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E is the fifth letter and a vowel in the basic modern Latin alphabet. It is the most commonly used letter in the Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Latin, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish languages.-History:

The e caudata is a modified form of the letter E that can be graphically represented as E with ogonek but has a distinct history of usage

Ė ė is the 9th letter in the Lithuanian alphabet, and is also used in the Kölsch dialect of German, and Cheyenne language.It was coined by Daniel Klein, the author of the first grammar of the Lithuanian language.

Ę is a letter in the Polish alphabet, Lithuanian alphabet, and the Dalecarlian alphabet. In Latin, Irish, and Old Norse palaeography, it is known as E caudata .-In Polish:

E (Eminem album)
E is a DVD/VHS collection of Eminem's music videos.Released on December 19, 2000, the songs entitled with uncensored videos include:* "Stan"* "The Way I Am"* "The Real Slim Shady"* "Role Model"* "Guilty Conscience"

E (musical note)
E or mi is the third note of the solfège.When calculated in equal temperament with a reference of A above middle C as 440 Hz, the frequency of Middle E is approximately 329.628 Hz. See pitch for a discussion of historical variations in frequency.-Designation by octave:

E (novel)
e is a comic novel by Matt Beaumont first published in 2000. Written in the epistolary tradition, it consists entirely of e-mails written between the employees of an advertising agency and some of their business partners

E is the text editor which was made part of PC DOS with version 6.1 in June 1993, and later with version 7 and PC DOS 2000. In version 6.1, IBM dropped QBASIC, which, in its edit mode, was also the system text editor

E (verification language)
e is a hardware verification language which is tailored to implementing highly flexible and reusable verification testbenches.- History :

E1 (Jerusalem)
E1, also named "Mevasseret Adumim" , is a mostly empty area of in Ma'ale Adumim. It is bordered by the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem to the west, Abu Dis to the southwest, Kedar to the south, Ma'ale Adumim to the east, and Almon to the north

E101 may refer to one of the following* Riboflavin, a food additive which has been assigned E Number* European route E101, an autoroad of International E-road network between Kiev and Moscow

E120 may refer to:* Carmine, a food colour with the E number E120* E120 bomblet, a U.S. Cold War biological cluster bomb sub-munition* the ICAO aircraft type designator for the Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia* Juniper E-Series, Broadband Services Router

E130 may refer to:* Indanthrene blue RS, a food additive* KiHa E130 series, a Japanese train type

E170 may refer to:* Model E-170 Regional Jet, see Embraer E-Jets* the E number of a food additive or colouring for calcium carbonate or chalk

E2 (TV channel)
e2 is a Turkish television channel that often broadcasts American series. It is owned by the Doğuş Group.-Entertainment programmes:The following is an incomplete list of shows which have aired and/or are currently airing on e2:* 24

E200 may refer to:* KiHa E200, a Japanese train type* Orange E200, a mobile phone* PowerPC e200, a processor core* Sorbic acid, a food additive* Sansa e200 series, a portable media player developed by SanDisk

E231 may refer to:* 2-Phenylphenol, a food additive* E231 series, a Japanese train type

E233 may refer to:* Thiabendazole, a food additive* E233 series, a Japanese train type

E250 may refer to:* Sodium nitrite, a chemical compound* Samsung SGH-E250, a mobile telephone

E2E may refer to:* Engineer-to-Engineer, an semiconductor engineer community of forums, videos and blogs from Texas Instruments* Everything to Everyone, an album by Barenaked Ladies* End-to-end auditable voting systems

E310 may refer to:* Toshiba e310* Propyl gallate E number* a Dell Dimension E series computer model

E355 may refer to:* Adipic acid* Toshiba E355, a Personal digital assistant by Toshiba

E365 may refer to:* Sodium fumarate, an acidity regulator* Motorola E365, a mobile phone

E370 may refer to:* Samsung SGH-E370, a mobile phone* the E number for 1,4-Heptonolactone, an acidity regulator

E412 may refer to* Guar gum, a food additive* FS class E412, a powerful electric locomotive in use in Italy

E444 may refer to:* Sucrose acetate isobutyrate, a food additive* FS Class E444, an Italian locomotive

E464 may refer to:* FS Class E464, a class of Italian railways electric locomotives* Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, an emulsifier

E474 may refer to:* a fictional aircraft in the movie Flightplan* Sucroglycerides, molecules used as emulsifiers

