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In the slang of the United States, egghead is an anti-intellectual epithet, directed at people considered too out-of-touch with ordinary people and too lacking in realism, common sense, virility, etc. on account of their intellectual interests. The British equivalent is boffin

Egging refers to the act of throwing eggs at houses, cars, or people. Egging is a criminal offence in most areas. The eggs are usually raw, but are sometimes hard-boiled or expired. This can be considered vandalism.

Eggnog, or egg nog, is a sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk and/or cream, sugar, beaten eggs , and liquor

Eggshells (film)
Eggshells is an independent low budget film released in 1969. It is the first film directed by Tobe Hooper. It was written by Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper . It was produced by Tobe Hooper. It had a budget of $100,000

Ego (Kim Wilde song)
"Ego" is a song from the album Select by British singer Kim Wilde. It was a radio-only single released exclusively in Australia in 1982.

Ego (spirituality)
In spirituality, and especially nondual, mystical and eastern meditative traditions, individual existence is often described as a kind of illusion. This "sense of doership" or sense of individual existence is that part which believes it is the human being, and believes it must fight for itself in the world, is ultimately unaware and unconscious of its own true nature

Ego Trip
Ego Trip may refer to:*Ego Trip , a 1990s hip hop magazine*Ego Trip , a 1969 film*Ego Trip , a 1984 album by Kurtis Blow*Ego Trip , a 1997 album by Keoki

Ego Trip (Keoki album)
Ego Trip is the debut album by Keoki, released in 1997.-Track listing:All tracks by Dave Audé, Keoki Franconi#"Madness" – 7:12#"Wicked" – 7:00#"Me" – 6:52#"Crash" – 6:28#"Blow" – 6:41#"Majick" – 4:49#"Space" – 6:20#"Ego-Trip" – 5:21

* Egotism, an excessive or exaggerated sense of self-importance* Ethical egoism, the doctrine that holds that individuals ought to do what is in their self-interest

Egoist may refer to:*A person with self-esteem and self-love egoism*An adherent of egoist anarchism*The Egoist , 1879 novel by George Meredith*The Egoist , literary magazine founded by Dora Marsden

Egomania (UK TV Documentary)
"Egomania" was an episode of a 3-part documentary series on Channel 4 made by Firecracker Films about people who are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder .

Egotism is "characterized by an exaggerated estimate of one's intellect, ability, importance, appearance, wit, or other valued personal characteristics" – the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself.

EGR (disambiguation)
EGR may refer to:* East Grand Rapids, a city in Western Michigan, United States* Exhaust gas recirculation, a NOx reduction technique* Eastern Goldfields Railway, an Australian railway

Egress may refer to:* the act of exiting, and the antonym of ingress* Egress , the right of a person to leave a property* Egress , the passage of electromagnetic fields through the shield of a coaxial cable-See also:

An egret is any of several herons, most of which are white or buff, and several of which develop fine plumes during the breeding season. Many egrets are members of the genera Egretta or Ardea which contain other species named as herons rather than egrets

Egypt (album)
Egypt is a Grammy Award-winning album by Senegalese musician Youssou N'Dour, on which he is accompanied by the Egyptian Fathy Salama Orchestra. In the original Senegalese release, it was named Sant Allah .

Egypt (band)
There is/has been more than one band called Egypt over the years. This can cause confusion with albums & tracks from different 'Egypts' often listed together as if they were one band

Egyptian may refer to:* Of or pertaining to Egypt, a country in northeastern Africa** A citizen of Egypt. See Demographics of Egypt.** Egyptians, an ethnic group in North Africa** Egyptian Arabic, the language spoken in Egypt

Egyptology (album)
Egyptology is an album by World Party released in 1997, re-released in 2006. It contained the #31 British single "Beautiful Dream" and the award-winning She's the One, among other songs

Egyptology (album)
Egyptology is an album by World Party released in 1997, re-released in 2006. It contained the #31 British single "Beautiful Dream" and the award-winning She's the One, among other songs

Eha or EHA may refer to:* Education for All Handicapped Children Act, a U.S. government act* Emotional Health Anonymous, a self-help group* European Heritage Alliance, a political organization* European Hydrogen Association

Ehecatl (disambiguation)
Ehecatl or Ehécatl may refer to:* Ehecatl, a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican deity figure, associated as the god of winds to an aspect of Quetzalcoatl

EHO may refer to:* Environmental health officer, a health profession* Shelby Municipal Airport, an airport which has IATA airport code EHO* Extra Heavy Oil, a very heavy crude oil

Ehrlich is a German family name, meaning "honest" or "honorable". People with this surname include:* Abel Ehrlich , an Israeli composer of symphony music* Alojzy Ehrlich , Polish table tennis legend* Anne H. Ehrlich , a U.S

Eich (Verbandsgemeinde)
Eich is a Verbandsgemeinde in the district Alzey-Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The seat of the Verbandsgemeinde is in Eich.

