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Ageing or aging is the accumulation of changes in a person over time. Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. Some dimensions of ageing grow and expand over time, while others decline

Ageism, also called age discrimination is stereotyping of and discrimination against individuals or groups because of their age. It is a set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, and values used to justify age based prejudice, discrimination, and subordination

Agency may refer to:* Agency * Agency , refers to a person who acts on behalf of another person.* Agency * Agency , the ability of social actors to make independent choices.

Agency (administrative division)
Agencies are a type of administrative division:* Agencies of British India, which grouped the autonomous princely states* Agencies of Pakistan, the main subdivisions of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas

Agenda may refer to:* Agenda , points to be discussed; sometimes refers to the list of topics itself* Political agenda, the set of goals of an ideological group; also used as above, the topics under discussion by a government

Agenda (liturgy)
The name Agenda is given, particularly in the Lutheran Church, to the official books dealing with the forms andceremonies of divine service.- The Term; its Equivalents Before the Reformation :

In medicine, agenesis refers to the failure of an organ to develop during embryonic growth and development due to the absence of primordial tissue

Agent may refer to one who acts for, or in the place of, another, by authority from him; one entrusted with the business of another.- In law enforcement :

Agent provocateur
Traditionally, an agent provocateur is a person employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act

Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur is the fifth studio album by American/British rock band Foreigner, released in 1984. A concept album, the songs tell the story of a spy who sees life through both the inside and the outside. The album was the band's first and only number one album in the UK, and it reached the top 5 in the U.S

Agent Provocateur (band)
Agent Provocateur were a British electronica band, consisting of John Gosling, Matthew Ashman , Dan Peppe, Danny Saber and Cleo Torez

Agent provocateur (disambiguation)
An agent provocateur is a person employed to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal or rash act.Agent provocateur or Provocateur may also refer to:* Agent Provocateur , by Foreigner

AGF (Light infantry vehicle)
The Rheinmetall LandSysteme Light Infantry Vehicle for Special Operations, or LIV , is a German light armoured utility vehicle developed from the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It is also known by the names Serval, Wolf and AGF. As the name implies, the LIV is designed specifically for use by special operations forces, and has light armour, high mobility and high firepower

Agflation, a term coined in the late first decade of the 21st century, describes generalised inflation led by rises in Agricultural commodity prices. In the United States, agricultural prices are not generally factored into core inflation figures

Agglomerates are coarse accumulations of large blocks of volcanic material that contain at least 75% bombs

In the study of human settlements, an urban agglomeration is an extended city or town area comprising the built-up area of a central place and any suburbs linked by continuous urban area. In France, INSEE the French Statistical Institute, translate it as "Unité urbaine" which means continuous urbanized area

In contemporary linguistics, agglutination usually refers to the kind of morphological derivation in which there is a one-to-one correspondence between affixes and syntactical categories. Languages that use agglutination widely are called agglutinative languages

Aggravation may refer to:* Frustration, an emotional response* Aggravation , a board game played with marbles* Aggravation , a concept in criminal law* Aggravation, a cocktail made from whiskey, coffee liqueur and cream

Aggravation (board game)
Aggravation, sometimes called Frustration, is a board game for up to six players in which the object is to be the first player to have all four playing pieces reach the player's home section of the board

An aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.* Aggregate , in materials science, a component of a composite material used to resist compressive stress

Aggregation may refer to uses in:* Business and economics:** Aggregation problem ** Purchasing aggregation, the joining of multiple purchasers in a group purchasing organization to increase their buying power

Aggregation number
An aggregation number is a description of the number of molecules present in a micelle once the critical micelle concentration has been reached.

