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Diatribe may refer to:* Diatribe , a weekly newspaper column* Diatribe , an industrial rock group from the 1990s

Diatribe (album)
- Track listing :# "Sick The Dogs" - 4:20# "Junkyard" - 5:01# "Four Fifty One" - 4:40# "Land's End" - 5:16# "Another Time" - 4:15# "The Son" - 3:38# "Web" - 4:04# "Sister" - 4:26# "The Other Side" - 4:27# "Freaks" - 6:40- Credits :

Diatribe (band)
Diatribe was an Industrial rock group from San Jose, California which was active in the 1990s. They had a sound similar to 16 Volt and Chemlab, integrating synthesizers and vocal samples with more traditional rock instruments

is a fictional character from the Japanese manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.-Story:Diavolo, the main villain of Part 5, was born in a female prison. His birth is a mystery because his mother claimed that he was conceived two years before her sentence and all the guards were female

Diazene, also called diimine or diimide, is a compound having the formula 2. It exists as two geometric isomers, E and Z. Diazene is also the parent member of the entire class of azo compounds with the formula 2, where R is an organyl group

Diazo refers to a type of organic compound called diazo compound that has two linked nitrogen atoms as a terminal functional group. The general formula is R2C=N2. The simplest example of a diazo compound is diazomethane

A dibber or dibble is a pointed wooden stick for making holes in the ground so that seeds, seedlings or small bulbs can be planted. Dibbers come in a variety of designs including the straight dibber, T-handled dibber, trowel dibber, and L-shaped dibber.

Dibble may refer to:*Dibble, a planting tool also known as a Dibber*Dibble *Dibble, Oklahoma, a town in McClain County, Oklahoma, United States*Dibble Place, California, United States

Diborane (data page)
- Material Safety Data Sheet : The handling of this chemical may incur notable safety precautions. It is highly recommend that you seek the Material Safety Datasheet for this chemical from a reliable source such as , and follow its directions.

Calling dibs is an informal convention to declare a specific right to something that no individual otherwise has any clearly recognized right

Dică may refer to:* Nicolae Dică, a Romanian football player, playing for FC Steaua Bucureşti;* Emil Dică, another Romanian football player playing for CFR Cluj.

Dicamba is an herbicide. Brand names for formulations of this herbicide include Banvel, Oracle and Vanquish

A die is a small throwable object with multiple resting positions, used for generating random numbers

Dice (song)
"Dice" is the third single released by hide on January 21, 1994. It was re-released on December 12, 2007, with a new cover. On April 28, 2010, it was re-released again as part of the first releases in "The Devolution Project", which was a release of hide's original eleven singles on picture disc vinyl."Dice" was covered live by Mucc, with Tal from the Underneath, at the "hide memorial

Dicey is a surname, and may refer to:*A. V. Dicey , British jurist and constitutional theorist.*Edward Dicey , A British writer.

Dichlorosilane , or DCS as it is commonly known, is usually mixed with ammonia in LPCVD chambers to grow silicon nitride in semiconductor processing.A higher concentration of DCS:NH3 Dichlorosilane (H2SiCl2), or DCS as it is commonly known, is usually mixed with ammonia (NH3) in LPCVD chambers to grow silicon nitride in semiconductor processing.A higher concentration of DCS:NH3 Dichlorosilane (H2SiCl2), or DCS as it is commonly known, is usually mixed with ammonia (NH3) in LPCVD chambers to grow silicon nitride in semiconductor processing.A higher concentration of DCS:NH3 (i.e

Dichroism has two related but distinct meanings in optics. A dichroic material is either one which causes visible light to be split up into distinct beams of different wavelengths , or one in which light rays having different polarizations are absorbed by different amounts.The original meaning of dichroic, from the Greek

Dichromatic may refer to:* Dichromacy, a form of color-blindness in which only two light wavelengths are distinguished rather than the usual three

-Names:* Dick * Dicks * List of people with surname Dick* A nickname for people named Richard-Other:* Democratic Indira Congress , a political party* Dick , a 1999 American comedy

