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CL may refer to:*Certificated Location, a Caravan Club site*Clay , a type of soil*150 in Roman numerals*Light cruiser hull classification in the US Navy*Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, an automobile

Clabber is a four player trick-taking card game that is played in Southwestern Indiana, near Evansville, IN. Clabber is a member of the Jack-Nine family of card games that are popular in Europe. The game is a four player variation of Klaberjass, which was brought to the area by 19th century German immigrants

Clabber (disambiguation)
Clabber may refer to:*Clabber, a card game*Clabber , a food made of curdled milk*Clabber , a race horse*Clabber Girl, a brand of baking powder*Clabbers, a variation of Scrabble

Clabber (horse)
Clabber was a Quarter Horse stallion known as the Iron Horse for his ability to run and win match races after a day of ranch work.-Life:

- Last name :* Boyd Clack, Welsh writer, actor and musician.* Brenda Clack, politician.* Barbara Cooper Clack, world water skiing champion* Darryl Clack, player of American football for the Dallas Cowboys in 1986* H

CLAD may refer to:* Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency* Centre de linguistique appliquée de Dakar, the language institute in Dakar, Senegal* Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer

Cladding is the covering of one material with another. It may refer to the following:*Cladding *Cladding *Cladding **Copper cladding**Rainscreen cladding*Cladding *Cladding

Clade (novel)
Clade is a science fiction novel written by Mark Budz, published in 2003. In Clade, an environmental disaster called the Ecocaust has caused sea levels to rise and causing additional strains on human resources

Cladistics (journal)
Cladistics is a bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing research in cladistics. It is published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Willi Hennig Society. Cladistics publishes papers relevant to evolution, systematics, and integrative biology

Cladocera is an order of small crustaceans commonly called water fleas. Around 620 species have been recognised so far, with many more undescribed. They are ubiquitous in inland aquatic habitats, but rare in the oceans. Most are long, with a down-turned head, and a carapace covering the apparently unsegmented thorax and abdomen. There is a single median compound eye

The cladoxylopsids are a group of plants known only as fossils that are thought to be ancestors of ferns and horsetails.They had a central trunk, from the top of which several lateral branches were attached. Fossils of these plants originate in the Middle Devonian to Early Carboniferous periods , mostly just as stems.Cladoxylopsida contains two orders

Clag (glue)
Clag is an Australian brand of glue made by Bostik.Although a range of glue products are today marketed by Bostik under the Clag name, the most recognised product is "Clag Paste", which is most commonly sold in iconic red 150-gram bottles that have been relatively unchanged for over thirty years.-History:Clag was first trademarked in 1898 by Joseph Angus, manufacturer, of 216

Claim may refer to:* Claim * Claim * Land claim* Proposition, a statement which is either true or false* A right* Sequent, in mathematics* A main contention, see conclusion of law

Claim jumper
Claim jumper can refer to* a dishonest miner who violates another's land claim*Claim Jumper restaurants*Claim Jumper , a term for a Sprint Cup driver who participates in a Nationwide Series race.

Clair (Hampshire cricketer)
Clair was an English professional cricketer who made 2 known appearances in major cricket matches from 1797 to 1803.-External sources:*

Clair (song)
"Clair" is a popular song by Irish singer Gilbert O'Sullivan and is one of his biggest-selling singles. Written by O'Sullivan and produced by Gordon Mills, it was the number one single in the UK for two weeks in November 1972, number one in Canada on the RPM 100 national singles chart the following January, and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US

Claire (name)
Claire or Clair is a given name of Latin origin via French; the name could mean "clear" or "famous", and is pronounced . The word still means clear in French.

The term clairvoyance is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, a form of extra-sensory perception

The word "clam" can be applied to freshwater mussels, and other freshwater bivalves, as well as marine bivalves.In the United States, "clam" can be used in several different ways: one, as a general term covering all bivalve molluscs

Clambake is a 1967 musical film starring Elvis Presley, and co-starring Shelley Fabares and Bill Bixby—the last of his four films for United Artists. The movie reached No. 15 on the national weekly box office charts.-Plot:

Clamor may refer to:*Clamor , a bi-monthly magazine published in Toledo, Ohio*Clamor , a Christian youth outreach ministry in the U.S. and the Caribbean

Clamor (magazine)
Clamor was a bi-monthly magazine published in Toledo, Ohio. The focus of the magazine was alternative culture , often from a politically left-wing perspective.