In computing, a feed aggregator, also known as a feed reader, news reader, RSS reader or simply aggregator, is client software or a Web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs in a single location for easy viewing.-News aggregation websites:Examples of this sort of website are the Drudge Report

In psychology, as well as other social and behavioral sciences, aggression refers to behavior between members of the same species that is intended to cause humiliation, pain, or harm. Ferguson and Beaver defined aggressive behavior as "Behavior which is intended to increase the social dominance of the organism relative to the dominance position of other organisms"

Aggro is a slang term meaning aggravation or aggression. "Aggro" may also refer to:-In music:* The Aggrolites, a "dirty" reggae band from Los Angeles, California* A.G.G.R.O, a song by The Aggrolites

Agha may refer to:* Agha Agha is a title used in Middle East and South Asia.* Agha , an official in the Ottoman Empire* Agha , Indian actor

Agha (actor)
Agha was an Indian film producer in Bollywood films, who started his film career with the film Daulat in 1937.He was known for comic roles and appeared in over 180 Hindi films in his career between 1937 and 1989 spanning five decades.

Agile can refer to:*Agility*Agile , an American Thoroughbred racehorse* Agile management*Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe *Agile Software Corporation, a provider of product lifecycle management solutions

AGILE (spacecraft)
AGILE is an X-ray and Gamma ray astronomical satellite of the Italian Space Agency .ASI has made contact with AGILE: signals from it have been acquired by the ground station at the Broglio Space Centre near Malindi, Kenya and it has been placed in a sun-pointing mode.

* Agility is a physical trait of an animal or person, and a component of physical fitness. It is the ability to change the body's position and direction with speed and precision.Agility may also refer to:In Sport:

Agio is a term used in commerce for exchange rate, discountor premium.-Exchange rate:The variations from fixed par values or rates of exchange in the currencies of different countries. For example, in most countries that used the gold standard, the standard coin was kept up to a uniform point of fineness

Agio (commerce)
Agio is a term used in commerce for exchange rate, discountor premium.-Exchange rate:The variations from fixed par values or rates of exchange in the currencies of different countries. For example, in most countries that used the gold standard, the standard coin was kept up to a uniform point of fineness

Agios meaning Holy, it is equivalent to the English-language epithet Saint. For example, St

Agira (Ultra monster)
is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultra Seven. Agira appeared in Episodes 32 and 46. This monster is one of Ultra Seven's Capsule Monsters.Subtitle: .- History :

Agitation may refer to:* Agitation , putting into motion by shaking or stirring* Emotional state of excitement or restlessness** Psychomotor agitation, an extreme form of the above, which can be a side effect of antipsychotic medication

An agitator is a person who actively supports some ideology or movement with speeches and especially actions. The Agitators were a political movement as well as elected representatives of soldiers, including the New Model Army of Oliver Cromwell, during the English Civil War. They were also known as adjutators

Agitator (film)
Agitator is a 2001 Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike.-Cast:*Mickey Curtis*Kenichi Endo*Yoshiyuki Daichi*Hakuryu*Masatô Ibu*Renji Ishibashi*Masaya Kato*Aya Kawamura

Agitprop (disambiguation)
Agitprop was originally an abbreviation for the departments of Agitation and Propaganda in the early Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The term may also refer to one of the following.*Agitprop theatre, a left-wing politicized theatre

Aglio is a surname. People with this surname include:* Andrea-Salvatore Aglio , Italian painter and sculptor* Agostino Aglio , Italian painterSee also* Allio, Lalio, Delalio - similar surnames

Agnatha is a superclass of jawless fish in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata. The group excludes all vertebrates with jaws, known as gnathostomes.

Agnelli is a surname, and can refer to:*Members of the Agnelli family of Italy, including:**Giovanni Agnelli , Italian manufacturer and founder of Fiat***Edoardo Agnelli , Italian industrialist, son of Giovanni

Agnello is a surname. People with this surname include:* John Agnello, American music producer* Carmine Agnello , New York mobster* Chris Agnello , American soccer coach* Carmine Gotti Agnello

Agnellus is a proper name of Latin origin. It can refer to:*Agnellus of Naples, bishop of Naples from 673-ca. 694, and patron saint of Naples*Agnellus, Bishop of Ravenna , a bishop of Ravenna*Andreas Agnellus , historian of Ravenna

