Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Why do the ultra-left ignore the cold hard facts ?
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Israeli-Palestinian conflict discussion
Recently, it's been quite refreshing to see the amount of people supporting Israel's right to defend itself against indiscriminate bombing. However, if it's one one thing that really raises my heckles it's the ultra-left who are unable to look past their FREE PALESTINE motto.
Do they really expect Israel to tolerate countless rockets heading into their territory? Would they sit comfortably by whilst neighbours threw molotov cocktails over the fence into their own garden and then went to shield in a friend or family's home on the same street?
Wake up. Israel is fighting terrorism every day. If the roles were reversed and it was Palestine which had the superior weaponry, you can bet your bottom dollar that Israel would cease to exist !
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I agree, if Hamas would stop firing these rockets ( killing innocent civilians)I am sure Israel would do their best to find a peaceful solution, but because Hamas has already stated it would like to obliterate Israel how can they find a way?
It has also been stated in the press that some people would like to charge Israel for war crimes but never do they say we would like to charge Hamas. The Palestinian people must take some responsibility for electing a terrorist organisation like Hamas to lead their country.
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Well, mayby that's because your 'brainwashed' by the American biased newscasts and haven't really investigated BOTH sides of the real issues.

"Do they really expect Israel to tolerate countless rockets into their territory?"

Well, Yes, if they are the ones who brought it on. They brutally siege and "occupy" another people (no different than what the Nazis did to them) and expect them to just 'lie down and take it'. Of course, they are going to fight back (any way they can) If we went down to Mexico and started throwing people out of their homes and off their land (that they'd lived on for centuries) so we could steal it. Then beat, arrest and even kill them whenever we please, I would expect them to do just that! Guess what? Palestinians ALSO have the right to defend themselves!!

Israeli's are a very racist people and have created an apartheid society because they think they are special/"chosen". Which, by the way, this MYTH is their ONLY claim to the land. There is absolutely NO archaeological evidence to back it up. Do they accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God who rose from the dead? Do they accept Mohammad as God's final prophet? Then why does the rest of the world have to accept their myths as justification for brutally oppressing another people?

So why, then, did Palestinians vote in Hamas? Well, because the PLO was corrupt and not looking out for them. And because there was not exactly long lines of others who were. I do wish it were not Hamas too, but then, at least somebody is looking out for and caring about them.

And yes, it is America's fault as well because they support Israel BLINDLY no matter how repulsive their crimes against humanity are. Ultimately, we are gambling with our own safety too because 911 was a direct result of the brutal treatment of the Palestinian people. A group like ISIS would make that look like a Disneyland vacation.

The only thing Israel is accomplishing by indiscriminately killing little babies and small children, helpless women and old people is worldwide anger and hatred. It is,also, perpetuating the hatred there. Do you honestly think the parents of all those little children will EVER forgive Israel even if they stopped tomorrow?

Yes, there HAS to be a better way. You should watch another county's newscast once in a while (on cable channels)like France or Australia..anywhere.

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I don't expect the parents of the children killed by rockets targeting civilian homes in Israel will ever forgive the Palestinians. The point I am trying to make is that to blame only Israel for this conflict is ridiculous, both sides are guilty of indiscriminate killing and at some point they have to stop the madness and start negotiating some sort of truce and start to live together or it will never end. I do agree that Israel have been very ruthless and have gone too far in this latest escalation of fighting but in their eyes they are also fighting for survival and if you have a bigger stick you will use it. I just hope someone can make them all see sense.
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Oh I do not blame only Israel, tony. I know Hamas is a terrorist organization and that they are exploiting the Palestinian people for their own agenda. I blame them just as much.

But violence, perpetuating the hatred, will never solve the conflict. It is Israel's solution to it that I am arguing here. You can not get rid of Hamas by killing innocent civilians. The more Israel kills them the more they will support Hamas (because no one else is helping them)and the more Israel is vilified in the eyes of the world. Violence only begets, and sow the seeds, for more violence!

I know Israel is fighting for it's survival, but so are the Palestinians. And having the "bigger stick" is not always beneficial. Consider the 300 Spartans which lead to the eventual defeat of the mighty Persian army by Greece. Or the early American colonists (a rag-tag and backward army) who defeated the strongest military of the then known world (the British). Point being when a people believe they have a just cause (or nothing left to lose) they can become a formidable force.

What's more, in today's world, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not just effect the Palestinians, but the whole world. Israel's brutal, unjust and racist treatment of these peoples are the very cause for the rise of extreme and radical terrorist organizations, such as Al-Qaida or ISIS.

What Israel needs to do is CONVINCE the palestinian people that THEY have their best interest at heart and that Hamas does NOT! You can't do that by killing their babies and children, their women and old people or by building so-called "settlements" on their land.