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Famous (Puddle of Mudd song)
"Famous" is the title track and first single on the third studio album by post-grunge band Puddle of Mudd. The song was sent out to rock radio on May 11, 2007 and was officially released on May 21.

Famous for being famous
Famous for being famous, in popular culture terminology, refers to someone who attains celebrity status for no particular identifiable reason, or who achieves fame through association with a celebrity. The term is a pejorative, suggesting that the individual has no particular talents or abilities

Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words may refer to:In music:* …Famous Last Words…, an album by Supertramp* Famous Last Words * Famous Last Words * Famous Last Words , by Robin Scott recording as "M"

Famous Last Words (Hedley album)
Famous Last Words is Hedley's second full length album released on October 30, 2007 in Canada. It debuted at #3 in Canada upon release.The first single from the album, "She's So Sorry", was released to radio on August 21, 2007. The video was shot in Toronto, Ontario on August 30 and premiered on MuchMusic on September 20, 2007

Famous Last Words (novel)
Famous Last Words is a 1981 novel by Canadian author Timothy Findley, in which Hugh Selwyn Mauberley is the main character.

Famous Last Words (Tears for Fears song)
"Famous Last Words" is a song by the British group Tears for Fears, originally released on their 1989 album The Seeds of Love. It was released as the fourth and final single from the album in 1990 and peaked at #83 in the UK.-Track listing:7" single # "Famous Last Words"# "Mothers Talk" CD

-Technology:* Mechanical fan, a machine for producing airflow, often for cooling** Computer fan , a machine for cooling off the electronics contained within a computer* Hand fan, an implement held and waved by hand to move air

Fan (mechanical)
A mechanical fan is a machine used to create flow within a fluid, typically a gas such as air.A fan consists of a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades which act on the air. Usually, it is contained within some form of housing or case. This may direct the airflow or increase safety by preventing objects from contacting the fan blades

Fan (surname)
Fan is a transliteration for some Chinese family names, of which the most common ones are 范 and 樊 .-Origin and branch of Fàn :*The Fan trace their origin to the Yao, a legendary Chinese ruler who lived from 2358 - 2258 BCE. Until the Zhou Dynasty 1122–256 BCE they are grouped with the Du clan

Fan translation
Fan translation refers to the unofficial translation of various forms of media by fans, usually into a language in which an official translated version is not available.-Media:Notable areas of fan translation include:

Fanac is a fan slang term for activities within the realm of science fiction fandom, and occasionally used in media fandom

This article is about the MTV series FANatic. For the Canadian TV documentary series FANatical, see FANatical.FANatic is an American TV show that was shown on the MTV network in the late 1990s

Fanatic (1965 film)
Fanatic is a 1965 British thriller directed by Silvio Narizzano for Hammer Films. It stars Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, Peter Vaughan, Yootha Joyce, Maurice Kaufmann and Donald Sutherland.

"Fanatica" is the second single from German industrial metal group Eisbrecher's self-titled album. This is the first of only Eisbrecher songs so far that include a line in English

-Places:* Fancy, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines* Fancy Farm, Kentucky, United States* Fancy Gap, Virginia, United States-Other:* Fancy , the ship commanded by Henry Every during his career as a pirate

Fancy (album)
Fancy is the third and final studio album by the United States band Idiot Flesh.-Track listing:# "Dead Like Us" # "Idiot Song" # "Teen Devil Worshipper" # "Chicken Little" # "Twitch" # "Drowning"

Fancy (band)
Fancy were an early-mid 1970s pop group. The band was made up of session musicians produced by Mike Hurst. They had a surprise U.S. hit single in 1974 with a version of the classic "Wild Thing" and a second U.S. hit with "Touch Me" . They were initially fronted by Penthouse Pet Helen Caunt and later Annie Kavanagh

Fancy (DVD)
Fancy is a DVD of live concert footage compiled from the Les Claypool's Fancy Band 2006 tour. Filmed by Jim "Jimbo" Charna, Jeremy "staunchy" Sewell and Crew, it was released by Prawn Song Records on May 29, 2007