Dick Laan
Dick Laan was a Dutch children's writer and film pioneer. He is best-known for his Pinkeltje series.-Early career and movies:

Dickens (docudrama)
Dickens was a 2002 BBC docudrama on the life of the author Charles Dickens. It was presented by Peter Ackroyd, on whose biography of Dickens it was based, and Dickens was played by Anton Lesser. It was broadcast in three hour-long episodes.-External links:

Dickering (wapentake)
Dickering was a wapentake of the historic East Riding of Yorkshire, England consisting of the north-east part of the county, including the towns of Bridlington and Filey; its territory is now partly in the modern East Riding and partly in North Yorkshire

Dickey may refer to:* Car boot, storage space in a car.* Dickey * Dickey Betts, American guitarist* Dickey County, North Dakota* Bill Dickey, Professional Baseball Player

Dickey Betts
Forrest Richard "Dickey" Betts is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, and composer best known as a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band. He was inducted with the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and also won with the band a best rock performance Grammy Award for his instrumental "Jessica" in 1996

A dickey is a type of false shirt-front - originally known as a detachable bosom - designed to be worn with a tuxedo or men's white tie, usually attached to the collar and then tucked into the waistcoat or cummerbund

Dickie (disambiguation)
A dickie is a type of false shirt-front.Dickie may also refer to:Given name or nickname:* Richard Annand , English recipient of the Victoria Cross* Dickie Baugh , English footballer

Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, more commonly referred to as the brand Dickies, is an American company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas that manufactures and sells work-related clothing and other accessories, including back packs, steel-toe boots, and belts. Its major competitors are Ben Davis and Carhartt.-Beginnings:C.N. Williamson and E.E

Dicky may refer to:* Car boot, storage space in a car.* Dicky , a type of false shirt-front* Dicky Moe, a fictional whale in the Tom and Jerry series* USS Dicky , a United States Navy patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1919

Dico can refer to:* Dico, a village the Lerik Rayon of Azerbaijan* Brandon DiCamillo, a comedian/actor from West Chester* Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario, an insurance company in Ontario

Dicoronylene is the trivial name for a very large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Its formal name is benzo[10,11]phenanthro[2',3',4',5',6':4,5,6,7]chryseno[1,2,3-bc]coronene or benzo[1,2,3-bc:4,5,6-b'c']dicoronene . It has 15 rings and is a brick-red solid. Its formula is

Dicot (band)
Dicot is a Japanese musical duo. The members, Shino and Kana, both grew up in Fukuoka Prefecture and met at Fukuoka Women's Junior College in 1997 as first-year students

Dictate can refer to:* Dictation * Dictator* Edict

Dictated but not read
"Dictated But Not Read" is a phrase used at the end of a text to warn that the written material has not been personally written or verified by the author. The material may have been dictated to a secretary when the author had no time to proofread or edit it.

Dictation can refer to:*Dictation , when one person speaks while another person transcribes what is spoken.*A dictation machine, a device used to record speech for transcription.

Dictation machine
A dictation machine is a sound recording device most commonly used to record speech for later playback or to be typed into print. It includes digital voice recorders and tape recorders.

A dictator is a ruler who assumes sole and absolute power but without hereditary ascension such as an absolute monarch. When other states call the head of state of a particular state a dictator, that state is called a dictatorship

Diction , in its original, primary meaning, refers to the writer's or the speaker's distinctive vocabulary choices and style of expression in a poem or story

In United States legal terminology, a dictum is a statement of opinion or belief considered authoritative though not binding, because of the authority of the person making it.

Didelphinae is a subfamily of opossums. Specimens have been collected throughout the Americas but are predominant in South and Central America.

