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AIRS may refer to:* Atmospheric Infrared Sounder, a weather and climate instrument flying on NASA’s Aqua satellite* Advanced Inertial Reference Sphere, a guidance system designed for use in the LGM-118A Peacekeeper ICBM

Airship (disambiguation)
An airship or dirigible is an aerostat that can be steered and propelled through the air using propellers, rudders, or other thrust mechanisms.Types of airship include:

Airshow (album)
Airshow is the third LP by Boston band Francine. Much of the disc was recorded in the band's own practice space. The album was produced by drummer Steve Scully.- Track listing :# Stood# Zeros and Ones# Connectionless# 7 Gulls# Daysucker

Airsickness is a sensation which is induced by air travel. It is a specific form of motion sickness, and is considered a normal response in healthy individuals

Airspace means the portion of the atmosphere controlled by a country above its territory, including its territorial waters or, more generally, any specific three-dimensional portion of the atmosphere.

Airspeed is the speed of an aircraft relative to the air. Among the common conventions for qualifying airspeed are: indicated airspeed , calibrated airspeed , true airspeed , equivalent airspeed and density airspeed.

Airspeed (disambiguation)
Airspeed is the speed of an aircraft relative to the air.Airspeed may also refer to:*Airspeed , a movie*Airspeed Aviation, a small regional airline based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

The pulmonary airway comprises those parts of the respiratory system through which air flows, conceptually beginning at the nose and mouth, and terminating in the alveoli

Airway (disambiguation)
The term airway may refer to the following medical terms:*Airway, a part of the respiratory system through which air flows*Nasopharyngeal airway, a tube used in the nasal passageway to secure an open airway

Airworthiness is a term used to describe whether an aircraft has been certified as suitable for safe flight. Certification is initially conferred by a Certificate of Airworthiness from a National Airworthiness Authority, and is maintained by performing required maintenance actions by a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Airy may refer to:*Sir George Biddell Airy , the British Astronomer Royal from 1835 to 1881, for whom the following features, phenomena, and theories are named:** Airy ** Airy

Aeronáutica Industrial S.A. is a Spanish aeronautical company specialising in the maintenance and upgrading of helicopters. It was established in Madrid in 1923 and through the course of the 20th century manufactured a number of light aircraft designs including Cierva autogyros

Aisle (political term)
In the United States, the two major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are often referred to as "the two sides of the aisle".- Origin of the usage :

Aisling (given name)
Aisling is an Irish language feminine given name meaning "dream" or "vision" and referring to an aisling, a poetic genre that developed during the late 17th and 18th century in Irish language genre poetry

Aita (mythology)
In Etruscan mythology, Aita was the name for the underworld, as well as the corresponding anthropomorphized deity, borrowed from Greek Hades. Etruscans depicted him as a bearded male wearing a wolfskin cap.

Aitch (Aich)
Aitch is a related clan to Bengali Kayastha surname.Kayasthas are a sub-caste of Hindus, found across both historical and modern India. The Kayasthas emerged as a sub-caste or Caste of the Kshatriyas in Bengal during the 5th-11th centuries AD

Aizawl is the capital of the state of Mizoram in India. With a resident population 228,280 , it is the largest city within the state. It is also the center of all important government offices, state assembly house and civil secretariat

Ajak (disambiguation)
Ajak may refer to:*Ajak, a fictional character in Marvel Comics*KRI Ajak, an Indonesian naval vessel*Ajak , a village in Hungary

Ajak (village)
Ajak is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.-Geography:It covers an area of and has a population of 3952 people .

