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Caple is a surname, and may refer to:* Jim Caple , American journalist* Natalee Caple , Canadian author* Tim Caple , British television commentator

A capo is a device used on the neck of a stringed instrument to shorten the playable length of the strings, hence raising the pitch. It is frequently used on guitars, mandolins, and banjos. G.B

Capo (disambiguation)
A capo is a device that is attached to the frets of a string instrument to raise the pitch of each string.It may also refer to:-General:*Capo, short for Caporegime, a captain in the Mafia.

A capon is a rooster that has been castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for food.-History:The Romans are credited with inventing the capon. The Lex Faunia of 162 BC forbade fattening hens in order to conserve grain rations. In order to get around this the Romans castrated roosters, which resulted in a doubling of size

Capon (disambiguation)
A capon is a cockerel whose reproductive organs were removed at a young age.Capon may also refer to:* Capon Chapel, a landmark in West Virginia* Fort Capon, a stockade fortPeople with the surname Capon:

right|210pxCaponata is a Sicilian aubergine dish consisting of a cooked vegetable salad made from chopped fried eggplant and celery seasoned with sweetened vinegar, with capers in a sweet and sour sauce

Kiam Akasi Holley better known as Capone, is an American rapper of the hardcore hip hop duo Capone-N-Noreaga, who hails from the Queensbridge houses in Queens, New York. He is also of Haitian descent.

Capone (film)
Capone is an American crime film directed by Steve Carver and stars Ben Gazzara, Harry Guardino, Susan Blakely and Sylvester Stallone in an early film appearance. The movie is a biography of the infamous Al Capone, although much of it is supposedly fiction.The film was released on DVD in the U.S

-People:* American writer Truman Capote** Capote , a film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote* Capote Band of Utes, a branch of the Ute people-Other:* Capote , Champion American Thoroughbred racehorse

Capote (horse)
Capote was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Bred by Franklin Groves' North Ridge Farm near Lexington, Kentucky, Capote was out of the mare Too Bald, a daughter of the 1960 American Champion Older Male Horse, Bald Eagle. He was sired by the 1977 U.S. Triple Crown champion, Seattle Slew. Trainer D

Cappadocia (satrapy)
Cappadocia was a satrapy of the Achaemenid Empire used by the Achaemenids to administer the regions beyond the Taurus Mountains and the Euphrates river. The Satrapy belonged to the third tax district and paid an estimated 360 talents a year in tribute

Cappelletti is a contract bridge bidding convention used to intervene over opponent's 1NT opening. Its invention is usually attributed to Michael Cappelletti and his longtime partner Edwin Lewis, but origin of the concept is also claimed by Fred Hamilton, John Pottage and Gerald Helms.Cappelletti is particularly recommended for use against a

Capra may refer to:* Capra , comprising the goats* Capra , American music group* Capra , a titular see in the Catholic Church* Capra , a Romanian custom-People:* Frank Capra , American film director

Capra (genus)
Capra is a genus of mammals, the goats or wild goats, composed of up to nine species including the wild goat, the markhor and several species known as ibex.

Capreolinae, also known as Odocoileinae or the New World deer , is a subfamily of deer

Capri (NA)
Capri is a municipality of Campania, Italy, in the Province of Naples, situated on the island of Capri. It comprises the centre and East of the island, while the West belongs to Anacapri.-Airports:The nearest Airports are:* Napoli-Capodichino Airport

Capriccio (Janácek)
The Capriccio for Piano Left-Hand and Chamber Ensemble is a composition by the Czech composer Leoš Janáček. The work was written in the autumn of 1926 and is remarkable not just in the context of Janáček's output, but it also occupies an exceptional position in the literature written for piano played only by the left hand

Capriccio (painting)
In painting, a capriccio , means especially an architectural fantasy, placing together buildings, archaeological remains and other architectural elements in fictional and often fantastical combinations, perhaps with staffage of figures. It fits under the more general term of landscape painting