E632 may refer to:* FS Class E632, a class of Italian railways electric locomotives* the E number for dipotassium inosinate

E633 may refer to:* Calcium inosinate, a food additive* FS Class E632, a sub-type of Italian locomotives

E636 may refer to:* Maltol, a flavour enhancer* FS class E636, an Italian locomotives class

E900 may refer to:* Polydimethylsiloxane or dimethyl polysiloxane, a food additive* Samsung SGH-E900, a mobile phone* Fuji FinePix E900, a digital camera* Asus E900, a subnotebook computer

E950 may refer to:* Acesulfame potassium, a calorie-free artificial sweetener* Nikon Coolpix 950, a model of digital camera produced by Nikon* Samsung SGH-E950, a model of cellphone produced by Samsung and introduced in 2007

EACH is an acronym that may refer to:*Educational Action Challenging Homophobia

Eadgar (bishop)
Edgar was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. He was consecrated in between 888 and 890 and died between 930 and 931.-External links:*

Eadwulf is an Anglo-Saxon male name. It might refer to:* Eadulf , Bishop of Hereford* Eadwulf of Elmham, a 10th century Bishop of Elmham* Eadwulf of Northumbria, king of Northumbria in 704 and 705* Eadulf I of Bernicia

Eager was a band created by Patrick Andrew of the band PFR. Patrick began forming the new band with Greg Pope in 1995. Greg had been touring with PFR as a backup guitarist. To quell rumors of the unannounced but impending PFR breakup, Patrick publicly explained the new band as just "a side project"

Eager , meaning enthusiasm to do something that will pleasure you, may refer to:People*Allen Eager , American jazz tenor saxophonist.*Ben Eager , Canadian professional ice hockey player

Eager (novel)
Eager is a children's science-fiction novel written by Helen Fox, and first published in 2003. Eager is the name of a self-aware robot in a futuristic society controlled by a company called LifeCorp

Eagle (comics)
Eagle, in comics, may refer to:* Eagle , a British children's comic from the 1950s and 60s, revived in the 80s* Eagle Comics, a US publisher of comic books reprinting 2000 AD stories

Eagle (disambiguation)
Eagle is a family of large birds of prey.Eagle or Eagles may also refer to:*Eagle , a family name and given name - Cars :

Eagle (name)
-People:Native Americans*Adam Fortunate Eagle, Ojibwa activist*Bad Eagle , a Comanche leader*Big Eagle , Mdewakanton Sioux leader*Don Eagle , Mohawk Native American professional wrestler

Eagle (Space: 1999)
The Eagle Transporter is a fictional spacecraft and the iconic image of the 1970s television series Space: 1999. The Eagles serve as the primary spacecraft of Moonbase Alpha, which has a fleet of them. The Eagles are primarily used to explore alien planets, defend Moonbase Alpha from attack, and to transport supplies and other items to and from the Moon

The term eaglet can refer to:Animals* An eaglet, the immature young of an eagle, which in turn encompasses several species of bird of preyLiterature* The Eaglet, a character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis CarrollShips

EALA may refer to:* East African Legislative Assembly* EA Los Angeles * Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America

Ear canal
The ear canal , is a tube running from the outer ear to the middle ear. The human ear canal extends from the pinna to the eardrum and is about 35 mm in length and 5 to 10 mm in diameter.

The eardrum, or tympanic membrane, is a thin membrane that separates the external ear from the middle ear in humans and other tetrapods. Its function is to transmit sound from the air to the ossicles inside the middle ear. The malleus bone bridges the gap between the eardrum and the other ossicles

Eardrum (disambiguation)
Eardrum can refer to:* Eardrum, a thin membrane that separates the external ear from the middle ear.* Eardrum , an album by Talib Kweli* Eardrum Records, a record label

In sailing, an earing is a small line used to fasten the corner of a sail to a spar or yard.In the Age of Sail, a position at the Weather Earing was considered a place of honor for the topmen, and on a merchant ship was the position of the second mate during reefing.-External links:***

An earl is a member of the nobility. The title is Anglo-Saxon, akin to the Scandinavian form jarl, and meant "chieftain", particularly a chieftain set to rule a territory in a king's stead. In Scandinavia, it became obsolete in the Middle Ages and was replaced with duke