Ajar may refer to:* Ajar, Afghanistan* Ajar, Mauritania* Ajar people, an ethnographic group of Georgians

Ajat is a commune in the Dordogne department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.In 1793, the commune of Beauzens joined the commune of Ajat.-Population:-External links:* *

- Mythology :* Ajax , son of Telamon, ruler of Salamis and a hero in the Trojan War, also known as "Ajax the Great"* Ajax the Lesser, son of Oileus, ruler of Locris and the leader of the Locrian contingent during the Trojan War.- People :

Ajax (1914 automobile)
The Ajax Motors Co. of Seattle, Washington, produced a car available in three different wheelbase lengths. It sported a 6-cylinder engine that was available in either sleeve-valve or conventional poppet form, and could be changed "from one to the other at comparatively little expense."-References:G. N. Georgano, "Ajax", in G.N

Ajax (comics)
Ajax is the codename belonging to two different characters in Marvel Comics, one the descendant of a demigod, the other a mercenary.-Pantheon character:-Fictional character biography:

Ajax (DJ)
Ajax is an Electroclash mash-up DJ known for his musical irreverence and cut and paste mixing style. Prior to this he was a university art lecturer. Quoted by artists Mylo and Tiga as a talent to watch

Ajax (missionary)
Ajax was an Arian missionary to the pagan Suevi of Galicia who converted them to Christianity in 464 or 466.Due in part to his unusual Homeric name his origins have been debated. The contemporary chronicler Hydatius, the Catholic bishop of Aquae Flaviae, refers to him as Aiax natione Galata. "Galata" may refer to either a Galician, Gaul, or Galatian

AJEGROUP is a Peruvian company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The company was started by the Añaños Family in Ayacucho, Peru and now is headquartered in Mexico. It is known for its flagship products Kola Real and Big Cola

The AJS 7R was a 350 cc racing motorcycle built from 1948 to 1963 by Associated Motor Cycles, also known as the ‘Boy Racer’, first won victories for the factory, and then went on to win races for privateers when made generally available from 1954.

AK may refer to:* Alaska, a state in the United States whose postal abbreviation is "AK"* Azad Kashmir, an area administered by Pakistan* AK Steel Holding Company, a US-based S&P 500 Steel Manufacturer

AK (radio program)
AK was a weekly radio program broadcast on the Alaska Public Radio network. Past episodes of AK are available to listeners around the world through a podcast archive.

Aka (Burmese)
Aka are pre-arranged sets of movement or "forms" in the Burmese martial arts. They serve as a straightforward way of passing down all of a style's techniques unto the student

Akamai may refer to:* Akamai Technologies, a company that develops software for web content and application delivery** Akamai Foundation, a sponsor of the American Mathematics Competitions, founded by Akamai Technologies

Akan may refer to:*Akan people, an ethnic group in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire**Kwa languages, a stock of dialects spoken by the Akan people.**Central Tano languages, a stock of dialects spoken by the Akan people.

Akan (Ghana parliament constituency)
The Akan constituency is one of the constituencies represented in the Parliament of Ghana. It elects one Member of Parliament by the first past the post system of election. It is located in the Kadjebi district of the Volta Region of Ghana.-Boundaries:

Akasha (1886)
The SS Akasha was a paddle propelled steamship built in 1886 at Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering, Govan, Scotland for the British Government's Nile Expedition.- External links :*

Akasha (comics)
Akasha , also sometimes called The Living Pharaoh, is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe, a former enemy of Spider-Man who has been associated with Ahmet Abdol. She is currently a potential Initiative recruit courtesy of Tony Stark

Akathisia (album)
- Personnel :* Campbell 2000 – guitar* Karl 3-30 – drums* Sadie 7 – bass guitar

Akatsuki (train)
The was an overnight sleeper train service in Japan operated by JR West from Kyoto Station to Nagasaki Station and return. It ran on the Tōkaido, Sanyō, Kagoshima, and Nagasaki main lines.