Clamor (ministry)
CLAMOR is a youth outreach ministry focused on the inner city youth on the East Coast of the USA and in the Caribbean.It's President and founder is Dr. Carlos Suarez, Jr.

, is an all-female Japanese manga artist group that formed in the mid 1980s. Many of the group's manga series are often adapted into anime after release. It consists of their leader , who provides much of the storyline and screenplay for all their works and adaptations of those works respectively , and three artists whose roles shift for each series: , , and

Clamp may refer to:*Clamp , a device used to hold an object in a fixed position*Wheel clamp, a device used with road vehicles to prevent theft or enforce parking restrictions*Riser clamp, a device used to support vertical piping

CLaMS is a modular chemistry transport model system developed at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany. CLaMS was first described by McKenna et al. and was expanded into three dimensions by Konopka et al.

The flip or clamshell is an electronics form factor which is in two or more sections that fold via a hinge. If the hinge is on a long edge the device is more likely to be called clamshell than flip phone .

Clamshell may refer to:* Bivalve shell, the shell of a clam* Flip , a folding electronic device, also known as a "clamshell"* Clamshell

Clan (World of Darkness)
In White Wolf Game Studio's role-playing games about vampires, a clan is a group of vampires joined by blood relations

Clancy (band)
Clancy were a British rock group, prominent in the pub rock scene of the early 1970s. They issued two albums on Warner Bros. Records, but did not achieve chart success.-History:

Clandestine may refer to:* Secrecy* ClanDestine, a Marvel Comics series by Alan Davis* Clandestine , a novel by James Ellroy* Clandestine operation, a secret intelligence or military activity* Clandestine MUD, a MUD, or text-based MMORPG

Clandestino (song)
"Clandestino" is the second single and the title track from Manu Chao's first album, Clandestino. It is perhaps, along with "Bongo Bong" and "Me Gustas Tú", his most well known song. The lyrics of the song are sung in Spanish and deal with the issue of immigration: "I wrote it about the border between Europe and those coming from poorer nations

Clang is a compiler front end for the C, C++, Objective-C, and Objective-C++ programming languages. It uses the Low Level Virtual Machine as its back end, and Clang has been part of LLVM releases since LLVM 2.6.

A clanger in Australian rules football is a term coined by Champion Data founder Ted Hopkins which refers to a turnover or a mistake made by a player

Clap or CLAP may refer to:*Clapping, producing sound for applause or other purposes*Child Labour Action Programme*Clap skate, type of ice skate used in speed skating*"Clap", an instrumental song by Yes from The Yes AlbumPeople

Clapboard may refer to:*Clapboard , a building material*Clapperboard, a film production tool

Clapiers is a commune in the Hérault department in southern France.

A clapper may refer to one of the following:*Part of a bell*Clapper bridge*A sound-activated gadget called The Clapper*A character from the video game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest*Clapboard used in film production

Clapper (musical instrument)
A clapper is a basic form of percussion instrument. It consists of two long solid pieces that are clapped together producing sound. A straightforward instrument to produce and play, they exist in many forms in many different cultures around the world. Clappers can take a number of forms and be made of a wide variety of material. Wood is most common, but metal and ivory have also been used

For the Scottish village see Clappers, ScotlandClappers is/was a New York-based reggae label that was formed by Lister Hewan-Lowe in 1980.The label released music by artists such as Yabby You, General Plow, Jah Malla, Nicodemus and Jack Ruby

Claque is an organized body of professional applauders in French theatres and opera houses. Members of a claque are called claqueurs.