Eichel may refer to:* Christine Eichel , German female journalist * Hans Eichel , German politician* Julius Eichel , US pacifist * Kaspar Eichel , German film actor

Eichen is a municipality in the district of Altenkirchen, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Eichhorn or Eichhörnchen is German for "squirrel"; "die Eiche" means "Oak" and "Eichhorn" is the creature that inhabits the oak.It is the surname of:* Albert Eichhorn, historian of religion* Christoph Eichhorn

Eiders are large seaducks in the genus Somateria. Steller's Eider, despite its name, is in a different genus.The three extant species all breed in the cooler latitudes of the Northern hemisphere.

Eider (Amt Kirchspielslandgemeinde)
Eider is an Amt in the district of Dithmarschen, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Its seat is in Hennstedt. It was formed on 1 January 2008 from the former Ämter Hennstedt, Lunden and Tellingstedt

Eidolon (album)
-Notes:# Thomas Gabriel Fischer appears as a guest vocalist on the song Baphomet.# A video of the song Edge of Night was made and can be viewed at their MySpace page.-Personnel:Dark Fortress* Morean – vocals* V

Eidolon (band)
Eidolon was a Canadian power metal band formed in 1993 by brothers Shawn and Glen Drover . The band was signed to Metal Blade Records, but was let go in 2004, in part because of a refusal to tour. Eidolon signed soon after to Escapi Records. The band has released seven studio albums to date

Eigen may refer to either:* Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace in mathematics and physics* Manfred Eigen, a German biophysicist

Eight (1998 film)
Eight is a 13 minute, 1998 short film directed by Stephen Daldry, written by Tim Clague and produced by Working Title Films.-Plot summary:

Eight (album)
Eight was released in 2000 and is the eighth studio album by British rock band, New Model Army. Following the departure of Robert Heaton, Michael Dean and Dean White were recruited into the band, who also co-produced Eight with Justin Sullivan.

Eiken may refer to:*Eiken, Switzerland, a village in Switzerland*Eiken, Norway, a former municipality in Norway*Eiken , an animation studio*STEP Eiken, an English examination*Eiken , a manga/anime series

Eiken (studio)
is an anime studio in Tokyo, Japan. The company was formerly known as Tele-Cartoon Japan or TCJ before changing its name in 1969 to establish Eiken. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asatsu-DK.-External links:

EIN may refer to:*Eindhoven Airport*Endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia, a precancerous condition in women*Employer Identification Number*Energy Independence Now, a non-profit organization

Eine can refer to:* Eine , a river in the Harz mountains in Germany* EINE, - an early Emacs text editor for lisp machines* Ben Eine, a street artist from London

Eino is a Finnish and Estonian masculine given name. The name is thought to be the Finno-Ugric form of the given name Henri. Both Finnish and Estonian languages belong to the Finno-Ugric language group through their being Uralic languages

Einstein (novel)
Einstein is a novel by British author Miles Gibson published in 2004 by The-Do-Not Press.It is a darkly satirical, angry comedy with a lively streak of science fiction in which the hero and his dog encounter a Deep Time Mariner, an alien traveller sent down to Earth to evacuate important biological species to an intergalactic ark, before the planet collapses under the pressure of its

Einstein (surname)
-Physicist and family:*Albert Einstein, famous German-Jewish physicist*Mileva Einstein , first wife of Albert Einstein*Lieserl Einstein, daughter of Albert and Mileva

Einstein (US-CERT program)
Einstein is an intrusion detection system that monitors the network gateways of government departments and agencies in the United States for unauthorized traffic

Eintopf is a traditional type of German stew which can consist of a great number of different ingredients. Technically, the term refers to a way of cooking all ingredients in one pot, not to any specific recipe.