Ake (disambiguation)
Ake may refer to:-Places:* Ake, archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, located in the state of Yucatán, Mexico* Ake Site, archaeological site near the town of Datil, New Mexico, USA-People:Given name

Akela (Jungle Book)
Akela is a character in Rudyard Kipling's stories, The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book. He is the leader of the Seeonee pack of Indian wolves and presides over the pack's council meetings

Akela (Scouting)
The Scouting program has used themes from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling since 1916.In 1914 Baden Powell announced a Junior Section for Scouting. In 1916, he published his own outlines for such a scheme, it was to be called Wolf Cubbing. It has been speculated that Baden-Powell may have had a number of reasons to call this section Wolf Cubs

-Places:*Aken , a town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany*Aachen, a city in Germany

Akhara (album)
Akhara is the third album released by Punjabi Bhangra artist Kulwinder Dhillon. It is a duet album with fellow female singer Aman Desi.-Track listing:# Filma De Na # Gaddi Te Naddi # Gandasa Kharku # Gora Mukh # Kacheriyan Ch Mele

Akhtar , means star in Persian, is used as first and surname, and may refer to:* Begum Akhtar* Farhan Akhtar* Jan Nisar Akhtar* Javed Akhtar* Javed Akhtar * Mansoor Akhtar* Manzoor Akhtar* Moin Akhtar* Najma Akhtar* Pav Akhtar

Akimbo is a human body position in which the hands are on the hips and the elbows are bowed outward, or bent or bowed in a more general sense .-Origins:The term was recorded first in the English language around 1400 in The Tale of Beryn: "The hoost ..

Akkadian language
Akkadian is an extinct Semitic language that was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia. The earliest attested Semitic language, it used the cuneiform writing system derived ultimately from ancient Sumerian, an unrelated language isolate

Akku (film)
Akku is a Tamil movie starring Anu Hasan and Riyaz Khan that flopped at the box-office.-Plot:Siva is an IT professional and an orphan who falls in love with Bhanu a chirpy girl whose brother a long haired bearded guy is a big time terrorist who is planning to bomb Chennai city! One day Siva and Bhanu elope, but are caught by terrorist big brother

AKR is a three-letter acronym that can refer to:* Akron Fulton International Airport, a general aviation airport located in the city of Akron in Ohio, United States.* Aldo-keto reductase, an enzyme that catalyzes the reduction of a variety of aldehydes.

Aks is a 2001 Hindi film directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.-Synopsis:Aks is a supernatural thriller centering on two main characters - Manu Verma, the cop and Raghavan, the shadowy killer.

Aks in Urdu means reflection, and may refer to:* Aks , a Bollywood movie released in 2001* Aks , a music album released by Lucky Ali in 2000* Aks 13000, or Aks 13, part of the Norwegian resistance movement in WWII* USS Hesperia

Aks (album)
Aks is an album released by the Indian singer Lucky Ali in 2000. Aks means reflection in Urdu.- Track listing :- External Links :* * *

Aku can refer to:*Aku, Nigeria, a town in Enugu State*The word for "me" or "I" in the Malay language*The word for "evil" in the Japanese language*The name of a god of the moon, meaning "moon", in Babylonian mythology

AL, Al or al may stand for:- Geography :* Alabama, United States* Alagoas, a state in Brazil* Albania, a country in Europe* Allen County, Kansas, United States* Province of Alessandria, a province of Italy in the ISO 3166-2:IT code

Al dente
In cooking, the Italian expression al dente describes pasta and rice or beansthat have been cooked so as to be firm but not hard. "Al dente" also describes vegetables that are cooked to the "tender crisp" phase - still offering resistance to the bite, but cooked through

Al forno
In cooking, al forno or al forno di legna, are both Italian expressions describing food that is "at/from the oven". Baked pizza, breads and pasta dishes are often part of this genre

Ala may refer to:* Ala , a female demon in the Serbian and Bulgarian mythology* Ala , an Alusi in Odinani* Ala , a Republican-period, largely infantry, formation of 5,400 men

Ala may refer to:* Ala , a female demon in the Serbian and Bulgarian mythology* Ala , an Alusi in Odinani* Ala , a Republican-period, largely infantry, formation of 5,400 men

Ala (demon)
An ala or hala is a female mythological creature recorded in the folklore of Bulgarians, Macedonians, and Serbs. Ale are considered demons of bad weather whose main purpose is to lead hail-producing thunderclouds in the direction of fields, vineyards, or orchards to destroy the crops, or loot and take them away

