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Exon (disambiguation)
Exon may refer to:* Exon, a region of DNA* Exoniensis or Exon., the Post-Nominal Letters for alumni / degrees from the University of Exeter* Exon can also refer to the signature of the Bishop of Exeter* J. James Exon, the U.S

Exoneration occurs when a person who has been convicted of a crime is later proved to have been innocent of that crime. Attempts to exonerate convicts are particularly controversial in death penalty cases, especially where new evidence is put forth after the execution has taken place.The term "exoneration" also is used in criminal law to indicate a surety bail bond has been

In some religions an exorcist is a person who is believed to be able to cast out the devil or other demons. A priest, a nun, a monk, a healer, a shaman or other specially prepared or instructed person can be an exorcist

Exordium may refer to:* Exordium , the introductory section of a discourse in Western classical rhetoric; e.g., the 1st 4 verses of Hebrews in the Bible* Exordium , by Dutch symphonic metal band After Forever.

An exoribonuclease is an exonuclease ribonuclease, which are enzymes that degrade RNA by removing terminal nucleotides from either the 5' end or the 3' end of the RNA molecule

An exoskeleton is the external skeleton that supports and protects an animal's body, in contrast to the internal skeleton of, for example, a human. In popular usage, some of the larger kinds of exoskeletons are known as "shells". Examples of exoskeleton animals include insects such as grasshoppers and cockroaches, and crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters

Exoteric refers to knowledge that is outside of and independent from anyone's experience and can be ascertained by anyone. Compare Common sense. It is distinguished from internal esoteric knowledge. Exoteric relates to "external reality" as opposed to one's own thoughts or feelings. It is knowledge that is public as opposed to secret or cabalistic

In thermodynamics, the term exothermic describes a process or reaction that releases energy from the system, usually in the form of heat, but also in the form of light , electricity , or sound

Exotic can mean:*In mathematics:**Exotic R4 - differentiable manifold homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to the Euclidean space R4**Exotic sphere - differentiable manifold homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to the ordinary sphere*In physics:

Exotic Dancer (horse)
Exotic Dancer was a French bred National Hunt racehorse, who was trained by Jonjo O'Neill. He had a famous rivalry with Kauto Star but never beat him.

Exp (band)
Exp is an Italian group which released several dance singles in the 1990s, great hits particularly in the discothèques.-Singles:* "Before the Night" - #25 in France* "Save Me" * "Shake Your Body"

Expand (Unix)
expand is a program that converts tab characters into groups of space characters. It is available in Unix operating systems and many Unix-like operating systems.For example: $ echo -e "foo\tbar" | expand | xxd -g 1 -u

Expanded access
Expanded access refers to the use of an investigational drug outside of a clinical trial by patients with serious or life-threatening conditions who do not meet the enrollment criteria for the clinical trial in progress

Expanded metal
Expanded metal is a form of metal stock made by shearing a metal plate in a press, so that the metal stretches, leaving diamond-shaped voids surrounded by interlinked bars of the metal. The most common method of manufacture is to simultaneously slit and stretch the material with one motion

Expander (single)
"Expander" was a 1994 single released by The Future Sound of London from the 1992 album Accelerator. This single was released along with a remixed version and two other songs: "Moscow" and "Central Industrial"

- Mathematics :*Expansion *Polynomial expansion*Taylor expansion*expansion of a graph*The converse of a reduct, in model theory or universal algebra- Other uses :*Expansion card, in computer hardware*Expansion pack, in gaming

Expansion (album)
Expansion is a live album released by jazz pianist Dave Burrell. It was recorded during a number of concerts in December 2003 and was released on June 8, 2004 by High Two.

In general, expansionism consists of expansionist policies of governments and states. While some have linked the term to promoting economic growth , more commonly expansionism refers to the doctrine of a state expanding its territorial base usually, though not necessarily, by means of military aggression

In mathematics, the notion of expansivity formalizes the notion of points moving away from one-another under the action of an iterated function. The idea of expansivity is fairly rigid, as the definition of positive expansivity, below, as well as the Schwarz-Ahlfors-Pick theorem demonstrate.-Definition:If is a metric space, a homeomorphism f\colon X\to X is said to be

Expatriate (band)
Expatriate is an indie rock band based in Australia. The band formed in Sydney, Australia, in 2005 and currently consists of vocalist Ben King, drummer Cristo, keyboardist Damian Press and bassist David Molland.