Dido was, according to ancient Greek and Roman sources, the founder and first Queen of Carthage . She is best known from the account given by the Roman poet Virgil in his Aeneid

DIDO was a nuclear reactor at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. It used enriched uranium metal fuel, and heavy water as both neutron moderator and primary coolant

DIDO (optimal control)
DIDO is a MATLAB program for solving hybrid optimal control problems. Powered by the pseudospectral knotting method, the general-purpose program is named after Dido, the legendary founder and first queen of Carthage who is famous in mathematics for her remarkable solution to a constrained optimal control problem even before the invention of calculus.-Theory:Based on pseudospectral

Die usually refers to the action of death.Die may also refer to:-Objects:* Die , a material-shaping device* Die , a rectangular piece of a semiconductor wafer* One of a set of dice, gambling or game devices

Die (integrated circuit)
A die in the context of integrated circuits is a small block of semiconducting material, on which a given functional circuit is fabricated.Typically, integrated circuits are produced in large batches on a single wafer of electronic-grade silicon or other semiconductor through processes such as photolithography

Died (Alice in Chains song)
"Died" is a song by Alice in Chains and the final one recorded with vocalist Layne Staley before his death in 2002. The song was included on the compilation albums Music Bank and The Essential Alice in Chains .-Origin and recording:

Diego (Diego Gonzalez album)
Diego is Diego's first studio album released in 2005.-Diego:#"Solo Existes Tú" – 3:05#"Responde" – 3:46#"Más" – 3:47

Diego (given name)
Diego is a very common male given name of Spanish origin – also used in Portuguese-speaking countries, Italy and France. It may refer to:*Diego, a variety of footballers who are known as simply Diego ;

People with the surname Diel:* Charles Diel, former head men’s tennis coach at Louisiana State University* Paul Diel , French psychologistDiel may also refer to:* Diel vertical migration, common among deep-sea fish

Dienes (surname)
-Notable people named Dienes:* András Dienes, a Hungarian football player.* Katherine Dienes, a New-Zealand-born organist, conductor and composer working in England.* Zoltán Pál Dienes, a Hungarian mathematician.* István Dienes, a Hungarian photo artist.

Diesen is a commune in the Moselle department in Lorraine in north-eastern France.

Diesis (horse)
Diesis was a racehorse and stallion, foaled in 1980, died in 2006. By the sire Sharpen Up, he was owned throughout his racing career by 9th Baron Howard de Walden and trained by Henry Cecil.

Diet, in relation to food, might mean:*Diet , the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group*Dieting, the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake*Diet food, foods that aid in dieting

Diet (multiple sclerosis)
The Swank Diet is a low saturated fat diet for the management of multiple sclerosis developed by Dr. Roy L. Swank , which he introduced in 1948

Diethyl ether (data page)
- Material Safety Data Sheet : The handling of this chemical may incur notable safety precautions. It is highly recommended that you seek the Material Safety Datasheet for this chemical from a reliable source such as , and follow its directions

Lithuanian Dievas, Latvian Dievs, Prussian Deywis, Yotvingian Deivas was the supreme god in the Baltic mythology and one of the most important deities together with Perkūnas. Dievas is a direct successor of the Proto-Indo-European supreme god *Dyēus of the root *deiwo-

Diez (Verbandsgemeinde)
Diez is a Verbandsgemeinde in the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Its seat is in Diez.The Verbandsgemeinde Diez consists of the following Ortsgemeinden :

Difenoxin is a 4-phenylpiperidine derivative that is related to the opioid analgesic drug pethidine and more distantly related to alphaprodine and piritramide, and it is an active metabolite of the anti-diarrhoea drug diphenoxylate. Difenoxin et al

Difference may refer to:* Difference , a 2005 power metal album* Difference , a concept in computer science* Difference , any systematic way of distinguishing similar coats of arms belonging to members of the same family* Difference , a statement about the relative size or order of two objects** The result of arithmetic

"Differences" is the title of a number-one R&B single by singer Ginuwine. The hit song spent four weeks at number-one on the US R&B chart.This is Ginuwine's best selling and top charting single yet in his career, also peaking at number four on the main US pop chart.-Single track listing: CD single#"Differences" #"Differences" #"Differences"

Different may refer to:* Different , 1989* Different , 2002* "Different", a 2005 alternative rock song by Acceptance from Phantoms* "Different", a song by Pendulum from In Silico

