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Atlantic slave trade

Atlantic slave trade

Was the slave trade all it was summed up to be?
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Atlantic slave trade discussion
From what I know about the slave trade there were many vile things that went on; to sum up some aspects of it people were forceably taken from their homes, separated from family, sold, put to work, owned, told exactly how they should live and what they can and can't do and in many cases even bred. All these things sound dispiccable and unacceptable and people shivver at the thought of it; but is it really all that bad if that is exactly the same things that we do to animals today? Indeed there were other aspects, such as the appalling conditions they were kept in on the atlantic voyage and in some cases regular beating, but that is still what we do to animals which shows just how mistreated they are.
A 'stupid' person can feel hurt and mistreatment just as much as a clever person as a less intelligent species can feel it just as much as a species of higher intelligence. If people really think the slave trade as bad as they appear to, then theoretically everyone hates the idea of what we do to animals- which they obviosly don't. Animals deserve a right to live just as much as those humans did-in some cases maybe more-should we not release them and allow them to live their own lives??
Some species are so far gone, such as pedigree sausage dogs, which they would die if they are released as their backs would break from the unnatural 'natural selection' we have put them through. Horrific for humans, but what am I going on about, this is perfectly acceptable for animals.
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Yeah basically that is all it is about. that is all i wanted to know.