Alabamian can mean:*An adjective describing something as of or from U.S. state of Alabama.*A person from Alabama

Alabandite or alabandine is a a rarely occurring manganese sulfide mineral. It crystallizes in the cubic crystal system with the chemical composition Mn2+S and develops commonly massive to granular aggregates, but rarely also cubic or octahedral crystals to 1 cm.- Etymology and History :Alabandite was first described in 1784 by Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein

Alabaster is a name applied to varieties of two distinct minerals, when used as a material: gypsum and calcite . The former is the alabaster of the present day; generally, the latter is the alabaster of the ancients

Alabaster (disambiguation)
Alabaster is a name applied to certain minerals, mainly gypsum and calcite .It may also refer to:* Alabaster, Alabama* Alabaster Township, Michigan* Inquisitor alabaster, a sea snail species

Amateur boxing
Amateur boxing is practised at the collegiate level, at the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games, and in many other venues sponsored by amateur boxing associations. Amateur boxing bouts are short in duration and fighters wear head protection, so this type of competition prizes point-scoring rather than physical power

Amateur radio repeater
An amateur radio repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level amateur radio signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so that the signal can cover longer distances without degradation

Amaya Uranga
Amaya Uranga Amezaga is a Spanish singer, best known for the fifteen years she spent as a member of the Basque folk/pop sextet Mocedades. She is a cousin of director Pablo Berger.-Biography:

Amazing Facts
Amazing Facts is an American Christian ministry. Beginning as a single radio program in 1966 it has expanded into television programming, training, health, prophecy seminars and online Bible study ministries. Its theology is largely that of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.-History:Amazing Facts was founded in 1966 by Joe Crews in Baltimore, Maryland

Amazing Grace
"Amazing Grace" is a Christian hymn with words written by the English poet and clergyman John Newton , published in 1779. With a message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of the sins people commit and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God, "Amazing Grace" is one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking

Amazon Basin
The Amazon Basin is the part of South America drained by the Amazon River and its tributaries that drains an area of about , or roughly 40 percent of South America. The basin is located in the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Venezuela

Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon Rainforest , also known in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest that covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America

Amazon River
The Amazon of South America is the second longest river in the world and by far the largest by waterflow with an average discharge greater than the next seven largest rivers combined

Amazon tree boa
Corallus hortulanus is a non-venomous boa species found in South America. No subspecies are currently recognized.-Description: Adults grow to an average of 5 and 6.5 feet in length. This species exhibits an immense variety of colors and patterns. The basic color can be anywhere from black, brown, or gray, to any shade of red, orange, yellow, or many colors in between, Inc. is a multinational electronic commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is the world's largest online retailer. Amazon has separate websites for the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and China. It may also launch websites in Netherlands, Sweden, and India

Ambassador College
Ambassador College was a four-year, liberal arts college run by the Worldwide Church of God. The college was established in 1947 in Pasadena, California by radio evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong, leader of what was then the Radio Church of God, later renamed the Worldwide Church of God

Amblin Entertainment
Amblin Entertainment is an American film and television production company founded by director and producer Steven Spielberg and film producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall in 1981. Amblin is only a production company, and has never distributed its own movies, nor has it fully financed its productions, needing the help of the studios that distributed it

Ambrogio Casati
Ambrogio Casati was an Italian painter.He was born in Voghera, Italy in 1897 and was schooled in Paris in the plastic arts. Upon his return to Italy, he became associated with Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and the Futurist movement that was gaining force in the Italian arts scene of the time

Ambrose Bierce
Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce was an American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist and satirist

Ambrose Shea
Sir Ambrose Shea, KCMG , from Newfoundland was a political and business figure in Colonial Newfoundland and later served as Governor of the Bahamas. He was one of two Newfoundland delegates to the Québec Conference that led to Canadian confederation.Shea was born in St. John's, Newfoundland

Ambrosia Software
Ambrosia Software is a predominantly Macintosh software company located in Rochester, New York. Ambrosia produces utilities and games. Its products are distributed as shareware; demo versions can be downloaded and used for up to 30 days.

