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Stock broker named Danny Murray
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There never was a stock broker named Danny Murry involved with this case. His name was Geary Guest and he was an accountant. I know this as I was his friend and was in NYC before the police knew who her killer really was. I was Fred Ebb's personal assistant and lived at 72nd & West End. I have absolutely no idea what nit wit made up the name of Danny Murry. I tried to correct this in Wikipedia but someone with no first hand knowledge of anything about this case, decided to change Geary Guest's name back to Danny Murry. This may not have been Geary's proudest moment in his life, but at least get the man's name right!
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Hi Gary!

Danny Murray is the pseudonym Lacey Fosburgh used for Geary Guest in "Closing Time". She changed Wilson's wife's name and a few others to protect their privacy. I actually found out Geary's real name here from you. Maybe now you can explain the confusion to others here.

By the way I believe I read somewhere that Geary died in a fire in that same apartment he had when all this was happening; is that true? If yes when?