Different (album)
Different is debut solo-album released in 1989 by Thomas Anders, who first attained success as the lead vocalist for Modern Talking in the mid-'80s. The album was recorded in London at Alan Parsons' studio and was produced by Gus Dudgeon & Alan Tarney

Different (Kate Ryan album)
Different is the debut studio album by Belgian singer Kate Ryan. It was released in 2002 by EMI Records. The album was produced by AJ Duncan and Phil Wilde. It peaked at number eight in Belgium and was certified Gold

Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA)
The point of origin of R1b is thought to lie in Eurasia, most likely in Western Asia. T. Karafet et al. estimated the age of R1, the parent of R1b, as 18,500 years before present.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President
"Happy Birthday, Mr. President" is a song sung by actress and singer Marilyn Monroe on Saturday, May 19, 1962, for President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, at a celebration of his forty-fifth birthday, ten days before the actual day of his 45th birthday . Sung in a sultry voice, Monroe sang the traditional "Happy Birthday to You" lyrics, with "Mr

Happy Days (1929 film)
Happy Days is an 80 minute musical film, notable for being the first feature film shown entirely in widescreen anywhere in the world. Happy Days (1929) is an 80 minute musical film, notable for being the first feature film shown entirely in widescreen anywhere in the world. Happy Days (1929) is an 80 minute musical film, notable for being the first feature film shown entirely in widescreen anywhere in the world. (French director Abel Gance's Napoléon (1927) had a final widescreen segment in what Gance called Polyvision. In 1927, Paramount released Old Ironsides with two sequences in a widescreen process called "Magnascope"

Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore is a 1996 sports comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan and produced by Robert Simonds for Universal Studios. It stars Adam Sandler as the title character, an unsuccessful ice hockey player who discovers a talent for golf. The screenplay was written by Sandler and Tim Herlihy

Happy hour
Happy hour is a marketing term for a period of time in which a restaurant or bar offers discounts on alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine, and cocktails.-Basic information:

Haptic technology, or haptics, is a tactile feedback technology that takes advantage of a user's sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user

Hapuseneb was the High Priest of Amun during the reign of Hatshepsut. His mother, Ah-hotep, was a member of the royal harem; the name of the mother has survived on a piece of limestone found in the temple of Thutmosis III at Qurna . His father, Hapu, was Lecture Priest of Amun. His brother, Sa-Amun, was a scribe and 1st sealer of the god Amun

Hara Arena
Hara Arena is a 5,500-seat multi-purpose arena, in Trotwood, Ohio, just outside the city of Dayton.At one time, it hosted the Dayton Jets basketball team and Dayton Gems, Dayton Blue Hawks, Dayton Owls, Dayton Bombers and Dayton Ice Bandits ice hockey teams and The Marshals indoor football team.Currently, it hosts the Dayton Gems, of the CHL and the Dayton Silverbacks of the

Hara Berezaiti
Harā Bərəzaitī, literally meaning "High Watchpost", is the name given in the Avestan language to a legendary mountain around which the stars and planets revolve.-Etymology and derived names:

Harappa is an archaeological site in Punjab, northeast Pakistan, about west of Sahiwal. The site takes its name from a modern village located near the former course of the Ravi River. The current village of Harappa is from the ancient site. Although modern Harappa has a train station left from the British times, it is today just a small Harappa (Urdu/Punjabi: , ) is an archaeological site in Punjab, northeast Pakistan, about west of Sahiwal. The site takes its name from a modern village located near the former course of the Ravi River. The current village of Harappa is from the ancient site. Although modern Harappa has a train station left from the British times, it is today just a small Harappa (Urdu/Punjabi: , ) is an archaeological site in Punjab, northeast Pakistan, about west of Sahiwal. The site takes its name from a modern village located near the former course of the Ravi River. The current village of Harappa is from the ancient site. Although modern Harappa has a train station left from the British times, it is today just a small (pop

Harappan architecture
Harappan architecture is the architecture of the Harappans, an ancient people who lived in the Indus Valley from about 3300 BCE to 1600 BCE. The Harappans were advanced for their time, especially in architecture.- City walls :

Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji , also known as Yogi Bhajan and Siri Singh Sahib, was a spiritual leader and entrepreneur who introduced Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism to the United States

Harbin ; Manchu language: , Harbin; Russian: Харби́н Kharbin ), is the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China, lying on the southern bank of the Songhua River

-Places:* Montes Harbinger, lunar mountains* Harbinger, an unincorporated community in Currituck County, North Carolina-Transportation:* Harbinger , ship also called Norfolk in 1797* Harbinger , thoroughbred racehorse

A harbor or harbour , or haven, is a place where ships, boats, and barges can seek shelter from stormy weather, or else are stored for future use. Harbors can be natural or artificial

Harbor Transitway
The Harbor Transitway is an 11-mile shared-use bus corridor and high-occupancy vehicle roadway that runs in the median of Interstate 110 in Southern California

Harbour compiler
Harbour is a modern computer programming language. It is a Clipper-compatible compiler which is cross-platform, running on many operating systems using the same source code and databases.Although it is a

Hard and soft (martial arts)
In martial arts, the terms hard and soft technique denote how forcefully a defender martial artist counters the force of an attack in armed and unarmed combat

Hard and soft drugs
Hard and Soft drugs are terms to distinguish between psychoactive drugs that are addictive and perceived as especially damaging and drugs that are believed to be non-addictive and with fewer dangers associated with their use

Hard Copy
Hard Copy is an American tabloid news television show that ran in syndication from 1989 to 1999. Hard Copy was aggressive in its use of questionable material on television, including gratuitous violence.

Hard hat
A hard hat is a type of helmet predominantly used in workplace environments, such as construction sites, to protect the head from injury by falling objects, impact with other objects, debris, bad weather and electric shock. Inside the helmet is a suspension that spreads the helmet's weight over the top of the head

Hard palate
The hard palate is a thin horizontal bony plate of the skull, located in the roof of the mouth. It spans the arch formed by the upper teeth.It is formed by the palatine process of the maxilla and horizontal plate of palatine bone.

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 by Americans Peter Morton & Isaac Tigrett. In 1979, the cafe began covering its walls with rock and roll memorabilia, a tradition which expanded to others in the chain. In 2006, Hard Rock was sold to the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The largest Hard Rock is in Orlando

Hard Times
Hard Times - For These Times is the tenth novel by Charles Dickens, first published in 1854. The book appraises English society and is aimed at highlighting the social and economic pressures of the times.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
is a 1985 novel by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The English translation by Alfred Birnbaum was released in 1991. A strange and dreamlike novel, its chapters alternate between two bizarre narratives — the 'Hard-Boiled Wonderland' and 'The End of the World' parts.-Plot summary:The story is split between parallel narratives

Hardin County, Kentucky
As of the census of 2000, there were 94,174 people, 34,497 households, and 25,355 families residing in the county. The population density was . There were 37,673 housing units at an average density of

Hardin, Montana
Hardin is a city in and the county seat of Big Horn County, Montana, United States. The population was 3,384 at the 2000 census.-Geography:Hardin is located at .

Harding University
Harding University is located in Searcy, Arkansas, in the United States, about north-east of Little Rock. It is a private liberal arts Christian university associated with the Churches of Christ. The university takes its name from James A

Hardoi is a city and a municipal board in Hardoi district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of Hardoi District.-Geography:Hardoi is located at

A hardtop is a term for a rigid, rather than canvas, automobile roof. It has been used in several contexts: detachable hardtops, retractable hardtop roofs, and the so-called pillarless hardtop body style.

