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McDonald Territory

McDonald Territory

Was the omission from the map an oversight? Curiosities continue...
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McDonald Territory discussion
The event which led to the McDonald Territory secession attempt is stated to be the omission of Noel from the Vacation map issued by the Highway Department in 1961. There is something curious as to how this event is being historically reported. In an official McDonald County, Missouri document [McDonald County Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 2 Community Context; a public document] the author has stated that the omission was unintentional. See: http://www.ourbuffalofarm.com/Chapter%202%20Community%20Context%205-22.pdf

This stands in direct contrast to a contemporary 1961 article taken from The Joplin Globe, based on a statement from Jefferson City, where the main actor from the Missouri Highway Department states quite unequivocally that it was NOT an omission; it was PLANNED; they felt McDonald County was an example of over-commercialization and they were trying to avoid commercializing the official state map. If the history in the comprehensive plan was written by someone fairly recently, it would appear to me that either the true story was "rewritten" or facts are being ignored. Anyone have any thoughts?