Time travel

Time travel

The effects of trying to kill yourself after traveling back in time.
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Time travel discussion
I was just thinking that it would be impossible to go back in time and kill yourself.

If you go back and kill yourself then you will never grow up to go back and kill yourself again. That much is simple.

For simplicity-
X = older self
Z = younger self

I was thinking if X went back and stabbed Z, what would happen? Would the knife blade melt? would a force stop X from stabbing Z?

this is just a post where people should discuss what might happen, or what could happen.
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You can't go back in time- not a logical restriction, you can certainly imagine it and make sense out of the idea, but it is physically impossible- a la einstein. just as you can't exceed the speed of light- again a physical restriction. if you could, and travelled faster than the speed of light, to mars lets say, you would be able to turn around and see yourself coming! but the energy necessary to increase even an atom greater than light speed would be physically impossible to generate.
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The whole basis of time travel is going different speeds, going faster to go forewards and slower to go back. But if there was a way to go SLOWER than time, so it passes infront of you. Then it would be possible to go back.

I'm not saying it is, but i was just thinking about possible consequences from doing so.
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Then explain red shifted galaxies...the speed of light is not a barrier, it is a sign on the road