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Who are some of the past anchors and reports in the last ten years? was one ...
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WHIO-TV discussion
Who are some of the past anchors and reports in the last ten years? was one of the a Sally?
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Yes, Her name was Sally Taylor. Here is a list of
Notable WHIO Alumni
•Danielle Elias, Reporter 2007-10
•Dave Harmon, meteorologist
•Randy McIlwain, education reporter, 1994-97(Now at KXAS-TV 5, an NBC affiliate in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. area)
•Jim BaldridgeJim BaldridgeJim Baldridge is a former American newscaster and former co-anchor for WHIO-TV's Newscenter 7 in Dayton, Ohio.Baldridge joined the staff of WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio as a reporter in 1972 and became its lead anchor in 1988. He retired in the fall of 2009 after a career as one of the most durable...
lead anchor 1972-2009
•Lyle Stieg (sports)
•Patt Garwood, weather reporter 1980s, former wife of Sports Director Mike Hartsock
•Cathy Stelzer
•Anton Day
•Margaret Brosko
•Phil DonahuePhil DonahuePhillip John "Phil" Donahue is an Emmy Award-winning American media personality, writer, and film producer, best known as the creator and star of The Phil Donahue Show, also known as Donahue, the first tabloid talk show. The show had a 26-year run on U.S...

•Gil WhitneyGil WhitneyGil Whitney was an American television weather forecaster notable for warning WHIO-TV viewers and listeners on April 3, 1974 of the tornado that went through Xenia, Ohio in the 1974 multi-tornado event known as the Super Outbreak...
, reporter, anchor and weather specialist (died in 1982)
•Don Wayne, long time 6, 7 and 11pm lead news anchor (retired in 1988, died in 1997)
•Tom Hamlin, sports director in 1960s, retired
•Ted Ryan (weather specialist, staff announcer) (1954–1992)
•Donna Jordan (1995–2006)
•Rebecca Combs (2000–2005), anchor/reporter
•Andrew Douglas (now at WMC-TVWMC-TVWMC-TV is the NBC affiliate television station for the Memphis, Tennessee metropolitan area. The station serves roughly the western third of Tennessee, northwestern Mississippi, northeastern Arkansas and the southeastern corner of Missouri over the air on satellite and on various cable systems. Its...
in Memphis, TN)
•Mike Dunston, reporter, (now anchor at WOFL-TV in Orlando, FL)
•Jim Blue (now news director and anchor at WFFT-TVWFFT-TVWFFT-TV is the Fox-affiliated television station for Northern Indiana that is licensed to Fort Wayne. It broadcasts a high definition digital signal on UHF channel 36 from a transmitter next to its studios on Hillegas Road. Owned by the Nexstar Broadcasting Group, syndicated programming on WFFT...
in Fort Wayne, IN)
•Cathy Ballou (weather specialist 1986-1995, Now working for Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN)
•Deborah Countiss (retired from WSYXWSYXWSYX, channel 6, is an ABC-affiliated television station located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. WSYX is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which also operates Fox affiliate WTTE through a local marketing agreement...
in Columbus)
•Trevor Pettiford
•Shawn Ley (now at WKRC-TVWKRC-TVWKRC-TV is the CBS-affiliated television station for the Tri-State area of Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana that is licensed to Cincinnati. It broadcasts a high definition digital signal on VHF channel 12 from a transmitter at their studios on Highland Avenue in the Mount...
in Cincinnati, OH)
•Heidi Sonen, Chief Meteorologist 1993-1997,
•Ed Krahling, long time anchor, (retired in 1993, died in 1998)
•Ken Jefferson, anchor (1977–2002)
•Mick Hubert, sports director (1979–1989) (The Voice of the Florida GatorsFlorida GatorsThe Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida. The "Lady Gators" is an alternative nickname sometimes used by the Gators women's teams...
