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The French Solar Energy Authority , a public scientific and industrial entity, was set up in 1978 to promote a comprehensive energy policy based on energy savings, on efficient energy management, and on renewable sources of energy

Comet (album)
혜성 is the 1.5th Korean album by pop/rock singer Younha, released on October 23, 2007. It is a remake of her first Japanese album Go! Younha with a few tracklist changes.-Track listing:# 혜성 Hyeseong

Comet (comics)
Comet, in comics, may refer to:* Comet , an Archie Comics character* Comet , a number of DC Comics characters* Comet , an Impact Comics character* Comet , a Marvel Comics character

Comet (Marvel Comics)
Comet is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Publication history:The Comet first appeared in Nova #21 , and was created by Marv Wolfman and John Buscema.

Comet (song)
"Comet" was a well-known humorous children's song in the United States. It describes the deleterious effects of consuming Comet cleanser—a powdered cleansing product sold in North America. The most prominent and often-occurring effect in the song is that it turns one's teeth green

COMETA was a high-level French UFO study organisation from the late 1990s, composed of high-ranking officers and officials, some having held command posts in the armed forces and aerospace industry

Comeuppance is the first full album released by British progressive rock/jazz fusion band Sphere3.-Track listing:#"A Good Example of Arbitrary Presumption"#"Shrimp.SNG"#"Sidewalking"#"Natural Light"#"First Kiss"#"Eat First, Ask Questions Later"

Comfits are confectionery consisting of dried fruits, nuts, seeds or spices coated with sugar candy. Almond comfits in a muslin bag or other decorative container, are a traditional gift at baptism and wedding celebrations in many countries of Europe and the Middle East, a custom which has spread to other countries such as Australia and

Comfort may refer to:*Comfort , by the rock group Failure*Comfort *Comfort Air, German airline*Comfort food*Comfort noise, artificial background noise used in radio and wireless communications to fill the silent time in a transmission*Comfort object, an object used to provide psychological comfort*Comfort women, a euphemism for women who were forced to work

Comfort is a sense of physical or psychological ease, often characterized as a lack of hardship. A degree of psychological comfort can be achieved by recreating experiences that are associated with pleasant memories, such as engaging in familiar activities, maintaining the presence of familiar objects, and consumption of comfort foods

Comfort (fabric softener)
Comfort is the brand name of a Unilever fabric softener sold in the UK and around the world. The range includes Comfort Pure and Comfort Crème . Scents include Passion Flower and Ylang Ylang, Lily and Riceflower, Wild Pear and Ginkgo and the Original Comfort Blue.- History :Comfort was the first fabric softener to be launched in the UK in 1969

Comfort object
A comfort object, transitional object, or security blanket is an item used to provide psychological comfort, especially in unusual or unique situations, or at bedtime for small children. Among toddlers, comfort objects may take the form of a blanket, a stuffed animal, or a favorite toy, and may be referred to by the terms blankey and lovey

Comfort Woman
Comfort Woman is the fifth solo album by Me'shell Ndegeocello. It was released October 14, 2003 on Maverick Records. The album peaked at #150 on the Billboard Top 200 list that year. The album also peaked at #43 on Billboard's R&B Album chart. The LP was the final record released by Maverick, ending her 10 year contract.-Track listing:#"Love Song, No

Comic book
A comic book or comicbook is a magazine made up of comics, narrative artwork in the form of separate panels that represent individual scenes, often accompanied by dialog as well as including

Comic strip
A comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and captions.

Comic strip (disambiguation)
A Comic strip is a sequence of drawings that tells a story.Comic strip may also refer to:*The Comic Strip, group of British comedians.*The Comic Strip , 1987-1988 American animated series.

