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The Future of Business IT – Are You Ready?
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Is your network ready for the future? You may think you have all the infrastructure you need for now, but in our fast paced world, you either keep up or get left behind. And why is being left behind such a bad thing?
Because innovation is creating productivity enhancements at lightning speed. Before you can say “TCP/IP” , the business world will have evolved into a environment where workers are highly productive from anywhere – not just their offices. And offices offer productivity enhancing innovations like telepresence (which means no more down time in airports, train stations, etc), collaboration, company-wide internal social networks, and easily searchable databases containing knowledge applicable to every facet of an employee’s job.

What will the future hold? The sky is the limit. Already being discussed are innovations like holographic telepresence – where not only do you have a conference with someone remote, you have the total illusion that they are in the same room with you. The need for “face time” is met in a sales situation without the incredible expenses and downtime associated with travel.

Database sizes will increase, and employees will be able to search from any kind of input – an idea, a song, a graphic, or a topic. Much of this knowledge will reside in “the cloud” (a new term or “buzzword” for applications or information resident on servers located offsite), meaning the demand for robust, secure data centers will increase rapidly. Larger companies will build their own data centers, but small and medium sized data centers will rely on outsourced data centers to have the security and reliability they need to run their businesses efficiently. It goes without saying that the small and medium businesses will have to have both a high speed WAN connection AND a rock solid internal infrastructure to support remote large file downloads from such data centers.

IM clients where employee’s can simply transfer files back and forth are already a reality. Who wants to wait for long email downloads? Besides, most email servers have a size limit installed, to prevent the transmission of harmful files. Instant file transfer cuts down on printing and printing costs, but it takes bandwidth and a solid infrastructure.

“Future-proofing” your network so you are poised to take advantage of innovation as it happens will allow you to reap the benefits of enhanced productivity and lowered costs. This means having a solid network infrastructure based on at least a cat 5e or cat 6 cable architecture.

If you don’t want to be left out in the cold, call the right structured wiring installers for a comprehensive network assessment and cost effective quotation. The right professionals will assess your unique needs, and make sure that a solution is planned, designed, and delivered that will help you take advantage of the coming changes.

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