-Australia:* Clare, South Australia, town in the Clare Valley* Clare Valley, wine region-Canada:* Clare, Nova Scotia, municipal district* Clare , electoral district-Ireland:* County Clare, one of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland

Clare (Parliament of Ireland constituency)
Clare was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800.-History:In the Patriot Parliament of 1689 summoned by King James II, Clare was represented with two members.-Members of Parliament:* 1583 Sir Turlogh O’Brien, Ennistymon.

Clareen is a village in County Offaly, Ireland. It is located 8 km west of Birr on the R421 regional road.The village is situated at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains.The local Catholic church, St. Kieran's, was built in 1900.-See also:

Clarence may refer to:* Clarence * Clarence , a type of carriage* Clarence House, a royal home in London-Australia:* Clarence, New South Wales, a place near Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia

Clarence (given name)
Clarence is a given name, and may refer to:* Clarence Adler, concert pianist* Clarence Birdseye, pioneer of frozen food* Clarence Clemons, saxophone player from the The E Street Band* Clarence Goodson, US footballer

Claret is a name primarily used in British English for red wine from the Bordeaux region of France.-Usage:Claret derives from the French clairet, a now uncommon dark rosé and the most common wine exported from Bordeaux until the 18th century

Claret (disambiguation)
Claret may refer to:*Claret, an English name for red Bordeaux wine*The Claret School, a private Catholic all-boys school.*Antonio María Claret y Clará Claret may refer to:*Claret, an English name for red Bordeaux wine*The Claret School, a private Catholic all-boys school.*Antonio María Claret y Clará Claret may refer to:*Claret, an English name for red Bordeaux wine*The Claret School, a private Catholic all-boys school.*Antonio María Claret y Clará (St

In journalism, a clarification is used to make a statement in a published story more clear. It refers to a statement in a story that, while factually correct, may be subject to a misunderstanding or unfair assumption.

Clarification or clarify may refer to:* Clarification * Clarification , purification of broths* Clarification, preparation of clarified butter* Clarification and stabilization of wine* Clarification

"Clarifications" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of the HBO original series, The Wire. The episode was written by Dennis Lehane from a story by David Simon and Dennis Lehane and was directed by Anthony Hemingway

Clarified butter
Clarified butter is milk fat rendered from butter to separate the milk solids and water from the butterfat. Typically, it is produced by melting butter and allowing the different components to separate by density

-In music:* Clarion , a type of trumpet used in the Middle Ages* Clarion register of clarinets, ranging from B4 to C6-Places:* Clarion, Illinois, USA* Clarion, Iowa, USA

CLARION (cognitive architecture)
Connectionist Learning with Adaptive Rule Induction ON-line is a cognitive architecture that incorporates the distinction between implicit and explicit processes and focuses on capturing the interaction between these two types of processes. By focusing on this distinction, CLARION has been used to simulate several tasks in cognitive psychology and social psychology

Clarity may refer to:* Clarity , 2010* Clarity , 1999* Clarity * Clarity , a song by John Mayer* Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell automobile* Clarity Act, Canadian bill C-20

Clarity (Jimmy Eat World album)
Clarity is the third studio album by American rock band Jimmy Eat World, released on February 23, 1999 through Capitol Records. Overlooked upon its release, Clarity has since amassed cult status and critical acclaim, often lauded as one of the best records of the 1990s

Clark is surname in the English language, ultimately derived from the Latin clericus meaning "scribe", "secretary" or a scholar within a religious order, referring to someone who was educated. Clark evolved from "clerk". First records of the name are found in 12th century England

Clark (disambiguation)
-United States:* Clark, California* Clark, Colorado* Clark, Missouri* Clark, New Jersey* Clark, Pennsylvania* Clark, South Dakota* Clark, Texas, former name of DISH, Texas* Clark Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania

Clark (name)
Clark is a given name for males, translating to clerk. It is also often a surname .

