Global warming

Global warming

Stop Global warming by Solar Power Generator
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Global warming discussion
Ideal for camping or emergency power outages, the
Sun Power Port is a portable generator that when used
to its full potential will pay for itself in less than two

In one day of full sunshine, the solar panel easily charges
the 12 volt (standard automobile) battery. An inverter
changes the DC current to AC. From there the electrical energy
is easily accessible to most standard 110 volt small
appliances used in North America. What are the advantages of

a solar generator? If you don't know, check out The featured generator will run most small

electrical appliances. It is great for camping or emergency

backup. No noise. No fumes. For more details see
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The 16 year old girl sailing around the world solo, is using solar and Wind powered generators on her 40 Long Open. She quickly had to put into port at Cabo to install even more batteries. The consumption of electrical power is too great for the system. Severe Rationing of power, is the result of not having enough generating hardware. Plan for far more than what is commonly assumed. Solar units and Wind Turbines in the real world everyday life, put out far less than exuberantly advertised.
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Global warming is not just rising air temperature due to changes in atmosphere's chemical composition but a natural call for disputes caused by depleting source of energy like oil and coal.the use of solar energy is considered practical, efficient and environment friendly!once this will happen the competition in oil products will be lessen and the manipulation of the countries using oils as driving gear for world economies will be ended!
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Thanks for your reply. I hope that we can get out of some of it. But it is purely using the solar power generator as environmental friendly equipment to minimize global warming. :D See :D