Eira is a neighborhood in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.The district dates back to the early 20th century and received its name after Eira Hospital in the neighboring district of Ullanlinna, which in turn took its name from Eira Hospital in Stockholm, which was named after Eir, the old Scandinavian goddess of healing.Eira is located south from the city centre

Eisegesis is the process of misinterpreting a text in such a way that it introduces one's own ideas, reading into the text. This is best understood when contrasted with exegesis. While exegesis draws out the meaning from the text, eisegesis occurs when a reader reads his/her interpretation into the text

Eisen is a common surname. It can refer to the following:-People:*Arnold Eisen, a professor of Jewish studies*Arthur Arturovich Eisen , a Russian soloist with the Alexandrov Ensemble*Cliff Eisen, a Canadian musicologist

is a Japanese actor from Tokyo, Japan. His birth name is . He has appeared in many Japanese television dramas and movies; most notable is the TV series Water Boys

EITC may refer to:*Earned Income Tax Credit*East India Trading Company*Educational Improvement Tax Credit, a Pennsylvania school choice legislative initiative*Eastern Idaho Technical College, a public college in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Either/or means "one or the other ." Its usage, versus the simple or structure, is often for emphatic purposes, sometimes intending to emphasize that only one option is possible, or to emphasize that there are only two options

Eivind or Eyvind is a Norwegian masculine given name of Norse origin, the meaning being “happy warrior”. The name ranks as the 77th. most common male name in Norway. Eyvind is a lesser used variant of the name. The name Eivind is also used in Denmark and Sweden, and as Eyvindur in Iceland, but to a lesser extent than in Norway

EJA may refer to:* East Journal on Approximations, a mathematical journal* NetJets, a jet charter company which has ICAO airline designator EJA * Yariguies Airport, a Colombian airport which has IATA airport code EJA

Ejaculation (disambiguation)
Ejaculation may refer to:* Male ejaculation* Female ejaculation* Ejaculation , including "religious ejaculations"

Eject (Transformers)
-Transformers: Generation 1:The initial Hasbro releases of Eject and Ramhorn had chromed-gold weapons, subsequent releases used chromed-silver. Eject shares a mold with the Autobot Rewind

Ejector (disambiguation)
May refer to:*Ejector or Injector, a pump-like device without moving parts*Steam ejector, a railway locomotive component used to create vacuum*Ejection seat, an escape device for aircraft*Ejector rack, an aircraft fitting for carrying bombs

Ejercito (disambiguation)
The Ejercito family is a family in the Philippines:*Joseph Estrada - Born as Jose M. Ejercito, Sr., is an actor and the former President of the Philippines.*Jinggoy Estrada - Born as Jose P

EKA (supercomputer)
EKA is a supercomputer built by the Computational Research Laboratories with technical assistance and hardware provided by Hewlett-Packard.Eka means the number One in Sanskrit.-Design:

Ekaterina is a feminine given name. It is a Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Katherine, as well as a Russian variant of Yekaterina. Ekaterina or Yekaterina may refer to:* A given name** Art*** Ekaterina Medvedeva , Russian naïve painter.

EKE or Eke may refer to:* Eke , a Tongan group dance* Encrypted key exchange, a family of password-authenticated key agreement methods* Eke, a town part of the municipality Nazareth in Belgium* Eke, an Igbo deityPeople named Eke:

Installation (computer programs)
Installation of a program is the act of putting the program onto a computer system so that it can be executed.

Instant messaging
Instant Messaging is a form of real-time direct text-based chatting communication in push mode between two or more people using personal computers or other devices, along with shared clients. The user's text is conveyed over a network, such as the Internet

Instant-runoff voting
Instant-runoff voting , also known as preferential voting, the alternative vote and ranked choice voting, is a voting system used to elect one winner. Voters rank candidates in order of preference, and their ballots are counted as one vote for their first choice candidate. If a candidate secures a majority of votes cast, that candidate wins

Institut de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire
The Institut de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire is a research institute of molecular and cellular biology that is owned by the French National Centre for Scientific Research and operated by the University of Strasbourg.- External links :*

Institut International de Lancy
The Institut International de Lancy is a private school located in Geneva, Switzerland.-History:

Institute for Creation Research
The Institute for Creation Research is a Christian institution in Dallas, Texas that specializes in education, research, and media promotion of Creation Science and Biblical creationism. The ICR adopts the Bible as an inerrant and literal documentary of scientific and historical fact as well as religious and moral truths, and espouses a Young Earth creationist world view

Institute for Social Research
The Institute for Social Research is a research organization for sociology and continental philosophy, best known as the institutional home of the Frankfurt School and critical theory.

