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Corridor (VIA)
The Corridor is a Via Rail passenger train service area in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.Corridor is used by Via to refer to all Via inter-city passenger trains which start and end within the geographic region known as the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor

Corrin (disambiguation)
Corrin may refer to:* Corrin, a cyclic macromolecule related to the porphyrin ring in hemoglobin* Corrin , a fictional language featured in the unpublished novel, My Friends Wahoo, Thawah and Chawm.

Corrosion (album)
Corrosion is a 2 CD compilation album released by Sony BMG and Columbia Records in 2001.-Disc 1:#"The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" - Queens of the Stone Age#"As Seen on TV" - Pitchshifter#"Keep the Sabbath Dream Alive" - The Workhorse Movement

A corrosive substance is one that will destroy or irreversibly damage another surface or substance with which it comes into contact. The main hazards to people include damage to the eyes, the skin, and the tissue under the skin; inhalation or ingestion of a corrosive substance can damage the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts

The term corrugated, describing a series of parallel ridges and furrows, may refer to the following:*Corrugated fiberboard also called corrugated cardboard*Corrugated galvanised iron*Corrugated plastic*Corrugated Frog

Corrupt (1999 film)
-Plot:After decades of street violence, two gangs have finally truced. MJ has finally found a way to get out of the deadly hood him and his sister Jodi are living in. Corrupt the only person standing in MJ's way of leaving. This will result in a deadly rampage between two gangs.-Cast:* Silkk Tha Shocker as M.J

Corrupted (band)
Corrupted are a Japanese doom/sludge metal band. They are known for their antipathy towards mainstream acceptance, even in their subgenre, which naturally tends towards obscurity. This is reflected not only in their dark and oppressive musical style but their reclusive nature, avoiding interviews and publicity photo shoots

Corruption usually refers to spiritual or moral impurity.Corruption may also refer to:* Corruption , an American crime film* Corruption , a British horror film

In philosophical, theological, or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. In economy, corruption is payment for services or material which the recipient is not due, under law

Corsairs were privateers, authorized to conduct raids on shipping of a nation at war with France, on behalf of the French Crown. Seized vessels and cargo were sold at auction, with the corsair captain entitled to a portion of the proceeds

Corsair (dinghy)
The Corsair is a class of sixteen foot three handed sailing dinghy. The boat was designed by Australian designer Alan Payne who is famous for designing Sir Frank Packer's America's Cup challenge yacht Gretel II.- The Boat :

Corsair (disambiguation)
A Corsair was a French privateer.Corsair may also refer to:* Other privateers and pirates were referred to as Corsairs; for example Barbary pirates, were also called Barbary corsairs or Ottoman Corsairs- Military :

Corsair (novel)
Corsair is a fantasy novel written by Chris Bunch and published in 2001. It features Gareth Radnor, an honorable young man whose parents were killed by Linyati slavers, found himself to became a captain of a ship Steadfast after the death of its former captain

Corse may refer to:*Corse, the French name for Corsica, the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea*Corse , a European surname of multiple origins *Corse, a Shakespearean word for Corpse

Corse (surname)
Corse is a European surname with several apparently independent origins. An English origin traces to Corse, Gloucestershire, a location in South West England. A Scottish origin can be traced to one of several specific locations in Scotland, or alternatively to a location type, as in a locale resembling a "cross"

A corselet or corselette is a type of foundation garment, sharing elements of both brassieres and girdles. It may incorporate lace in front or in back

A corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes

The Corsi were an ancient people of Sardinia, noted by Ptolemy . They dwelt at the extreme north of the island, near the Tibulati and immediately north of the Coracenses. The Corsi gave their name to the island of Corsica.-References:*

Corsi (surname)
Corsi is the surname of:* Jacopo Corsi , Italian composer* Jamie Corsi , Welsh rugby union player* Jerome Corsi , American author, political commentator and conspiracy theorist

Corsican refers to anything having to do with the French island of Corsica including the Corsican language and the Corsican people.Corsican may also refer to:*The Corsican Brothers, a novella by Alexandre Dumas, père first published in 1844

