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Boris (crater)
Boris is a tiny lunar crater that is located on the Mare Imbrium, to the northeast of the crater Delisle. It lies at the southwest extremity of a sinuous rille that is designated Rima Delisle. This rille meanders to the northeast, towards the crater Heis, before vanishing into the lunar mare.This is one of the smallest craters on the Moon to be officially given a name by the IAU.

Boris (song)
Boris is a song by The Melvins on their 1991 album, Bullhead. Due to its extremely slow speeds and repetitive guitars it is often regarded as a doom metal song. The song is a fan favorite and appears on the Melvins retrospective album/book Neither Here nor There and the live album Alive at the F*cker Club

Bork (comics)
Bork is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Comics universe. Created by Bob Haney and Neal Adams, the character first appeared in Brave and the Bold series 1 #81 and was later re-introduced in JLA #61/2 .

Born may refer to:* Childbirth* Born , a limited series comic book featuring the Punisher* Born Feinkost GmbH, a German food company* Born , a lunar crater-Places:* Born, Netherlands, a town in the Netherlands

Born (D'espairsRay album)
Born is an EP released by D'espairsRay on April 28, 2004. The CD was re-released, excluding the DVD on July 21, 2004 because the album had sold out within a small amount of time.-Track listing:Disc OneDisc Two

Born Again (Starsailor song)
"Born Again" is the second single from the album Silence Is Easy by British pop band Starsailor, released in 2003. It peaked at number 40 in the UK Charts.- Music video :

Born Again (Wumpscut)
A remix collection of :Wumpscut: songs from previous albums.-Track listing:-External links:**

Borne (band)
Borne is an Australian alt-rock band formed in Melbourne in 2003.They released several EPs in their first 3 years of existence, but came to widespread attention only in 2007, when their single "The Guide" was featured as Single of the Week on a number of iTunes Music Stores worldwide, including the US store. iTunes took the unprecedented move of listing the free download worldwide

Borne (North Brabant)
Borne is a hamlet in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Schijndel, just to the west of the centre of the town of Schijndel.-External links: Map of the municipality Schijndel in 1868, showing Borne

Boron is the chemical element with atomic number 5 and the chemical symbol B. Boron is a metalloid. Because boron is not produced by stellar nucleosynthesis, it is a low-abundance element in both the solar system and the Earth's crust. However, boron is concentrated on Earth by the water-solubility of its more common naturally occurring compounds, the borate minerals

Boron trifluoride
Boron trifluoride is the chemical compound with the formula BF3. This pungent colourless toxic gas forms white fumes in moist air. It is a useful Lewis acid and a versatile building block for other boron compounds.-Structure and bonding:

Boron triiodide
Boron triiodide is a chemical compound of boron and iodine with chemical formula BI3. It has a trigonal planar molecular geometry. It is a crystalline solid. Its dielectric constant is 5.38 and its heat of vaporization is 40.5 kJ/mol.

Boron trioxide (data page)
- Material Safety Data Sheet : The handling of this chemical may incur notable safety precautions. It is highly recommend that you seek the Material Safety Datasheet for this chemical from a reliable source such as , and follow its directions.

A borough is an administrative division in various countries. In principle, the term borough designates a self-governing township although, in practice, official use of the term varies widely.

Borough (Connecticut)
In the U.S. state of Connecticut, a borough is an incorporated section of a town. Borough governments are not autonomous and are subordinate to the government of the town to which they belong

Borrow or borrowing can mean: to receive from somebody temporarily, expecting to return it.*In finance, monetary debt*In language, the use of loanwords

Borş can refer to:* Fermented wheat bran or any sour soup in Romanian * Borş , a commune in Bihor County* Valentin Borş, Romanian football player

Bors (disambiguation)
Bors is the name of two knights from Arthurian legend.Bors may also refer to:* Bors, Canton of Baignes-Sainte-Radegonde, a commune in the Charente department in France

Borsa may refer to:Places*Borşa , a town in Maramureş County, Romania*Borşa, Cluj, a commune in Cluj County, Romania, which includes Borşa-Cătun and Borşa-Crestaia villages*Borşa, a village in Săcădat Commune, Bihor County, Romania

Borscht is a soup of Ukrainian origin that is popular in many Eastern and Central European countries. In most of these countries, it is made with beetroot as the main ingredient, giving it a deep reddish-purple color