Institute of Advanced Motorists
The Institute of Advanced Motorists is a charity based in the United Kingdom and serving nine countries, whose objective is to improve car driving and motorcycle riding standards, and so enhance road safety, through the proper use of a system of car and motorcycle control based on Roadcraft

Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
The Institute of Astronomy is the largest of the three astronomy departments in the University of Cambridge, and one of the largest astronomy sites in the UK

Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka
The Institute of Business Administration of the University of Dhaka - commonly known as IBA - is a government funded institution for business-education in the South Asian Country of Bangladesh. It was established in 1966 in collaboration with the Karachi IBA, the Ford Foundation, and Indiana University, Bloomington but is currently only affiliated with the University of Dhaka

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a non-profit professional association headquartered in New York City that is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence

Institute of Management Accountants
Institute of Management Accountants is a professional organization headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey more than 60,000 professionals worldwide

Institute of Notre Dame
The Institute of Notre Dame is a private Catholic all-girls high school located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore.-History:

Institute on Religion in an Age of Science
The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science is a non-denominational society that promotes and facilitates the ongoing dialectic between religion and science. Both members of IRAS and non-members congregate at the IRAS conference held annually at Star Island in New Hampshire.-History:IRAS evolved from the ideas of two pioneer groups

Institution of Civil Engineers
Founded on 2 January 1818, the Institution of Civil Engineers is an independent professional association, based in central London, representing civil engineering. Like its early membership, the majority of its current members are British engineers, but it also has members in more than 150 countries around the world. In 2008, its total membership stands at more than 80,000

Institution of Engineering and Technology
The Institution of Engineering and Technology is a British professional body for those working in engineering and technology in the United Kingdom and worldwide. It was formed in 2006 from two separate institutions: the Institution of Electrical Engineers , dating back to 1871, and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers dating back to 1884

Institutional economics
Institutional economics focuses on understanding the role of the evolutionary process and the role of institutions in shaping economic behaviour. Its original focus lay in Thorstein Veblen's instinct-oriented dichotomy between technology on the one side and the "ceremonial" sphere of society on the other

Instituto Butantan
Instituto Butantan is a Brazilian biomedical research center affiliated to the São Paulo State Secretary of Health. It is located near the campus of the University of São Paulo, in the city of the same name.-History:

Instituto Politécnico de Beja
The Polytechnical Institute of Beja is a state-run polytechnic institute of higher education, comprising several schools. It is located in Beja, on the south region of Alentejo, Portugal

Instruction Set Simulator
An instruction set simulator is a simulation model, usually coded in a high-level programming language, which mimics the behavior of a mainframe or microprocessor by "reading" instructions and maintaining internal variables which represent the processor's registers.Instruction simulation is a methodology employed for one of several possible reasons:* To simulate the machine

Instrument Landing System
An instrument landing system is a ground-based instrument approach system that provides precision guidance to an aircraft approaching and landing on a runway, using a combination of radio signals and, in many cases, high-intensity lighting arrays to enable a safe landing during instrument meteorological conditions , such as low ceilings or reduced visibility due to fog,

Instrumentation amplifier
An instrumentation amplifier is a type of differential amplifier that has been outfitted with input buffers, which eliminate the need for input impedance matching and thus make the amplifier particularly suitable for use in measurement and test equipment

Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society
The International Society of Automation , formerly known as The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society, is a non-profit technical society for engineers, technicians, businesspeople, educators and students, who work, study or are interested in industrial automation and pursuits related to it, such as instrumentation

Insubordination is the act of willfully disobeying an authority. Refusing to perform an action that is unethical or illegal is not insubordination; neither is refusing to perform an action that is not within the scope of authority of the person issuing the order.Insubordination is typically a punishable offense in hierarchical organizations which depend on people lower in the chain of

Insular dwarfism
Insular dwarfism, a form of phyletic dwarfism, is the process and condition of the reduction in size of large animals – typically mammals – when their population's range is limited to a small environment, primarily islands. This natural process is distinct from the intentional creation of dwarf breeds, called dwarfing

Insulated gate bipolar transistor
The insulated gate bipolar transistor or IGBT is a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as an electronic switch and in newer devices is noted for combining high efficiency and fast switching

Insulated glazing
Insulated glazing also known as double glazing are double or triple glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.