A corslet is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "a piece of defensive armour covering the body." In Ancient Greek armies, the 'hoplite', or heavy infantryman, wore a bronze corslet or known as the thorax to protect his upper body. The corslet consisted of two plates connected on the sides via hinges and bronze pins

Corso (disambiguation)
Corso is usually used as a shorthand for the Via del Corso, a street in Rome.It is also a surname, held by* Daniel Corso , Canadian hockey player* Gregory Nunzio Corso , American poet* Lee Corso , sports broadcaster

Cortado (software)
Cortado is a streaming Java applet for Ogg formats Vorbis, Theora and Kate, µ-law, MJPEG and Smoke , released under the GPL. With Cortado a webpage can be set up to download the applet on the fly in the background, providing embedded support for Ogg based media in Java-enabled web browsers without the need to install further software

Cortes is surname of Spanish and Portuguese origin. Cortes or Cortés may also refer to:-Institutions:* The Cortes , the national legislative assembly of Spain

Cortese is a white Italian wine grape variety predominantly grown in the southeastern regions of Piedmont in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti. It is the primary grape of the Denominazione di origine controllata wines of Cortese dell'Alto Monferrato and Colli Tortonesi as well as the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita wine of Cortese di Gavi

Cortex may refer to:-Sciences:* Cortex , the outer portion of the stem or root of a plant

-People:*Alfonso Giacomo Gaspare Corti , Italian anatomist *Antonio Corti , Argentine boxer*Axel Corti , Austrian writer and film director*Claudio Corti , Italian mountaineer

Corticosteroids are a class of steroid hormones that are produced in the adrenal cortex. Corticosteroids are involved in a wide range of physiologic systems such as stress response, immune response and regulation of inflammation, carbohydrate metabolism, protein catabolism, blood electrolyte levels, and behavior.* Glucocorticoids such as cortisol control carbohydrate, fat and

Corticosterone is a 21-carbon steroid hormone of the corticosteroid type produced in the cortex of the adrenal glands.-Roles:In many species, including amphibians, reptiles, rodents and birds, corticosterone is a main glucocorticoid, involved in regulation of fuel, immune reactions, and stress responses.However, in humans, corticosterone is produced primarily in the zona

-Things:* Cortina * Ford Cortina, a medium-sized family car built by Ford of Britain from 1962 to 1982**Lotus Cortina, a 1963–1968 performance variant on the above

Cortina (tango)
A cortina is a short piece of non-dance music that is played between tandas at a milonga . The cortina lets the dancers know that the tanda has ended. The partners can then without insult thank each other and return to their own tables, to find a new dance partner at the next tanda

Cortinarius armillatus
See also:Cortinarius armillatus, commonly known as the Red-banded Cortinarius is a late summer and fall fungus usually found in moist coniferous forests, especially spruced ones

Cortinarius caperatus
Cortinarius caperatus, commonly known as the gypsy mushroom, is a highly esteemed edible mushroom of the genus Cortinarius found in northern regions of Europe and North America. It was known as Rozites caperata for many years, before genetic studies revealed it lay within the large genus Cortinarius

Cortisone is a steroid hormone. It is one of the main hormones released by the adrenal gland in response to stress. In chemical structure, it is a corticosteroid closely related to corticosterone. It is used to treat a variety of ailments and can be administered intravenously, orally, intraarticularly, or transcutaneously

Cortistatin (neuropeptide)
Precortistatin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CORT gene. The 105 amino acid residue human precortistatin in turn is cleaved into cortistatin-17 and cortistatin-29. Cortistatin-17 is the only active peptide derived from the precursor

Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide with traces of iron, titanium and chromium. It is a rock-forming mineral. It is one of the naturally clear transparent materials, but can have different colors when impurities are present. Transparent specimens are used as gems, called ruby if red and padmaraga if pink-orange

A corvette is a small, maneuverable, lightly armed warship, originally smaller than a frigate and larger than a coastal patrol craft or fast attack craft , although many recent designs resemble frigates in size and role

Corvette (pinball)
Corvette is a pinball machine produced by Midway . It is based on the sports car line of the same name.-External links:**

