Two-state solution
The world needs peace
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The world needs peace
"Israel's Supreme Court approved 17, Israel and the Palestinian islamist movement organization (hamas) change the decade-long agreement for the agreement of concern paving the way by hamas, six years of detention of Israeli soldiers, and the first came to the authorities release of Palestinian prisoners will set foot on the way home."
"The Palestinian people to the agreement says the more warm welcome, more than compatriots will free, they will be held in the gaza strip, a celebration of UN secretary general ban ki-moon to reach the agreement to help mediate of Egypt's effort as a compliment. The evaluation said the change has a decade-long agreement" historic "meaning."
1 = 10000? No, which is inappropriate, but from which reflected in the nature of problems are quite good: two generation hated national finally has a chance to negotiate with sitting at the negotiating table, how to solve the problem, of course, these problems can't rely on several negotiations can solve, but the two have shown the solution to the problem of intention for this region, solve problems appear hopes for peace.
The strong is eternal? No, from human development can prove it. The strong can continue? Can, society of competition: "survival of the fittest", but need premise, for example, : the growth of the population needs a great many of the land, to destroy a lot of vegetation to grain, destroy the natural rules which should be the natural punishment. So the strong if can do: from the long term benefit of a reasonable concessions, which can continue the strong man.
I wish the two with the suffering of the nation in the future by don't torture, I wish the leaders of the two countries from future generations can think for regional peace and make reasonable let years old! For the people of this region can have a peaceful and stable society to contribute!