Earl (automobile)
The Earl was an automobile manufactured in Jackson, Michigan by Earl Motors Incorporated from 1921-23. The Earl was a continuation of the Briscoe. It was offered in both open and closed models with a four-cylinder engine. Approximately 2,000 vehicles were produced. When the Earl debuted in 1921, it cost just $1485.Benjamin Briscoe appointed Clarence A

Earl (disambiguation)
Earl is a title of nobility.Earl may also refer to:* Earl * Earl * Earl Grey tea* My Name Is Earl, an American television comedy series* Earls * Edinburgh Airport Rail Link

Earl (given name)
Earl is a popular English given name meaning "warrior" or "nobleman". Some of the holders of this name are:* "Big" Earl, a fictional alien from the video game ToeJam & Earl and its sequels* Earl, fictional character in Rocko's Modern Life

Earle (given name)
Earle is a given name, and may refer to:People from Canada:* Earle Birney , Canadian poet; recipient of the Governor General's Award for LiteraturePeople from Australia:

The human earlobe is composed of tough areolar and adipose connective tissues, lacking the firmness and elasticity of the rest of the pinna. Since the earlobe does not contain cartilage it has a large blood supply and may help to warm the ears and maintain balance. However earlobes are not generally considered to have any major biological function

Early may refer to:History* the beginning or oldest part of a defined historical period, as opposed to middle or late periods.** e.g., Early modern EuropePlaces:*In the United States:** Early, Iowa** Early, Texas** Early County, Georgia

Early Bird
Early Bird may refer to:*A "lark", or "morning person", who usually gets up early in the morning and goes to bed early in the evening*An "early bird sale", also known as a Doorbuster

Early Bird (Cogswell)
"Early Bird" is a science fiction short story written in 1973 by Theodore R. Cogswell and Theodore L. Thomas. The story was first published in Astounding: The John W Campbell Memorial Anthology

Early Days
Early Days is the name of the annual journal of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society. It has been published regularly since 1927 and includes articles relating to the History of Western Australia written by society members or delivered at the monthly general meetings

Early Days (Watersons album)
Early Days is a compilation album of recordings by The Watersons, released in 1994.These recordings come from New Voices , The Watersons and A Yorkshire Garland . There is a guitar on tracks 8, 10 and 11. Although it seems totally unremarkable now, at the time that these recordings were made, The Watersons looked radical

Earmark may refer to:*Earmark , cuts or marks in the ears of animals made to show ownership*Earmark , a legislative provision that directs funds to be spent on specific projects

Earmark (agriculture)
An earmark is a cut or mark in the ear of livestock animals such as cattle, deer, pigs, goats, camels or sheep, made to show ownership, year of birth or gender.

Earmark (politics)
In United States politics, an earmark is a legislative provision that directs approved funds to be spent on specific projects, or that directs specific exemptions from taxes or mandated fees

EARN or Earn may refer to:EARN* European Academic Research Network, a defunct computer networking organisation* Earned Assets Resource Network, a non-profit investment organisation based in San Francisco

Iguanodon is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur that lived roughly halfway between the first of the swift bipedal hypsilophodontids and the ornithopods' culmination in the duck-billed dinosaurs

Ihiala is a city in Nigeria, located in the south of the state Anambra, and has long served as the local administrative capital of the zone. The population is about 87,796 persons.

IKEA is a privately held, international home products company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture such as beds and desks, appliances and home accessories. The company is the world's largest furniture retailer

is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as .-Etymology:"Ikebana" is from the Japanese and . Possible translations include "giving life to flowers" and "arranging flowers".- Approach :

Ikeduru Local Government Area is located in the western part of Imo State, one of the 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It was previously carved out of the Mbaitolu/Ikeduru LGA. It has its head quarter at Iho

Ikeja is an outer-ring suburb of the city of Lagos and capital of Lagos State. It is also one of Nigeria's 774 Local Government Areas . The Murtala Mohammed International Airport is located there

Ikere Gorge Dam
The Ikere Gorge Dam is a major earth-fill dam in Iseyin local government area of Oyo State in the south west of Nigeria on the Ogun River.Reservoir capacity is 690 million m3.

Ikey Solomon
Isaac "Ikey" Solomon was an English criminal who became an extremely successful receiver of stolen property. He gained fame for his crimes, escape from arrest, and his high-profile recapture and trial

In Japanese mythology, an is a manifestation of the soul of a living person separately from their body.

