and Nepal, between 1998 and 2007

Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga is the last of the four stages that the world goes through as part of the cycle of yugas described in the Indian scriptures. The other ages are Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga

Kalibo, Aklan
Kalibo is the capital of the province of Aklan, in the northwest of Panay Island, Philippines. It is a First Class Municipality in the Western Visayas Region practically located at the center of all coastal municipalities of Aklan province

Kālidāsa was a renowned Classical Sanskrit writer, widely regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language

Kalinga (India)
Kalinga was an early state in central-eastern India, which comprised most of the modern state of Orissa/Utkal , as well as the Andhra region of the bordering state of Andhra Pradesh. It was a rich and fertile land that extended from the river Damodar/Ganges to Godavari and from Bay of Bengal to Amarkantak range in the West

In Hinduism, Kalki is the tenth and final Maha Avatar of Vishnu who will come to end the present age of darkness and destruction known as Kali Yuga. The name Kalki is often a metaphor for eternity or time

Kallang Airport
The Kallang Airport , also known as the Kallang Aerodrome, Kallang Airfield and RAF Kallang, opened in 1937 as Singapore's first purpose-built civil airport, together with an anchorage for seaplanes. Land was reclaimed in the Kallang Basin to turn the swampy area into a circular-shaped airfield and to build a slipway for the seaplanes

Kallar may refer to:* Kallar caste, one of the three communities which make up the Mukkulathor.* Kallar, Kanhangad near Kanhangad, Kerala, India.* Kallar, Trivandrum in Trivandrum district in Kerala, India.

Kallar (caste)
Kallar are a community found in the central and south-eastern parts of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kallar means thiefs. The Kallar, along with the Maravar and Akamudayar, constitute the Mukkulathor confederacy, a united social caste on the basis of parallel professions, though their locations and heritages are wholly separate from one another.The earliest references to the Kallar

Kalman filter
In statistics, the Kalman filter is a mathematical method named after Rudolf E. Kálmán. Its purpose is to use measurements observed over time, containing noise and other inaccuracies, and produce values that tend to be closer to the true values of the measurements and their associated calculated values

Kalpana Chawla
Kalpana Chawla was an Indian-American astronaut with NASA. She was one of seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.-Early life:

Kam Air
Kam Air is an airline headquartered in the Kabul Business Centre in Shah-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan. It operates scheduled domestic passenger services and international services to the Middle East and several Asian republics

Kama Sutra
The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature written by Vātsyāyana. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse. It is largely in prose, with many inserted anustubh poetry verses

Kāmadeva is the Hindu god of human love or desire. Other names for him include; Atanu , Ragavrinta , Ananga , Kandarpa , Manmatha , Manasija ,

Kamagong or "Mabolo" is a fruit tree found only in the Philippines, the wood of which is extremely dense and hard, and famous for its dark color. It belongs to the ebony family , and like many other very hard woods is sometimes called "iron wood" so called because its wood is iron-like and nearly unbreakable, hence the term "ironwood"