Black hole
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So here is where I ask my first and hopefully not my last question. I'm not as skilled in the sciences, and especially in cosmology, astrophysics, and astronomy as perhaps, most of you. But be that as it may, I have this question to ask of you. Perhaps someone would please venture an answer here.
My question is simply this. Why singularities at the gravitational centers of black holes? How do you explain the creation of infinite mass at the center of each black hole?? There can only be one universe inside this one at a time, and especially if it is finite! Now, why not a finite mass at the center of each black hole, and each black hole being made up of countless numbers of lesser and lesser mass black holes, in layers (like an onion) until you get to the outermost layers, that are composed of micro-black holes (naked singularities of finite mass). This I feel will help account for Hawking radiation of black holes as they all called.
You see I still at my age have trouble visualizing 'infinite mass' in a black hole without the 'infinite temperatures and velocity required to go with it!!! Sincerely, . . .LF