Ikoyi is the most affluent neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria, located on Lagos Island. It lies to the northeast of Obalende and encompasses the eastern half of Lagos Island and lies at the edge of the Lagos Lagoon

Il Capitano
Il Capitano is a masked character from the commedia dell'arte. He is often an outside who can maintain his claims only by benefit of the fact that none of the locals know him. He is usually a Spaniard given the fact that for most of the late Renaissance to well into 17th century, Italy was under Spanish domination

Ilango Adigal
Ilango Adigal was a Tamil poet and a Jain monk, who was instrumental in the creation of Silappathikaram, one of the five great epics of Tamil Literature. Prince Ilango was the brother of Chera king Cheran Chenguttuvan , in South India. Ilango Adigal was born in the Chera dynasty that ruled parts of what is now known as Kerala, but formed part of the Tamil Land

The iLiad was an electronic handheld device, or e-Reader, which could be used for document reading and editing. Like the Barnes and Noble nook, Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle, the iLiad made use of an electronic paper display. In 2010, sales of the iLiad ended when its parent company, iRex, filed for bankruptcy

The Iliad is an epic poem in dactylic hexameters, traditionally attributed to Homer. Set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of Troy by a coalition of Greek states, it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles

Illawarra Steam Navigation Company
The Illawarra Steam Navigation Company was a shipping company that serviced the south coast of New South Wales, Australia from 1858 to the early 1950s

Illegal drug trade
The illegal drug trade is a global black market, dedicated to cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of those substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws. Most jurisdictions prohibit trade, except under license, of many types of drugs by drug prohibition laws.A UN report said the global drug trade generated an estimated US$321.6 billion in 2003

Illinois is the fifth-most populous state of the United States of America, and is often noted for being a microcosm of the entire country. With Chicago in the northeast, small industrial cities and great agricultural productivity in central and northern Illinois, and natural resources like coal, timber, and petroleum in the south, Illinois has a broad economic base

Illinois Central Railroad
The Illinois Central Railroad , sometimes called the Main Line of Mid-America, is a railroad in the central United States, with its primary routes connecting Chicago, Illinois with New Orleans, Louisiana and Birmingham, Alabama. A line also connected Chicago with Sioux City, Iowa

Illinois Community College System
The Illinois Community College System consists of 39 public community college districts, composed of 48 community colleges and one multi-college center where 3 of the community colleges offer additional classes

Illinois Country
The Illinois Country , also known as Upper Louisiana, was a region in what is now the Midwestern United States that was explored and settled by the French during the 17th and 18th centuries. The terms referred to the entire Upper Mississippi River watershed, though settlement was concentrated in what are now the U.S. states of Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana

Illinois Department of Transportation
The Illinois Department of Transportation is a state agency in charge of state-maintained public roadways of the U.S. state of Illinois. In addition, IDOT provides funding for rail, public transit and airport projects and administers fuel tax and federal funding to local juridictions in the state. The Secretary of Transportation reports to the Governor of Illinois

Illinois River
The Illinois River is a principal tributary of the Mississippi River, approximately long, in the State of Illinois. The river drains a large section of central Illinois, with a drainage basin of . This river was important among Native Americans and early French traders as the principal water route connecting the Great Lakes with the Mississippi

Illinois Route 49
Illinois Route 49 is a north–south state highway in east-central Illinois. It runs from Willow Hill at Illinois Route 33 north to the beginning of the U.S. Route 45/52 concurrency near Ashkum. This is a distance of .- Route description :

Illinois State Police
The Illinois State Police is the state police force of Illinois. Officially established in 1922, the Illinois State Police have over 3,000 personnel and 21 districts. The main facilities of the Illinois State Police Academy, which were constructed in 1968, are located in Springfield. Prior to 1968, training was conducted at the Illinois State Fairgrounds

Illinois Territory
The Territory of Illinois was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from March 1, 1809, until December 3, 1818, when the southern portion of the territory was admitted to the Union as the State of Illinois. The area was earlier known as "Illinois Country" while under French control, first as part of French Canada and then as part of Louisiana

Illite is a non-expanding, clay-sized, micaceous mineral. Illite is a phyllosilicate or layered alumino-silicate. Its structure is constituted by the repetition of tetrahedron – octahedron – tetrahedron layers. The interlayer space is mainly occupied by poorly hydrated potassium cations responsible for the absence of swelling

The Illuminati is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776

Ilmenau is a town located in the district of Ilm-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany.Ilmenau is situated in the valley of the Ilm river, at an altitude of 431 metres above sea level, and is the biggest town in Ilm-Kreis district, with 6,200 students studying at the Technische Universität Ilmenau. The surrounding area is marked by the Thuringian Forest and its mountains

Ilmenite is a weakly magnetic titanium-iron oxide mineral which is iron-black or steel-gray. It is a crystalline iron titanium oxide . It crystallizes in the trigonal system, and it has the same crystal structure as corundum and hematite.