Comical may refer to:* Comedy, a type of theatrical drama* Comical Radio, a weekly radio show in New York City* Comical , a Mac OS X and Windows comic book viewer. Can be compiled for Linux

Comics denotes a hybrid medium having verbal side of its vocabulary tightly tied to its visual side in order to convey narrative or information only, the latter in case of non-fiction comics, seeking synergy by using both visual and verbal side in

Comines may refer to the following, adjacent places:* Comines , a town in Hainaut, Belgium, part of the municipality of Comines-Warneton* Comines, Nord, a municipality in the Nord department, France

Coming Down
"Coming Down" is the debut single by ex-Coronation Street star Richard Fleeshman. It was released on November 19, 2007, and despite hopes that it would do well it peaked at #78 on the UK Singles Chart.-External links:* *

Coming Out (film)
Coming Out is a 1989 feature film made by the East German film monopoly, DEFA. Directed by Heiner Carow and starring Matthias Freihof, Dagmar Manzel and Dirk Kummer, the film deals with the process of the protagonist's "coming out" and admitting to himself and others that he is a gay man

Coming Out (Manhattan Transfer album)
Coming Out is the third album by The Manhattan Transfer, released August 19, 1976 on Atlantic Records.On the advice of their manager Aaron Russo, the group downplayed the "nostalgic" tenor of their previous breakthrough album in favor of more contemporary songs

Coming Out (TV series)
Coming Out was a Canadian television series, which aired on Maclean-Hunter's cable community channel in Toronto in 1972. It was the first Canadian television program targeted specifically to a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community audience.

Comings may refer to:* George Comings , American politician* William Comings White , American scientist

In law, comity specifically refers to legal reciprocity—the principle that one jurisdiction will extend certain courtesies to other nations , particularly by recognizing the validity and effect of their executive, legislative, and judicial acts

A comma is a type of punctuation mark . The word comes from the Greek komma , which means something cut off or a short clause.Comma may also refer to:* Comma , a type of interval in music theory

Command may refer to:* Command , a statement in a computer language* COMMAND.COM, the default operating system shell and command-line interpreter for DOS* Command , an organizational unit

Commandant is a senior title often given to the officer in charge of a large training establishment or academy. This usage is common in anglophone nations

Commander is a naval rank which is also sometimes used as a military title depending on the individual customs of a given military service. Commander is also used as a rank or title in some organizations outside of the armed forces, particularly in police and law enforcement.-Commander as a naval rank:Commander is a rank used in navies but is very rarely used as a rank in armies

Commander (Canada)
In the Royal Canadian Navy, the rank of Commander is a Naval rank equal to a Lieutenant-Colonel of the Army or Air Force. A Commander is senior to aLieutenantCommander or an Army or Air Force Major, and junior to a Captain or Colonel.

Commander (disambiguation)
Commander is a military rank.Commander may also refer to:*Commanding officer, a military title* Commander butterflies, the brush-footed butterfly genera Moduza and the monotypic Euryphurana ** The Commander, the brush-footed butterfly Moduza procris* Commander Australia Limited, an

Commander (Total Annihilation)
The Commander is a unit in the fictional world of the Total Annihilation series of games by Chris Taylor. This unit is of specific importance to the game, arguably the most important unit, and is available to both the Arm and the Core factions, although there are minor differences between the respective factions' Commanders..-Classification and Role:The Commander, although unique, is

Commander (United States)
In the United States, commander is a military rank that is also sometimes used as a military title, depending on the branch of service. It is also used as a rank or title in some organizations outside of the military, particularly in police and law enforcement.-Naval rank:In the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Public Health Service Commissioned

Commander in Chief (game)
Commander in Chief, also known as Geo-Political-Simulator is a government simulation game that places you as the head of state of virtually any nation that existed on January 1, 2009. Players have a large amount of control over their nation, although this varies based on the form of government the player's nation has

The commandery , also known as prefecture, was a historical administrative division of China from the time of the Zhou Dynasty until the early Tang Dynasty .-History & development:

Commandment (album)
Commandment is the seventh album by death metal band Six Feet Under. It was released April 17, 2007, on Metal Blade Records. They have released videos for "Ghosts of the Undead" and "Doomsday"

In English, the term commando means a specific kind of individual soldier or military unit. In contemporary usage, commando usually means elite light infantry and/or special operations forces units, specializing in amphibious landings, parachuting, rappelling and similar techniques, to conduct and effect attacks

Commando (horse)
Commando was an American Hall of Fame Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. Bred at Castleton Stud by owner James R. Keene, Commando raced at age two, winning five of his six starts and finishing second in the other as a result of jockey error. At age three, Commando raced only three times, winning the Belmont Stakes and the Carlton Stakes

Commandos (1968)
Commandos is an Italian "macaroni combat" war film starring Lee Van Cleef and Jack Kelly and is directed by Armando Crispino. It was released in Italy on 19 November 1968, and rated PG in the United States.- Cast :* Lee Van Cleef ... MSgt. Sullivan

Commandos (album)
Commandos is the second studio album by Norwegian hard rock band Stage Dolls. Like the first album it was recorded at Nidaros Studios in Trondheim, Norway using the same producer, Bjørn Nessjø, and engineer, Rune Nordahl.

