Human cloning
This world
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This world is not a bad place,what makes this world bad are the bad people in it.There is racism,killings,hate,rape,And many,many more bad things i can name.There are so many different religions and i personally choose not to follow any of them.I came into this world only knowing life,love and how i feel and this is my religion.Universe and knowing that whatever i put out into the world..than that is what i will get back.There are so many people that live by many religions and by many beliefs and yet half of them are to some degree hypocritical to their religions or whatever belief system they follow.I believe that if you don't know yourself than you can easily be mislead and misguided and easily influenced by others.I choose to follow my inner self and i refuse to sell myself as a follower of any kind.I refuse to be apart of the evilness in this world.I came into this world with sound mind and i will leave with a sound mind.I have realized that things are not going to get better and i have accepted this,but i will always and continue to embrace love and treat people how they should be treated until i am no more.I hear alot of different raises screaming about racism and argueing with one another about who is this,who is that and what they did and what they are doing..But the biggest scenario of this all is we are so busy realizing and addressing what another race of people does to us that we don't actually address and realize that we as the same race are hurting each other so this leaves room for me to say that everyone in this world are hypocrits,but yet these are the same people and races that have certain religions,go to church faithfully and stand by strong beliefs of a higher being.Such fakeness.There are so many people that sell themselves,destroy,kill and hurt others..each other for a man on a green piece of paper..How can this be.Noone cares about the human life and yet these same people care so much about themselves..Yeah right?!....I have learned that if you live by the side of money you lose apart of you and in some cases all of you.And you will hurt and you will kill when you live by the side of money.I don't trust people with money because i know they will choose money over me and my existence.I will trust the poor before i will trust the rich.Overall,this world is in need of destruction and i await and embrace the day when it comes or if i am still around,i embrace it because death of the world is the only solution to our problems and to ending all of this madness.Sorry,but it is the truth.Cloning is simply psychotic and docters are focusing on the wrong things..Always trying to make history ,but not making alot of cures.And this is the real reason they are doctors and scientist,,Yeah,right?! Nothing better to do than mutate people and for what..MONEY. World please end.