Caprice, from the Italian capriccio, may refer to:- Art and entertainment :* Caprice , a film starring Mary Pickford* Caprice , a film starring Richard Harris and Doris Day* Caprices , a 1942 French comedy film

Caprice (film)
Caprice is a 1967 Cinemascope comedy-thriller directed by Frank Tashlin starring Doris Day and Richard Harris.-Plot:Patricia Foster is an industrial designer who gets herself in trouble when she sells a secret cosmetics formula to a rival company in Paris

Capricorn may refer to:* Capricornus, one of the constellations of the zodiac** Capricorn * Capricorn , a manga series created by Johji Manabe* Capricorn , Jay Chou's 9th studio album

Capricorn (A Brand New Name)
"Capricorn " is the debut song by American rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. The song was released by Immortal Records on July 23, 2002, as the lead single from the band's self-titled debut album. The song was written by Jared Leto and was produced by Bob Ezrin, Brian Virtue and 30 Seconds to Mars. According to Jared Leto, the song is about a desire for renewal

Capricorn (comics)
Capricorn is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Publication history:The original Capricorn first appeared in Avengers #72 , and was created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema.

The Caprifoliaceae or honeysuckle family is a clade consisting of about 800 dicotyledonous flowering plants, with a nearly cosmopolitan distribution; centres of diversity are found in eastern North America and eastern Asia, while they are absent in tropical and southern Africa.They are mostly shrubs and vines, rarely herbs, including some ornamental garden plants in temperate

The Caprimulgiformes is an order of birds that includes a number of birds with global distribution . They are generally insectivorous and nocturnal

Caprimulgus is a large and very widespread genus of nightjars, medium-sized nocturnal birds with long pointed wings, short legs and short bills

Caprino may refer to:*Caprino , a type of Italian goat cheesesIn places:* Caprino Bergamasco, a municipality in the Italian region of Lombardy* Caprino Veronese, a municipality in the Italian region Veneto

Caprino (cheese)
Caprino is an Italian cheese traditionally made from whole or skim goat's milk. The name of the cheese derives from the Italian word for goat, capra. With modern methods of production the cheese is made from cow's milk as well or a combination of both cow's milk and goat's milk

Caprylic acid
Caprylic acid is the common name for the eight-carbon saturated fatty acid known by the systematic name octanoic acid. It is found naturally in the milk of various mammals, and it is a minor constituent of coconut oil and palm kernel oil

Caps is the plural of the form of headgear cap. Caps may also refer to:-Science and technology:* Caps, exploding pellets in a cap gun* CAPS , N-cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid, a buffering agent in biochemistry

CAPS (buffer)
CAPS is the common name for N-cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid, a chemical used as buffering agent in biochemistry. The similar substance N-cyclohexyl-2-hydroxyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid is also used as buffering agent in biochemistry.-See also:*HEPPS*CHES*MOPS*HEPES*MES

CAPS (gene)
Calcyphosin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CAPS gene.-Further reading:

Capsicum is a genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family, Solanaceae. Its species are native to the Americas where they have been cultivated for thousands of years, but they are now also cultivated worldwide, used as spices, vegetables, and medicines - and have become are a key element in many regional cuisines.The fruit of Capsicum plants have a variety of names

A capsid is the protein shell of a virus. It consists of several oligomeric structural subunits made of protein called protomers. The observable 3-dimensional morphological subunits, which may or may not correspond to individual proteins, are called capsomeres. The capsid encloses the genetic material of the virus.Capsids are broadly classified according to their structure

Capsizing is an act of tipping over a boat or ship to disable it. The act of reversing a capsized vessel is called righting.If a capsized vessel has sufficient flotation to prevent sinking, it may recover on its own if the stability is such that it is not stable inverted

Capstan (cigarette)
Capstan is a brand of unfiltered British cigarettes made by Imperial Tobacco originally launched by W. D. & H. O. Wills in 1894. The brand became less popular when the health effects of tobacco became more widely known, few shops now sell them.