Commandry (feudalism)
Commandry , or commandery , was the smallest division of the European landed estate or manor under the control of a commendator, or commander, of an order of knights

Comme d'habitude
"Comme d’habitude" is a French song written in 1967 by Claude François and Jacques Revaux with lyrics by Claude François and Gilles Thibaut.

Comme il faut
Compagnie des Tabacs Comme Il Faut, S.A. is an international tobacco company based in, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is owned by Luckett, Inc. of Louisville, KY and is the only cigarette maker in Haiti with its Comme Il Faut and Point brands marketed locally.

Commelinidae is a botanical name at the rank of subclass. Circumscription of the subclass will vary with the taxonomic system being used ; the only requirement being that it includes the family Commelinaceae

Commemoration may refer to:*Commemoration , an observance of the Church of England*Commemoration , a prayer of the Roman Catholic Church

Commencement may refer to:* Graduation, the ceremony at which students receive academic degrees** Commencement speech* "Commencement" * Commencement , by Deadsy* Commencement, a novel by J

Commendable is a retired American Thoroughbred racehorse, best known for his victory in the 2000 Belmont Stakes.Prior to the Belmont Stakes, Commendable had earned $88,470 in seven races and his only win had been back in August 1999 when he won a Del Mar maiden race for two-year-olds

In ecology, commensalism is a class of relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits but the other is neutral

A comment is generally a verbal or written remark often related to an added piece of information, or an observation or statement. These are usually marked with an abbreviation, such as "obs." or "N.B."

Comment (computer programming)
In computer programming, a comment is a programming language construct used to embed programmer-readable annotations in the source code of a computer program. Those annotations are potentially significant to programmers but typically ignorable to compilers and interpreters. Comments are usually added with the purpose of making the source code easier to understand

Commentary may refer to:*Play-by-play commentary, describing sporting events on TV or radio**colour commentary, supplementing play-by-play commentary with talk not directly about play*Commentary or narration, the words in a documentary film

Commentary (philology)
In philology, a commentary is a line-by-line or even word-by-word explication usually attached to an edition of a text in the same or an accompanying volume. It may draw on methodologies of close reading and literary criticism, but its primary purpose is to elucidate the language of the text and the specific culture that produced it, both of which may be foreign to the reader

Commentator may refer to:*Pundit , a commentator on a topic such as politics, social sciences or sport*Sports commentator, a sports commentator

Commentator (horse)
Commentator , is an American Thoroughbred race horse by the stallion Distorted Humor, sire of 2003 Kentucky Derby winner Funny Cide. Like Funny Cide, Commentator is a New York bred as well as a gelding

While business refers to the value-creating activities of an organization for profit, commerce means the whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business. The system includes legal, economic, political, social, cultural, and technological systems that are in operation in any country

Commerce (Metrolink station)
The Commerce Metrolink Station is a Metrolink rail station in the city of Commerce, California. It is served by Metrolink's 91 Line from Los Angeles Union Station to Riverside and Metrolink's Orange County Line running from Los Angeles Union Station to Oceanside

Commercial may refer to:* Advertising, commercial messages**Radio advertisement, via the medium of radio**Television advertisement, via the medium of television*Commerce, the voluntary exchange of goods, services, or both

Commercialization is the process or cycle of introducing a new product or production method into the market. The actual launch of a new product is the final stage of new product development, and the one where the most money will have to be spent for advertising, sales promotion, and other marketing efforts

Commissar is the English transliteration of an official title used in Russia from the time of Peter the Great.The title was used during the Provisional Government for regional heads of administration, but it is mostly associated with a number of Cheka and military functions in Bolshevik and Soviet government military forces during the Russian Civil War Commissar is the English transliteration of an official title used in Russia from the time of Peter the Great.The title was used during the Provisional Government for regional heads of administration, but it is mostly associated with a number of Cheka and military functions in Bolshevik and Soviet government military forces during the Russian Civil War Commissar is the English transliteration of an official title used in Russia from the time of Peter the Great.The title was used during the Provisional Government for regional heads of administration, but it is mostly associated with a number of Cheka and military functions in Bolshevik and Soviet government military forces during the Russian Civil War (the White Army widely used the

Commission may refer to:* Commission , a form of payment to an agent for services rendered* Commission , a document given to commissioned officers.