Ambrosian Iliad
The Ambrosian Iliad or Ilia Picta is a 5th century illuminated manuscript on vellum of the Iliad of Homer. It is thought to have been produced in Constantinople during the late 5th or early 6th century AD, specifically between 493 and 508

Ambulocetus was an early cetacean that could walk as well as swim. It lived during early Eocene some 50-49 million years ago. It is a transitional fossil that shows how whales evolved from land-living mammals. The Ambulocetus fossils were found in Pakistan by anthropologist Johannes Thewissen

Ambur Ambur is a developed Industrial Town of Vellore District in Tamil Nadu, India. Ambur is located at the 'Palaar' River Bank,on the Chennai - Bangalore Highway, both sides at a distance of approx 180 – 200 km.

AMC (TV network)
AMC is a cable television specialty channel that primarily airs movies, along with a limited amount of original programming. The letters originally stood for American Movie Classics; however since 2002, the full name has been deemphasized as a result of a major shift in programming

AMC Ambassador
- 1958 :American Motors planned to produce a stretched a wheelbase version of the Rambler platform for Nash dealers to be the new Nash Ambassador, and another for Hudson dealers

AMC Concord
The AMC Concord is a compact car produced by the American Motors Corporation for the 1978 through 1983 model years. The Concord replaced the AMC Hornet and to some extent the mid-size AMC Matador, discontinued after 1978 in a market moving to downsized automobiles

AMC Eagle
The AMC Eagle is a compact-sized four-wheel drive passenger vehicle that was produced by American Motors Corporation . The AMC Eagle line of vehicles inaugurated a new product category of "sport-utility" or crossover SUV.

AMC Javelin
The Javelin was a production version of one of the AMC AMX prototypes shown during the 1966 AMX project nationwide tour. Intended to rival other pony cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. American Motor's Javelin debuted on 22 August 1967, for the 1968 model year

AMC Theatres
AMC Theatres , officially known as AMC Entertainment, Inc., is the second largest movie theater chain in North America with 5,325 screens, second only to Regal Entertainment Group, and one of the United States's four national cinema chains AMC Theatres (American Multi-Cinema), officially known as AMC Entertainment, Inc., is the second largest movie theater chain in North America with 5,325 screens, second only to Regal Entertainment Group, and one of the United States's four national cinema chains AMC Theatres (American Multi-Cinema), officially known as AMC Entertainment, Inc., is the second largest movie theater chain in North America with 5,325 screens, second only to Regal Entertainment Group, and one of the United States's four national cinema chains (Regal Entertainment Group, National Amusements, Inc

Amda Seyon I
Amda Seyon was Emperor of Ethiopia , and a member of the Solomonic dynasty

AMEC plc is a global consultancy, engineering and project management company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is focused on the oil and gas, minerals and metals, renewable energy, environment and infrastructure sectors and has offices in 40 countries worldwide

Amedeo Avogadro
Lorenzo Romano Amedeo Carlo Avogadro di Quaregna e di Cerreto, Count of Quaregna and Cerreto was an Italian savant. He is most noted for his contributions to molecular theory, including what is known as Avogadro's law

Amelia Bullmore
Amelia Bullmore is an English actress and writer. She was born in London and studied drama at the University of Manchester. Bullmore started working as an actor but turned to writing in 1995

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Mary Earhart was a noted American aviation pioneer and author. Earhart was the first woman to receive the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for becoming the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

Amelia Peabody
Amelia Peabody Emerson is the protagonist of the Amelia Peabody series, a series of mystery novels, written by author Elizabeth Peters. Peabody is married to Egyptologist Radcliffe Emerson and has one biological child, Walter "Ramses" Peabody Emerson, who provides a parallel voice in many of the later books.- Biographical sketch :Amelia Peabody is first introduced in the novel

Amelioration may refer to one of the following:*Amelioration means "to make better" or "to improve upon" most often in context of or in reference to ill health of a person but could also be in reference to healing the land, plant, tree, etc.