-Anatomy:* an eggshell* Articular capsules - every diarthrodial joint possesses a fibrous or ligamentous capsule, lined with synovial membrane, attached to the adjacent ends of the articulating bones* the sac that encloses the crystalline lens of the eye

Capsule (group)
, stylised as "capsule", is a Japanese electronica duo consisting of vocalist Toshiko Koshijima and producer Yasutaka Nakata.- Music :Capsule formed in November 1997, after Nakata Yasutaka and Koshijima Toshiko met at the Teens' Music Festival in the Hokuriku area convention when they were 17 years old

Captain or The Captain is derived from the Greek word katepánō which was a senior Byzantine military rank and office.It may refer to:

Captain (Australian rules football)
A captain of an Australian rules football team, sometimes known as a skipper is a player who, during the course of a match and off the field, has several additional roles and responsibilities over and above those of a regular player.

Captain (band)
Captain were an alternative rock band from London, England, who formed in early 2005. Influenced by groups such as The Smashing Pumpkins, The Beach Boys, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure, their music has also been compared by critics to Prefab Sprout, The Beautiful South and Deacon Blue

Captain (D)
In the Royal Navy, a Captain is an appointment of a commander of a destroyer flotilla.

Captain (naval)
Captain is the name most often given in English-speaking navies to the rank corresponding to command of the largest ships. The NATO rank code is OF-5, equivalent to an army full colonel.

Captain (OF-2)
The army rank of captain is a commissioned officer rank historically corresponding to command of a company of soldiers. The rank is also used by some air forces and marine forces. Today a captain is typically either the commander or second-in-command of a company or artillery battery

Captain (Royal Navy)
Captain is a senior officer rank of the Royal Navy. It ranks above Commander and below Commodore and has a NATO ranking code of OF-5. The rank is equivalent to a Colonel in the British Army or Royal Marines and to a Group Captain in the Royal Air Force. The rank of Group Captain is based on the Royal Navy rank

Captain Kangaroo
Captain Kangaroo is a children's television series which aired weekday mornings on the American television network CBS for nearly 30 years, from October 3, 1955 until December 8, 1984, making it the longest-running children's television program of its day

Caption may refer to:*Caption , a small press and independent comic convention held annually in Oxford, England*Closed captioning, used to provide the text of a show's audio portion to those who may have trouble hearing it

Captives is a 1994 romantic crime drama film directed by Angela Pope. It stars Julia Ormond, Tim Roth and Keith Allen. The picture was selected as the opening film in the Venetian Nights section of the 1994 Venice Film Festival, in addition to its selection for Gala Presentation at the 1994 Toronto Film Festival.-Plot:A young dentist working in a British prison starts to

Captivity or Captive may refer to:*Imprisonment or hostage, the state of being confined to a space from which it is difficult or impossible to escape**Captive company

CAPTOR may refer to:* Euroradar CAPTOR, the radar system of the Eurofighter Typhoon* CAPTOR mine, the United States Navy's primary anti-submarine naval mine

Capture may refer to:* Capture , to remove the opponent's piece from the board by taking it with one's own piece* Capture , situations in which a government agency created to act in the public interest instead acts in favor of other interests

Captured may refer to:* Captured , a 1981 live album by the American rock band Journey* Captured, Rockwell's 1985 follow-up to his platinum album, Somebody's Watching Me

Captured (Caroline's Spine album)
Captured is the seventh studio album by American alternative rock band Caroline's Spine. It was the first album to feature entirely new material since 1999's Attention Please.-Track listing:# "Pieces" - 2:51# "Instrument of Change" - 3:56

Captured (video game)
Captured is a platform game for the Commodore 64 from 1986, developed by the Swedish Greve Graphics and published by American Action. The main game was programmed by Bengt Caroli. The music and sound engine was programmed by Lars Hård. Lars also composed all original music and made all sound effects

Capuchin can refer to:*Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, an order of Roman Catholic friars.*Capuchin monkey, primates of the genus Cebus considered among the most intelligent of the New World monkeys , named after the friars.