Corvidae is a cosmopolitan family of oscine passerine birds that contains the crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, treepies, choughs and nutcrackers. The common English names used are corvids or the crow family , and there are over 120 species

Corvina (disambiguation)
Corvina is a wine grape varietal.Corvina may also refer to:* Corvina or Cilus gilberti, a marine fish of the Sciaenidae family* Cynoscion stolzmanni or yellowtail corvina, a species of fish of the Cynoscion genus

Corvo (knife)
The Corvo is a bladed weapon typically used in Chile. It is a double-edged knife with a curved blade of approximately 12 inches. Initially a tool similar to a grape hook, it was widely used in combat during the War of the Pacific

Corvos is a Portuguese band. The word signifies crows in portuguese.-Music:Corvos is quite uncommon within the Portuguese music scene. It is constituted by four elements with classical music formation that play mostly rock songs

Corvus may refer to:* Corvus , the crows and ravens* Corvus * Corvus , a weapon used on Roman ships during the First Punic War* Marcus Valerius Corvus, a 4th-century BC Roman

Corvus (heraldry)
The genus Corvus, the True Crows, in heraldry may represent harshness, avarice, death or divine providence. Crows and ravens are indistinguishable in use and appearance, and are depicted in heraldry with hairy feathers and is close by default.A crow speaking will have its mouth agape or open as if it were speaking

Cory (name)
The name Cory is commonly given to both males and females. It comes from a surname which was possibly either derived from the Old Norse given name Kori , or from "ravine" in Gaelic, "Hollow" in Irish, "seething pool" in Scottish, or "horn" in French

-Maths, science and technology:* Cosine, a trigonometric function* COS cells, a cell line used by biologists* Carbonyl sulfide, a chemical compound* Class of service , a 3 bit field within a layer two Ethernet frame header defined by IEEE 802.1p

Cosh may refer to:* Hyperbolic cosine, a mathematical function with notation cosh* A blunt metal stick used as a weapon, also known as a blackjack

Cosmetic may refer to:*Cosmetics, or make-up, substances to enhance the beauty of the human body, apart from simple cleaning*Cosmetic, an adjective describing beauty, aesthetics, or appearance, especially concerning the human body

Cosmic ray
Cosmic rays are energetic charged subatomic particles, originating from outer space. They may produce secondary particles that penetrate the Earth's atmosphere and surface. The term ray is historical as cosmic rays were thought to be electromagnetic radiation

Cosmic Ray (film)
Cosmic Ray is an experimental film directed by Bruce Conner featuring black-and-white footage of a nude woman with a pearl necklace, cartoons, and newsreel footage of atomic bomb explosions, all set to Ray Charles's "What'd I Say".

Cosmogony, or cosmogeny, is any scientific theory concerning the coming into existence or origin of the universe, or about how reality came to be. The word comes from the Greek κοσμογονία , from κόσμος "cosmos, the world", and the root of γίνομαι / γέγονα "to be born, come about"

Cosmographia may refer to:-Written works:*Cosmographia, an alternative name for Ptolemy's Geographia

Cosmographia (Bernard Silvestris)
Cosmographia is a Latin philosophical allegory, dealing with the creation of the universe, by the twelfth-century author Bernard Silvestris. In form, it is a prosimetrum, in which passages of prose alternate with verse passages in various classical meters

Cosmographia (Sebastian Münster)
The Cosmographia by Sebastian Münster from 1544 is the earliest German description of the world. It had numerous editions in different languages including Latin, French , Italian, English, and even Czech. The last German edition was published in 1628, long after his death

Cosmography is the science that maps the general features of the universe, describing both heaven and Earth

Cosmos (album)
Cosmos is the debut album by The Send which was released on July 31, 2007 by Tooth & Nail Records. Joseph Kisselburgh teamed up with 'Aaron Sprinkle to "bring spiritual songs into existence from beyond," rather than force a pop record.' The first single is "An Epiphany". A video was released for this song on July 12, 2007

Cosmos (Buck-Tick album)
Cosmos is the ninth album by Buck-Tick, released on June 21, 1996. It reached number six on the Oricon chart. The album was digitally remastered and re-released on September 19, 2002, with two bonus tracks. It was remastered and re-released again on September 5, 2007