Commission may refer to:* Commission , a form of payment to an agent for services rendered* Commission , a document given to commissioned officers.

Commission (art)
In art, a commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of a piece, often on behalf of another.In classical music, ensembles often commission pieces from composers, where the ensemble secures the composer's payment from private or public organizations or donors.- Commissions for public art :Throughout history, it has been common for rulers and governments to commission

Commissioner is in principle the title given to a member of a commission or to an individual who has been given a commission .

A commissure is the place where two things are joined. The term is used especially in the fields of anatomy and biology.In anatomy, commissure refers to a bundle of nerve fibers that cross the midline at their level of origin or entry .* The most common usage of the term refers to the brain's commissures, of which there

Commit as a noun can refer to:* A set of permanent changes in a database or software repository.* A parliamentary motion*Nicotine, by the trade name Commit

Commit (motion)
The motion to commit , in parliamentary procedure, is used to refer another motion—usually a main motion -- to a committee.-Explanation and Use:

Commitment may refer to:*Promise, or personal commitment*Contract, a legally binding exchange of promises*Brand commitment*Involuntary commitment, the use of legal means or forms to commit a person to a mental hospital, insane asylum or psychiatric ward

Commitment (song)
"Commitment" is a song by LeAnn Rimes, release as the lead single from her album Sittin' on Top of the World. The song placed at #4 on the US country charts, #38 in the UK. It was later featured on Rimes' Greatest Hits and its international version, The Best of LeAnn Rimes.-Charts:

Committed may refer to:* Committed , a film starring Heather Graham and Luke Wilson* Committed , a comic strip by Michael Fry** Committed , an animated television series based on the strip

Ernest P. Worrell
Ernest P. Worrell is a fictional character most principally portrayed by the late American actor Jim Varney in a series of television commercials, and later in a television series as well as a series of feature films. Ernest was created by the Nashville advertising agency Carden and Cherry and was used in various local television ad campaigns

Ernest Rutherford
Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson OM, FRS was a New Zealand-born British chemist and physicist who became known as the father of nuclear physics

Ernest Saves Christmas
Ernest Saves Christmas is a 1988 Touchstone Pictures comedy film directed by John R. Cherry III and starring Jim Varney. It is the third film to feature the character Ernest P. Worrell, and chronicles Ernest's attempt to find a replacement for an aging Santa Claus.-Plot:A man who claims to be Santa Claus arrives at the Orlando International Airport in Florida

Ernest Schelling
Ernest Henry Schelling was an American pianist, composer, and conductor.Born in Belvidere, New Jersey, Schelling was a child prodigy. His first teacher was his father. He entered the Academy of Music in Philadelphia at age 4. At age 7, Schelling traveled to Europe to study. He was admitted to the Paris Conservatoire

Ernest Shackleton
Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, CVO, OBE was a notable explorer from County Kildare, Ireland, who was one of the principal figures of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration

Ernest Tubb
Ernest Dale Tubb , nicknamed the Texas Troubadour, was an American singer and songwriter and one of the pioneers of country music. His biggest career hit song, "Walking the Floor Over You" , marked the rise of the honky tonk style of music

Ernesto Ruffo Appel
Ernesto Ruffo Appel is an American-born Mexican politician famous for being the first state governor not belonging to the Partido Revolucionario Institucional since its formation in 1929.