Fancy (ship)
The Fancy was Henry Every's ship, and was commanded by him between May 1694 to late 1695, when he retired from piracy and the fate of the Fancy becomes unknown.-History:

Fandango is a lively couple's dance, usually in triple metre, traditionally accompanied by guitars and castanets or hand-clapping . Fandango can both be sung and danced. Sung fandango is usually bipartite: it has an instrumental introduction followed by "variaciones"

Fandom is a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest

Fane may refer to:* Fane, Papua New Guinea, village associated with Simona Noorenbergh* Fane * Fane River in Ireland

Fane (surname)
Fane is an English surname of Welsh origins that belongs to a family who have produced a number of notable members. The family originated with Ivon Vane, who was a Welsh landowner and mercenary captain in the service of the Black Prince. Ivon Vane or John Fane, as he was known in English, was one of three captains who captured King John II of France at the battle of Poitiers 1356

Fanes is a village in the northeast part of Rhodes. The main village is situated around 1 km inland. Fanes has had extensive farm fields, near the coast and along the adjacent hills. It also has a small natural bay which was refitted as a yacht port in the 1990s. Since 1998, Fanes has formed part of the Municipality of Kameiros — named after the ancient Doric city.

A Fanfare is a relatively short piece of music that is typically played by trumpets and other brass instruments often accompanied by percussion

Fanfare (ballet)
Fanfare is a ballet made by New York City Ballet balletmaster Jerome Robbins to Britten's The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, op.34 in celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; the premiere took place on Coronation Night, Tuesday, June 2nd, 1953, at City Center of Music and Drama, New York

Fanfare (disambiguation)
A fanfare is a flourish of horn music.Fanfare may also refer to:* Fanfare , a ballet by Jerome Robbins* Fanfare , first compilation album of Scottish punk band The Skids* Fanfare , a torpedo decoy

Fang is a mammal's canine tooth.Fang may also refer to:* A snake's poison-injecting tooth: see snake venom* Fang people, in Central Africa* Fang language, spoken by Fang people

FANG is a Japanese manga series written by Akira Itō and illustrated by Yoshihiro Takahashi. The story is about a wolf-dog hybrid named Asukari and his owner Tachibana who fight criminals and terrorists together.-Characters:

A fang is a long, pointed tooth. In mammals, a fang is a canine tooth, used for biting and tearing flesh. In snakes, it is a venom-injecting tooth . Spiders also have fangs, which are part of the chelicerae

Fang (band)
Fang is a punk rock band that originated in 1980. Fang was originally part of the punk rock scene in Berkeley, California in the 1980s. The band broke up in 1989 when key member Sam McBride was sent to prison for killing his girlfriend, Dixie Lee Carney

Fang (surname)
Fang is the 47th most prevalent Chinese surname. In Chinese, "方", means "square" or "four-sided".Some more uncommon surnames that appear with the same pinyin are "房" and "芳"

A fanlight is a window, semicircular or semi-elliptical in shape, with glazing bars or tracery sets radiating out like an open fan, It is placed over another window or a doorway. and is sometimes hinged to a transom. The bars in the fixed glazed window spread out in the manner a sunburst

Fanning (firearms)
Fanning is a revolver shooting technique in which one hand holds the trigger and the other hits the hammer repeatedly. This turns the cylinder and hits the firing pin, in that order, allowing for 'semi-automatic fire' of a revolver

Fanny is a given name, and a pet form of Frances.Notable people bearing this name include:* Fanny , an alias of breakcore artist Fraser Runciman* Fanny Adams, a 19th-century murder victim* Fanny Ardant, a French actress

Fanny is a female given name, derived from Frances. It may also refer to:-Fictional characters:* Little Annie Fanny, a comic strip created by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder for Playboy* Fanny , a video game character

Fanny Adams
Fanny Adams was a young English girl murdered by solicitor's clerk Frederick Baker in Alton, Hampshire. The expression "sweet Fanny Adams" refers to her and has come, through British naval slang, to mean "nothing at all".-Murder:On 24 August 1867 at about 1.30 pm, Fanny's mother, Harriet Adams, let the eight-year-old Fanny, her friend

