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There was somebody who said we are hardly more than animals (something like t...
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There was somebody who said we are hardly more than animals (something like that) and he posted this really long, intelligent comment. Is he trying to be funny? It's just not logical!
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Whats not logical is our belief we know the reality of our earth, not even having had the sense to study the flora and faune of the first three inches of ground on which we walk, or the fact that we teach elemental data in a world of compounds, basically unstudied.

Our flexible hand and rotating tongue enabled us into discovering ways to document our words, the beginning of literacy, only a few thousand years ago, the millions of years before that we spent as near the realm of our brothers, the; bear, wolf, eagle, and other advanced mammals

It is our instrumentation, cumlative literacy that enabled manufacturing companies to develop instrumants that lead the way, via hundreds of thousands of engineering manyears.

All these things leave us still, quite near the realm of the other mammalian species of earth, who possess natural intelligence, but no rotating tongue and hyper flexible hand.

we are a species who abandoned nature replaced it with fashion and law, a world ruled by a world class mafia, fueled by lust and greed, we denature the earth, but not to worry, it won't be that much longer until we reenter another iceage, where the earth goes for hundreds of millions of years encased in ice, Instead of preparing for it we convert our resources into sea and landfill.

Yer so right, we are unlike our brethern the other species, we destroy all, the ruling class on this earth is like an infectuous disease poisoning mankind with their brands of literary hypnosis, which enables us to believe we are something we are not.

Things like ethics and logic escape the human mentality, who spend their wasted life on self serving fullfilment
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I would disagree that we have abandoned nature. I don't think that is possible as long as we ingest, digest and excrete.

to see humanity as something unnatural is to deny nature and its purpose which is complexity and adaptation. While humans may not be the most physically complex species nature has produced, it is certainly the most socially complex, intellectually complex and ?awareness? complex...can't find the correct word for that one
we are self aware and ware of how we effect the world, how the world affects us, our place in the universe...sort of...you get the idea. We are also one of the most adaptable creatures ever to walk this world. We change the world to suit ourselves...what is more adaptable than that?

I would argue we are the first species to mourn our own existence. This is a profound thing.

I don't think we should judge ourselves too harshly here. While it is true that, in the process of learning to be what we are, we have greatly affected this planets and the other species on it, but it is also true that as we become what we are, we look back, see what we have done and seek to do better.

In the millennia since we discovered fire, then agriculture then social structure then metals and so on and so forth, we have laid waste to much of the world...yet we have become aware of the devastation we wrought and now begin to turn our selves towards better ways

we are learning

there's a lot to be said of a species that can do that

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Recognizing our problems is in the realm of literate responsible people. !/3 of our children go to bed hungry each night, our population rates are continuing to climb, and nature is rapidly disappearing.

Its true, some are trying to do the right things, however the ones actually capable of doing the right things shirk their responsibility. The most significant. of late being the gulf oil spill. Obame has the authority, to end such disasters, and if so inclined, could have ordered the US Navy to end the oil flow, which is an uncomplicated issue for the, detonate and collapse the well casing, thereby ending the oilflow.

Plus increasing social welfare spending, while downsizing or reallocating, and privatizing NASA ( 270 billion to elon musk ) a wired irresponsible self motivated technical nitwit, encourages the race, race waste by increasing welfare.

Ilike you, reading about the ever ending deletion of natural habitants, and the soon to be 10 billion people, showing no signs of reversal, simultaneous to all the newsmedias posturing about environmental responsibility shows some hope for the future, however, the actual ongoing activity and our very lifestyles, have and are not altering.

Now at 66, I see nothing but a non-ending of destruction of nature, never ceasing carnage, basically ignored by the laws and people of our world. they live in an artificial society, and simply don't care about the other species, they, learn by example, and are not changing
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In empty space, which is still there underneath everything else, everywhere seems to be everywhere. If there is nothing in space to differentiate any place from any other place, than all of space seems to be everywhere. This is something STILL happening underneath all the stuff in space.
OKAY, so, if everywhere seems to be everywhere, than millions of miles in any direction could SEEM to be right here. So, you are traveling whether you know it or not. We are in "touch" with great distances. That is a kind of travel. About traveling back in time, that's kind of in it also, because it took time "traveling" in the easiest way. Just be aware of the way you're actually in touch with space out there. Did you notice, it took time to come back?
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