Ernie Ball
Ernie Ball was an American entrepreneur, musician, and innovator, widely acclaimed as a revolutionary in the development of guitar-related products. He began as a club and local television musician and small business entrepreneur, building an international business in guitars and accessories that would eventually gross US$40 million a year

Ernie Davis
Ernest "Ernie" Davis was an American football running back and the first African-American athlete to win the Heisman Trophy. Wearing number 44, Davis competed collegiately for Syracuse University before being drafted by the Washington Redskins, then almost immediately traded to the Cleveland Browns in December 1961

Ernie Grunfeld
Ernest "Ernie" Grunfeld is the General Manager of the Washington Wizards. He was also once a professional basketball player

Ernie Isley
Ernest "Ernie" Isley is a member of the iconic American musical ensemble, The Isley Brothers.-Life and career:Ernie was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his older brothers formed The Isley Brothers, first as a gospel group, then as a secular-singing group. In 1960 his family moved to Englewood and Teaneck, New Jersey

Ernie Richardson
Ernest M. Richardson, CM is a Canadian and world curling champion.Ernie Richardson was the skip of the Regina-based team made up of his brother Garnet and cousins Arnold, Wes Richardson, and Mel Perry who replaced Wes in 1963 due to back issues

Ernie Whitt
Leo Ernest "Ernie" Whitt is a former Major League Baseball catcher and coach who is the current manager for the minor league Clearwater Threshers. He is noted for the twelve years he spent as a player with the Toronto Blue Jays

Erno Rubik
Ernő Rubik is a Hungarian inventor, architect and professor of architecture. He is best known for the invention of mechanical puzzles including Rubik's Cube , Rubik's Magic, Rubik's Magic: Master Edition, Rubik's Snake and Rubik's 360.

Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young is one of the largest professional services networks in the world and one of the "Big Four" accountancy firms, along with Deloitte, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers .

Ernst Badian
Ernst Badian was an Austrian-born classical scholar who served as a professor at Harvard University from 1971 to 1998.

Ernst Chladni
Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni was a German physicist and musician. His important works include research on vibrating plates and the calculation of the speed of sound for different gases. For this some call him the "Father of Acoustics"

Ernst Curtius
You may be looking for Ernst Robert Curtius .Ernst Curtius was a German archaeologist and historian.-Biography:

Ernst Haeckel
The "European War" became known as "The Great War", and it was not until 1920, in the book "The First World War 1914-1918" by Charles à Court Repington, that the term "First World War" was used as the official name for the conflict.-Research:

Ernst Kretschmer
Ernst Kretschmer Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. h.c., was a German psychiatrist who researched the human constitution and established a typology

Ernst Kummer
Ernst Eduard Kummer was a German mathematician. Skilled in applied mathematics, Kummer trained German army officers in ballistics; afterwards, he taught for 10 years in a gymnasium, the German equivalent of high school, where he inspired the mathematical career of Leopold Kronecker.-Life:Kummer was born in Sorau, Brandenburg

Ernst Ruska
Ernst August Friedrich Ruska was a German physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1986 for his work in electron optics, including the design of the first electron microscope.Ruska was born in Heidelberg

Ernst Udet
Colonel General Ernst Udet was the second-highest scoring German flying ace of World War I. He was one of the youngest aces and was the highest scoring German ace to survive the war . His 62 victories were second only to Manfred von Richthofen, his commander in the Flying Circus

Ernst von Bergmann
Ernst von Bergmann was a Baltic German surgeon. He is the beginner of aseptic surgery.Born in Riga, Livonia , in 1860 he earned his doctorate at the University of Dorpat, and later returned to Dorpat in 1871, where he was a professor of surgery until 1878

Eros (love)
Eros is one of the four words in Ancient Greek which can be rendered into English as “love”. The other three are storge, philia and agape

Erosion is when materials are removed from the surface and changed into something else. It only works by hydraulic actions and transport of solids in the natural environment, and leads to the deposition of these materials elsewhere

Erosion control
Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development and construction. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution and soil loss.-Introduction:

Errol Barrow
Errol Walton Barrow, PC, QC was a Caribbean statesman and the first Prime Minister of Barbados. Born into a family of political and civic activists in the parish of Saint Lucy and educated at Harrison College, his sister Dame Nita Barrow also became a social activist, humanitarian leader and later Governor General of Barbados.-Biography:Errol

Errol Brown
Errol Brown MBE is a singer and songwriter, best known as the frontman of Hot Chocolate. He has British citizenship by marriage to Ginette and they live in The Bahamas

Erskine Bridge
The Erskine Bridge is a cable-stayed box girder bridge spanning the River Clyde in west central Scotland, connecting West Dunbartonshire with Renfrewshire.