Hardware store
Hardware stores, sometimes known as DIY stores, sell household hardware including: fasteners, hand tools, power tools, keys, locks, hinges, chains, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, cleaning products, housewares, tools, utensils, paint, and lawn and garden products directly to consumers for use at home or for business

Hardwood is wood from angiosperm trees . It may also be used for those trees themselves: these are usually broad-leaved; in temperate and boreal latitudes they are mostly deciduous, but in tropics and subtropics mostly evergreen.Hardwood contrasts with softwood

Hardy palms
Hardy palms are any of the species of palm that are able to withstand colder temperatures and thrive in places not typically considered in the natural range for palms. Several are native to higher elevations in Asia and can tolerate hard freezes with little or no damage

Hare School
Hare School is one of the oldest schools in Kolkata, India, teaching grades 1 to 12 under the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. The boys-only school was established by the Scottish watch-maker David Hare with the help of social reformer Ram Mohan Roy

Hariharan (singer)
Hariharan , born 3 April 1955) is an Indian playback singer in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Telugu movies, an established ghazal singer, and one of the pioneers of Indian fusion music. His melody is strongly appreciated by the film fraternity

Harissa, Lebanon
Harissa is a mountain village in Lebanon. The village, which is located 650 meters above sea level, is home to an important Lebanese pilgrimage site, Our Lady of Lebanon. The village is located 20 km north of Beirut Beirut, and it accessible from the coastal city of Jounieh either by road or by a nine-minute journey by a gondola lift, known as the "Téléférique"

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” is a Christmas carol that first appeared in 1739 in the collection Hymns and Sacred Poems, having been written by Charles Wesley. This is not the version widely known today. A sombre man, Wesley had requested and received slow and solemn music for his lyrics, not the joyful tune we now expect

Harlaxton Manor
Harlaxton Manor, built in 1837, is a manor house in Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, England. Its architecture, which combines elements of Jacobean and Elizabethan styles with symmetrical Baroque massing, renders the mansion unique among surviving Jacobethan manors.

Harlem Globetrotters
The Harlem Globetrotters are an exhibition basketball team that combines athleticism, theater and comedy. The executive offices for the team are currently in downtown Phoenix, Arizona; the team is owned by Shamrock Holdings, which oversees the various investments of the Roy E. Disney family.Over the years they have played more than 20,000 exhibition games in 118 countries

Harlem Hellfighters
The 369th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 15th New York National Guard Regiment, was an infantry regiment of the United States Army that saw action in World War I and World War II. The 369th Infantry is known for being the first African-American regiment to serve with the American Expeditionary Force during World War I

Harlem Nocturne
"Harlem Nocturne" is a jazz standard written by Earle Hagen and Dick Rogers in 1939. The song was adopted by bandleader Randy Brooks the next year as his theme song."Harlem Nocturne" has been frequently recorded

Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned the 1920s and 1930s. At the time, it was known as the "New Negro Movement", named after the 1925 anthology by Alain Locke

Harlem River
The Harlem River is a navigable tidal strait in New York City, USA that flows 8 miles between the Hudson River and the East River, separating the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx

Harlequin Duck
The Harlequin Duck is a small sea duck. It takes its name from Arlecchino, Harlequin in French, a colourfully dressed character in Commedia dell'arte. The species name comes from the Latin word "histrio", "actor". In North America it is also known as Lords and ladies

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn was first introduced as a villain on September 11, 1992, in the animated series Batman: The Animated Series, later adapted into DC Comics' Batman comic books. As suggested by her name , she is clad in the manner of a traditional harlequin jester

Harley-Davidson , often abbreviated H-D or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer. Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the first decade of the 20th century, it was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression

Harley-Davidson Super Glide
The Harley-Davidson Super Glide is a motorcycle model made by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Reputed to be the first factory custom motorcycle, it originated Harley's FX series of motorcycles by mating Sportster components, most notably the front end, with the chassis of their larger big twin motorcycles

Harmal is a plant of the family Nitrariaceae, native from the eastern Mediterranean region east to India. It is also known as Wild Rue or Syrian Rue because of its resemblance to plants of the rue family.

Harmala alkaloid
Several alkaloids that function as monoamine oxidase inhibitors are found in the seeds of Peganum harmala , including harmine, harmaline, and harmalol, which are members of a group of substances with a similar chemical structure collectively known as harmala alkaloids

Harmonic mean
In mathematics, the harmonic mean is one of several kinds of average. Typically, it is appropriate for situations when the average of rates is desired.