Amelogenesis imperfecta
Amelogenesis imperfecta presents with abnormal formation of the enamel or external layer of teeth. Enamel is composed mostly of mineral, that is formed and regulated by the proteins in it

The word amen is a declaration of affirmation found in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Its use in Judaism dates back to its earliest texts. It has been generally adopted in Christian worship as a concluding word for prayers and hymns. In Islam, it is the standard ending to Dua and the "Opening" chapter of the Qur'an

Amenhotep I
Amenhotep I was the second Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. His reign is generally dated from 1526 to 1506 BC. He was born to Ahmose I and Ahmose-Nefertari, but had at least two elder brothers, Ahmose-ankh and Ahmose Sapair, and was not expected to inherit the throne

Amenhotep III
Amenhotep III also known as Amenhotep the Magnificent was the ninth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty. According to different authors, he ruled Egypt from June 1386 to 1349 BC or June 1388 BC to December 1351 BC/1350 BC after his father Thutmose IV died

America (magazine)
America is a national weekly magazine published by the American Jesuits that contains news and opinion about Catholicism and how it relates to American politics and cultural life.

America (West Side Story song)
"America" is a well-known song from the musical West Side Story. Leonard Bernstein composed the music; Stephen Sondheim wrote the song's lyrics

America First Committee
The America First Committee was the foremost non-interventionist pressure group against the American entry into World War II. Peaking at 800,000 members, it was likely the largest anti-war organization in American history. Started in 1940, it became defunct after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941

American airborne landings in Normandy
The American airborne landings in Normandy were the first United States combat operations during Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy by the Western Allies on June 6, 1944. Around 13,100 paratroopers of the U.S. 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne Divisions made night parachute drops early on D-Day, June 6, followed by 3,937 glider troops flown in by day

American Airlines
American Airlines, Inc. is the world's fourth-largest airline in passenger miles transported and operating revenues. American Airlines is a subsidiary of the AMR Corporation and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas adjacent to its largest hub at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

American Airlines Flight 191
American Airlines Flight 191 was a regularly scheduled passenger flight in the United States from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles International Airport. On May 25, 1979, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 operating the route crashed moments after takeoff from Chicago. All 258 passengers and 13 crew on board were killed, along with two people on the ground

American Airlines Flight 587
American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300, crashed into the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens, a borough of New York City, New York, shortly after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport on November 12, 2001. This is the second deadliest U.S

American Akita
The Akita is a large spitz breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. There are now two separate strains: American, a/k/a "Akita" or "American Akita"; and Japanese, aka "Akita Inu" or "Japanese Akita"

American Automobile Association
AAA , formerly known as the American Automobile Association, is a federation of 51 independently operated motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a not-for-profit member service organization with more than 51 million members. AAA provides services to its members such as travel, automotive, insurance, financial, and discounts

American Ballet Theatre
American Ballet Theatre , based in New York City, was one of the foremost ballet companies of the 20th century. It continues as a leading dance company in the world today

American Bandstand
American Bandstand is an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from 1952 to 1989 and was hosted from 1956 until its final season by Dick Clark, who also served as producer

American Baptist Churches USA
The American Baptist Churches USA is a Baptist Christian denomination within the United States. The denomination maintains headquarters in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The organization is usually considered mainline, although varying theological and mission emphases may be found among its congregations, including evangelical orientations

American Basketball Association
The American Basketball Association was a professional basketball league founded in 1967. The ABA ceased to exist with the ABA–NBA merger in 1976.-League history:

American Beech
Fagus grandifolia, also known as American Beech or North american beech, is a species of beech native to eastern North America, from Nova Scotia west to southern Ontario in southeastern Canada, west to Wisconsin and south to eastern Texas and northern Florida in the United States. Trees in the southern half of the range are sometimes distinguished as a variety, F

American Bittern
The American Bittern is a wading bird of the heron family Ardeidae. New evidence has led the American Ornithologists' Union to move the heron family into the order Pelecaniformes .-Description:

American Black Duck
The American Black Duck is a large dabbling duck. American Black Ducks are similar to Mallards in size, and resemble the female Mallard in coloration, although the Black Duck's plumage is darker

American Black Oystercatcher
The Black Oystercatcher, Haematopus bachmani, is a conspicuous black bird found on the shoreline of western North America. It ranges from the Aleutian Islands of Alaska to the coast of the Baja California peninsula.