Cosmos (operating system)
Cosmos is an open source operating system written in C#. It also encompasses a compiler for converting Common Intermediate Language bytecode into native instructions. The operating system is compiled together with a user program and associated libraries using IL2CPU to create a bootable standalone native binary

COSMOS (Telecommunications)
COSMOS was a record-keeping system for Main Distribution Frames in the Bell System. COSMOS was introduced in the 1970s after MDFs were found to be congested in large urban telephone exchanges. It assigns terminals so jumpers need not be so long, thus leaving more space on the shelves

Cosmos (television channel)
Cosmos is a Greek local radio and television station serving all of the Achaia prefecture. Its headquarters are in Patras. It offers movies, local programs and music, and programs and music from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Cosmos (Zombi album)
Cosmos is the first full length record released by space rock/prog duo Zombi. All songs were written by both members of the duo, except "Cassiopeia" and "Andromeda" which were written and performed by bassist-keyboard player Steve Moore.-Track listing:

Controller of site safety or COSS is a person qualified with Network Rail to ensure safe practice for work occurring on or near rail infrastructure. Their role is to set up a safe system of work which looks after the interests of a group of people who need to go on or near the line

Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community that was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, the service is widely used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media

Flight is the process by which an object moves either through an atmosphere or beyond it by generating lift or propulsive thrust, or aerostatically using buoyancy, or by simple ballistic movement.

Flight 19
Flight 19 was the designation of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared on December 5, 1945 during a United States Navy-authorized overwater navigation training flight from Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All 14 airmen on the flight were lost, as were all 13 crew members of a PBM Mariner flying boat assumed to have exploded in mid-air while searching for the flight

Flight attendant
Flight attendants or cabin crew are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights, on select business jet aircraft, and on some military aircraft.-History:The role of a flight attendant derives from that of similar positions on

Flight data recorder
A flight data recorder is an electronic device employed to record any instructions sent to any electronic systems on an aircraft. It is a device used to record specific aircraft performance parameters

Flight deck
The flight deck of an aircraft carrier is the surface from which its aircraft take off and land, essentially a miniature airfield at sea. On smaller naval ships which do not have aviation as a primary mission, the landing area for helicopters and other VTOL aircraft is also referred to as the flight deck. The official U.S

Flight dynamics
Flight dynamics is the science of air vehicle orientation and control in three dimensions. The three critical flight dynamics parameters are the angles of rotation in three dimensions about the vehicle's center of mass, known as pitch, roll and yaw .Aerospace engineers develop control systems for a vehicle's

Flight envelope
In aerodynamics, the flight envelope or performance envelope of an aircraft refers to the capabilities of a design in terms of airspeed and load factor or altitude. The term is somewhat loosely applied, and can also refer to other measurements such as maneuverability

Flight instruments
Flight instruments are the instruments in the cockpit of an aircraft that provide the pilot with information about the flight situation of that aircraft, such as height, speed and altitude

Flight into Egypt
The flight into Egypt is a biblical event described in the Gospel of Matthew , in which Joseph fled to Egypt with his wife Mary and infant son Jesus after a visit by Magi because they learn that King Herod intends to kill the infants of that area

Flight of the Bumblebee
"Flight of the Bumblebee" is an orchestral interlude written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for his opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan, composed in 1899–1900. The piece closes Act III, Tableau 1, during which the magic Swan-Bird changes Prince Gvidon Saltanovich into an insect so that he can fly away to visit his father

Flight plan
Flight plans are documents filed by pilots or a Flight Dispatcher with the local Civil Aviation Authority prior to departure

Flight simulator
A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and various aspects of the flight environment. This includes the equations that govern how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of their controls and other aircraft systems, and how they react to the external environment such as air density, turbulence, cloud, precipitation, etc

Flight training
Flight training is a course of study used when learning to pilot an aircraft. The overall purpose of primary and intermediate flight training is the acquisition and honing of basic airmanship skills.