Clark Kent (disambiguation)
Clark Kent may refer to:* Clark Kent, the fictional secret identity of comic book superhero Superman** Clark Kent , the fictional character on the television series Smallville* DJ Clark Kent, hip hop producer

Claro or CLARO may refer to:* Claro, Switzerland, in the canton of Ticino* Claro Americas, a mobile and fixed voice and data comunications company*:Claro Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay*:Claro El Salvador*:Claro Guatemala*:Claro Jamaica

CLARO (political party)
-External links:* official website***: Political parties dominated by ex-pats, including many Britons, are campaigning in Spain's local elections.*

Clarus (disambiguation)
Clarus may refer to:* A common Ancient Roman cognomen.* Clarus or Klaros, a cult center in ancient Greece.* The FHA's Clarus Initiative to reduce the impact of adverse weather conditions on surface transportation users.

- Music :*The Clash, an English punk rock band*The Clash , the 1977 titular album*Clash , a British music magazine*Clash cymbals, a musical instrument*Clash Records, Dutch reggae and breakcore music producer

Clash of the Titans (1981 film)
Clash of the Titans is an American 1981 fantasy–adventure film involving the Greek hero Perseus. It was released on June 12, 1981 and earned a gross profit of $41 million domestically, on a $15 million budget , by which it was the 11th highest grossing film of the year. A novelization of the film by Alan Dean Foster was published in 1981.Warner Bros

Clasp, clasper or CLASP may refer to:* Medal bar, an element in military decoration* Fastener, a hardware device that mechanically joins objects together* "Clasp", a track from Jethro Tull's album Broadsword and the Beast

Eastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis L. is a large shrub or small tree native to eastern North America from Southern Ontario, Canada south to northern Florida, United States.

Eastern Region (Ghana)
The Eastern Region is one of Ghana's ten administrative regions. It covers an area of 19,323 square kilometres, which is about 8.1% of Ghana's total land area. The region is divided into administrative districts. The total number of districts were increased from 17 districts to 21

Eastern State Penitentiary
The Eastern State Penitentiary is a former American prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located on 2027 Fairmount Avenue between Corinthian Avenue and North 22nd Street in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia and was operational from 1829 until 1971

Eastern tent caterpillar
The Eastern tent caterpillar is a univoltine, social species that forms communal nests in the branches of trees. It is sometimes confused with the gypsy moth, or the fall webworm and may be erroneously referred to as a bagworm which is the common name applied to unrelated caterpillars in the family Psychidae

Eastern tiger swallowtail
The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is a species of swallowtail butterfly native to North America. It is one of the most familiar butterflies in the eastern United States, where it is common in many different habitats. It flies from spring to fall, during which it produces two to three broods

Eastern White Pine
Pinus strobus, commonly known as the eastern white pine, is a large pine native to eastern North America, occurring from Newfoundland west to Minnesota and southeastern Manitoba, and south along the Appalachian Mountains to the northern edge of Georgia.It is occasionally known as simply white pine, northern white pine, or soft pine

Easthampton, Massachusetts
Easthampton is the second largest city in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, United States. The town is on the southeastern edge of an area called the Pioneer Valley near the five colleges in the college towns of Northampton and Amherst, MA

Eastman Chemical Company
Eastman Chemical Company is a United States based chemical company, engaged in the manufacture and sale of chemicals, fibers, and plastics. Eastman has 11 manufacturing sites in seven countries, supplying its products throughout the world

Eastman Kodak
Eastman Kodak Company is a multinational imaging and photographic equipment, materials and services company headquarted in Rochester, New York, United States. It was founded by George Eastman in 1892.

Eastwood Collegiate Institute
Eastwood Collegiate Institute is a public high school located at 760 Weber Street East in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1956. The school teams are known as the "Rebels". Eastwood is known for its Provincially ranked soccer teams, as well as its Integrated Arts Program

Easy Cheese
Easy Cheese is the trademark for a processed cheese product distributed by Kraft Foods, also referred to as aerosol cheese or spray cheese, and is a descendant of squeeze cheese . It comes packaged in a spray can, much like canned whipped cream and does not require refrigeration

Easy Company (Band of Brothers)
Easy Company, 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, the "Screaming Eagles", is one of the most well-known companies in the United States Army. Their experiences in World War II are the subject of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers based on the book of the same name by historian Stephen Ambrose