•Dr. Sherry Stanley-Wheaton, health reporter
•Joe Parise, weekend weather specialist
•Paul Herdtner, anchor/reporter
•Bruce Asbury, Lead Weather Specialist 1982-89
•Tracie SavageTracie SavageTracie Savage is an American actress and journalist. She has starred in movies and on television....
, anchor/reporter 1986-91
•Rick Smith, staff announcer and host of "Summer Nights" and "WHIO Reports"(died in 2006)
•Sallie Taylor, anchor/reporter (1988–2007), now full-time mother
•Linda Robertson, anchor/health reporter now @ University of Dayton
•Sher Patrick, anchor/reporter (now Marketing Manager at Community Blood Center in the Dayton area)
•Dave Freeman, Chief Meteorologist (now at KSNWKSNWKSNW digital channel 45 is a NBC affiliate television station based in Wichita, Kansas. It is owned by the New Vision Television group. KSNW is also the flagship station of the Kansas State Network , the state's chain of NBC affiliates...
in Wichita, KS)
•Guil Herrick, Sports reporter/anchor (1994-2001) now a teacher in Dayton
•Paul Moses, anchor/reporter
•Myriam Wright, anchor/reporter
•Sam Yates, anchor/reporter-retired from news, now head of Yates and Associates in Jensen Beach Florida.
•Vanessa Tyler, anchor/reporter, now @ WPIX-TV, New York City
•Joe Rockhold "Uncle Orrie", 1950s/60s children's show host and staff announcer,retired in 1969 (died in 1981)
•Ken Hardin "Ferdy Fussbudget" 1950s/60s children's show co-host and sidekick of Uncle Orrie. (died in 1991.)
•Steve Prinzivalli, meteorologist (now a meteorogolist for Weatherbug.com)
•Jack Jacobson "Nosey The Clown" 1950s early sidekick of Uncle Orrie and "Ignatz Hammerschlob" later as "Dr. Scar" and as general manager at KGUNKGUNKGUN-TV is the ABC-affiliated television station serving Tucson, Arizona. It broadcasts in digital VHF channel 9 from Mount Bigelow northeast of Tucson. It is known locally as K-GUN.-History:...
in Tucson and author of book "The Sky Blazers",retired (died on March 23, 2008)
•Dave Eaton "Charlie Goodtime" 1970s children's show host
•Dick Bieser, manager of community relations and on air personality, retired in 1993.
•Scott Dean, Former Meteorologist on Daybreak Edition and Noon Newscenter (now at WTVDWTVDWTVD, channel 11, is an owned-and-operated station of the Walt Disney Company-owned ABC television network, licensed to Durham, North Carolina. The station serves the areas of Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Fayetteville, known as the Triangle...
in Raleigh, NC)
•Chris Ingalls, reporter (now at KINGKingKing may be a title for a head of state.King may also refer to:-Places:* King, Ontario, Canada* King, Indiana, United States* King, North Carolina, United States* King, Lincoln County, Wisconsin, United States...
in Seattle)
•Guy Fogle, sports (formerly of WDTN and WKEF also, now retired from news, and teaching at Carlisle High School in Carlisle,OH)
•Warren Madden, meteorologist (1992–1996), now at The Weather Channel
•Paul Miller, reporter/anchor (1975–1979), later NBC Correspondent, now retired.
•Bob ShreveBob ShreveBob Shreve was a first-generation television broadcasting personality based in Cincinnati, Ohio.-Biography:...
, overnight host of "Night People Theater", a Friday night/Saturday morning movie program...similar to his Saturday night program in Cincinnati (died in 1990.)
•Denny Cheatham, Videographer/one-man band (1963–2009), retired
•Sylvia Newsome, anchor
•Brian Orzel, chief meteorologist (January 1998-December 2002)
•Jeff Porter, Meteorologist, Daybreak Edition(2005-September 4, 2009)
•Maury Williams, anchor/reporter (1987–1992), now with Scripps Networks Interactive (HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel)
•Tom Andrews, anchor in the 1960's, went on to become Dayton City Commissioner, then worked in communications for Reagan and Bush 1 administrations.
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