Expect is a Unix automation and testing tool, written by Don Libes as an extension to the Tcl scripting language, for interactive applications such as telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, ssh, and others. It uses Unix pseudo terminals to wrap up subprocesses transparently, allowing the automation of arbitrary applications that are accessed over a terminal

In the case of uncertainty, expectation is what is considered the most likely to happen. An expectation, which is a belief that is centered on the future, may or may not be realistic. A less advantageous result gives rise to the emotion of disappointment. If something happens that is not at all expected it is a surprise

Expectation may refer to:* Expectation * Expected value, in mathematical probability theory* Expectation value * Expectation-maximization algorithm, in statistics

Expectations (Keith Jarrett album)
Expectations is a 1971 recording by pianist, saxophonist and composer Keith Jarrett, released on Columbia Records. The recording features, in addition to Jarrett, tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman, bassist Charlie Haden, drummer Paul Motian, guitarist Sam Brown, percussionist Airto Moreira, and a brass section and a string section whose members are not credited in the album

In the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, an expectative, or an expectative grace , is the anticipatory grant of an ecclesiastical benefice, not vacant at the moment but which will become so, regularly, on the death of its present incumbent.-History:In 1179 the Third Lateran Council, renewing a prohibition already in existence

Expected may refer to:*Expectation*Expected value*Expected shortfall*Expected utility hypothesis*Expected return*Expected gainSee also*Unexpected

Expecting may refer to:* "Expecting" , a 2000 episode of the TV series Angel* "Expecting", a song from the album White Blood Cells by The White Stripes* A pregnant female

An expedition typically refers to a long journey or voyage undertaken for a specific purpose, often exploratory, scientific, geographic, military or political in nature

Expendable is a science fiction novel by the Canadian author James Alan Gardner, published in 1997 by HarperCollins Publishers under its various imprints

Expendable (short story)
"Expendable" is a science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick. It was first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1953

In common usage, an expense or expenditure is an outflow of money to another person or group to pay for an item or service, or for a category of costs. For a tenant, rent is an expense. For students or parents, tuition is an expense. Buying food, clothing, furniture or an automobile is often referred to as an expense

Experience as a general concept comprises knowledge of or skill in or observation of some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event.

Experience (album)
-Personnel:*Jimi Hendrix – guitar, vocals*Mitch Mitchell – drums*Noel Redding – bass guitarOn 'Room Full of Mirrors' they are joined by Chris Wood and Dave Mason . Note the support band that evening was Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog.

Experience (book)
Experience is a book of memoirs by the British author Martin Amis.-Publication history:The book was written primarily in response to the 1995 death of Amis' father, the famed author Kingsley Amis, and was first published in 2000.-Serialization:

Experience (disambiguation)
Experience is a collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions, and skills.Experience may also refer to:* Subjective experience, or perception* Psychedelic experience

An experiment is a methodical procedure carried out with the goal of verifying, falsifying, or establishing the validity of a hypothesis. Experiments vary greatly in their goal and scale, but always rely on repeatable procedure and logical analysis of the results

Experiment (disambiguation)
An experiment is a set of observations performed in the context of solving a particular problem or question.Experiment may also refer to:* Experiment, Georgia, United States* Experiment , a Czech film

Experiment (locomotive)
Experiment was a steam locomotive designed and built by Richard Roberts in 1833 for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway . The locomotive had vertical cylinders driving via bell cranks.-History:

Expiration is an independent feature film written, directed and starring Gavin Heffernan. It was the winner of the Grand Jury Prize and Best Film at the Canadian Filmmakers' Festival.

Expiration may refer to:*Death*Exhalation*Expiration date *Expiration

Expired is a 2008 comedy-drama film and is the first writer-director credit for Cecilia Miniucchi, whose previous credits include the documentary on the work of artist Hermann Nitsch entitled Nitsch 1998

An explanandum is a phenomenon that needs to be explained and its explanans is the explanation of that phenomenon. For example, one person may pose an explanandum by asking "Why is there smoke?", and another may provide an explanans by responding "Because there is a fire"

An explanation is a set of statements constructed to describe a set of facts which clarifies the causes, context, and consequencesof those facts.