Easy Rider
Easy Rider is a 1969 American road movie written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Terry Southern, produced by Fonda and directed by Hopper. It tells the story of two bikers who travel through the American Southwest and South with the aim of achieving freedom

The EasyCruise One was owned and operated by EasyCruise. It was originally built for Renaissance Cruises as the Renaissance II in 1990. In 1998 it was renamed as the gambling ship Neptune II for operations in Singapore

EasyJet Airline Company Limited is a British airline headquartered at London Luton Airport. It carries more passengers than any other United Kingdom-based airline, operating domestic and international scheduled services on 500 routes between 118 European, North African, and West Asian airports

Eat Bulaga!
Eat Bulaga! is a noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by Television And Production Exponents Inc. and aired by GMA Network. The show is broadcast from The New TAPE Studios at the GMA Broadway Centrum in New Manila, Quezon City. Eat Bulaga! is aired Weekdays at 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm and Saturdays at 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Eaters of the Dead
Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922 is a 1976 novel by Michael Crichton

Eating disorder
Eating disorders refer to a group of conditions defined by abnormal eating habits that may involve either insufficient or excessive food intake to the detriment of an individual's physical and mental health. Bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating disorder are the most common specific forms in the United States

-Buildings:*Eaton Centre, the name of various shopping malls across Canada*Toronto Eaton Centre, a large retail and office complex in Toronto, Ontario*Eaton's / John Maryon Tower, a cancelled skyscraper in Toronto*Eaton Center , an office tower in Ohio

Eric Lynn Wright , better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper who performed solo and in the hip hop group N.W.A. Wright was born to Richard and Kathie Wright in Compton, California

Ebenezer Allen
Ebenezer Allen was an American soldier, pioneer, and member of the Vermont General Assembly. He was born in Northampton, Massachusetts on 17 October 1743. His parents were Samuel Allen and Hannah Miller .

Ebenezer Howard
Sir Ebenezer Howard is known for his publication Garden Cities of To-morrow , the description of a utopian city in which people live harmoniously together with nature. The publication resulted in the founding of the garden city movement, that realized several Garden Cities in Great Britain at the beginning of the twentieth century

Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge is the principal character in Charles Dickens's 1843 novel, A Christmas Carol. At the beginning of the novel, Scrooge is a cold-hearted, tight-fisted and greedy man, who despises Christmas and all things which give people happiness

Ebony is a dense black wood, most commonly yielded by several species in the genus Diospyros, but ebony may also refer to other heavy, black woods from unrelated species. Ebony is dense enough to sink in water. Its fine texture, and very smooth finish when polished, make it valuable as an ornamental wood

Ebony (magazine)
Ebony, a monthly magazine for the African-American market, was founded by John H. Johnson and has published continuously since the autumn of 1945

Ebony Simpson
The murder of Ebony Jane Simpson occurred in Bargo, New South Wales on 19 August 1992. Ebony was nine years old. Andrew Peter Garforth later pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of release on parole.-Abduction and murder:On 19 August 1992, Ebony disembarked from her school bus and walked past a parked Mazda 808

Ebonyi State
Ebonyi State is a mainland south-eastern state of Nigeria, inhabited and populated primarily by Igbo of south eastern Nigeria. Its capital and largest city is Abakaliki. Afikpo is the second largest city. Other major towns are EDDA, Mgbo, Onueke, Ezzamgbo, Nkalagu, Uburu, Onicha, Ishiagu , Ukawu, Amasiri and Okposi

Ebrahim Hakimi
Ebrahim Hakimi was a Prime Minister of Iran.He was born in Tabriz to an ethnic Iranian Azeri family. He attended Dar ol-Fonoon, and finished advanced studies in Medicine in Paris.