BORSCHT is an acronym for:Battery supply to subscriber lineOvervoltage protectionRinging current supplySupervision of subscriber terminalCoder and decoderHybrid, 2 wire to 4 wire conversionTesting

A borstal was a type of youth prison in the United Kingdom, run by the Prison Service and intended to reform seriously delinquent young people. The word is sometimes used loosely to apply to other kinds of youth institution or reformatory, such as Approved Schools and Detention Centres. The court sentence was officially called "borstal training"

Bos is the genus of wild and domestic cattle. Bos can be divided into four subgenera: Bos, Bibos, Novibos, and Poephagus, but these divisions are controversial. The genus has five extant species

Bos (disambiguation)
-Related to Boston, Massachusetts:*The city of Boston*The IATA airport code for Boston Logan International Airport* South Station, Amtrak station code BOS and MBTA rail terminus* Boston Bruins National Hockey League team

Bosch is a popular surname in Catalan and Dutch; it means forest. It may refer to:Buildings:*Huis ten Bosch, an official palace of the Dutch Royal Family in The Hague, Netherlands*Bosch Palace, the official residence of the U.S

Bosch (Netherlands)
Bosch is a hamlet in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Cranendonck, about 1.5 km east of Budel.Together with the hamlets of Meemortel and Heikant to the south, Bosch has a population of about 450.

Bose (film)
Bose is a 2004 Indian Tamil action film written and directed by Senthil Kumar. It stars Srikanth and Sneha in lead and Kalabhavan Mani, Nagesh, 'Thalaivaasal' Vijay and Manicka Vinayagam in supporting roles. It did reasonable business at the box-office. Upon release, the film was dubbed into Telugu as Rakshana and released in 2005

Bosh is a noun and interjection with several meanings.Bosh may also refer to:-People:*Chris Bosh , an American professional basketball player*Chris Bosh , an American professional wrestler

Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP is a transport protocol that emulates a bidirectional stream between two entities by using multiple synchronous HTTP request/response pairs without requiring the use of polling or asynchronous chunking.It is a draft standard of the XMPP Standards Foundation.The related standard XMPP Over BOSH

Bosnia (disambiguation)
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in southeastern Europe.Bosnia may also refer to:*Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a political entity that is part of the country

Bosnian may refer to:*Anything related to Bosnia or its inhabitants*Anything related to the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina or its inhabitants* Bosnian language, a South Slavic language spoken mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In particle physics, bosons are subatomic particles that obey Bose–Einstein statistics. Several bosons can occupy the same quantum state. The word boson derives from the name of Satyendra Nath Bose.

- Persons with the surname Boss :* Hugo Boss * Isaac Boss , Irish rugby union player* Kevin Boss , American football tight end* Lewis Boss , American astronomer

Boss is a manufacturer of effects pedals for electric guitar and bass guitar. It is a division of the Roland Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in musical equipment and accessories

- Persons with the surname Boss :* Hugo Boss * Isaac Boss , Irish rugby union player* Kevin Boss , American football tight end* Lewis Boss , American astronomer

Boss (Magik Markers album)
Boss is the second studio album by Magik Markers for Ecstatic Peace, released on September 25, 2007. A vinyl version was also released via Arbitrary Signs.-Track listing:# "Axis Mundi" - 6:23# "Body Rot" - 2:19# "Last of the Lemach Line" - 8:59

Boss (Mazinger)
Boss is a fictional character created by Go Nagai. Boss and his gang were the comic relief characters in the anime Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger

Boss (rapper)
Boss is an American Midwest female gangsta rapper who enjoyed brief popularity in 1993 with her debut album Born Gangstaz. Her name is sometimes spelled Bo$$.

Bossa Nova (John Pizzarelli album)
Bossa Nova is a 2004 Brazilian jazz album by jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli, who is typically known for his swing guitar skills. While not Brazilian, he has always enjoyed the music and therefore wanted to record this album

Bossanova is the third album by the American alternative rock band Pixies, released in August 1990 on the English independent record label 4AD in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States. All of Bossanovas original material was written by the band's frontman Black Francis; it marked the point where his artistic control over the band became absolute

"Bossy" is a song by American R&B singer Kelis, featuring American rapper Too Short. Written by Kelis, Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford, Too Short, and Sean Garrett, it was released in the United States in May 2006 as the lead single from Kelis' fourth studio album, Kelis Was Here . The song peaked at number sixteen on the U.S