Fanny pack
A fanny pack , belt pack , belly bag , Buffalo pouch , hip sack , waist bag , hip pack , bum bag , cangurera , banano or moon bag is a small fabric pouch secured with a zipper and worn by use of a strap around the hips or

Fano (Gijón)
Fano is a district of the municipality of Gijón / Xixón, in Asturias, Spain.Its population was 217 in 2003.Located in the south-east of the municipality, Fano is a rural area which borders the municipality of Siero in the south, and with the district of Valdornón in the east.Toponym comes from Latin Fanum, a kind of temples ancient romans built in

Fans (song)
"Fans" is a song by American rock band Kings of Leon. It is the second single released from their 2007 album, Because of the Times, and the ninth track on the album

Fantail (album)
-Track listing:All music by Masami Akita.

Fantail (disambiguation)
Fantail may refer to:* Fantail, birds of the genus Rhipidura and subfamily Rhipidurinae.* Fantail , a breed of goldfish* Fantail , a breed of domestic pigeon* Fantail , an overhanging rear deck on some ships

Fantaseas was a chain of indoor waterparks situated in the United Kingdom that opened in the late 1980s, but due to various technical and financial difficulties closed in the mid-nineties. The first was opened in Autumn 1989 on the outskirts of Dartford in Kent

Fantasia may refer to:*Fantasia , a traditional equestrian performance practiced in North africa*Show tango, also called Fantasia, a more theatrical and exaggerated form of Argentine tango*1224 Fantasia, an asteroid

Fantasia (1980 album)
Fantasia is the 13th Studio album by Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge. It was the first release of the singer under her recording contract with CBS Records . This album was released in 1980 and includes the radio hits "Tanto Amor", "Como Lo Hago Yo", and "Al Ritmo De la Fantasía"

Fantasia (album)
Fantasia is the second studio album by American singer Fantasia Barrino, released by J Records on December 12, 2006.In its first week of sales, Fantasia entered the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart at number nineteen, with 133,000 discs sold

Fantasia (culture)
Fantasia is a traditional equestrian performance practiced during cultural festivals in Morocco,and occurs traditionally to close up berber wedding celebrations in Maghreb

Robert Schumann's Fantasiestücke, Op. 12, are eight pieces for piano, written in 1837. Schumann titled the work inspired by the 1814 collection of novellas Fantasiestücke in Callots Manier by his favourite author, E. T. A

Fantasma is a 1997 album by Japanese musician Cornelius.The track "Star Fruits Surf Rider" was released as a single on November 2, 1998 and was covered by Mitsuki Aira for her 2008 double A-side single, "Darling Wondering Staring"/"Star Fruits Surf Rider"

The Fantastic is a literary term that describes a quality of other literary genres, and, in some cases, is used as a genre in and of itself, although in this case it is often conflated with the Supernatural. The term was originated in the structuralist theory of critic Tzvetan Todorov in his work The Fantastic

Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic is common

Fantasy (Aldo Nova song)
"Fantasy" is the debut single by Canadian rock musician, Aldo Nova, and is regarded as his most popular work to date. Released on his eponymous debut album in 1981, the song climbed to #3 on the Mainstream rock chart, and #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. The song was featured in a flashback sequence in the final episode of the popular television series, Rob & Big

Fantasy (Alice Nine song)
"Fantasy" is a single by the Japanese rock band Alice Nine. It is featured on their first album Zekkeishoku and coincided with the double a-side release "Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier".

Fantasy (Candy Lo album)
Fantasy is Candy Lo's 5th studio album. It was released on 19 July 2001. For this album Candy Lo continued her collaboration with Hong Kong producer Kubert Leung with whom she also wrote and produced the tracks on her previous albums, such as MUSE.