Agnes (gallery)
Agnes was a Birmingham, Alabama photography gallery from 1993 to 2001. Shawn Boley, Jon Coffelt and Jan Hughes opened the gallery with the mission of attempting to raise awareness of social issues — such as cancer, AIDS, death and dying, the environment, homelessness, ethics, racism, classism, imprisonment — through photojournalism, film, video, poetry, and book arts

An agnomen , in the Roman naming convention, was a nickname, just as the cognomen was initially. However, the cognomina eventually became family names, so agnomina were needed to distinguish between similarly named persons

Agnosia is a loss of ability to recognize objects, persons, sounds, shapes, or smells while the specific sense is not defective nor is there any significant memory loss

Agon is an ancient Greek word with several meanings:*In one sense, it meant a contest, competition, especially the Olympic Games , or challenge that was held in connection with religious festivals.

AGON is a series of episodic adventure games for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows by Private Moon Studios. The game uses QuickTime VR-like panoramas in a first person camera mode. The game takes place starting in 1903.-Gameplay:

Agon (ballet)
Agon is a ballet for twelve dancers, with music by Igor Stravinsky and choreography by George Balanchine. Composition began in December 1953 and concluded in April 1957; the music was first performed on June 17, 1957 in Los Angeles conducted by Robert Craft, while the first stage performance was given by the New York City Ballet on December 1, 1957 at the City Center of Music

Agon (comics)
Agon is a fictional character who has appeared in various comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The character is a member of the Inhumans, a race of beings who exist in Marvel's main shared universe, the Marvel Universe. He is best known as the father of Black Bolt

Agon (disambiguation)
Agon can refer to:* Agon, ancient Greek contest* Agon , a board game* Agon In Japanese Buddhism, refers to the Sarvāstivāda equivalent of the Theravada āgamas.

Agon (game)
Agon is an abstract strategy game with perfect information . Agon may be the oldest board game played on a 6 by 6 by 6 hexagonally tiled board, first appearing as early as the late Eighteenth Century in France

Agon (tokusatsu)
is a 1964 black-and-white Japanese tokusatsu kaiju series. Produced by Nippon Television, the four episode series aired on Fuji TV from January 2, 1968 to January 8, 1968. Internationally, the series is known as Agon: Atomic Dragon

Agone is an epic fantasy roleplaying game based on novels by award-winning fantasy writer Mathieu Gaborit. Agone is set in the land of Harmundia – also known as the Twilight Realms. The game was published in French starting in 1999 by the now-defunct company Multisim, which also translated five books into English starting in 2001

Agonia may refer to:* Pain* Passion , also called the Agony of Christ* Contest, competition, public contesta historical region between troad and mysia north of mt

Agonia (1969 film)
Agonia was a 1969 Greek drama film directed by Odysseas Kosteletos, written by Nikos Antonakos.-Cast:*Tolis Voskopoulos as Alexis*Eleni Anousaki as Anna*Despoina Nikolaidou as Kate Andreou*Lavrentis Dianellos*Thodoros Exarhos*Nasos Kedrakas

Agonia (2006 film)
Agonia was a 2006 short Finnish drama film directed by Niklas Kullström, written by and starring Elmer Bäck and Anna-Mari Karvonen-Cast:*Elmer Bäck*Anna-Mari Karvonen*Jakob Öhrman Marja Salo*Rasmus Slätis*Pamela Tola

Agony (album)
Agony is the sixth studio album by Chicago Celtic punk band The Tossers. It was released on March 7, 2007 by Victory Records. It is their second release on the label.-Track listing:# "Never Enough" – 3:08# "Pub And Culture" – 2:58

Agony (Oppressor album)
Agony is the second studio album by technical death metal band Oppressor. It was released in 1996.- Track listing :# "Gone" – 3:28# "Suffersystem" – 0:52# "In Exile" – 5:59# "Passage" – 4:31# "Valley of Thorns" – 5:18