Bossy may refer to:*Fabien Bossy, French football defender.*John Bossy, British historian*Maurice Bossy, Canadian politician*Mike Bossy, Canadian ice hockey player*Raoul Bossy, Romanian diplomat*"Bossy" *"Bossy"

Bossy (Lindsay Lohan song)
"Bossy" is a song by American recording artist Lindsay Lohan. The song was written by Shaffer Smith, known by his stage name Ne-Yo, while additional writing and song production was done by Stargate members Mikkel Storleer Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen

Bosta may refer to:*Bosta , a 2005 Lebanese film* British Orthodontic Society Technicians Award* Bosta, Hungary*Bosta, Bangladesh

Boston (novel)
Boston is a novel by Upton Sinclair. It is a "documentary novel" that combines the facts of the case with journalistic depictions of actual participants and fictional characters and events

Boston (song)
"Boston" is a song by American rock band Augustana, from their 2005 album All the Stars and Boulevards. It was originally produced in 2003 by Stephen Short for Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays and was later re-recorded with producer Brendan O'Brien for All the Stars and Boulevards

Boston (UK Parliament constituency)
Boston was a parliamentary borough in Lincolnshire, which elected two Members of Parliament to the House of Commons from 1547 until 1885, and then one member from 1885 until 1918, when the constituency was abolished.-History:

Boston baked beans
Boston baked beans are a variety of baked beans, typically sweetened with molasses or maple syrup and flavored with salt pork or bacon.Native Americans had made corn bread and baked beans. The Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony learned these recipes in the early 1620s, and likely added barley to the corn meal to invent brown bread

Bosun (dinghy)
The Bosun is a 14 foot GRP sailing dinghy originally created for the Royal Navy by designer Ian Proctor and built by Bossoms Boatyard in 1963. The design specification was for a robust dinghy, able to handle open seas, capable of carrying a crew of 3 to 4 people and be fast enough for a competent helm to enjoy sailing, whilst stable enough for a beginner to learn on.The sailmark is a

Boswell (surname)
Boswell is a Scottish family name and may refer to the following individuals:*Alexander Boswell , judge of the Scottish supreme court and father of James Boswell

Bot or BOT may refer to:-Computing:* Bot, another also name for a Web crawler* Bots , an open-source EDI software* BOTS, a computer game* Internet bot, a computer program that does automated tasks

Botan (programming library)
Botan is a BSD-licensed cryptographic library written in C++.It provides a wide variety of cryptographic algorithms, formats, and protocols. It is used in the Monotone distributed revision control program.

Botanica (Band)
Botanica is a New York based band, founded in Los Angeles in 1999, led by erstwhile Firewater co-conspirator, keyboardist/singer Paul Wallfisch

Boťany is a village and municipality in the Trebišov District in the Košice Region of eastern Slovakia.-Geography:The village lies at an altitude of 103 metres and covers an area of 19.522 km².-Demographics:

Botany (New Zealand electorate)
Botany is a New Zealand Parliamentary electorate, returning one Member of Parliament to the New Zealand House of Representatives. It was contested for the first time at the 2008 general election, and won by Pansy Wong for the National Party

BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation is the state-owned crude oil and natural gas pipelines and trading company in Turkey. The company was established in 1974 as a subsidiary of Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı

Botch may mean:* Botch , a professional wrestling slang term for missing a scripted move* Botch , a mathcore band* Bungle or ruin. See botch in Wiktionary.* A game engine being developed by Garry Newman.

Bother may refer to:* Bother , a 2003 song by Stone Sour* Bother! The Brain of Pooh, a one-man show

Bother (song)
"Bother" is the second single from the alternative metal band Stone Sour's first album Stone Sour. It was originally released as a solo song by frontman Corey Taylor, but the billing was later changed to Stone Sour. The song was one of Stone Sour's first songs to put them into the mainstream

Bots may refer to:* BOTS!!, a massively multiplayer online game distributed by Acclaim Games* Bots , open source EDI translator * Bots , a Dutch language folk rock group* British overseas territories

Bots (edi)
Bots is a open source EDI/b2b translator aiming to be complete EDI software. Bots is free software available under the GNU General Public License.Bots 2.0 is a major rewrite of the GUI; django is now used as a web framework.- Features :

