"small town" discrimination from (two people)
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It came christmastime and we that doesn't the finaces are allowed to fillout a "Angel Tree" request form and ask for what you would like. Well,I asked for a "down coat",warm ski gloves,(2)pairs of shoes:work boots and "skate shoes that dirtbikers wear(mens 6 1/2 what i got was:St John Bay zipper jacket(XL)(I'm a medium) black "car gloves" that don't keep your hands warm,and no shoes! Wait! my sugnificant other asked for:(2)pairs of jeans-Levis size 36waist&34length,and a pair of gym shoes. She received:not the shoes she asked for(they were a7 1/2) jeans? (1)pair and not what she asked for. We talked to another family here and they are mexican we are white and Gay. They didin't receive what they asked for and there is a total of (5) in that family (3)boys and(1)girl. The older boy told me with his dad that he boy got:DOLLS. Ok,see two people go into the city and pick up the "christmas bags"from salvation army and they women bring them back and they distribute out the peoples bogs,well it was informed to me lastnight:"If they don't like you they will go through your bags and take what they want and replace with what they had if they see that you have better. Discrimination (1) Discrimination (2)My sugnificant others father died in 2005,she had to sell her place. Our dog got poisoned in 2007,we ran out of money alltogether in 2008 in trailer court. We were told to more or less get out and we have been stuck in the desert of searchlight,nv.without heat,running water for (3) years now and sometimes when the foodstamps don't kick in like now we go hungry.This is descrimination(2)!!! When you don't "fit in" be of "normal sex" be in a "click" this is how your tobe treated even when you served your coun try? I did in 1979-1980 and this is not discrimination? On top of all this neither one of us has family,mine died in 1980's hers in (1)mother in 1980's her father in 2005. We have nobody to turn to! Any true sincere gay people out there who can tell me if we have a discrimination case please respond. What would you say Ellen Degener__? Help!!!!!