The Agora was an open "place of assembly" in ancient Greek city-states. Early in Greek history , free-born male land-owners who were citizens would gather in the Agora for military duty or to hear statements of the ruling king or council. Later, the Agora also served as a marketplace where merchants kept stalls or shops to sell their goods amid colonnades

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder defined as a morbid fear of having a panic attack or panic-like symptoms in a situation from which it is perceived to be difficult to escape. These situations can include, but are not limited to, wide-open spaces, crowds, or uncontrolled social conditions

Agoraphobia (song)
"Agoraphobia" is a song by the American alternative rock band Incubus. It is the third track on their 2004 album, A Crow Left of the Murder... It is considered a single, though it was only released to radio stations as a promo.

Agos is an Armenian weekly newspaper published in Istanbul, Turkey. It was established on 5 April 1996. Today, it has a circulation of over 9,000. It has both Armenian and Turkish pages as well as an on-line English edition

Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh Muslim University ,is a residential academic university, established in 1875 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan as Mohammedan Angelo-Oriental College and later granted the status of Central University by an Act of the Indian Parliament in 1920

Alimony is a U.S. term denoting a legal obligation to provide financial support to one's spouse from the other spouse after marital separation or from the ex-spouse upon divorce

Alisa Freindlich
Alisa Brunovna Freindlich is a Soviet and Russian actress, People's Artist of the USSR.-Biography:Alisa Freindlich was born into the family of Bruno Freindlich, a prominent actor and People's Artist of the USSR. She is of German and Russian ancestry. Her father and paternal relatives were ethnic Germans living in Russia for more than a century

Alishan Forest Railway
The Alishan Forest Railway is an 86 km network of narrow-gauge railways running up to and throughout the popular mountain resort of Alishan in Chiayi County, Taiwan

Alison Sweeney
Alison Sweeney is an American dramatic actress and reality show host. Sweeney is best known for her portrayal of Samantha "Sami" Gene Brady on NBC's long running Days of our Lives, a role she has played under contract with the show since January 6, 1993

Alistair MacLean
Alistair Stuart MacLean was a Scottish novelist who wrote popular thrillers or adventure stories, the best known of which are perhaps The Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra and Where Eagles Dare, all three having been made into successful films

Alisyn Camerota
Alisyn Camerota is an American television news anchor for Fox News Channel.Based in New York, Camerota co-hosts Fox & Friends Weekend along with Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs. She previously was a co-host on "Fox & Friends First" weekdays from 6:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m

Aliyah is the immigration of Jews to the Land of Israel . It is a basic tenet of Zionist ideology. The opposite action, emigration from Israel, is referred to as yerida . The return to the Holy Land has been a Jewish aspiration since the Babylonian exile

The Sinjska alka is a knight tournament which has been held every first Sunday in the month of August in town of Sinj, Croatia since 1715, commemorating the victory over Ottoman Turkish administration

Alka-Seltzer is an effervescent antacid and pain reliever first marketed by the Dr. Miles Medicine Company. It was developed by Treneer in Elkhart Indiana. Alka-Seltzer is marketed for relief of minor aches, pains, inflammation, fever, headache, heartburn, sour stomach, indigestion, and hangovers, while neutralizing excess stomach acid

In chemistry, an alkali is a basic, ionic salt of an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal element. Some authors also define an alkali as a base that dissolves in water. A solution of a soluble base has a pH greater than 7. The adjective alkaline is commonly used in English as a synonym for base, especially for soluble bases

Alkali-metal thermal to electric converter
The alkali metal thermoelectric converter is a thermally regenerative electrochemical device for the direct conversion of heat to electrical energy

Alkaloids are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds that contain mostly basic nitrogen atoms. This group also includes some related compounds with neutral and even weakly acidic properties. Also some synthetic compounds of similar structure are attributed to alkaloids

Alkanes are chemical compounds that consist only of hydrogen and carbon atoms and are bonded exclusively by single bonds without any cycles

Alkmaar is a municipality and a city in the Netherlands, in the province of Noord Holland. Alkmaar is well known for its traditional cheese market. For tourists, it is a popular cultural destination.-History:

An alkoxide is the conjugate base of an alcohol and therefore consists of an organic group bonded to a negatively charged oxygen atom. They can be written as RO−, where R is the organic substituent. Alkoxides are strong bases and, when R is not bulky, good nucleophiles and good ligands

An alkyd is a polyester modified by the addition of fatty acids and other components. They are derived from polyols and a dicarboxylic acid or carboxylic acid anhydride. The term alkyd is a modification of the original name "alcid", reflecting the fact that they are derived from alcohol and organic acids

All Around Performance Horse Weekly
All Around Performance Horse Weekly is a show about performance horses and the Cowboys/Cowgirls that ride them. AAPHW is truly All-Around! Come Ride With Us! This weekly RFD-TV show is hosted by team ropers Sean Koehler, John Klam and Scott Cobb,

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club , also known as the All-England Club, based at Aorangi Park, Wimbledon, London, England, is a private members club. It is best known as the venue for the Wimbledon Championships, the only Grand Slam tennis event still held on grass

All India Central Council of Trade Unions
All India Central Council of Trade Unions, a central trade union federation in India. AICCTU is politically attached to Communist Party of India Liberation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences
All India Institute of Medical Sciences is a premier medical college and teaching hospital based in New Delhi, India. The Institute operates autonomously under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare .

All India Trade Union Congress
-External links:**

All India Trinamool Congress
The All India Trinamool Congress is a state political party in West Bengal. Founded in 1 January 1998, the party is led by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Trinamool Congress is currently the second largest member of the ruling United Progressive Alliance coalition

All Kinds Of Everything
"All Kinds of Everything" is a song written by Derry Lindsay and Jackie Smith which as performed by Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest 1970. "All Kinds of Everything" represented a return to the ballad form from the more energetic performances which had dominated Eurovision the previous years

All Music Guide
Allmusic is a service of music guide, owned by All Media Guide. Allmusic was founded in 1991 by popular-culture archivist Michael Erlewine as a guide for consumers. Its first reference book was published the following year

All My Sons
All My Sons is a 1947 play by Arthur Miller. The play was twice adapted for film; in 1948, and again in 1987.The play opened on Broadway at the Coronet Theatre in New York City on January 29, 1947, closed on November 8, 1947 and ran for 328 performances

All Quiet on the Western Front (film)
All Quiet on the Western Front is a 1930 American epic war film based on the Erich Maria Remarque novel of the same name. It was directed by Lewis Milestone, and stars Louis Wolheim, Lew Ayres, John Wray, Arnold Lucy and Ben Alexander.

All Saints Records
All Saints Records is a British independent record label. It was established in 1991 by Dominic Norman-Taylor. They have published Ambient music from the likes of Brian Eno or Biosphere.-History:

All Songs Considered
All Songs Considered is a weekly online multimedia program started in January 2000 by NPR's All Things Considered director Bob Boilen. At first, the show featured information and streaming audio about the songs used as bumper music on All Things Considered. The program has turned into a source of discovery for new music of all genres

All Souls Church, Langham Place
All Souls Church is an Anglican Evangelical church in central London, situated in Marylebone at the north end of Regent Street on Langham Place, just south of BBC Broadcasting House. As well as the core church membership, many hundreds of visitors come to All Souls, bringing the average number of those coming through the doors for services on Sundays to around 2,500 every week

All Star Superman
All-Star Superman is a twelve-issue comic book series featuring Superman that ran from November 2005 to October 2008. The series was written by Grant Morrison, drawn by Frank Quitely, digitally inked by Jamie Grant and published by DC Comics

All the Pretty Horses
All the Pretty Horses is a novel by U.S. author Cormac McCarthy published in 1992. Its romanticism brought the writer much public attention. The novel was a bestseller and won the U.S. National Book Award as well as the National Book Critics Circle Award