Expletive may refer to:*Syntactic expletive, a word that performs a syntactic role but contributes nothing to meaning*Expletive attributive, a word that contributes nothing to meaning but suggests the strength of feeling of the speaker

The idea and practice of explication is rooted in the verb to explicate, which concerns the process of "unfolding" and of "making clear" the meaning of things, so as to make the implicit explicit

Explicit can mean:* Sexually explicit, content that might be deemed offensive or graphic* the final words of a text, which are immediately followed by a colophon

Exploit can mean:*Exploit *Exploit *Exploit *Exploit *Exploit, a 2009 Adobe Flash game by Gregory Weir*The Exploits River, the longest river on the island of Newfoundland-See also:

This article discusses the term exploitation in the meaning of using something in an unjust or cruel manner.- As unjust benefit :In political economy, economics, and sociology, exploitation involves a persistent social relationship in which certain persons are being mistreated or unfairly used for the benefit of others

L'Explorateur is a soft-ripened French triple cream cow's-milk cheese made in the Île-de-France region of France.Created in the 1950s, it was named to honor the first US Satellite, Explorer. As a triple creme, the fat content of its dry matter is about 75%

Exploration is the act of searching or traveling around a terrain for the purpose of discovery of resources or information. Exploration occurs in all non-sessile animal species, including humans

Explorations may refer to:*The plural of exploration*Explorations , a BBC documentary*Explorations , an album by Bill Evans*Explorations , an ejournal by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawai'i

Exploring (TV series)
Exploring was a Saturday morning children's educational series in color that appeared on NBC television from 1962 to 1966. The NBC News series, which would be nominated for an Emmy Award in 1964 and win a Peabody Award in 1963, would feature segments that mainly covered science, but would also cover other subjects, including the arts. The series was hosted by Dr

An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases. An explosion creates a shock wave. If the shock wave is a supersonic detonation, then the source of the blast is called a "high explosive"

Expo may refer to:*Expo , short for "exposition", and also known as World's Fair*A trade fair, an exhibition where companies in an industry showcase and demonstrate their latest products

Exponential may refer to any of several mathematical topics related to exponentiation, including:*Exponential function, also:**Matrix exponential, the matrix analogue to the above*Exponential decay, decrease at a rate proportional to value

Exponentiation is a mathematical operation, written as an, involving two numbers, the base a and the exponent n

The term export is derived from the conceptual meaning as to ship the goods and services out of the port of a country. The seller of such goods and services is referred to as an "exporter" who is based in the country of export whereas the overseas based buyer is referred to as an "importer"

Export (cigarette)
Export is a line of tobacco products produced by JTI Macdonald and sold in Canada. The most recognized products are the Export 'A' product line. However, JTI also produces an unfiltered 'Export Plain' cigarette and Export rolling tobacco.- Products :

Expose, exposé, or exposed may refer to:-Technology:* Exposé , a window management tool for Mac OS X** Exposé clone, computer software which mimics the Mac OS X feature-Music:

Exposed is a live double album by Mike Oldfield, released in 1979.The album was a collection of Oldfield's tours in Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and England from March to April 1979. It peaked at #16 on the UK Album Chart.

Exposed (album)
Exposed is the debut solo album of Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil, released in 1993. It reached #13 on the US charts.* The album was recorded at the Record Plant in 1992. Vince titled the album, "Exposed" because he thought of the album as his moment in the spotlight.* Vince's manager, Bruce Bird, died of a brain aneurysm during the recording

Exposed (Boom Boom Satellites album)
-External links:* * *

Exposed (Chanté Moore album)
Exposed is the fourth solo album from singer Chanté Moore. The first single "Straight Up" became a moderate hit in some European countries, but failed to make waves in the U.S peaking at #83 on the Billboard Pop Charts

Exposed (Mike Oldfield video)
Exposed is a live concert video by Mike Oldfield recorded in 1979 at Wembley Conference Centre. The live album of the same name was released in 1979; it also had the same artwork. A DVD version of the concert was released in 2005

Exposed (MTV series)
MTV's Exposed is a television dating show which debuted in December 2006 on MTV. It is produced by Kallissa Productions and Endemol USA. It is also the successor of the dating show Next.-Premise:The premise is based on lie detection software

John Kotter
John Paul Kotter is a professor at the Harvard Business School and author, who is regarded as an authority on leadership and change. He outlines eight steps that organizations need to implement to successfully change:1

John Kufuor
John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor was the second president of the 4th Republic of Ghana and Chairperson of the African Union

