Global warming

Global warming

The refractive index or the earth is destroyed and now we are reflecting ligh...
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The refractive index or the earth is destroyed and now we are reflecting light not by passing it.Because we have altered the natural trees and their postions on the earth for the man made concept of 'soil' ..we have now altered every tree's ability and the ozone's ability and the ocean's ability to act as a refractor of light and now we are reflecting it makeing us visible out in space were any planet which natualy grows with out male doctrine disturbing it it will not reflect light but by pass it. By refraction ,and all the oceans and land massess help as a coordinated growth life to protect it self from being visible ..the reason scientists are finding it hard to find other planets is because they are not ment to be seen or else they are destroyed like we have done to this planet for male slavery of woman to over populate the earth and destroying every thing and the earh's ability to refract light .Only total castration of all males will protect the earth now .
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Pretty uninformed ideas here.

refractive index is one thing, reflection quite another.

refraction is a property of transparent materials whether solid or liquid. Trees have nothing to do with it.

trees and plants in general absorb sunlight and convert the energy to various reduced carbon materials which can release the energy when burned or during decay.

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The reason you are uninformed is because you are the male doctrine destroying this planet with your crazy catholic male overpopulation and i own the keys to your hell and death ..