All-Ireland Senior Club Hurling Championship
The All-Ireland Senior Club Hurling Championship is an annual hurling tournament played between hundreds of senior hurling clubs in Ireland. The Tommy Moore Cup is awarded to the winners. The current champions are Clarinbridge

All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, the premier competition in Gaelic football, is a series of games organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association and played during the summer and early autumn

All-Japan Rugby Football Championship
The All-Japan Rugby Football Championship is played at the end of the season and now includes Top League teams, the top two universities and the champion club team as decided in the respective championships

All-seater stadium
An all-seater stadium is a sports stadium in which every spectator has a seat. This is commonplace in football stadiums in nations such as the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands. Most soccer and American football stadiums in the United States and Canada are all-seaters, as are most baseball and track and field stadiums in those countries

Allahabad University
Allahabad University , is a premier Central University located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Its origins lie in the Muir Central College, named after Lt

Allama Iqbal Open University
Allama Iqbal Open University , founded in 1974, is a university in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is one of the world's largest universities by enrollment, with 1,121,038 students in the year 2010 whereas Course Enrollment of these students are 3,305,948 -History:Allama Iqbal Open University was established as Peoples Open University under an act of parliament in 1974 as a

Allambie Reception Centre
Allambie Reception Centre was a Victorian Children's Home run by the Family Welfare Division of the Social Welfare Department and opened in 1960. Allambie was located at 70 Elgar Road, Burwood, Victoria, Australia

Allan Legere
Allan Legere is a Canadian murderer and arsonist, also known as the Monster of the Miramichi. On May 3, 1989, Legere escaped from RCMP custody while serving a life sentence at the Atlantic Institution for the murder of shopkeeper John Glendenning, of Black River Bridge, New Brunswick, on the evening of June 21, 1986

Allco Finance Group
Allco Financial Group was a fully integrated global financial services business, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and head-quartered in Sydney, Australia. Major services provided are structured asset finance, funds management and debt and equity funding. Allco has over A$4.3 billion in assets, and has financed over A$60 billion of transactions

Allegany State Park
Allegany State Park is a state park in western New York State, located in Cattaraugus County just north of Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. The park is divided into two sections: The Red House Area and the Quaker Run Area. It lies within the Allegheny Highlands forests ecoregion.The Red House Area is the northern half of Allegany State Park

Allegheny Mountains
The Allegheny Mountain Range , also spelled Alleghany, Allegany and, informally, the Alleghenies, is part of the vast Appalachian Mountain Range of the eastern United States and Canada

Allegheny Observatory
The Allegheny Observatory is an American astronomical research institution, a part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh. The facility is listed on the National Register of Historical Places The Allegheny Observatory is an American astronomical research institution, a part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh. The facility is listed on the National Register of Historical Places The Allegheny Observatory is an American astronomical research institution, a part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh. The facility is listed on the National Register of Historical Places (ref

Allegheny Plateau
The Allegheny Plateau is a large dissected plateau area in western and central New York, northern and western Pennsylvania, northern and western West Virginia, and eastern Ohio

Allegheny River
The Allegheny River is a principal tributary of the Ohio River; it is located in the Eastern United States. The Allegheny River joins with the Monongahela River to form the Ohio River at the "Point" of Point State Park in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Allegheny City was a Pennsylvania municipality located on the north side of the junction of the Allegheny and Ohio rivers, across from downtown Pittsburgh. It was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907

Allegiant Air
Allegiant Air is an American low-cost airline owned by Allegiant Travel Co. that operates scheduled and charter flights. Allegiant Travel Company is a publicly traded company with 1,300 employees and one billion USD market capitalization

Allelopathy is a biological phenomenon by which an organism produces one or more biochemicals that influence the growth, survival, and reproduction of other organisms. These biochemicals are known as allelochemicals and can have beneficial or detrimental effects on the target organisms

Allen Ginsberg
Irwin Allen Ginsberg was an American poet and one of the leading figures of the Beat Generation in the 1950s. He vigorously opposed militarism, materialism and sexual repression