John L. Heilbron
John Lewis Heilbron, born 17 March 1934, is an American historian of science best known for his work in the history of physics and the history of astronomy

John L. Stevens
John Leavitt Stevens was the United States Department of State Minister to the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893 when he was accused of conspiring to overthrow Queen Liliuokalani in association with the Committee of Safety, led by Lorrin A. Thurston and Sanford B

John L. Sullivan
John Lawrence Sullivan , also known as the Boston Strong Boy, was recognized as the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing from February 7, 1881 to 1892, and is generally recognized as the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle boxing under the London Prize Ring rules

John L. Thornton
John Lawson Thornton is Professor and Director of Global Leadership at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is a former President and Co-COO of Goldman Sachs. In 1983, Thornton founded and developed Goldman Sachs' European mergers and acquisitions business. He served as co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International in London from 1995 to 1996

John Langdon
John Langdon was a politician from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and one of the first two United States senators from that state. Langdon was an early supporter of the Revolutionary War and later served in the Continental Congress

John Lansing, Jr.
John Ten Eyck Lansing, Jr. , was an American lawyer and politician. He was the uncle of Gerrit Y. Lansing.-Career:

John Laws (judge)
Sir John Grant McKenzie Laws , styled The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Laws, has been a Lord Justice of Appeal since 1999.-Early life:

John Layfield (theologian)
John Layfield, D.D. was an English scholar and translator.Layfield was educated at Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood before proceeding to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was a Fellow from 1585 to 1603. He was chaplain to George Clifford, the 3rd Earl of Cumberland on his 1592 voyage to Puerto Rico

John Lee Hooker
John Lee Hooker was an American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist.Hooker began his life as the son of a sharecropper, William Hooker, and rose to prominence performing his own unique style of what was originally closest to Delta blues. He developed a 'talking blues' style that was his trademark

John Leggott College
John Leggott College is a sixth form college on West Common Lane, in Old Brumby, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, England.-Technical school:

John Leguizamo
Jonathan Alberto "John" Leguizamo is an Colombian-American actor, producer, voice artist, and comedian.-Early life:

John Leman
Sir John Leman was a tradesman from Beccles, England who became Lord Mayor of London.-Career:Leman's business interests grew across the district of Waveney, which spans the Norfolk-Suffolk border. In the 1580s he moved to London and extended his business interests to trading in dairy products there before becoming a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers

John Lennon
John Winston Lennon, MBE was an English musician and singer-songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as one of the founding members of The Beatles, one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music

John Locke
John Locke FRS , widely known as the Father of Liberalism, was an English philosopher and physician regarded as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers. Considered one of the first of the British empiricists, following the tradition of Francis Bacon, he is equally important to social contract theory

John Lowery
John William Lowery , best known by the stage name John 5, is an American guitarist. His stage name was bestowed on him in 1998 when he left David Lee Roth and joined the industrial metal group Marilyn Manson as their guitarist, taking over from Zim Zum

John Madejski
Sir John Robert Madejski OBE DL is an English businessman, with commercial interests, spanning property, broadcast media, hotels, restaurants, publishing and football

John Marsden (writer)
John Marsden is an Australian writer, teacher and school principal. Marsden has had his books translated into nine languages including Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian and Spanish.

John Marshall
John Marshall was the Chief Justice of the United States whose court opinions helped lay the basis for American constitutional law and made the Supreme Court of the United States a coequal branch of government along with the legislative and executive branches

John Marshall (archaeologist)
Sir John Hubert Marshall was the Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India from 1902 to 1928

John Maynard Keynes
John Maynard Keynes, Baron Keynes of Tilton, CB FBA , was a British economist whose ideas have profoundly affected the theory and practice of modern macroeconomics, as well as the economic policies of governments

John Mayor
John Mayor may refer to:*John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor , English classical scholar*John Mair , also spelled John Mayor, Scottish philosopher-See also:*John Meyer *John Meier

John McCain
John Sidney McCain III is the senior United States Senator from Arizona. He was the Republican nominee for president in the 2008 United States election.

John McMurtry
John McMurtry, PhD, FRSC, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, Canada. Most recently, he has focused his research on the value structure of economic theory and its consequences for global civil and environmental life

John Mica
John L. Mica is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 1993. He is a member of the Republican Party. He is the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, starting January 3, 2011.