Bosch Solar Energy AG is a German wafer and solar cell manufacturer, based in Erfurt, which specialises in silicon-based pholtovoltaic products. The company consists of the divisions Silicon, Wafers, Solar Cells and Modules. It has been listed on the German stock exchange since 30 September 2005 and on 19 December 2005 its shares were admitted to the TecDAX

Erucic acid
Erucic acid is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, denoted 22:1 ω-9. It has the formula CH37CH=CH11COOH. It is prevalent in rapeseed, wallflower seed, and mustard seed, making up 40-50% of their oils

Erwin Kreyszig
Erwin O. Kreyszig was a Professor of Mathematics at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He was a pioneer in the field of applied mathematics: non-wave replicating linear systems

Erwin Neher
Erwin Neher is a German biophysicist.Erwin Neher studied physics at the Technical University of Munich from 1963 to 1966. In 1966, He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in the US

Erwin Schrödinger
Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger was an Austrian physicist and theoretical biologist who was one of the fathers of quantum mechanics, and is famed for a number of important contributions to physics, especially the Schrödinger equation, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933

Eryops meaning "drawn-out face" because most of its skull was in front of its eyes is a genus of extinct, semi-aquatic amphibian found primarily in the Lower Permian-aged Admiral Formation of Archer County, Texas, but fossils are also found in New Mexico and parts of the eastern United

Erythrina is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae. It contains about 130 species, which are distributed in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. They are trees, growing up to in height

Erythromycin is a macrolide antibiotic that has an antimicrobial spectrum similar to or slightly wider than that of penicillin, and is often used for people who have an allergy to penicillins. For respiratory tract infections, it has better coverage of atypical organisms, including mycoplasma and Legionellosis

Erythropoietin, or its alternatives erythropoetin or erthropoyetin or EPO, is a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production

Eryx (genus)
Eryx is a genus of nonvenomous boas found in southeastern Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and southwestern Asia. Eight species are currently recognized.-Geographic range:

Esau , in the Hebrew Bible, is the oldest son of Isaac. He is mentioned in the Book of Genesis, and by the minor prophets, Obadiah and Malachi. The New Testament later references him in the Book of Romans and the Book of Hebrews.

An escalator is a moving staircase – a conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building. The device consists of a motor-driven chain of individual, linked steps that move up or down on tracks, allowing the step treads to remain horizontal.Escalators are used around the world to move pedestrian traffic in places where elevators would be impractical

Escape from Alcatraz (film)
Escape from Alcatraz is a 1979 American thriller film, directed by Don Siegel and starring Clint Eastwood. It dramatizes possibly the only successful escape attempt from the maximum security prison on Alcatraz Island. The film co-stars Fred Ward, and also features Patrick McGoohan as the suspicious, vindictive warden, and features the film debut of Danny Glover

Escape from Alcatraz (triathlon)
Escape from Alcatraz is the name for two different triathlons held in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. The Escape from Alcatraz originated in 1981 as a private club event, beginning in San Francisco and ending in Marin County

Escape velocity
In physics, escape velocity is the speed at which the kinetic energy plus the gravitational potential energy of an object is zero gravitational potential energy is negative since gravity is an attractive force and the potential is defined to be zero at infinity

For the Jessica Mauboy song, see Inescapable.Escapology is the practice of escaping from restraints or other traps. Escapologists escape from handcuffs, straitjackets, cages, coffins, steel boxes, barrels, bags, burning buildings, fish-tanks and other perils, often in combination.-History:The art of escaping from restraints and confined spaces

Escherichia coli O157:H7
Escherichia coli O157:H7 is an enterohemorrhagic strain of the bacterium Escherichia coli and a cause of foodborne illness. Infection often leads to hemorrhagic diarrhea, and occasionally to kidney failure, especially in young children and elderly persons

Eschweiler-Clarke reaction
The Eschweiler–Clarke reaction is a chemical reaction whereby a primary amine is methylated using excess formic acid and formaldehyde. Reductive amination reactions such as this one will not produce quaternary ammonium salts, but instead will stop at the tertiary amine stage

Escobedo v. Illinois
Escobedo v. Illinois, 378 U.S. 478 , was a United States Supreme Court case holding that criminal suspects have a right to counsel during police interrogations under the Sixth Amendment. The case was decided a year after the court held in Gideon v

Escomb Church
Escomb Saxon Church is one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon churches in England, located in Escomb, approximately 2.5 km to the west of Bishop Auckland, County Durham.-History:

Escrick is a village and civil parish in the Selby district of North Yorkshire, England. It is equidistant between Selby and York on what is now the A19 road.