Ilocos Norte
Ilocos Norte is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in Luzon. Its capital is Laoag City and is located at the northwest corner of Luzon Island, bordering Cagayan and Apayao to the east, and Abra and Ilocos Sur to the south

Ilocos Region
The Ilocos region or Region I is a Region of the Philippines and is located in the northwest of Luzon. It borders to the east the regions of the Cordillera Administrative Region and Cagayan Valley and to the south the region of Central Luzon

Ilocos Sur
Ilocos Sur is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in Luzon. Vigan City, located on the mouth of the Mestizo River is the provincial capital

Iloilo City
The City of Iloilo is a highly urbanized city in the Philippines and the capital city of Iloilo province. It is the regional center of the Western Visayas, as well as the center of the Iloilo-Guimaras Metropolitan Area

Ilokano language
Ilokano or Ilocano is the third most-spoken language of the Republic of the Philippines.

Iloperidone, also known as Fanapt, Fanapta, and previously known as Zomaril, is an atypical antipsychotic for the treatment of schizophrenia. It was approved by the U.S

ILWIS is a GIS / Remote sensing software for both vector and raster processing. ILWIS features include digitizing, editing, analysis and display of data as well as production of quality maps

Ilya Kabakov
Ilya Kabakov, Russian Илья́ Ио́сифович Кабако́в , is a Russian-American conceptual artist of Jewish descent, born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. He worked for thirty years in Moscow, from the 1950s until the late 1980s. He now lives and works on Long Island

IMac G4
The iMac G4 was a computer that was produced by Apple from the beginning of 2002 to mid 2004. It replaced the aging iMac G3. The computer had a new design compared to older Macs. It had a 15-inch LCD which was mounted on an adjustable arm above a hemisphere containing a full-size, tray-loading optical drive and a sixteenth-generation CPU

iMacros is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer web browsers which adds record and replay functionality similar to that found in web testing and form filler software. The macros can be combined and controlled via JavaScript. Demo macros and JavaScript code examples are included with the software. iMacros was developed by iOpus

Image intensifier
An image intensifier tube is a vacuum tube device for increasing the intensity of available light in an optical system to allow use under low light conditions such as at night, to facilitate visual imaging of low-light processes such as fluorescence of materials to X-rays or gamma rays, or for conversion of non-visible light sources such as near-infrared or short wave infrared to

Image of Edessa
According to Christian legend, the Image of Edessa was a holy relic consisting of a square or rectangle of cloth upon which a miraculous image of the face of Jesus was imprinted — the first icon .

Image processing
In electrical engineering and computer science, image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, such as a photograph or video frame; the output of image processing may be either an image or, a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image

Image scanner
In computing, an image scanner—often abbreviated to just scanner—is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. Common examples found in offices are variations of the desktop scanner where the document is placed on a glass window for scanning

Image sensor
An image sensor is a device that converts an optical image into an electronic signal. It is used mostly in digital cameras and other imaging devices

ImageJ is a public domain, Java-based image processing program developed at the National Institutes of Health. ImageJ was designed with an open architecture that provides extensibility via Java plugins and recordable macros. Custom acquisition, analysis and processing plugins can be developed using ImageJ's built-in editor and a Java compiler

Images of Jesus
The depiction of Jesus in art took several centuries to reach a conventional standardized form for his physical appearance, which has subsequently remained largely stable since that time

Imaginary number
An imaginary number is any number whose square is a real number less than zero. When any real number is squared, the result is never negative, but the square of an imaginary number is always negative

Imagination, also called the faculty of imagining, is the ability of forming mental images, sensations and concepts, in a moment when they are not perceived through sight, hearing or other senses

Imagination Movers
Imagination Movers is a child-centered rock band formed in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2003. The lineup includes Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche, and Scott "Smitty" Smith. Members of the group were longtime friends and neighbors.