John Michie
John Michie is a Scottish television and film actor, best known for his role as DI Robbie Ross in the STV Scottish detective television series Taggart and for playing Karl Munro in Coronation Street.-Early life:

John Miers (artist)
John M.html] V&A biographies of artists. Born in Leeds, he established a businesniature. His-References:VERY FAMOUSJohn M.html] V&A biographies of artists. Born in Leeds, he established a businesniature. His-References:VERY FAMOUS

John Miles Steel
Air Chief Marshal Sir John Miles Steel GCB, KBE, CMG, RAF was a senior Royal Air Force commander.-Military career:

John Millington Synge
Edmund John Millington Synge was an Irish playwright, poet, prose writer, and collector of folklore. He was a key figure in the Irish Literary Revival and was one of the cofounders of the Abbey Theatre

John Milton
John Milton was an English poet, polemicist, a scholarly man of letters, and a civil servant for the Commonwealth of England under Oliver Cromwell

John Minto
John Minto is a New Zealand based political activist known for his involvement in various left-wing groups and causes, most notably Halt All Racist Tours. A 2005 documentary on New Zealand's top 100 history makers listed him as number 89. Today he is involved with the protest group Global Peace and Justice Auckland and the Unite Union

John Molson School of Business
The John Molson School of Business is the business school of Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With over 6,500 undergraduate students, 1200 graduate students and 36,000 alumni

John Moores (merchant)
Sir John Moores CBE was a British businessman and philanthropist most famous for the founding of the now defunct Littlewoods retail company that was located in Liverpool, England.-Early years:

John Motson
John Walker Motson OBE ,AKA Motty, is an English football commentator on both television and radio as well a well known moter. He made his name as 'Moty' after he moted out the entire Huddersfield huddersfield cheerleaders team. writer.-Biography:The son of a Methodist minister, Motson was educated at Culford School, near Bury St Edmunds

John Muir
John Muir was a Scottish-born American naturalist, author, and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. His letters, essays, and books telling of his adventures in nature, especially in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, have been read by millions

John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore
John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore was a British peer and colonial governor. He was the son of William Murray, 3rd Earl of Dunmore, and his wife Catherine . He is best remembered as the last royal governor of the Colony of Virginia.John was the eldest son of William and Catherine Murray, and nephew of John Murray, second Earl of Dunmore

John N. Bahcall
John Norris Bahcall was an American astrophysicist, best known for his contributions to the solar neutrino problem, the development of the Hubble Space Telescope and for his leadership and development of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.-Early and family life:Bahcall was born in Shreveport, Louisiana

John Napier
John Napier of Merchiston – also signed as Neper, Nepair – named Marvellous Merchiston, was a Scottish mathematician, physicist, astronomer & astrologer, and also the 8th Laird of Merchistoun. He was the son of Sir Archibald Napier of Merchiston. John Napier is most renowned as the discoverer of the logarithm

John Nelson Darby
John Nelson Darby was an Anglo-Irish evangelist, and an influential figure among the original Plymouth Brethren. He is considered to be the father of modern Dispensationalism. He produced a translation of the Bible based on the Hebrew and Greek texts called The Holy Scriptures: A New Translation from the Original Languages by J. N

John Nettles
John Vivian Drummond Nettles, OBE is an English actor, historian and writer who is best known for playing the lead roles in Bergerac and Midsomer Murders.-Early life:

John Ngugi
John Ngugi Kamau , is a former Kenyan athlete, often called one of the greatest cross country runners of all time and winner of the 5000 metres at the 1988 Summer Olympics.-Career:

John Norden
John Norden was an English cartographer, chorographer and antiquary. He planned a series of county maps and accompanying county histories of England, the Speculum Britanniae

John Norman
John Frederick Lange, Jr. , better known under his pen name John Norman, is a professor of philosophy and an author. He is best known for his Gor novel series.-Biography:

John Norton (Mohawk chief)
The Mohawk Major John Norton played a prominent role in the War of 1812, leading Iroquois warriors from Grand River into battle against American invaders at Queenston Heights, Stoney Creek, and Chippawa.-Early life:

John of Patmos
John of Patmos is the name given, in the Book of Revelation, as the author of the apocalyptic text that is traditionally cannonized in the New Testament

John Ormsby Evelyn Vandeleur
Brigadier John Ormsby Evelyn 'JOE' Vandeleur DSO and Bar, ON was a British Army officer who served in the Second World War.-Early life:

John P. Fulton
John P. Fulton, A.S.C. was an American special effects supervisor and cinematographer.-Biography:

John P. Meier
John Paul Meier is a Biblical scholar and Catholic priest. He attended St. Joseph's Seminary and College , Gregorian University [Rome] , and the Biblical Institute [Rome]

John Pankow
John Pankow is an American film and stage actor. He is perhaps best known for a supporting role on the sitcom Mad About You .-Early life:

John Paul Jackson
John Paul Jackson was a member of the controversial Kansas City Prophets, whose practice and doctrine came under fire in the 1980s and '90s. He is the founder of Streams Ministries International, a Christian group that deals especially with the practice known as prophecy

John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones was a Scottish sailor and the United States' first well-known naval fighter in the American Revolutionary War. Although he made enemies among America's political elites, his actions in British waters during the Revolution earned him an international reputation which persists to this day

John Paul Tremblay
John Paul Tremblay is a Canadian actor who stars in the hit Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys, playing Julian, a newly released ex-con returning to his home in a trailer park in Nova Scotia

John Paul Young
John Paul Young is an Australian pop singer who had a 1978 worldwide hit with "Love Is in the Air"

John Peter Zenger
John Peter Zenger was a German-American printer, publisher, editor, and journalist in New York City. He was a defendant in a landmark legal case in American jurisprudence that determined that truth was a defense against charges of libel and "laid the foundation for American press freedom."- Zenger case in history :The "Penman of the

John Pilger
John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist and documentary maker, based in London. He has twice won Britain's Journalist of the Year Award, and his documentaries have received academy awards in Britain and the US.

John Pippy
John Pippy is an American politician from the U.S. State of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Republican Party and currently serves in the Pennsylvania State Senate.-Personal:

John Player & Sons
John Player & Sons, known simply as Player's, was a tobacco and cigarette manufacturer based in Nottingham, England. It is today a part of the Imperial Tobacco Group.-History:

John Polding
John Bede Polding OSB was the first Roman Catholic bishop and archbishop of Sydney, Australia.-Early life:Polding's father was of Dutch descent; his mother died when he was eight. He was placed in the care of his uncle, Father Bede Brewer, president-general of the English Benedictine Congregation

John Ponet
John Ponet was the Bishop of Winchester, the Bishop of Rochester, and a controversial Protestant religious leader.In his day, Ponet was an influential Protestant theologian

John Proctor
John Proctor was a farmer in 17th century Massachusetts. He married three women in his life, and divorced the first two. The last one he married was Elizabeth Proctor, who gave birth to two children, William and Sarah

John Profumo
Brigadier John Dennis Profumo, 5th Baron Profumo CBE , informally known as Jack Profumo , was a British politician. His title, 5th Baron, which he did not use, was Italian. Although Profumo held an increasingly responsible series of political posts in the 1950s, he is best known today for his involvement in a 1963 scandal involving a prostitute

John Quilliam
Captain John Quilliam RN was a British Royal Navy officer and the First Lieutenant on HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. He was a farmer’s son from the Isle of Man.-Career:

John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States . He served as an American diplomat, Senator, and Congressional representative. He was a member of the Federalist, Democratic-Republican, National Republican, and later Anti-Masonic and Whig parties. Adams was the son of former President John Adams and Abigail Adams

John R. Chambliss
John Randolph Chambliss, Jr. was a career military officer, serving in the United States Army and then, during the American Civil War, in the Confederate States Army. A brigadier general of cavalry, Chambliss was killed in action during the Second Battle of Deep Bottom.-Early life:Chambliss was born at Hicksford in Greensville County, Virginia

John R. Fox
John Robert Fox was killed in action when he deliberately called for artillery fire on his own position, after his position was overrun, in order to defeat a German attack in the vicinity of Sommocolonia, northern Italy during World War II

John R. Quinn
John Raphael Quinn is a Roman Catholic bishop, currently the Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of San Francisco; he served as the archdiocese's sixth archbishop from 1977 to 1995

John Rabe (film)
John Rabe is a 2009 German-Chinese-French biopictorial film directed by Florian Gallenberger and starring Ulrich Tukur, Daniel Brühl and Steve Buscemi.

John Rae (explorer)
John Rae was a Scottish doctor who explored Northern Canada, surveyed parts of the Northwest Passage and reported the fate of the Franklin Expedition.