Botswana, officially the Republic of Botswana , is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. The citizens are referred to as "Batswana" . Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland, Botswana adopted its new name after becoming independent within the Commonwealth on 30 September 1966

A bottle is a rigid container with a neck that is narrower than the body and a "mouth". By contrast, a jar has a relatively large mouth or opening. Bottles are often made of glass, clay, plastic, aluminum or other impervious materials, and typically used to store liquids such as water, milk, soft drinks, beer, wine, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, ink, and chemicals

Chet Parker
Chet Parker was a hammered dulcimer player from Michigan.Chet Parker was born the son of a blacksmith. His first instruments were the snare drum and the fife. He also learned to play the fiddle and to read music. He was introduced to the hammered dulcimer by a friend, who loaned him one, in 1900

Chetak is the name of all of the following:*Chetak The horse of Rana Pratap, famous in Indian folk-legend. Pratap was mounted on Chetak during the gruesome Battle of Haldighati , fought between his army and the Mughal forces. This famous war horse was of Marwari breed.* HAL Chetak is a make of helicopter produced by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in India

Chetco River
The Chetco River is a stream located in the southwestern portion of the U.S. state of Oregon. It drains approximately of Curry County. Flowing through a rugged and isolated coastal region, it descends rapidly from about to sea level at the Pacific Ocean. Except for the lowermost , the river is located entirely within the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest

Chettiar , also spelled Chetty, is a title used by various castes in South India especially in Tamil Nadu. In Kannada, it appears as Setty, Shettar and Shettigar, who are Padmashalis in Andhra Pradesh.

Chettinad is a region of the Sivaganga district of southern Tamil Nadu state, India. Karaikudi is known as the capital of Chettinad , which includes Karaikudi and 74 other villages

Chetwynd, British Columbia
The District of Chetwynd is a town located on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. Situated on an ancient floodplain, it is the first town eastbound travellers encounter after emerging from the Rockies along Highway 97 and acts as the gateway to the Peace River Country

Chevrolet , also known as Chevy , is a brand of vehicle produced by General Motors Company . Founded by Louis Chevrolet and ousted GM founder William C. Durant on November 3, 1911, General Motors acquired Chevrolet in 1918

Chevrolet Astro
The Chevrolet Astro was a rear-wheel drive mid-sized van introduced by Chevrolet in 1985 to rival domestic competitors the Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager twins and the Japanese Toyota Van. Also sharing the Astro's platform was its sibling, the GMC Safari

Chevrolet Avalanche
The Chevrolet Avalanche is a four-door, five or six passenger sport utility truck sharing GM's long-wheelbase chassis used on the Chevrolet Suburban and Cadillac Escalade EXT. Unlike the typical pickup truck, the open bed of the Avalanche opens to the back seat area through a folding panel and a removable rear window

Chevrolet Bel Air
The Chevrolet Bel Air is a full-size automobile that was produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1950–1975 model years. Hardtops in the Chevrolet Deluxe Styleline model range were designated with the Bel Air name from 1950–1952, but it was not a distinct series of its own until the 1953 model year

Chevrolet Beretta
The Chevrolet Beretta is a front wheel drive coupé produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1987–1996 model years. The Beretta was designed in the same design studio as the Camaro and the Corvette, Chevrolet Exterior Studio 3, and was built at the Wilmington, Delaware and Linden, New Jersey assembly plants with other GM L platform models, the Chevrolet Corsica and

Chevrolet Big-Block engine
The Chevrolet big block is a series of large displacement V8 engines that were developed in the USA during the 1950s and 1960s. As American automobiles grew in size and weight following the Second World War the engines powering them had to keep pace

Chevrolet C/K
The C/K is the name for Chevrolet and GMC's full-size pickup truck line from 1960 until 1999 in the United States, from 1965 to 1999 Canada, from 1964 through 2001 in Brazil, and from 1975 to 1982 in Chile. The first Chevrolet pickup truck appeared in 1924, though in-house designs did not appear until 1930. "C" indicated two-wheel drive and "K" indicated four-wheel drive

Chevrolet Caprice
The Chevrolet Caprice is a full-sized automobile produced by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors in North America for the 1965 through 1996 model years. Full-size Chevrolet sales peaked in 1965 with over a million sold. It was the most popular American car in the sixties and early seventies. which during its lifetime included the Biscayne, Bel Air and Impala