A harmonium is a free-standing keyboard instrument similar to a reed organ. Sound is produced by air being blown through sets of free reeds, resulting in a sound similar to that of an accordion

Harmonized System
The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers for classifying traded products developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization , an independent intergovernmental organization with over 170 member countries based in Brussels,

Harness racing
Harness racing is a form of horse racing in which the horses race at a specific gait . They usually pull a two-wheeled cart called a sulky, although racing under saddle is also conducted in Europe.-Breeds:

Harold and Maude
Harold and Maude is a 1971 American dark comedy film directed by Hal Ashby and released by Paramount Pictures. It incorporates elements of dark humor and existentialist drama, with a plot that revolves around the exploits of a young man intrigued with death, Harold

Harold Evans
Sir Harold Matthew Evans is a British-born journalist and writer who was editor of The Sunday Times from 1967 to 1981. He has written various books on history and journalism

Harold Ford, Jr.
Harold Eugene Ford, Jr. is an American politician and was the last chairman of the now-defunct Democratic Leadership Council . He was a Democratic Party member of the United States House of Representatives from , centered in Memphis, from 1997 to 2007

Harold Godwinson
Harold Godwinson was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England.It could be argued that Edgar the Atheling, who was proclaimed as king by the witan but never crowned, was really the last Anglo-Saxon king

Harold Harefoot
Harold Harefoot was King of England from 1037 to 1040. His cognomen "Harefoot" referred to his speed, and the skill of his huntsmanship. He was the son of Cnut the Great, king of England, Denmark, and Norway by Ælfgifu of Northampton

Harold Hopkins
Harold Horace Hopkins FRS was a renowned British physicist. His Wave Theory of Aberrations, , is central to all modern optical design and provides the mathematical analysis which enables the use of computers to create the wealth of high quality lenses available today

Harold Klemp
Harold Klemp is the spiritual leader of Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God. He holds the titles of Mahanta and Living ECK Master. Eckists believe he is the 973rd Living Eck Master in an unbroken line of Masters

Harold Kroto
Sir Harold Walter Kroto, FRS , born Harold Walter Krotoschiner, is a British chemist and one of the three recipients to share the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley.

Harold Lowe
Commander Harold Godfrey Lowe RD RNR was the Fifth Officer of the .-Early years:Harold Lowe was born in Eglwys Rhos, Caernarfonshire, North Wales on 21 November 1882, the third of eight children, born to George and Harriet Lowe

Harold Nicholas
Harold Lloyd Nicholas was an American dancer specializing in tap. He was the younger half of the world famous tap dancing pair the Nicholas Brothers, known as two of the world's greatest dancers. His older brother was Fayard Nicholas

Harold Pinter
Harold Pinter, CH, CBE was a Nobel Prize–winning English playwright and screenwriter. One of the most influential modern British dramatists, his writing career spanned more than 50 years. His best-known plays include The Birthday Party , The Homecoming , and Betrayal , each of which he adapted to film

Harold Stassen
Harold Edward Stassen was the 25th Governor of Minnesota from 1939 to 1943. After service in World War II, from 1948 to 1953 he was president of the University of Pennsylvania

Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haroun and the Sea of Stories is a 1992 children's book by Salman Rushdie. It was Rushdie's first novel after The Satanic Verses. It is a phantasmagorical story that begins in a city so old and ruinous that it has forgotten its name.

Harp guitar
]The harp guitar is a stringed instrument with a history of well over two centuries. While there are several unrelated historical stringed instruments that have appropriated the name “harp-guitar” over the centuries, the term today is understood as the accepted vernacular to refer to a particular family of instruments defined as "A guitar, in any of its accepted

Harp Seal
The harp seal or saddleback seal is a species of earless seal native to the northernmost Atlantic Ocean and adjacent parts of the Arctic Ocean. It now belongs to the monotypic genus Pagophilus. Its scientific name, Pagophilus groenlandicus, means "ice-lover from Greenland", and its synonym, Phoca groenlandica means "Greenland seal"

Harpalinae is a huge subfamily of ground beetles. Among the more than 20,000 described species in this clade are the sun beetles and the violin beetles . The Harpalinae contain the most apomorphic ground beetles, displaying a wide range of forms and behaviors