Flightless Cormorant
The Flightless Cormorant , also known as the Galapagos Cormorant, is a cormorant native to the Galapagos Islands, and an example of the highly unusual fauna there. It is unique in that it is the only cormorant that has lost the ability to fly

Flin Flon
Flin Flon is a Canadian mining city located on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with the majority of the city located within Manitoba.- Founding :

Flinders Island, Tasmania
Flinders Island is an island in Bass Strait. It is from Cape Portland, the north-eastern tip of Tasmania, Australia and is the largest island in the Furneaux Group.-History:

Flinders Street Station
Flinders Street Station is the central railway station of the suburban railway network of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets next to the Yarra River in the heart of the city, stretching from Swanston Street to Queen Street and covering two city blocks.Each weekday, over 110,000 commuters and 1,500 trains pass through the station

Flint is a hard, sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz, categorized as a variety of chert. It occurs chiefly as nodules and masses in sedimentary rocks, such as chalks and limestones. Inside the nodule, flint is usually dark grey, black, green, white, or brown in colour, and often has a glassy or waxy appearance

Flintlock is the general term for any firearm based on the flintlock mechanism. The term may also apply to the mechanism itself. Introduced at the beginning of the 17th century, the flintlock rapidly replaced earlier firearm-ignition technologies, such as the doglock, matchlock and wheellock mechanisms

Flip Benham
Philip "Flip" Benham is an evangelical Christian minister and the national leader of Concord, North Carolina-based Operation Save America.-Pro-life ministry:

Flip book
A flip book or flick book is a book with a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change. Flip books are often illustrated books for children, but may also be geared towards adults and employ a series of photographs rather than drawings

Flip cup
Flip cup is a team-based drinking game.Two teams of an equal number of players stand on opposite sides of a table, facing one another. The players directly facing are opponents. In front of each teammate is a disposable plastic cup filled with a set amount of beer

Flip-flop (electronics)
In electronics, a flip-flop or latch is a circuit that has two stable states and can be used to store state information. The circuit can be made to change state by signals applied to one or more control inputs and will have one or two outputs. It is the basic storage element in sequential logic

Flipped is a young adult novel by Wendelin Van Draanen set from c.1994-2000. It is a stand-alone teen romance in a he-said she-said style with the two protagonists alternately presenting their perspective on a shared set of events.

Flixton House
Flixton House was built in 1806 by the Wright family, who had become wealthy land owners in Flixton.Flixton House would probably have been quite unremarkable in a national context had Ralph Wright in 1826 not closed several footpaths across his estate, footpaths that the public had until then been allowed access to.In response to the closure of those footpaths the people of Flixton

Flixton, Greater Manchester
Flixton is a village and electoral ward within the Urmston area of the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester, England. It lies about six miles to the southwest of Manchester city centre, within the historic county boundaries of Lancashire.Flixton's present-day population is concentrated in the northern half of the village, the rest of which is

Floating Production Storage and Offloading
A floating production, storage and offloading unit is a floating vessel used by the offshore industry for the processing of hydrocarbons and for storage of oil. A FPSO vessel is designed to receive hydrocarbons produced from nearby platforms or subsea template, process them, and store oil until it can be offloaded onto a tanker or transported through a pipeline

Floating rib
Floating ribs are four atypical ribs in the human ribcage. They are called so because they are attached to the vertebrae only, and not to the sternum or cartilage coming off of the sternum. Some people are missing one of the two pairs. Others have a third pair. Most, however, possess only two pairs

Flocculation, in the field of chemistry, is a process wherein colloids come out of suspension in the form of floc or flakes by the addition of a clarifying agent. The action differs from precipitation in that, prior to flocculation, colloids are merely suspended in a liquid and not actually dissolved in a solution

A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land. The EU Floods directive defines a flood as a temporary covering by water of land not normally covered by water

Flood (mythology)
A flood myth or deluge myth is a mythical or religious story of a great flood sent by a deity or deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution

Flood basalt
A flood basalt or trap basalt is the result of a giant volcanic eruption or series of eruptions that coats large stretches of land or the ocean floor with basalt lava. Flood basalts have occurred on continental scales in prehistory, creating great plateaus and mountain ranges

Flood control in the Netherlands
Flood control in the Netherlands is an important issue for the Netherlands as about two thirds of the country is vulnerable to flooding while at the same time the country is among the most densely populated on earth. Natural sand dunes and man made dikes, dams and floodgates provide defense against storm surges from the sea

Flooding algorithm
A flooding algorithm is an algorithm for distributing material to every part of a connected network. The name derives from the concept of inundation by a flood.