Chevrolet Cavalier
The Chevrolet Cavalier was a compact automobile produced from 1982 to 2005 by General Motors. Built on the company's J platform, the Cavalier was one of the best-selling cars in the United States throughout its life.- Predecessors :

Chevrolet Chevelle
The Chevrolet Chevelle is a mid-sized automobile produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors in three generations for the 1964 through 1977 model years. Part of the GM A-Body platform, the Chevelle was one of Chevrolet's most successful nameplates. Body styles include coupes, sedans, convertibles and station wagons

Chevrolet Chevette
The Chevrolet Chevette was introduced in September, 1975 and manufactured for model years 1976-1987 based on GM's worldwide T platform and superseding the Vega as Chevrolet's entry-level subcompact

Chevrolet Citation
The Chevrolet Citation was a compact car sold by the Chevrolet brand of American automaker General Motors for model years 1980-1985. The Citation and its X-body siblings were among GM's first front wheel drive compact cars, following the trend of front drive compacts such as the Honda Accord

Chevrolet Cobalt
The Chevrolet Cobalt is a compact car introduced by Chevrolet in 2004 for the 2005 model year. The Cobalt replaced both the Cavalier and the Prizm as Chevrolet's compact car.

Chevrolet Colorado
The Chevrolet Colorado and its counterpart, the GMC Canyon, are mid-size pickup trucks by American carmaker General Motors. It was introduced in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma compact pickups.-First generation :

Chevrolet Corsica
The Chevrolet Corsica is a front-wheel drive compact car that was produced by General Motors from 1987 to 1996. The Corsica was built upon the L-body platform which was developed , as the successor to the X body

Chevrolet Corvair
-First generation :The 1960 Corvair 500 and 700 series four-door sedans were conceived as economy cars offering few amenities in order to keep the price competitive, with the 500 selling for under $2,000

Chevrolet Corvair engine
The Chevrolet Corvair engine was a flat-6 piston engine used exclusively in the 1960s Chevrolet Corvair automobile. It was a highly unusual engine for General Motors: It was air-cooled, used a flat design, with aluminum heads and crankcase, with individual iron cylinder barrels

Chevrolet Corvette
The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car by the Chevrolet division of General Motors that has been produced in six generations. The first model, a convertible, was designed by Harley Earl and introduced at the GM Motorama in 1953 as a concept show car. Myron Scott is credited for naming the car after the type of small, maneuverable warship called corvette

Chevrolet El Camino
The Chevrolet El Camino is a coupe utility vehicle produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1959–1960 model years in response to the success of its rival, Ford Ranchero. Production resumed for the 1964–1977 model years based on the Chevelle platform, and continued for the 1978–1987 model years based on the Malibu

Chevrolet G20
The Chevrolet G20 was a full-sized van produced by General Motors and for a while became the staple of the North American van fleet.The G20 and its counterparts replaced the original Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Van in the late 60s the model line evolved until it was replaced in 1996 by the Chevrolet Express

Chevrolet HHR
The Chevrolet HHR was a retro-styled station wagon launched by the Chevrolet division of American automaker General Motors at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show as a 2006 model — and designed by Bryan Nesbitt. Smaller than the Equinox, the HHR shared the GM Delta platform with the Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac G5, Saturn Ion, and Saturn Astra

Chevrolet Impala
The Chevrolet Impala is a full-size automobile built by the Chevrolet division of General Motors introduced for the 1958 model year. Deriving its name from the southern African antelope, Chevrolet's most expensive passenger model through 1965 had become the best-selling automobile in the United States, competing against the Ford Galaxie 500 and the Plymouth Fury when full-size models

Chevrolet K5 Blazer
See also Chevrolet Blazer The K5 Blazer was the smallest full size SUV version of the General Motors C/K Trucks family. Introduced to the Chevrolet line in 1969, the full-size Blazer was replaced in 1995 by the Chevrolet Tahoe. In 1970, GMC introduced its own model of the truck, called the Jimmy, which lasted until the 1992 GMC Yukon

Chevrolet Lumina
The North American Chevrolet Lumina sedan , coupe and minivan were first introduced in 1989 for the 1990 model year as a new range of vehicles from the Chevrolet brand of General Motors to replace the Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Celebrity sedan, and the Monte Carlo coupe. The Lumina was an answer from General Motors to the Ford Taurus