Insulation means:* Building insulation, added to buildings for comfort and energy efficiency* Soundproofing, also known as acoustic insulation, any means of reducing the intensity of sound

Insulation-displacement connector
An Insulation-displacement connector, insulation-displacement technology/termination or insulation-piercing connector is an electrical connector designed to be connected to the conductor of an insulated wire or cable by a connection process which forces a selectively sharpened blade or blades through the insulation, bypassing the need to strip the

Insulin receptor
In molecular biology, the insulin receptor is a transmembrane receptor that is activated by insulin. It belongs to the large class of tyrosine kinase receptors.

In law and economics, insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for payment. An insurer is a company selling the insurance; an insured, or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial crown corporation in British Columbia created in 1973 by the NDP government of British Columbia. The original purpose of ICBC was to provide universal public auto insurance in British Columbia

Intaglio (printmaking)
Intaglio is a family of printmaking techniques in which the image is incised into a surface, known as the matrix or plate, and the incised line or area holds the ink. Normally, copper or zinc plates are used as a surface, and the incisions are created by etching, engraving, drypoint, aquatint or mezzotint

The integers are formed by the natural numbers together with the negatives of the non-zero natural numbers .They are known as Positive and Negative Integers respectively

Integration is an important concept in mathematics and, together with its inverse, differentiation, is one of the two main operations in calculus

Integral Coach Factory
Started in 1952, the Integral Coach Factory is located in Chennai, India. Its primary products are rail coaches. Most of the coaches manufactured are supplied to the Indian Railways, but it has also manufactured coaches for railway companies in other countries, including Thailand, Burma, Taiwan, Zambia, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Nigeria, Mozambique and Bangladesh

Integrated circuit
An integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit is an electronic circuit manufactured by the patterned diffusion of trace elements into the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material

Integrated Lights-Out
Integrated Lights-Out, or iLO, is an embedded server management technology exclusive to Hewlett-Packard but similar in functionality to the Lights out management technology of other vendors.

Integumentary system
The integumentary system is the organ system that protects the body from damage, comprising the skin and its appendages

Intel 4004
The Intel 4004 was a 4-bit central processing unit released by Intel Corporation in 1971. It was the first complete CPU on one chip, and also the first commercially available microprocessor

Intel 80186
The 80188 is a version with an 8-bit external data bus, instead of 16-bit. This makes it less expensive to connect to peripherals. The 80188 is otherwise very similar to the 80186. It has a throughput of 1 million instructions per second.

Intel 80286
The Intel 80286 , introduced on 1 February 1982, was a 16-bit x86 microprocessor with 134,000 transistors. Like its contemporary simpler cousin, the 80186, it could correctly execute most software written for the earlier Intel 8086 and 8088

Intel 8085
The Intel 8085 is an 8-bit microprocessor introduced by Intel in 1977. It was binary-compatible with the more-famous Intel 8080 but required less supporting hardware, thus allowing simpler and less expensive microcomputer systems to be built.

Intel 8087
The Intel 8087, announced in 1980, was the first floating-point coprocessor for the 8086 line of microprocessors. It had 45,000 transistors and was manufactured as a 3 μm depletion load HMOS circuit. The 8087 was built to be paired with the Intel 8088 or 8086 microprocessors

Intel 8088
The Intel 8088 microprocessor was a variant of the Intel 8086 and was introduced on July 1, 1979. It had an 8-bit external data bus instead of the 16-bit bus of the 8086. The 16-bit registers and the one megabyte address range were unchanged, however

Intel 8259
The Intel 8259 is a Programmable Interrupt Controller designed for the Intel 8085 and Intel 8086 microprocessors. The initial part was 8259, a later A suffix version was upward compatible and usable with the 8086 or 8088 processor

Intel Atom
Intel Atom is the brand name for a line of ultra-low-voltage x86 and x86-64 CPUs from Intel, designed in 45 nm CMOS and used mainly in netbooks, nettops, embedded application ranging from health care to advanced robotics and Mobile Internet devices

Intel MCS-96
The Intel MCS-96 is a family of microcontrollers commonly used in embedded systems. The family is often referred to as the 8xC196 family, or 80196, the most popular MCU in the family. These MCUs are commonly used in hard disk drives, modems, printers, pattern recognition and motor control. In 2007, Intel announced the discontinuance of the entire MCS-96 family of microcontrollers

Intel XScale
The XScale, a microprocessor core, is Intel's and Marvell's implementation of the ARMv5 architecture, and consists of several distinct families: IXP, IXC, IOP, PXA and CE . Intel sold the PXA family to Marvell Technology Group in June 2006.