The Latin word caput, meaning literally "head" and by metonymy "top", has been borrowed in a variety of English words, including capital, captain, and decapitate

The capybara , also known as capivara in Portuguese, and capibara, chigüire in Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador ronsoco in Peru, chigüiro, and carpincho in Spanish, is the largest living rodent in the world. Its closest relatives are agouti, chinchillas, coyphillas, and guinea pigs

Car Alarm (album)
Car Alarm is an album by The Sea and Cake, which was released on October 21, 2008 on Thrill Jockey Records.-Track listing:#"Aerial" - 4:18#"A Fuller Moon" - 4:08#"On a Letter" - 3:45#"CMS Sequence" - 1:06#"Car Alarm" - 3:16#"Weekend" - 2:42

Car battery
An automotive battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile. Usually this refers to an SLI battery to power the starter motor, the lights, and the ignition system of a vehicle’s engine

Car bomb
A car bomb, or truck bomb also known as a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device , is an improvised explosive device placed in a car or other vehicle and then detonated. It is commonly used as a weapon of assassination, terrorism, or guerrilla warfare, to kill the occupants of the vehicle, people near the blast site, or to damage buildings or other property

Car Bomb (band)
Car Bomb is a mathcore band from Long Island, NY that was initially formed in 2000. Their debut album, Centralia, was released through Relapse Records on February 6, 2007.-Biography:

Car bomb (disambiguation)
A car bomb is a type of explosive device.Car bomb can also refer to:* Car Bomb , an American metal band* Irish Car Bomb, an alcoholic drink, sometimes referred to simply as a Car Bomb.* Daniel Carcillo, hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Car Hop (pinball)
-External links:**

Car tuning
Car tuning is both an industry and a hobby, in which an automobile is modified in order to improve its performance, handling and appearance. As most vehicles leave the factory set up for average driver expectations and average conditions, tuning has become a way to personalize the characteristics of the vehicle to the owner's preference

In technology, a cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator. In physics, the cyclotron frequency or gyrofrequency is the frequency of a charged particle moving perpendicularly to the direction of a uniform magnetic field, i.e. a magnetic field of constant magnitude and direction

Cygwin/X is an implementation of the X Window System that runs under Microsoft Windows. It is part of the Cygwin project, and is installed using Cygwin's standard setup system

Cylinder (firearms)
In firearms terminology, the Cylinder refers to the cylindrical, rotating part of a revolver containing multiple cartridge chambers. The cylinder revolves around a central axis in the revolver to bring each individual chamber into alignment with the barrel for firing

Cylinder (geometry)
A cylinder is one of the most basic curvilinear geometric shapes, the surface formed by the points at a fixed distance from a given line segment, the axis of the cylinder. The solid enclosed by this surface and by two planes perpendicular to the axis is also called a cylinder

Cylinder block
A cylinder block is an integrated structure comprising the cylinder of a reciprocating engine and often some or all of their associated surrounding structures

Cylindrical coordinate system
A cylindrical coordinate system is a three-dimensional coordinate systemthat specifies point positions by the distance from a chosen reference axis, the direction from the axis relative to a chosen reference direction, and the distance from a chosen reference plane perpendicular to the axis

Cylindrical grinder
The cylindrical grinder is a type of grinding machine used to shape the outside of an object. The cylindrical grinder can work on a variety of shapes, however the object must have a central axis of rotation

Cymbals are a common percussion instrument. Cymbals consist of thin, normally round plates of various alloys; see cymbal making for a discussion of their manufacture. The greater majority of cymbals are of indefinite pitch, although small disc-shaped cymbals based on ancient designs sound a definite note