American Brass Company
The American Brass Company was an American brass manufacturing company based in Connecticut and active from 1893 to 1960. The company's predecessors were the Wolcottville Brass Company and the Ansonia Brass and Battery Company. It was the first large brass manufacturing firm in the United States, and for much of its existence was the largest brass manufacturer in the country

American Broadcasting Company logos
The American Broadcasting Company has used a variety of logos since 1948 to identify its television network.-Early logos:One of the earliest logos for the television network was a microphone with the letters "ABC" aligned vertically within in it in capital letters , and the letters T and V on either side of the microphone with an

American Bureau of Shipping
The American Bureau of Shipping is a classification society, with a mission to promote the security of life, property and the natural environment, primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities

American Campaign Medal
The American Campaign Medal was a military decoration of the United States armed forces which was first created on November 6, 1942 by issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

American Can Company
The American Can Company was a manufacturer of tin cans. It was a member of the Tin Can Trust, that controlled a "large percentage of business in the United States in tin cans, containers, and packages of tin." It was formerly a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1959–1991, though after 1987 it had renamed itself Primerica, a financial conglomerate which had divested itself

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is the "nationwide community-based voluntary health organization" dedicated, in their own words, "to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service."The society is organized into twelve geographical divisions of both

American Championship Car Racing
Since 1916 there has been a recognized United States national automobile racing National Championship for drivers of professional-level, single-seat open wheel race cars. The championship has been under the auspices of several different sanctioning bodies since 1909. Since 1911, the Indianapolis 500-mile race has been regarded as the marquee event of the National Championship

American Chopper
American Chopper is a reality television series that airs on Discovery Channel, produced by Pilgrim Films & Television. The series centers on Paul Teutul, Sr. and his son Paul Teutul, Jr. , who manufacture custom motorcycles. Orange County Choppers is in Newburgh, New York

American Cinema Editors
Founded in 1950, American Cinema Editors is an honorary society of film editors that are voted in based on the qualities of professional achievements, their education of others, and their dedication to editing itself. The society is not to be confused with an industry union, such as the I.A.T.S.E

American Civil Rights Movement (1896-1954)
The Civil Rights Movement in the United States was a long, primarily nonviolent struggle to bring full civil rights and equality under the law to all Americans

American Civil War
The American Civil War was a civil war fought in the United States of America. In response to the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States, 11 southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America ; the other 25 states supported the federal government

American Civil War reenactment
American Civil War reenactment is an effort to recreate the appearance of a particular battle or other event associated with the American Civil War by hobbyists known as Civil War reenactors or Civil War recreationists

American Civil War spies
Tactical or battlefield intelligence became very vital to both armies in the field during the American Civil War. Units of spies and scouts reported directly to the commanders of armies in the field. They provided details on troop movements and strengths. The distinction between spies and scouts was one that had life or death consequences

American classical music
American classical music is music written in the United States but in the European classical music tradition. In many cases, beginning in the 18th century, it has been influenced by American folk music styles; and from the 20th century to the present day it has often been influenced by folk, jazz, blues, Native American, and pop styles.-Beginnings:The earliest American classical music

American Cocker Spaniel
The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of sporting dog. It is a spaniel type dog that is closely related to the English Cocker Spaniel; the two breeds diverged during the 20th century due to differing breed standards in America and the UK

American cockroach
The American cockroach , also known as the waterbug, or misidentified as the palmetto bug , is the largest species of common cockroach, and often considered a pest. None of the Periplaneta species are endemic to the Americas; despite the name, P

American Community School of Abu Dhabi
The American Community School of Abu Dhabi is school operating in the United Arab Emirates) founded in 1972. Instructio is co-educational, in English and based on the American educational system