Chevrolet Lumina APV
The Chevrolet Lumina APV was a minivan produced by General Motors for the 1990 to 1996 model years. In 1994 the APV was dropped from the name to make the name more consistent with the cars, and it was simply known as Lumina or Lumina Minivan. It is similar to the Pontiac Trans Sport and Oldsmobile Silhouette

Chevrolet LUV
The Chevrolet LUV is a pickup truck marketed in the Americas since 1972 by Chevrolet, a division of General Motors . All generations of the LUV pickup have been Japanese Isuzu designs

Chevrolet Monte Carlo
The Chevrolet Monte Carlo was an American-made two-door coupe introduced for model year 1970, and manufactured over six generations through model year 2007. It was marketed as a personal-luxury coupe through most of its history, with the last model version being classified as a full-sized coupe

Chevrolet Nomad
The Chevrolet Nomad was a station wagon model made off and on from 1955 to 1972, and a Chevy Van trim package in the late 1970s and early 1980s, produced by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors

Chevrolet Nova
The Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova is a compact automobile manufactured by the Chevrolet division of General Motors produced in four generations for the 1962 through 1979 model years. Nova was the top model in the Chevy II lineup through 1968. The Chevy II nameplate was dropped, Nova becoming the nameplate for the 1969 through 1979 models

Chevrolet S-10
The first compact pickup from General Motors was the rebadged Isuzu KB sold since 1972 as the Chevrolet LUV. The 1973 Arab oil embargo forced GM to consider designing a domestically-produced compact pickup truck. As usual, parts from other GM chassis lines were incorporated. The first S-series pickups were introduced in 1982

Chevrolet S-10 Blazer
The Chevrolet Blazer and the similar GMC S-15 Jimmy are mid-size SUVs from General Motors. Production began alongside the larger K5 Blazer and Jimmy in 1983 and lasted through 2005. In the United States retail sales after 2004 were limited to two-door Blazer models, all other models being sold to fleets, until April 20, 2005

Chevrolet Silverado
The Chevrolet Silverado , is the latest line of full-size pickup trucks from General Motors.-History:

Chevrolet Small-Block engine
The Chevrolet small-block engine is a series of automobile V8 engines built by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors using the same basic small engine block

Chevrolet Suburban
Chevrolet offered a station wagon body, built on the 1/2 ton truck frame. This model was specifically built for National Guard units and Civilian Conservation Corps units. Much of the body was constructed from wood, and could seat up to eight occupants.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer
The Chevrolet TrailBlazer is a mid-size sport utility vehicle produced by the Chevrolet division of American automaker General Motors.On November 10th, 2011, General Motors officially revealed a second generation of the vehicle to be sold worldwide

Chevrolet Van
The Chevrolet and GMC G-Series vans were made by General Motors for North America. They are in the same vehicle class as the Ford Econoline van and the Dodge Ram Van.The term "Chevrolet van" also refers to the entire series of vans sold by Chevrolet

Chevrotains, also known as mouse deer, are small ungulates that make up the family Tragulidae, the only members of the infraorder Tragulina. There are 10 living species in three genera, but there are also several species only known from fossils

Chew Stoke
Chew Stoke is a small village and civil parish in the Chew Valley, in Somerset, England, about south of Bristol. It is at the northern edge of the Mendip Hills, a region designated by the United Kingdom as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is within the Bristol/Bath green belt

Chewing gum
Chewing gum is a type of gum traditionally made of chicle, a natural latex product, or synthetic rubber known as polyisobutylene. For economical and quality reasons, many modern chewing gums use rubber instead of chicle

Chex Mix
Chex Mix is a type of snack mix that includes Chex breakfast cereal as a major component. There are several commercially produced varieties of Chex Mix, as well as non-commercial, homemade versions of the snack. Though contents vary, the mixes generally include an assortment of Chex cereals, chips, hard breadsticks, pretzels, nuts or crackers

Cheyenne are a Native American people of the Great Plains, who are of the Algonquian language family. The Cheyenne Nation is composed of two united tribes, the Só'taeo'o and the Tsétsêhéstâhese .The Cheyenne are thought to have branched off other tribes of Algonquian stock inhabiting lands

Cheyenne (TV series)
Cheyenne is a western television series of 108 black-and-white episodes broadcast on ABC from 1955 to 1963. The show was the first hour-long western, and in fact the first hour-long dramatic series of any kind, with continuing characters, to last more than one season

Cheyenne River
The Cheyenne River is a tributary of the Missouri River in the U.S. states of Wyoming and South Dakota. It is approximately 295 mi long and drains an area of

Cheyenne Silver
Cara Fawn , also known by the stage names of Cheyenne Silver, is a former American pornographic actress. Born in San Clemente, California, she is of Native American , Franco-Irish heritage.