Ecaterina Szabo
Ecaterina Szabo is an ethnic Hungarian former artistic gymnast from Romania who won 20 Olympic, world and continental medals

Ecaterina Teodoroiu
Ecaterina Teodoroiu was a Romanian woman who fought and died in World War I, and is regarded as a heroine of Romania.In Romanian historiography, Ecaterina Teodoroiu is placed in the context of gendered experience of the Great War on the Eastern Front, on the same pedestal as Queen Maria of Romania.She was born in the village of Vădeni , in the

Eccentricity (mathematics)
In mathematics, the eccentricity, denoted e or \varepsilon, is a parameter associated with every conic section. It can be thought of as a measure of how much the conic section deviates from being circular.In particular,

Eccles, Greater Manchester
Eccles is a town in the City of Salford, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester in North West England, west of Salford and west of Manchester city centre

The Book of Ecclesiastes, called , is a book of the Hebrew Bible. The English name derives from the Greek translation of the Hebrew title.The main speaker in the book, identified by the name or title Qoheleth , introduces himself as "son of David, king in Jerusalem." The work consists of personal or autobiographic matter, at times

Ecco the Dolphin
Ecco the Dolphin is a puzzle video game released in 1992 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The central character, Ecco, is a bottlenose dolphin controlled by the player through a progression of side-scrolling aquatic levels

ECFS (cable system)
ECFS or EAST CARIBBEAN FIBRE SYSTEM links 14 eastern Caribbean islands on a repeaterless fibre optical submarine communications cable.The cable is 1730km in length and runs from the British Virgin Islands to Trinidad.

Echidna (mythology)
In Greek mythology, Echidna was half woman half snake, known as the "Mother of All Monsters" because most of the monsters in Greek myth were mothered by her

Echinoderms are a phylum of marine animals. Echinoderms are found at every ocean depth, from the intertidal zone to the abyssal zone.

An echocardiogram, often referred to in the medical community as a cardiac ECHO or simply an ECHO, is a sonogram of the heart . Also known as a cardiac ultrasound, it uses standard ultrasound techniques to image two-dimensional slices of the heart

Eckankar is a new religious movement founded in the United States in 1965, though practiced around the world long before with a solid following in China. It focuses on spiritual exercises enabling practitioners to experience what its followers call "the Light and Sound of God." The personal experience of this spiritual Light and Sound is a primary goal of the teaching

Eckerd College
Eckerd College is a private 4-year coeducational liberal arts college at the southernmost tip of St. Petersburg, Florida, in the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.- Campus :

Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart Tolle is a German-born Canadian resident, best known as the author of the The Power of Now and A New Earth, which were written in English. In 2011, he was listed by the Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world

Eclectus Parrot
The Eclectus Parrot, Eclectus roratus, is a parrot native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea and nearby islands, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another body or by having another body pass between it and the viewer

Eclogite is a mafic metamorphic rock. Eclogite is of special interest for at least two reasons. First, it forms at pressures greater than those typical of the crust of the Earth

Eco (currency)
The Eco is the proposed name for the common currency that the West African Monetary Zone plans to introduce in the framework of ECOWAS. Originally the introduction of the currency was planned for December 1, 2009, however this date was revised to 2015. The original five member states are the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone

Eco-terrorism usually refers to acts of violence or sabotage committed in support of ecological, environmental, or animal rights causes against persons or their property.

Ecohydrology is an interdisciplinary field studying the interactions between water and ecosystems. These interactions may take place within water bodies, such as rivers and lakes, or on land, in forests, deserts, and other terrestrial ecosystems

Ecological economics
Image:Sustainable development.svg|right|The three pillars of sustainability. Clickable.|275px|thumbpoly 138 194 148 219 164 240 182 257 219 277 263 291 261 311 264 331 272 351 283 366 300 383 316 394 287 408 261 417 224 424 182 426 154 423 119 415 87 403 58 385 40 368 24 347 17 328 13 309 16 286 26 263 43 240 64 224 84 212 107 202 Environmentpoly 324 219 334 226 343 234 351 242 359 251 366

Ecological pyramid
thumb|300px|right|An ecological pyramid.An ecological pyramid is a graphical representation designed to show the biomass or biomass productivity at each trophic level in a given ecosystem.

Ecological sanitation
Ecological sanitation, also known as ecosan or eco-san, are terms coined to describe a form of sanitation that usually involves urine diversion and the recycling of water and nutrients contained within human wastes back into the local environment.