ESFJ is an abbreviation used in the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to refer to one of sixteen personality types. The MBTI assessment was developed from the work of prominent psychiatrist Carl G. Jung in his book Psychological Types

Èṣù is both an orisha and one of the most well-known deities of the Yoruba mythology and its related New World traditions.He has a wide range of responsibilities: the protector of travelers, deity of roads, particularly

Eskimos or Inuit–Yupik peoples are indigenous peoples who have traditionally inhabited the circumpolar region from eastern Siberia , across Alaska , Canada, and Greenland.

Eskimo kinship
Eskimo kinship is a concept of kinship used to define family in anthropology. Identified by Lewis Henry Morgan in his 1871 work Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family, the Eskimo system was one of six major kinship systems .-Kinship system:The Eskimo system places no

Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission by the government of South Africa in terms of the Electricity Act . It was also known by its Afrikaans name Elektrisiteitsvoorsieningskommissie . The two acronyms were combined in 1986 and the company is now known as Eskom

Esky is an Australian brand of coolers. Outdoor recreation company Coleman Australia bought the Esky brand from Nylex Ltd after the Company went into administration in February 2009.The name is a reference to the association of Eskimos with cold climates.

Eslamshahr County
Eslamshahr County is a county in Tehran Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Eslamshahr. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 447,192, in 114,009 families. The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Chahardangeh District

Esmond Romilly
Esmond Marcus David Romilly was a British socialist and anti-fascist, now remembered mainly for his marriage to Jessica Mitford, one of the Mitford sisters

The esophagus is an organ in vertebrates which consists of a muscular tube through which food passes from the pharynx to the stomach. During swallowing, food passes from the mouth through the pharynx into the esophagus and travels via peristalsis to the stomach

Espadrilles are normally casual flat, but sometimes high heeled shoes originating from the Pyrenees. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material moulded to look like rope. The jute rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style

Esperite is a rare complex calcium lead zinc silicate related to beryllonite and trimerite that used to be called calcium larsenite

Espionage or spying involves an individual obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information. Espionage is inherently clandestine, lest the legitimate holder of the information change plans or take other countermeasures once it is known that the information is in unauthorized hands

ESPN First Take
ESPN First Take is an American morning sports talk program on ESPN2 and ESPN2HD. The show was formerly known as Cold Pizza. The official switch was made on May 7, 2007. Two back-to-back two-hour episodes air each weekday from Monday through Friday, with the live episode airing from 10 a.m

ESPN Radio
ESPN Radio is an American sports radio network. It was launched on January 1, 1992 under the original banner of "SportsRadio ESPN." ESPN Radio is located at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut

ESPN2 is an American sports cable television network owned by ESPN. The channel debuted on October 1, 1993.Originally nicknamed "the deuce," ESPN2 was initially branded as a network for a younger generation of sports fans featuring edgier graphics as well as extreme sports like motocross, snowboarding, and BMX racing

ESPN3 is an online streaming service for WatchESPN to deliver both live streams and replays of global sports events to sports fans in North America, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Middle East, New Zealand, and Europe

ESPNU is a television channel that specializes in college sports, and is produced by, affiliated with and owned by parent network ESPN. ESPNU originates out of ESPN Regional Television's ESPNU (often referred to as The U) is a television channel that specializes in college sports, and is produced by, affiliated with and owned by parent network ESPN. ESPNU originates out of ESPN Regional Television's ESPNU (often referred to as The U) is a television channel that specializes in college sports, and is produced by, affiliated with and owned by parent network ESPN. ESPNU originates out of ESPN Regional Television's (a.k.a

Espresso is a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee. Espresso is widely known throughout the world.

Esquire is a term of West European origin . Depending on the country, the term has different meanings