Imagine Entertainment
Imagine Entertainment is a film and television production company founded in 1986 by director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer.Its productions include the television series 24 and Arrested Development and the films Apollo 13 , A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code .-Organization:Karen Kehela

Imam Husayn Shrine
The Shrine of Husayn ibn ‘Alī is one of the oldest mosques on Earth and a holy site of Shīah Islām in the city of Karbalā, Iraq. It stands on the site of the grave of Husayn ibn ‘Alī, the second grandson of Muhammad, near the place where he was killed during the Battle of Karbalā in 680 C.E.

Imam Khomeini International Airport
Imam Khomeini International Airport is located in Ahmadabad, Iran. The airport is located about southwest of the city near the localities of Robat-Karim and Eslamshahr. It was designed to replace Mehrabad International Airport, which is in the west of the city, now inside the city boundaries

Imam Shamil
Imam Shamil also spelled Shamyl, Schamil, Schamyl or Shameel was an Avar political and religious leader of the Muslim tribes of the Northern Caucasus

Iman (model)
Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid , professionally known as Iman , is a Somali-American fashion model, actress and entrepreneur. A pioneer in the field of ethnic cosmetics, she is also noted for her charitable work. She is married to David Bowie.-Early life:Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Iman is the daughter of Marian and Mohamed Abdulmajid

Imani Hakim
Imani Hakim is an American actress, notable for her role as Tonya on the television situation-comedy series Everybody Hates Chris broadcast on The CW Television Network.-Career:

Imatinib is a drug used to treat certain types of cancer. It is currently marketed by Novartis as Gleevec or Glivec as its mesylate salt, imatinib mesilate . It is used in treating chronic myelogenous leukemia , gastrointestinal stromal tumors and some other diseases

Imbestigador is an investigative show that tackles anomalies and inconsistencies in the Philippine government. It criticizes the corruption in the Philippine society, from overpriced items to arms smuggling, covering a wide variety of topics that sometimes include Filipino traditions and beliefs

Imelda Marcos
Imelda R. Marcos is a Filipino politician and widow of 10th Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Upon the ascension of her husband to political power, she held various positions to the government until 1986

Imhotep , fl. 27th century BC was an Egyptian polymath, who served under the Third Dynasty king Djoser as chancellor to the pharaoh and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis

IMI Galil
The Galil is a family of Israeli small arms designed by Yisrael Galil and Yaacov Lior in the late 1960s and produced by Israel Military Industries Ltd of Ramat HaSharon

IMI Negev
The Negev is an Israeli 5.56 mm light machine gun, developed by Israel Military Industries Ltd. of Ramat HaSharon , as a replacement for the 5.56 mm Galil ARM light machine gun, whose barrel would overheat easily during sustained fire

Imidazole is an organic compound with the formula C3H4N2. This aromatic heterocyclic is a diazole and is classified as an alkaloid. Imidazole refers to the parent compound, whereas imidazoles are a class of heterocycles with similar ring structure, but varying substituents

In organic chemistry, an imide is a functional group consisting of two carbonyl groups bound to nitrogen. These compounds are structurally related to acid anhydrides. The relationship between esters and amides and between imides and anhydrides is analogous, the amine-derived groups are less reactive

An imine is a functional group or chemical compound containing a carbon–nitrogen double bond, with the nitrogen attached to a hydrogen atom or an organic group. If this group is not a hydrogen atom, then the compound is known as a Schiff base

Imipramine , also known as melipramine, is an antidepressant medication, a tricyclic antidepressant of the dibenzazepine group

Immaculate Conception Academy-Greenhills
Immaculate Conception Academy , also known as ICA Greenhills or ICAgh is located at 10 Grant Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is a private college preparatory Catholic school for Filipino-Chinese girls run by the Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Conception

Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher from Königsberg , researching, lecturing and writing on philosophy and anthropology at the end of the 18th Century Enlightenment.

Immanuel Velikovsky
Immanuel Velikovsky was a Russian-born American independent scholar of Jewish origins, best known as the author of a number of controversial books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular the US bestseller Worlds in Collision, published in 1950

Immanuel Wallerstein
Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein is a US sociologist, historical social scientist, and world-systems analyst

Immediacy may refer to:* Immediacy, a concept in English law* Immediacy, a concept in vested interest theory* Immediacy, a condition in the Buddhist Twelve Nidānas* Immediacy , a philosophical term