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Global warming

Global warming

The Carteret Islands climate change lies
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Global warming discussion
I find it utterly disgusting that the people who live on these sandy atolls are not told the truth as to why they are being flooded by the sea.
They are being hoodwinked and used by the climate change/global warming scaremongers and the godgobbers who have indoctrinated them.
Instead of being told the truth about how these tiny atolls are continually moving as they grow the scaremongers are using the plight of these people to fraudulently make untrue claims that the sea is rising.
replied to: frozzbite
It isn't just the islanders who are being duped. I heard about them on the radio today. I hadn't heard of the situation, but after I learned that they islands are atolls, the situation became clear. All atolls sink. It's a natural part of the life-cycle of a volcanic island.

I suppose it's easier for the ignorant to believe that people do evil than to understand that there are natural processes.
replied to: PeterL
I reckon most school kids initially learn about how coral atolls and sandy cays or even small islands grow, evolve and especially move losing one side while growing on the other due to weathering etc.
Then the kids(some of them) become environmental crusaders who just follow the other dingbats because it feels good to save the world.
People live on small islands or on the coasts at great peril of eventually losing their "paradise", to natural inundation and erosion.
But deluding small poulations seems so easy if they(global warming disaster scaremongers and godgobbers) can scaremonger them into believing they can be "saved" by the notion of a super sky monkey bloke with astronomical powers etc etc.
Gradually the world is going to realise we aint doomed and every time these numb nut catastrophe idiots clamber up onto their perches they will be knocked off pronto.
I'm sick to death of them.