Ecological succession
Ecological succession, is the phenomenon or process by which a community progressively transforms itself until a stable community is formed. It is a fundamental concept in ecology, and refers to more or less predictable and orderly changes in the composition or structure of an ecological community

Ecology is the scientific study of the relations that living organisms have with respect to each other and their natural environment. Variables of interest to ecologists include the composition, distribution, amount , number, and changing states of organisms within and among ecosystems

Ecomuseums originated in France, the concept being developed by George Henri Rivière and Hugues de Varine, who coined the term ‘ecomusée’ in 1971

Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844
Economic & Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 are a series of notes written between April and August 1844 by Karl Marx. Not published by Marx during his lifetime, they were first released in 1927 by researchers in the Soviet Union.The notebooks are an early expression of Marx's analysis of economics and critique of G.W.F. Hegel

Economic bubble
An economic bubble is "trade in high volumes at prices that are considerably at variance with intrinsic values"

Economic Community of West African States
The Economic Community of West African States is a regional group of fifteen West African countries. Founded on 28 May 1975, with the signing of the Treaty of Lagos, its mission is to promote economic integration across the region.

Economic development
Economic development generally refers to the sustained, concerted actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area

Economic growth
In economics, economic growth is defined as the increasing capacity of the economy to satisfy the wants of goods and services of the members of society. Economic growth is enabled by increases in productivity, which lowers the inputs for a given amount of output. Lowered costs increase demand for goods and services

Economic history of India
The known Economic history of India begins with the Indus Valley civilization. The Indus civilization's economy appears to have depended significantly on trade, which was facilitated by advances in transport. Around 600 BC, the Mahajanapadas minted punch-marked silver coins. The period was marked by intensive trade activity and urban development

Economic order quantity
Economic order quantity is the level of inventory that minimizes total inventory holding costs and ordering costs. It is one of the oldest classical production scheduling models. The framework used to determine this order quantity is also known as Wilson EOQ Model or Wilson Formula. The model was developed by Ford W. Harris in 1913, but R. H

Economic surplus
In mainstream economics, economic surplus refers to two related quantities. Consumer surplus or consumers' surplus is the monetary gain obtained by consumers because they are able to purchase a product for a price that is less than the highest price that they would be willing to pay

Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The term economics comes from the Ancient Greek from + , hence "rules of the house"

Economies of scale
Economies of scale, in microeconomics, refers to the cost advantages that an enterprise obtains due to expansion. There are factors that cause a producer’s average cost per unit to fall as the scale of output is increased. "Economies of scale" is a long run concept and refers to reductions in unit cost as the size of a facility and the usage levels of other inputs increase

Economy of Denmark
With very few natural resources, the economy of Denmark relies almost entirely on human resources. The service sector makes up the vast amount of the employment and economy. Its industrialised market economy depends on imported raw materials and foreign trade. Within the European Union, Denmark advocates a liberal trade policy

Economy of Ethiopia
The economy of Ethiopia is based on agriculture, which accounts for half of gross domestic product , 43% of exports, and 85% of total employment.

Economy of France
France is the world's fifth largest economy by nominal figures and the ninth largest economy by PPP figures. It is the second largest economy in Europe in nominal figures and third largest economy in Europe in PPP figures

Economy of Ghana
The economy of Ghana, West Africa, has a diverse and rich resource base, and as such, has one of the highest GDP per capita in Africa. Ghana remains somewhat dependent on international financial and technical assistance as well as the activities of the extensive Ghanaian diaspora. Gold, timber, cocoa, diamond, bauxite, and manganese exports are major sources of foreign exchange

Economy of India
The Economy of India is the ninth largest in the world by nominal GDP and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity . The country is a part of the G-20 major economies and the BRICS, in addition to being partners of the ASEAN. India has a per capita GDP of $3,608 as per 2010 figures, making it a low-middle income country

Economy of Italy
Italy has a diversified industrial economy with high gross domestic product per capita and developed infrastructure. According to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the CIA World Factbook, in 2010 Italy was the seventh-largest economy in the world and the third-largest in Europe in terms of nominal GDP, and the tenth-largest economy in the world and fifth-largest