Allen Ludden
Allen Ludden was an American television personality, emcee and game show host, perhaps most well known for hosting various incarnations of the game show Password between 1961 and 1980.-Early years:

Allen Organ
The Allen Organ Company builds classical digital and combination digital and pipe organs, as well as digital theatre organs. Its factory is located in Macungie in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.-History:

Allen-Bradley is the brand-name of a line of Factory Automation Equipment manufactured by Rockwell Automation . The company, with revenues of approximately US$4.5 billion in 2006, manufactures programmable automation controllers , human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, software, drives and drive systems, contactors, motor control centers,

Allen-Bradley Clock Tower
The Rockwell Automation Headquarters is an office building located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.-Clock Tower:The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower, owned by Allen-Bradley, a product brand of Rockwell Automation, has long been a landmark in Milwaukee

Allenby Bridge
The Allenby Bridge , also known as the King Hussein Bridge , is a bridge that crosses the Jordan River, and connects Jericho in the West Bank to the country of Jordan

Allenport, Pennsylvania
Allenport is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania, along the Monongahela River. The population was 549 at the 2000 census.-Geography:

An Allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment. A substance that causes a reaction is called an allergen. These reactions are acquired, predictable, and rapid

Allioideae is the botanical name of a monocot subfamily of flowering plants in the family Amaryllidaceae, order Asparagales. It was formerly treated as a separate family, Alliaceae

Alliance for Retired Americans
The Alliance for Retired Americans is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of retired trade union members affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Its predecessor organization was known as the National Council of Senior Citizens.

Alliance française
The Alliance française , or AF, is an international organisation that aims to promote French language and culture around the world. created in Paris on 21 July 1883, its primary concern is teaching French as a second language and is headquartered in Paris -History:The Alliance was created in Paris on 21 July 1883 by a group of eminent men, including the scientist Louis

Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians
The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians ; , Savez vojvođanskih Mađara ) is an ethnic Hungarian political party in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Its chairman is István Pásztor. The former party chairman József Kasza is now its honorary president

Alliance Trust
Alliance Trust plc is a publicly-traded investment and financial services company, headquartered in Dundee, Scotland. Established in 1888, the firm operates the largest investment trust in Britain. Alliance Trust is the tenth-largest company based in Scotland

Alliant Energy Center
The Alliant Energy Center of Dane County is a multi-building complex in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. It comprises of greenspace and includes the Exhibition Hall, the 10,000 seat Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the Willow Island, the Arena, and nine modern agricultural exhibit buildings

Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War
The Allied intervention was a multi-national military expedition launched in 1918 during World War I which continued into the Russian Civil War. Its operations included forces from 14 nations and were conducted over a vast territory

Allied invasion of Italy
The Allied invasion of Italy was the Allied landing on mainland Italy on September 3, 1943, by General Harold Alexander's 15th Army Group during the Second World War. The operation followed the successful invasion of Sicily during the Italian Campaign

Allied invasion of Sicily
The Allied invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky, was a major World War II campaign, in which the Allies took Sicily from the Axis . It was a large scale amphibious and airborne operation, followed by six weeks of land combat. It launched the Italian Campaign.Husky began on the night of 9–10 July 1943, and ended 17 August

Allied Irish Banks
Allied Irish Banks p.l.c. is a major commercial bank based in Ireland.AIB is one of the so called "big four" commercial banks in the state. The bank has one of the largest branch networks in Ireland; only Bank of Ireland fully rivals it. AIB offers a full range of personal and corporate banking services

Allied Occupation Zones in Germany
The Allied powers who defeated Nazi Germany in World War II divided the country west of the Oder-Neisse line into four occupation zones for administrative purposes during 1945–49. In the closing weeks of fighting in Europe, US forces had pushed beyond the previously agreed boundaries for the future zones of occupation, in some places by as much as 200 miles

Allies of World War I
The Entente Powers were the countries at war with the Central Powers during World War I. The members of the Triple Entente were the United Kingdom, France, and the Russian Empire; Italy entered the war on their side in 1915