Intellectual property
Intellectual property is a term referring to a number of distinct types of creations of the mind for which a set of exclusive rights are recognized—and the corresponding fields of law

Intelligence has been defined in different ways, including the abilities for abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, planning, emotional intelligence and problem solving.

Intelligence Bureau (India)
The Intelligence Bureau also known as IB is India's internal intelligence agency and reputedly the world's oldest intelligence agency. It was recast as the Central Intelligence Bureau in 1947 under the Ministry of Home Affairs

Intelligent design
Intelligent design is the proposition that "certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection." It is a form of creationism and a contemporary adaptation of the traditional teleological argument for the existence of God, presented by its advocates as "an evidence-based

Intelligent transportation system
The term intelligent transportation systems refers to information and communication technology that improve transport outcomes such as transport safety, transport productivity, travel reliability, informed travel choices, social equity, environmental performance and network operation resilience.-Background:Interest in ITS

Intensive farming
Intensive farming or intensive agriculture is an agricultural production system characterized by the high inputs of capital, labour, or heavy usage of technologies such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers relative to land area.

Intensive pig farming
Intensive piggeries are a type of factory farm ' specialized in the raising of domestic pigs up to slaughter weight

Inter City Firm
The Inter City Firm is an English football hooligan firm mainly active in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s, associated with West Ham United. The name came from the use of InterCity trains used to travel to away games

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Trophy Play-Off
The last Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was contested in the 1970-71 season before it was replaced by the UEFA Cup, and a new trophy. The old trophy had not been won by any club permanently, so a one-off play-off game was arranged between FC Barcelona, who were the original winners and had held the trophy a total of three times with one final defeat, and Leeds United, who were the current holders and

Interactive C
Interactive C is a program which uses a modified version of ANSI C with several libraries and features that allow hobbyists to program small robotics platforms.-Version by Newton Research Labs:

InterCity 125
The InterCity 125 was the brand name of British Rail's High Speed Train fleet. The InterCity 125 train is made up of two power cars, one at each end of a fixed formation of Mark 3 carriages, and is capable of , making the train the fastest diesel-powered locomotive in regular service in the world. Initially the sets were classified as Classes 253 and 254

Intercounty Baseball League
The Intercounty Baseball League is a semi-professional baseball organization located in the Canadian province of Ontario. The league was formed in 1919.

Intergraph Corporation is an American software development and services company. It provides enterprise engineering and geospatially powered software to businesses, governments, and organizations around the world. Intergraph operates through two divisions: Process, Power & Marine and Security, Government & Infrastructure

Interior design
Interior design describes a group of various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities are to take place there. An interior designer is someone who conducts such projects

Interior minister
An interior ministry is a government ministry typically responsible for policing, national security, and immigration matters. The ministry is often headed by a minister of the interior or minister of home affairs

Interior Plains
The Interior Plains is a vast physiographic region that spreads across the Laurentian craton of central North America.-Geography:The Interior Plains are an extensive physiographic division encompassing 8 distinct physiographic provinces, the Interior Low Plateaus, Great Plains, Central Lowland, Mackenzie Delta, Manitoba Lowlands, Northern Boreal Plains, Prairie Grassland and the

Interior Plateau
The Interior Plateau comprises a large region of central British Columbia, and lies between the Cariboo and Monashee Mountains on the east, and the Hazelton Mountains, Coast Mountains and Cascade Range on the west. The continuation of the plateau into the United States is known there as the Columbia Plateau

In grammar, an interjection or exclamation is a word used to express an emotion or sentiment on the part of the speaker . Filled pauses such as uh, er, um are also considered interjections

Interlaced video is a technique of doubling the perceived frame rate introduced with the composite video signal used with analog television without consuming extra bandwidth

An interlanguage is an emerging linguistic system that has been developed by a learner of a second language who has not become fully proficient yet but is approximating the target language: preserving some features of their first language , or overgeneralizing target language rules in speaking or writing the target language and creating innovations

Interlingua is an international auxiliary language , developed between 1937 and 1951 by the International Auxiliary Language Association