Floor (gymnastics)
In gymnastics, the floor refers to a specially prepared exercise surface, which is considered an apparatus. It is used by both male and female gymnasts. The event in gymnastics performed on floor is called floor exercise. The English abbreviation for the event in gymnastics scoring is FX.A spring floor is used in most competitive gymnastics to provide bounce

Floor function
In mathematics and computer science, the floor and ceiling functions map a real number to the largest previous or the smallest following integer, respectively

Floppy disk
A floppy disk is a disk storage medium composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium, sealed in a rectangular plastic carrier lined with fabric that removes dust particles

Flora Call Disney
Flora Call Disney was the mother of Walt Disney and his brother Roy Disney.-Family:Call was born in Steuben, Ohio, the daughter of Henrietta , and Charles Call, who were neighbors of Kepple Disney, father of Elias Disney, her husband. Her family originated from Germany

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. It is the most populous city in Tuscany, with approximately 370,000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area.

Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale OM, RRC was a celebrated English nurse, writer and statistician. She came to prominence for her pioneering work in nursing during the Crimean War, where she tended to wounded soldiers. She was dubbed "The Lady with the Lamp" after her habit of making rounds at night

Florence, Colorado
The City of Florence is a Statutory City located in Fremont County, Colorado, United States. The population was 3,653 at the 2000 census.ADX Florence, the only federal Supermax prison in the United States, is located south of Florence in an unincorporated area in Fremont County

Florence, Oregon
Florence is a city in Lane County, Oregon, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 8,466.-History:The Florence area was originally inhabited by the Siuslaw tribe of Native Americans. Some state that the city was named for state senator A. B

Florida is a state in the southeastern United States, located on the nation's Atlantic and Gulf coasts. It is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the north by Alabama and Georgia and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of 18,801,310 as measured by the 2010 census, it is the fourth most populous state in the country

Florida Democratic Party
The Florida Democratic Party is the official organization for Democrats in the state of Florida.-History:The Florida Democratic Party has historically dominated dodo Florida's state and local politics. Florida's Governor's Mansion was closed to Republicans from 1877 until 1967, when Claude R

Florida Education Association
The Florida Education Association is a statewide federation of teacher and education workers' labor unions in the state of Florida in the United States. Its 137,000 members make it the largest union in the state

Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum
The Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum is a railroad museum located in Parrish, Florida.The museum operates a heritage railroad and offers tourist excursions along 6 miles of a former Seaboard Air Line Railway route in Manatee County.

Florida Highway Patrol
The Division of the Florida Highway Patrol is a division of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the law enforcement agency charged with ensuring the safety of the highways and roads of the state.-History:

Florida Institute of Technology
Florida Institute of Technology, also known as Florida Tech, is an independent private technical research university located in Melbourne, Florida, United States. Founded in 1958 as Brevard Engineering College, the institute has been known by its present name since 1966. Florida Tech's curriculum is largely focused on engineering and science fields

Florida Legislature
The Florida State Legislature is the term often used to refer to the two houses that act as the state legislature of the U.S. state of Florida. The Florida Constitution states that "The legislative power of the state shall be vested in a legislature of the State of Florida," composed of a Senate and House of Representatives

Florida Panhandle
The Florida Panhandle, an informal, unofficial term for the northwestern part of Florida, is a strip of land roughly 200 miles long and 50 to 100 miles wide , lying between Alabama on the north and the west, Georgia also on the north, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Its eastern boundary is arbitrarily defined

Florida Projects
Florida Projects is a neighborhood and a housing project of the city of New Orleans. A subdistrict of the Bywater District Area, its boundaries as defined by the City Planning Commission are: Florida Boulevard to the north, Mazant Street to the east, North Dorgenois Street to the south and Congress, Law and Gallier Streets to the west

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind is a state-supported boarding school for deaf and blind children established in 1885, in St. Augustine, Florida, USA.-History:

Florida State Fair
The Florida State Fair is held annually at the bugger Florida State Fairgrounds near Tampa. The official state fair of Florida, it includes indoor and outdoor exhibits, rides and shows. It is a chance for the state to showcase its agricultural industry. The Fair also offers competitions and food oddities such as chocolate covered bacon

Florida State Fairgrounds
The Florida State Fairgrounds is located in Tampa, Florida. In addition to holding the annual Florida State Fair, the fairgrounds also hosts a wide variety of other events throughout the year.