Fantasy (Earth, Wind & Fire song)
"Fantasy" is a single by Earth, Wind & Fire from their album All 'N All, released as a single in 1978. The selection was written and composed by Maurice White, Verdine White, and Eddie del Barrio, and it reached #32 on the pop chart and #12 on the R&B singles chart in the United States, and #14 on the UK singles chart. "Fantasy" received a Grammy Award nomination for Best R&B Song

Fantasy (Lena Philipsson album)
Fantasy is a 1993 album from Swedish pop singer Lena Philipsson.-Track listing:

Fantino is a town in the Sánchez Ramírez province of the Dominican Republic.- Sources :* –

FAP (gene)
Fibroblast activation protein, alpha also known as seprase or 170 kDa melanoma membrane-bound gelatinase is a protein that in humans is encoded by the FAP gene.- Function :

Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. "FAQ" is usually pronounced as an initialism rather than an acronym, but an acronym form does exist. Since the acronym FAQ originated in textual media, its pronunciation varies; "fack", "faak", "fax", and "facts" are commonly heard

FAQ (disambiguation)
FAQ may refer to:* FAQ, frequently asked questions* Internet FAQ ConsortiumAs a film title, FAQ can refer to:* FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, a 2004 film* FAQs , a 2005 film

Faqir (given name)
Faqir is a masculine given name, and may refer to:* Faqir Abdul Raheem Garhori , Indian poet* Faqir Mohammed , Pushtoon terrorist* Faqir Muhammad Khokhar , judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Far or FAR may refer to:- Organizations :* Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias, part of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces* Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias , a guerrilla group in Argentina

Far Away (Lasgo album)
Far Away is an album of dance songs by the Belgian trio Lasgo. It features the singles "Surrender", "All Night Long", "Who's That Girl" and "Lying'". The album is Evi Goffin's last contribution as the vocalist for Lasgo.-Track listing:#Surrender

Far Cry
Far Cry is a first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek Studios from Germany and published by Ubisoft on March 23, 2004, for Microsoft Windows. Far Cry sold 730,000 units within four months of release. It received positive reviews upon release

Far Cry (Marvin Gaye song)
"Far Cry" is the infamous unfinished recording that was included on singer Marvin Gaye's 1981 final Motown album, In Our Lifetime. The song, essentially a funk-styled instrumental, featured a vocally conscious Gaye mouthing words while playing multiple instruments, including the drums and keyboards, on the first part of the song

Far Cry (series)
Far Cry is a franchise of first person shooter computer and video games, following the name of the first game of the series. Crysis is a conceptual sequel to Far Cry, but is not part of the Far Cry series.-Games:-Far Cry: The Movie:

Far Cry (song)
"Far Cry" is the first single from Rush's 2007 album Snakes & Arrows. It was released to radio on March 12, 2007, then saw a digital release on iTunes four days later. The song peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

, usually referred to as JVC, is a Japanese international consumer and professional electronics corporation based in Yokohama, Japan which was founded in 1927

Jwaneng diamond mine
The Jwaneng diamond mine is the richest diamond mine in the world and is located in south-central Botswana about west of the city of Gaborone, in the Naledi river valley of the Kalahari. Jwaneng, meaning "a place of small stones", is owned by Debswana, a partnership between the De Beers company and the government of Botswana

JWH-133 is a potent selective CB2 receptor agonist, with a Ki of 3.4nM and selectivity of around 200x for CB2 over CB1 receptors. It was discovered by, and named after, John W

A Jyotirlinga or Jyotirling or Jyotirlingam is a shrine where Lord Shiva, an aspect of God in Hinduism is worshipped in the form of a Jyotirlingam or "Lingam of light." There are twelve traditional Jyotirlinga shrines in India.

Jyotirmoyee Sikdar
Jyotirmoyee Sikdar is a Member of Parliament, India representing Krishnagar of West Bengal in the 14th Lok Sabha. She is affiliated to the Communist Party of India .

Hindu astrology , also Jyotish or Jyotisha, from Sanskrit , from "light, heavenly body") is the ancient Indian system of astronomy and astrology

JZR Trikes
JZR Trikes is a UK producer of traditionally-styled, motorcycle-engined trikes in kit form.-History:From their workshop in Darwen, Lancashire, John Ziemba Restorations began to market the JZR in 1990. Some 320 JZR's were produced up until 1998 when there was a production hiatus until 2000