Chhinnamasta , often spelled Chinnamasta and also called Chhinnamastika and Prachanda Chandika, is one of the Mahavidyas, ten Tantric goddesses and a ferocious aspect of Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother. Chhinnamasta can be easily identified by her fearsome iconography. The self-decapitated goddess holds her own severed head in one hand, a scimitar in another

Chhota Shakeel
Chhota Shakeel , is an Indian, accused of association with Dawood Ibrahim.According to old hats, one of his stories which put him in the spotlight was his encounter with the customs officer

Chi-square test
A chi-squared test, also referred to as chi-square test or \chi^2 test, is any statistical hypothesis test in which the sampling distribution of the test statistic is a chi-squared distribution when the null hypothesis is true, or any in which this is asymptotically true, meaning that the sampling distribution can be made to approximate a

Chiaki J. Konaka
, born April 4, 1961) is a Japanese writer and scenarist best known for Serial Experiments Lain, and later for the Digimon season, Digimon Tamers.

Chiam See Tong
Chiam See Tong is a politician and lawyer from Singapore. He is the country's longest-serving opposition Member of Parliament . Between 1984 and 2011, he represented the constituency of Potong Pasir in Singapore's Parliament.

Chic Young
Murat Bernard Young , better known as Chic Young, was an American cartoonist who created the popular, long-running comic strip Blondie. His 1919 William McKinley High School Yearbook cites his nickname as Chicken, source of his familiar pen name and signature

Chicago is the largest city in the US state of Illinois. With nearly 2.7 million residents, it is the most populous city in the Midwestern United States and the third most populous in the US, after New York City and Los Angeles

Chicago (musical)
Chicago is a musical set in Prohibition-era Chicago. The music is by John Kander with lyrics by Fred Ebb and a book by Ebb and Bob Fosse. The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice and the concept of the "celebrity criminal"

Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad
The Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad was a Class I railroad that linked Chicago to southern Illinois, St. Louis, and Evansville. Founded in 1877, it grew aggressively and stayed relatively strong throughout the Great Depression and two World Wars before being purchased by the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad

Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway
The Illinois and Midland Railroad is a railroad in the U.S. state of Illinois, serving Peoria, Springfield and Taylorville. Until 1996, when Genesee & Wyoming Inc. bought it, the company was named the Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway

Chicago Cubs
The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team located in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the Central Division of Major League Baseball's National League. They are one of two Major League clubs based in Chicago . The Cubs are also one of the two remaining charter members of the National League

Chicago Fire Department
The Chicago Fire Department, also known as the CFD, is the principal fire suppression, prevention, and rescue agency of Chicago, Illinois, under the jurisdiction of the mayor of Chicago. The Chicago Fire Department is the second largest fire department in the United States after the New York City Fire Department, as measured by sworn personnel

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad
The Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad, often called the North Shore Line, was an interurban railroad line that operated between Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, until its abandonment in 1963.- Early history :

Chicago Picasso
The Chicago Picasso is an untitled monumental sculpture by Pablo Picasso in Chicago, Illinois. The sculpture, dedicated on August 15, 1967, in Daley Plaza in the Chicago Loop, is tall and weighs 162 tons

Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Public Schools, commonly abbreviated as CPS by local residents and politicians and officially classified as City of Chicago School District #299 for funding and districting reasons, is a large school district that manages over 600 public elementary and high schools in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago record labels
This is a list of notable record labels based in Chicago.

Chicago State University
Chicago State University is a state university of the U.S. state of Illinois, located in Chicago.-History:Cook County Normal School was founded in 1867, largely through the initiative of John F. Eberhart, the Commissioner of Schools for Cook County

Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago Transit Authority, also known as CTA, is the operator of mass transit within the City of Chicago, Illinois and some of its surrounding suburbs.

Chicago Water Tower
The Chicago Water Tower is a contributing property in the Old Chicago Water Tower District landmark district. It is located at 806 North Michigan Avenue along the Magnificent Mile shopping district in the Near North Side community area of Chicago, Illinois