Cynicism , in its original form, refers to the beliefs of an ancient school of Greek philosophers known as the Cynics . Their philosophy was that the purpose of life was to live a life of Virtue in agreement with Nature. This meant rejecting all conventional desires for wealth, power, health, and fame, and by living a simple life free from all possessions

Cynognathus crateronotus was a meter-long predator of the Early to Middle Triassic. It was among the more mammal-like of the Synapsids, a member of a grouping called Eucynodontia. The genus Cynognathus had an almost worldwide distribution

Cynthia Rylant
Cynthia Rylant is an American author. She has written more than 100 children's books in English and Spanish. With the divorce of her parents when she was four and living without running water and electricity she became an author including works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid used as an insecticide in large-scale commercial agricultural applications as well as in consumer products for domestic purposes. It behaves as a fast-acting neurotoxin in insects. It is easily degraded on soil and plants but can be effective for weeks when applied to indoor inert surfaces

Cyperus is a large genus of about 600 species of sedges, distributed throughout all continents in both tropical and temperate regions. They are annual or perennial plants, mostly aquatic and growing in still or slow-moving water up to 0.5 m deep. The species vary greatly in size, with small species only 5 cm tall, while others can reach 5 m in height

Cyperus esculentus
Cyperus esculentus is a species of sedge native to warm temperate to subtropical regions of the Northern Hemisphere, often cultivated for its edible tubers . It is an annual or perennial plant, growing to 90 cm tall, with solitary stems growing from a tuber

Cyperus rotundus
Cyperus rotundus is a species of sedge native to Africa, southern and central Europe , and southern Asia. The word cyperus derives from the Greek "κύπερος" and rotundus is from Latin, meaning "round"

Cypher (film)
Cypher , is a 2002 science fiction thriller film starring Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu. The film was written by Brian King and directed by Vincenzo Natali. The film was shown in limited release in theaters in the USA, and released on DVD on August 2nd 2005.-Plot:Morgan Sullivan, a recently unemployed accountant, is bored with his suburban life

Cypriot National Guard
The Cypriot National Guard , also known as the "Greek Cypriot National Guard" or simply as "National Guard", is the combined arms military force of the Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus , officially the Republic of Cyprus , is a Eurasian island country, member of the European Union, in the Eastern Mediterranean, east of Greece, south of Turkey, west of Syria and north of Egypt. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.The earliest known human activity on the island dates back to around the 10th millennium BCE

Cyprus Football Association
The Cyprus Football Association is the governing body of football in Cyprus. It organizes the football league, whose top league is Cypriot First Division, Cypriot Cup, Cyprus FA Shield and the Cypriot national football team. It is based in Nicosia. It Football was introduced to Cyprus early in the 20th century by the British

Cyrano de Bergerac
Hercule-Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac was a French dramatist and duelist. He is now best remembered for the works of fiction which have been woven, often very loosely, around his life story, most notably the 1897 play by Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac (play)
Cyrano de Bergerac is a play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand. Although there was a real Cyrano de Bergerac, the play bears very scant resemblance to his life.

Cyril Cartwright
Cyril Cartwright was a British cyclist who held national records on the track and on the road and came second in the world amateur pursuit championship in Copenhagen in 1949. He held the British five-mile and 30-mile records.

Cyril Davies
Cyril Davies was one of the first British blues harmonica players and blues musician.-Biography:Born at St Mildred's, 15 Hawthorn Drive, Willowbank, Denham, Buckinghamshire, near London, he was the son of William Albert Davies, a labourer, and his wife Margaret Mary

Cyril Ramaphosa
Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa is a South African lawyer, trade union leader, activist, politician and businessman. He was born in Soweto, Gauteng province

Cyril Scott
Cyril Meir Scott was an English composer, writer, and poet.-Biography:Scott was born in Oxton, England to a shipper and scholar of Greek and Hebrew, and Mary Scott , an amateur pianist. He showed a talent for music from an early age and was sent to the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt, Germany to study piano in 1892 at age 12

Cyril Takayama
Cyril Takayama is an American-Japanese illusionist of Japanese and French descent. He is perhaps best known for his magic performances around Japan.-Early life:

Cyrillic alphabet
The Cyrillic script or azbuka is an alphabetic writing system developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 10th century AD at the Preslav Literary School

Cyrus the Great
Cyrus II of Persia , commonly known as Cyrus the Great, also known as Cyrus the Elder, was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. Under his rule, the empire embraced all the previous civilized states of the ancient Near East, expanded vastly and eventually conquered most of Southwest Asia and much of Central Asia, parts of Europe and Caucasus

Cysteine is an α-amino acid with the chemical formula HO2CCHCH2SH. It is a non-essential amino acid, which means that it is biosynthesized in humans. Its codons are UGU and UGC. The side chain on cysteine is thiol, which is polar and thus cysteine is usually classified as a hydrophilic amino acid

Cystoscopy is endoscopy of the urinary bladder via the urethra. It is carried out with a cystoscope.Diagnostic cystoscopy is usually carried out with local anaesthesia

Cytarabine, or cytosine arabinoside, is a chemotherapy agent used mainly in the treatment of cancers of white blood cells such as acute myeloid leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It is also known as Ara-C

Cytochrome P450 oxidase
The cytochrome P450 superfamily is a large and diverse group of enzymes. The function of most CYP enzymes is to catalyze the oxidation of organic substances. The substrates of CYP enzymes include metabolic intermediates such as lipids and steroidal hormones, as well as xenobiotic substances such as drugs and other toxic chemicals

Cytokeratins are proteins of keratin-containing intermediate filaments found in the intracytoplasmic cytoskeleton of epithelial tissue. The term "cytokeratin" began to be used in the late 1970s when the protein subunits of keratin intermediate filaments inside cells were first being identified and characterized

The cytoplasm is a small gel-like substance residing between the cell membrane holding all the cell's internal sub-structures , except for the nucleus. All the contents of the cells of prokaryote organisms are contained within the cytoplasm

Cytoscape is an open source bioinformatics software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and integrating with gene expression profiles and other state data. Additional features are available as plugins

Cytosine is one of the four main bases found in DNA and RNA, along with adenine, guanine, and thymine . It is a pyrimidine derivative, with a heterocyclic aromatic ring and two substituents attached . The nucleoside of cytosine is cytidine

The cytosol or intracellular fluid is the liquid found inside cells, that is separated into compartments by membranes. For example, the mitochondrial matrix separates the mitochondrion into compartments.

CZ 75
The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic pistol made by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod in the Czech Republic. First introduced in 1975, it is one of the original "wonder nines" featuring a staggered-column magazine, all-steel construction, and a hammer forged barrel

The CZ 99 is a Semi-automatic pistol, which is produced in Zastava Arms, Serbia, first model developed in 1989. Designed with the intent to replace the Zastava M57 TT pistol as the standard issue handgun for the Yugoslavian Military and Police. The frame design was influenced by the Walther P 88

Czech Air Force
The Czech Air Force is the air force branch of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The Air Force, with the Land Forces, comprises the Joint Forces, the main combat power of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic

Czech American
Czech Americans are citizens of the United States who were born in, or who descended from, the territory of the historic Czech lands, , or succession states, now known as the Czech Republic

Czech language
Czech is a West Slavic language with about 12 million native speakers; it is the majority language in the Czech Republic and spoken by Czechs worldwide. The language was known as Bohemian in English until the late 19th century

Czech orthography
Czech orthography is a system of rules for correct writing in the Czech language.The Czech orthographic system is diacritic. The háček is added to standard Latin letters for expressing sounds which are foreign to the Latin language

Czech Technical University in Prague
Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest universities in the Czech Republic, and the oldest institute of technology in Central Europe.

Czechoslovakia or Czecho-Slovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe which existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until 1992

Czochralski process
The Czochralski process is a method of crystal growth used to obtain single crystals of semiconductors , metals , salts, and synthetic gemstones