Florideophyceae, demoted to subclass Floridae in some classification systems, is a class of red algae. It is sometimes merged with the Bangiaceae into the Rhodophyceae, leaving the subclass Florideae in use.

Florigen is the term used to describe the hypothesized hormone-like molecules responsible for controlling and/or triggering flowering in plants. Florigen is produced in the leaves and acts in the shoot apical meristem of buds and growing tips. It is known to be graft-transmissible and even functions between species

Flory-Huggins solution theory
Flory-Huggins solution theory is a mathematical model of the thermodynamics of polymer solutions which takes account of the great dissimilarity in molecular sizes in adapting the usual expression for the entropy of mixing. The result is an equation for the Gibbs free energy change \Delta G_m for mixing a polymer with a solvent

The flounder is an ocean-dwelling flatfish species that is found in coastal lagoons and estuaries of the Northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.-Taxonomy:There are a number of geographical and taxonomical species to which flounder belong.*Western Atlantic

Flow cytometry
Flow cytometry is a technique for counting and examining microscopic particles, such as cells and chromosomes, by suspending them in a stream of fluid and passing them by an electronic detection apparatus. It allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical and/or chemical characteristics of up to thousands of particles per second

Flow measurement
Flow measurement is the quantification of bulk fluid movement. Flow can be measured in a variety of ways.Positive-displacement flow meters acumulate a fixed volume of fluid and then count the number of times the volume is filled to measure flow

Flower Drum Song
Flower Drum Song was the eighth stage musical by the team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. It was based on the 1957 novel, The Flower Drum Song, by Chinese-American author C. Y. Lee. The piece opened in 1958 on Broadway and was afterwards presented in the West End and on tour

Flower of Life
The Flower of Life is the modern name given to a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles. They are arranged to form a flower-like pattern with a sixfold symmetry, similar to a hexagon

Flower power
Flower power is a slogan used by the American counterculture movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology. It is rooted in the opposition movement to the Vietnam War. The expression was coined by the American Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 1965 as a means to transform war protests into peaceful affirmative spectacles

Flowers in the Attic
Flowers in the Attic is a 1979 novel by Virginia Andrews. It is the first book in the Dollanganger Series, and was followed by Petals on the Wind, If There Be Thorns, Seeds of Yesterday, and Garden of Shadows. The novel is written in the first person from the point of view of Cathy Dollanganger

Flowers of the Forest
Flowers of the Forest is an ancient Scottish folk tune. Although the original words are unknown, the melody was recorded in c. 1615-25 in the John Skene of Halyards Manuscript as "Flowres of the Forrest", though it may have been composed earlier.

A flownet is a graphical representation of two-dimensional steady-state groundwater flow through aquifers. Construction of a flownet is often used for solving groundwater flow problems where the geometry makes analytical solutions impractical

Floyd Collins
William Floyd Collins was a celebrated pioneer cave explorer in central Kentucky, an area that is the location of hundreds of miles of interconnected caves, including the Mammoth Cave National Park

Floyd Odlum
Floyd Bostwick Odlum was a wealthy lawyer and industrialist. He has been described as "possibly the only man in the United States who made a great fortune out of the Depression"

Floyd Rose SpeedLoader
Floyd Rose SpeedLoader is a floating, double-locking, guitar bridge based on the Floyd Rose Original. It was in development since 1991 and was introduced to the public in 2003.This tremolo was developed in San Diego CA at AJ manufacturing by tool makers Jerry Morhman, Richard J Price, Steve lamms, and Kerry L Stottlemyer under the direct guidance of Floyd Rose himself